Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on June 25, 1948 · 17
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 17

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1948
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5 g bat la a production move to com the ailing box-office studio n chlefi oroduction chief! am ing$40000000 for Western atoHea and planning 110 fbna for aum mev releaae Mom than $30000000 will be rt on high-budget Westerns remainder going for average run-of-the-mill hone operas The move toward outdoor ato riea eapedally frontier-type films followed the aucceia at the office of auch picture! aa "Fort Apache" "Coroner Creek" and "Fury at Furnace Greek" Film producers hope to offaet the usual sessional summer slump at theaters by releasing the cream of their year's output during July and August Among these releases will be 32 color films ws compared with 10 last Summer I The 110 fllma will be backed up box with strong exploitation cam paigns Typical of some of these will be designation of July as FILM COWBOY LOSES HIS GUNS COMPLAINS— Leslie Brooks film actress said -she earned 150000 while her husband' Donald Anthony Shay earned only 500 while they were married in an amended divorce suit filed yesterday in Superior- Court She further charged that he gambled away her earnings NATIONWIDE TOUR Dan Dailey to Do PAs in Major Cities By BOB THOMAS AT MUm Milan Biltar Movie stars are hitting the road and the latest to plant a nationwide tour is song and dance man Dan Dailey Fllmsters are touring the country to get back in touch with the public and— oh yes— to make some money Dailey wants to build a traveling unit of an orchestra and some vaudeville ads and he makes no bones about his idea behind it ‘Til tour the 'big cities where the money is" he said on the "Chicken Every Sunday" set “1 figure 10 weeks on the road will earn me about $100000” He ex- pects to make the trip next Spring YVONNE DeCARLO is' the latest to Join the Calamity Jane sweepstakes She is supposed to play the famed frontier gun gal in “The Story of Sam Bass” for which James Stewart is being courted Meanwhile Warners announced a Calamity Jane film for Doris Day and Jane Russell played the character in "Palefcace” with Bob Hope And remember Jean Arthur’s version in “The Plainsman?” SHIRLEY TEMPLE'S mother who did a wonderful job of rearing her famous tot claims she has retired But she often bring Shirley’s lunch i the "Baltimore Escapade” and' stays to renew memories Mrs Temple told me her granddaughter is the image of Shirley at the same age and has the same fascination for a camera But a film career for the new "Little Miss Marker” is doubtful - NINA FOCH found out it pays to be stubborn Returning from her Broadway triumph she found Columbia wanted to put her back in its B hive She risked a sin-pension by refusing to do the cheap films So she was given leads In pictures with Glenn Ford and William Holden DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR must rank as the town's top op- "Unlversal - International World Premiere Month” during which Universal-International will premiere four films in various sections of the nation Most film companies plan to send the stars of the films on personal appearances in conjunction with the openings to get the pictures "off on the right foot"' - The studios are working closely with the Theater Owners of America National Theaters and other groups inselling the moviegoing public on the idea that the flow of good entertaining films is now under way and will continue far into the future NOGALES Ariz June 25 When movie cowtyy Sunset Carson reached for his six-shooters they were gone Carson was rushed by screaming kids aa he left1 a theater He-dashed for the police station across the street The kids overhauled him When he got free Carson discovered his pistols and all the bullets in his cartridge belt were missing Police recovered the guns but not the ammunition Writ Sought By Play Producer BjtO AD WAY BOUND? Better Start From Vine St John O'Harris ' producer has asked the Superior Court to-make the Board of Police Commissioners give him a permit for his play “City of Angels” " Vice squad officers closed the play a week ago and Capt H M Lbrenaon commission investigator opposed -issuing a permit on grounds it "contains vulgarity and indecency"- The play concerns Mexlcan-Americans here Superior Judge Henry M Willis yesterday set July 2 for hearing O’Harris1 petition for a writ of mandate By VIRGINIA MacPHEBSON (United Press Hollywood Correspondeat) A Hollywood honey with no talent has a better chance' to crash Broadway than a budding Bernhardt who lives there a stage star aid today And all because she’s better fed That aays Beatrice Pearson Is how she lost out on more roles than she likes to think about "Half the time I was hungry— and looked it" she went on “Maybe the part called for a sleek debutante :Well you can’t look like a debutante when your stomach's empty "But the Hdiywood ' starlets even if they’re nobodles drive their own cars Jiave their own apartments and eat at fine restaurants They can afford $75 dresses' to wear for en interview And you have to staijd there while they get the part Even if you know down inside you where you’re ao hungry that you can act rings around them” It’s psychological Miss Pearson aays A girl in a $75 dress ia aura Hollywood CITIZEN-NEWS Friday June 25 1948 17 FHJCS SUIT — Janet Blair asks $250000 damages from Columbia Studio ana Edward Small Productions in a suit filed yesterday in Federal Ctourt in which she charged that Columbia violated a con- Arizona High Court Rules On Stars' Compensation of herself She struts She makes a director think she'll be sensational But there's something about having cardboard stuffed in your shoes to keep out the pavement that gives a would-be actress the Otters She may be another Lynn FOntanne too “But the gal from Hollywood gets toe part" Miss P Sighed "Many’s the time I wound up being her understudy” Now she's on her way to being a movie queen herself Enterprise lured her away from Broadway to lead iit John Garfield's "The Numbers Racket" ' "But not for the money" she says "People make me so mad when they say: 'Aha! I aee you finally succumbed!' A top Broadway actress can make almost as much on the stage as she can here —if she has a percentage of the play" Yep Min Pearson managed to get where she could afford a square meal in New York Starred in "The Voice of the Turtle" and "The Mermaid's Singing" And before she left she was even making enough to buy $75 dresses for herself "But s stage actress frith some kindiof a movie name is twice the bgxoffice ‘drew” she said "Why s second-rate star from Hollywood can pull in $31000 s week— Just because she'a been in the movies" And right down the street a first-rate actress can be playing to a house full of empty seats— becauM she never kicked up her heels in Technicolor -GUEST STAB— Jimmy Dure X ante has been added to tost list of stars who will Ppeor at the LA Disc Jockey Asbq£ ciation'a Memorial Tribute tp£Ti Msuripiffer Motoday evening In Hollywood Bowl Ford Cooper r ' rii- v o John Ford and Merican GCrfapt er executives of Argosy Produc-' tions have incorporate! for jhH j production of televirion filmsJn was revealed yesterday The announcement follows thfr£ results of 16 months of ments In the video field The tiiw pany will - be known as Television Corp Fred will chairman of the board and will aetve as president - Present- plans call for- conri“v tion of the first production the end of the year All 23nw hares of stock will be privatyhrr-held It ain’t right Miss Pennon says But thafs the way the customers operate their pecuHirii If (niaf Numbers Racket" is a Woram Quito-As ream 61 So she’s' cashing in on MEXIOO CTrr Jum 2S (V ties - If s tenderfoot cowboy falls off tract provision which guaran teed her equal Red Skelton in Brush Man” billing with "The Fuller a horse on location in Arizona he may expect to collect oily a limited amount of workmen's compensation The Arizona Supreme Court up- hit Beatrice Pearsonwill be too Then -watch 'emline up to shell out their $430 to see her on One thing that caused the com- Broadway mission to refuse to insure atari aides said was fear than an inexperienced actor would fall off a “comparatively wild range SERIOUSLY ILL— -Rita Hayworth was reported today by the Chicago Tribune Press Service to be suffering from anemia and an unidentified infection in Paris where she is receiving blood transfusions and four injections daily at the American Hospital in Neuilly a suburb of Paris Director George Sidney who recently completed "The Three' Musketeers” made his screen debut at the age of 7 in a Tom Mix western held the State industrial Com- horse” mission’s right to limit insurance!' Pending outcome of the action oi high-salaried movie stars and moat movie companies have hern Veteran Actor Returns To Pilgrimage Play Stanley Price stage and screen actor has returned to toe cast Of Charles B Woram executive: vice -i president and general manegsr RKO and Mexican ’ ChurubuseS Studios last night announced resignation - J i Woram said he could ' his association with UJB produe tion companies of John Merlin tines IN THE NEWS directors to toe first $3000 of thrir monthly salary- -Gene Autry Productions brought a friendly suit to test the ruling kipping Arizona locations H S McGuskey commission counsel aid he will go to Hollywood soon to try to lure them back the Pilgrimage Play after an ab-' at several seasons He will play toe important role of Judas Iacarlat The 21st season of the acred drama opens July 8 In the rustle hillside and Army Pie- ’ Ha said "present conditions now confronting - both : domestic i and foreign production make toe eodU -toiuanee of my aaaodatlon (withj t Churubusco) impractical both oa toe part of the studios and my-self - '-V w aa a a a a-a a a a laiaiana mb iiiiiiiIiiiii naiaiaif aaaa nnna aa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a a a aaaa a a Desi Amaz yesterday refused the lead in "Holiday in Havana"' at Columbia because of dissatisfaction with the final script Film dividends for the first five months of 1948 were $11704000 or almost $2000000 less than those for the same period last year the Department of Commerce announced yesterday tiroist White emyone L--Enterprise- has taken an option moaning about the new British — — film quota he says it Will be a force "The Fuller Brush Man" grossed $64300 in the first week of its local run representing the best non-holiday week for the Pan-taxes and Hills treet theaters since The Bachelor and the Bobtiy-Soxer” MGM has optioned Jeanette MacDonald for an additional film following "Sun In the Morning” Lucille Ball will co-star with Victor Mature in "Interference” football stay at RKO healthy thing "It will force producers to turn out better pictures" he remarked on "Die O’Flynn” et GAIL RUSSELL is about the last of Paramount’s troupe of actresses 1 remaining under contract Even she fcnt aure she still belongs to Paramount She hasn’t made a movie there in a year and spends most of her time on loan-outs ZACHARY SCOTT looks set for a role in "The Fountainhead" Warners' is looking for more comedies for Ronald Reagan Two fine attractions are in town: The brilliantly acted “The Winslow Boy” and “Sweethearts" starring the great Bobby Clark on Marie Windsor’s original treatment “The First Passer” an expose of the bookmaking racket Whiteman Fined In Driving Case MAYS LANDING NJ 25 UP)— Paul Whiteman leader has been fined $5 and coats on a careless driving charge after his automobile crashed into a pole Mi Blade Horse pike Whiteman was treated for minor cuts He was en route to Philadelphia itomobUe and was alone -in his aui ’State police said Whiteman's car suddenly swerved out of control Rhonda Fleming win make three pictures for Paramount under an arrangement just completed with David O Selznick to whomvhe is under contract Business boomed yesterday at the Chicago Theater following a reduction in matinee prices and the resumption of vaudeville after five months of straight movie policy John Ford and Merian G Cooper yesterday dnnmAiced the formation of the Argosy Television Corporation with Ford aa chairman of the board and Cooper as president "Bad Girl" will be re-made by 20th this' Fall starring Jeanne Crain and Dan Dailey in the roles created by James Dunn and Sally Eilers Joseph Gotten will star in “The Third Man” first of four films to be made produced jointly by David O" Seuriick and "Sir Aiex ander Korda Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert will be co-starred in it UL "Genius in the Family" at Jane Wyman has been assigned the feminine lead in "Serenade’' James M Cain novel which Warner Bros is filming Film production - will continue to increase next week with 43 pictures before the cameras Aidele Mara has been given an it role in Republic’s Jill rake of the Red Witch" and crashed into the wooden pole Most film shares gained on today's market Loewi and Universal were unchanged at 1 pm (EDST) Producers Directors Parleys Still Going On With Screen Actors While negotiations with toe Screen Actors Guild continue on a twice-weekly basis motion oic-ture producen are also attempting to wink out a contract with toe Screen Directors Guild it wu disclosed today The producen are firmly op-posedto-granting any minimum increases to directors at the moment but are showing signs of relenting m other points in dispute The producers seem likely to agree to an adjustment on editing time-for directors who are asking that they 'have control of the editing up to the time of the first without layoff or $800 when there is a 12-week period during toe year The Guild's contract expired last March 12 but its provisions were continued in effect by joint agreement until a new baric agn public preview and Supervision of all dubbing The SDG also ia asking a mini mum of $750 weekly for contract directors working 52 week a year ment until a new basic agreement to replace the one reached in 1839 isworkedout — "ANI DOI” Sipnis Sun "ARCH OF TRIUMPH" WARNER Ibros1 — aTariwysawianm “IF’s DAUCHTIR” SECOND BIG HIT TIr Bifitsl lit ip Trifi! (sti iu rtanmY nm wtui) ran mm WI Wu a FnfltlvR” nSBBM MSSCH guns DBiaviuum “Aothrajr Advcrsn BINC JOAN- CROSBY FONTAINE "The EMPEROR WALTZ' ZCriwbyJKHFWCOlOR ’ PS aasaaa wui osin NUT TNIIHMTI h m laiiaiiiiaaiiiiaiiinii am BaaiaaBisaiBMiiiiiiiiiisil ' ' - ' aan iif a a 8W -TT 071 v ---?i:5BBBBpiJ aaaa a a a - r’- " Vi m m B'v b BBf':iJi" a a a a- Mutt: i M o? B B B(2 ! a b a IB’fllllCtt bbb a’ at 1 BBS B'B 'T’J ' i a a a a — aaaa saaaslV aaa aa?' a a b'bbV " " "yfej?: jSv aaaa aaaa si--' aaaa a-Jv MV -3 a a aat? a a aaa aaa HIM I aaa ant -a aa a-av -aaaa s'-’4 Ills' a a a a a aaaa R a a aa i a a bus aaaa iVji -- - a a a a' ' a i ATTEND BARGAIN MATINEES a a a a a a PAHAKSUOT munrixiDiNwirTowii aaa a i a a a a aaaaaaaa a a FKHIR RRUROT0R t VUM0NV CNWU i JEWEL - (asaas a aas a wans — saw —sw tss V- t —

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