Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on April 13, 1948 · 19
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 19

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
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RADIO QUEST — Shellah Graham Citizen-News columnist will appear on Mutual’s "Heart’s Desire” show tomorrow The program will be heard locally over KHT t 3 pm ' DIETRICH WAYNE IN 7 SINNERS OPENING TODAY Marlene Dietrich portrays the toast of a Seuth Seas honky tonk in "Seven Sinners” which opens today at the Orpheum Vogue El Rey Belmont and Culver theaters John Wayne has the male lead portraying a young Navy officer Eagle-Lion is releasing the film in which Oscar Homolka Brod Crawford and Mischa Auer are featured Joe Pasternak produced and Tay Garnet directed "Sutter’s Gold” story about Marshall’s discovery of the precious metal is the added feature attraction Edward Arnold is starred with Lee Tracy and Binnie Barnes playing the featured roles Bob Cameron has rented bis Mexican cattle ranch to Clasa Films for location scenes mat any Mil Eg rf-raT' WOMEN lived for it! MEN fought fo sunn! edi 0VFM8UM Of Ail F Otpheui oownTown (roadway t 4tk Phone Ml 272 Coat from 10:00 " BELMONT Vermont nr Phono X 11 than Olivia's $200000 Salaiy Impounded Merle Photographed Badly in Film Danny Kaye Negotiates With Hedy By SHEILAH GRAHAM Every cent earned by Olivia de Havllland for “The Snake Pit”-r something like $200000— is tied up Olivia can’t touch it until she settles her agent troubles with Berg and Allenberg But she should worry She is supposed to have a wealthy writing hubby Marcus Goodrich Merle Oberon has a strong case against her husband Lucien Ballard He’s one of the top cameramen in Hollywood but his photography of Merle in “Berlin Express” is a cruel caricature Merle has a very special kind of beauty but she has to be photographed with care This time she didn’t get it The picture does succeed however in establishing Robert Ryan deeper in the groove of stardom The Danny Kaye deal for Hedy Lamarr to be his leading lady in "Happy Times” if it works will be good for Hedy It’s in color and Hedy looks lovely in color and she’ll meet a bigger audience with Danny Joan Crawford's picture with Kaye incidentally to follow "Happy Times” is now called "A Musical Comedy” and Moss Hart has been signed to write the script Joan cames back from New York in a week by which time she hopes that Greg Bautzer the fox-trotting attorney will realize that he cannot tamper with her emotions George Raft is putting on the pitch of his life to have tittilating French gal Carol Martine whom he is evacuating from Paris as his leading lady in “Outpost Morocco” But while Carol is in France awaiting Georgie’s call Linda Christian has taken time off from Tyrone Power — to work on the boy She wants the part— not Georgie Henry Ginsberg who deserves national recognition for his Paramount work is smiling all over his face And with good reason He now has on the lot some of the best casts and the best stories Paramount has ever filmed — in eluding “Sorrowful Jones” with Bob Hope and Lucille Ball: “The Heiress” with Olivia de Havilland and "The Great Gatsby” with Alan W ( mm EDWARD ARNOLD ly arrangamint with I P Schulbori with LEE TRACY BINNIE BARNES Ar EDMUND HUUNfiER Production Directs by JAMES CRU2E I REALART PICTURE E!b peIeese $!etwrRe EAGLE LION FILMS OVui mUlMtfwggtgfUMU I X 1 J17 WU Mr Olvd Ml-SlUSga 1t N Y0 0881 Coal fro" I1 w Ladd Betty Field and Ruth Hua-sey Mr Ginsberg is the envy of tycoon circles Johnny Meyer is in Phoenix Ariz previewing the beauty contest crop (models) for the coming season For whom? Errol Flynn had his son Sean on the set yesterday to watch him work in “The Adventures of Don Juan” And they gave Sean a little sword and they introduced him to a little girl working in the picture And except for the difference in size Sean is a chip off the old block I talked with a someone who saw Ingrid Bergman’s "Joan of Arc” And he told me “It’s a little long but it may tum out to be a great picture" Jack Carson took one of his current girls Pat Neal to the sneak preview of her first movie “John Loves Mary” Ronald Reagan went along too And Pat was so nervous she told Jack “I want to ‘fwow’ up” “Then tum towards Reagan” said Jack who is nothing if not practical Brian Donlevy is so scared of women that he won’t go out with any female alone — ever he says I saw him dining in a large party with Director George Marshall at the Beverly Hills Club and there was one very pretty girl jn the party but I couldn’t tell whether Brian had his eye on her Looked more like he was talking business with Marshall whose next picture is with Betty Hutton — "Ruggles of Red Gap” It was embarrassing for Margaret Sullavan She was seated alone at Romanoff’s when her exmite Leland Hayward bounced in with Mrs Slim Hawks who will be his next wife Maggie and Leland nodded awkwardly Robert Montgomery who is nearly 50 years old still has the pep of a young man He kept his 28th wedding anniversary going until 7 am The neighbors hope he will delay the next celebration for another 20 years! All the studios in town are in an undercover and throat-cutting VOGUE thouywood Hollywood Olvd r Highland 0 MS Cool- tro 1 Noor Phan VI I-SIS4 Dolly 6 f m Sol Sun I p m CONTRALTO — Eula Beal young California-bom contralto will be heard in a recital at Chapman College tonight fight to buy Irwin Shaw’s unpublished first novel tentatively titled "The Killing Mart” It took Shaw two and a half years to write and has 1500 pages The story traces the history of an Austrian boy and an American boy who finally meet on the battlefield to destroy each other Leland Hayward is taking one section of the book to be published in the fall and making it into a play Charlie Chaplin can’t lose money on "Monsieur Verdoux” even though not too many people in this country apparently want to see it The picture cost him a mere comparatively speaking half a million dollars and he will get that money back in England alone where for some reason or other he is still popular ED SULLIVAN Continued from Page 18 Lesser and Robinson was one of those special moments in the history of show business In the wings a veteran stagehand summed up: “This is the way it used to be on Broadway spontaneous instead of rehearsed” Then the entire theater joining in to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne” for the great Frenchman Backstage we regarded h 1 1 wardrobe trunk marked "Maurice Chevalier” There was another placard: "Theater” to be filled in "I started on the stage when I was 12” the Frenchman told the audience “and I am now 60 years old God willing I will be able to perform for 50 years on the stage I came from vaudeville and I am still of vaudeville which I love It is a wonderful thing to feel the affection which has been expressed here tonight This I shall never forget” t e Bill Robinson yanked the audience back from its mood "Maurice" he said “you are only a baby I’m 70 years old and between us on this stage are 130 years” After Frank Capra's “Mr Smith Goes to Wshinton” Senator Rayburn got up on the Senate floor and gave Capra a going-over that hit Page 1 The other night when Capra’s “State of the Union” opened at Carter Barron’s Capitol Theater in Washington D C Sen Rayburn attended He watched the picture closely After it finished he asked MGM’s Don Mc-Hwaine to relay his congratulations to Mr Capra on a splendid job Capra sat with President Truman and his family enjoyed the unusual experience of hearing the President of the United States roaring out loud at Capra’s bits of business Biggest Truman laugh occurred at the line: “He’s going to be the next occupant of the White House” Katharine Hepburn’s answer rocked him: “Do Mr and Mrs Truman know about it?” Comedienne Plays 50th Show Tonight Ann Anderson singing comedienne at the Turnabout Theater turns out her 50th performance this evening in the “Vice Versa” revue THEATRES MARKED WITH Robert Toylor THE HIGH WALL 11 Oberon D Andrewt THE NIGHT SRRC Apoiio Hellywead ar Waitarn Dlatrtrh J Win 7 8INNER8 Edward Arnold GUTTER'S GILD Belmont gjj' lit-Vorawnt Ceat 6:00 J MacDonald 3 Daring OaeiMtn Color Lit’l Lin Again nnd 20 Vtara’ AiaSlwy Awrrdi loverly 141 ‘ r Will Bruin 18-0 4093 Alan Ladd V Uka SAIGON If Oberon 1) Andrawi MIGHT SIM 6 Barry Fitwrrald THE HAKE CITY Aim 8H8IT SUBJECTS Guild M 3124 N aimed UN Ne Hellyweed - Sherman Jan— Kuwait CALI NIBTHSIIE 777 Saaelal Award Wlnnar Till a cm cuor II Portal II NIUYVMO PRODUCTION SCHEDULE (Number after type of picture Indicates starting date) COLUMBIA PICTURI ten Own Street Vleter Setker tailing MO-1111 1 fitting MY-II71 PARAMOUNT 1451 Marathon St Pan Egll lob Maya eaatlnf NO-2411) coating HY-I25I In Production THE GREAT CATSSY (Drama I-ll Cast: Alan Ladd Battv Field MacDonald Carav Ruth Hussay Producer Richard Maibaum Director Elliot Nugent Asst Dir Htrvie Coleman Photo John Seitz THE TATLOCK MILLIONS (Comedy 3-11) Cast: Wanda Hendrix ohn Lund Barry Fitzgerald Monty Woollay Prducer Charles Brackett Director Richard Haydn Asst Dir Hal Caplan Photo Charles Lan SORROWFUL ION IS (Comedy 4-T) Cast: Bob Hope Lucille Ball Mary Jayne Sauhders Producer Robert Welch Director Sidney Lanfield Asst Dif Oscar Rudolph Photo Daniel Fapp THE ACCUSSED (Drama 4-12) Cast: Loretta Young Robert Cummings Wandel Corey Douglas Dick Producer Hal Wallis Director William Dieterle Asst Dir Richard McWhorter Photog Milton Krasner In Prrthiellan WRANCLER (Wet tern 3-26) Cut: Sonnv Tufti Barbari Britton Cabby Hayes Edgar Buchanan Producer Harry oe Brown Director Charles Lamont Asst Dir Carl Hiecke Photog Charles Lawton INTIRPRISI PROD latk gaur Calling HO-SI21 521 Clinton Strait HO-I52I Preparing WILD CALENDAR I Drama I Cast: Clngar Bogart Producar W Ralnhardt PURSUIT OP LOVI (Drama I Producar David Lawll PROUD DESTINY (Drama) Prod-DIr Lawls Millstone In Production NO MINOR VICES (Comedy (3-291 Cast: Dana Andrews Lilli Palmer Louis Jourdan Producer Lewis Milestone Director Lewis Milestone Asst Dir Norman Lloyd Photog George Barnes ALLIED ARTISTS PROD In Production THE BABE RUTH STORY (Drama (3-22) Cast: William Bendix Claire Trevor Charles Bickford Brother Matthias -Producer Roy Del Ruth Director Roy Del Ruth Asst Dir Mel Dellar Photog Phil Tannura PINE-THOMAS PROD In Production DYNAMITE (Action-Drama 3-22) Cast: William Cdtgan Virginia Welles Dick Crane Irving Bacon Producers Pine end Thomas Director William Pine Asst Dir Howard Pine Photog Ellis Carter RKO RADIO PICTURES 780 N Cower St Ben Plain casting HO-5911 catting HY-3351 In Production BLOOD ON THE MOON (Wastarn 2-11 Cast: Robert Mitchum Bar bara Bel Geddes Robert Preston Walter Brennan Frank Faylen Producer Theron Werth Director Robert Wise Asst Director Maxwell Henry Photog Nick Musuraca FILM CLASSICS In Production MIRACULOUS IOURNEY ( Drama 5-CI Cast: Rory Calhoun Virginia Cray Audrey Long George Cleveland Thurston Hall June Storay James Bannon Producer Sig Neufeld Director Peter Stewart Asst Dir Stanley Neufeld Phetog Jack Greenhalgh M-C-M Cutvt City III Crady eaatlnf TE-OEUI) easting TE-02T15 In Production THREE MUEKETEERt (Drama 1-20 Cast: Lana Turner Gene Kelly Van Heflin June Allyson Frank Morgan Vincent Price K e n a n Wynn Angela Lansbury Producer Pandro S Berman Diractor Georg Sidney Asst Director George Rhein Photog Robert Planck MONOCRAM 4376 Sunset Dy Fred Messenger Casting NO-2-9181 Casting NO-I-117I In Production A JOE NAMED PALOOKA (Comedy 4-SI Cast: Jo Kirkwood Jr Elyse Knox: William Frewley Mary Beth Hughes Stanley Clements Producer Hal Chester Director Reginald L Borg Asst Director Allan K Wood Photog William Sickner UNIVIRSAL-INT Universal City Rabcrt Palmar catling ST-71211 catting ST-71111 In Preducfldn WASHINGTON CIRL (Comedy-Drama 3-15) Cast: Deanna Durbin Ed mond O'Brien Don Taylor Jeffrey Lynn Producer Robert Arthur Director Frederick de Cordova Asst Dir Fred Frank Photog William Daniels KISS THE BLOOD OFF MY HANDS (Drama 3-15) Cast: Joan Fontaine Burt Lancaster Robert Newton Producer Norman Doming Director Norman Foster Asst Dir Jack Voglin 'Photog Russell Metty SK0LSKY Continued from Page 18 is asked to speak over the microphone she takes the name of her fallen husband and proudly states “This is Mrs Norman Maine” For another classic there is the line of Walter Bums played by Adolphe Menjou in “The Front Page" which evaded even the censors Menjou is standing near a typewriter and shouting into the phone “The lousy (sound of the typewriter roller) stole my watch!” It could be that this is why audiences are going to the reis-sues — to see their favorite scenes! Sir Cedric Hardwicke Portrays Actor in 'Mama' Sir Cedric Hardwicke featured in George Stevens’ production of ‘I Remember Mama” comedy-drama at Pantages Hollywood and RKO Hillstreet theaters is seen in the role of a seedy ex-actor with a taste for reading literature aloud ) BELOW ARE OPEN ALL NICHT -Hollywood HE 9371 Cant 12:30 Htllyl t Highland Eddie Cantor IF YIU KNEW SUSIE Tyonnr DeCarlo SLACK SAST Coltr harry Fltneerald THE HAKED CITY Alan SHIST SUBJECTS I rig Cl -5862 Cant 1203 6300 Mallyvaad Slid La Brea WA-8502 9th t Ln Bran Igan TOO Eddie Cantor IF YOU KNEW SUSIE Crorre Raft INTRIGUE Ronald Reagan VBICE BF THE TURTLE J MacDonald 3 Dftrini Davihttrs Color Larchmont tir-laa Cl-7417 ridamn Km IF WINTER COMES Yraoton Foatrr Dallta THE RUNTED Wilshirt aagrty Hills Cast 1230 Oak - Van Nuyo Studie City Jamaa Btovart CALL HOITHSIIE 777 Eddie Cantor IF YOU KIIW SUSIE La Kainate ST-74042 ST-A-Un Universal — Continued ROCUIS RICIMINT (Drama 4-1 ) Cast: Dick Powell Marta Toren Vincent Price Producer Robert Buckner Director Robert Florey Asst Dir Horace Hough Photog Maury Gertsman LARCENY (Drama 4-12) Cast: John Payne Joan Ceul field Dan Duryea Producer Leonard Coldstain Director George Sherman Asst Dir! Jeff Hibbs Photog Irving Clatsberg 20th CENTURY-FOX Beverly Hills Cardan Ryan Mayberry catting CR-42211: casting CR-561E5 In Produetlsn UNFAITHFULLY YOURS (Drama 2-III Cast: Rex Harrison Lionel Stander Kurt KruagSr Rudy Vallee Robert Creig Producer Preston Sturgess Director : Preston Sturgess Ast Dir Caston Class ROADHOUSE (Drama 3-22) Cast: Ida Lupino Cornel Wilde Celesta Holm Richard Widmerk Producer Edward Chodorov Director Jean Neguleaco Asst Dir Tom Dudley Photog Normen Brodin BURLESQUE (Drama with Mull 3-22) Cast: Betty Crable Dan Dailey Jack Oakie June Havoc Richard Arlan James Gleason Producar George Jessel Director Walter Ling Asit Director Saul Wurtzel Photog Harry Jackson THAT WONDERFUL URGE (Comedy-Drama 3-30) Cast: Tdrone Power Can Tierney Reginald Gardiner Producer Fred Kohlmar Director Robert Sinclair Asst Dir Ad Seheumer Photog Charles Clark WARNER BROS 4000 W Oliva lurbank Phil Friedman carting HO-1251 carting HY-S20I in Production THI ADVENTUR1S OF DON UAN (Advantura 10-13-47) Cast: Errot Flynn Vlvaca Llndfors Joy Ann Pan ‘ irry Wi Diractor Vincent Sherman Asst Dir Dick Mayberry Photo Woody Bredell A KISS IN YHI DARK (Comedy 1-9) Cast: Jane Wymen David Niven Wayne Morris Producer Herry Kurnitz Director -Delmer Daves Asst Dir Claude Archer Photog Bob Burkea MY DREAM IS YOURS I Musical-Comedy 3-29) Cast : Jack Carson Doris Day Eve Arden Producer George Amy Director Michael Curtiz Asst Dir Robert Vreelend Photog Ernest Heller SILVER LINING (Drama 4-5) Cast: June Haver Rey Bolg-er Cordon MacRa Producer William Jacobs Director David Butler Asst Dir Phil Quinn Photog Ptv Mar ley "THI SPOILERS" JOHN WAYNE MARLINE DIETRICH "DIAMOND JIM" (DWAND ANN0LD-IEAN ARTHUR MARCAL ““"tfriS RAT SUN 11:11 DAILY I M NOW! Frank Capra 's Greatest Mastei piece 1 RONALD COLM AN NOW! Lost Horizon AND INBRID WARN It BERGMAN BAXTER IU8AN HAYWARD "4MJN HAD FOUR SONS' A Cthmbia It taltaat aw av an J BEVerlY WARNERS Now Playing “THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE" with Ronald Reagan and Eleanor Parker PLUS 2ND WO BIT ADVENTURES OF “ROBIN HOOD" With Errol Flynn Olivia DeHavllland Color hr Technloalor FORUM Ronald Beasau ICi C1PADE OF 194 Hill Woilil TIM APRIL 22id t CAL MUSIC CO I Htrrlt 4 Frink l and a 4H taw St w PAN PACIFIC Hollywood CITIZEN-NEWS Love Story Related in 'Beauty and the Beast' When Josette Day as the heroine of "Beauty and the Beast” screening at the Studio Theater goes to live as a hostage in the castle of the beast played by Jean Marais she is treated with such kindness that she falls in love with the unhappy brute w WUPWWW w INDEPENDENT THEATRE! Your Do tty Quid to the ADMIRAL jGjgff BARIA8A STANWYCK - ASSENT CUNNINGS a— "ff b5oTS THE BRIDE WORE LAM - BENDIX LAKE THE BLUE DAHLIA CAMPUS vn"wl BLACK BART4 IF YOU KNEW SUSIE CLINTON mggg THE OTHER LOVE HIGH WALL DRIVE-IN WO?mgNyd 3 DARINC DAUGHTERS CAGE OF FURY nniVB IM N" Fernanda at Wbwna IIRITBdN Burbank CH-d-1710 CASS TIMBERLANE Technicolor “Featurette” Hitching Pert ‘“JSSUIS: BODY & SOUL ' Adventures of Casanova hunliy ! °L CASS TIMBERLANE IT’S A JOKE ! LOS FELIZ "oESisS ! TO THE ENDS of the EARTH SIGN OF THE RAM L'SW THE FAMOUS PLAY! — tsl ! k’ MICHAEL WHALEN -WAN FAUNTEUi-MARTHA MAYO MARSHALL BRADFORD’ RUTH BRADY-NOEL CRAVAT-HELEN 1 r Sim MOW t HIILSK 0f SO CAUF MUSIC CO AND ALL J lAPlLAtOOtaitOibafJ &rtt5£2IIRIBE un W OPERA Smth6mpu tpdiw RUNfsRai OpM I MM SEATS MW 30 cm — Kiww cmq nr sown au sat HICI3lMSMadAMJMJSed-i Special MAI ftOODSUT? £0$ lOROCKPfMMRJON THI I ICI riDITAll wNseNaHbi (VERY NIGHT Of 8:30S ‘tl CAPITAN udutwodo tiva ixC SAT 2 COMPUTE SHOWS I I 700 AN0 0:45 P Ni 2MAT19JN1 FIRST APPEARANCE IN AMERICA KOREAN Dance Vioapi IN RECITAL 7 ACTORS LAB DECLARATION" OPENS TONIGHT MUSART THEATRE FIGUEROA at PICO Rl 75201 TENNUSEE Kn uni- -'A Plat f A mark ana All Iti Own”— vaorga mw DBUH!(ADfW I ntraou-nna iiStiUM i aia SHIRT MOT W Turha® o: j :7 — RIATIIT BIVUIll fh— n— - InwidlfiJ HpJaUiyWtFhH EARL CARROLL'S BiiiyViHEMiWioH iiimoH MART fe3VE and Naloi ' — — g-j— — a aw — Tuesday April IB 1948 — 'Spoilers 'Diamond Now at Marcal Two action-packed Spoilers” with John Wayne lene Dietrich and Randolph I and "Diamond Jim” with ! Arnold and Jean Arthur — currently double - billed at Marcal Theater aaeaaaaaaaaasasaaWI last In Entortokumontt MARCAL- THE SPOILERS DIAMOND JIM MELYAN "I SEVENTH VEIL M GREAT EXPECTATIONS MONICA SLEEP MY LOVE RELENTLESS ORIENTAL NIGHT SONG To the Ends of the Earth PAN PACIFIC M cSUINE - MADISNN - TILL THE END f SNKENSTNCIT - LORRE THE VERDICT EX-5040 MI-( RAMONA VOICE OF THE TURTLE! 3 DARING DAUGHTERS UCLAN BEAUTY AND THE BE A VOICE IS BORN vista" THE LOST MOMENT' 13 RUE MADELEINE NOW1 LAST PRY SUNDAY! THE lie SOUTHOM CAUF0WHA VACATION mllAUR GILMORE STADIUM SPECTACULAR STAGE SHOW TWICE DART 3:00 PJL-I:30PJL MUM MBRS MU I PJL II B PJ 1 &waaaa(wawiacNaaawaniniga ismmiM enur Ana a Bnut Bax ce PIUS STIAKS CINE BAYLOS HAL WINTIRS CLIN CRKORY FRANCES WAYNE LpSSP WHSHIRt EBEUJ rroiwansT i imSAFR18 WILLIAMS' Critics Ci r'EtSAIANCNESTER-S' Aaaanai i Ctaaam C 6-1BD3 TfU'tfekMiAb'hmmkd ARTRWMUUR8 ILY CRITICS CIRCLE 41 m MwwpM I

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