Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on June 30, 1947 · 13
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 13

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1947
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i ROAMING AROUND With AUSTIN CONOVER Stimulating Story About Lost Atlantis Howard E Hill public relations expert and masterful raconteur told La Brea Optimists last week 1 a story about the discovery of the lost continent of Atlantis that : created much comment J Not long ago several people came to Hill with information i about a discovery that they had made in a desolate spot" near! where the borders of California Nevada and Arizona meet "These people” related Hill "found in a cave the perfectly preserved bodies of 112 citizens of Atlantis The bodies are those of seven and eight-foot men "There is evidence in the cave that 80000 years ago the citizens! of Atlantis set off an atomic chain reaction that killed every person on earth” Hill said that a number of his friends are organizing an expedition to verify the information Dr Charles E Boyd orthodontist mentioned that the Encyclopaedia Britannica places the continent of Atlantis having existed 3000 years before Solomon "If the present discovery measures up to the first reports” commented Hill “that section of the encyclopaedia will have to be rewritten" I found this definition of Atlantis in my dictionary: “A supposed prehistoric continent or island located by Plato and other ancient writers in the far west and believed to have been engulfed in the ocean by an earthquake and its site occupied b- the present Atlantic Ocean" Howard C Nicholas electric company owner asked: “What evidence is there that the people of Atlantis were killed by atomic explosion?" "Near the cave there have been found bits of glass and other matter similar to those that our atomic bombs have made” replied Hill Jack Berges haberdasher wanted to know if university scientists have been told about the discovery "Several of the biggest univer- ities in California” answered Hill “have been contacted but the story is so incredible that they have turned it down as fabulous" Otto O Suess income tax consultant and the club’s fine secretary-treasurer expressed interest that there is evidence in the cave that the Atlantis people were far more advanced in the order of Masonry than present day Masons “I have heard similar reports from those who have made other archeological discoveries” said Suess Ray Craven pharmacist men tioned that there are places in Nevada which indicate that a very intelligent race of people lived in that section of America many thousands of years ago La Brea Optimists devote all their youth-welfare efforts to serving the boys of the Optimist Home on North Figueroa Street Fred A Meier plumbing store owner and a very public-spirited La Brea Optimist was recently elected chairman of the board of directors of the Home Dr John B Wilson orthodontist is the popular new president of the La Brea club Born in San Francisco he has lived in Southern California since he was two years old He graduated from the College of Dentistry at USC and is the immediate past president of the Los Angeles Dental Association By Henry Santieatevan the can symbol for manv a connois- American dream-being his own “The “most significant thingseur- has an international signifi-boss Wlth hls own business ahnni thp Ontimist Home for cance t0 Michael Gaszynski for-! The contented cheesecake art-Bpys" Dr Wilson remarked “islmer Polish diplomat and now an jtetwas not so happy in September that these boys who have gotten American citizen-to-be ‘ dealer and the clubs off the right track are reared to be good successful citizens" Clifford B Murphy automobile past president was welcomed back from a plane trip to Honolulu Where he visited his brother “It’s only an eight-and-a-half-hour trip to Honolulu from San Francisco by a DC-6 plane” he said Ray A Beard do’T food manufacturer who though his business u in Watts ’travels everv WppkiPolan(i' is an old recipe which lo Miracle Mile for Optimisyt meet- I" handed down in our ing was applauded for his loyalty Iam y tor centuries- His efforts testify to the fine fellowship in the club The word “sparrow” originally meant any small bird ctbei rrnAD RililT Tn STEEL or CEDAR BUILT TO ORDER — QUICK DELIVERY NEW Improved STEEL-BRASS HOW: CUAR FOREVER against breakaga CAWOODo! HOLLYWOOD Factory-13 52 N La Brea (aince 19341 Open 8:30 to 5:30 daily Section MOBILE TELEPHONE ADDED TO CITIZEN-NEWS LENSMAN'S EQUIPMENT Joe Jasgur demonstrates to Doris I to spot news events via radio tele-Taschner chief operator for the Citi- phone as he eruises in his car his zen-News how he takes assignments camera by him (Citizen-News photo) DOUBLE GLAMOR — Michael Gaszynski keeps eye on Evelyn Bardavid as he explains how cheesecake (in mixer that is) shapes up (Citizen-News photo) Cheesecake Recipe Lures Former Diplomat Into Own Business Here Cheesecake traditional Ameri-1 It was cheesecake lure of many j a male which enticed Gaszynski j from international statecraft to j the nobler realm of American free ! enterprise True enough jt was cheesecake Wlth a new angle that proved the attraction—a combination of a secret family recipe and a special cheese "This cheese is very smooth It is a special cheese” Gaszynski said in a slight Polish accent that made it sound even smoother "And the recipe my mother brought from Secret Recipe The cheese is called yogurt international an ancient product known principally in Europe and i sja j The recipe? “That I cannot tell you just ’now” the former diplomat said “it is a secret that belongs to my mother When she came here ffrom Poland she said ‘Michael I why don’t you try it with vour cheese?’ 1 did- and evervbody liked it so much that now I am in business" New Product The combination of the old family recipe and the fermented cheese resulted in "Michael’s Cheesecake Polonaise” a new HARDWARE- Top quality tools and supplies to make this your most successful gardening season SEEDS - FERTILIZER INSECTICIDES ROWI AO 5542 HOLLYWOOD BLVD One Block West of Western HOLLYWOOD Monday product which started its creator toward the realization of i blitzed Warsaw despite the fact tJpt he was fortunately out of danger in mid-Atlantic aboard the S S Aquitania en route to New York He returned to France M the war’s outbreak and enlisted in the Polish forces as a private A master of six languages he was assigned as an interpreter and in 1943 was transferred to the diplomatic service as vice-consul and press attache at the Polish consulate-general in Chicago Decided To Stay In 1944 he came to the West Coast to represent the Polish min- istry of Information in London With the war’s end and the change of government in Poland Gaszynski decided to stay in America Now he has settled down in his new home matters of international statecraft laid aside and is seeking to make a better cheesecake and to become an American citizen Santa Monican Named Optimist Vice President Cyron E McCarron Santa Monica is one of the vice presidents elected by Optimist International at its 25th annual convention at Denver the Associated Press re- ported today 1 1 ini v iu CR”2 1 29 June 30 1947 C-N Photographer Gets Assignments In Car Via Radio Installation of a radio telephone in Joe Jasgur’s club coupe now permits editors to rush the lens-man Jto a "spot news” assignment even though the Citizen-News photographer may be miles from the office when the news event occurs The installation brings Citizen-News vehicles equipped with radio telephones to two a panel truck having been so fitted previously An editor can reach Jasgur by picking up an office phone dialing long distance asking for the mobile unit operator and giving her the number of the phono in Jasgur’s car In a moment the editor and photographer are talking and instructions about the “spot news’’ event scene are given Also Jasgur can get a new assignment from the office by telephoning from his car He calls the mobile unit operator by radio and his call travels over phone wires to the Citizen-News editorial room UNRRA Closes Books On Record Relief LONDON June 30 UP)— Maj Gen Lowell W Rooks director of UNRRA closed the books today on distribution of nearly $3-000000000 worth of food and supplies to the peoples of 17 war-devastated countries as the world’s greatest relief organization went out of business Rooks' said that while the vast organization had not achieved economic recovery "collapse has certainly so far been avoided” The director however asserted that more help would be needed "to prevent collapse in the European countries hardest hit by the war" CURRENT EVENTS T0DRY NORTH HOLLYWOOD LIONS— :45 pm North Hollywood Womtn's Club CANOGA PARK LIONS— 7 pm Frontitf Cafe VAN NUY8 TOASTMASTERS— : 30 pm Patio Restaurant NORTH HOLLYWOOD TOASTMASTERS— 8:30 pm Woman's Club MONDAY T-N-T CLUB OF HOLLYWOD JUNIOR I CHAMBER OF COMMERCE— 12:18 p m Travaglinl’s Restaurant HOLLYWOOD OPTIMISTS — 12:15 pm Hollywood Athletic Club Dr Buell H ! Sprague chairman Dr Clarence H Albaugh "A Cornea Transplant" HOLLYWOOD EXCHANGE CLUB— 12:15 pm Knickerbocker Hotel Installation of officers HOLLYWOOD ROTARY— 12:15 pm Hoi- I lywood Roosevelt: Ray Lovejoy chair- man: Hollywood Rotary Award for community service to Frank Capra LOS FELIZ KIWANIS— 12:10 p m Los Angeles Breakfast Club: Paul E Lipscomb chairman William C Schaper “Stand Up Lean Forward and Don't Sit Down" LOS ANGELES ADVERTISING CLUB — 12 noon Blltmore Hotel Steve Mason chairman: film "Magazine Magic” MIRACLE MILE KIWANIS— 12:15 pm McDonnell's Monterey Cafe Edward O Morgan "Air Transportation Today” VAN NUYS OPTIMISTS— 7:30 a m Patio Restaurant So 9 a tfl Sign o I tht Goodyo' Diomond HOLLYWOOD TIRE SHOP VIRNON IAROUHA1 un 5UNSI7 BOUUVARD HOflywMd MM h 13 Wife's ’Hunch' Told as Five Seamen Saved SAN DIEGO June 30 — A wife’s curious hunch that all was not well aboard a fishing boat three weeks before the receipt of news that it was wrecked was being told here today This developed as fragmentary radio messages to the U S Coast Guard station told how five shipwrecked fishermen lived for six weeks on bleak Clipperton Island off Mexico Mrs Walter Richards wife of the engineer aboard the Thistle the wrecked boat said she "had a feeling about three weeks ago that something was wrong”- even though the craft had not been reported missing The men all of San Pedro were reported uninjured and in condition They were picked up Satui by the fishing oat Normam which was instructed by Navy’s Panama Sea Frontier to take them to Galapagos Island off Ecuador The Navy will bring them home from tjiere They were crew members of the 45-foot fishing boat Thistle out of Terminal Island The craft reportedly smashed up on the rocky Clipperton coast on May 19 Radio messages to the Navy and Coast Guard gave no details of how the men lived while on the island but said only that they managed to keep “in good condition" Clipperton is a five-mile dot in the Pacific well off the regularly traveled shipping lines A settlement was established on the rocky reef-bordered island from 1914 to 1917 but Coast Guard officials believe it has been uninhabited for years Rain was believed to be its only source of fresh water The wrecked fishermen in addition to Richards were identified as Capt William Noble Charles E Warren Gilbert Stethe and Robert Marchele Mrs Richards said she thought none of the crewmen except her husband were married The Thistle was on a nine-week expedition fishing for shark livers for the California Marine Packing Co spokesman for the packing company said the ship must have been blown to Clipperton because its normal cruising range is only some 700 miles out of its home port People's Lobby Slates Author's Talk Tomorrow Mrs Stella Terrill Mann author of “Change Your Life Through Prayer” will be guest speaker of the People's Lobby of California at a public meeting tomorrow at 7:30 pm in the Embassy Auditorium 839 S Grand Ave Her topic will be “Integrity — Fair Dealing — Yardstick of Freedom” R C W Friday president of the Lobby will preside Supervisors Study Plan County Supervisors tomorrow will consider the policy of allowing the University of Southern California to erect temporary buildings on grounds of the General Hospital in conjunction with the University’s medical instruc tion program a THERE’S A GOING YOUR WAY Routed to practically every state in the Union Bekins Vanliners move household possessions house-to-house with a minimum of handling Ten complete rooms of furniture can be accommodated in a single van including your stove refrigerator and piano At destination Vanliner space is available for return shipments here A Bekins traffic representative will be happy to discuss your local or long distance moving day requirements VAN & STORAGE CO THE CAT HELPED — "At least” says brand new author Muriel Bradley "he thinks he helped” So after “Witchie” fouled up a couple of plates the photographer decided a black cat would be good atmosphere for the story (Citizen-News photo) HOUSEWIFE'S HOBBY ’Crime Club' Her First Book Muriel Demens Bradley 1283 Havenhurst Dr is elated over the fact that her first book “Affair at Ritos Bay" is appearing in book stores all over the nation stamped with the “Crime Club” seal of the hierarchy of mystery writers Muriel is convinced that a married woman should have only one "career"— that of being as good a wife and homemaker as possible "But” she says “I’m also convinced that she should have a worthwhile hobbv If it's something that gets her a little recognition that just increases her husband’s interest And" she mused “it makes her more in terestine to herself" "Brad’s been just grand about it” she said when asked how husband John Bradley KFI account executive felt when she announced two years ago that she was going to sneak some typewriter pounding in bejtwbp rounds with pots pans brooms mops and stoves Was Studio Secretary Muriel was private secretary to Mervyn Le Roy M-G-M executive for four years prior to her retirement when husband John shed Army pinks and "got organized” in Los Angeles business A native of Los Angeles County Muriel graduated from Pasadena Hieh School and Chaffee Junior College where she took a secretarial course She worked for writers on both Warner and 20th Centurv-Fox lots before she went to Le Roy at M-G-M Ex-boss Le Roy has nub-licly stated that her book is “fine first effort or not” Muriel loafed for about a year before deciding that housework wasn’t enough to fill her day and Dicked writing as a hobby to fill her time She tried short stories for awhile without magazine authors storming her door then decided to "shoot the works and do a book" 2nd Done Works on 3rd “The Affair” was knocked out in three months and sent to an agent Muriel went to work at once on her second suspense opus and “Devil in the Sky” had been BEKINS TELEP HOIlywi 1025 N Highland Ave submitted to Doubleda: before they officiaUv “The Affair at Ritos third yam is in production She has a regular schedule and beats out a few thousand words five days every week and has all dinners ready on tftne The Bradleys seldom go out at night She says they have struck a happy balance of "day-end tiredness that makes it more fun to stay home and gossip than to gad around” "I missed the studio crowd and bustle for awhile but no more” she said Imperial County's Rents Up 22-200 Pd EL CENTRO June 30 m— Rents in Imperial County have increased from 22 to 200 per cent since the lifting of controls May 1 an American Legion committee reported today Imperial County is the only area in Colifornia in which rents were decontrolled and Paul Hansen chairman of the Legion’s committee said the survey was made primarily to determine effect of the relaxation order upon veterans He said the information came both from renters and landlords Held Boon to Authors Her Clarification of California “producti of the mind" laws embodied in Assembly Bill 566 now on Its way to Governor Wi will prove a boon to H authors composers and according to Harold A 321 S Beverly Dr For years Fendler has paigned to sweep aside ami state laws holding that an or composer loses ownership literary work play radio or picture if it does not rea his actual possession Interpreted literally this that the originator loses his if his work is broadcast over air exhibited presented to a putw Usher to read or is given a tryout performance Constant Threat The statute rarely has been so-forced but it has hung like a threat over authors artists ana producers Fendler said The amendments would make the California law consistent wttk federal copyright statutes and with the common law of liteimry property Fendler asserted Common law rights as Interpreted nationally are ended only by legal publication of a compositii through abandonment of it by 1 author or by dedication of It the public A performance of a play may-make it pubUc but is not a legal publication Fendler explained: and would not terminate the thor’s common law right A i broadcast also may make it pub-' lie but does notlegaUy "publish”: it Opposed at First Literary property ia governed the same rules of law at to other forms of personal erty where a mu does not ownership simply because he it or has it stolen the Hills man When Fendler firat the measure to the Los Lawyers Club motion picture radio producers opposed- it sequently a patent trade and copyright conference tee composed of Louis Richard Graham and Fendl brought representative from writers and producers together formulate the clarification presented to the Legislature year Clarence D Bricker Funeral Tomorrow Funeral services for D Bricker ager duction Ceis who San Francisco win be held am tomorrow at Pierce Mortuary 720 W Wi Blvd Interment will foUow glewood Park Cemetery Mr Bricker wu born in City Mo He Betty 1322 N Kingsley Dr 3ricker 56 production i at Roy Del Ruth’s Film 1 1

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