The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1954 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1954
Page 21
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1 —~~^^^™"*^BWMBMH|^^^j^^^j^^^^^^^_, Tidbits From Evelyn MoM's a auto gfoty, teachers h £ d » b J! n uw te ,% g ' & e , Children about fathers' Day, Mo'therS Day and Chi dregs' Day., One lituo S& *A " W f£ y .I 1 , 01 ! * ' they ha ve Old'Maids' Day?" to'which the teache*' answered, "There • are TWO fot old-maidg-Jndepehdence ,Day and Thanksgiving jjay." * * *. .Mr* Olive* Makken and Mrs Pete Halsrild were visited not long ago ,by their brother Carl Anderson of Seattle, Wash. They took him ttf West Bend to ste the QfottCf, He was much im, pressed and said he had'never seen atiything like it betore ,'".'•;.*'•'»,'•* • When Mr and Mrs Hal Snyder came home, from Terre Haute Ind;, Where the former had been With a'baseball team during the season, they.stopped at St. Louis to visit Mr arid Mrs Don Jennings Much to their surprise and indignation they discovered the locked car' had been broken into and all their clothing taken. A small hole had been cut in the glass enabling the thieves to open the car, and the dexterity of the job pointed to professionals. ; •"' •' "«; ' * * „ I received this letter some time , ago but j that: won't matter. It ' will be greatly', enjoyed' by many ' frieridtf of the writer—Caroline 'Dpxse'e Woodhafns of Redwood City, Calif. This goes back to cen- , tennial tirrie. "Just finished per; uslhg 4 -the. Algeria Upper Des : Mqines'arid surely did enjoy the 'pictures' arid stories. I could locate so many of the old homes in the aerial pictures that I felt as if I had re.-visited Algona. The cele- bratiorii'.rqUst <haVe been, lots of fun. Parish I, had sent some' of the pictu"res"Dad! has.'tff.early Algona business blocks and windows, houses and people. Even the Santa made of hardwares of all sorts, which won Dad state recognition as an advertiser. Then too we have pictures of grandpa's place and the Ingham family. • I received a.letter from Irene ' Wilson Warner from San Francisco, where she resides now and • works in an'insurance office. She P e * KMMSdehild in New f n f n i1 R ? ltsch ' Paine ant * tn ?u ole .l iV{S Sfl San Francisco, £ ' so l £ e t , hree S ot together and devoured, the. centeftnial issue 5u y ., ar ! comin S down the pen&n ula l ? see me-one day. The :Y! 1 T n !, Illved in our home on ? 6 H th . Minnesota street after we left Algona. I noticed, you have a schodi named for "Lutie" Wallace. Hei cousin Alice Reed Kauffman, -who u J n A16ona lon e ago. lives <n Kectwopd City. We are great friends. Her son Donald has years, "Lutie" and Alice's "grand-' taught in our high school many pa Heed" used to sit on the Wallace porch on Minnesota street, n carpet slippers, alpaca coat and ?.j ,, cap > and make all of "Us kids tops out of spools. (My mother has made them for me too, Caroline.) Mr and Mrs, Wallace had a creamery. My brother was a great chum of Henry Lilly. Is he still around there? (No, he lives at Cedar Rapids and is no longer' called •Henry or "Hank". He is James) I see that Harry Nolte is still there. (He was buried last week after a long sickness.) I remember visiting his grandma Halverson in the first stone house' in Algona, and having some cookies out of a big stone crock. My sister* hears from Ruth Carr very often. All the members- of Margaret's class, 1907 are living. (Not now, since Alice Kresnesky Weisbrod's death very recently) she was pleased tp read of Elsie Glasier being there. While our mother was alive we kept in touch with the Cowles family, for Flora Call Cowles was mamma's girlhood chum. The Cowles visited us here many years ago, but we never see Helen. (LeCron) altho' she lives in Berkeley. Do you remember Vesta Taylor? She and her mother Minnie Rice Taylor live in Sioux City and Vesta's cousins Vivian and Helen Pangburn who used to live in Algona live in Long Beach, (I knew both, Vivian in particular. Some .people used to say she and I resembled each other. I never Have you noticed that the steering wheal of youf cor It round,' th'tft • if peH&tly ' &*> eommddates fvvp hands? It was designed for two hdfids $o why not keep both 1 an It? could see it. It must have been our red hair.) I'd surely love,to spend at-cou* pie of weeks in Algona and renew old friendships and revive old memories. (I Wish sd too 1 . Try it.some time soon, and thank you Caroline for this nice letter and your closing remarks about my work. Evelyn) * » * It saddened me to read ol Ihe death of Charles Waddell at Hamilton, Mont. He married Hettie Mills, a girl who was in "our crowd." She was back here four years ago. Latetf she made quite a few. headlines by winning $20,- half with her soft and ghter."in-law Mr and Mrs Walker at Chicago. This winter sh> Will be irt Phoenix. t there tX6 several Algonans there whom t hope she rhlets. It is always pleasant to talk ojt "the old home town." * * . *"..,'-'Uta Don Pfieskorn has returned from a check-up at Rochester and is pronounced as doing fine from the sutgery of some months ag6. She was cautioned Jo "take it easier", but what Housewife can take it easy when they move into a new home. They purchased the W. E. McGi-ew house at the dau- Tuesday, September 28, 1954 Algona (la.) Upper Des Molnes-5 Corner of Kennedy and "Gtove streets. It is a lovely place and probably' tMe b^sV 'feature of all is a den for Mr Prieskorn. There he can entertain his friends with no'feminine interference." If the smoke gets thick enough tp .cut, well, Whose business is'it? Three* cheers for a den! ' ' •',' t am toying with ihe idea of going to Daveftport so this column is a little-short. I have to do a little planning—IF I go, as I am a very, busy woman these days. Class Officers Elected By Wesley Hi Students Wesley—Class officers! at .the public Ich061 were,' elected recently. •'.-;.;' : >..•;-. ••-•-;" : Seniors— John Hfeffer, ipresi-f dent; Carol Goeiz, vice president; Rae -Smith, secretary-treasurer. Juniors Janice Vitzthunfi, president; Ellen Root, vice presi dent; Kerfnit StUder, secretary.'* treasurer; Rosalie Reising, historian. Sophomores —• Joan Krieps, president; Patsy Becker, vide president; Marlys Goetz, secretary 'nd Tom Root, treasurer.' 000 ih a, contest. It was agreed that hair the sum should be given to her favorite charity. She gave it to her church, a new one I believe, and it w,ent' a 16ng wny'i in paying the indebtedness. Her Women Bowlers home was'-a^ Burt and she,came The two wdmen's here to live with her broth'er-in- ; law and sister Mr and Mrs Harry Lecky school. while attending high She " was graduated in. 1909 and went to Montana where her parents had moved; They lived in th.e present Jessie Sarchet house on west McGregor street. .'"•»•'*...* I had such a nice visii with my cousin Mrs May Walker who came from Chicago arid was house guest of Mr arid Mrs Don Hutchison. She and I are from the same family tree—Heckart— and sad to say, the tree has dropped many "leaves." Her late husband was Will Walk 61 an d the family will be well remembered. She stays half of the summer with her son-in-law ahd daughter Mr and Mrs .Arthur Messenger at Cedar Rapids and 'bowling- teams began their • season's playing at the Barry's Alley in Algona Thursday evening, Sept; IB. 1 The Bill's- Standard- 'team 'is Mary Mullin, Sara Raney, Errria Kimz. Margaret Root and Faye Loebig. The Van's Cafe team is Irene Hanig, ;Vera Erpelding, Mary Krieps, Do^inelle Robinson ; and Leona Erpelding. The women bowl on Thursday evening, Birthday Party • Mrs Ray Muller, Wesley, was hostess at a birthday party in honor of her son "Ronald" who was eight years old on Septj. 18. The following boys that attended are . from the Titonka - Vicinity, Dennis Schmidt,, Vernon .Burkhart, John Brandt, Barry Nelson, James Stecker, Barry Nen'ger, Roy Hutchison, Monte Hammond, (Paul Miller, Wesley), Julia Ricke and Joyce Ludwig, Wesley, ! and the Honoree's two little brothers, James, five years old arid Larry, three,years old. Bingo Was played with the first and sec- >ond prize going to James Steckei and third prize to Ronald Muller. Door prize was won by Barry Nelson. Several group pictures Were taken during th'e party. The Kpnoree received many lovely gilts and .cards. The guests were 'all treated with party faV,or£ and balloons and then served birthday cake and iqe cream. . • ; Ronald is-' a third grade pupil and James is in kindergarten ahd both attend the 'Consolidated school at Titohka... , .' "- ' , Mr .and Mrs Ed Meyers oi Cedar Rapids attended the Methodist chicken supper arid bazaar Thursday afternoon and visited friends here several days; L. L. Lease attended the 8th district American Legion and Auxiliary meeting at Fort Dodge, Lease is a past district commander and he and fourteen other commanders attended a special luncheon in their honor. The spring conference will be held at Webster City. Tuesday evening dinner guests at the L. L. Leas.e home . were Mr and Mrs Henry Gesme, son Selmer, and daughter and son-in- law Mr and Mrs Dewey Schatt of 1 -, Jtje Skbw attended a Repub- licaft Rally at-Algona Tuesday nfgllt. . . Mr and Mrs Ray Studer and son 'Robert of Casjper, Wyo. visited relatives here several days last ;week. .They also visited relatives :at Excelilor', Minn.. Milwaukee, Wis; a'rid other points. Robert will attend Notre Dame. Mrs Lawrence Wingert and Emma Studer accompanied J. P. Studer to Ames one day lately. The women made a tour of the college buildings and-campus. J. P. Studer attended a K. & H. Oil meeting. The dedication ceremonies of the new bulletin board and the new doors at the Methodist church will be held on Sunday, Sept. 28 instead of Sept. 25 as erroneously reported previously. These things were donated to the church by the children of the late Rev and Mrs J. A. Riggs, Rev and Mrs Percy Carlson artd Mr and Mrs Lester Larson returned home Tuesday, Sept. 14, from a week's outing thru Minnesota •and into Canada. Mr and Mrs Earl Ward, Roger and Gloria of Clear Lake and Mr and MrS J. M. Kunz, Billy and Juliann were dinner guests Sunday, Sept. 12 at the parental, C. E. Ward home. The family dinner honored the birthday of C. E. Ward. On Monday, Sept. 13, Mrs C. E. Ward accompanied the Earl Ward's to Buffalo Center to attend a birthday party honoring Mrs Earl Ward's 83 year old father. . ~ . ..-,.-'•. • John and Jack' Lickteig 'resign- 1 ed their .jobs with ASC as of Sept. 1 and men from Algona took their places. Mr arid Mrs Lawrence Baylor had as their house guests several days last week their nephew and niece, Mr and Mrs Dale Weiland of Texas City, Tex. • Mrs Ray Carlson was guest speaker at the Portland township homerriakers organization tea Thursday, Sept. 16,'at the Howard Sparks home. Mesdames Mildred Carlson, Ethel Huff, Esther Tjaden and Opal Nygaard attended a county farm bureau meeting in Algona Monday, Sept, 13. Mrs Carlson had charge of a lesson on International relations. onaY Most Carpet Department bites i*.•*•*-* Hundreds of Homes Have Benefited By BJUSTROM'S EXPERT Carpet Laying Service CARPET OF YOUR CHOICE LAID WALL-TO-WALL OR MADE UP INTO ROOMSIZE, BOUND EDGE RUGS Tliis is an expert service rendered by Bjusirom's, and we can handle the most intricate jobs of carpet laying. When done by us, your carpeting jpb gives that luxurious underfoot depth that is the true mark of quality in Floor Carpet laying. . _____ FREE ESTIMATES — We will come to your home and take accurate measurements for you, so you will know how much carpet is needed. No obligation whatsoever for this free service! ' America's Most Famous* Brands of Carpet Alexander-Smith f. . :.-,,-.,vV Mohawk Firth Gulistan Masland Nothing does so .much for a home as Carpet — and nothing becomes so treasured in a home as the right Carpet. 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Make your bid — it can be whatever you wish to bid. Come to our store and look the freezer over, if you wish, before you make your ! bid — or simply send your bid by mail (see below). THIS 'SPECIAL OFFER ENDS OCTOBER 1st, 1954 — so don't Cwait, do if now! jRemember — All Bids Must Be in By Oct. 1st i extia! extra! extra! TO THE HIGHEST AND WINNING BIDDER (Bid Must Be Over $550) 79.95 CADILLAC VACUUM CLEANER COMPLETE WITH ALL ATTACHMENTS Will Be Included FREE! : BID by MAIL (Or Bring Your Bid in Person To Our Store) TAYLOR IMPLEMENT CO. Algona, Iowa My bid of the 1954 Amana Freezer, 19.6 cu. ft. model, complete with 5-Year Warranty, is I understand that if my bid is over $550, and is accepted for purchase of the Amana Freezer, I will also be given a $79.95 Cadillac Swivel Top Vacuum'Cleaner without any extra charge. NAME ... ADDRESS Taylor Implement Co.

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