Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on September 1, 1906 · Page 1
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Vancouver Daily World from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · Page 1

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1906
Page 1
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Aslzjtor "Made in Vancouver" Goods Only Today and See That You Get Them 7k THE TIDES High Water Stuck. - .. 3:1,1 ii m. :0o p.m. 4::tn m . 111. :.' p.m. . . . . r::to u in. ": a.m. Low VC.itr SlacU. 11 no a m. t:.Vi p.m. 11 :4.1 a in. Mlduiglit ( p.m. THE WEATHER 1 ororasts, ending ft p.m. Sunday: Victoria: Fresh Mind - : g"uii.illy fair and coul Lower Mainland: Light winds; generally fair and cool. Friday's temperature: 8 a.m. R, 5 p.m. fit, lowest b t i - 'lu - st US, mean lil dog. Saturday Sunday . Monday . The Paper That Prints the Facts f Pilot Flvt Cents VANCOUVER. B C. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER I. 1906. 24 Fages N VANCOUV mm 1 A TO VANCOUVER, AND VANCOUVER Horde of STARVING m m m i on k KUAiTl JINb lKttlS . Menace to Women and Children Horned less and Destitute Wanderers Camp in Park and Beg Their Food Two iundred and seventy - six undesirable Hindoos were laudfd in Vanrou - ., V... .li J", 1 l Ta - .a,. lo.. mining 1 I. I .3 L'J V, 1. LI. BUaUiCl Aniiai ial hare neither money nor food, ninety - eight of them have no place to go to. and after vainly attempting to camp at Stauley Park and being ordered out by the police, are wandering around the streets of the city begging for food. And still the statement is made at Ottawa that there were only fifty Hindoos in the whole province of British Columbia. When the steamer arrived last evening the Hindoos were placed in the detention shed, and it was plainly evident to those who saw them land that the majority of them were in the most poverty - stricken condition, and it was wondered by many where the passage money for their fares came from, as it is quite evident that few, if any of them, ever made enough money in India to pay their passage to this country, r Early this morning the foreigners were released from the detention shed, and Jhe trouble at once commenced. One result of the invasion nf the city by these Hindoos was that Mayor Buscomhe, at noon today, telegraphed the government officials at Ottawa, stating that 276 Hindoos were lauded by the . P. R. steamer Tartar last evening, and also stating that as the Hindoos were undesirable immigrants the city did not wish them brought into the city. s . When the Hindoos were released from the detention shed most of them did not know where to go. and some at once formed into small bands and commenced begging for food in the houses throughout, the city, and in most, places food was secured, as the women were so frightened that, they were afraid to re fuse the Hiudoos' requests. Several houses on l'oweil street were visited, and complnints reached the police officials that the Hindoos were not only beggjng for food and money, but were threatening and scaring womeu and children in the vicinity. Ninety - eight of the immigrants went to Stanley Park and decided to camp in the rear of the Stanley Park brewery, near Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper's residence. Mayor Buscombe was notified that the Hindoos were camped there the Hindoos moved farther into the park and decided that Second Beach was a good, camping ground. They lighted several fires on the beach and were busily engaged in devouring what little food they had secured by begging iu.iU.ay . the park,' when Superintendent Eldon swooped down on them and ordered them to put out the fires and to get out of the park as quickly as possible. upt. Eldon was afraid the fires would spread to the timber and destroy valuable tracts in 4he park. By this time at least twenty complaints had been made to the police, and three constables went to the park and ousted the immigrants. party then went dowu town and joined their comrades, who were standing in groups on the various prominent cornel's, a sad contrast, to the "made in Vancouver'' spirit which prevails. The police were given orders to keep the crowds moving, and any found begging will at once be taken into custody on a charge of vagrancy. That these Hindoos are entirely without either food or money is quite apparent, and where they are going to get food and shelter no one seems to know. Already there are hundreds of starving - Hindoos in this city and citizens are unanimously of the opinion that no more are needed. The ones who arrived last evening were almost pitiable to look at, as they are scarcely clothed ami most of them are badly in need of a bath. Where they will sleep tonight not known, unless some of the Hindoos already cramped into quarters not. half large enough to accommodate them take pity on their less fortunate companion! and give them food and shelter until sop other place is secured. SOLD FOR ?l.Vl0n. The house at the corner of Robson and Howe streets, occupied by Dr. Carroll lias been sold by Pr. I.achlan Ic - I. ; tr n mm nt $1.". (W) The 'name of the purchaser is not stated. Dr. Carroll has bought a house for himself at the corner of Bmughtou and Nelson streets. CHILDISH ERRORS No. 5. Ob, Mamma! The boys are ull excitement," The cars are loaded down; Everybody runs as if the Circus was iu town! 4 AO, Jiy i ima: frin Tnnl 1. Pray calm yonr agitation. No cirens will you But things "Made in Vancouver" For folks like you and me. Hungry Hindoos Invades Vancouver City COOLIES a t - ymrmr'w cciuu. t l. itaoi, a UUUU1CU UL ILI'UI MADE IN VANCOUVER. Since this is Made - in - Vancouver Day. and since The World is desirous of honoring and observing the occasion, there will be no eastern - made colored supplement issued with the Saturday Evening World this week. Instead, The World is gluil to be able to put into the hands of its renders a supplement, comic and colored, anil produced, as far as possible, in Vancouver, which is another among the many proofs of Vancouver's industrial resources which the city affords today. DRIVEN TO SUICIDE BY DREAD DISEASE A horrible find was made by T'ark Superintendent Eldon late yesterday afternoon when he came across the badly decomposed body of a man in one of the deserted skid roads off the path leading from the road around the end of Coal Harbor to the inaiu park road nt English Bay. The body lay under a big fir tree and in such a position as to indicate that the man had lain down there as if to sleep. There would appear to be little reason to doubt that it is a case of deliberate suicide, and while the identity of the muu is not positively known, it is almost certain that lie is J. Rutherford, who lived for some time and until lust May at 12044 Third avenue, Fair - view. j When the police were notified of the : find. Officer Cook was detailed to bring ! tke body in and on search a purse con - .' tabling lit cents, a cheap Ingersoll watch, a rusty knife and a notebook. The latter was much mildewed aud its i contents almost undecipherable. Two : entries w hich are thought to indicate suicide were noted, as follows: "June 8, lUOti I write this being in full possession of my senses. For the lust four years I have suffered from that disease called locomotor ataxia, which they say is incurable. Well. I nun that l aro barred, that l can get no work, and as my money is all gone, I intend taking a dose of laudanum which I hojie will put me out of my misery. Doctors may call this teni - poiary insanity, but it is not. I am only a nuisance to myself and would be an encuiuiirance to my relatives if ALDERMEN TREAT PROPERTY OWNERS WITH DELICATE IRONY The delicate consideration and the complete comprehension of their duties and responsibilities to reputable property owners aud taxpayers that can be shown when really necessary by civic officials and chic committees is well illustrutetl" iu the action taken yesterday by the finance committee regarding the injunction proceedings taken to stop the sewer work on Hamilton street and along the lane between Hastings ami Pender streets. The property owners who were moved to take injunction proceedings are not men who would have taken such action without knowing thoroughly what they were doing and why they were doing it. The very fact that they have ko ucted indicates sufficiently the gravity of the case, and yet all the considera - i tion they get from a board composed j of aldermeu elected by themselves is a puerile and would - be smart and funny discussion. The city solicitor notified the committee of the injunction that had been taken out regarding the basement drain on Hamilton street. This was fully explained in Friday's paper. Aid. Morton thought that they had better let the injunction remain. If the property owners did not waut the drain I in that block, well and good. They could cut that block out and go down Homer street. Aid. liaise thought that the solicitor should appear in relation to the matter and explain to the court. Even if the injunction were lifted the city might change the route. Aid. Morton said that, the work was I continue to live Nobody in this world will know the pain and agoniej I have suffered and I hope they will never suffer the same." "May l.'J. llHHi. Victoria, B. C 1 have on baud $iif). - Leave for Vancouver tomorrow, which will he the last and final call for supper. I have dope on hand sufficient. "4 p.m. Decided to pull out for Vancouver tonight," A little beneath this was written in letters scarcely decipherable, the address: "J. RI'TIIEKFORD. L'044 Third Ave. West." Enquiry by the police last night revealed the fact that a Mr. Rutherford hud lived with his family at the address indicated but had left the neighborhood some time in May last. It was understood then that they had gone to Spokane but that they had some intention of going back to Scotland. Rutherford is said to have spoken of various plans, among which was a contemplated trip to the Stewart river country. Lust winter he worked with Mr. John Jolin - cox at the (lulf Fish Curing company's establishment in New Westminster, and took occasional trips to Nanaimn and Victoria The body is said to correspond with descriptions siven of Rutherford, although the features are unrecognirahle Nothing litis developed today to ahem positively that the body is that of Rutherford, but Hip police appear to have no doubt on this point. The body lies ut Center and Hanna' - , where an inquest is being held at four o'clock this afternoon. 1 ' 1 , . ; ,.. - . in charge of .lames Dickson, the hoM foreman on that class of work in the city. They were nor yet near the Inns ! of Court building. There had been very i little blasting done so far and there I was no danger from it. He had heart lupir nK ii couipiiillll mm plus - it naa - uueu down in tne Inns ,f Court building; the trem - h was on tiic i upposite side of the street from that. Cxi 4ffc if 4 1 r Mf : "ovwi i rx''&k g r i ' $ s its - ril S'xm II 5$r 1 ' J iirth e JLlr;" M lh A.M. Heaps thought that if the build - was so shaky the building inspector should condemn it. Aid. Morton said that as chairman of the board ,,f muts li l,.,.l l - ..,.,,. j .ke 1 ( swer that no damage would n(. ,l,,np. That was nonsensical. It wa. - , finally decided to have the city iilieilor . - I nl the city eiicincer for the city. I HOME INDUSTRIES EXHIBITION OPEN Entire Business District the Scene of an Un paralled Exposition of the City'f Productive Activities Huge Success Scored By. Hundred "Cloudy, with ocrasional showers," said the weather man when he commit - t"d his prosuosticati',iK fur Saturday, but the weather man v.a - , only a kic ker, and the Hundred Thou. - and club had a ccmniitiH,, tint Knew Leper. The day has been p,:fc(t. and at the time of writing the streets are epuvded with siglit - seers who are Mjng up Van "liver's home industries fw the f - nt time. The wettest thing in si.:hl is the exhibit of Vancomer - niade beer, and the ,m'y nigge.Jtion of water is the (Jold Tered - i - , Proof Pile Covering Co.'s esliiliil, at the foot of Seymour street, w Ip - io the effect I of the ten do on the lin - proteclrd piles is ! made painfully e idem. On tiranville. Hastings and Cordova , streets, and on Westminster avenue, the. I merchants have eerte. themselves ,lo show what Vancouver can do, and the I result is one of which Vaucouvcrites may tie prouu. I Here is not a man ill I the city, however well - informed regard ing industrial ancoin er, not. even the young, t reporter of them all. whose eyes have not been opened by the variety nf home products exhibited this afternoon. But ilie , roods that aro out thi. - after - iwou are small compared with thousands who villi swarm the streets to buy couvr - inade go,vN this evening. Vau - Alter Thousand Club two weeks of strenuous lsbor the Hun died Thousand , lub workers ar rewarded with a wraith of interc i . 1 i ; di plavi that will bold the attention o the resident a - much as that of tli" stranger. In another column, where the display are descrihtd. wiij be found ample evidence of III" great range of industry they cover. TLe merclia i:t who ha. not got a "nude - in - Vancoin - p.r'' sign in li is window is feeling lonely today, and tlo manufacturer who failed to exhibit ii waude, jus; moodily about asking people to le him where he j.vcs. When the Hundred Thou. - and club made the encouragement of h,,me industries a plank in its platform it stood for a principle that has never before been properly insured on in this city, mid in orsauiiug today's exhibition in obed - ence to that principle the club has amply I justified its existence without ally ref erence to the niauy other good works that, can lie credited to the energetic young organization. ii)i;i:k;n i - oe ku.i.kd A tarantula that arrived with a bunch of bananas was monarch of all he surveyed in Hogg's grocery store, Fairview, on Friday afternoon, till he was despatched by a valient clerk armed with a mop.

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