The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1954 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 28, 1954
Page 18
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"t, De» Motrtei Tuetday, September 28, 19S4 Grass Fire That Got Out Of Control it ,p ? ».« J "^^*'¥^:$r**> ! , -Ai'tr. fc > r- 5 •«' * : , ; iSV'A*'U-rt* * ' V 4t'^ U t ; pii ,„,-•,,o< » | ', , \ fe#%»s%; -*• v- • • ft ft y. : , /«, ; \, • . >-<-:•/ ,#Hh i<*v ,,* ^u --.i* «,$>" : *&: v .*. l . ; . , I ' .? 1 "f • ' " ' ~ '' , ' ' 1 • . Pictured above is shown what was left of a barn, straw stacks and corn cribs following the major grass fire which hit just south and ^yest'iof Bancroft last-{all. The lire, probably ignited by a CHRIS HEESE ' A UilU of Thli, a Uiite of Thai) Nol Much of Anything. It was one day., last week -thai I toolj .ih a pancake feed, in the basement .-of the Presbyterian church' and I'm willing to bet two bits that I love pancakes better than anyone of the several hundred who also .ate arid Joyed their cakes,- But I : did take notice as to'how i some ,of the Algona gents dorie away with pancakes and the expression on their faces denoted the extent of their love for the cakes, so to speak., Ken Strahprn handled his knife and .fork in a perfect pancake manner. And Don Nelson was another gent who sure knows how to do away with ,,his /cakes. Hank Furst decorated his cake with the proper butter and syurp applications and, he told me that lie did not know of any kitchen product which could equal a pancake. Henry Becker, said he hoped the next Iowa-legislature would pass a law which, would provide for pancakes every, breakfast in the year. John Thuente said it was the egg in k pancake which appealed to him though he also loved a rich syurp. Lawrence Hutzell said he would like to see every church in Algona serve a pancake supper once a week and this would mean that he could have the lovely feeding every night except Sunday. —o— Bill Becker also proved a pancake lover and he favored four of the cakes at a feed and he did not know where butter fitted in belter than on a cake. And C. V. Fowler told me that he had found more vitamins in a pancake that just suited a health progress for him and he loved the taste of 'em aplenty also. And Lowell Lenz joined the coffee gitlpcr club and he admitted that there really was nowhere that a cup of coffee went high as it does with a pancake, in fact several cups, so to speak. And let us not forget that the pancake is an outstanding and beloved food in Denmark and Karl Kiilshohn, another Dane, was there and lie talked Danu to me and we wuulci have warbled Forgangon Nat Vor Sultne Kat but it was hardly ot a hymnal nature and so we' did not spring it in the church. And I got to give it to the gents who baked the cakes and serve-% them, they know their onions when it comes to baking pun- cakes. And they all looked swell wearing their white aprons and I'm in favor of the Presbyterians serving pancakes oftener, so lu speak. —o— Next city election I'm going to run for mayor in Algona and when elected the first thing 1'n. going to do is to even up the n-n and green lights affecting State street. I can't figure out why State street has so much more of driving time than has the streets crossing north and south I'm going to add at least unolhei 15 seconds to the light north and south. The way it is now when I want to cross State, going south on' Dodge, if there are three cars in line awaiting the green, usually pnly two can make it. Seems Jike you wait almost three weeks while the State street driver has the green. So, those of yuu who fare held up waiting for the green when you are going to dinner (north or south) of state, all you have to do is to vote fur me and I'll see that more time fairness is given the driver crossing Stale north or south. -—o— I sure enjoyed a dandy good feed at the Doan Methodist church north of Sexton one night last week. Brother, there was a lot of eats and they were sure swell. And across from me at the •table were Dale Struthers and Clifford KruJiU tmtl they, tu i, know good euts. And Dale told me he thought that Clifford was a Dane but I know better because on account of I didn't know of a single Dane name that has a "z" in it. And Clifford admitted that he was not a Dane and so couldn't sing Forgangen Nat. And Dale told me that he had a good voice and wanted me to teach him F.organgen Nat Vor Sultne Kat because on account of he'd heard me warble it once and he thought it was a nice vocal number, so to speaki —o— According io a report by the state department of public safety there were 31 drivers' license suspensions the past week, 23 for reckless driving and 9 for speeding, and 17 of the drivers were teen agers. The suspensions were-for 30 days. And at the same time there were 34 drivers licenses revoked for driving while intoxicated. The ages of the soaks varied, .frorn 17 to 81. The revocations were for 60 and 90 days, with several of them for one year. It has always been my notion that 90 day revocations are too short.. If a driver was to lose his license for a year he'd think twice before he took on too much of drinking and driving his car. tossed cigarette from a passing car oh the highway, Hvas' fanned ;Wjr brisk winds, and only. work by firemen saved' more property- than? was destroyed. Urgent warnings are again issued against theid'ahgeft .of grass arid brush fires during the fall season.. '«. ifid Ottosen P. T. A. Plans Session For October 5 Ottosen—The first meeting of P.T.A. will be held Tuesday evening Oct. 5 in the schoolhouse beginning at 8 p.m. The teachers will have charge of the lunch with Gordon Jensen chairman. The officers of the P.T.A. have charge of the program. Visits In Omaha Mrs Oliver Kinseth spent from Friday to Sunday in Omaha where she visited her mother Mrs Rachael Flocn. Mrs Floen's birthday was Friday. She was 83 years old. Sunday Oliver Km- seth and Jerry went after her. Auxiliary Meeting Mrs tiollis Cooper was hostess to the American Legion Auxiliary Tuesday afternoon at her home. During the business meeting it was voted to increase the poppy order, give a two dollar donation to the Emergency March of Dimes and to order 20 rugs from the Veterans Hospital. The president Mrs Mike Coyle and secretary Mrs Jake Ryg reported on the meeting they attended at the home of Mrs Cliff Lander the county chairman. Guests were Mrs Donald Cooper and Nancy and Mrs Knul Oppeduhl and Roger. The next meeting will ai at the home of Mrs Mike Coyle. Infant Baptized Randal Gordon, infant son of Mr and Mrs Gordon Jensen was baptized Sunday morning during services in the Trinity Lutheran church. Mrs Glen Jensen of Bode carried the baby and sponsors were Emogene VVichtendahl of West Bend and Keith Jensen of Ottosen. The dress worn by the baby has been in the family tor 50 years. It was worn by Mrs Jensen's mother Mrs George Wichtendahl when she was baptized and has been worn by all eleven of the George Wichtendahl children and by all ten of the George Wichtendahl grandchildren, at their baptisms, Following services guests for dinner at the Gordon Jensen home were Rev and Mrs Harold Mountain of Ottosen, Mr and Mrs George Wichtendahl and family and Mrs Fred Harms and Katie" and Fred of West Bend and Mr and Mrs Glen Jensen and family of Bode. Sunday evening visitors were Mr and Mrs Harlau Wichtendahl and boys of Algona. Singer Sewing Machine Company- of Fort Dodge. Wanda made the dress that she, modeled and won first place. As a prize sne received a beautiful kit of sewing scissors and then the dress will be entered in the contest to be held at Minneapolis. The winner of this contest at Minneapolis will receive a trip to New York City. The Sunday School .'teachers and Pastor and Mrs Harold Mountain of the local Trinity Lutheran church attended a Sunday School teachers training school at the First Lutheran church' in Humboldt Sunday afternoon and even- Teachers attending Mrs were Ivan Cewing Contest Winner Wanda Jacobson, 16 year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Sylvan J.Holjouii, woji i'irit place in a sewing contest sponsored by th'i- mg. Mrs Charlie Welter, Evanson, Mrs' Oscar Oppedahl and Wanda Jacobson, and Mr and Mrs Merle Holt. • - • Mr and Mrs" Melvin Ellirigson and Mr and Mrs Joe Traub attended the wedding of Marvin Movick, son of Mr and Mrs Peter Movick of Mason City'and Margaret Johnson of Mason City. The wedding was Saturday evening at seven o'clock at the Centray Lutheran church at Mason-City. The Peter Movick family were former residents of this comrrtunity. Dwayne Haug was six years old Friday evening in his honor at: the parental Olvin Haug home' were Mr and Mrs .Richard Kin-*; seth and family and Oliver Kinseth. His paternal, grandmother Mrs Marie Haug of Bode was a Saturday visitor there and on Sunday dinner guests were Mr and Mrs James Barber and family of West Bend. Mr and Mrs M. O. Kinseth of Algona were Sunday afternoon visitors. Mr and Mrs Mike Coyle met. Mr and Mrs Harry Hampel of Allison at the Goldfield park Sunday for a picnic dinner. The two men were army buddies during World War I. Mrs Ralph Jacobson celebrated her birthday Tuesday and evening visitors at the Jacobson homo that evening in her honor Were Mr and Mrs Sylvan Jacobson and family, Mr and Mrs Donald Larson, Mr and Mrs Conrad Johnson of Humboldt, Mr and Mrs A. Wehrspann and Mr and Mrs Louis Jacobson. A family gathering Sunday at the Earl Long home celebrated the 3rd wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Arnold Bratlarul and the birthday of Mrs Ralph Cooper. Those present were Mr and Mrs Arnold Bratland anci daughter Kathy of Bode, Mr and Mrs Ralph Cooper and family and Mr and Mrs Charles Spuriock or Sutherland, Mr and Mrs H. H. Long and Pamela of Fairmont, Minn., Mr and Mrs L. O. Short of Spencer and Mrs Essie Cooper. Mr and Mrs Earl Long and Mr and Mrs Charles Spuriock of Sutherland attended funeral services for Ralph Koch at Wahoo, Neb. on Tuesday. The deceased is a cousin of Mr Long and Mrs Spuriock. Several lo_eal people have visited Otto Wehrspann at the hospital in Rochester, last week. Mr Wehrspann had surgery there. Rev. E. E. Greene of West Bend and Mr and Mrs W. H. Wehrs- pann visited him on Friday. Mr and Mrs Herman Pooch and Mr and Mrs Henry Zinnel visited him Saturday. Mrs Magnus Bratland and Allan Wehrspann and daughter Arlys Ann visited him Sunday. Allan's parents Mr and Mrs Edward Wehrspann had been there for several days and they returned home with Allan. Mr and Mrs Lawrence Holder were visitors Sunday afternoon at the Cecil Jolliffe home at Lu- Verne to help Mrs Jolliffe celebrate her birthday. Others present were Mr and Mrs Kenneth Schriber and family and Mr and Mrs Garwin Sorlein and family of Bode and Mr and Mrs Lloyd I Freise and family of Fort Dodge. Mrs Ralph Richards, Mrs Morgan Hagen., Mrs Anna Long, seth and Mrs Lawrence Holden attended the ladies aid meeting at the Lutheran church in Bode on Thursday afternoon. Mrs Richards was on the program. Mr and Mrs H. J. Nielsen and son John and Mrs Florence Flanigan of Ft. Dodge spent last weekend visiting the ladies' brother and wife Mr and Mrs Leslie Fargo at Giavou Milk,, Mo. Mr and Mrs I. W. Nelson of Al- gona and their guests Mr'a' Mrs, Larson .of South Dakota call-; ed ; at the Eugene- Hofius home Sunday. ; .A family gathering at the Edw. VpnBank .home, at JRolfe Sunday honored ;the : VoftBahk's' son Eugene who > left Monday for the service. The young man enlisted in the Navy. Those attending from Ottosen were Mr and Mrs Louis Jacobson arid family, Mr and Mrs Edward;Zirinel and daughter Leslie AhhJJMr and Mrs Roy Telford and J{awrence Telford. Others' : present were Mr and Mrs. Frank Telford and grandson Gordon Telford and Mr and Mrs Ed' Steaphla and daughter Sandra of Waterloo, and Mr •a'nd Mrs Deanne Telford and family of Humboldt. Mr and Mrs Chester Alme took their/daughter Shirley to Ames Tuesday :where she has enrolled at Iowa.State College, in a Home: Economics course. ' •-' Mrs Bertha Oppedahl of Fort Dodge spent the latter part .of the- week visiting at the Knut Oppedahl, Oscar Oppedahl and John Vinaas homes. • MI V arid Mrs Peter Dahlhauser and: Margaret Fandel of : Whittemore were.Sunday afternoon and r evening visitors at the Antone :\Vaec|iter home. :.'.•-. ™»Mis--. Sylvan Jacobspn was?" a guesfat the ladies aid meeting^'at the Peace Lutheran' church at West Bend on Thursday afternoon. Mrs Jacobson's daughter Mrs Allan Wehrspann was a hostess. ^ A MESSAGE TO RESIDENTS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY from the FIREMEN'S 1953) The Kossuth County Firemen's Association was organized in 19$3, io form a more complete working knowledge and acquaintanceship among the fire-fighting forces of Kossuih County towns. Yearly dues of $5,00 are paid by each department to the association, arid meetings are held at regular intervals. • — /, This type of firemen's association, strongly advocated 'by Iowa Staid College for Iowa counties, is of immense help to all fire departments of the county. An interchange , of valuable information on equipment and fire-fighting facilities irt ins different towns is made among the firemen, and as a result better protection is Available for town and rural areas of the county. • For instance, if the Whitiemore department was engaged in fighting a serious farm fire, and found itself running short of water, they could call the Algona, Fenlon. or Lone Rock departments, calling for 'wafer. These departments could then respond at once with water trucks. Also, this association enables all fire departments to know what the other towns can supply in case of a disastrous fire. Fire-fighting studies, relating' to the water mains and water outlets in various towns are also made,. •so when a department is called for assistance from another town, they do not come "dunib" — but know tot the most part just where to go and what to do. . . MEMBER TOWNS Kossuth County ' Firemen's Assn. Aigona Buff Whittemore Titonka ' Lone Rock Fenton Bancroft ; Sw.ea City Lakotcf Ledyard Alf Krueger, Lone Rock, President J. Larson, Lone Rock, Secretary LAST, BUT FAR FROM LEAST, .oqr firemen's association enables us to know one another on a friendlyJjasis. We like to think of thfe .as making all firemen of the county a sort of "team", ready and on call to assist one another. Wd publish this message so that the public, town and rural, may know that fire protection In Kossuth County is always being made better in the interests of all our citizens. Kossuth County Firemen's Association *<"•'• it's eve STATE FIRE PREVENTION DAY SEPTEMBER 30 NATIONAL FIRE PREVENTION MONTH OCTOBER 3 TO 9 We Know Where the Next Fire in Town Will Start! No, we're not smarter than other people. But we have made a studV of homes that have gone up in flames— often with tragic loss of life. And in almost every case, the fire started in one of these 9 specific places (or ways): Matches left near children (Don't leave them near children!) "Junk" in cellar, attic or closets (Get rid of it!) Frayed electric cords (Replace them when they're (rayed!) Ordinary extension cords on irons, heaters (Don't use ordinary extension cords on irons, heaters!) Overloaded electric outlets (Don't overload your circuits!) Smoking in bed (Don't!) • Chimneys that spark (// -it 'sparks, get it fixed!) / • Cigarette carelessness (Sq'uysh cigarettes out, use safety ash trays!) • Flammable cleaning fluid (Use craning fluid* that can't explode!) Fire prevention is everybody's duty! Only if each of us accepts his share of this responsibility can we hope to stem the tide of needless fire destruction. Resolve now to be extra careful, with cigarettes , , , To watch put for fire hazards around home or business . . . and have all electrical wiring checked regularly, YOU can help save lives and property — do your part to prevent fires! Ira Kohl Fire Chief City of Algona Mrs. Linda Clapsaddle Mayor

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