Lexington Herald-Leader from Lexington, Kentucky on February 2, 1964 · 54
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Lexington Herald-Leader from Lexington, Kentucky · 54

Lexington, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 2, 1964
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54 Sunday Herald-Leader February 2 1964 Bob Horim's Aisle Sny Radio Days There came from New York the other day a ream of publicity on various television shows None of the puffs was particularly newsworthy but buried in them was this little piece: "Transcription replays of ‘The Shadow and The Green Hornet are making mileage in the radio sales Rrmm market Other shows being dusted off ll are 'Sherlock Holmes’ ‘Famous Jury Trials' and Tarzan' So where's ‘Mr PmHI Keene Tracer of Lost Persons?’ ' Such news was just the thing -to start pleasant old memories hobbling stumbling over each other trying to be first: Late winter afternoon with “Super-s man” ‘‘Captain Midnight” "Terry and nosiNE the Pirates" and ‘‘Jack Armstrong the All-American Boy" Supper with “Lowell Thomas” Sunday afternoons with the mystery shows and Sunday nights with “Jack Benny” “Fred Allen” “Walter Winchell” “Edgar Bergen aftd Charlie McCarthy" "Suspense” "Inner-Sanctum” “Dr L Q” “The $64 Question “The Bob Hawk Show” "Mr District Attorney” “Casey Crime Photographer” “Kay Kyser and the Kollege of Musical Knowledge” “Stop the Music” “I Love a Mystery" Saturday nights with “Your Ilit Parade” against the sound of running bath water and the snapping of green beans being readied for Sunday dinner We took an informal poll in the newsroom on favorite old radio programs “Jack Benny” got three votes "Lum and Aimer” two Among others mentioned were “Sunday Heranades” “Lux Theater” “George Burns and Grade Allen” "Johnny Dollar" “Gun-smoke” "Stella Dallas” “Linda's First Love” “Amos ‘n’ Andy" "The Whistler” “Let’s Pretend" ‘Hilltop House” “Y6ung Widder Brown” and a summer replacement “Uncle Walt’s Doghouse” Next we got to thinking how much fun it would be to get the reactions of our kids to radio drama Attitude change We used to think of television as radio with pictures A few days ago a youngster on “Windy Wonderful” described radio as “like television but you can’t see ’em” Finally we thought “Gosh wouldn’t they have a time converting some of the television shows to radio?” But looking closely we saw that except for the sight gags of such funny men as Jackie Gleason and the late Ernie Kovacs and the color work of Walt Disney there’s not much that can’t be done by sound Maybe though the Blapstick was funnier and the colors more beautiful when they were left to our imaginations STATE OF THINGS THEN NOW — Considerable changes have been wrought in making over the old State Theater into Switow's new art movie house Cinema The picture at left shows workmen as they n remodeling the inner lobby of the theater last bei fa e center picture shows the east wall bearing the paintings of Mrs Irving Gail during Cinema’s opening The other photo shows the west wall of the lobby peside the coffee bar (Herald-Leader Photos) On Hitchcock Horror Humor By JOSEPII FINNIGAN UPI Hollywood Comipoedent HOLLYWOOD - Producer Alfred Hitchcock a master of the mystery brings a sense of humor to his horror pictures The rotund movie maker enjoys tickling the toes of Hollywood's serious individuals His latest trick is poking fun at the established Filmland practice of forming movie production companies and naming them after a wife child girl friend or boy friend Alfred formed a company for the making of his latest suspense drama “Mamie” He named the firm Geoffrey Stan ley Inc after his two dogs “They're miniature sealy- hams” aald Hitchcock pointing to a picture of two dogs in his dressing room office at Revue Studio “1 must say I’ve had ho barks from them since I started the picture" he continued “You know you always have to be on the lookout for names of companies for movies or television” Hu Hair Cut The soft-speaking Hitchcock sat in a chair having his hair cut while waiting for cameramen to arrange the next scene “If I didn't have a sense of humor I couldn’t make pictures like 'Psycho'" he said referring to one of his chillers To which the barber added: The Productive Years NEW YORK (UPI) - About 85 million persons in the United Statu — almost 45 per cent of the population — are in the age range from 25 to 64 years report statisticians from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co This large segment of the population is expected to exceed 90 million by 1970 and reach 108 million in 1960 The years 25 to 84 represent the period of maximum productivity and family responsibilities the statisticians noted Carl Sandburg’s “Abraham Lincoln" often is considered the greatest biography of modern timu Cary Grant 'Audrey Hepbuml ploy a gaiM of dang or and delight Coming WEDNESDAY First Lexington Showing GOLIATH f AID THE SINS orBABYlSN COUnt-TECHNISCOPCI and THE ML VMEQUEEX numgope CINEMA IN Main PlL 2S44MA OPEN TODAY 1:41 FEATUIE AT 1:4S 1:41 7:41 :4J Lexington’s First Theatre Of The Arts CHILDREN NOT ADMITTED UNLESS WITH ADULTS ONLY THE MATURE WILL ENJOY MOVIES AT THE CINEMA M-ll-M pruinli FLORA ROBSON Miss Marple Rides Againl (The Raciest Mystery o I the AGATHA ' s““"’ CHRISTIE'S Students 75c Admission $100 FILM FESTIVAL— The Lexington Film Festival will preseat Federico Fellini’s “Hie White Sheik” at 7 and S pm Monday in the Tranaylvenia Little Theater The picture is a of Italian magnifies - Tickets will be available at the TAKE THAT TRIP TO CINCINNATI H0W ITS A MAD SLworut CINERAMA nt namor ftcaaour lite III! T6VI TfCRITI SOUTNRRN GRIYHOUND Hurt ft liptaMta ' “ONE OF THE YEAR'S TEN BEST!" -iNh CfMtK Mm r4 Tkm CA p liTlOil 7TH 4 VI Nf Cincinnati Ohk Sunday Skating 2:30 til 4:30 - 40c 7:30 til 10:00 - 60c Spicial Amnanawats far Private Partin No Blue Jeans Permitted of Night SCOTT'S ROLL-ARENA HURRY! LAST '3' NIGHTS! VSbmK'otWivhfWvPRi GSEB3K UTO'TWIATRE ELECTRIC IN-CAR HEATERS DsBaeRSyfiOLPS ilEMM Maiifc MaOoOi kNN tana rwaaaH-hppaaiiBU'BBMiiaai-wMuM WMaaw PLUS - 1st RUN I WEDNESDAY- HEY Ml IIS NAME III EYEIT WUET-HT tlOFTPOW IB FACE! Jiff AUDIE MURPHY "If he didn’t have a sense of humor he couldn’t take my haircuti” Hitchcock who casts himself in pictures playing such roles as a man walking through a train with a bass violin Hollywood as totally make-believe That'a not surprising until you realize that there are those persons who don’t “Henry Fonda once said about me ‘Can you imagine he makes a Joke when you're about to play your most dramatic scene'” Hitchcock said “A famous actress once told me 1 must have an important role’ I told her to take a Job as nurse in a hospital give up this business You must have a sense of humor “I remember the story of the layman who stuck Mi head in the studio door saw everybody running around and said ‘Lode they all think it’s real'” Talks Of Actors Hitchcock carries his personal feelings into the sometimes violent arena where film makers meet with their tempera mental actors Usually their Jousts take place on sound-stages when the actor wants to impose his will on everybody else in sight Weak directors usually give the actor his way Hitchcock looks at most actors with an attitude bordering on suspicion “If Writ Disney doesn't like an actor he Just tears him up" said Hitchcock seeming to prefer the cartoon-maker’s method of handling temperamental stars Hitchcock is headquartered at Revue Studio a large film and television lot a few miles outside of Hollywood One person described his operation as a studio within a studio” The Hitchcock firm occupies a one-story building which has a private projection room film cutting room art department and the boss' private office mmm "THE RESTLESS BREED” Scott Indy - Anns Iwcraft ' — ALSO- THE STRIPPER” Jems Woodward-Richard loyawr ASHLfAND 815 EUCLID'--266-232 John Wayne Maureen O’llara in "MCLINTOa" also "BEACH PARTY" with Bob Cummias Dorothy Malone MS Pootoros lo Cdw suite He has a bungalow office for his television activities All of which proves that Hitchcock's kind of crime does pay- ' Cinema History Early This Year HOLLYWOOD Calif -first nude bath sequence the 1964 Hollywood season was shot on the set of "Robinson Crusoe on Mars” this week and it made cinema history Instead of the usual beautiful dainty actress doffing her clothes and pirouetting in the water the nude bath-taker was a husky six-foot-two 190-pound former football star from the University of California named Paul Mantee Maatee became the first male star to atrip to the buff far a movie scene in Ms role ef a ship-wrecked American astronaut who is trying to arvive on Mara He finds a hot water spring and takes a bath an natarel right in front of the cameras “We are not striving for sen sstlonalism” explained producer Aubrey Schenck “We are Just trying to make this picture as realistic as possi hie After all he is all alone up on Mars with Just a monkey for a companion and he doesn’t have to worry about anyone seeing him” All the women were cleared from foe set before Mantee went Into his bath including the script girl and the producer's secretary The only feminine character left on the aet was Mona foe monkey who shared the apace capsule with the' astronaut when it crashed on Mars But’ this didn’t bother say-body because Mona ia really a he Even though he ptaya a femme monkey aimed Mona In foe picture his real name iff the screen is Barney Byron Haakin directs "Robinson Crusoe on Mars” The story ides was suggested by Daniel Defoe’s classic novel The era was transposed to the space age - The pumpkin waa first domesticated In 7000 BC in northeast Mexico according to Dr H M Wormingtoa- of foe Denver Colo Museum of Natural History HI-WAY DRIVE IK "IT? ONLY MONEY” ”TME JAYHAWKIRS” GLENN ”ST -PALM SPBIHSS WBBKBHB" laa Cool Cartsoo Yum Yum Chldtan the BROASTED Kind Inside-Carry Out-Dell very Service LUCAS' (ownsr) Phone 266-4796 w Everybody Go ice n SKATING a sbsikhii TOOAY I Tt 4lJS PM aim r TO MO PJU Mato Nov Low Admissions CRYSTAL ICE PALACE Off Altmitfrta Drive PARKINO PHONI STARTS 7lSS — ADM 7M RtKfrlC lCK Hwtiri Fire OvMaar StMwhifll ' ”MARVf MARY” MRMt Way— Mi - Barry Naftaa TadMl cater (At 7iM ft llaVI pm ”CRY OP RATTLI” Van Heflin Rue Marina James MkAtRmt (At 11:11) rjtuj H i V C i ' 7 STAHTS 7lS - A PM TSs ' dinar Lams m Two HMortow Comoilao "DON'T OIVI UP THU SHIP" (Al 7iJS a 11:14) AHD "BOCIM-SVa SAIT" Jorry LoorH Modi) lo Color (Af till) Pimlly Poo KMOMs Pus CINEMA— Pierre Etrix plays "The Suitor’ k Out film scheduled Friday at the new Cinema In the French camedy Etair plays a reserved young man who lmpalsively seta ait to find himself a bride Only 380 lines of dlalegue are mad fas the film which Etaix also wrote aad directed Today's Theater Schedule KENTUCKY - “Charade” 1 2:07 3:14 7:21 9:28 pm SOUTHLAND 88 — “Yellowstone BEN ALI — “Fsntisia” 1 2:10 Cubs” 7:35 pm 5:20 730 9:35 pm - “The Incredible - Journey" BLUEGRASS — “Donovan’s 9:25 pm Reef” 7:36 pm i “Call Me Bwann” 10:12 pm “Tanan The Magnificent” STRAND —“The Cardinal” 9:35 pm CINEMA — “Murder 'At The Gallop” 3 5 7 9:15 pm CIRCLE 25 — "Mary Mary” 7:36 11:57 pm “C7y Of Battle” 10:02 pm FAMILY -a- “Don’t Give Up The Ship” 7:36 11:14 pm “Roek-A-Bye Baby” 9:15 pm x:4 5:15 0:3J pm & iMmatveiaa ahJnd GILDED CAGI Ph 252-9374 SiSS - ‘Ipcar Hootan TRIPLI PUH SAPARI AS Marl PamSy Skew Wan MskOf P rowan "THI INCaaDIOLI MIMHIT" Sill I wl Warms oOvoatari) WaH CNnor! YBLLOWSTONI CUSS" ItSI Oolr -CALL MB BWANA" cWor Mill AaHo Bkkar I SOM Adam 5 STASTS 7:W - ADM 71c BIB JOMHI BIO PUNI -oonovani snap" Jika Waves loo Mar lo Cstar (At FiSi) — PLUS — "TASZAN THI MAMIPKIHP1 M Scan - BUM M Mm 10 MW (At fits) oM lo MW BENALI NOW SHOWING! TODAY liSS - SiN IlM 7:11 - t:SS I Entertainment Magic ithat will sweep you into new realms of sight and sound! "WALT STOKOWSKI MdteMdfttolMMta nuUWaOoapjOMUPmk STEREOPHONIC SOUND NmHBNHMM IKHWOOLOB’ aweuiMVM MOMeaaessT INSTRUCTORS-Why oot srraego for par oops to no this hMaoi owtion picture For iofonootioo ood rwf ratal coll 254-4570 SHOWINGS MON-FRI 12:00 - 2:15 - 4:10 - 6:50 - 9:05 We Proudly Present-And psmTWFIWM Everyone la Talking About J I T- 1 k IN THE STORY OF A YOUNG AMERICAN AN9 HIS RISE TO PRINCE OF THE CHURCH FILMED IN ITS ACTUAL LOCALES: NEW ENGLAND THE SOUTH VIENNA AND ROME an u'itq mmAiiiMHFw fiim TODAY'S 9RILLIANT NEW STARS lo todays mosl-tolkod oboot owtioo plctoro!- ”TOM TRYON is sensational” Louella Parsons ”ROMY SCHNEIDER is perfad McCalls Mag “CAROL LYNLEY a mumorabiu portrait L A Timas 3 COMPLETE SHOWS SUN thro FRI 1:45-5:13-8:30 4 COMPUTE SHOWS SATURDAY ONLY ll:15-2JD-:00-f JO i

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