Lexington Herald-Leader from Lexington, Kentucky on February 11, 1927 · 23
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Lexington Herald-Leader from Lexington, Kentucky · 23

Lexington, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1927
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— — m 1 the upward movement In to-mittt was accompanied oy roeeulat antlre market wai “S'wltn or 90 losum Maheet price to years jS WffLtera was alow to tespond-raising of too annual dlvl-M ® T to is opening fraction- - UUIU W guT mi then mounting three W-Jf’ta tares buying orders poured market for that Ro se- i IsrtP t TftdCn coupled with the Vrf w C Durant a prominent to -cancel his contemplated “Er'imw this month stimulated P JStlVlty in many stock Official Ci?S imports that Chairman Oaiy n aTsteel Corporation would 2TiSb also' were well received ownpriti district- 21 wrCentral and Hew Raven 55 tu leadership of the ndl group J5Slng three or more points on Mylng orders Winding and HJ M common the sensational fea-earner to the track " -taear on the tape until after-then sold at 70 a drop of below the previous transac- gtSS JjpoUds heloi the specialists excellent buy Dlece in Commercial Solvents S-lasand Alkman conunm and 5JSiOuH SUtes Steel Founda-5”T£r v S Cast Iron Pipe and smelting- Hew high records °f by union Carbide Coca 52 cnidn Fuel and Upn Locomo- "tm riff-ing was strong Stocks y7 -we easy to advance because of Vtanttrd floating supply made aub-Tfntui --1" in the final hour Loose “?“Ecult and National Distillers SrJTpreferred rose seven points Wheeling and LakeYM dropped ZTsL tbs lowest since the collapae of - and the preferred went New York Ca Its loss to IS Sidrtn Woks five points high but rallied vigorously its In approxl- Total IgOOjDOO shares LIVE stock markets OTCnWATL Feb 11 MV-Hop re-Mlpu 1700 held over 1889 Mu -astir Me lower trade at a standstill very limited 100 to 225 lb butchers $1250 1965 180 to 160 lbe ILOOgUM 225 to 250 lbs $13X5 innfr 950 to SOO pounds $1175 1225: eitrHO lbs 911-75 down packing sows Be lower 0975 1075 pigs scarce 90 to 110 lbs around $1150 (wttie receipts 650: cilves 400 maria nostly steady demand small few pod yearlings $9X0' 1000 common i pH medium grades mostly $0X0 down batcher cows $5007X0 low cutters ud cutters $4X0475 bulls $7X0 down vests active steady top $15X0 Sheep receipts 75: nominally steady Ipmha quoted $19X0 down ewes up-nrd to $6X0 ' CHICAGO Feb 11— Hogs— Rece ROM fairly active generally 15 to lover tn Thursday’s average spots 40c or more lower on butchers as compared with best time top $13X0 paid for 150-pound weight bulk 140 to 200-pound averages $11901215 mmt sio to 240-pound butchers $11X5 g 1190: bulk 250 to 800-pound averages $11X511X5 bulk packing sows mostly heavies $10X01075 moat daughter pigs $11X01175 selected strong weights $12 heavy weight hogs $11X01 170 medium 611X012 light $1175 peeking sows $104011 slaughter pigs $11X512" Cattle— Receipts 8000 most killing classes steady to strong bulls slow weak fat steers scarce best $1176 bulk $9 e 1050 lighter and less desirable kind $9X0975: Stockers Baden firm $7X5 8X5 most medium bulls $66X5 vealers $12X019X0 Sheep— Receipts 14000 very alow few early calves fat lambs shout steady top to shippers $13X5 desirable lambs- $127618 fat ewes units nged desirable ewes $7X0850 biding lambs steady -choice light weight lambs held above $18 deslrbale kind ’mostyl $12501975 medium Bght weight and good heavies $19X5 Eggs— Receipts 9340 cases lower Inti SS: ordinary firsts 3182 LOUISVILLE Feb 11 — CSttla — Receipts 1M steady prime heavy steers UOBXO: beef steers $69 heifers N8: cows $36X0: feeders $6X0$ betas $6750 hogs 58 10c lower lUO to 275 pounds $1215 275 pounds up 111X0 pigs 130 pounds down $11X5 rev outs $10 down Sheep— Receipts 60 -steady lambs 11112 sheep $55X0 bucks $3X0 tam cures— Receipts 300 50c lower tope HIM down Jersey CRT Feb 11— Lambs nne steady EAST 6T LOUIS Feb tedpts 13X00 slow 10 to 25c lower 1240 sparingly bulk 160 to 190 Vends $12X512X5: J little done on toner kinds few 200 to 340 pounds ill JO f 12X0 early sales packing sows HMSlL tob-Becelpts 1000 calves 600: to nixed yearlings and heifers to cows and low cutters steady 04 choice vealers 50c lower top UUO aidlum bulls 25c higher top 96X0 balk cows $5X5 6X5 low cut- 0 ®P — R ftoT no wi thw six- Receipts 600 generally western lambs offered few 61$ medium to good yearlings u75 Ilk quality two-year-olds $9X0 tos 128-pound killing — as so GRAIN AND PROVISIONS ®JCIGOl Feb 11 ow— ' Wth ' all Bsnctn grain exchanges scheduled to to t holiday Saturday wheat trade w tight today and prices almost at a totoUL For the moat part busl- ns confined to evening up of ac-” la Gulf w u 801 wlnter wheat at the “to was at about the lowest Establish lift ?w Vstk Mack ! kinds stocks OAW COTTON local and general LAVATETTE hotel bldo - Itbpbm 464 W K ’INSURANCE" INDUSTRIALS L Durant Motors Ooodyear ffimawn d a j OlUetta a W— US— 4 — i aoutheaJP 'a L j(old) Aead ' Oaa CBrih 8yn 1 Cities Service Ofanmon Cities Service Pfd Imperial Int Pete ou 's Salt Creek Prod OILS Anglo Borne Buckeye beo4i ai e eUeewpm 46 Crescent Cumberland Eureka a Galena Common Oalena Pfd Galena Hew PfL‘ Illinois Pipe 4 Indiana Pipe National Transit New York Transit Northern Pipe 76£ 79 7 Ohio OU 68 - 63fc Inter Pipe S3$4 34 Fean Hex Il7$fc ' 19 Prairie OU )6IK 54 Prairie Pips 141)4 ’ 1X9)4 Solar Refg 179 -- 900 8outh Pipe 16 ' 17)4 South Penn OU 38)4 - 39)4 S W Penn 67 68 Standard Oil Indiana 71 71 Do Kansas ' 19 19 So Kentucky 119 190 - Do Nebraska 48 49 DO Ohio Common 345 349 Do Ohio Pfd 119 119 Swan and Finch 15 '15 Vacuum t 101 03 Imperial 44)4 44)4 level of the aeaaaa ae compared with May but the movement In the southwest was reported as falling off -Wheat closed easy: unchanged to lower corn unchanged to up oats unchanged to advance and provisions varying from 15c decline to a rim of 2c Chicago Provisions CHICAGO Feb 11 — Butter — Receipts 4-4581 tuba unsettled creamery extras 49 standards 49 extra Ante 48 49 firsts 46 47 seconds 44 45 Lard— May 1342 July 13X3 Ribs— May 1470 July 14X0 Bellies— May 16X5 Chicago Closing Grain CHICAGO - Feb 11— Wheat— May 1X1141 July 1X4 to 1X4 September 1X2 1X2 to 91X3 Corn — May 8181 July 83088 September 86 Oats— May 46 July 47 September 45 Rye— May 1X6 July 1X4 September 93 CHICAGO GRAIN AND PROVISIONS (Firnishcg by W L Lysas aa Ca) Baatta Ofta Bgb Law Class WHEAT— May 141 141 140 141 July 1X4 1X5 1X4 1X4 Sept 1X3 1X3 1X2 1X3 CORN — May a XI Xl X0 XI July X4 X4 X4 X4 Sept X6 X7 X6 X6 OATS— ' May 46 X6 X6 X6 July 46 A1 ' X6 A1 Sept 45 45 45 45 RYE ' ‘ May 1X7 1X7 106 1X6 July 104 1X4 1X9 1X4 Sept 'I X9 X9 X9 ' LARD — March - 13X7- 13X3 12X2 May 1255 12X5 1242 1242 July 1275 1275 12X2 12X2 Chicago Provisions CHICAGO ' Feb 11 — Cash wheat No 5 v red 1X11X2 No 2 hard 141 Com No 1 mixed 80 No 2 yellow 78 Oats No 2 white 48 48 No 3 white 4246 Rye No 3 1X2104 Barley 6583 Timothy aeed 5005X8 Clover seed 2700 to 31X0 - Toledo Grain and Seed TOLEDO Feb 11 — Clover — Cash Imported 21X0 domestic 24X0 February 1775 asked March 17X5 asked Alslke — Cash 22X0 March 2275o Timothy old 2X5 new 2X5 asked February 2X5 asked March 290 asked c£nc UXNNATX Feb 11 — Indlcsted vetoes ss furnished by Dally Market Uaport offlebb newspaper glnrlnnstl Grain and Bay Exchange: Wheat: No 1 red winter $131 to $130 No 3 red winter $137 to $138 No 3 red winter $111 to (134 No 4 red winter $133 to $135 No f rod winter $110 to $1X1 sample red 80c to 1110 Corn: — Outside quotations represent corn arriving on favorable Ohio bulling: No 4 white 47 to 71 Me No 5 whit 64 M to SbMe No $ white $0" — ' low g$M to 73Mc No No f yellow 0M to 65Mo to 49 Me No $ mised HMa to MMc No f yellow MMe to giMe Ear Corn — White 63o to tSe yellow 64e to C7e mixed 63e to S4c Oats— No 3 whit 47Me to 4$Me No 3 white 45Me to 46Me No 4 white 37M to 40 Me sample white 33Mo to S7Me No 3 mixed 43c to 44c Mb 3 mixed 40o to J43c No 4 mixed 30c to SSe j Rye — No 3 rye Me to $103 No 3 rye 87c to 880 No 4 rye 80s to 98a Hay— Plug track 88 cars In terminals 9 ears No 1 timothy 918 to 91880 No 3 timothy 917 to 818 No 3 timothy $18 to 917 thrashed timothy 913 to $14 no grade timothy $11 to 914 No 1 light clover mixed 831X0 to 83350 No 1 clover mixed 533 to $23 No 1 heavy clover mixed $33 to $23 No a clover mixed $17X0 to $3950 no grade clover mixed 511 to 14 No 1 clover — to $36 No 3 clover $30 to clover $13 to $15 No 1 falfa $23 to 534 No 3 falfa 518X0 to 830 No 1 first falfa 830 to 833 No 3 first cutting falfa 819 to 818 wheat straw 818 to $14 oats straw 813 to $13 rye straw SIS to $18 Clnelnaatl IreMsiena CINCINNATI Feb 11 — Mese Pork— Fe brL mess $33X0 to 834 clear $38X0 to $88 dear IamlN$40X8 W MJ60 towllbeam 838 to 837 plate hoof $28 to 827 extra plat $3760 to $38 Smoked Meats — Per 100 lbs: Bacon shor dear lean $1875 to $1850 do extra 51576 to $1150 bacon short ribs $1575 to $11X0 cut $33 dried to beef hams $35 to $43 Meats— Hams In tlorcas $35 ‘ -- $15 617X0 to 51560 shoulders 1 to $37 to $m! bellies Butter — In firsts 47 to 45a MCoramg to score common M discounted S to 4c In prints 45 to 50c Jobber S’ basis 49 to 6le log dock No! 125c No 3 13 to 15c fai 48 to 610 Eggs basis eases returned — Strictly extra firsts SIMs firsts 50Mc ordinary firsts k to 33c seconds 2SMc nerby ungraded iMe storage extras SSe to 25c - a Ure Poultry (basis coops romrnsd— FVyws da and ever 33c over 3 pounds 35c broilers under 3 pounds Be nMudlmg 4 pounds and over 37e black 2 and over 33c fowU 5 pounds and over do 4 pounds and over 35c do under 4 35c roosters ISc younx stags Me spring ducks wblM4 pounds and un‘ and VSTmo do $PFunds and turkeys country nrhm Me sasi&“ 50 r 15c o 1 pounds and over : lScTplgcona 6175 per dosen squabs and over SSe do vwSodFaultry— Pwh do full-drawn sas jowls HAasA'ffgug undrawn 4 WHOLESALE FRUITBjEansnss S bl $3M to 5354 celery 61 ih onions 6336 mtcwaad lsttuea $1X5 walw IrooVli for oouotrr “ — Finnlitid mgir MM eeffcc Tbulk roastT 13 to 41c 34 to48c- (Quotations by Tui (Esntucky) new $38 wbtta oats baled rye straw $15 ton baled iw til ton horse toed 83X8108 ea££‘uk&ki SSVS'K! arsuad asm 83 IM lbs - FLOUR AND PEED— Lexington Maid flow M Ibc 8475 mill feed lOO lbe $ix$ is-dlana mcal 1M lbs 5330 bulk (Quotations by Wqoxott Flour Mine) PATENT FLOUR — Ninety -six Ibatosaeks 5476 sun feed 51X0 1M lbs xmal la bulk bbi new wheat No 3 fl4C bo (Quotations by Lexington RoTer Mills Oo) QBEAMM' B"rR— Whclees’e: 3to 1 st-r by Swift snuto) RETAIL POULTRY' AED tryy butter 80c erst tore 80s lb hens 45c m 88c ducks 48c last toU -hams 50c turkeys 88c espons (Quotations tar Moore-Dishon Poultry CtaJ VBORABLE8— Tamuktobs $1X5 to 8 tor 25c pineapples 80c i quart boats ft bunch 3 tor 85c lb artichokes lie bun carrots 6 to 10c bunch caullfioaror IB to 88c haad lettuce 1$ to 35c head parsley M TBc largo bunch French endives 75c ' ' stoes 18s pass 88c I ‘ - lb tangarlsss 40 to new turnips 10c mustard i pk turnip greens 40e pk' c IS to 15c radishes So strawberries (Quotations by j Arthur Ora' GRAIN AMD SEEDS— Creel bu 89X0 100 lbs oats No 3 Oteansd 85e bua Mo in r assal $110 hu 83X0 1M moal In quantltlas $54 ton srado 885 for 41 par cent L UXI per 1M lbs (Quotations by Idmsndarf Grain Corporation 1 FRESH MEAT— Steaks: Rouhd Porter House steak 35c veal chops loin steak 85c T-bona steak 0c -derloln 60c lag of lamb 45 ' tsmho houliter roast S00a chops 40o loin veal roan 35c veal cutlata 60s beef tenderloin - 50c smoked sausage SSe pork chops 35c bra'ns 80c sweet breads 80c fresh Unk SSc boiling bacon 25c breakfast bacon 40a smoked tongue 40c green beef tongue 35c lamb fries 50c hog -lsrd 35c frankfurters ‘ S60s JOBN 50ei (Quotations by P W Ott- CRUDE OIL PRICES (Faralsbed by New ! New York Transit MxJ Bftdfbfll JUltflll 140 National Transit $$$$ fff KSMjM Oil eeeeseeeoooooapoooooooooooao naff W Pannaylyanla aooeaooasoo IN on Xuraka Nm X4no Buekcya Plpa Lino Oainaa Orado Corning Oabdl ' Orado flf 4ll0$lllllt$IIOM gooosooJboaouaavahooosb LOCAL SECURITIES by W K Mssele) Bid Asksd First and City NsTl Bank 515500 ‘ Naf I Bank 35005 8308X0 uoxo milt Phoenix Natl B and T Oo 15000 Pay Home TSL Co Pfd 11900 Ccn By Nat Gas Oo 3800 By Becur corn Com 8308 Lafayette Hotel Com 7500 By Joint Stock Land Bank 155X8 Lafayette Hotel 1st Pfd 105M Lafayette Hotel and Pfd 10300 Lafayette Hotel 3rd Pfd 8500 LexTlIerald Co Pfd 5SOO Com’ wealth B and T Oo 10000 Fayette National Bank 15800 Security Trust Col 48508 Guaranty B and T Oo 11608 Unlea B and T Co IS15M Phoonls Hotel Common Phoenix Hotel 1st Pfd 11308 Phoenix Betti Snd Pfd 113X3 9000$ 10000 LIBERTY BONDS (furnished byVL Lyons snd Ca) (Qatiatlans ta Thlrty-saeands) lit 8 i 2nd 448 1003 Srd 44 MiMtoinfi 10111 4th 4)4 10825 U fie 4)44 $sast$$$e U a Ca Ss 4S $ aeaea Ca fie 3)44 10101 c a 3s 10311 100X3 10113 103X5 110X0 106X9 10114 103X0 NEW YORK COTTON QUOTATIONS (furnished by W L Lyras and Ca) toatha Open Bfth Law Jan ' 1468 14771467 March 1379 18X7 1378 May 1403 July 14X3 Oct - 1442 Dtc 1460 1468 1379 14X3 14X4 14l47 14X3 NEW YORK SUGAR NEW YORK Feb 11— Refined sugar was unchanged' at 6605 to $625 for fine granulated with not' much Inquiry reported Sugar futures closed easily Approximate sales 36000 tons March 910 May 8X1 July 8X3 September 3X0 NEW YORK COFFEE NEW YORK Feb 11 — Coffee— Spot steady Rio No 7 1415-16 Santos No 4 18 Futures steady March 1400 May 13X8 July 12X5 (September 1201 J CAL MILAM BUYS V 11 YEARLINGS FROM MRS BRUTUS J CLAY J Cal Milam owner of a prominent stable of thorobred horses has bought from Mrs Brutus J Clay of Faria 11 highly-bred ytmrlinga it today -- The youngsters have gened from Runnymeade Farm la Bourbon county to Merrick Farm In Fayette county Following Is a list of the yearlings: Chestnut colt by Peter Quince — Light Brig by Light Brigade Chestnut filly by Peter Qiilnnr Mlm lba by Light Brigade Chestnut filly by Peter Qulnoo— Brigantine by Ben Brush Brown ' colt bv Peter gullne by Light Brigade Chestnut colt by Star ona by Peter Quince — Chestnut filly by Peter Quince— Meda Ena by Ben Brush Brown filly by Peter Quince — Daley by Light Brigade Chestnut filly by Peter Quince— la-dde by Oodoman Chestnut filly by Star kra by Light Brigade Black colt by Light Nell by Dick FlnnelL - Black colt by Luck Hour — Hermlone by Peter Quince COUNTY COURT ORDERS : Bond of Security Trust Oo ae guardian of Mary Kirkwood Snyder Milton Kirkwood Snjrder Richard Wilson Snyder Thompson 8nyder and McDonald Snyder executed In Payette circuit court filed and noted of record W W Mitchell administrator of estate of S K Nichole deceased executed new bond In sum of $50000 with M Hume Payne and Frank P Kiser as surety FISCAL COURT AUTHORIZES - BANK LOAN OF f 100X00 The fiscal court held ‘ a special meeting today at which a resolution was adopted authorizing County Judge Chester D Adams to negotiate a loan of $100X00 from the Phoenix National Trust Co- In anticipation ct the 1927 ad valorem county -jI55 --xI56 iiflSB — 157 a:44 V4$rg $3 NY N-HXcH 52 56 88 Nor' Fac 85 85 84 1 85 57 67 57 57 '108 110 108 100 ClLRJXtPac 26 77 1 78 76 St L At S P105 log 105 105 sou Fac 108 loo ioe ioe tilL Pae 165 165 165 165 Ch At G W : 14 15 14 ' 14 Ch4kN Wes 61 82 61 81 111 Cen 134 194 '-lxzst 133 M K At T ST v 38 37 87 Leh Val 131 'l ' 190 190 MO Pao 97 NYXh-StX 190 193 l 190 103 Nor At Was 164 105 104 165 v P Marq 129 134 133 124)$ Ch M At St- P 14 14 13 13 ChXL-StP pf 33 32 ' ‘ ‘ EL B Air Line 87 37 Tbs Pae V 61 '-63' Wabash 56 68 West Myl 39 99 Wabash Pfd A 82 82 Wes Pao 88 v 88 v 85 ' 95 Wh At L E 77 77 64 84 Sou By -V 122 122 122 122 8TBEL AND COALS Beth S$eel 45 cru Stl $ 84 Col F At X 50 Gulf Bta 56 PRDQC 4k X 42 Rep I R At & 63 :: Tlmk Rol B 92 U 8 Steel 156 157) Van -Oorp 99' Am & F D Y 45 45) Cen Alloy 36 96) G T N Ore 22 — otisBti : 7 Repl steel 12 12) 8)oee Bhel 127 ISO) Youn 8 AtT 87 87) J R ti IS IS - COPPERS A M 8 M 141 143 140 143) Anoda 1 48 46' 46- Cerro Dep 61 61 61' ' ' Chile 34 S3 ' 84 Granby - 81 33 91 Int Nick 40 42 40 Kenn 00 61 60 Dome Mlnea 0 9 9 Inap Cone 33 83 23 Miami 14)415 14 Nev Cons 14 14 14 Ray Cons 14' 14 14 Tenn C At C 12 12 12 ti B Smelt 35 35 35 - oils Gen Aaph 84 84 88 Cal Pet 81 81 81 8 O N J 89 40 89 Mid Con 97 97 87: Marland 57' 67 67 Fan Am B 64 : 64 64 PhU Pet 59 Pure 38 Sinclair 31 8 O Cal: 69 Bup ou 4 Atl Rfg 113 A G At W I 96 36 86 Barnedall “A” 83 33 39) Ind O At O- 93 93 91) La OU 16 16 16) Shell tin 81 81 81) Sima Pet 21 91 91) BkeUy 85 95 85) Tran Cont 4 4 4 T P C & O 15 15 tin O Cal : 63 53 NY- 33 83 33 MOTORS AND RUBBERS Chrysler 43 43 43) Dodge Bros ‘A 96 37 96) Gen Motor 153 158 158) Goodrich '-54 Hudson 63 Mack Truck 94 Willy’s Over 21 Pack Mot 35 U 8 Rubber 63 Studs 53 White 54 Ajax 11 Am B Mag Chand Clev Fisk Hupp Motor Kelly 8pg Nash Pierce Arrow Stw War 68 FOODS AND PUBLIC UTILITIES Am Sugar 83 Am T and T 155 Am W Wka 64 Coca-Cola :177 Col G and El 83 Cons Gas 100 Com Prod Cub Am Bug 26 Flm Yeast 46 Inti T and T 127 Nat Bla 06 Post Cer '09 Arm "A" 14 Cal Pack' ) 66 Cuba Cane 10 Cud Pack 61 Elect P and Lt 17 Nor Am 47 N Y Can 17 Peo Gas 129 Pub 8 N J - 89 64 33 84 Un Fruit 118 118 118 118 Ward Bak 30 30 30 - SQ EQUIPMENTS— MISCELLANEOUS Am Can 46 46 45 46 Am Car 8e Fdy 104 104 103 104 Am Loco 112 112 U0‘ 111 Bald Loco 177 179 174 176 Cast Pipe '212 217 210 213 Pam Players 108 100 107 109 Gen Elec 83 84 83 83 Int Comb Eng 47 47 47 47 Inti Paper 58 66 54 54 Xnt M Mar : 41 42 41 42 Owens Bot 79 ' 80 79 60 Radio Oorp 55 65 54 4 Pullman 184 185 184 184 West Elea 60 70 88 70 Allis Chlm 91 91 '91 91 Am Xnt Oorp 40 40 80 39 Am Wool 25 28 25 v 95 Eastm Kodak 182 132 131 182 Gen By Slg 94 94 93 98 Inti Harv 150 158 150 150 Loews Inc 51 Natl Enm 35 Natl Lead 167 171 167 1J1 Pr Stl Car 48 48 44 47 West Air Br 140 149 140 141 Wor Pump 35 '38 95 U S Real 84 t 84 69 68 MERCANTILE TOBACCO AND CHEMICALS '' Ail’d Chem 135 138 135 136 82 82 155 155 64 65 177 178 82 82 00 100 49 49 Am Burnt 44 Alii Tob 131 Am Tob B 130 Dupont 177 Llg A Mey 87 Lig Mey XL 87 LorUlard SO Mont Ward 63‘ R J Reynolds 133' Bears Roebuck 52 Tob Prod 108 Wool worth 133 Am Ag Chem 13 Am Linseed 29 Am Snuff 126 Aaaoc Dry Ods 40 Dow Chem v 29 B EL Kreege 49 May Dept 68)4 EUlult R B '48 j Tex G Bui ' 83 Un Drug 162 U EL Znd' Al Va Chem 10 66 6 120 120 120 177 176 176 88 80 ‘62 87 80 -61 30 4 52 62 53 4 108 108 106 14 127 123 126 1 4 99 36 36 128 - 126 128 40 40 40 99 99 ' 99 '49 4$- 48 69' 68 4 i e e ' : 84 : 53 r 88 163 163 168 80' 79 ' 90 v 'POLICE COURT: Bteriinz Smith vtolailng traffic ordl nance continued g enemUy WllllamE WUMs exceeding speed limit 615 end ooets Dennis ' Edwards J Brooks' Negroes Tielng drunk a- Fayette Farmers Will Improve i Soil as Result of Campaign V Carried on This Week ' r: Payette county 'farmers have Indicated they will sow 750 acres of alfalfa thia eraann use about 8X00 tons of limestone aa result of aa Intensive waged this week thru the cooperative effort of the College of Agrieultuiw the Lexington Board of Commerce and County Agent L C Brewer ' The campaign Thursday night with IMaestone and alfalfa meetings at Walnut Hill and Klrklevlngton i Fifty persons attended the meeting at Walnut Hill where 80 acres of alfalfa and 900 tons -of limestone were pledged 8-C Jones of the College of Agriculture urged uae of lime for restoring soil to Its former fortuity George B Smith spoke In the Internet of the imrinrtam Board of Oommetoe at the Walnut HU1 meeting pointing to work of that organization wjilch benefited fanners In the matter of 'saving of freight charges eta - - The speakers at the Kbklevliigtasi mootlnr attended bv 65 were Ralph' Kenney of the College of Agriculture and i Dr M Bcheraga represen tins the Board of onmmmM indications were that 100cres of alfalfa would be planted In that district during the coming year k - Mr Kenney declared that two tens of limestone an acre would make-as good alfalfa as could be grown He discussed the time and method of owning telling the farmers that ' spring soaring had ueen Sound to be most successful In this - section of Kentucky Doctor Scberago said that the Board of Commerce was Interested In the welfare of them and urged closer cooperation between business men and fanners ' : CANVASSERS’ BANQUET v AT CHURCH TONIGHT A banquet meeting of the every-msmber canvass committee of the Second Presbyterian church will be' held In the church basement this evening at 6 o'clock ' -' Consideration of the church budget and Inspiration talks wUl feature the program Among the speakers will he Dr Benjamin J Bush pastor Dean Charles j Turck and and Dr Scott Breckinridge The monthly meeting of the Men’s Club of the church which was set for Monday will be held Jointly this evening with the every-member canvass committee DAIRY CLUB OPPOSES CHANGE IN MILK LAW Member of the Blue Gras Dairy Club who In a meeting here Thursday night went on record aa opposing the changes In the U S standard milk ordinance which have been accepted by the city health department today said the dairy dub did not wish to place Itself in a position of not reoog-nlzlng nor respecting the qualifications and ability of the U B Public Health Service the State Board of Health znd the Lexington city Board of Health to prepare An ordinance In keeping with the beet Interests of the publla TWO ARRESTED WHEN : STILL OUTFIT FOUND The trial of aa Uoyd Simpson znd James Warford of Anderson county has been set for Monday before U 8 Commissioner Charles N Wlard Both are at liberty on bond - The men were arrested Thursday after prohibition agents had found a moonshine still on Pleasant Grove ridge in Anderson county- They are charged with possessing apparatus designed tor the manufacture of liquor S K NICHOLS ESTATE APPRAISED AT $39997 The inventory and appraisement df the personal estate of the late 8 K Nichols filed In the -county clerk’s office today-showed a total valuation of $8699778 of which the larger part was represented by thorobred horses owned by Mr Nichols V DEATHS AND FUNERALS SIRS MARY E MOONEY ''Funeral services for Mrs Mary X Mooney who died at St Joseph’s hospital Thursday morning will be held at St Peter's Catholic church Saturday morning at 9 o'clock Rev Father William T Punch officiating Burial will be In the family lot In Calvary cemetery The casket bearers will be William P Klalr James Burke Louis Glnocchlo Jamee Mooney J P Bulr 11 van and Gerald TRIAL IS CONTINUED The' fwii"inr trial of z man regie-red as Prank Miller charged with grand larceny In connection with the alleged theft of a truck load of tobaoeo from the farm of Claude W Bpeara on the Briar ' Hill pika scheduled for 16 o’clbck this morning before Magistrate Edward Lawrence passed until Monday morning at the same hour owing to the absence ' of Attorney George R Smith whom the man has retained to defend him Attorney Smith was called to Prank-fort on legal business - lt was stated and was unable to be present zt the hearing set for today ' SALE AT BIG BURLEY The tobacco sale at the Big Burley warehouse which wee completed today at noon totaled 568X75 pounds which sold for $78X77X4 and averaged 515X8 for the sale- The1 high basket sold for 97 cents Wednesday afternoon i ' buyters hit two rows - which sold tween 33 and 37 cents 1 i SENTENCED TO 60 DAYS A Negro giving the name of William Duncan was tried before Magistrate Edward Lawrence this morning and given a sentence of 60 days In the county workhouse on a charge of petit larceny - - v ' Duncan was charged ‘with stealing ooal in the yards of the Southern railway according to the arresting officer J H Clancy railroad detective TAX REVOLTS IN RUSSIA RIGA— Report of aerlous revolt in many part of Russia hav becn oon-flnned by Kalinin president of the executive committee of the Communist Party of Moecow ‘RS aald local governments have been adding such heavy burden of special taxes to the State that Serious unrest has been caused among the pee sentry Martial law haa been declared In several of the provinces t - ' v ti- HUGO NOME FALLS'"' PARIS — The old chateau where Victor Hugo used to court Add Poucher and whero-thev spent the first years of their married life recently collapsed It now lies a mass of wrecked masonry and rafteis Tbe chateau was built In the 13th century and maay romantlc of Vtandi history have visited the place Liens Not SstUed by Feb 14 Will Be -Placed oh Sale by taeii:'- - : At the does of badness Thursday afternoon Sheriff BL H Puller had on hand only X7S unpaid tax elaUns on real estate 1 In Payette county- Of 70 were due from Ni 165 from white dtlaena ' Of the total number of tax Mila there are 86 that the Is either in litigation to be of -by the court or' owned by persons and which will be paid In tbs settlement of their estates The first delinquent ta list tlsed this year contained a few 800' names which was about 866 than In 1996 and previous yean The list of bills now advertised should he carefully read lt waa pointed out at the sheriffs office today ao If a citizen owns any of the property ao advertised or haa an Interest In or Hen on It he may can at the aharUTs office and - aee about the tame charged against tt - “ " gr will be on next M—- day to buy all of the tax uans not paid by that time Thia sale will give Sheriff Fuller a "dean Mil of health" on all outstanding tax These results In ""g 19 linquent taxes this ‘ ymr are due it Is pointed out to the fact that Sheriff puller adopted at the outset of the tax collection period the policy of not recognizing any “spilt" tax Mila thus -avoiding the confusion that has been the effect In past years - The sheriff’s office will be open all day Saturday to accommodate taxpayers wbo wish to settle any of these tax Mila' The eheriffls sale of delinquent tax claims will begin promptly at 9 o’clock Monday morning but all bills paid on that day - will be eliminated from the list and not counted as sold It Is announced at the sheriff's offloa COLORED NOTES Revival services are In progrtm at Cadentown M K church with splendid attendance each night Two addltlofaa were -reported Tuesday night Rev W M Thomas pastor The Missionary Society ’of Consolidated Baptist church will give a supper Saturday night at the home of Mrs Mattie Jackson 604 Scott avenue Mrs Matilda Jackson president Annie Mae TMbbla secretary ' Mr John H Stock of 767 Chart avenue to improving after an Illness All members df L B P K of Noah are requested to be present at the regular meeting tonight Elisa Johnson N G Mary French mcrotary 3ithmj Biptlit ‘ diuvchg Uttlt Georgetown— Sunday school at 9X0 am preaching at J1X0 ana by the — I Jdhneon Preaching services will be bald i night at the Bethel Baptist church Thompson avenue Rev G W will preach Maggie J Prloa clerk A Kentucky oyster supper will be given tonight at the home of Bister Bfooka 591 Deroode street for the benefit of the Willing Workers dub of Mt Eton Baptist church '- i The Independent dub of Antioch Baptist church waa Organised Peb 5 at -the home of Mr and Mrs Henry Jenkins Officers elected are Mrs William Harden president Mrs Amnia Water vice president Mrs Lula Lewto secretary Mrs Lillie Turner treasurer The- dub met Thursday night with Mr and Mrs Jenkins - ' i Pint Baptist church of Uttlngton — Sunday school at 10 a m morning service at 11 a m preaching by the paa-tor Rev T C Byrd B Y P U at 6X0 p m Gertrude French reporter The King’s Daughters dub of Main Street Baptist Church will give a Valentine social Monday night at the home of Mrs Mary singleton corner of east Second and Deweese streets Bffle Coleman president Jessie Henderson secretary Pdnt M more Da via pastor Church school at 9 a mu preaching at 11 a m and 9 p m Sarah Cayson mcrotary " The Choir improvement dub of Ut-tlngerton church met with Mrs Hallle Hayaa Mrs Mary McCann presided over the session The following pro- gram waa rendered: Duet Mrs Katherine Bronston and Mias Irene Smith paper Willie McClure abort talk John Coleman aofo Mr Gertrude French A delightful menu was served The chapel Rev Kill urch $ FRECKLES AND HI3 FRIENDS— Mr which The funeral esrvtom of Hamilton wlU be held Satarday in at Bdeonh Funeral ojdock omduetod by ton Burial In Me 9 Elks Xm Livingston 41 Kentucky oyster ftsshmsnta COMMUNITY t dub win hav a night at lire Mattie all kinds KVICE LEAGUE of the large photo- veiling o of FVtdvndi O S Hunter to the Community “ it Douglass Park will b held at cantor Sunday Psb19 at fXO Th program will b a follows: (Improvised) MeadamM J Hooka and E K Job: vocal solo Mlm Viola Martin: LU of Dougtoan Itita St Mr Rooks: mutia duet Mesdamm - Br reading (Negro history) lire Lucy H Smith vocal solo Bov Hamer Nutter Presentation -and unveiling ofthe photograph of Frederick Douglas Mrs O & Hunter Acceptance Mrs M A Wendell M A WendeU chairman j c Johnaon xcutiv6 mentor y Educational Society of Liberty tlst church will meet Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Sunday school department K Daria president Duneon secretary There will be a Kentucky oyster supper Saturday at the wddenoe of Mrs William Jsnklna 414 Hawkln annua for th Willing Vforkm dub Mr William Jen kin Rev T C Byrd will preach ' Sunday afternoon for the Willing Workers dub of the Liberty Baptist church at 9X0 o’clock Mm Jenkln pmeldnst Mm Fannie White died this morning at her residence in Georgetown She to survived by nine daughter and throe ona Mm Maggie Whlta of -Lexington Mm Emma Black 797 Charim ai Lexington Mm Stella Ftoher of county Mlm- Elisa Gllkey of county: Mm Susie Christian of Day-ton Ohio Mm Ada William of Day-ton Ohio John White Omar White and Willie White all of Sebtt county One deter Mlm Urn tie Syke of Georgetown one brother Milton Roe of Day-ton Ohio twenty eight grandchildren and fifteen groat grandchildren James S Gist Jr will give an entertainment tonight at 9X0 o'clock at Phillips chapel C IL K church corner Race and Oand street entitled "A Hell Bound Bxeufoloa TTOln" Her Willie Ann Key of 99 avenue died Thursday afternoon leaves her mother Mm toll stepfather Judge Rowe five Thelma Nettle Kata Phoebe May Name Bell and Lula Rowe two ' er Everett and Leslie Row and relative Funeral serviem will bi at Pleasant Green Baptist eburch day at-3 o’clock conducted by Rev B T OCfutt7 Burial In DUNBAR Everything to In good shape for the wtiirai game of basket ball that will be staged tonight on Dunbar court between the local teams and the Versailles outfit This double-header will offer one of the most thrilling games of the season The Bearcats and Tornadoes are ready for the Day RUMlCAOff BALE 48 - 8 next to Quaker Meld a tor Saturday Feb U ’ Th Lily of the Valley Club of the Shiloh Baptist church will give a tacky party at the residence of Bailie TXylor 506 Chestnut street unlay night The tody or the man dressed th tackiest will a prim Mm Anna Marshall dent Mm Mary Hall secretary - The feast of seven tabtoq win be given Monday - night at th Liberty Baptist under th ausplom of th Emergency Club A very Interesting program will be rendered All are welcome Mm Battle Espy president Mm Codne Thoms secretary Mm Bessie mistress of KUIOIAOE BALK S ls 13S N Limestone Baturday St James Penteooetal church In Davtotown Preaching and penteooetal service tohlght Rev John- H Ji A Jefferson Street ! Rev p L Tucker the 'boy will preach tonight- subject "Not a Dog WUl Bark in Town Tonight" — E Cleveland pastor y Union Club Na 1 will Sister MltcheU Sunday at her 717 north Upper street at 9 Slater Mitchell president Given secretary ADDITION As COLORED KITH WILL BE POUND ON PRECEDING PAGE TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY FOR BiLB— Eight piece dtolag $$ Apply Ul Kentucky Ave fwo fmunSHXD and twe unAiralshsA roenu and kltchsiittta lor rent 118 lie-man Court foBD OOPPK $11$: xtoehanleally arfsc er Baaday OaU Bsturdsy $ST Wsodlsnd Are fwo BOOMAPAiTinaf 1th kltshaasiic Private entrance also garage Mt A Maxwell Phom SSll-X frail Oeo p Karsnse IN W M1U at BUIIPBS GARDEN beans Os D KarnanerlSt N Mill ALl PXBXOKg bavins etoiam agalast the estate of Florence Douthett are hereby notified to present same prsberty proven to ths bnder signed aa nr before March l Mr Orant Kalght Admlnistrtrtq $16 Maryland Ave WANTB3— Esperiiaeed retail ' piano ' salsa- man BxceHent territory EXetasIve lima f ptanos andphsaegraph res required CaU or write alley Musio W Karla Ky WB PAY -highest prices for men’s hand clothe Phone 4S8S 1SS Upper Bt PUIUnBHXD APAKTMBNTS for room private bsth furnace Addition $1$ tour - rent throa hest BeU sleeping perch private bath garage northeast $40: tour room close in $4$ inns noma and bath furnace heat ga Msetrlelty all la- garage K Maxwell $4$ throe and bath clam to Court Home $96 sms and bsth lovely mlehbecnoad r from center of city SM Three furnlsheffMttac ’ not tor from room furnish SM: two beautifully tot ' upon application 7 Phonos S66-1SS a Lot” ' ASHLAND PARK V Ten atory)lMe taW brtokUvie room! kSttam ud'm'pM bath first floor: tour extra targe bedraeme with etosets second floor hardwood thraout Ivory and mahogany built in bath r““ tils roof attic tils nor aim sntranaq concrete porch with brick pier two car garace-Thia homo Is located ea high tot -and you could tat pick a batter spot to own v8 vU RENICK & RUCKER 163 N Min fit 1166 VIOLINS— Wa have A shipment of old vtoUna Also tenor banjo guitar ukulele banjo ukulof act harp 1M X Limestone at ulelss banjo ukuleles saxophone sor-ta dram slide trombone Frmeh rp string csss cinndtote Ftano Os ' “ Limestone aiif -At Dir Fs ij terms mm easUmNi water Kent Freed Fad Oroslsy aU sold easy terms Buy power unit loud speakers radio ’'cabinet tuba batter lea all on easy payment to Caadleto Plano Os 1M 8 Limestone Bt FlAMOB player piano Orand piano saany makesh many style Ws sell on easy term Ws rent planes and wo turn and repair aU nutks Caadleto Flam O 11 S Limootom at Two used player real bargain Aadio baboaxnb— Om "k" O A 4 $11 rusL1 one Atwater Kent 6 tabs Bleeper tube sot 611 m 696 om Wlserd 6 tube sot $16 om Oros-ley $ turn sot $16 om Grousy S tube sot 616 om Eephons I tubs sot 61$ Oretinr pup $9 Cunningham tubs K tube S1M trickle c chargers M7S — eliminator $19: 1M hour batter is $s Ws sen thorn far ta Onndtoto Flam Os 1M B Limestone Bt PHONOORAPHS— Victor large slae S$6 beautiful upright phonograph $44 om conaeWj $Miom console $60 Caadloto —Prir say MOOMB FOR LXOHT 1T1 N Upper In — By BLOSSER i i

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