Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 15, 1973 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1973
Page 13
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(Jalesburg fegister-Maii GALESBURG, ILL., TUBS., MAY 15, 1^73 PAGE 13 Politicos Discuss Election Reforms WASHINGTON (UP I) President Nixon today summoned 13 Democratic and Republican leaders Of the Senate and House to the White House to discuss his plan for establishing a bipartisan commission to recommend election law reforms. White House Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler said the President planned to make public the details of the commission idea later this week. White House sources already have Said Nixon envisions a high-level panel to study ways of averting future Watergate scandals. In his April 30 speech on the bugging of the Democratic National Headquarters, Nixon called' for "a new set of standards, new rules and procedures to ensure that future /elections will be as nearly free of such abuses as they possibly made," ; , Critics ©f the proposal con- tehd'*\ v thdt, commissions are frequently used to substitute the appearance of action for any real effort to meet a problem. In the Nixon administration alone, dozens of high- level commissions have issued reports which were little read and never acted on. But the White House contends that a bipartisan commission is needed now to remove election law reform from the supercharged" atmosphere, of- the Watergate. Sources said the commission would recommend future actions without ; attempting to place ihe blatrrie' for the Watergate artd related scan- dajs. . Invited to the White House meeting from the Senate were: Democratic Leader Mike Mans? field, Mont.^Democratic Whip Robert F. Byrd, W.Va.; Republican Leader Hugh Scott, Pa.; Republican Whip**; Robert- Pi Let U* Take a Whack At Your Insurance Many Times YOUR INDEPENDENT AGENT Can Give You Mere Protection At A Saving INSURANCE 407 HILL ARCADE Galesburg - Ph. 342-3414 Griffin and Rules Committee members Howard Cannon, D- Nev., and Marlow Cook, R-Ky. Invited from the House were: Speaker Carl Albert, D-Okla.; Democratic Leader Thomas P. O'Neill Jr., Mass.; Democratic Whip John J. McFall, Calif.; Republican Leader Gerald Ford, Mich.; Republican Whip Leslie Arends, 111., and Ad- Iministration Committee members Wayne Hays, D-Ohio and William Dickinson, R-Ala. Kissinger ConfirmsBug Awareness NEW YORK (UPI) - Henry A. Kissinger has confirmed in detail for the first time his awareness, beginning in mid- 1969, of the wiretapping that has been connected to the Watergate and Pentagon Papers casesj The (New York jTirtics Reported tdday. .v The Times said' that Kissinger, ]n an interview; ^confirmed he had seen summaries from several wiretaps placed in 1969 arid 1970, but that ho had. not asked that they be installed nor had- tie specifically <apprdvefl them in advance./ Kissinger, President Nixon's adviser on national security, hinted last Saturday at a White House briefing that he had seen the summaries of the wiretaps, but he refused to answer i further questions pending a report by acting FBI director William D. Ruckelshaus. Ruck- elshatis made public his report Monday afternoon. It was disclosed last week in Los Angeles that Pentagon Papers defendant Dr. Daniel Ellsberg had been overheard speaking on a tapped phone of Dr. Morton H. Halperin. A^ the time, Halperin was a member of Kissinger's staff. , 'The Times said Kissinger declined f fo comment when asked whether he had taken any action when he discovered that Halperin's phone was being tapped. Kissinger said, The Times reported, that he had conferred once or twice early in 1969 with the late J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI. He was quoted as saying he told Hoover of his "very great concern" that national security information be fully safeguarded, but that he did not "ask for any particular form of investigation or ask that any particular individual be investigated." French Wig Wags France imported so much horsehair from Germany- *for wigs in the 17th century that it ! upset i the trade balance. Colbert, finance minister to Louis XIV, sought vainly to have wigs banned, fearing the French treasury would be drained of gold. Is Landmark fo^Wonien 'Senior Citizens Ark 9 Hoisting sail under strong protests by the Coast Guard, a Utah man and woman set out to cross the Atlantic in a 16-foot fiberglass canoe, the 'Senior Citizens Ark' from Wilmington, N. C. Monday. Mrs. Shirley Haycock, 4(T6f SaltLake City and Bob Geedy, 3^ of Manti, have provisions for 60 days and. some carrier pigeons for their trip to Lisbon, Portugal, that they hope to complete in some 27 days. Neither is experienced and the trip is an effort to raise money for senior citizens of rural Utah. Their radio, not set for Coast Guard frequencies, is a hand-crank model. UNIFAX 'hi,. PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) - A psychologist who treated William H. Abernathy, 25, killed by FBI and sheriff's sharpshooters after holding a hostage atop an I aviation fuel tank, said today that the Vietnam veteran was enraged because his ex-wife i failed to meet him on Mother's IDay. Dr. Loren Pankratz said the attorney for Abernathy's former wife, Nancy, 23, did not relay a message to her asking for a reconciliation meeting Sunday. Abernathy was killed Monday as he descended from the tank behind his hostage. The FBI said lawmen shot him to protect the hostage and because he had.threatened to blow up the tank which contained {840,000 gallons of volatile aviation fuel. The drama occurred at Portland International Airport. Abernathy, a Navy veteran who served on the aircraft carrier Oriskany off Vietnam, had demanded to see Mrs from they tank children were flown here Bellingham, Wash., but were not taken to the area. Pankratz, of the Veterans) Administration Hospital, said he would have considered it very dangerous to let Abernathy near his ex-wife. "At the end, my impression was that Abernathy was feeling helpless," he said. The psychologist had tried to talk the young man down from the tank. Abernathy had been under treatment at the VA hospital for 2Vz months. Dr. Vincent (Glaudin, also of the VA facility, said the patient felt very strongly about the sanctity of marriage. The end of the eight-hour ordeal on the tank .came aS Abernathy slowly descended the stairs. At least seven shots were fired at him from the law enforcement marksmen and five found their mark. The coroner's office later reported that Abernathy had been hit by two rifle' shots and three shotgun blasts, with one of the Abernathy and their two latter in the heart the cause of children. The mother and I death. [protect the life of the hostage 1 *, and FBI agents and law enforcement officers, the subject was shot by FBI agents [and deputy sheriffs," said Julius L. Mattson, special agent in charge of the Portland FBI office. Armed with two guns and a hatchet, Abernathy had forced two hostages to the top of the fuel tank and fired several times at aircraft and security) guards. One hostage, airport mechanic Steve Dalling, later was released to carry his demand. Lloyd, the second hostage and Abernathy's boss at Lockheed Air Terminal Services, escaped unharmed when the FBI agents and deputies opened fire. Two bullets penetrated the tank. They hit low enough so they struck liquid rather than explosive gas. Abernathy, a Hot Springs, Ark. native and a refueler for Lockheed, reportedly showed up drunk at the airport at 2:30 a.m. and was sent home by Lloyd. He returned two hours later with the weapons. WASHINGTON (UPl) - The Supreme Court apparently opened the way to a flood of sex discrimination cases when it ruled 8-1 Monday that military dependency benefits must be accorded to *nen- and women on the same b&sjs. "This means that in the.eyes of the law the man is ndfttager the sole breadwinner 1 ^ the family," said Ruth 'Bade? Ginsburg, a professor at Columbia University Law School and head of the woman's rights section of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Mrs. Ginsburg, one of the attorneys who argued the jP 3 ^ on behalf of a woman Air w>r«te lieutenant, described it as tftfji "most significant sex decision ever decided by the Suprerrie Viet Threats May Block Peace Talks PARIS (UPI) - A North Vietnamese threat Monday imperiled another scheduled .round of talks between Henry •A. Kissinger and; his Hanoi (Counterpart, Le Dtic Tho,; eni| keeping the.peace : inVVietnaiji She said it Court." under scrutiny hundreds of federal and state statutes which draw distinctions between men and women in the kind rff government benefits they receive. The ruling will have "tremen- Idous ramifications," she said, because Justices William J. Br^hhan Jr., Byron R. White, William O. Douglas and Thurgood Marshall for the first time placed women in the same [constitutional category as blacks. America "has had a long and unfortunate history of sex discrimination," Brennan wrote for the four. "Traditionally, such discrimination was rationalized by an attitude of 'romantic paternalism' which in {practical effect put women not on a pedestal but in a cage," Brennan said. Chief Justice Warren E. Burger and Justices Lewis F. Powell Jr. and Harry A. Blackmun, however, said the case of Lt. Sharron • Frontiero, who had ^unsuccessfully asked for a dependency allowance fdjr her husband, was governed by a 19T2 ruling. .'• They • added that the . courfl will bring|was going out of its way to expand, a constitutional eoncept when 'the. proposed" s *»3Equal Rights Amendment might settle the matter. Twenty -nine 'states have ratified the amendment; to become a part of the* Constitution^, it must bft ratified by 38 states by 1979. * injustice Potter Stewart merely cited the 1972 ruling. " Justice .William Rehnquist [cast the^negative vote. Under' the old < rule a serviceman, could claim his wife as a dependent regardless of whether he actually supported her. But a woman could cjaim her•» \ hqsband as a dependent only if she provided more than half his supporjt. Mrs, Ginsburg noted the Social Security Act contains the same test by sex for old age and survivor benefits* rA hus* band qualifies under his wife's claim only if she contributed more than half of his support. ABOVE ALL ftlAKE IT WHITE'S ROOFING 342-0185 Senate Committees Move To Block Bombing Funds 'rift), ydiced the threat when he ]^lMe4 for the meeting \yith Kissujjgdr.' • •• ••; f-'i * The?. 'tiate Vfor ,. Kissinger's arrival lias not beeriT announced. Tho'*told newsmen the new talks, ' intended to discuss violations of the Jan. 27 truce and ways of preventing them, would not take place if the United States continued bombing operations in areas of South Vietnam the Viet Cong control The United States has denied it is carrying out bombing operations in South Vietnam "I wish to state seriously and categorically,". Tho said, "that from now to the date of the meeting between Dr. Kissinger and myself, of during .the meeting, if U.S. aircraft again bomb the zone of control of the Provisional Revolutionary Government (Viet Cong) and if such cases as happened in Loc Ninh Province occur again, then the proposed meeting will definitely not take place. "If the meeting is taking place," he said, "it will be interrupted at once." Tho said four U.S. Air Force F4 Phantom fighter-bombers raided Viet Cong areas May 9 in violation of the truce agreement. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Two Senate committees have moved to block funds for U.S. bombing in Cambodia, and eight congressmen have gone to court to ask that the bombing be declared illegal. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved an amend [ment, 16 to 3, Monday designed to force complete U.S. military 'disengagement from Indochina, including a flat: ban on further [U.S. bombing.* The Senate's defense appropriations subcommittee, with only one dissent, adopted a more limited measure, which had been approved by the i House- last week, prohibiting the Pentagon from transferring funds to pay for the war. Senate floor votes were expected to begin at the end of thevweek which may lead—for the first time in the Indochina war—to both houses going on record opposing U.S. participation. The House reversed its The BANK OF GALESBURG Has A Complete Line of SAVINGS ACCOUNTS. Offering Interest Rates Up To 5 3 A%. Stop-In Today and Arrange The Savings Plan To Suit Your Needs. You Save Even More At The BANK OF GALESBURG By Taking Advantage Of Our FREE Checking Accounts And FREE Personalized Checks,.,. Only At.... 'The Bank That Leads The Way' eight-year support for the war last week. Meanwhile, eight congressmen filed , suits asking U.S. District Court to declare that the bombing of Cambodia, never specifically approved toy j Congress, violates the Constitution. Since the Constitution gives Congress the war - making power, they said, the bombing violates the right of each congressman to make that decision and the right of each citizen to "determine, through Congress, whether or not this nation shall engage in hostilities." 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