The Raleigh Herald from Beckley, West Virginia on March 3, 1910 · Page 4
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The Raleigh Herald from Beckley, West Virginia · Page 4

Beckley, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1910
Page 4
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RALEIGH HERALD THE RALEIGH HER AID Registered at the post office at Bccklev, W. Va., as second class mail matter T. G. WILLIAMS Editor The Scott-Hubbard scramble for the U. S. senate it waxing rather warm In some localities Politicians are lining up for each man, and each seems confident of success. .Up to the present there is no principle involved, so far us we know.—West Virginia Herald. Yes, there are principles Involved, and they'are many—so many that we cannot recount them here. The vast ing of the humblest of hit fellow party men who aspired to the minor position*. He is a republican all through, and Me Dbwell's sons, will be ,found lined up solid for this veteran among the state's leaders.—McDowell Recorder.-" Obituary William Montgomery Trump born in The Official Organ of the Republican ' amount of unfinished business handled Party of Raleigh County I by Scott can not well be pursued by an______ ----------------- • ---- —^^ i other. A blacksmith in shoeing a horse Correspondence should be addressed to j knows the horses' peculiarities and the THE RALEIGH HERALD j work must be done to a nicety lest the BECKLEY, W. VA. • | hoof or f ,. o be hurt A |, these detai ] s PRICE ONE DOLLAR THE YEAR hoof or f ,. og be hur are care( j f or j n j] ie , ical mind of gcott THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 1910 anc ) analyt- Change your black=.-= smith in the course of your horse being MR. HUBBARD is improving. We .ure very glad indeed. We don't want Mr. Hubbard to go into the ring and then, when he takes the count, to say as an excuse that he was "not in condition." ! shod and you spoil your animal. Let j the Scott blacksmith finish his job and the West Virginia draught horse becomes a racer. SIIKEMATHENY says that there will be no occasion for Halley's comet to visit the southern portion of West Virginia because the comet of Abe Lilly, the coming congressman,, will sweep the Fifth congressional district of this glorious mountain state as it has never been swept before. THERE WILL BE GREAT THINGS mati on the 8th and 14th instant. The big questions will be the wage contract of the coal miners; and it would be right well if audit committees were organized that we might henceforth hear less of treasurers of local unions going astray with the funds of their order. THE PHILADELPHIA STRIKE certainly did paralyze the entire Quaker city, but the state militia quickly prevented the continuance of rioting. It seems that no effort was made toward .arbitration, and many will be the lives .lost as a result of such prevention of what usually results in sorrow and sadness ,to untold families. ARM1STEAD ABRAHAM LILLY the coming Congressman from the Fifth Congressional district of West Virginia^ Armistead, the patrician; Abraham, the-fathor-of-a-multitude, and Lilly the purest emblem of Easter to be worn by the fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, wives and sweethearts on the Easter morn twenty-four days from today,~to-be-emblematie not: only of the corning blessed season but also of the recognized purity of the Raleigh candidate for honors congressional. Here is offered a patrician, a father of the multitude and a representative of a great state, a pure man, unblemished, seeking-the peoples-suffrage,—He shall get it. It is his. Here is a man in whose patrician hands our government may safely rest—a man of noble blood. Here is a maker of laws by natural instinct; a protector and father of the people of a great State; young, but has been put in the balance and not found wanting; a captain whose army of the Fifth will follow in arms to victory tinder his watchful care; one who shall henceforward be called conductor and guide. And here you have beyond question a Lilly undefiled, untouched^by rude hands, unblemished as the flowers that come with the patroness of light and spring. With greetings of Raleigh county we hail you, LILLY, the coming Montgomery county, Va., • Sept. 15, 182C, departed this life Feb. 17, 1910. His remains were quietly laid in the Trump cemetery near Bolt. Mr. Trump moved to this county with parents about the year 1846. He was married to Sarah Cazort in the year 1S5J, which proved to be a happy union until her death three years last December, since that time he made his home with his son H. J. Trump. He located at Bolt soon after his marriage where he resided until his death. He was the father of ten children, five of whom survive him. He had been a constant, faithful member of the Missionary Baptist church since 1866. ' He leaves two brothers,. B. S. and Henry Trump, and one sister, Mrs. G. W. Shumate, two sons and three daugh-- ters, and a host of friends. SENATOR SCOTT SANGUINE of \ Congressman from the Fifth. Hail! re-election is no surprise to the Raleigh j ARMISTEAD ABRAHAM LILLY. Herald. We have been sanguine right'ALL HAIL!! along, but we must confess we do liku ! — to hear the Senator himself say-that he I THE STREET CAR STRIKE of Phil- . Contributed Editor Raleigh Herald: I see in the Raleign Register of Feb. 3 that "a par-, ty is needed that is going to stand for state rights." --Such IS the republican party. "We need a party that does not de '•. pend upon the fabricated virtues of old , Abe Lincoln." . | Such has killed the democratic party j and made the republican party loom up over the democrats—as—large as the : lion is above the rabbit. [ The Register said, "let the democrat- : ic party nominate men of genuine stam- j ina and ability for every public office; j men honest and conservative who can neither be bribed by truth nor freight- ened with the clatter of tinj horns. Then_ victory as it comes will come to stay and will be an ultimate blessing to, the nation. The democratic party is a j real one. Be steady boys, 'tis but the ; same old elephant with the lion tamer: in Africa, and God save the China clos-,' et." • Such gospel does the democratic pars ty preach. They claimed that such a man never was as Bryan, for.president, for the last twelve years; but the peo pie did not say so. , A date has been set for' the world to DON'T FORGET IT never in his experience entered adelphia now nearing its close brings when he felt more 'sanguine of winning witn it: tne same lesson as all preceding ifaan he does now. informed men are now o± many well strifes of its kind have presented. I luabUh ia lilt!' tilling In fact tile opinion Senator Scott The come to an end. It ended with thedem ocratic party when Bryan got in the game and so it will be with every man that they nominate for public office. Why? Because they have not got any issue but what is dead—dead to free trade, dead to 16 to 1, dead to every issue; that they bring out. So we will take the county during the last election. 7'he democrats claimed The season of year will soon be here when, you will want something in our line. Come to see us. The place where HARNESS is made. Come and take a look at some good harness whether you buy or not. You will be benefit- 1 • * i ed by so doing. Others have been Perchance, if it is a WAGON or a BUGGY we have them. The famous Tumbull Wagon, the best on earth. Pontiac Buggies all forged steel vehicles—they have no superiors for'equals. GROCERIES—Yes a full line of fresh stock. PRICES RIGHT John Anderson & Co. Both 'Phones West Beckley that the opposition to will desert the fight before the time for the conventions. tration and the utter fut: : less strikes. Hot headed and precipi- I tous, a body of men leave their toil be. erase of a strife that coolness might THE CITIZENS OP FAYETTE- a djust: stubborn and unyielding, ern- Tfllo—law or no law notwithstanding— ployers pick up the gauntlet, enter the will have sheriff Dickinson for their " st3 ancl a bitter war is waged to the mayor, and sheriff Dickinson—shrieval- financial loss and sorrow of capital and ty or no shrievalty—has compromised, 'ibor alike. When shall these stormy Of course, he's mayor, and sheriff too, ;mfl antagonistic broils end? Only when Although the law makes it plain that " le Questions at issue shall be settled tte sheriff can not hold two elective of- °y arbitration, and only then. —By-deferring the settlement of the Philadelphia strike by arbitration the Traction Company have hern offenders ;ilitv of thought- for legislature 1 | him in the race. j late as April 25, as it did in 1886, but it j will not again strike that late date im- cst man in the^vorld i t!1 1943 -— In 1791 i<; occurred upon Ap- but M. P. Matheny beat i ril 24, but it will be the year of grace So the best thing that j 2011 before it is fices at the same time. Colonel Bob Dickinson is so popular tha£ if the good people of Fayctteville had it in their power they would have him for sheriff, mayor and Governor too. AUDITING THE very laudable-task. COUNTIES It-takes time not only against the interests of their militant employees but against their own stockholders. An attempt to arbitrate the dilFer- cncf-s hi'lwppn HIP transit company and the democratic party could do this fa: -again as late. The and every fall is to endorse the republi- i can nominees and be saved from grave yard. Table Hock, W. Va. Republican. . | next early Easter will be 1913 when it MINE FOREMAN'S EXAMINATION Chief Laing Arranges Three Examination During March Chief ,lohn Laing, of the Department of Mines, is making arrangements for the holding-of—more examinations for the examination of mine foreman, assistant mine foreman and fire bosses. Chief Laing has arranged for three examinations during the month of will fall upon March 23. " Whether the prompt waxing of the moon after the sun has crossed the vernal equinox has any bearing upon spring weather is problematical, but here are j those who believe weather conditions I are more or less dependent upon lunar " j phases and shape their season's predic- equally reliable with the ground hog's shadow and the breastbone of the goose. The day for Easter is the result of an astronomical calculation. It falls upon the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The sun crosses the spring equinoctial money, 'tis true, but it cleans up things tiie cnl ' men was matle ' ilst; week by the '"'"that should have long ago been cleaned united clergymen of the city. They j inspector E~' A.'Henry"" up, and it leaves the clean man cleaner sent a ' e tter to Charles 0. Kruger,pres-' in the eyes of the public than he ever 'dent of the transit company, and to C. stood before a suspicious and critical 0- Pratt, leader of the strikers, advo- world. Mingo has been through the eating a disinterested board of seven, niill, Fayette is waiting for the result consisting of one judge of the courts of of its investigators, and Randolph is ' ne c^y, olle representative business now going through a process of man and one clergyman, to care for section. We hope they will all survive, tne interests of the company, and three not from the surgeon's knife, but from men °^ " le Sllme vocation forthe union, Die auditor's pencil. the seventh man to be selected by the — - other six. Archbishop Ryan of the .McDowell county broke a record last Catholic church and Bishop Wilson of ''" ChUrch Were leMers week when 25 couples, tired of bliss, were divorced in five days. ,, lt number of divorces exceeded "the mur- ln the movement to present this plan. SbTretrlfC ^Ztf wl- "the ^ ^°" "*»""« he ' J » - SSi °" murders and divorces form its chief to consider the letter, and decided to re- :daim to prominence.-West Virginia f or it to a meeting of their board of di- JNews. rectors a week hence, thus clearly showXes: it is a terrible record when the :,,,. f) „•, i i , i • c ' , I mg their lack of desire for a speedy jacred law of marriage is so ruthlessly i r . I h IUUI.USMJ , lm | j )e . a( . e i; u i ,-, e ttlement of a strife transgressed; uml it is sad to confess whlch to say the least is discommoding Umt divorces are often granted upon th , population of a groat cit frail grounds. But those who believ - March. The first will be held at Blue-1 line on March 21. If that day should field on March 9 and. 10; at Wheeling j be a Saturday and the moon reach the on iMarch 17 and at Fairmont on March j full that night, the next day, March 22, would be Easter. This occurrence of events, as stated has been recorded but once in a calculated period covering beyond two hundred years. 23 and 24. The examiners will be his assistant, C. Conners Chief Laing, rnd Deputy Shipped First Coal Last week the iMacAlpin Coal Company, of MacAlpin on the Gulf, shipped coal over the Virginian Railway, which was the first mined on their property. This company is one of the largest in Beckley Opera House The Carroll Comedy Company is playing at the Opera House all of the present week to comfortable and tive audiences. a time when .the county was 600 stronger democratic than it is now. Rev« Kidd was fairly elected and_was-given— -t Entrance Into Chicago Recently the Chesapeake & Ohio di rectors made an appropriation of $4,- apprecia- hjg certificate of election after a recount of the votes by the county court. When Mr. Kidd came to the courthouse bringing his bondsmen with " him, he then learned for the first time that his oppo: 000,000 to put the Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville railroad in physical condition to handle the business to be given it by the C. & 0. This is taken to mean that Hawley proposes to secure an entrance into Chicago for the coal output of the C. & 0. fields. County Court Commissioner Rev. Fayette Kidd, whose announcement for commissioner of the county court of this county appears in this issue, is a man that needs no recommendation to our people from us. He is too ?cll and favorably known for us to add anything in his behalf. In the first campaign between McKinley and Bryan in 1896, Rev. Fayette Kidd was on the republican ticket ,in this county for Assessor. This was at nent, Mr. ,C. J. Hollandsworth, was going to contest his election. After a hot contest the democrats won. Since that time Rev. Kidd has spent the best efforts of a useful life in laboring for the Master's cause. He is known to have all the qualifications tha go to make up an ideal member of the county court. His nomination would mean success'on-the day of the election. Harvesting a Fortune. Relatives sought to have declared insane the millionaire who planted Michigan barrens with thousands of'apple trees, but now the trees are harvesting a fortune and taking state fair prizes and the barrenness has been transferred to the relatives' codicil in the crazy man's will. that field, having at its head Chief Inspector John Laing, president, and Jas. H. Miller of Hinton, vice president. The company will immediately start the ux-uuon of a commodious store building and a number of houses for the miners and executive foice of. the company. EARLY EASTER: EARLY SPRING Interesting Train of Thought Suggeit- ed by a Study of Possible Easter "= Dates. A gentleman more or less a weather prophet says that a rather interesting train of thought is suggested by the fact that Easter will come unusually early this year (March 27) which, to irriage is a sacred thing, ordain- ™ 3 8 real coal producing section i the minds,of some people, predicts an ed by the Creator to fulfill a divine pur- ges a debt of gratitude to that grand old man, Nathan B. Scott, who stood his state, the early spring. The earliest date upon which Easter may fall is March 22, but in a period of over . , ,. r ,,. u'vl Illtul, 1MIL1UU1 JJ, OC 1 pose m human life, will be slow to ad- firm for Iho interest of .... .„„., „.„ rait that divorce should be permitted welfare of her people and in every cam- .,,....„.,..„<.„ ullouluu ,,v for any but the most absolute and in- paign during the past fifty years, has in upon that dn^buToncelTnliglS.'""^^^ disputable reasons. Divorce should not been " loyal republican, in fact, one of be thought lightly of, but should be H 10 , father3 of the republican party. viewed as a malignant and destructive evil in Christian society. He has ever been ready in every' respect to aid in the election, not only of dates have been circulated from 1736 to 201S, both inclusive, being twelve cycles of the moon. Only four times in that extended period has Easter come the important officials, but in the chooi- as early as March 23. It may come as Faculty E. W. McDiarmid John J. Smith J. A. Sharp Ethel McDiarmid Bessie Lanier Mrs. J. F. Mahoney Mrs. J. J. Smith Miss Addie Lanier Miss Emma Woodman Mrs. L. B. Pursley "The Only Subject Worthy of the Supreme Solicitude of thoughtful 'men is EDUCATION" -Phillips The next term of BECKLEY INSTITUTE will begin on- Tuesday, March 29th. Write for catalogue and detailed information. Address E. M. McDiarmid Beckley, West Virginia "EDUCATION IS ADVANCEMENT IN LIFE" Teaching carried on in two buildings, one for the lower grades, the other for advanced pupils. A splendid stone building finely equipped now in use Strong courses of study in all department*. Business courses emphasized. Review work for teachers instruction in art and handicraft and music

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