The Allentown Leader from Allentown, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1908 · Page 6
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The Allentown Leader from Allentown, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 5, 1908
Page 6
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THE ALLENTOWN DAILY LEADER. THURSDAY MARCH- 5. 1908. MINSTREL PARADE. KRAMERS MUSIC HOUSt. APPROPRIATION BILL IContinued from page 4.) KEW&DYERTISEEITSr Piles The above is a cut of one of Fritz's dogs, who does a most wonderful bag punching stunt. Another great feature is two dogs who go through a three-round boxing bout. Without question this is one of the cleverest dog acts that has appeared at the Orpheum thl3 season. MATTHEW K'CLUKG DEAD. FAMOUS FOOT BALL OFFICIAL SUCCUMBS TO BLOOD POISONING. Word has been received in the East of the death at Joliet, Hi., Tuesday morning, of Matthew McClung, Jr., a graduate of" Lehigh University, who was one of the best-known football players and fooLball authorities of the country, i Death was due to blood poisoning coming from an infected lootii. At the time of his death McClung v;.s supefintendent of the Joilet furnaces of the Illinois Steel Co. He was about 38 years old. For five years Mr. McClung was assistant superintendent of the blast furnaces of the Cambria Steel Co., going to Joliet about five years ago. He was a native of Knoxvillo, Tenn., where his parents, a brother and a sister reside. McClung was widely known in amateur sports. He was graduated from Lehigh University in 1S92, and while attending that institution became prominent in football. After his graduation he was in constant demand as a football referee and officiated at many important games. AT THE HOSPITAL. Charles A. Barndt of Rittcrsvillc, Mrs. Mamie Leiby of 715 Tilghman Street, Allentown, and L. Parry of Slutington were admitted to-day for surgical treatment. DIED IN WASHINGTON. Word has been received announcing the death at Washington, D. C., on Saturday of Lieut. Paul Bachschmid, a former well-known resident of Nazareth. He. was about 90 years of age, and was a native of Germany. He lived retired for the past 30 years. About 10 years ago he moved to Washington, where he made his home with his , fon otto and a daughter, Mrs. Carl. ! win wifn nrerwiri him tr. ho n some years ago. For a number of years he conducted a saloon at Nazareth and during the Civil War second lieutenant of Co. E, 153rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, under Captain John P. Rieker. He also served three terms as a county auditor of Northampton. Tho deceased was a member of Lchicton Lodge, 244, I. O. O. F., of this city. The funeral took place at Washington Monday with interment in the Arlington Cemetery. WIDOW ASKS FOR RECEIVER. A petition for receiver has been filed at Easton by Bertha J. Owens, administratrix of Joseph D. Owens, deceased, of Bethlehem, against Oliver C. Lafiin and Oliver C. Laflin, Jr., partners trading as the Pastime Amusement Co. The plaintiff's husband was in partnership with the defendants in show houses in South Bethlehem, Carbondale and Shenandoah and she alleges that there is no definite settlement made of the business. Mr. Owens was killed in the trolley wreck near Nazareth on September 10, 1907. DEATH OF MRS. ROUGHER. Mrs. Sarah 'Bougher died at her home at Riegelsvllle, sed 84 years. She was the widow of Samuel Bough-er. She is survived by the following children: Frank Bougher and Mrs. Emma Sinolair, South Easton; George Bougher, Easton; William Bougher and Mrs. Maria Strouse, Riegelsville; Jacob Bougher, Nebraska; Mrs. Martha Hafiin, Alpha, N. J.; Mrs. Robert Clark, Mllford, N. J.; Mrs. Edward Snyder, Phillipsburg; and one sister, Mrs. William Bougher, Raubsville. DIED IN SOUTH ALLENTOWN. Lottie May, daughter of Willoughby F. and Elemina S. Kohler, died this morning at the parents' residence, 1025 South Seventh Streut, South Allen town, aged 11 years and 9 months. The parents and several brothers and sisters survive. The funeral arrangements have not been made. MACUNGIE PROPERTY SALES. , Rev. Dr. J. A. Singmaster of Gettysburg, who still retains business interests at Macungie, purchased from Hon. Edward Harvey of Allentown part of the latter's property In that borough, Consisting of the triangular lot near the railroad station, containing three frame . dwellings, a"; stone dwelling and a vacant lot. Mrs. Ellen S. Miller sold her fine farm near Macungie to Francis Knappenberger of near Griesemersville. The latter's son Harvey is married to a daughter of Mrs. Miller and resides at Macungie. He is a moulder and works in Allentown. It is understood that the younger Mr. Knappenberger will farm tha place. AMERICA CELEBRATION. The 44th anniversary of the America Hose Co. No. 2 will be celebrated at the hose house pn Monday evening, March 9. The committee has made arrangements to make this an enjoyable occasion to all who may attend. BORAX IN TIBET. Borax occurs in Tibet in large quantities on the banks of lakes and rivers. Large exports were formerly made to Europe, but they have now dropped to scarcely 100,000 c;;ios. per year. The Glad Hand of Fellowship is Extended to All Here. . . . . You feel at home the moment you enter our music house. We show you the same cour-v tesy whether you wish to buy or to price; whether you purchase for cash or avail yourself of our liberal credit terms. The giving of credit and the art of arranging payments in a satisfactory manner is a lesson we have studied and studied hard for more than 21 years. By buying here you will also have the satisfaction of selecting the Piano or Organ from the finest colleotlon In Allentown. Avail yourself of our offer to put a Piano or Organ in your home and you pay us for It in email weekly or monthly payments. . v KRAMER'S Music House, 544 HAMILTON STREET. Your Child VouId Be Glad to Learn tha Piano A musical education means much to tfc. child thse days. ' Xt 1b refinement, it is education, it is brain development. s ft you do not have a piano see us, m will willingly help you to buy one, our easy payments are inducements tar you to call on us, and talk the mctter over. "Aschbach," 539 Hamilton St. Klen anil Young Men New Spring Suits and Fvlade to Your Bleasure and a Perfect Fit Guaranteed. BastianBros., CUSTOM TAILORS. 540 Hamilton St.. Allentown, We have the best of reasons for Keeping fresh goods--Quick sales no old stock accumulating direct connections with the factories. BOWEM 09-811 HAMILTON ST. 3? Gratifying to the Palate Beneficial to the Health Daufer's Beer A Strictly MALT a.nd HOP BUEW. Telephone Dauf Fountainrf Brewery For a Case. Fresh Goods FIRST OF THREE PERFORMANCES BY F. O. E. THIS AFTERNOON. There wasa parade at noon to-day of the Eagles' Minstrel troupe, which will give performances in the Lyric Theatre to-night and to-morrow night, after a matinee to-day. The players came out In neat long gray overcoats and high hats and presented a digni fied appearance. A very respectable audience took In the performance this afternoon, which started out with a vim and was carried along with great success. ' There are prospects for large audiences to-night and to-morrow night. WANTS KIS MOTHER. PATHETIC LETTER WRITTEN BY ROBERT A. YOUJNU. City Detective Bachman has been working for several days trying to locate Mrs. H. Snyder. Her son, Robert A. Young, is dying In the Philadelphia Hospital, 34th and Pine Streets, Philadelphia, and is clamoring to see her. He hasn't heard of her for a year. A daughter, Mrs. Lutz," hves In town. Anyone knowing Mrs. Snyder is requested to inform her.. PETITION FOR DETECTIVE. City Detective Bachman is circulating a petition to be appointed county detective. PERFUMES AS MEOICINiS. SCENTS HAVE THEIR VALUE AS CURES AS WELL AS - ANTISEPTICS. From Stray Stories. The idea whioh our grandmothers had of scenting the sheets with lavender was not alone to please the esthetic sense of the person who slept between. Lavender is soothing to the nerves and a great sleep promoter. Some refreshing perfumes are stimulating, but lavender combines refreshment and relaxation. Another perfume which has a distinct medicinal value is jasmine. Old writers suggest, it as a general tonic, tmt they add the warning that, though when taken alone it is a boon, it is in most compounds injurious, producing nerve exhaustion and profound depression. Different scents have quite different effects. Thus lavender is a soothing scent, thyme a strong tonic, while cedar or rosewood essence wul often remove any feeling of being run down or out of sorts. , Lily of the valley and violets are both soothing when one feels irritable and cross, while eau de cologne, as we all know, and all scents made from roses are invigorating. , TROLLEYS IN DAMASCUS. From Harper's Magazine. It Is true, there were electric lights, and there was a trolley car crawling around the city; but they no more made it western and modern than a bead necklace would change the character of the Venus of Milo. The driver of the -trolley car looked like one of "The Three Calenders," and a gayly dressed little boy beside him blew loudly on an instrument of discord as the machine tranquilly advanced through the crowd. (A man was run over a few months ago; his friends waited for the car to come around the next day, pulled the driver from his perch aftd stuok a number of long knives through him in a trully oriental manner.) UNDER A CATHEDRAL. An ancient reservoir for water, containing several earthen pitchers and a metal dipper, has been discovered by workmen under Exeter Cathedral. SKELETONS OF CAMELS. Three complete skeletons of camels which lived in America long, long ago, have been brought to light. The fossils of these animals, which greatly antedated man upon the earth were dug out of a sandstone ledge down near the border line between the states of Wyoming and Nebraska. ' Vote for J. Herbert Kohler, Republican candidate for Register of Wills. ' JOHN T. HOWARD Undertaker Embaimer, ltoKlctence, 015 N. 5th Street. Offlce, 440 N. Sud Street, fused in IN ew York City on'l Pennsylvania Penna. 'Phona bbHTHS. HARTMAN. Entered into rest, in this city, March 4, 1908, Miss Margaret B. Hartman, aged 77 years am :2 days. Relatives 'and friends are re.-jjuctfully invited to attend the' funeral services at her late residence, No. 718 Union Street, on Saturday at 2.30 p. m. Interment in Union Cemetery. S STAPLETON In this city, March 5, 1008, William Stapleton, aged 73 years, 7 months and 15 'days. S , Due notice of funeral. KOHLER In South Allentown, March 5, 1908, Lottie May, daughter of Wil-loughby F. and Elemina S. Kohler, aged 11 years, 9 months and 16 days. ' S KUNTZ. Fell asleep, on March 3, 1908, Elemina, widow of Thomas Kunta,. aged 71 years, 4 months and 25 days. Funeral from her residence at Treichlers on Saturday at 9.30 a. m. Services before burial in Indianland Church. Interment in adjoining cemetery. Relatives and friends are invited without further notice. WALTERS In this city, March 2, 1908, Etta G., wife of George B. Walters, aped 51 years, 4 months and 15 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend, the funeral services at her late home, 214 Kidge Avenue, on Friday at 1.30 p. m. Interment in Greenwood Cemetery. B BEX Died March 3, 1908, Reuben Hex. Strictly private funeral services at the residence of his son-in-law, Franklin Krum, No. 125 North Perm Street, on Friday 'at 10 a. m. Interment in West End Cemetery.' S SIIERER. In tills city, March 1, l'f.iS, Elizabeth, widow of Edward i-T.erT, a;;ed S2 yesjrs, 10 months :nnl 29 d.iys. tin account of Ficknes in the home, relatives and friends are respectfully invited to assemble ii) St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Ninth and Turner Streets, nn Friday at 2 p. m., where funeral services will be. held. Interment privnln in Union Cemetery. S IrV. .i. Sourhier, Funeral Director and Embalmor, Cor. Sixth zzidtkew Sts LEHIGH ANDV PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONES. Repairing Street Crossing's. Fox Gutters and Pipe Drains. .. CurbiiiB and Favinn in Front of 1,500.00 200.00 Private Properties 5,000.00 rrauins tsiaewaiiis Cast Iron Foot and Gutter Brirlffes. 1 Trap KocK. Improved Streets. .. Crushed fcSt'me. Unimproved Sts.: Tarvia Roadways Labor and Carting li'aeksmith Work. Telephones Horse hire, City Engineer Salary City Engineer, (8 mos.)..- Salary City Engineer's Assist's. I51ary ReKistry Clerk Salary tjfreet Commissioner. ... Maintaining horse, Street Commissioner Contingent Fund Ropnirin Cat'li Basins Lumber and Hardware ("leaning Soldiers' Monument.., Kepavlng Le!i!f,h St., Lawrence St. to L. V. K. K Repairing Sts. leading to State Roads Salary Building Inspector. 125.00 1,500.0" l.oa'um 250.00 100.00 2,750.00 1,000.00 l,2l'0.U0 1127 WATER DRPARTMENT. Interest on bonded IikleUi. dncss. $1" 797.00 500. 00 2j0.00 Coal. Salu "it 1.S00.OO bulary Asst. Engineers, 3 (ii $00 per month 2.1CO.O0 Salary Firemen, 3 If $55.00 per month 1,9"0 00 Salary Oilers, 3 ,ii $53. on p,.r m-.. iujs.oo Saiary Jan tors, 3 dt $50.00 per mo. l,S0O.O Salary Superintendent, $75 per month 900.00 Salary Clerk, $05 per mo Salary City Plumber $05 per mo. 7S0.00 State tax on Bonded Indebtedness 1,835.00 Oil, J'ackim;. Electrical and Engine expenses 3,500.00 General Repairs to ripe and Plug 1,500.00 General Labor 2.0m). 01) Genera! Contingent lOspen'-es. .. 2,ui)0.0i Improvement to Schanlz's "Spring. 500.00 Stre t waives, (new.) l.OOu.ii') Meters and InstuihnT same 4,'.KIO.OO I'A-penses fir making annual assessment 800.00 Bxpenses for making additiunal as, c?;m?t!t 400.00 Fire Hydrants, (new.) 'I axes. 3(io.')0 Ferrules ,.. Salary City Engineer, (4 m03.). f.Oa.OO .airy City Treasurer, (4 mo's.j. (iliti.r.ii Salary- City Controller, (4 mos.) 600.00 .''alary City Solicitor, (S mos.).. S00.0II Salary City Clerk, (0 mos.) .... 4011.00 Salary Water Commissioners. .. C00.00 Salary Sub-employees 350.00 Telephones 217.00 Lead Maintaining team , 300.00 Insurance 300.00 Cost of Liens ro.oo Stationery and printing 500.00 Incandescent lights 175 jail Team hire Supt 200100 Repairing Wall at Boiler House. 6S6.51 Replacing 3 tubular boilers in old pump house 1,500.00 Repairs to Knowles Pump 1,200.00 Connecting Knowies Pump to Sehantz's Soring 2.000.00 Painting Fire Hydrants "Jan. 00 Repairs at Pump Station 500.00 Cost or damage on Sixth Street Properties 3,000.00 iteiaymg water main on uoruon St. bet. 9th & 10th Sta 2,175.00 neiaying water mam on unurcti from Hamilton to Linden 1,000.00 Installing two steam traps ' 200.00 For making surveys, blue prints, maps for use of Water Dept. under supervision of City En gineer 500.00 $74,513.17 RECAPITULATION. Finance Department $20,6i:?.33 City Property Department 0.050. 00 Health Department 10.9S0.0fl Rules and Printing Department. 2,900.00 l Department 1.200.00 Public Park Department 4.5(0.00 Police Department 59..S22.00 Fire Department 27.4S5.00 Highway Department 127,797.00 Total $271,407.33 Total City Appropriations $271,407.33 Total Water Dept. Appropriations 74,513.17 Grand Total. i, 920.50 YOU ALWAYS PAID $2.50 FOR A . WHITE BEAR HAT. Now we are selling the same quality hat at $2.00 and will continue to giva you the same high class article you have always received here at ?2.50 for $2.00. This justifies the claim that we sell the best $2.00 hat in town. ANE WALT BROS., , 015 Hamilton Street, 2-tf - Sign White Bear. REDUCED PRICES AT THE RINK. Admission 10 cents; skates 15 cent;; every day and evening. Special matinee Wednesday afternoon and Saturday forenoon. Admission 10 cents; skating free. 4-3t $100.00 paid by Dr. Shoop for any recent case of Grippe or acute Cold thnt a 25 cent box of Preventics will not break. How is this for an offer? The Doctor's supreme confidence in these little Candy Cold Cure Tables Preventics is certainly complete. It's a $100, against 25 cents pretty big odds. And Preventics, remember, contain no quinine, no laxative, nothing harsh nor sickening, Pneumonia would never appear if early colds were always broken. Safe and sure for feverish children. 4S Preventics 25c. All Dealers If DOUBLE CELEBRATION, A leap year and surprise party was given at the home of Joint F. Ziegler, i.14 North Fourth Street. Tuesday evening in honor of Thomas R. Koch. A host of his Philadelphia, friends arrived in Allentoyn at S p. m. Mr. Koch was taken quite by surprise. He was about to enter the Lyric Theatre with a friend when he was called to the home of Mr. Ziegler. The evening was well spent in various pallor and leap year games. Fine refreshments were served. Toasts were given by R i'p'1 Smith, Thomas Koch and John Ziegler. Music was rendered by the Harlem Quartet. The following were present; Thomas R. Koch, John Ziegler, Reuben Ziegler, George linger of Allentown, Robert Moyer, Ralph Smith, Herbert Clarke, Harry Truman, Edwin Miller, all of Philadelphia; Oscar Mertz, Howard Nc.ff of T'. S. S. Lancaster, Misses Estella Smith, Ruth Morton, Emma Moyer, Kate Clarke, Minnie and Sadla Truman and Blanche Merkert of Phil-r elphla. The Philadelphians left for their homes yesterday afternoon. YOUNG GIRL SURPRISED. Bessie, daughter- of Irwin J. Bachman, was tendered a delightful sur prise party Tuesday evening at her j home on Union Street. Various frames I and contests were engaged jn ami Iiyl7.cs were awarded to Bessie Bneiv man and Lillian Hoot!!. A fine supper was served. Those present were M; and Mrs. Moyer and daughter Azalia. Mrs. Hoofz and daughter Lillian, H;y Under and friends, Miss Ruth Xephin, irwin ,1. Ihiehman and diiughters Harriet, I'uiiiiiiie, Margaret and BckkIh. ' gUILTlXG PARTY. There was a quilting party at tho home of Mrs. L. R. Griesemer, East Macungie. The jniosts were Mesd.imea J. M. Roedler, Rebecca Yolie, Harriet Shll'fert, Sarah Buehert, Frank K-'ler. VV. M. i hman, W. A. Knmiss. Jli-rr Mary i. iler and Alice Hinkel. DEATH OF JONAS WELKER. Jonas Welker died of apoplexy at his home In Red Hill, in his S4th year. He survived by his wife, a, son, A. J. T". elker, cs.r.tst.tnt cashier in the South Betiii. National Bank; two ilati.ali- ters, Mrs. I. T. Harliiog of South Betli-1( !n"r and Mrs. J. H. Dyson, residing - i A 1 500.00 900.00 WANTED A Rood girl f.r fteneral house-work; must hove referenoo; highest wages paid. Address "Small Family," care Lkadeh office. 5 3t LECTURE BY- Wma IS- Haywood of Western Federation of 'Miners. SAENGER HALL, 227 North Fifth Street, under auspices of the SOCIALIST PARTY. Friday Evening, March 6, 1908, AT 8 O'CLOCK. ADMISSION 25 CENTS. . . At ,.""v"? v'"-.', . ": .. iiaipllllliiiiiiiillS DR. MORITZ SALM, 12 N; 6th St. OFFICE HOURS 9 A. M. to 12; 1 P. M. to 5; 7 to 8 P. M. OFFICE CLOSED SUNDAYS. Consultation and Advice Free. NEW TESTIMONIALS, i Have Been hi for More Than 20 Years with Catarrh, Bronchitis and Nervous Complaints, Says Mrs. VV. Cressly, of Stettlersville, Pa. I have been a great sufferer for 20 years or more. Catarrh, bronchitis and serve trouble kept me continually in miserable health. I had four different Drs. during that time, but it seems they could not cure me. I had such bad pains in the throat and chest, and that continual tickling In the throat kept me miserable. Dr. Salm has only treated me a few moBtlu, but thanks to him, I am once mue satisfied with my lot, for I feel as though I will bo entirely cured. A Story of Head Noises, Deafness and Catarrh, as Experienced by Mr. Frank D. Dech, Siegfried's, Pa. For some years I have been troub led with partial deafness, and bead noises, caused by Catarrh. It became worse- and worse, and at last, I became so alarmed, that I put myself under ' Dr. Salm's care. The Doctor certainly understands his business. He has stopped these horrible head-noiscs. I can hear as well as ever, and the Catarrh is almost well. Hence, it is no wonder that his offices are always crowded with the afflicted. Every one I have talked to is praising him, and I heartily recommend him. A Wonderful Cure of Rheumatism, Done by Dr. Salm. When I first came to Dr. Salm, for treatment, I was in an awful condition: The pain in my back and both limbs, particularly the knees, was almost unbearable. When I sat in a chair, I had to be very careful how I arose from it, on account of the great lameness: Couldn't close mv hands on account of stiffness, in fact, for years, I was full of rheumatic pains. Dr. Salm has once more proven, in my case, that he does as he advertises, for he has entirely cured me of this horrible affliction. I have no more pains anywhere, and no more lame ness. I will gladly tell anybody or will answer letters, regarding my case, very gratefully, Mrs. L. Lucken-blll, No. 416 Union street, city. I Am Grateful to Dr. Salm, Says Mr. Jesse A. Koder, 437 Turner St,, City. For about 8 years, I suffered with Catarrh and all its nasty symptoms, such as- dropping of phlegm in the throat, coughing and spitting, taking cold easy, red eyelids, pains in the chest and above the eyes, buzzing and ringing noises in the head, and general nervousness. Dr. Salm's New Treatment Is great; my Catarrh is cured, no more pains over the eyes, that fearful buz?ing and ringing juts stopped. I am very grateful to the Doctor. Siegfried's Pa.. .Tan. 7 1Q0S Dr. M. Salm, Allentown, Pa. My Dear Doctor: You may say to the people that you have cured me, after, others have failed. Your readers are referred to my testimonial given some months ago, and I'll always remain, Your grateful friend, MR. B. E. ARNER. I Have Suffered Badly for the Last 20 Years with Backache and Other Troubles. For about 20 years I have had a bad trouble my back ached so bad that I couldn't walk straight any more, my appetite gave out, and in the morning I felt move tired than on going to bed. Could sleep but little, and got weaker all the time. Dr. Salm has changed all this, for' now I have a splendid appetite, sleep well and feel rested on arising; no more pain in the back and can walk erect once more. I gratefully recommend Dr. Salm on account of the fine results olVained in Mrs. Arnerls and my case. Mr. B. E. Aruer. Siegfried's, Pa. I Have Been Saved from a Horrible Fate, by Dr. M. Stsim. No. 12 N. 6th St., Allentown, Pa. For some time I have been in a horrible condition with my nerves, and at Inst it got so bad that I was afraid of myself; no rest, no sleep, always worn out, and couldn't remember anything for two minutea, everything lrritated ne, I ached all over, and I often got so bad that I lost control of my right arm and leg, and was afraid I would be paralyzed. Since under Dr. Salm's care, all these horrible symptoms hare disappeared and, I feel .so happy about it that I'll gladly teli anybody interested. MRS. H. UURKHART, 814 Lehigh St.. City. Of3 Making Lease is an important part of good service to eyes more or less incapable of giving perfect sight. We look to that. But we do far more, in that we find out your exact eye needs and then suit lenses and nose pieces to your individual requirements. The sizing up of the situation costs you nothinsr and you will not begrudge what we ask for j sure-fit glasses. PROF. W. A. WE1DNER, SCIENTIFIC OFTICIAN, 528 HtEilton' Street, Allentovn, Pa. 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After you have tried the sample treatment, and you are satisfied, you can get a full regular-sized treatment of Pyramid Pile Cure at your druggist's for 50 cents. If he hasn't It, send us the money and we will send you the treatment at once, by mail, in plain sealed package. Send your name and address at once for a trial of this marvelous, quick, sure cure. Address Pyramid Drug Co., 90 Pyramid Bldg., Marshall, Mich. ' CATASAUQUA, Miss Catherine Qulnn left this morn ing for South California, where she will join her brother, Rev. Peter A. Quinn, who is doing missionary work at that place. Miss Quinn came to Catasauqua when her brother became the rector of St. Lawrence Catholic Church and she had been at the rec tory since that time. During hor stay here she gained many close friends ino regret to see ner leave. Father Quinn invited his sister to come to Cnlifornin. some thrift niri-i fnr Iho vrift- fit of her health and remain there with him. Since he le''t for the Pacific Coast Father Quinn has improved much in health and he expects to remain there. Councilman and Mrs. Simmers of North Catasauqua have returned home after spending several days at Washington, D. C. Dr. Howard Erdman of Macungie was in Catasauqua on business yesterday. Daniel O'Marra is confined to his home by illness. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Powell of Sec ond Street are the happy, parents of a baby girl. August Harteg, who was elected con stable of the First Ward last month, has leased the farm of D. L. Emanuel, North Catasauqua, and will move there shortly. Mr. Harteg proposes to raise poultry very extensively. Wiien he moves from town there will be a vacancy for constable. William Sieger is circulating a petition which will be presented to Court asking for his ap pointment as constable. The petition has been numerously signed. Mrs. Charles Mengelson of Mulberry Street, who underwent an operation in a Philadelphia hospital, is getting along nicely, and it is expected she will be able to return home shortly. Tile Pennsylvania Telephone Company has a force of linemen in town erecting new poles and stringing new wires. William Loughridge, who recently received tho contract for the erection of the building to be occupied by the new shirt factory at Fullerton, started operatituiS this week. A leap year party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Murphy in honor of their daughter, Mrs. Mes-singeis birthday. The evening was pleasantly spent with vocal and instrumental music by different members of the party. Games and other amusements were also enjoyed, after which a tine repast was served. Those present were: Miss Estella Reppert, Anna Dech, Emma Druckenmiller, Lizzie Summers, Martha Haines, Mabel Mertz, Susie Klemick, Lillian Mo-arn, Mike Galiagherf Edward Scliulcr, Robert Tosh, Jim Gallagher, Edgar Heiser, Howard Lindaman, John Klemick, Henry Mertz, and Mr. and Mrs. R. Messinger and parents. Thomas McClain of Virginia :s spending several days with friends in town. Charles McCarty of Allentown has accepted a position with his brother, Frank McCarty, as bartender at the Farmers Hotel. Friday and Saturday evenings, March 20 and 21, the 18th annual supper of Bethel Congregational Church, will be held' in the church, from 6 to 10 fc'clock. The tickets are now on sale at 25 cents each. A pre-Lenten dance and doughnut social was held on Tuesday evening in the Temperance Dancing Academy. A fine dancing program was rendered by Dougherty's Orchestra, and vvis greatly enjoyed by several hundred youir people. This was the last dance until after Lent. Cunningham & Parlo, the proprietors, will hold a ball on Easter Monday evening. A valuable ladles' comb was lost on Mulberry Street, between Second and Front. A suitable reward will De paid for its return to 214 Second Street. W. J. Williams has opened a shop at 709 Second Street, where he Is prepared to frame pictures, repair umbrellas and all kinds of furniture. He guar antees to do satisfactory work at rea sonable rates. MOST USEFUL TREES. EVERY PART OF THE COCOANUT PALM IS PUT TO THE USE OF MAN. Probably the most useful tree in tho work, is the cocoanut palm, every portion of which is put to good use. The trunk Is used for building houses, for making furniture and farm Implements and countless other articles; hollowed out, it makes a canoe. Its leaves are used for thatching, the leaf stalks for paddles and nsning lines. The blossom in bud makes preserves and pickles, besides serving as a staple vegetable From the pith of the trunk is derived a kind of sago, and from the Mowers sugar, vinegar and toddy, which after fermentation becomes arraek. The ripe cocoanut is a valuable article of diet. Tho white kernel produces a delicious cream, a good substitute for cow's milk, while the oil. is used as a lubricant for soap and candle making. Tho refuse of the oil, or oil cake, Is valuable as food for animals and poultry and as manure for the soil. From the shell drinking cups, spoons, lamps, bottles, firewood and even tooth powders are obtained. . The husk supplies fiber for mattresses and cushions, brushes and mats, ropes, cables, nets and even the harness for bullocks. Tho web sustaining the footstalks is made into strainers and torches. OFF FOR LOS ANGELES. City Treaisurrr Reiclienbach received a postal from ("has. Kline nt Kline Bros., pajlmr that he was Just about to leave New Orleans for Lua Angeles, yiLLCUCKLV LCHH.CIoP. CEAD. EXPIRED LAST NIGHT AT HIS HOME NEAR BRElNIGSViLLE. Willoughby Schmoyer died at 9 o'clock last night at his home near Breinigsviiie, aged 75 years. He was a farmer all his life up to three years ago, when he reared. He leaves his wife, Henrietta, nee Smith, and one son, Irwin of Trexlertown, and two daughters, Mary at home, and Cora of Allentown. Deceased is also survive? by two sisters, Mrs. Jonathan Butz of Breinigsviiie, and Mrs. James Lichten-walner of Seipstown. The funeral will be held on Tuesday morning from his late residence, Rev. M. II. Brensinger otiiciating. The cook who makes the best of things uses FRITCH'S XXXX FANCY FLOUR. . DA1H tF A VETERAN. OLD AGE CAUSES DEMISE WILLIAM STAPLETON. OF After suffering for some time with general debility, William Stapleton, a veteran of the Civil War, died at 4.39 o'clock this morning at his home, 418 Limestone Street, aged 75 years and 7 months. He was born at West Chester and was a bricklayer by trade. His wife died two years ago. Three chil dren, Rachel, Wilmer and Joseph Sta pleton, survive. Deceased served during the Civil War as a member of Co. I, 176 Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was in jured in a leg during a battle. BEFORE ALDERMAN JONES. Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock Elsie Minnie Geiss of Locust Valley will be given a hearing on the charge of concealing the death of a male child. Tha Information was made by District Attorney Gernerd. SURPRISE IN HANOVER. Miss Edna Deiner of Hanover was surprised last evening on her 17th birthday anniversary by a number of her Rittcrsville friends. The evening was spent with games and music. The music was furnished by Miss Florence Ritter, Miss Deiner, and a solo was given by Mrs. O. C. Deiner. Fine refreshments were served. The party had a special car going to Rittcrsville. You need never be ashamed to offer your best friend an Allentown Leader 5c. cigar. ' PLAY IN STILES SCHOOL HOUSE. "Ten Nights in a Bar Room" will bo played at the West Coplay school house on Saturday evening, March 7, at 7.30 o'clock, for the benefit of the Sunday School. Admission free to children under six years of age. Other ad missions 10 cents. Formerly Cal'ed Elijah's Hanna. Made from White Corn, is far and away tho most winning delicacy that has yet appeared on tho breakfast table. Ready Cooked, Huffy flakes; with cream, nothing has yet approached thc-m in tempting goodness. ,One can't forget the "Toastio" flavour.' "THE TASTE LINGERS." S0LIT BY GllOCERS. Made by POSTUH CEREAL CO., LIMITED.' A&TTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN. ut home, und six grandchildreny x ,

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