The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1954 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 21, 1954
Page 18
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(la.) Upp*r bet Metnas Tuesday, September 21, 1954 A SENSIBLE SPEECH x Adl'ai Stevenson ( 1052 presidential candidate of the Democratic party, made a speech in Kar- risburg, Pa., trie other .day that is so far above the usual speech from one in politics that it can stand partial repetition here. Mr Stevenson said, referring to the 1054 election campaigns: "We lace ihe obligation to lift ihis campaign a considerable notch above ihe level of slander and ugly, bitter, name* calling io which our political dialogue has sunk in recent months. "A great disservice will be done ihis nation by any attempt to wrap up in a package marked 'peace' a sal of problems which demand ihe clear thinking, the sober discussion and ihe prayers of every 'American man and woman, "I sympathize with ihe administration's difficulties in providing us with a coherent, consistent and positive foreign policy." Mr Stevenson, who by the way writes his own speeches, has a way of saying things that make good sense and mean something, to boot. His thoughts on keeping a political campaign on a high plane are sincere — he kept his own that way two years ago. Candidates for office from both parties would do well to follow his example. » * * YEP, EVERYBODY'S HAPPY One of the most peculiar outcomes of the election in Maine, where a Democrat was elected governor for the first time in 20 years, while the Republicans carried all the other offices but by greatly reduced margins, is the reactions of the assorted political writers. We have in mind in particular one who held with the rosy view that "everybody was happy." He explained this by pointing out that the Republicans won most of the offices so they should be happy, and that the Democrats won the governorship -so they should be happy. Well, it's nice to know that everybody is happy. However we wonder, after noticing the -definite trend away from the Republicans in a stronghold they have held for ages, whether or not it might have been beneficial to have had Ike do. some of his fishing in Maine, and routed Dick Nixon to some other spot. » * * Sign along country road — "6nve "slow, "you idiot — Road under destruction." prs 111 E. Call Street— Phone 1100— Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under Act ol Congress of . March 3, 187i). _ _ _ Issued Tuesdays in 1954 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Managing Editor C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Manager NATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 920 Broadway, New York 10, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, in advance $300 Hoth Algona papers, in combination, per year $500 Single Copies _ ""_ jo c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year in advance .. $4.01 Both Algona papers in combination, one year SHOO No subscription less than Ii months. ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per Inch 83c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER SPENDING DOWN - DEFICIT UP the market pages-of 6Ur daily papersj have a certain fascination, whether you do,of|don't own stocks and bonds, 'or .Whether you flo or don't raise and market livestock or grain, j Such words as "sag," "rise sharply," "slump," "surge," and "bullish" are always to be found on the market pages, and they consistently seem to "slump" one day and "surge" the next. However, this tendency to keep the business thermometer rising and falling fAm day to day cannot'hold a candle to the front page news stories today of the 'state of affairs in government fiscal circles. .The GOP press has constantly emphasized the great reduction in spending on the part of the government. But in the same breath they try in a hard pressed sort of a way to explain .why it becomes necessary to increase the federal debt limit, and to explain why th£ Federal deficit con- tinu'es to grow. Here is a sample of what we mean, as reported by the Register's Washington news bureau. If it makes sense to you, then you should be in government service: "The Eisenhower administration will spend considerably less this year than originally planned, but will go deeper into •the red than ii expected. A four billion seven hundred million deficit' is now expected, compared with a two billion nine hundred million deficit forecast in January." " Probably the financial wizards now running the government have explanations for this strange state of affairs. Many of us would like to know how you can spend so much less and go into debt so much deeper, all at the same time — deeper, we might add, than was the case when the Democrats went out of office. *. * * OVER THE BOUNDING MAIN In New York an 11 year-old boy left home with 20 cents. Two weeks later he was back in New York, 1 with five cents left. But in the meantime he had been to England, making a round trip on the liner SS United States as first an unintentional stowaway and then as a guest of the line. • jit seems that the boy just developed a curiosity about the waterfront, took the subway from Brooklyn, and wandered out on the pier where the United States was docked. He walked up a gangway and began looking over the ship. A .few hours later he was discovered by a. stewayde^s, and the boy in turn discovered that he was'wfctt out to sea. Fortunately he was not carrying any subversive material, atomic bombs, or imbued with anything other than a good, healthy, youthful curiosity. He made the round trip. There are both good and bad aspects to this case. It is good to know that boys today are as prone to get themselves into such predicaments as they have all through past history; it is bad to know that despite all the hue and cry about security someone could simply walk aboard the largest vessel in the U. S. maritime fleet without question. Maybe Senator McCarthy can find a new reason for another investigation. * * * THAT SURPLUS AGAIN Decorah Journal — It's a little early to predict, but that much boasted about Republican "surplus" in the state treasury may be an important, but hidden issue, in the state election campaign. Hidden because even a lot of Republicans who arc not talking about it, are doing some hard thinking about where the $100 million has gone. Only a few campaigns ago the GOP was bragging about the "surplus." Of course, the cash in the first place was made possible by the 3- point tax program passed by the last Democratic administration in Iowa. The surplus is almost gone. Cost o£ state government continues to climb. Clyde Herring, Democratic candidate for governor has repeatedly placed a clean-up of the state house in Des Moines as a number one phase of his platform. * * * One local bachelor we know says he'll get married just as soon as he finds a girl who owns a fur coat, has a good job, and has had her appendix out. If Started The November Before Last 20-YH8S- AGO ! IN THE FROM THE FILES OF THE , ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES SEPT. 20, 1934 ' •» * * ' . •„' Plenty of exciiment followed robbery of a bank at Frost, Minn. Sheriff Dahlhauser's 'office was notified the bandits had been traced as far as Elmore, and they had crossed the Iowa line "amid a cloud of dust". A posse chased the bandits frpm Frost after they had obtaineo>$500 (The bandits, not the posse) in the robbery, but lost the trail near Elmore. » * » • • Burt had become ihe . sheep capital of Kossuth County., Our ing the past week more than 30 carloads of the animals had been shipped in, and C. W. Patterson had just returned from Montana where he purchased 7,000 head for himself and pther farmers in Burt. * * * Football weather was here, and the local season was set to get underway when Mayor Specht sent the first kickoff dpwnfield ^preceding the Algoha-Livermar-j game at the Athletic Park. The game inaugurated 'night * football in Kossuth County,' as the lights, installed during the spring, would be used for the first time by the gridders. Four veteran performers, and three part-timers furnished Coach Ken Mercer with experience in the line, but only one tried veteran returned for duty in the backfield, Livermore had one game under its belt, a 6-0 loss to Belm'ond. * * » A plan to help take care of the excess hogs in Kossuth County had been put into use by the county relief office. Concentration camps, unlike those Hitler used later, were, to be set up around the county, for 1500 to 2000 excess porkers to be allotted to needy and deserving families. It was possible for any of these families to get needed pork by filing an application with the relief office. . * * * \ Assets of the defunct County Savings Bank, which totaled $287,102 on paper, were sold for $800 to an Oskaloosa firm. The sale wound up affairs of the bank, and collection and other business of the bank was now up to the bidder. * * * Lolls Creek was in an excited condition for a couple hours, due to the disappearance of Victor, son of Mr and Mrs William Dreyer. The little boy had been out in the yard with his mother, when he was frightened by some geese. A general alarm went out, and a search was begun. He was found by his father at the line fence between the Dreyer and Mittag farms. Vic is now serving" in Korea. * * * Edward Kain and Elmer Jasperson, Algona, were both injured on the Young farm, northeast of town, while filling a silo. Two heavy doors, which were being repaired at the top of the structure,: fell on the men. Kain received a compound fractured skull, and Jasperson was knocked- unconscious, but both men were recovering after hospitalization. * * * Removal of buildings near the hew post office site in Algona made thfe new structure a hot topic of conversation again. Engineers surveyed the site, and excavation and work on the basement were to be started before cold weather interrupted the work for the winter. Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON prove that the use of tweezers is ndt limited to eyebrow plucking. But It.-didn't compensate Huhv beritoni* for the fttof that all hands kgpt right on addressing him as 'Lucky"! * * * • ? • • : Next day, one of the "gentle zephyrs" rhentioned in travel folders describing 5 Sabind, Canyon, near Tucson, paused! in the midst of "its tour of wreckage long enough to pluck the eyeglasses from "Lucky's " face and shatter them dw the recks. ' Of course, every cloud has a silver lining. Otherwise, half of ASCAP'S membership would be out of: business. Be that .as, it may, : it so happened that "Ten Wanted Men" turned out to be just what the Columbia "front- office" wanted. But, what critic can salve the festering wounds of cactus needles with words of praise? Especially if you have to sit on said wounds throughout the preview! , '*'*.*. Want to lake a trip through a film studio? So do a few . mil- liori other folks! As a matter of fact, if studios granted every request to Watch them make pictures, all work would have to be suspended. There's only so much room on a'sound stage, what with all the technical equipment, cables, lights and crews. Actually, there are times when people working on the company are requested to leave the stage when not appearing in the scenes being made at 'the moment. * * * If you'd care to hear about the next best way to Watch film-making, and right in your own home town—read on! "A Star Is Born", the Warner Bros. Cinemascope, Technicolor film starring Judy Garland and "James Mason, will give you a perfect picture of big studio operation. • * * * Among the seldom filmed phases of studio work, is a scene showing Judy Garland putting in a session of recording. As a new star, Judy is followed through the routine procedures of makeup, wardrobe fitting, and camera instruction. You'll find this method of watching movie production much more comfortable than standing on tiptoes and craning your neck to see around cameras and^equipment on a real stage. AND, your own theater seat* will offer you a lot more relaxation, to say nothing of the unobscured view! Ever have one of fhose days when you're convinced that it would have paid you to remain in bed? That's what YOU think! On such a day, you'd only burn up the mattress, and who wants to be both guest-of-honor and main dish at his own barbecue? Mother may have told you there'd be days like this but, only Dad's vocabulary has the words to properly describe 'em. Days when rubbing your rabbit's foot only gets you a thundering case of rabbit fever. And brings you about as much hick as it did to the rabbit who originally owned the foot. * * * If you've experienced these perverse streaks, when windfalls become devastating cyclones, and Lady Luck casts eyes upon you —but they're only "snake-eyes", then you can sympathize with director "Lucky" Humberstone. Bruce "Lucky" Humberstone, has just been through a session that makes Jonah look like this year's sweepstakes winner. In fact, he's seriously thinking of dropping the name "Lucky". » * * On his first day in Tucson, Arizona, where he directed the Scott-Brown Technicolor picture, "Ten Wanted Men", which, by the way, is not a tale of ten maids on a desert island, Lucky" painfully injured his foot. The second day of shooting, Mr Humberstone backed into a cactus, while lost in a mood inspired by a dramatic sequence between Randalph Scott and Jocelyn Brandow. This lightened the chores, somewhat, of a lad whose main duty is to follow the director around with a folding chair. It also let the company makeup man 4-H Winners At Iowa State Fair Richard Stucki of the Lotts Creek Bqy's 4-H club won first prize at the Iowa State fair on his Yorkshire gilt entry and a blue ribbon on his market pig. Gerald Reding of the St. Joe Trojans 4-H club placed ninth with his Hereford baby beef in a class of 30. Norma Jean Reding's Hereford baby beef entry placed 17th in a class of 31 animals. Gerald's and Norma Jean's fine calves sold for $27.75 and $28.25 Der hundred * at the State Baby I^eel Sale. • The county poultry JfaM «%; sisting of Margaret Kioc&o and Gail Kauffmah-of Swea pity; and Don Mullins.of Corwith pjaced 15th in the .State 4-H Poultry Judging contest. "Evelyn McKim and MaryiElla Erpelding "won >. a fed:, fibboii for their fine demonstration.. tltldd "Puffed and Filled." - Mrs* Gleii Jenkinson accompanied -the Unidn township girls; • • - ' •, Immediately :after the demon- 1 stratlQn rteftritest f Evelyn , MeKim was 'ehtj&H toi fef*e§ent the' 4-H girls.TihJo.tyl ,o&...&! ,T.1Lprogram over station WHO... - , AfiVEETtSiNd ih the .Algonj Upper 'Des Moines readnes more families 1ft ; Kossuth 'cbimty than any other publication. AM firme DIESELS ELECTRICS Bring on your freight! The Milwaukee Road is better prepared than ever before to furnish fast,. dependable transportation over its 10,600 miles of line. ' i 96% of all hauling, both freight and passenger, is noV performed by diesel or electric locomotives. \ , The Milwaukee Road has both of the most efficient types of modern power. Diesels do the job over most of the system. Big electrics are used over 656 miles of electrified line through the mountains of the Northwest. ' Shippers! Your freight will get expeditious and careful handling on the Milwaukee. Call your nearest Milwaukee Road agent today. ' »" . "" ' SHIP-TRAVEL P r Industrial Sites H you art looking for a tit* for yourbuslnoif, otic «•. W« fcovo many doilrablo location*. THE MILWAUKEE ROAD J8j tOUTI OF THI SUTIR DOMI HlAWATHAS CM I 1 • *• Chicane, Mllwoukd, SI. Paul and Pacific Railroad HOW MUCH LIVESTOCK Will It Take To Pay $1,000 of Debt in 1957V Tomorrow's income pays today's loan. With u 4% FEDERAL LAND BANK LOAN you have greater SAFETY of land ownership, whichever way prices go: Long-term protection —with the right to pay off any time from income. Here are examples of wide yearly variations in amount of your production needed to pay I'lay safe! Get a Federal Land Hank loan from Remember How Many It Used To Take? Year 1919 192:d 19:{^ 1939 1917 1953 1957 1,000-lb. Cattle 11 19 21 15 5 (i V 200-lb. Hogs 38 69 151 81 20 23 V liu. Corn 660 1,315 3,135 1,7(50 535 690 7 National Farm Loan Association E. H. HUTCHINS, Secretary-Treasurer 110 South Dodge St., Algona. Iowa 1'hone 205 If you order now you can *37529 Speedy corn crib for only $2895?!, and it has 126$ bufhel capacity 5-gauge wire mesh ... 8$ thick os a quarter-inch bolt... galvanized, non-sag, non-bending wife mesh, permanently fastened t» strong steel frames, tlbbed roof for extra strength. It's anchored 3 lime} ... can't blow off. Permanently attached ladder! plus m»ny ether Speedy WORTH-MORE Feature.; Come In ,.. let us play for you (fee entertaining, drqnjotic record "COL. STONIWAU PUNTS CORN" Bradley Bros. Phone 714 ALGONA, IOWA what'sa party without Coke? No doubt about it, sparkling ice-cold Coca-Cola helps set the pace for good times. No other soft drink has ever won the approval of so many people... and the invitation to "Have a Coke" is a byword for those who want to serve delicious, wholesome refreshment. Thi* display at deqlors U a reminder -have Coke on hondf9r parties, planned or spgr-cf-tho-mcrnnnr. UMOER AUTHQKU PF IMS C9C4-COU COMPANY »Y MINfRAl, SPRING^ BQTTUNe COMPANY - HUMSQ1PT, Tokf" It a r»gisler*<J IruHe-mork. <0) 17f4, THE COCA-COU COMPANY

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