Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California on March 19, 1937 · 18
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Los Angeles Evening Citizen News from Hollywood, California · 18

Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
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f Page Eigfitcen ollcfionoS (Ctluen-iCtfii Friday Marcfi f9 1937 As promised Inst night here Is Basil Bathbone's explanation as to Why he prefer radio work to picture work He states: "I was raised In the theater I developed a sense of reaction from the theater audience the minute I walked onto the Stage I suppose It Is a sense of telepathy I get my audience reaction when I broadcast for there are always people In the studio watching and I sense what they feel A radio studio audience has Bo Idea what one Is going to do or say Therefore their reaction Is unbiased fresh sincere So when I work in radio If the studio audl ence like what I do I have a definite feeding that the radio audl ence of millions also will like what I am doing I can perform on radio and get a reaction front the public In America within a few hours "Now what happens when I make picture? True I work before an audience but it la composed of people in the picture business my fellow workers They know the acrlpt what I am expected to do and say Therefore there is no apontamous Reaction I work but I work In the dark It takes months to complete a picture and more months before the picture Is shown and before I find out what the pub-lie likes or dislikes "But let me make one radio ap- r is ranee and within a few hours know if my Job was well done or Bot If I might have failed to entertain I am able to go on the radio again the very next night and pro-myself in say a characterisation entirely different from the Bight before and receive almost In-atantaneous response and approbation Therefore I like radio It an prove a boon to an actor or a boomerang of course But I prefer to receive my public’s approval or disapproval about everything I do as quickly as possible pnd radio gives me that distinct gervipe" Assisted by a mixed chorus Oscar haw on Broadway Varieties from KNX at C will sing a medley of "j Want to Be Happy” "Moon Over Miami’ "Carolina Moon" and SMt and the Moon" Carmella Ponselle'e eolo will be "Spring Beautiful Spring” The News Parade KFI at 8:45 will bring (to young listeners a ghoet story a swimming story and a tals of two boys trapped on a bridge with A train roaring down upon them Gertrude Nlesen flew here from Chicago to appear on Hollywood Hotel In scenes from the musical picture "Top of the Town” She Brill return to the Windy City to pntertaln on Saturday at the Che paree With Miss Nlesen on this program from KNX at 8 will be Hugh Herbert Gregory Batoff JHenry Armetta George Murphy ports Nolan and Mlscha Auer "Top ftf the Town" Is the story of Diana Borden beautiful wealthy and slightly halmy” Four rich uncles Oppose her plan to Improve night ilub entertainment ts Du Blst Die Ruh” “Ave Marla' and “Who la Sylvia?” all by Schu pert will he sung by Lee Sweet-land tenor at 6 over KRKD Max Holtzem who flew with the Bavarian Pursuit Squadron during tbs last IS months of tha World War and later was a test pilot for Fokker will be on the air during the KFAC 8:15 broadcast Victor Moore says that when ha broadcasts at 8:30 over KECA he Is going to be a "rootin’ tootin’ rough Hder" In the First Nlghter play from KFI at 7 Don Arneche will portray Blair Newel a young accountant with Parisian Pajamas Inc while Barbara Cuddy will be Alice Moran a department store buyer Pack Pearl's air time ha been changed from Monday to Friday and the hour from 8:30 to 7 KECA as before will release his nonsense the Baron will visit China tonight A solo by Morton Bowe tenor Will be a medley of "My Little Buckaroo” "Little Man You’ve Had a Busy Day" and “American Lullaby” The famous March from "Tannhanser’’ will open the Philadelphia Orchestra concert at I over KNX It will be followed by the Walt from Tschalkowsky’s Nutcracker Suite" the Mermens from “Harry Janos” by Kodaly and Strauss' “Fruhlingsstlmmen" Waltz Dr Nell Carothers dean of the School of Business Administration at Lehigh University will be guest speaker If he does not go temperamental Tiger Mike the mascot of Louisiana State University will do some growling on the Varsity Show from KFI at 7:30 A dramatic group t the Institution aald to have Its esvn laboratory theater finely quipped will present a eketch Silver the fleet-footed white gtallion of the Lone Ranger will be the hero of the play to be broad-aast by KHJ at 7:30 t The Amos ’n’ Andy serial Is nine gears old today That I quite a record tor radio programs Every line of the script 1 written by Freeman Goaden (Amos) and diaries 3 Correll (Andy) Their broadcast to be heard here over KFI at 8 will originate from Palm Springs ltulh Gillette will sing “Summertime” from “Forgy and Bess” on KFWB’s program af “Cuban Slav Song” will be the solo of Paul KeAst KFI at 1:30 will radiate “I Was a Letter Bride” the story of a girl who begins to correspond with a man she meets” through a "lovelorn” fcd The guest actor In The Life of Byron KFAC at 8:30 will be In Grieg Concert I GINO BEVERI who at 7:45 will conduct the KFAC augmented string ensemble In the first of a new series of concerts He also will play a solo Grieg’s Violin Sonata In F Charlotte Woodruff will be the vocal soloist Sever! born In Italy coached under Pietro Mascagni and taught the com poser’s two sons Ted Bliss Other members of the -cast are Kobert Swan Lou Merrill Dorothy Drew Shirley Cytron Dawson Blair David Starling Freddie Wlnsor and Celeste Ky us The Carefree Carnival cast broke after their experiences with would be Hollywood movie producers books passage on a cattle boat In order to get back to San Francisco Their adventures will be told on their program at 9 over KFI Students of the Sah Francisco State Teachers College will entertain on the KEHE 9:30 release An attempt at murder will be made in the episode of ’’Jane Eyre" from KFWB at 9:80 Rosa Barcello is glayiag the name role A true detective story that about a "phantom gang" In Seattle Wash will be broadcast by KECA at 9:80 Radio Race with Cliff Howell as announcer will be KFI's 9:30 offering Tomorrow: A concert by the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra Alexander von Kreisler conducting and Vivien Harvey pianist will be broadcast by KNX at 8 am Mozart's Symphony In G minor and Weber’s Konserstueck for piano and orchestra will be Interpreted The Ilion A Cappella Choir will sing Incline Thine Ear O Lord” “Music When Soft Voices Die” and “A Violin Singing In the Street” on the program from KNX at 9 Mrs Caroline Webber state chairman of the the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs will speak at 9 30 over KNX Philip Frank violinist Louise Bernhardt mezzo-soprano and Margaret Har-shaw contralto will entertain on the National Federation of Music Clubs program from KFI at 10:30 Faust” with Richard Crooks In the name role will be heard at 10:55 am over KECA Helen Jepson will be Marguerite Ezio Pinza MephLtopheles Richard Bonelll Valentine Wilfred Engelman Wagner Helen Oelhelm Slebel and lna Bourskaya Martha The names of these artist are familiar to follow ers of the Metropolitan The People’s Lobby Luncheon from KFI at 11 will find Bishop Francis 1 McConnell speaking on “Making Capitalism Pay for Itself” and Francis 3 Gorman on "How to End Parasite Industries" At 11:30 over KHJ a native of Russia one of China and the director of the International House at the tint versify of Chicago will discus "Far East China" KFI at noon will broadcast a debate between the University of Southern California and New York University on “Resolved: That Congress shall be empowered to override the decisions of tfae United State Supreme Court declaring act of Congress unconstitutional” Mr Alice Field assistant director of community service of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America will be Interviewed at 13:15 pm over KRKD on "Music' and the Film” Men and women from William and Mary College and from the Unl-ersity of Missouri will participate in the NBC spelling bee to be radl-sted by KFI at 1:80 Jackie Cooper noted screen Juvenile will take part In the Boy Scout drama from KEHE at 3:45 Roger Kllhiirn baritone and the Singing Walters at 3:45 over KNX will be heard In selections from "Faust" Spring Comes KFI at 4:46 will originate from San Francisco New York and Montreal TONIGHTS PROGRAMS S TO P M KMTK (670 kilocycle)— Gold Star Rangers KFI (84 kilocycles)— Taft H S Talent 5:30 Virginia Klohri 6:45 Junior News KM PC (71 kilocycles) — H M B Richards 3:30 Trans KKHR cillli kilocycles)— Lucky Stars KHJ (DIM) kilocycles) — Story Teller 5:15 Tony D OraM 6:30 Cassandra 5:45 Sodero Directs KFWB M kilocycles) — Uncle John Daggett 6:15 Story Town Express 6:30 Trans 5:45 Count of Monte Crlato KFVB 100 kilocycles) — St aril te Revue KNX (188 kilocycles) — Broadway Varieties 5:30 Jack Armstrong 6:45 6:30 Orphan Annie KB RK1) 170 kilocycles) -Race results 6:45 Records KOPJ 1700 kilocycles) — Trans 5:45 News K FOX 178 kilocycles) — Trans 5:43 Talk Theater news A L KAN OX JOCKEY CLUB of the AIR I K?ponoTZ li ALKA'NOX ' H' Science 0:15 Smart Women 5:30 Whoa BUI KtlFR (ISM klleeyclee) — Spanish hM A (1M kilocycles) — Irene Klch 5:15 A1 Gayle 5:30 News 5:45 Book Club TO 7 P M KMTH— News 6:15 Beverly Hill btlli'B 6 80 Till Mn i shall (1:45 H KFI— Dr Choa Cunningham (1:15 Dinner Concert (1:30 Army Bund 0:45 For Shaw KFIlb-News 0:15 Race results 0:30 Sports 6:45 Plano KHJ— Raymond Gram Swing 8:15 Htidfs urrh :3U Sports 8:45 Drums KFWB— News 8:10 Trans 8:30 Joneses' Pup II 45 Texas Drifter KN X— Hollywood Hotel KKKH — Sa tvs lion Army 8:15 R 8:45 Taylor A Kahm KGPJ— Trans 8:30 Sports Interview 8:45 Magnolia Iane K Fux — News 8:10 It Happena In Every Family 6:30 School Kids 6:43 Small Town Hotel KFAC— New 8:15 Natl Air Reserves 8:30 Trans KiKK— News 0 15 Trane 8:30 Jewish Hour V— - KKCA— Conf on Social Relations 8:15 Safety Council 8 HI Twin Slurs 7 TO P M k Mill— II 7 :30 McIntyre’s orclt 7 :45 Sports KFI-FIrat Nlghter 7:80 Varelty Shfow K 8 HE— 'Lasses Honey 7:15 Mir acles of Sport 7:30 Tunfornn Re-Run KHJ— World Affulrs 7:15 Tom Saw er 7 30 Lone Ranger KFWB— Political 7:30 Trans KNX— Philadelphia Orchestra 7:30 Old Observer 7:45 Craftsmen's Guild KRKD — News 7:15 R 7:30 USC Chorus 7 :45 Records KGFJ— Andre Nordekog 7:15 Trans 7 :45 News K FOX— Eb k Zeb 7:15 Bobby A Betty 7 :30 Los Caballeros KFAC— Starlight Revue 7:45 Con cert KGKR— Jewish International Hour KKl’A— Jack Pearl 7:30 King Cow-lioy 7 :45 Records 8 TO P M KMTK— Rev Ochoa 8:30 Kaleidoscope of Life 845 Santuella's orch Kri-Amos n’ Andy 8:15 Uncle Ezra 8:30 Court of Human Relations KFHK— Young's orch 8:15 Sidewalk Reporter 8:30 Flo Kito’e orch KHJ— Gordon L McDonough 8:15 Iutwls' orch 8:30 In-Lawa 8:45 Martin's orch KFWB— Romance In Melody 8:30 Trans KNX — Scattergood Baines 8:15 Pretty Kitty Kelly 8:30 Kay Thompson Kemp's orch - KRKIi-R 8:16 Japanese program KGFJ— Spanish program K FOX— Royal Order of Tibet 8:15 Trans 8 :30 Trans KFAC— Concert 8:13 Air Show 8:30 Life of Ixrd Byron KGKR— Spanish Program KECA— Speech Doctor 8:15 Lum A Abner 8:30 Bingin' Sam 8:45 University TO 10 P M Ipeaker 0:15 John Anson Ford 0:30 Montoya's orrh KFI— Carefree Carnival 9:30 Radio Race KMPC— 9:30 Robt Noble KKIIK— Hportlltee 9:15 Paul Pendar-Is 9:30 Varsity Varieties KHJ— News 0:15 Trans 9:20 Inspiration 9:35 Zarln's orch KF Wit— Trans 9:30 “Jane Eyre" KNX— Sports review 0:15' News 9:30 Easv Aces 9:43 Fights KltKI)-little Tokyo 9:45 R KGFJ— Variety 9:30 Dance music 145 Newe KFAC— Air Show 9:13 Dunn's orch 9:45 Pacific Melodics KG KK — Rev A U Mlchelson 9:30 Dream Melodies KECA — Universal Rhythm 9:30 True Detective Tale 18 TO 11 P M KMTK— News 10:15 Carthay Circle 10:30 Safety program KP1— Reporter of the Air 10:15 Southern Harmony 4 10:30 Grier's °rKMPC— News 10:15 Trans 10:30 The Monitor 10:45 Trans KFHE— laidy of the Night 10:30 Hollywood Knights KHJ— Stabile's oreh 10:15 House Undivided 10:30 Young's orch KFWM— News 10:10 Robt Sherwood 10:15 Hoffman A Bourne 10:30 Trans KFVB — Bud Averill 10:30 News 10:45 Records KNX— Fights 10:45 Flo Rlto's orch KG FJ— Transcriptions KFAC— News 10:15 R 10:30 Hite's oreh KG ER— News 10:15 Gordon Allen 10:30 Moore's orch KECA— Concert records 11 P M TO MIDNIGHT KMTK— McIntyre a orch 11:15 Sftli taeila'i orch 11:30 Records f KFI— Reit'liinan's orch 11:30 Wildes orch K M PC— Transcriptions KEHE— News 11:15 Eldridge'g orch 11:45 Santaella's orch KHJ— Hamilton's orch' 11:30 Hites oren Dance music KFWB— Trans 11:18 Redman's orch 11:45 Organ KFVB— Request Records KNX— Pasadeha Civic Dance 11:80 Lee’s orch 11:45 Tucker's orch KNX— Rhythm Round the Town KGFJ— Trans 11 :45 New KFAC— Records KUEK— Kennedy’s dance oreh 11:30 Moore's dance orch KECA— News 11 :15 Organ MIDNIGHT TO 6 A M KMTK— ft Spanish KMPC— Transcriptions to 1 KNX— Insomnia Club to 1 KHJ— Records to 1 KFWB— News 12:10 to 1 Trans KFVB— Mystery House 12:15 to 4 International Revue ft Dance Parade KGFJ KFAC— Records TOMORROW TO 7 A M KMTK— Spanish program KFI— 8:21 Salute to Netherlands 6:41 Trans 8:45 Bible talk KMPC— Matthew Murray 0:46 Job Man KEHE— Musical Clock KHJ— Rise A Shine KFWB— 8:30 Music KFVD— Spanish KNX— :30 Happy Jack Kay K it hli-lt 6:30 Ne a 6:45 Records KG FJ— Records K FOX— El Despertador K G KK— Farm Federation 6:30 Bugle g°r 7 TO a A M KMTK— Spanish program KFI— Transcriptions KMPC— Covered Wagon Jubilee KEHE— Musical Clock KHJ— Rise ft Shine 7:45 News KFWB— Tran 7:30 News 7:36 Trans KFVB— Spanish 7 :S0 Records KNX— Happy Jack Kay 7:30 News 7:45 Fire Dept KRKD— R 7:46 News KGFJ— Trans 7:46 New KFOX-EI De)vtador 7:30 New 7:35 Tran 7:50 Grains stocks KFAC— R 7:30 Stocks 7:45 R KGKR— Rev A Lee 7:30 Tran KRGA— News 7:06 Air Sweetheart 7:15 Raising Your Parants 7:45 Bible Fellowship 6 TO 9 A M KMTK— Job Finder 8:15 Beverly Hillbillies 8:45 Records KFI— Our American Schools 8:15 Financial Service 8 :30 Bromley Houee 8:45 Morning Meditations KMFC— Covered Wagon Jubilee 8:46 T' it FtfE— Reveler 8:15 Markets 8:30 M U Thomas KHJ— Old Gardener 8:30 Key Men Quartet 8:46 House Undivided KFWB—' Transcription KFVB— It 8:'tl Reynolds 8:45 News FRIDAY KF I 950 TO 10 PM NIGHT National PicL afi‘ WE RECOMMEND KNX 5-5:30— Broadway Varieties KFI 5-6:30 — IL S Talent KFI 6:45-0— Junior New KNX 6-7— Hollywood Hotel KHJ 6-6:16— Commentator KECA 6:30-7— Twin Star KNX 7-7:30— Philadelphia Orch KFI 7-7 :30 — First Nlghter KECA 7-7:30— Jack Pearl KHJ 7-7:15— World Affairs KFI 7:30-8— Varsity Show KHJ 7:30-8— Lone Ranger KFWB 8-8:30— Studio Program KNX 8:30-9— Popular Music KECA 8:45-0 — University Explorer KFI 9-9:30— Carefree Carnival KECA 9-0:30 — Universal Rhythm KFWB 9:30-10— “Jane Eyre KFI 10:15-10:30— Quartet K FWB 10:15-10:30— Plan)) Duo KECA 11:15-13— Organ KNX— Cincinnati Consevntory JiGTJ— Monouhord Melodic 8:15 Tran KFAC— Country wood 8:45 Mlrancly Holly- KGKR— Mlxpah Hr 8:45 Dr McCoy KECA— Madge Marley 8:15 Church Quarter Hr 8 :30 Magic of Speech t TO IB A M K MTK— Theater program 0:15 Almanac 0:45 News KFI— News 0:15 Medical Assn talk 9:30 Battle’s Ensemble KMPC— John Brown 0:30 News 9:45 Musical trans KEHE — News Parade 9:15 Trans 9:45 Pauline Holden KHJ— Women of the World 9:15 Amlv A Virginia 9:30 Organ 9:45 Lenin's orch KFIVIt — Trans 9:45 News KFV1— Dr Richardson 9:15 R 0:30 Immanuel Temple KNX— llllon Choir 9:30 Federated Women's Clubs 9 :45 News KKKH — K 9:30 Weather Bureau 9:45 Records ’ KGFJ— Trans 9 45 News KFAC— R 9:15 Dr McCoy 9:30 Organ 9 :45 Juvenile Revue KGKR — R 9:15 Full Gospel Assembly KECA— Call to Youth 9:15 3 Marshalls 9:30 Natl Farm ft Home Hr 10 TO 11A- M KMTK— Safety program 10:15 R 10:30 Trans 10:45 Record KFI— Mystery Chef -10: 15 Whitney Rnsemble 10:30 Natl Federation Music Clubs K M PC— Shopping Newg 10:30 Voice of Understanding Love 10:43 Trans KEHE— Plano 10:15 Globe Trotter 10:30 Deep South KHJ — I an in's orch 10:15 Severn's orch 10:30 Mid-Day Service KFWB— Lot tl Penter Goodman 10:13 Margaret Clark 10:30 Trans KFVB— Highland Park 10:15 News 10:30 Union Rescue Mission KM-Monitor's Children's Program 10:15 Eddie Albright 10:30 Buffalo Presents K it K D — R 10:15 Dr J Albert Smith 10 :45 Records KGFJ— Trans 10:30 Music Contest KFAC— The Monitor 10:15 L A Medical Assn 10:30 Ads 10:45 R KGKR— Janet Andrews 10:30 Beas lev Trio KECA— National Farm A Home Hr 10:30 News 10:45 R 10:55 ‘'Faust" II A M Ttl 17 KMTK— R 11:30 Ads 11:45 R K FI — Peoples Lobby 11:30 Golden Melodies KMPC— Rev Louis Talbot 11:80 Trans 11:45 Loma Ladd KEHE— Shadows of the Past 11:15 Music 11:30 Hazel Dodd 11:45 Gou-they Says K H I— Stabile's oreh 11:30 Interna tlonal House Forum KFWB— Uncle John Daggett 11:15 Nip ft Tuck 11:45 Salvation Army KFVB— Shopping Hints 11:15 R 11:45 Big Red Plano KNX— Milton Charles 11:15 Dance-pators 11 :45 Clyde Barrie KRKD— R 11:30 News 11:45 R KGFJ— Health talk 11:15 Markets 11:30 Trans 11:45 News KFOX— Richardson 11:15 Trans 11 :30 News II :45 Poetrv music KFAC— K 11:15 Cltv Hall 1 1 ::t0 R KGKR— Rev K B Taylor 11:30 Geo C High lev KECA— Metropolitan Opera NOON TO 1 P M KMTK— The Monitor 12:15 Jr Detectives 12:30 Records KFI— Debate 12:30 Week-end Revue KMPC — Commercial Guide 12:30 Trans KEHE— Gontbey Says 12:15 Globe Trotter 12:30 Old Favorites 12:45 Rhythm in Red KHJ— News 12:15 Monmouth H 8 Glee Club 12:30 Old Gardener KFW'B— News 12:10 Trana 12:15 A1 KFVD— R 12:30 News 12:45 Voice of Opportunity KNX— Down by Herman's 12:80 Organ-piano 12:45 Tours In Tone KKKDftR 12:15 Clvto Talk 12:80 Jimmy’s Saddle Pals KGFJ— Transcriptions KFOX— News 12:10 News Oddities 12:15 Surprise Party KFAC— News 12:18 Dance Time KGKR— Carlin's orch 12:30 Texas Outlaws KECA— Metropolitan Opera 1 TO 7 P M KMTK— Bible Study 1 :15 Talk on Homes 1:80 Santaella's orch 1:45 R KFI— Week-end Revue 1:20 Signs of Spring 1:30 Spelling Bee K3irc— Trans 1:30 Magaxette KEHE— Cafe Continental 1:30 You A M lisle KHJ— Freudberg'a orch 1:30 Lanin's orch KFWB— Transcriptions KFVB— LJve A Learn 1:15 Records KNX— Captlvators 1:3ft Wilson's Singing Strings 1:45 News KKKD— Jimmy's Saddle Pals 1:80 Civic Broadcast 1 :45 News KGFJ— Trans 1 :45 News KFOX— Green Room E T KFAC— R 1 :30 Children's Radio Theater 1 :45 Miss Cheaney KGER— Arnoldo Colllnl 1:18 Old Bachelor 1 :30 Jean Church- 1 :45 Richard Pesrsoll KECA— Metropolitan Opera 2 TO P M KMTK— R 2:15 Rev Johnson 2:45 Record KFI— Spelling Bee 2:80 Homlk’a orch KMPC— Trans 2:30 Spanish Hour KEHE— Salvation Army 2:15 Dance Time 2:30 Remote Control 2:45 Boy Stouts KHJ— Murdock’s orch 2:80 Bcrren’s orrh KFWB— Transcriptions KFVD— News 2:15 R 2:30 Essie Ikicy KNX— Hallett’s orch 2:30 Calif Legislature 2 :15 Singing Walters KKKD— R 2fl News ads 2:45 R KGFJ— Music Contest 2:30 Trans KFOX — Chflstian Science 2:15 Stocks grains' 62:20 Trans 2:45 Geo Strange KFAC— R 2:15 Concert Hall R KGER— Spanish Music 2:30 Long Beach Band KECA — Opera- 2:15 pssslc Records ifro CP M KWTR-R 3:45 Bureau Missing Persons 3:50 Carthsy Cirele KFI— Top ha tiers 3:30 News 8:85 Alma Kitchen 1:45 Religion In the N KM PC— Spanish :S0 Cedi ft Sally ET 8:45 Trana KEHE— Globe Trotter 3:15 Speaking of Love 3:30 Musical Mirror KHJ— At Close of Day 3:15 Unmasking tire Rackets 8:30 Light’s orch 8:45 Alfred Karger KFWB— House of Harmony 8:15 Impromptu 3 30 Nip ft Turk Hi t l— Brother Tommy 3:30 First Fundamental Church KNX— Feld's orch 8:25 News 8:30 Federal Housing 3 45 Dinner Concert KHRD-R 3:15 McIntyre's orch 1:45 Records KGFJ— Trans 8:45 News K FOX— Transcriptions KFAC— R 3:15 Dr McCoy 3:30 Air ft Boat Show KGEIt— Dr McCoy 8:15 L B Band KECA— Classic Hr 3:38 Nawa 35 Homs Symphony PIERCE BROTHERS 780 WEST WASHINGTON BLVD lt swotetcr Oa OITAILi p10" OOPPER 8— -Service and Interment for Roberta Copper Colorado Springs Colo Pierce Brothers director GILI JJTTE — Ma ry Campbell Gillette Pierce Brothers director HUGHES — Services for Chaa O Hughes to be held 10 a m Saturday at Pierce Brothers JONES — Services for Clara Josephine Jones to be held 1 pm Saturday at Pierce Brother KEYS— Services for Jay B Keys private Pierce Brothers directors ZjOUOKS — Services for Jane R Loucks 1:30 pm today at Pierce Brother REBM AN— Services for Francis L Reb-man ''Jr to be held 3:30 pm Saturday at Pierce Brother RICK ETSON -Service for Elisabeth Dean Ricketson to be held 2 pm Saturday at Pierce Brothers TINKER — Services for Mary E Tinker 2 pm today at Pierce Brothers WALLINOPORD — Private services for Isabelle V Wallingford 2 30 pm Saturday at Pierce Brothers JJEATH NOTICES COOK — Charles Cook Edward Brothers’ Colonial Mortuary O'BRIEN— Captain Richard A O'Brien of 8336 Selma Ave Services Monday at 3 p m at thee Hollywood Cemetery Chapel under the ausplcea of Hollywood Post No 43 American Letlon Delmar Smith directors RUNYON— Mrs Arthur S Runyon 45 Park Ave New York City March 18 FLOWERS MARTEL FLOWER SHOP Floral Spray 1 50 up Frta delivery 7325 Sunset Blvd HE -8214 pEMETERY Mausoleum 'Beautiful Hollywood’ Tbe Cemetery without a Salesman Cemetery Mauaoleum Crematory 6000 SANTA MONICA BLVD L0ST AND FOUND DOGS cats for good homes Dogs found Hollywood Humane Society QR-4342 CIGARETTE cage Holly’d Initial I D Rew BOX 0-481 Cttx Or WLA 34470 LOST— Black purse Seward ft Lexington Car keys etc OL-0292 Reward LOST — German police male Black ft tan Cahuenga Pas GR-3490 after 5 OOLD charm Bracelet Sentimental value to owner QR-3181 Apt 108 MAN'S wrlt watch lost Initials LOS Metal band Reward HO-3049 Roos Bros Inc Elect 2 Employes To Director Body Employe representation on the Board of Directors of Roos Bros Inc today was increased to two following the annual meeting of s t o c k h olders yesterday Ten years ago the firm introduced the plan of rotating employe represen tation electing one employe each year to serve on its board Yesterday two were elected A W Cerkel and C M Post Cerkel manager of the Roos Bros’ A W CERKEL Fresno store started with the company in 1913 as a salesman Post chief accountant for the company with headquarters in San Francisco has been with the firm since 1914 Other members of the board of directors were: Robert A R o 0 s Louis J Klein Sidney M Ehr-man Edward H Heller Albert E S c h wabacher James H Sch-wabacher Dean Witter and Philip H: Small Roos Bros Inc a California organization was founded in 1865 Airline Will Reduce L A-1S Y Flying Time Reduction of flying time between Los Angeles and New York will be put Into effect May 15 Transcontinental A Western Air announced today New sleeper planes will go into service The cut In current schedules about 17 hours west-bound and slightly longer eastbound was not estimated 4 TO 5 P M K MTR — R 4:45 Have Keaulta KFI— Tran 4:15 Haven of Ret 4:45 Spring Come KMPC— New 4:15 Tran K EH K — News- 4:15 Ballad 4:30 Carnival 4:45 Lucky Star KHJ— Frank Graham 4:15 March On 4 :30 Seeing the World 4 :43 Con-zirt oreh C KF4V H — Interview ' 4 :15 Calif Drama 4:30 Tran KFVD— New 4:16 R 4 :S0 Dr McCoy 4 45 Record KNX— Swing Club 4:30 Sunset Serenade KRKD— Record Kti FJ— Transcription KFtlX— New 45r Tran 4:30 Gene Austin ETv-445 Theater New -ails K FAjd-vflrst Congregational Church oertn Brief 4:45 Allied Art KdFR— Theater Newe 4:15 Bonn Fits! 4 :30 Gladys Standley 4 :45 Span- ‘KKCA— Meag of Israel 4:39 R TO 0 F- M KMTR— Gold Star Rangera KFI— Music and American Youth 5 :30 Musical Kchoee KMPC— H M Richard 9:80 Tran KEHE — Lucky Star KHJ— Variety Hour KFWB— Uncle John Daggett 5:15 Fairy Tale 5:30 Trana 5:45 Count of Monte Crito KNX— Prof Quiz 5:30 Man orch KFAC— Christian Science 5:15 R 5:80 Drama of Youth KFf A— Ricardo ft Cballem 8:30 News 5:45 Rhyl pin ft Romance SHORT WAVE PROGRAMS TONIGHT DJI (1177 meg Germany)— 2 to 8 Havana)— 3 to 10 pm COCQ (91 neg (’0(11 (812 meg Havana)— 4 to 9 HJIABK 856 mega Cartagena)— 5 to K UK (968 mega Bueno Alrea) — 3 to 7 W8XK (1187 meg) — 6:30 Death Valley Days 1V7XAF ( 933 meg)— 6 Walts Time OSD (1171 megs) ft USC 050 meg London)— 6 to 0 XKtE (811 mega Mealea) — to 11 :S0 J7J (118 mega Japan)— 9 to I& L0ST REWARD 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Valua $100 Introductory prtca 79c Start fealtna younger today For Sale at Sontaa or Thrifty Drug Storea $1 CLINIC MEN WOMEN PREGNANCY ft BLOOD TESTS Latest treatment at low feea H ra 9-9 pm 8548(4 Holly’d HI-4211 TROUBLED? Ill health financial domestic Writs PHL and watch Im-proyement No coat Box J-48 CltUen REV ALYCE ARMITAOE WELL KNOWN MEDIUM Advice dally Circles Tues X Thu 3 1188 N Beachwood HE-9618 WORRIED? Tall the PROFESSIONAL LISTENER You talk I listen 13 hr 2 (4 hr Appointment only EX-7220 P BRUCE RUSSELL Character Analyst Teacher of Self ology Claasea forming HE-494B CHEERFUL DEPENDABLE YOUNOWO MAN will tika elderly people tor rides ft picnics My car OL-7341 DEAF? 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WELL help you to a screen "career by pub liclzing your talent HE-3836 TRANSPORTATION 10 CHICAGO 82960 NEW YORK 838 25 SALT LAKE 88 OMAHA 823 Santa Fe — Burlingrton TRAILWAYS 1646 N Cahuenga Blvd QL-1266 FREE MEALS NEW SLEEPER COACHES Dallas 820 Chic $27 50 N Y 83750 6409 Hollywood Blvd HI-7501 ACROSS 1 Cronies 5 Stop 19 One of two equal part 14 Cry of the ancient bacchanal 15 Maacuiine name 18 Smell 17 Horse of a certain color 18 Breathe loudly in sleep 19 Venture 20 Loose or unite 22 Fat 24 Story 26 Pronoun 26 Placid 29 Science of government 84 Palm leaf 85 Cluster 87 Sawlike part 3 Not so much 40 Scatter 42 Christmas carol 48 leave out 45 Periodic mol Iona of the 47 Openwork fabric 4M Number 50 Lie dormant 62 Rowing implement 53 OH of roae petal: variant 54 Shelter for aircraft 58 Constituent 62 Wlnirlike 68 At no time r Mexican Indian I Measurable aspect of duration 67 Everlasting: poetic 68 Snare Wk Cook slowly 70 Talks bombastically 71 Utter DOWN 1 City In Indiana 2 English river 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paint exterior St in-' terlor all colors 8165 gal l Utility fist white 8110 Boiled linseed oil in 5 gal sealed cans 85c gal Economy enamel 49c qt: Linoleum 35c sq yd : Kalsomine 5c lb Free Delivery DE GREOORY PAINT CO INC 5600 Santa Monica Blvd HE-9411 PAINTING & papering Inside and out 1346 ‘4 N Sycamore HO-5493 HI-5228 PAINT and paper rm 84 kitchen enamel 69 bath 85 outalde FE-2872 PA1NTINO and papering by father and son FSTI MATES FREE MO-46432 PAINT— HUBER'S for A-l paperhangers St painters 247 N Larchmont GR-3226 PAINTING decorating paperhanging Free estimate Work guar NQ-0830 PAINTERS SUPPLY CO — OR-9301 Tor reliable painters— fret estimates PAINTING ft papering repairs Guar work Free est QL-6120 GL-0398 PAINTING ft papering day or contract Ll£en££j aintWo— ised Hindman HI-2838 -Dec Day censed ft Insured or contract Lt-Reas RO-6385 PAINTER— DECORATOR INSIDE ft OUT WORK GUAR REAS HE-3305 PAINTING PAPERING A-X 9250 room Outside: work guaranteed PR-4888 PAPER hanging painting Neat 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