The Bradenton Herald from Bradenton, Florida on October 10, 1924 · 3
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The Bradenton Herald from Bradenton, Florida · 3

Bradenton, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1924
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FRIDAY, OCT. 10, 1924 ', THE EVENING HERALD PAGE THREE ADVERTISING NTOWN WIDELY TALLANT & MAGUIRE USING BIG PAPERS i In Campaign for People to Be Brought Here Fine Pub-licity Effort With a view of bringing Bradentown and the beautiful MuimU-o river "FRIENDLY CITY" SLOGAN BRINGS AN INVESTMENT Soiling Bradentown by mall has been dune in many instance with perfect satisfaction to the person interested, but that publicity of (he right sort ha a wonderful pulling power has just been demonstrated by Mrs. Mary E. Kittlingcr, of .Roches ter, N. Y., who him invested in Kosc-dule Manor properly, the lady having been sold on Bradentown by the slogan "'Friendly City," which she had noted from time to time, in glancing u 1 lulvuif iutm mriHriv f aiiM Yu if .... i m I V NUIVItliTIIIB IIIHM t Will , section to the attention of persons ! gectjHn in all part, of the United States and R D AWrit.h f- . of a .upplemen ng publicity work of he tep a nent bu8im?nian of board of trade, Tnllant & Maguire . RoeheitWi ,n wWch he ,m.lo.I(H, , the enterprising firm of realtors and" . . .m vimis,. i.. .... n m A m ft w l. A ft ft . u mm J ' BE G'N WORK PALMETTO GOLF COURSE WAY ARCHITECT STYLES DUE HERE TODAY Will Bring Plans With Him Nine Holes to Be Ready Jan. 15 investors, has started an aggressive newspaper advertising campaign in the larger cities of the country. Contracts were closed Thursday for space in leading iapers, which will put Bradentown before hundreds of thous ands of persons, who otherwise would not be reached. This is the first step in this firm's publicity campaign to cover the states 'of Conecticut, New York, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and other states. Using Strong Mediums Among the newspapers which will carry this publicity under the initial arrangement are the Memphis Commercial Appeal, which has a circulation of 122,000; Newark (N. J.) Call, with 70,000; Cincinnati Enquirer, the circulation of which is 72,000, which gives assurances that the advertising matter will be placed before the eyes of many thousands of persons. These ads. will apjiear weekly, alternating with the New York World, Baltimore Sun, and the Columbus (O.) Dispatch. Later this line of news mediums will be augmented to embrace the newspapers of many other states. The initial advertisement will read as follows: "Florida will be calling you soon. Arc you going blindfolded and uninformed? Florida holds many spots of beauty, healthfulncss and prosperity, but one spot stands out preeminently. Learn the charms of Bradentown, on the Manatee River, 'The Friendly City.' Fact and booklets arc yours for the asking. Address postcard to Tallunt & Maguire, No. 4 Washington Square, Bradentown, Fla. Our motto, 'We shall keep faith.'" plied on the purchase of proierty in the subdivision mentioned. The letter goes on to state that Mrs. Killling- : er had often heard of Bradentown, , the "Friendly City," and had decided that some day she would make a trip down this way. One day she went to the office of this particular business man, and it was there that Bradentown and Rosedale Manor was be-. ing discussed by several parties. ! What she overheard about this sec tion made quite an impression on the woman, and it was then that she made out a check and asked that it be forwarded at once to the owners of the subdivision. This was duly received, and now Mrs. Kitllinger, of Rochester, N. Y who will visit Bradentown this winter, is a pro)ierty owner of this favored section of Florida. METHODISTS PREPARING FOR RALLY ON SUNDAY Interesting services will be at . the First Methodist Church Sunday in observance of Rally the Sunday school. A fine in held next Day pro gram has been arranged, and the worship period will be so that entire school may participate. The fellowship period will feature the beginners and primary departments. The following chairmen of committees have been appointed to take care of all details: Decorating, Mrs. Fred Weideman, chairman; orches tra, Mrs. Paul Davis, chairman ; song leader, J. T. Makin ; ushers, O. D. Groff; advertising, Maj. II. P. Munck; automobiles, Roland Shannon, C. E. Long, J. M. Mason; welcoming committee, Mrs. O. L. Stuart, George Riggin, Chas. Silver, Miss Wilhelmina Foward. Mrs. J. H. Stewart, B. A. Carter. The program was prepared and is in charge of J. Ii. Burris, superintendent of worship. 4 ! ! 4 -I Work on Palmetto's IGO-ncre golf cuurse will begin Monday, and it is expected that nine hides will be ready by Jan. 15. The course when completed to be eighteen hides. Architect Wayne E. Styles, of Boston, will arrive Friday, bringing with him the plans and plat for the eight ecn-hole course for the Palmetto Golf Corpora tion. Mr. Styles is constructing an eigh teen-hole course at St. Petersburg, known as the Bear Creek golf course; also an cightcen-hole course at Dav- eniKtrt in Polk county. J. Van Fleet will be in charge of the local work under the supervision of Mr. Styles. Club House on Course The course is on the Bayshoro road, two miles from the Palmetto end of the bridge, and embraces lfiO ncrcs of splendidly adapted ground. An eleven-room, two-story residence is located thereon which will be converted into a clubhouse. The officers of the Palmetto Coif Corporation are: President, J. W. Jackson: vice-prcident, J. T. Flenr ming; treasurer, P. J. Ilar-kney; sec rotary, C. L. Baker. AT THE HOTELS 1' f X ? ARCADE L. S. Surrus, S. A. L.; II. II. Baker, Hcndersonville, N. C; Miss Brace A Benson, Florence M. Benson, St. Pet ersburg; Milford A. Bullock, Suther land; F. M. Seymour, Tampa; F. S, Sheridan, E. C. Muse. I-akeland; W, G. Moore, jr., Richmond; Victor King- sley, New York; E. C. Strickland, lakeland; W. L. Moon, Jim Williford, Tampa; Ii. F. Kitchen, W. L. Clark Jacksonville; D. L. Puna van and wife, Lakeland; T. J. Weaver, Ocala; D. N. Clark, Lakeland; J. L. Rau, Cincinnati; W. II. Benson, Tensing, Mich.; E. M. Baker, Brockton, Mass.; G. H Westhal), Louis Demback and wife, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B. N. Benson, Kan saa City, Mo.; J. W. Abhott, Miami; Dr. C. M. K.-iyton and wife, Wauchula, KKADKX L. Armstrong, R. H. Burkncll, J. T, Noguera, Tampa; Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Paris, Jacksonville: E. M. Cornell sum, M. Wheolor, Wauchula; Charles Watkins, Benton, 111.; Jus McDougall, St. Petersburg. ENTERS REALTY FIELD John A. Stewart, the well known attorney, has announced his entry into the real estate field. He has opened offices on the second floor of the Stone block, Main street. CIRCUIT COURT CONVENES FALL TERM THIS MONTH The fall term of the circuit court will convene on Tuesday. Oct. 21. The docket will be sounded by Judge Harrison some time .during the coming week. It is expected that the term will be a very busy one, as a large number of cases appear on the docket. "A House Every Day in 1921" MANATEE RIVER Firman H. Brown, New York; W, II. Thomas and family, Elizabeth City, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Wal ters, Springfield, 111. FLORIDIAN A. M. Fuller. Lakeland; M. M, Meadows, E. W. Cornell, Waycross; R. C. Weigel, Jacksonville; A. P. Hill and wife, Orlando; W. H. Thomas B. D. Thomas, Quitman, Ga. GAAR George Mollie, Brooksvillc; R. T, Davis, Jacksonville; II. Lumpkin, At lanta; Roy Brown, Rome, Ga. ROOF ELECTED DELEGATE REAL ESTATE CONVENTION TAMPA BUSINESS MAN IMPRESSED BY BRADENTOWN Straiton Hard, vice-president of Ifci: Moitgage Service and Investment Company of Tampa, spent Thursday here looking over Bradentown, with a view to his company loaning money Cor building operations here. "I am much impressed with Brad entown," said Mr. Hard to a Herald men. "Indeed, one cannot help hut !e impressed with the quality of your ity, and its substantial growth, and the character of its back country. I believe Bradentown is destined to rrow to be one of the largest towns in Florida. It offers a fine field for nvestmcnt." . . DAYTONA STREETS ARE TWO FEET UNDER WATER DAYTONA, Fla.. Oct. 10. As a result -oi lorreniiai rains uuring impost twenty-four hours and unusual ly high tides, Daytona is experienc ing the worst flood this morning in rriany years. Streets in the business section are one to two feet under water and much damage has been done to stores and offices by the high water. The Florida East Coast Railway tracks are under water and one train is reported derailed several mfles south of Daytona. KNOWLTON PURCHASES AUTO PAINT SllOl' At a meeting of the realtors' board Thursday night, which had for the purpose the election of a delegate to the state convention of real estate men to be held at West Palm Beach Oct. 11-15. D. R. Roof was chosen. This will not be the only representation Bradentown will have, however, as a list of those expecting to attend is being signed toay. It is thought that the local delegation will be in the nrighlmrhood of twonty- I five or thirty. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeooo ...ADAMS LINE... :: Tampa St. Petersburg Palmetto ISradentown :: Double Daily Passenger and Freight Service Meals Served On Hoard Steamers FAST AND DEPENDABLE STEAMERS JEANNETTE SCOTT JESSIE B. ADAMS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 1924 SOUTHBOUND DAILY EXCEIT SUNDAY NORTHBOUND 8:00 p.m, 7:50 p.m, 5:30 p.m, 8:30 p.m. 12:30 p.m.Ar. BRADENTOWN Lv.'l 8:00 a.m. 12:20 p.m.ijLv. PALMETTO LvJ 8:10 a.m. 9:30 a.m.! Lv. ST. VKTKKSB G Lrj: 10:30 a.m. I :.iu a.m. ;l.v. iamta Ar.i'IZ:3U D.m, 2:45 p.m. 2:55 p.m. 5:15 p.m. 7:1 j p.m. H. D. Knowlton of Lakeland and Miami came in Tuesday and has purchased the Auto Puint Shop formerly owned by L. P. Hester, on Turner street. He will make a specialty of painting .auto bodies and fenders and repairing bodies and fenders. Mr. Knowlton spent five years in the Franklin automobile factory and is an oxpert in his line. He passed through the city about eighteen months ago and was so impressed with the opportunities here that he decided to return and make this city his home. WEALTHY GEORGIAN TO MAKE HIS HOME HERE SUNDAYS Special Excursion to St. Petersburg. Leaving Bradentown 9:30 a.m. Leaving Palmetto 9:15 a.m. Returning Arrive Palmetto 5:20 D.m. Arrive Bradentown 5:30 p.m. ADAMS BOAT LINE Bradentown Terminal. Foot Main Street. Phone 755. Palmetto Terminal, Foot Main Street. Phone 654. . OOOOOCXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)CXXX?OOOOOCXX)COCXXXXXX)OCX)OOOOC)0000 W. A. Stephenson of Bowden, Ga. has purchasul a residence at the corner of Leonard street and Fair-view avenue and exnects to wove his ----- - family here about the first of the year. He will open a business in the city, probably a real estate office Mr. Stephenson is a big cotton buy er of Georgia and owns' considerable real estate in that state. He purchased his home here through the real estate office of Stuart, Vaught & Munck. KNEES1IAW OPENS WEST COAST REALTY COMPANY J. M. Kneeshaw, who has been in the real estate business for some time with one of the leading companies in Bradentown has decided to i ero into business for himself. He has opened offices on West Manatee avenue, in the United Markets building, and the name of the Concern will lie West Coa .t Realty Company. These Prices Good at our J. R. Mickler Store Here United Brand Butter 43c Rex Nut Oleo 25c THERE IS A DIFFERENCE in the way a grocery and meat market is conducted. We maintain a SERVICE STORE, handling meats and groceries. Every person connected with this store has one paramount ambition To Give the Very BEST SERVICE and to sell the highest class goods at the VERY LOWEST PRICE. We invite you to try our service and see if this is not true. 5 Lbs. Granulated SUGAR, 42c Round Steak, lb. .... 28c Sirloin Steak, lb. .... 32c cured Picnic Hams, lb. . . 16c Pure LardAik lb. . . . . JjSc MLK faiiipte ILK Van Camps Pork and Beans O QfXlf Van Camps Tomato Soup . . . s fop JW a Van Camp's Ml . . ...U uU Tomato Soup g Pork and Beans Irish Potatoes, 9 lbs. . . 22c HHftnBaftMftMaftBftMftaftaMHftBftaftaftHBBHMftaftaaftBftBftBHnHBftaHMBftHtHft " Octagon Soap and Washing Powder, 6 for 25c United Rolled Roast, lb. . . 22c CHEESE American Swiss New York White Longhorn Roquefort The Friendly Store "A Florida Concern" Bridentown, Fla. Apples, all kinds Lettuce Tomatoes Green Peppers ' Cranberries Yellow Squash mr

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