The Bradenton Herald from Bradenton, Florida on November 28, 1923 · 3
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The Bradenton Herald from Bradenton, Florida · 3

Bradenton, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1923
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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 28, 1 923 THE EVENING HERALD PAGE THREE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQC Gifts that Last for Xmas As usual the greatest of all gift seasons finds this store with Gifts in style to please every desire for a treasured remembrance. Let us help you with Gifts from THE LINE THAT LEADS PAYNE JEWELRY CO. THE GIFT MERCHANTS ON THE SQUARE N. E. CORNER. Bradentown, Fla, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INFOiA 1 OPENI OF ARCADE HOTEL COMES WITH THANKSGIV ING DAY DINNER TBBBB IS A CAUH FOB KVKBT The m way to gat eund b to mora the eaiM Pain fc but Natural warninf NATUROPATHY b tat NATUKV8 vital, ta-dbpaiwabla link in eotiratln your dbtaaa into HEALTH. By thb tyttoB mrrtloot cons art aaado. DR. RA8MUS8EM, Pine Strwt, oppoaita City Hall. 1147-StDp. It comes with every sack of cement. It has been made possible through the Portland Cement Association by the eighty-six cement manufacturers who are its members. They realized that important research and educational work was necessary to give people the best information on how to use cement. They also realized that this could be done better by unified effort than by any individual company alone. As a result, you may have for the asking the benefit of this Association's long and exhaustive studies on how best to use cement for the most satisfactory results in concrete construction. Whatever use you plan to make of cement whether you are building a concrete hog house or concrete dairy barn, a stretch of concrete walk or a concrete road, a silo or a skyscraper, a home, workshop or a factoryyou needn't guess. You can know. If you want information about the usefulness of concrete imder certain conditions, how to mix or place it to get the greatest value out of every sack of cement you can get it by writing any one of our 28 offices listed below. Supplying dependable information without charge by booklet, by letter or by personal conference when necessary, is the work of this Association. Millions of helpful booklets, covering a multitude of uses of concrete, are distributed annually to people who know they needn't guess who know they can get the facts from us. One of our new booklets, "Concrete in Home Sanitation," will surprise you with the number of easy ways in which concrete can be used to make the home healthier and happier. Address our near est district office for your free copy. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 111 West Washington Stmt CHICAGO cA National Organization to Improve and Extend the Uses of Concrete KOmrn Dcavar KaamCky MnrYark Saafai flirminah Pc Mniaaa LaaAaatbt Patfccobun Saaaaa Soma Uetratf - Mimchu PhiladdDhia Oiicafe Helena iiMianapoiM Jaduomilb New SLLaofa Vi Om. Wi ax. D.C. ALL HANDS SEE THE BIG PARADE Handsome Hotel in the Arcade Building is as Modern As Any Anywhere DISSOLUTION Or COPARTNERSHIP Notlet b btrtby given thai tha firm of Lamb 4 Harris fcava thb day dbaotvad eo. partnarihip, aach retaining offiea apaaa in tha aama plaec temporarily. LAMB ft HARRIS REALTY CO J. I. LAMB. W. H. HARRIS. Bradentown, Fla., Nov. 17, 1921. ll-274tDe Tata. That Was Joy But Performance in the Big Top Caps The Climax ELECTRICITY- The Safe, Convenient Way v Behind the button on the wall, a labyrinth of wires lead back over towering poles and through underground passages of Bradentown'a Portals of Power where the giant of electric energy is subdued and enslaved to the service of man. When you glance at the button on the wall you axe seeing what is the only tangible evidence of this vast mechanism of service. DO IT ELECTRICALLY THIS ENSURES GOOD SERVICE Southern Utilities Co. The new Arcade hotel, which will open with a big Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, with Mrs. R. A. Osborne as proprietress, is one that would be a credit and pride to any city in the state." The., formal opening of the fine new hotel will not be held until later posibly early in December, although after Thursday service will be given to those who wish it. The Arcade is as modern and con venient as money and skill can make it. It is modern, built with the inten tion of catering strictly to the com mercial public on the American plan, although the range of accommoda tions is in the reach of all. Rooms average from $1 to $4 per day and the meals will be served separate if desired. The spacious lobby opens on the east arcade, wing of the building. It is spacious and affords ample room for the ofice, and has plenty of comfortable chairs and lounges. The lobby occupies one-half of the en tire space of the lower floor. The loby, which has kaltex furniture, is lighted by six large ebony and gold ceiling lights, each set containing five lights, and besides this, in order to provide plenty of light there are bracket lights on the north and south side of the room, the east side being solid plate glass windows, and the stairway to the second and third floor and office being on the west side. The dining room, which occupies the north half of the downstairs, will accommodate several hundred people, each table being arranged to accommodate four people and more in case of a rush. The down stairs is finished with white walls and old ivory facings, the draperies for the windows carrying out the cream effect, with handsome valence, with just enough color to give very pleasing and artistic appear ance to the whole. Six cluster ceil ing lights and nine bracket lights, in handsome silver fixtures ' afford ample lighting features. The kitchen is as modern as money and skill can make it, everything being new and of the very latest design, both from a convenience and durability standpoint. Tile floors are used in all the downstairs rooms, and the stiarway is also of tile floor. Sixty-thr Bedrooms The second and third floors are used for sleeping . rooms and every thing is as modern and convenient as money and science can make it There are sixty-three rooms on the two floors, forty-five with private baths and eighteen without. There are two public baths. All bathrooms are finished in cream, with enamel side wainscoting and tile floors. All rooms have hot and cold running water. All the sleeping rooms are finished in nautral white, with old ivory woodwork. Each room has a telephone and clothes closet and all equipped with the best grade of iron beds, with mahogany furniture in all the rooms except the north and south rooms, which are furnished in old ivory. There are twelve rooms on the two floors facing north and south and each of these have private verandas opening on the street, with large French doors leading to same, and these rooms are furnished with old ivory furniture. Furniture in each room consists of a rug, drescer, bed, two or more chairs, writing table, telephone, stand table. The windows in the entire hotel ate arranged to open out and can be set at any angle, automatic fasteners being used. Each room is is lighted and aired by ample win dow space and each room is an out' side room. Another nice feature about the hotel is the fact that there are four nublic sitting rooms, two on erch floor. These are -equipped with al modern conveniences and comfort able furniture, including writing desk, tables and comfortable chairs and rugs. This same class and de sign of rugs and hall runners are used in all rooms and in the halls, All the rooms have mohair curtains, with lattice window shades, that harmonize with the finish of the rooms. All rooms have ceiling lights, as well as sidelights being used in part of the rooms, and brackets for electrical connection for fans if they are needed in the summer, but the rooms are so arranged that a breeze is felt in any of the rooms any hour of the day. Good View from Upper Floora From the second and third floors IRCUS IS AND IS 11 E Sparks' circus in town. There is many a small boy who might have been in school today had the circus not come to town but the circus came and that makes all the difference in the world. The tent was put up at the fait grounds this morning, work commenc ing as soon as the circus train got in from Tampa. There was much strain- ng and yelling and pulling, but order came out of the chaos of carloads of stuff, ad everything was in shape when the crowds began to gather soon after 1 o'clock this afternoon for the day performance. A greater crowd will be on hand for this evening's performance, which begins at 8 o'clock. The street parade was a good one. There were the ladies in spangles, the clowns and their friends, the dogs, and January the mule. Also the athletes in tights and looking bored. The elephants and the caged animals. Sure, it's a regular circus. There are bigger, but, as the barker at the door of each sideshow tent says, "It's the greatest show in the world" of its kind. Circus day. Fink lemnnade, stale peanuts. But who cares if the peanuts were roatsed last summer? The show's the thing. EAT AND BE HEALTHY Good, wholesome food, properly prepared, means good digestion, health and strength. Eat at THE MANHATTAN and you will be sure to secure the best eats at reasonable prices. ainmnim lll)1llllllll1IIHPIIIIIlUUiSSSaH Thanksgiving Day EAST MANATEE ITEMS Mrs. G. W. Pratt, who has been quite sick at her home in East Man atee is much improved, and her many friends hope she will soon be out again. J. D. Minor, who has been very sick for several weeks, has about recovered his usual health again. Mrs. J. D. Minor is on the sick list. Her friends hope she will soon regain her usual health. Mrs. Dowling from Georgia and Mrs. Loskkosky from South Carolina are with their parents,' Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Pratt. Mrs. C. C. Brown and daughters have returned to their home at Daytona after spending some time with Mrs. Brown's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Vernie B. Carter and little son, Clarence Edwin, have returned to Manatee after spending nearly a year in Kentucky. Miss Bettie Ruth Jennings has returned home after spending the summer with relatives in Virginia, she came by auto with her aunt, Mrs. Martin and sons. Mrs. G. W. Martin and three eons from Virginia, are with her sister, A day for turkey gobbler, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie ; for home-coming, feasting and merriment. Everyone has something to be thankful for we for more growing accounts than ever before ; you, we hope, because yours is one of them. This Institution will be closed all day Thursday, Thanksgiving Day First National Bank Bradentown, Florida. Mrs. S. H. Jennings for the winter. Little Miss Mary Eliabeth Martin zaccompanied Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wiggins home from Virginia some weeks since. ' CITY OF SARASOTA ATTACKS DECREE a good view is obtained, of the Manatee river and from the second floor, one can go to the top of the Arcade building, which affords ample room or promenade purposes. Later Mr. Osborne says they hope to utilize this space on both the east and west side of the buildinir for modern roof gardens. Mr. and Mrs. Osborne will live in the hotel so that they can be in 1 A. L. !iL tl. A wAm a fllAIV Close lOUCn W1U1 Hie uccuo uj " I guests at all time. Mr. Osborne will also continue to conduct his coffee shop and eating establishment on Manatee avenue. Bradentown people have just -cause to be proud of this fine new hotel, and are fortunate in having Mr. and Mrs. Osborne to run same, as they have made a reputation here while serving meals at their coffee shop. All reservations have been taken for Thanksgiving dinner, which will be the first meal served in the new hotel. Announcement of the formal opening will be made later. Dewey A. Dye, attorney for L. E. Reno, Sarasota contractor, went to Sarasota Wednesday to resist a motion for new trial in the case of Reno against the city of Sarasota, in which judgment was given for 9748 In a suit against the city for breach of a paving contract. John Buckett, city attorney of Sarasota represents the city. Expert Watch and Clock Repair Work D. C. Payne, an expert watch and clock repair worker, who has teen with the Payne Jewelry Co. for the past two years, has taken charge of my repair department. Let him do your work. All work guaranteed. W. N. BORDEN JEWELER Winter Visitors Why not buy a good Used Car for your use while here this Winter? Come in and see us about one. HARRY L. LAND PHONE 370 Buick and Dodge Brothers Dealers DUNAN LUMBER CO.

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