Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 12, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1896
Page 8
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feSylP«'&':KS*T^^ Last Call on Shirt THE GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO IS Never Carry Any Goods Over Until Next Season, Therefore we will put the Knife in our Shirt Waist Department and will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor. LOT NO 1 All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and, Dimities and in fact any of the finest Shirt Waists in the store worth $1.60 to $2.00. You Choice oi lot - • wac LOT NO 2 Many Waists made in best material slightly scuffed from handling, many worth up to $2.00. Your choice .-- - 69c LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, 58c and 66c, all go at 25c THE GOLDEN RULE. SPRING NECKWEAR,' SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOP LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHEP CLOTHfiER IN LOGANSPORT. Hiss Helen Hattjiews Has an Unpleasant Experience. Miss Helen Matthews, daughter of Governor Claude Matthews, aud who was roeenitly ihn guest of Miss Mary Rogers, daughter of Superintendent Rogers .of ix>ng".CLiff, had n rather unpleasant experience:-with a burglar yesterday morning at the -home of the family In Ind'hinapolls. A special dated that'clty says:; . "Governor ..Matthews's family this forenoon'hnii'a'.'imerry tlnre with a burglar. Mrs. Matthews and her daughter Helen.had gone out for a few minutes, and returned, to;find the house In some disorder. Miss Helen went up-stairs aud came face to tiite with a burglar. He spnulg-linto.one room and locked tbe door, ami site with equal agility sprangliuitoanother room and bolted.the -lock. In the meantime her screams gave the, alann/and Mrs. Matthews and the servants, upon learning the eit- uutioii, .spread' the news. The Governor's house w'as' recently burglarized, aud when it was known that another burglar W.TS in'the house there was lively scurrying about. Men came in oil the street awl-coffered their assistance, and oue of thorn, looking up at the window, saw the burglar pointing a heavy revolver at hi'iu. He got out of range nud was reinforced by numerous arrivals, and made an attack upon.' the house. But the burglar had made a sortie unseen, ai'id it appears, calmly walked into Mr. Se-hn all's 'house adjoining, nnd asked the cook for a, chisel with which to do some work. She gave it to •him, aud lie was chiseling iris way through the,'premises in scarcli of what 'might be ..useful, wlnilo detectives and ,1 host of .people were searching the Gov- •ernor's-.premises Iflgh anil low. The burglar got away. LINE COnPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to 9 •'. ' ' • 426 Broadway. P. S. If yoilwant a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of tile Celebrated Stein Block Clothing i Will Close is Sick at Marlon. .Thcie is a big demand for lee this .weather. Wils Berry is preparing a banner for the Democratic headquarters. -Born, to Mr. and Mas. Charles Baker* of Smtad street, a daughter. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schlei;. gar, of Sixth street, a daughter . . Al Moss (f Noble township, lost sbpep and two cows 'th« other dn.r bj' hear. - ,• A .sou of L. Fosslcr is just recover- 1 ing from a severe attack of typhoid fever. Menry Myer's home grown nutmeg melon on 1ee. Fresh every day.— Kothermel. : ' • Mariou McCombs, a son ot Tames Mn-' Combs has consumption, and Is reported very low. Dr. IJardtn, of Twelve Mile, will remove soon to North Manchester, "Wabash county. We show over 300 dozen shirt waists. We (jam suit you all at a momliinl price at the Bee Hive. The Troxel house, 218 Eighth St., for sale on easy terms. For particulars enquire of Ben Fisher. Theo. I'rnsh, lios taken a position •with Aaron Greensfelder at his shoe store on Third'and Market streets. ; The greatest purcliaso.of the season. 2000 shirt -waists, all new styles. • No last season's old fashioned stuff, at 23 cents on the dollar, and a guess on the •wheel thrown In,—Bee Hive. A lawn' social wi.ll be given at the Hiome of Will C. Fisher, on Bringliurst street, tills cventaj: by the Eastern! Mission Sunday school. Refreshments will be served. Souvenirs for the- ladle*. All are cordially invited to attend. ;...' Wo believe our values on shirt waists •-and remaining summer goods are eu- JL-." perlor to any others shown. To prove It-'.' this come and see wuat we are doing k bear in rnimd that but C days re- Main to make a guess on the -wheel.— "Bet Hive. Mr. Gottohalk of Elwood, took possession cf -the Third street grocery tf .Aaron Long. Two members of tho family of 13 T. Gibson en !1 c- Southside are sl2K «!rh -jHiold fever. ,The infaat jCU'Ud of'Mr. and Mra. Oscar Seybold died Monday, and vos buried yesterday. fiRobert McMJllen, who was hurt in a •runaway near Kenneth sometime Stuurdji.y r^ght, Is said to be l,mprov- .InS- j'-Lwmiel L;'-'.'.VC of the Eastend, Lnd to be reicoved to his hoone Moadir I 1 :-' frienil/5, nller being taken sick whils at the office of Attorney George W. M'alU-rc. The flthy condition of the alley Ve- twecn Market and Wall strceta is cota r plained of by people of that section, .it should bo cleaned up In tho name cf iiealthfiilness. It is said the one-legged, men of ,11-e city are preparing to meet the one- armed mtii f.t the driving park tov a game of ball for the benefit of tie Home for the Friendless. •'J.'ho funeral of the late John. Hutch- ilns'on, cf Carroll county, was held yas- tcrday morning at the St. Joseph Catholic church. The services were conducted by Father Kroeger. Be'n-FMilps of Walton, who wns struck by a Paohacdle train at that place while sitting on tbe station, platform; Is DCW an dnma.te of St. Joseph's hospital. His condition is not serious. '•The Filled Cheese law" passed liy the last Congress will go Into effect the <i.rh of feoyleniber, and it will be neo- eissaiV for the dealers'in that article- to have all such goods stamped and ac- coanted-l'or to the government. It will also" : be necessary for'each dealer to sv- cure a license -at. an outlay of $12 r. year. ' ••'•"•'••' • •'••'•'• Lena Coppock,,'.day clerk at the'Bar- nctt hotel was taken suddenly ill yesterday. , • • •'! ••'•• • ' Thomas Coles, -an insane man who was found at Peru baa-, been committed to Long. CHtt hospital. . • S. E. Sage,iocal agent here for tUe Prudential: Life-insurance company, has been transferred :to Kansas 1 City. The rains .have damaged the roads considerably, and it will .require time, labor and money 'in, no small amount, to place them ngalniin condition. Maggie Hubbard, charged with assault and battery by Julta Hoy, wa.-i fined by the- Mayor yesterday morn- log.' .The fino was...$5 aad'.'costs, and was stayed. .... .• . • The fiiT'tral- of tho .late Sarah Long will be'held Thuisday morning Cwm the resldence.-at'lO.o'clock. The Rev. F. C. Cooltnwgli of the Trinity Episcopal church will'•conduct.the services. Two fox terriers, were caught .devouring a chickett. at the hennery, of Frank Smith, the street car motoruun of East North-Btreet, yesterday mora- ir.s- The -doga will be delivered to their owners; when tbe damages have beeu-paid. .'..;.. In uany parts of the city the rank growth of weeds has been encouraged by the recent-rains,:/and-.the pest b a menace -to/health. Thure. should be a general cleaning out of weeds, as the crop next jear;will be much worse, if Ihey are allowed .to. mature this season. Mis, Jacob SchJbbin ,of Huntington, agfd ,C5 years,' died:Monday .night fit the 'home,of .her'daughter. Mrs. Mail Williams at Chicago. The deceased \v.is ; well known-, here. 'She was the uiother of Mrs. Simon Gross, and sister of Mre. Henry Paul .of thto city. Ihe remalBS''have been taken to Hnntlnston for burial, and the irelntives. from. thla city, will attend- tbe ; funeral Thursday. ADAHSBORO ORGANIZED. flany Republicans Join Sound Money Club. Hon. W .T. Wi'lson and George Gonser were at Admnsboro last night to organize a sound money club. Mr. Wilson spoke on Hie lead-In? issue, making a convincinjr and clear argument. A club was organized at tbe close of the speech with fifty members. The officers were: 1 •/. President—A. 0, Canode. Secretary-Will F. Bennett. Treasurer—Beiij. Klnzle. The mcebing was held in the Adaons- oix) school house In Miami township. There were about oue hundred and fifty listeners, nnd at least half of those present were-Populists and Democrats, who listened with, close attention and applauded with vigor when points -were made. The club resolved h> meet every Wednesday n*RUt until -after election. The Republicans of that neighborhood aire t'lroimjshiy siwaku and stirring. The leaders are confident that the result will show they have made gain. 1 ?. Republican Speakings. Republican speakings will be held ai toe following places "to Caas county: Lucerne, Friday evening, Aug. 14th- W. T. Wilson. Tl« Bed Schtool 'house in Noble towi- rfiuisdoy evening, Aug. 13tb--Q. A. Myers. Shady Nook school house Tliursday •eventoi-Kg.-lSth-W. '". Wilson-. . Eoyal Center, Saturday evening, Aug. 15th—W. T. Wilson. Clymeffi,-Saturday evening, Aug. 13th -Q. A. Myers. Deacon, Deor Oi-eek townsWp, Thus- day eventog,.Aug. 20th-Q. A. Myers. Twelve vMiilie, Saturday creoing, A.U£. 22d—W. T. WJison. Young • America, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—D. O. Josttce. Logansport Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—Hon. Theodore Shhcbncy of Union City. • W. T. Wilson will speak 'at Gailveston on Tuesday, evening, August 18. ',-.;• ATTENTION. Logan divMon No. 26 U. H. K. P- Regular session of Logan division No. 20 U.' R. K. P. Business of the most importance to -all members.'. Also to settle the;matter of attending the conclave tit Cleveland. GEO:'-A: SOHAEFEE, Capt. J. F. COMlNGOREv Recorder. ••. J. J, MAY HTTBT. . Word 1 .was received here yesterday that J; J.-May of this city was badly Injured In'a wreck at Loralne, Ohio. He nas a .family living on the Westside, but recently left here for a tour of the East. The details of the wreck were not learned and it .is not known In, wnat way -Jit Is injured. He was taken to a hospital "and is being cared for. . . : A PLEASANT PARTY. A very pleasant party was given Monday evening at'the residence of J. 0. Al- llsora la: honor of: a'nephew, 'Mllo Miller and Otto;P.hares of the.State Normal .school at Terre Haute. They were on their'way here'for the vacation. The'northt.of Ireland, is aroused in roststance to the.project of fencing in the approaches to the Giant's causewjy with a vlBWto.:levy toil on sightseers. The Event of the Day. THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. ^ We Quote a few of the many articles. Our ? 7.50 Cassimer Suits, now S3.48 Our 10.50 Cheviot Suits, now S.DO Our 13.50 Black Clay Suits, new C - 9S Our 12,00 Irish Freize Ulsters, now 5.9S Our 8.50 All Wool Beaver Overcoat, now S.9S Our 2.50 All Wooli Cassiuicr Pants, now i- 4 * Our 1.00 Working Pants, now .- • -3S 1.00 Fiae Laundered Shirts, now ^ 5 .50 Uulaundered Shirts, now : - 3 .50 WJiite Shirts and Drawer*, now - 3 .50 Gray SbLrts and Drawers, now Our Our Our Our Our .25 Buy Shirts and 'Drawers, now .20 1C Our Our Our Our .25 Suspenders, now os .04 .12 .10 Socks, no-w .20 Coou Collars, now .15 All Linen Collars, now...'. l ° Choice of any $0.50 and ?7.50 Children's suits go at $3.24. Children's Pants HALF PKICE. Boys' Suits Half Price. Hats Half Price. Gloves Half Price. It will pay anybody to come 25 miles to attend this sale,;as you'll nev.er s»e such a chanct again. Respectfully. . .'.•'.'•'' : .J HARRY FRANK, 314 FOURTH STREET. LOQANSPORT WINS." Monticello Downed in the ; 5econd Game-Baltimore Still u t&ads. That first game with Monticello was a deceiver. The Monticello fans and players seem to 'have been taken in by it. to a considerable extent, and that was where they missed it. There had been such a walk away in the game Monday that the confidence of the Monticello people ran away with their common reason, and when they went on the field yesterday it was found necessary for the mixed team from the city to drub theiu decisively. The game was one-sided until the Montl- eelto people : ,lost heart, and then the boys from Logansport allowed them to almost tie the score. The game finished with the figures 15 to 14 in favor of the team from the City of Bridges. CINCINNATI SHUT OUT. Ansou's Colts Serve the Reds -Shabbily. —Baltimore Wins.—Spiders Tic . a Game. The leaders at present in the pennant race are the Orioles, the winners of last year's championship. Yesterday they succeeded in touching the 700 mark in the percentage column. Cleveland tied wliti the ta Menders, and Cincinnati was inglprjomsly goose-egged' by-the Chicago team, which every day draws closer to third place in the big race. The following games were played yes•terday: At Baltimore—Washington 3, Baltimore 17. At Chicago—Cincinnati 0, Chicago C. At Cleveland— Louisville- C, Cleveland G, game called at the end of the eleventh inning on, account of darkness. A't Ptttsburg—St. Louis 1, fitteburg 0. . : At New .York.—BrooklynV'2, New York 8. Dwyer and Pietz were batteries for Cincinnati. Tiwo costly errors and a punch' of hits vausiU the defeat Young and Ztowner for Cleveland were pitted against the aggregation from Kentucky, but despite the fact that Cleveland had 13 hlte'-to her credit she was unable to. win. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Lost Per Ct. Baltimore <53 27 Cincinnati .05 30, Cleveland G7.- '38; Chicago 57 40.' Pittsburg C2 40 Boston; ............49 41 Brooklyn. -41' 50 Philadelphia 40 , 00 New.York .........39 .,53 Washington .......35 . 54, St.'-Louis ...........28 64 .Lo.uiflv.llle ,....22 ,,CC-;. .700 .684 .633 .5SS .563 .544 .451 .444 .424 .393 .304 .250 DIED AT THE HOSPITAL. Miss Jessie Hollowa-y was sent here yesterday from Monticello to be cared for at the hospital. Her friends and relatives, p'art_of. whom reside near Idaville, sent her to the institution, where the proper care could be given her for consumption, which bad apparently secured a relentless hold on her. The patient died last night about 9 o'clock. The relatives were at once notified, and the body will be taken away tomorrow. BAND CONCERT. The Military, band in conjunction wiili Ihe colored choir will give a concert in the amptheatre at the park tonight. Lovers of music will be entertained by instrumental and vocal music alternately. On account of the anticipated rush the band will not play on the Westslde but will leave Fourth street direct to the park at 7:15. An admission fee of 5 cents will be charged. The marriage of Miss Anna M. Carle of the Chronicle composing room, and Henry W. Peters of the Reporter, will occur today at 8 a. m., at St. Joseph church.. Rev. Father Koehne will officiate. The bridal couple will take a trip to St. Joseph and across the lake to Chicago. They will live in their own home on Sixth street. Both are .il?- cidedly popular young people. The promised cold wave struck town last night about 10 o'clock, and took the oppressive heat by surprise. The lowering of the mercury was gratefully, greeted by tbe sweUerere. ,• ,> • SHOE STYLES. ~ Some of the New Things for Tihls Fall- FdMing, the Slice Man Always In the Lead. Lime Filling received today one of Uie largest shipments of ladies' fine shot* ever sent at any one time to any Gnu in tlifis city; and to say that these goods are beautiful and the very latest ia style and fine to quality, la Ugtofaly putting it. • - • Some of cepetiaMy nobby lasts in Ihis lot of shoes is the Savoy. Ike new Bonton amid the new Tokto, all of whkli are decidedly new. The Sav.oy Is taking tJie lead in tine East and promises to be the leader for. all correct; dressers (both ladies and gentlemen) to this city.. Everybody is requested.to call and.sea these new IMngB.to shoes, even though you are noit ready to buy. shoe house, 412 Broadway.

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