Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 26, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 5
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t TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2G, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS YMCA To Open Fall, Winter Season Activities Oct. 2 ..., uu i l . ih-it ti '' Fritz Klambt, Physical Director, Arranges Varied Program •|-|.,. N:iui:aliK'!i Y. M. C ..A. will full and \vintor season Oi'tuber '-. it wnsi an- this morning. Fritz physical director, .Mtutos your ludks likp one of the • :. HowliiiK. badminton, "^'•'wiuM::. Jirrohntios, nnd K? m j'.h'-'jii's :uv iiu'ltuli-d In the well- ',-iiinili-il "»'• program. Thu climax „'••' tin- IM-l-l' 1 --ii'ason will coruo v-'itt- tin' annual exhibition of Mr. Kla'i'.il'!* jryin classes iho last Fri- n'v :i;iil Saturday of April. "i't'wiM '"' lllt ' thirteenth annual, ii'Xt Api'il. Miu'h irpairinj.:. cleaning, puint- '•-,)• <!ur:m; tin- summer muuths will I '[i'-J':hi' "Y" in nrn' of tho best' ,''iJ:!ili:iuns sincii the building was .,,: nj'i-neil. Tho swimming pool i,':iVha',l an ciuiro KPinK over. The ••;;,>:' :'o:' tho swimming; 1 pool dls-'.tli 1 '!. lu-w sand boin),' replaced, •v.iioli i"'"' plnniliini; and re-nf- .•nini'ir.i'nt i>:' piping, the ponl'y siJ::i« and fluiifinij being thO'.'ouKh- iv suiul'L'or, i!i'.,000 t;;illuns of wa- t'o! 1 . now i':isini;!t and new doors, :II;I!;L' '-I'.' 1 I 10 "! an. cxccllont attnic- Tln 1 ^yr-.i has had a brushlnp: down. tu::ipl'i'trly w.ishecl from ceiling- M ir.r t'Kioi'. tho floor sanded, vc- :;.;,•,! .and a t:-iplo coatinK of nonsliulilitii: inatorinl applied, jjlvo the jil.H'i' an appour.'ince cif newnusM. •|'!H' tt ininniiK-i havu boon changed froiii t;:'<vr. to I'Uie, with etl>,-in<.s, diriii-.s. luoUi'i-s which Uold cquip- sr.i'ji. All tin' oaU doors and win- ili/v.-j Jiavr had a coatinK of (iaU -•..•u.'i v.unish. Tlio iiiiparatus has tift'.'i i-.'painti.'d, and acvorul new M|n\i have heon installed. Wast'- ,V,TI dnwn to the piano, ovofythinjr II.K liad sdiurthlnK done to It. \V:th ;'. yn'Jit nii.-nbi.-i- of boys ::il;i::k' advanta.vo of their iM-cdit ila, 1 tiii^r. ffom the 10 con: svvlrn- niia/ (hiriiu: thi- .sunirr.or rnontlis, ;||.' Miili:-'!'.-* class i.i inci'oasinK j .".nil tho boys have until Oct. '1st to Kot in on the 10 cent suvlm- uiinc credit. Tho youiiKer (,'li'ls 1 gym class which had uti cnrollmont of two hurulred utul twenty three, the Y'a .ni'Kest class, is vibout the same with several new members, al- thouph u .few have left Naugatuci; foi' other cities. A large Intermediate class Is to workout on M6ntluy and Thursday nijjhts as all hiKh school boys which wore grammar school last your, advance themselves to tho Intermediate >,'roup. Tentative schedule: Monday: U. S. Badminton league • r >:00 to ti:TiO; Intermediate- gym class, U:M to 7:00. and the Senior K.vru class. 7: DO to 0:30. Tuesday: -Ladies' day. Younger {,-ii'l.s 1 frym clftss 3:30 to -1:30 follow- oil by swimmlnff to 5:00 o'clock. U. S. Badminton loaKtio. ri:00 to 0:50 Older Rirls' fryrns class, U:DO to S:00, followed by swimming. Ladies' jrym class, 8:00 to 9:10. and swim-. JllillfT. Wednesday: Juniors 2:00 to 3:15. Midget's gym class, S:"0 to -l:-0 followed by swimming. U. S. Badminton league, 5:00 to ti:.lP. Thursday, U. S. Badminton leafrue ;":00 to C,:SO, Tntcrmcdiato gyi'i class, 0:50 to 7:50. Senior gym class, 7:50 to 0:30. Friday, Junior class 2:00 to 3:'.in. Midgets' class swimming at 3:30. U. S. badminton, 5:00 to (!:ID. Practice and game night fo rthi! U. S. Rubber basketball t^am. Saturday morning, the Midgets' gym class with drill, squad work, basketball primes and swimming froui 0:00 to 11:30. Satin-day aftcr- non, special work as Junior leaders, apparatus and games, Mrs. Noble Allen has stated she. would again play the piano for the irym class, also making her 13th year of faithful service to the "Y." Mrs. Arthur Almquist will handle the supjervision on Ladies' day at the "Y" and has been with the "Y" since it opened. Mr. Alex Sullivan, another faithful worker for the "Y" will handle most of the swimming, and coach tho team. Do Not Disturb Tractor plows exceed horse-drawn plows i:i tho U. S. It's not often that: one finds u ludy abuaril :\ naval vosst'l. IJut hitro's one \vho livt-s on n U. S. ship, llur name's l<':iuny anil she's shown keeping watch boncatli lier master's hunk. (Intonui- tionnl) Germany Said To Have Huge 10-Ton Rocket With tin: Third Army. France, Sept. 20 —(UI-M- -The front li.-ics are hu'/x.inK with rumors at^iut Hitler's vcii^'oanco weapon No. 2. The unconfirmed stories tlivcrihn the V-2 r.s a IIUKB .11 ton rocket, nearly !iS feet lonir nnd five nnd a quartnr feet in diameter. TL'H radius is placed .it ono and a third miles, and the "rocUet" is. said t(i I 1 " 1 prnm-Mfil b" lir-|iiki air and alcohol, and is controlled by radio after it has left its base. t SUPPLEMENT YOUR DIET WITH Keep fit through the winter by rounding out your diet with vitamins. We carry every type of high quality tablets and capsules. Your doctor will advise the kind to benefit you most. See us for your supplies. Buy Your Following Donovan's Prescription Pharmacy 217 Church Street Tel. 4125 Vitamins at Any of the Naugatufck Drug Stores: Albert R. Adams 2 Church Street Tel. 2680 Olson Drug Store 174 Church Street Tel. 3341 Naugatuck Drug Co. 1 No. Main Street Tel. 4288 Parks Drug Co. 67 Rubber Avenue Tel. 2854 Edward J. Sodlosky 411 North Main St. Tel. 4921 Baldwin Defends Abolition Of State Public Works Bept, New Haven, Sept. 20—(UP)— Governor is-uymonJ hi. Baldwin, speaking; at a meeting of New i^uven County KOpublican Women's associations, defended the abolition of the State Public Works department. The' governor says that-CO per cent of. the administrative cost has boon eliminated by having the jtate comptroller perform duties formerly assigned to the Public Works department. And, he s'ays, the number of personnel has been reduced from CL 1 to S. >> Tho Democratic candidate for United States senator—Brier. McMahon — addressed New Haven county Democrats, McM'ahon snys imt "either we go forward with Roosevelt to complete victory, permanent peace and f.uil employment,: or we return to the isolation, both political and economic, of .the I-InrdinK-Coolidge-Hoover administrations. Meanwhile, at Hartford. Republican St:UO Chairman Harold • E. Mitchell urges that "every rn.'.in and woman in the state" vote on election duy. In 1'JIO, Mitchell s;iys, 230,000 persons of voting agf: did not appear at the polls. Pointing out thai Roosevelt won Connecticut, by 50,000 votes in 31MO, Mitchell says, "I foci certain that if tl.-jse absent votes had been' recorded there never would .have been a third term." Fight For Homes GI'S TIOKKIKK FI.IES . HOME Keor.o. N. H. (U t>)—The .pel Scotch terrier of Cpl. Lawrence CI. Stimton was sent home to spend' the summer with the aid of the Rod Cross, which nrninfred air rind !'!iil passr.iffc from Pcnama. Talcing shelter in a doorway, thcsi: civilians of, Bol- jfium, t:iko pot shots ;\t Nazi Hiiipcl'S who attempted in hold out and-delay the occupation of the-' city liy Allied forces. (International) NO mFKE'R'ENClS IN' WIDTH Wood bury, Vt. (UP)—Back in thi! heyday of Woodbiiry as :L f,-ran- ito contor, the president of the nine-mill! r.tilro:id conner-Uni; the' town and qunrries ol'fercd lo exchange passes with the president of the New York Central, admitting that his line was shorter, hut insisting that "it's just as wide." Night School Classes Start With * Good Attendance Classes in three commercial subjects and Americanization were .held last night as borough evening: schools smarted the new school year. Classes were fairly well attended, it was reported, tho first night of 22nd year of Naugatuck night school. The commercial subjects were typing, 1 complometry, and shorthand. Mrs. Gertrude Madigan, director of night school, said that if more people register, basic mathematics, ilide rule reading, and vocabulary will be started in the school. . A sewing class will start at .-the 'ligh school Wednesday night and it will also meet Friday nights, with Dorothy Moss as instructor. Teachers Monday night were: High schbool, Mr:. 1 . Edith H-jnan, Miss Margaret O'Toole; • Salem school, where A-mericani^ation classes are taught, Mrs. M.inni'e Baxter and M'iss Louise Gemini; Hop Brook, where a. third Americanization class is held, Mrs. Edward McCarthy. Tho Americanization classes will he held Mondnys, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7 to 0:30 p. m. i Letters From Our Readers Sept. 22, No.ujju.tuck' Daily News Gentlemen: Received the coml>ination memo .md address l»ok you tend to servicemen and am very grateful for :his contribution. T. also get the .Vows regularly and enjoy it very much. While at Cam]) Elandinp; in Florida I p.osscd the paper on to several fell ova from Nauffatuch, who v/erc also in the same company with me. They appreciated this very much, as any fellow in the service enjoys his home town paper best o£ all. Even while at l.'ime the News was my favorite. Joe Pisani from Beacon Falls was in the same company with me at Islanding. As a coincident his brother Nick is mess sergeant in my new company. Page Five •M ^^^H I'm ntill in Anti Tank »nd attached to the lOOlh • division. A» iu: yvnU-'j'u.nK company our chief !>uij<(.2c is to protect Uie troop* j.i-oi.i n-joch;n!=cj «.ttack. In order I fj accomplish this we have large ijun..', tlie "als-cady famous Bazooka nnd ,-j.nti-tank Ri-cnades. Any one of the .three is perfectly capable o: jjuulm; a tank out ol »clion, ! v/!ji:i used a.1 the proper range.;r never read anything r.bout :int:-Ui.iik in tho paper, I included llio previous paragraph, thinking you niiBhl be interested in it. Hoping tho News will follow mo wherever I go. I remain, Pvt. Arthur Grubenmann. NO. swr-isis ' : A. T. Co. '-122 In'fan. A. P. O. -M3 Camp Alterbury, Indiana •DEATH UKPORTED New York, SopU 20—^UP)— A Berlin bi-oadcast'reports the death of Huso Thimig'90, member of l]io Vienna Burg theater since the last century- Bcrli r.snys Thimig 1 uied in Vienna. Prase Simple nil r nri irr rlLt RCLItr iws ouicn. Simple piles need nnl-wracknndtorlurcyou v.-ith tnndrluninK i:ch. burn nnd irritnlion. StunrL'i* Pyramid Sunnofciioricii brinR I qu'ick, u'clcomc relief. Titter Krand nicdi- cnfion mrann rcnl comfort, reduces Slruin, helps lirtlKcn relaxed rncmhr.nnep, KcmJy lubricnti'* nnd noftens. Protective nnrl nnli'ChnfimK, so cawy lo use. Get Kcr.uinn Smart 1 * Pyramid Supponiloricn ni your uf; alorc without ticiuy—GOc nnd $1.20— ^ on make: ncy-bnck Heavy Turkish Towels LarRc sixe bath towels of quick- drying, fluffy cotton terry. Firm Ions wcai'injj weave. Choose from .•-•olid pasicJs, colored borders or plaids. WASH A '. CLOTHS .. * for G. C. MURPHY GO. Church Street Naugatuck, Conn. Admiral Ernest 'J. King —"The dolL-us of every patriotic American must 1 continue to build invasion ships to transport our men cind materials in increasing numbers to the many nclivc fronts. In 1M-1, more than ever before, the money we invest in War oonJs is of supreme importance." General George C. Marshall —"The American people must give not only their full personal effort but the full use of their dollars invested in War Bonds to back these attacks. There is no alternative. Total victory is in sighd but it can only be won by conccr.iraling every resource of America to the task." e tfrsfS years fare 6een -ffieeasfesf/ I.'j easy 1-3 g!ve everything you've cot \vhen ;, _j're scared to death and fighting for your life. Il's hardest to bear down when tilings look l: ;.i the bag." r' As t!ie war looks to;iny, for inslnnco. r j /cr-confider.ce may not lose us this \vav. Eul a ii. makes us case i:p, it can prolong it. Even if only one extra day is added to the war —U'st one—thousands of American boys may die for it. Perhaps, God forbid, a friend of yours, or son, or brother, or sweetheart, or husband. So don't slow down now. Don't coast. Buy •Bonds wilh thr.t extra cash—all' the Eomls you cnn. After all, buying Bonds is not only a pairloll. but a very \visc thing lo do. The dollars y,,;: put iti Bonds now will come back to you— bringing more dollars with them. Dollars ihc.1 can mean happiness, security, conifort—just when you'll want those things most. Buy War Bonds for your Country. Buy them -\ • yourself. They're the woiWs safest in vooi i; ;.. and to hoid This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's Ail-Out War Effort by The NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS

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