Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 12, 1963 · Page 25
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 25

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1963
Page 25
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Golesbur ister-Mail, Galesbu The Weeders Guide By EARL ARONSON AP Newsteatures PEONIES, (maim favorites, have departed for another season. Their blooming period is short but the American Peony Society ad* vises that the blooms of cut peonies may be preserved for over a month if* for example, you want to save them for a flower show or home display. , — 1 — Cut the peonies at the most f«». and J 24 inches ^ 1 long at maturity. propitious time and store them at a temperature of 36 degrees. They'll keep quite a while also at temperatures up to 60 degrees. The blooms should be chilled for several hours before being brought into a show room. This prevents wilting. Peonies are best stored with the stems in 8 inches of water. Muirhead is considering a second greenhouse and enlarging his plant hospital. In many cases, the plant doctor reported, repotting with proper soil and addition of nutrients, or a trimming were all that was needed to restore plants to health. * * * Repairs May** Remodel Closets (Contteued ttm page 24) f 0 p r0 | ec | Jfturf pieee of furniture up considerab« ly. It is worthwhile if you have i treasure when finished, but often it would have been cheaper to buy a good piece in the begin* | ta fc eft out 0 { Now 'i a good time to mothproof your closets to protect val* uable woolens and furs during the cold weather months. Once Singles, semidoubles and Japanese varieties may be cut for storage when the, bud is showing ^ ed color. Ful^douWe^typesjhould ^ ., honeydew „ or .. tree J aln ... Look out for aphid infestations if you find your parked automo- ning. One man, who bought a severe* ly damaged Boston rocker for $15, could have gotten one in good con* ditioh at the same sale for $27. But the enjoyment he had in re* finishing the piece was worth the trouble. Attitude is something that must be taken into consideration when making a decision too, and that can be evaluated only by the interested party. Never buy anything that needs to be repaired if you feel wishy-washy about doing it. bags, be cut when almost fully open. Put them in cold storage as soon as possible after cutting, with the buds in paper bags to pre- honeyde Generally what you believe is sap oozing from trees is the result of aphids or perhaps scale vent bruising. ft e should J"** ^SLSS FElI™ Your trees may be stunted by After removing FORWARD SET living room allows windows on two sides and sliding doors on a third side, opening on a private porch. The dining room and the kitchen also open on this porch. The third bedroom, near the foyer, can be used instead as an office and a door can open into the foyer. The living room wall along the front porch, from the fireplace, is brick and projects into the foyer. Other exterior materials are brick veneer and V groove vertical boards. Architect for HA303M is Rudolph A. Matern, 90-04 161st St., Jamaica 32, N .Y. The plan includes 1,540 square feet of living space. POWERFUL PLUNGER CLEARS CLOGGED TOILETS in a jiffy! ® L*^BW', NEVER AGAIN that sick feel in* when your toilet overflows Toilet {MSHSI Plunger r Unlike ordinary plungers, lb i la flex does not permit compressed air or messy water to splash back or escape. With Toilaflex the full pressure plows through the clogging mass and swishes it down. Can't miss I • DESIGNED TO FLEX AT ANY ANGLE • SUCTION-RIM STOPS SPLASHBACK • CENTERS ITSELF, CANT SKID AROUND • TAPERED TAIL GIVES AIR-TIGHT FIT Get the Genuine 'Toilaflex' AT HARDWARE STORES EVERYWHERE $265 By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures erages. The tiles can be reset by applying a special tile cement. QUESTION: We have moved I In both these cases, all loose into an old house and find that there are many openings around the bathtub, the corners and at the floor joints. These openings are at places where there are wall tiles. Some of the tiles are loose, although still clinging to the wall. Appreciate your advice on how to fill these spaces to prevent damage from water. ANSWER: The openings around the top of the bathtub and at corners and floor joints should be sealed with a waterproof plastic or other type of caulking compound. There are many good brands on the market for this specific purpose. The compound is applied directly from the tube by maintaining a steady pressure while it is being guided along a joint. Let the compound set for 10 or 15 minutes, then smooth it out with a wooden stick of the type used in ice cream pops or supplied with containers of coffee or other bev- mortar or other crumbling material should be removed before the new compound and cement are applied. Read the instructions on the tube of the particular compound you buy to see whether painting is recommended. • * • (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. Individual correspondence can hot be undertaken.) The time to take tied your plants outdoors for a vacation is when the temperature Is about the same outdoors as it is indoors. Plunge them in your garden, window boxes or outdoor planters up to the pot rims. Po- Beautify Your Home MO , Nationally Advertised / ALUMINUM AWNINGS In minutes we'll gl¥§ It to * i you from In a Du Pont Paint our Color Mootor v Guorfltttttd fcv ^ Goad Mvuif kf f pin{ * + * 1_ * * * I Get cool comfort from fully ventilated design and bright "halo-light" underside. Lasting beauty from 2-coat baked enamel finish, guaranteed not to rust, chip, crack or peel, Sfy/e* Ior window, door, porch or patio. Point Mixing Hnohlno. Set precisely the shade you went ...the •mount you aeed in the correct Du Pont ftoiMi for the Job. More than 1200 colors available) to match drapes, wallpaper, rugs. "It pays to shop at CleyV GALESBURG CANVAS Y'S WALIPAPER PAINT 43 %. Prairie Phen. 342-5517 187 West Losey Strttt 343-9384 WIS? • feed on new, tender growth and the peonies destroy the plant's vitality. Es- from storage remove a half inch pecially subject to such foraging of the stem before replacing are maples, linden, tulip, beech, them in water. Then watch the buds open. So ma plants began » * * * persons fruit trees and some pines and fir. To control aphids, spray with with ailing CO ntact insecticide, such as nico- asking Edmund tine sulphate. The solution will Muirhead of Fall River, Nova ^ more effective if you add an Scotia, what to do about them ounce 0 f soap fl a k es to a gallon that the 57-year-old sheet metal 0 f water and the prescribed in- worker converted his greenhouse to a plant hospital. Then, Muirhead said, people began bringing him plants to ex- secticide. The soap will aid the spreading action. And as soon as you notice the spots on your car, walks or barbecue, wash them off immediately with clear, cool water. Don't fet it set and harden. » » • Clean the leaves of your green plants by wiping them gently with a cloth dipped in an equal solution of milk and water. Brush fuzzy-leafed plants. a •• READ THE WANT ADS! protective these items are fair game for pesky moths. One of the most effective and economical ways to protect your clothes is to install aromatic red cedar lining in your closets. This easy-to-handle material, which is available in pre-packaged bundles at local lumber dealers, can be installed right over old closet walls. It also can be nailed over open framing in a new closet. An entire closet can be lined over a weekend for approximately $50. To realize the maximum moth- protection benefits from a closet lined with aromatic red cedar, follow these four general rules; 1. Keep the closet as air tight as possible. Close the door securely after storing or removing articles. 2. Wipe the cedar occasionally with a dry cloth to tmsm dust and dirt* t. Sand the wood lightly every y§sf of sd to ftopsfi (MSf closed wood poree ifid f* new the strength of the cedar fragfanct. 4. Air dry of dry clean til articles before storing them. m READ THE WANT ADS I Be modern with k A NEW SHOWER HEAD JUST PUSH BUTTON TO CLEAN HOLT PLUMB IHO ft HCAT1NO 192 E. Brooks — S49-437S You can «v«n put it on yourself or KIRK'S "Houso Doctor" sorvico will help you or put it on for you. Call today. of Beauty ALUMINUM .^4 law amine. Muirhead, his wife and three children, all with an affection for gardening, moved to Canada from England 10 years ago. They delight in seeking new varieties of flowers and vegetables and have cross-bred begonia seed from Japan, petunias and tulips from Holland, and many subtropical plants. Other Muirhead developments include an acid-free white tomato being tried by stomach ulcer suf- t rous clay pots permit your plants to breathe more easily than plastic containers. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • For Laundry • For Bath • For Kitchen With on WATER * SOFTEN ER Galesburg Soft Water Co. Phone 343-9068 175 N. Cherry Galesburg, III COOKING WATER HEATING HOME HEATING . . . Before yon repaint, repair or replace get the facts about aluminum siding. No other exterior finish offers you so much. • NO MOM PANT BUS • LOW COST • WUN'I ROT OR WAV • WONT LUMBER CO 45 S. PRAIRIE ST. 1006 MONMOUTH BLVD. CALL 343-2128 How your health? 1 Give yourself this simple test Is your will up to date? Changes in state laws, in federal statutes, in your family relation* ships, in Treasury Regulations, in court decisions, in your financial r status and in inheritance taxation may have materially altered the results which you sought to attain by your will* Have you reviewed your will with your lawyer lately? up your participations for the greatest advantage to youndf, your family and your heirs* Are there new federal, state or municipal laws or ordinances whioh affect you? Your lawyer can bring you up to date andean Instruct you OB bow to obtain man'mum advantages or to diminish llaMitfefc Are your records adequate? Income taxes, estate taxes, real estate taxes, Inheritance taxes all may be vitally affected by the records which you keep with respect to your financial transactions and your property ownership* Your lawyer can set you straight. Have there been changes in the amounts, nature or availability Of any of your assets or property? Your lawyer can counsel you on how best to adjust to tfcS'tMF situation-rand to make the most out of what you bam Is your ownership of real estate clear and complete? Your title insurance policy, leases affecting your property, the rights of others in your real estate, and improvement contracts relative to your real estate may require the examination and suggestions of your lawyer. How do you hold title to your real and personal property? In joint tenancy with your wife? In your wife's name? As a tenant in common? In your own name? In a land trust? Each of these methods of holding title may have a different effect on your tax status and on your ownership. Your lawyer can advise you as to the best method of property ownership for your particular situation. Do you carry on business through the type of legal organization most advantageous to you? Do you operate through a partnership, a corporation, sob ship or a trust? Your lawyer can recommend the bast method fit your; particular situation. Should you make gifts to your family or establish trusts for their benefit? Substantial tax benefits may bo available to you through such actions. Your lawyer can tell yo 10 nt in a retirement pli Or a pension plan; a profit sharing plan? How do you stand teepect to Social Security? Your lawyer can suggest how best i Are you adequately protected against liability from accidents or other oauses? Are you safeguarded against mishaps of your family ov your ployees? Are all of your possessions properly protected apdnrt loat or damage? Your lawyer can help advise yoa» Most everyone agrees that an annual medical check-up is a good Idea. Questions such those above make everyone realize that another good habit is an Call your lawyer for an appointment now. It's a wise man who beUev^ /• (it tu - *t h i, 'J. i ENSURED urn Alio inn AM) I'lUlM ' CO.WAM • 1 Chicago Title andTxast Company III WEST WASHINGTON 8TBEET, CHICAGO 9, ILLINOIS Local representative J. TUPPER TITLE & ABSTRACT CO. 220 WEINBERG ARCADE GALESBURG PH. 343-461*

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