The Manatee River Journal and Bradentown Herald from Bradenton, Florida on January 11, 1917 · 8
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The Manatee River Journal and Bradentown Herald from Bradenton, Florida · 8

Bradenton, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1917
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® "' '' ' J 1 " 1 ’’ i fi '’ ' ’- V'1' ' '' f "'r i' V- ' t ' '"' ’ '' PAGE EIGHT THE MANATEE RIYEB JOURNAL THURSDAY JANUARY 11 1917 - fc! ? to v rfo r- p 'If ' to t' DINNER PARTY AND NEW CLUB CO COMMISSIONERS FAVOR CHANGE IN DEPOSITARY LAIJ' (Continued from ppe one) same such purchases being for one railroad tank car of oil at a time” The Board then took a recess until 1:30 p m when they reassembled and the meeting called to order by the chairman On motion of J W Ponder seconded bv H E Maury the bond of Ros-The new club which has not yet j Scott in the sum of $500 as been given a name is to meet once a Notary Public was approved week every two weeks is to be given to a dinner and the evening meetings are all to be full dress affairs At alternate meetings the form of entertainment is to be left with the host and hostess and it is planned to have many delightful outings including yacht and motor parties during the season The membership of this club consists of Dr and Mrs J B Leffingwell Mr and Mrs John A Graham Mr Mr and Mrs F- D Barker gave a delightful dinner last evening to a newly organized social club in compliment to their house guest Mrs D T Beasby of Oil City Penn The decorations were in red and green And the after-dinner hours were spent at five hundred Prizes for high score went to Mrs J B Singeltary and Mr E P Shupe and MrsJB Singeltary Mr and qJ Sarasota-Venice Special Road an(j Bge District were authorized and directed to pay the interest on Bonds for said district due this day On motion of J W Ponder seconded by H E Maury a vote of thanks was tendered to the Chairman of the Board Mr M G Rushton in appreciation of the uniform courtesy and valuable help and advice given by him in relation to the public affairs of the county during the term of the present board Mr Rushton responded thereto and in turn thanked the Board as a whole for their dose attention to the public’s interest during their term in office and for the agreeable manner in which they had conducted the business affairs of Manatee county ‘ On motion of J W Ponder seconded by H E Maury the minutes of the last regular meeting of December 4th and adjourned sessions of December 5th 14th and 23rd were then read and approved The Board then adjourned until 9 o’clock a m Tuesday Jan 2 1917 when they again met all members being present except II F Tabor the clerk and sheriff were also present and the meeting was opened by proclamation of the sheriff On motion of J W Ponder seconded by II E Maury Mr M G Rush-ton was selected as Chairman of the Board for the ensuing term J R Etter then nominated Mr Chas T Curry as Attorney for the Board for the ensuing term which was seconded by H E Maury J W Ponder nominated Mr W B Shelby Crichlow as attorney for the board for the ensuing term On being put to vote Mr Curry was elected Commissioners J R Etter and H E Maury voting for and J W Ponder against On motion of J W Ponder seconded by J R Etter a warrant was ordered drawn in favor of W M Tuttle in the sum of $30000 for services in the Sarasota-Venioe Special Road and Bridge District for the months of October November and December On motion of J R Etter seconded bv J W Ponder the bond of George T Dickie as member of the Board of Public Instruction District No 1 in the sum of $200000 was approved On motion of J W Ponder seconded by H E Maury a warrant was ordered drawn in favor of D C Che-npv in the sum of $5 00 for burial of W’h Potter TV" then proceeded to select three hundred names from the Regis--''on Books as Jurors for the year- The regular meeting of the Brad-entown Music Club was held Tuesday afternoon at the Woman’s club room Mrs A F Stahl had charge of the program which was given by the second division of the membership the first and third divisions responding to roll call with current events in the musical world Sidney Homer arid Arthur Foote were the composers taken up and the following program was given: Paper on Homer and Foote — Mrs S G Hollingsworth Solo— “The Boat Song” Homer-Miss Hubbell Solo — “Dearest” Homer — Mrs J H Humphries Songs — “Last Leaf”' and “Uncle Rome” Homer — Miss Evora Hull Solo — “Love Me If I Live” Foote — Mrs M' K Herrin Solo — “I’m Wearing Awa’ to the Land o' the Leal” Foote — Miss Myrtle Shirley Trio — Medley Southern Songs — Mrs Leffingwell Mrs Trimble and Mrs Humphries MISSIONARY RALLY Among the late arrivals in Bradcn-town are the following: Dr and Mrs H Haliday Miss Kate Ilalidav C F Haliday of Athens Ga and W H Haliday of Jefferson Ga Mr 1917 and Mrs T F Wakeland of Indian-apolis Ind Mrs Laura F Snod- WOMAN’S CLUB HEARS OF grass and Mrs Mary R Snodgrass of Kirklin Ind ALL DAY MEETING The Missionary Society of the Baptist church will hold ait all day meeting Tuesday at the church ‘when an interesting program will be provided for both morning and afternoon Mrs W C James of Richmond Va president of the W M U of the j Southern Baptist convention Mrs H fC Peel man of Jacksonville secretary of the Florida W M U and probably other women prominent in the work will be present and give interesting talks on various phases of the work 1 The women of other societies in Bradentown and adjoining towns are invited to attend this meeting ARTHUR C PRICE ARCHITECT Miabr State Bmt4 of AfcMUctan '9 v Bradaatown Fla Phene 19 Saturday Special 3— Three— 3 Aluminum Sauce Pans I- I i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! i 3— Different Sizes — 3 lQt 1 1-2 Qts and 2 Qts Only $1:09' I See Our Window ri Ll Bradentown On motion of J W Ponder seconded by H E Maury the bond of G B Adams as Justice of the Peace District No 7 in the sum of $50000 was approved On motion of J W Ponder seconded by J R Etter A Stanley Lampp was appointed Road Overseer in the Englewood District in place of M L Anderson On motion of J W Ponder seconded by J R Etter the Bond Trustees EXPERIENCES IN THE SOUTH SEA ISLANDS I Continued from pw onl gram has been arranged as follows nd refreshments will be served bv the club Excerpts from the Opera Wanita— (Baldwin) Bass Solo— Indian Chief Waregan— Mr Vaught Alto and Baritone Duet—' Wanita and Opkpo (Indian Maid and Warrior —Mrs Patten and Mr Vanden bosch Soprano Solo — Dorothy (Puritan Maid) — Mrs Collins Tenor Solo— Donald (Puritan Captain)— Mr Vicer Quintette— “Peace For the Night is ended’’— Mrs Collins Mrs Patten Mr Viser Mr Vandenbosch Mr Vaught Violin Duet— Mr and Mrs Bean ac companist Mrs Hollingsworth “King Robert of Sicily”— For Reel tation and Pianoforte (Longfel-low-Rosetter G Cole) — Lo s ly-man Patten Alice Etheridge Beck Furniture Co REV GETES TELLS OF INDIAN ATTACK ON BRADEN CASTLE (Continued from pin one) tantially built house in the county teing constructed to withstand the The regular business meetim of the Woman’s Missionary Society of usaults of Indians who were at that the Methodist church was held at the t me on the warpath much of the garBCg classroom on Tuesday after-time The settlers of this section cnew not when their slumbers would e disturbed by the war whoop of the Seminole bent upon reprisals for the roken treaties of their paleface jrethren Braden castle was built of shell gathered from the bottom of the river and mixed with lime burned from the same kind of material and marl mak- ng a splendid substitute for the cement now so universally in use The abor was done by slaves belonging to Dr Braden who then owned what las later been known as the Foster plantation The lands of this large1 ilantation were used for growing sugar cane the making of sugar be-ng the most important industry of ie Manatee river section in the early days In this old castle were royally intertained friends of the doctor and iis family the proverbial southern hospitality being dispensed with a avish hand It was during a time that Dr Braden and family were fcn-ertaining guests that a band of In-ians made an attack upon the castle an account of which is furnished the writer by the Rev E F Gates in the Allowing language: “Correlated with the history of South Florida stands the present town of Manatee the oldest on the peninsula south of Tampa dating back as le only and first frontier settlement the fall of 1841 which was shortly after the close of the long war of five rears with the Seminoles “Correlated with the history of danatee were some of the exciting and tragic events of Indian outbursts rom 1848 to 1857 During these years ie Indians frequented Manatee and rt some seasons of the year almost aily for trading purposes Knowing le suspicious and treacherous nature of the red men how soon a conceived wrong would prompt him to revenge was a source of perpetual worry fo ie sugar planter who lived in night-y fear of the torch being applied to is sugar house and the women and liidren in dread of his tomahawk and scalping knife “Prominent among the Indians’ gt empted depredations in Manatee was ieir unexpected attack upon Dr iector Braden in his castle home — concrete building made of shell ime and sand which happily served this instance as a shield against he Indians’ torch A more cautious man than Dr Braden — to be protected against any surprise by Indian raids — never lived To see that all of his family with his servants and visitors were in the house doors barred and windows closed was prompt-y done at sunset This precaution was his salvation for in the spring of 1856 at the hour of dusk while hp and family were seated at supper a rap was heard at the front door A servant girl upstairs prompted by curiosity to see the callers at that hour cautiously looked out of a window Under the dim light she recog-ized the callers as Indians judging rom their dress general appearance nd what appeared to be guns in their lands She hastened down stairs and meeting her master approaching he door she quietly gave the alarm The doctor was amply supplied with arms and had two gentlemen friends guests — Mr Firman Chaires of Tallahassee and the Rev J J Sealy Vith guns in hand they repaired to the second story the doctor looking out of the window and seeing a num-ler of forms standing on the front porch asked who they were “A cautious man is always a conscientious man and fearing to act tastily lest some sad mistake be nude he refused to be thoroughly 'stisfled that they were hostile In-d’sns and called out that if they did not answer he would shoot The reply was the crack of several rifles some of the bullets entering the window casing near the doctor’s head luring their quick retreat from the ’rent porch tne doctor responded with his double-barrel gun wound-ng one Several shots were exchanged at random mingled with a good deal of Indian profanity in Eng-ish “Making their retreat through the doctor’s plantation quarters they made captive several of the planter’s negroes and stole a number of his mules with which to carry their captives and booty This proved to be an ill-conceived plan for it rendered pursuit easy their trail being plainly visible “The firing at the castle was heard hy the neighbors u company was formed and the pursuit began the Indians being overtaken at what was called Joshua’s creek under whose banks the Indians were preparing their noonday meal There was no guard on watch and the Indians were completely surprised The pursuin: party closing in on three sides lefi no aVenue of escape except by swimming the creek which a number o: the Indiana attempted to do and al were killed or mortally wounded Some of their scalps were brough home as souvenirs or proof of having measured out to the savages in the same measure they gave the whites The mules were recovered and the negroes shouted 'good for Buckra “The Indians ever afterward gave Manatee the gy-by for they Manatee was ‘holiwakas’ (bad cine)” The bullet holes in the window cas ing of the castle are plainly visible to this day but the supposed port holes were the holes left oy the timbers that were used to support the flooring and reinforce the building Even in late years treasure hunters have made excavations all over the ground supposing that Dr Braden before hia death had buried large sums of money there Nothing of value has ever been found however and in all likelihood there will be no further digging for treasure on Castle point by those of the present generation — Tampa Times sai medi- METHODIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY BUSINESS MEETING AND ANNUAL REPORT noon Mrs C W White presided After the devotional exercises Mrs T R Easterling the retiring president gave the following report of the past year’s work: Regular meetings thirty-seven A number of local work and committee meetings Study Class thirteen program meetings completing study of book: “Home Missions in Action” partly completing “Rising Churches in Non-Ohristian Lands” also study of the Gospel of St Matthew” Superintendent of Supplies boxes o the value of $6000 gent to Metho-ist Orphanage visits to sick and 0 strangers 576 garments given 282 and other charity work Treasurer’s report total $20875 Local Treasurer $50900 Total amount funds raised $71775 Total membership 74 new mem-iera SO Junior Missionary Society members 47 money raised $2400 At the dose of the report a rising vote of thanks and appreciation was endered Mrs Easterling for her enthusiastic and efficient service as president of the society during 1916 and for the comprehensive and interesting report which she gave of the work of the society during' her presidency Mrs H E Mower was appointed ocal chairman and Mrs M L Petty press reporter A paper reqd by Mrs White dur-rig the afternoog which was considered so timely and profitable that a motion was unanimously carried to lave a' copy of ‘Same placed on the minutes and included in the report of he meetingi This paper is given lerewith Some New Year' Thoughts This is our first ipissionary meeting of 197 Wq wish one another 'A Happy New Year” A New Year! That a wondrous thing is this — that his old year which we have seemed to know so well has slipped away into 1 lod’s great Book of Years quick fol-owed by another fresh and new Is iis the last New Year for me for you? What matters that? The Father cnowg the purpose of his heart and in iis hand I place my hand for keeping and for strength But this New Year have at least and ere it goes back God I well may crowd it full of service and of love Upon the path of service let me set my feet and ravel on throughout the year and hen I know the year will be what Ie has meant that it shall be and I shall learn and know Him better in he secret place and go ont strong to carry heavy loads and run on errands which the angels fain would do for i?od Let us make a good beginning ' Then ? Why in the incoming of the !tfew Year Begin well stick to it and the year is sure to end well How o we know? Why because he who leging well and faithfully and con-inues to the end can but secure our jord’s “Well done thou good and faithful servant” and surely that is good enough But how can we begin be year well ? The answer is by tak-ng the Lord into our lives going into lartnership with him giving ourselves to Him for safe-keeping for guidance and for service God give us grace to make of this New Year great year full of service and of ove a long year’s stride toward life that knows no years but is unending New Year Resnlvea will make it a year of faith and prayer A year-of high endeavor will crowd it with deeds both brave and fair I will act the hero ever will travel God’s path at God’s own ’ rate I will welcome both gain and loss 'lor will I rebel when heaven’s gate Looks tragically like a cross — Press Reporter RANGE LINE ROAD WORK INCONVENIENCES TRAFFIC Commissioner Rushton has started work on resurfacing the road in hia district from Manatee to Sarasota and asks the Journal to state that the portion of this road which is being worked from day to day will have to be closed to traffic However roads will be cut around the parts on which work is under way and the traveling public should remember that the Commissioner will push this work as rapidly as possible and bear the inconvenience with good grace The gap in the Bradentown -Cortez road which has been such an inconvenience for the past several years is almost a thing of the past Jus before retiring from office Commis sioner Tabor shelled all but about half mile and this portion will be finished within a short time Journal Advertising Fays Call No 28 when you hare a news item C F BRUSH Civil Engineer Ascm K A S C I larveya Maps Plana Reads Bridgea Drainaga Paving Sewerage Waterworks OMiSh MnwhU lU Bradentewn Florida Ladies when Irrwalsr or delayed an Trlamph Pllla Safa and al-trava dependable Not sold at drnv atoraa Do not experiment with other eave dlaap-‘ if Relief andpartf iddrwar NATJON MEDICAL INSI1TUTE Mihranitee Wk FIFTH OF THE TIMES-UNION ONE NOVEL A WEEK SERIES OF FAMILY READING “‘And what’s a Bad Man?’ asked the girl carefully brushing away the little white heap of alkali dust that tad settled imperceptibly in her lap ‘I mean the real capital letter kind1 “Wiggins pushed Ms Stetson far ack on hia grizzled head and spat thoughtfully on the off mule ‘A bad man Why I reckon one who ain’t good lady’ ” That’s how W B Ferguson opens The Arizona Fend” hia most staring tale of the Western cowmen From laughter to tears from shocks of circumstance to flashes of unprobed human nature the tale hurries back and forth across the scale of emotion The first installment wilt appear Jan- uary 18 the last on the following Sat urday— a week of thrills - The Times-Union offers other im - Members-elect at re publishing in tne daily editions articles concerning measures which they will introduce or- advocate when the law-makers convene in April These reviews appear only in the Times-Union In ad-ition the only complete report of the daily proceedings ' of the legislature will appear daily in the Times-Union Tor the next -six ninths the Times Jnion offers most interesting reading and invites non-subscribers to mail in their subscriptions now to- ini sure receiving every issue without delay ' ' MODERN WOODMEN! ELECTION At a meeting held Monday evening he Bradentown Camp of the Modern Woodmen of America elected the fol-owing officers for the ensuing six months: Consul — M M Helm Adviser — H L Bassore Banker— G D Armstrong Clerk — C L Armstrong Escort — L R Armstrong Watchman — Wm Myers Sentry — Sam Nichols All members of this camp as well as members of other camps who are n the city are requested to attend he meetings THE BEST EATING IN TOWN and a good room for $700 per week Where two occupy the same room the irice will be $600 each per week Single meals at 25 to 35c 207 Florida avenue 1-11-tf £ The advertisement appearing the Journal of last week under the above caption was correctly answered by Mr Ralph Kellar as follows: Spot Cash Heat Harhet Mr Kellar was the lucky one on this guessing contest but every citizen of Bradentown win be lucky if they purchase their meats at (he Spot Cash Meat Market Tip reason we can seU for less is because it is a Spot Cash Market TRY US Telephone 1S7 424 Hain Street ii Ait®irtik OWNERS Does your car need Refinishing Repainting Upholstering or a New Top? If so we can make it look like new L E Chaddock t Cummings Building West Manatee Avenue Bradentown Florida DINNER 50c Hotel Florida Sunday January 14th at 1 p m i 4 ONECO NEWS NOTES Oneco Jan 10 — Norman Parker of Paschal' Ga who haa been working here for the past two months returned home Thursday R W Totman of Hogansburg N Y arrived Friday for a few weeks' inspection of Me property near this place ' '- Mrs S J Parker of Fitzgerald Ga and Mrs H L Trussell of Tal-bolton Ga who have been visiting their father F B Carter during the Christmas holidays returned to their respective homes Friday Mr and Mrs Carter accompanied them to Tampa where they spent the day dam Womble of Apopka la visit ing'his brother C G Womble The A vcted by Rev C McCall is now occupied by P D S°M"iis ' R O Moore is building a fine bouse 00 recently purchased from the New Home Development Co Harry Wilson of Sarasota has been hero during the week doing bride for R O Moore Mr: Reeves of Montgomery AUu is spending a few days here looking after hia property John B Hinson who has charge of fruit propagation at the Royal Palm Nurseries- returned Saturday from Cairo Ga wheri he haa been spend- : ing the holidays : with his- parents The Royal Palm Nurseries haver-' recehtlyataded anoth'er section- to their1 ' extensive plant houses T New Jrii PHONOGRAPH I Re-Creation ofMusic i Edison Diamond Point Disc Records Archibald Hardware Co Sarasota Florida K ' f k ri ? ‘ V t : j ii i J i 1 1 -ol I- J 'i" I V ' r 1 I V ' ' ' s

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