Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 12, 1963 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1963
Page 24
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24 Gatesburg Register-Mart, Golesburg, HI. Monday, Aug, 12, 1963 f.&< ,M >'••< If S» ***| By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures From various sources come these bits of information of interest to the home owner: More than 50 leading paint brush manufacturers are now offering sash and trim brushes with tapered nylon filaments. It is said that this type of brush resists water and maintains its resilience through prolonged use with water-base paints. According to one school of JOHNS-MANVILLE INSULATION Call WHITE'S - 342-0185 Your Neighbor Says thought, natural bristles tend to soak up water in these paints, becoming floppy and losing their shape. The new brushes also are said to eliminate "dumping," she term used by painters for the release of too much paint the instant a brush touches a surface. Prefinished wood siding for homes is now receiving a marketing test. A major lumber company is selling the material only in the Omaha, Neb., area. The finish coat is a baked-on acrylic resin with* a satin appearance. The claim, backed by a written warranty, is that the siding will not require painting for at least seven years and that the factory- applied paint film will not peel or blister at any time. National distribution is planned when de- THE CUSTOM BUILT HOME THAT COSTS YOU LESS You save money on your personalized home with Owner-Completion Plan SUMMER BONUS SAVINGS on our regular cost-reducing exclusive Owner-Completion Plan ...and NO MONEY DOWN on your lot We build to your specifications, at lowest cost! You may add the easy custom finishing touches and reduce your building costs even more. Now Is the ideal time to start the home you've always wanted. Best Builf will do the job quickly and skillfully, with highest quality materials. Our Owner-Completion Plan is the easiest way for you to own a home, exactly as you want it, for exactly what you can afford. Let us build it mow, for your summer and year-'round enjoyment. COMPLETE, PERSONALIZED FINANCING Convenient one-stop service—No waiting • No red tape • Small monthly terms to fit your budget, UP TO 25 YEARS TO PAY! mand and production permit. A recent national survey shows that, when it comes to adding an extra room to a house, the bedroom is the most frequent addition. When it comes to remodeling a room that is already there, the-Jtilchert is the most popular target for modern improvements. Some home builders are making a discovery: women are yearning for the return of the old-fashioned pantry. A house with a walk-in pantry, with plenty of room for canned gooo\ jars, etc.. makes an instant hit with female home- seekers. This type of pantry can do wonders, to offset the space handicaps of a small kitchen, and gets plenty of appreciation, too, when combined with a kitchen of any size. Ever notice the difference between the old lumber yard down by the railroad tracks and the modern, one-stop building products dealer? In the old days, you bought your lumber at the yard, your paint someplace else, your plumbing repair materials in a third place, and so on. Today, most lumber yards have a kind of supermarket setup, where you Suggest 'OH-Limitf For Tots It's wise to keep small children away from household equipment until their understanding equals their curiosity. Thermostats on water heaters, for example, warns the Plumbing-Heattag-Cooling Information Bureau, should always be "off-limits" to curious tots. This is especially important if the unit has no energy cut-off and no temperature and pfes* sure (t&p) relief valve. A normal setting for the water heater is about 140 degrees but some models can be set as high as 180 degrees, the Bureau points out. If the thermostat is turned up by a child who allows it to remain high, there is a hazard of explosion. To eliminate such hazards, relief valves are necessary. But many water heaters have none at all or only one. An energy cutoff is a tempera ture sensitive switch that turns off the heat source when water temperature exceeds a set limit. T&p valves automatically reduces both pressure and temperature and the possibility of explosion. Here's How • • • Repairs May Not Be Worth the Trouble can bring the cost of a good-siw (Continued on page 25). can purchase virtually anything you need to repair, remodel or refurnish. DO-IT-YOURSELF It's Easier to Prevent Rust Than Remove It After Attack By MR. FIX, Newspaper Enterprise Association It's annoying to hunt up a tool that you haven't used in some time and discover that it's rusted. Or to have an otherwise good paint job ruined by rust stains. Rust can be prevented. It can even be, removed once it has formed, but prevention is easier by comparison. Rust or corrosion is a chemical reaction which occurs when metal and some other element come in contact. Air, water or MAIL COUPON j OR PHONE US TODAYI | Nome 423 1st National Bank Building Peoria, Illinoia Without obJigouon, pleose furnish me derails of: • Semi-finished homes • Completed homes FIEE ... Illustrated New Home Catalog PEORIA 674-5615 OVER 75,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS SINCE 1911. Address^ City. -flL I own a lot in_ D I do not own o lot now. GEM - 8- KEEP OUTDOOR FURNITURE BRIGHT^ KEEP WAXED TO PREVENT RUST in. 4 years witlx $ 40 a month $40 saved with Fidelity Federal monthly— 4 years — and liberal dividends add up to the vacation trip of a lifetime. You see, after 4 years, you have saved $1,920. Fidelity Federal adds $163.94 (the equivalent of 4 months' payments). Tolal $2,083.94. Need more? $45 a month brings you $2,344.44 in 4 years. $50 a month takes you to $2,604.93 in 4 years. Wherever you want to go — go to Fidelity Federal firstl 9 savings and loan association of galesburg MAIN AND CHERRY STREETS another metal can cause corrosion. Iron items are especially susceptible and should be inspected frequently. Take a look at the gutters around your house. If there's a yellow stain, they're starting to rust. Rust seems to occur first at joints and along edges. Scrape clean and paint with rust preventive paint. . You'll go a long way in keeping gutters from rusting if you will use coated nails when installing galvanized gutters and downspouts, aluminum nails for aluminum gutters. Rust stains that appear through the paint on the siding often means that the siding was installed with plain iron or steel nails rather than coated or aluminum nails. Sand the rust, drive the head below the surface and cover with putty and an extra coat of paint. Metal lawn furniture and children's toys that are left outside should be inspected frequently. At the first sign of rust, sand the spot, down to the bare metal. Use a good rust preventive primer and finish with enamel. Prevent rust by coating these items with wax. A good auto wax will do the job since it is designed to stand up under weather. Inside Attack Moisture can attack metal indoors as well. But in this instance you can do something to prevent moisture. TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION - CALL ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 Agents for COPPES TERMITE OONTROI SERVICE. INC over 10 vrs. dependable service ATTENTION! Home Owners With Heating Equipment WHOLE-HOME AIR CONDITIONING added to your warm air system SEE YOUR DEALER TODAY , Distributed by WILLIS STEEL CORP. By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer To repair or not to repair a piece of furniture is a di lemma faced fey many people. Is it worth the effort, they want to know. And how do you judge whether it is worth the time and trouble before you invest? If the object is a loved piece of furniture such as an old favorite rocking chair, family heirloom or one that recalls happy memories and associations, the expense and effort should be well worth it. But one shouldn't put $300 worth of labor into something bought for $20, just to prove he's got a bargain, unless the piece when finished is worth $320 to him. Value your own time when appraising the worth of an item to be repaired. * Cite 'Rare' Find A rare "find" is another matter. It could be that you would work for a year and put in hundreds of hours of spare time to Provide ventilation. Use either a chemical or electric dehumidifier. Vent excess moisture to the outside through the use of exhaust fans in kitchen and bath. Coat tools with a light film of oil. Check them frequently. Scale forming inside your hot water tank, eventually works to corrode the tank sides. Empty a pail or two of water from the spigot at the bottom every month or so. Stop draining as soon as the water runs clear. Don't drain and refill completely since this induces air which hastens corrosion. repair a beautiful piece of furniture, matching veneers or inlay or applying authentic decorative design meticulously in a labor of love. This is ah object you can exhibit with personal pride at the finish. The most careful buyer makes an occasional impulsive purchase that he must judge eventually as having been foolhardy. He should then settle for being out of pocket, reselling the article at the earliest opportunity even at a loss, if owning it causes him mental anguish. A case in point is that of a young couple in a tiny house who found a good-size Directoire secretary, that must have been a gem in other days. The inlay that is intact is lovely, but much of it is missing, along with so many other pieces — drawer fronts, hardware, rails — that it would be an enormous undertaking for an amateur cabinet worker. The desk section is fairly well intact with its narrow drawers, but sides and back of the piece are badly discolored and slightly warped, and because of the inlay requires tremendous work. He's Licked The husband realized he w a s licked when he took a good long look at it (which he should have done before buying it). His wife wants to make the best of it, putting it in the bedroom with what­ ever repairs they can make them selves making it useable. The husband realistically refused. But now the piece is in their basement where it will no doubt de< teriorate. It should be sold even at a loss to someone who has the tame and experience to make the repairs. Anytime one buys an old piece of furniture with the idea of repairing it, he should be fairly well aware of how missing essential pieces may be located and have some basic knowledge of how to put the missing parts together. An old piece can be a good purchase, providing one has the time, money and materials to make repairs. It is frustrating when one doesn't. Some people forget to figure the cost of materials when estimating expenditures necessary in making repairs. Warped pieces may require clamps. Decoration can be a costly item if gold leaf or many colors must be used. Authentic reproductions of hardware BUILD WITH NtiW BARRETT VINYL BUILDING PANELS 10 Colors Available in New Extra Width.{»«'•) Many uses inside or out. Patio covers, car ports, etc. • Easy to Install • Durable • Non-combustible We Give S&H Green Stamps PEOPLE'S MATERIAL & SUPPLY CO. 434 E. Berrien St. COMPLETE PLASTERING SERVICE R. M. Sandberg PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 342-4005 You may already own 1/2 of a central air- conditioning system! For details, see your local LENNOX dealer. Galesburg Sheet Metal Works 237 E. Tompkins 343-1136 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 13 SCRUB TUB Galvanized Tub with handles Regular 1.39. CLOTHES LINE 2 continuous 50 ft. lengths or 100 ft. 1.38 Value. ROOF COATING Liquid coating that is applied with brush. SPAR VARNISH finest quality «p clear weatherproof varnish. EXTENSION CORD 25 foot cord UL approved. Regular 1.49. MOP A STICK Household cotton mop and spring mopstick. Regular 1.20. Latex Wall Paint Buy 2 gallons and f± save extra. White 2 flat and popular col- gals. HI ors. Rubber Base. 4 Inch Nylon Brush For painting m- J mil it doors or outdoors. £ Tough Nylon bristles. ^ PAINT PPODUI" Plastic Window Shades | Oil Ktgular 1,49 x 6 solid vinyl Electric Tables plastic shade. Washable and Without weatherproof. „ •agufor 5.45 3 shelf white steel table with built-in electrical outlet. Roller Coater Sets J 00 Regular 1 .39 Complete Roller Coater and metal pan> 1 Inch Brush Free White Semi-Gloss Paint 500 Budget - priced lemi-gloss paint 3 for interior sur- gait, faces. Can be tinted. WALLPAPER ROOM LOTS * Patterns for Every Room in tho House. Ceiling and Borders Extra. ONLY HIGH GLOSS ENAMEL $ ^ , White and Colors. A Real Rugged Paint. Quart 4 ^mW WICKER CLOTHES BASKETS Round and Oval. Just the Right Size. Strong and sturdy. wO ONLY • GALVANIZED INCINERATOR I Burn Papers, etc, In Your Yard $ ^) 98 With Safety. Reg. $5.95 BEATS ALL 2 RED BARN PAINT Gals. Reg. $2.99 Discontinued Colors SEMI-GLOSS MASTERCRAFT WASTE BASKETS PAINT 7 I. MAIN STREET - GALESBURG - 343 5213

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