Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 14, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1973
Page 28
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28^GQlesbuf &Efaist ^r^Mdil, Gotesburg, 111. Monday, Mqy 14, 1973 Bunker Leaves Post By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst EndofauErt: U.S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunkef left Saigon without the Foreign News Commentary trophy and accompanying scroll that the American press corps had planned for him. The scroll was to testify to his "six arduous years" in South Vietnam, and the trophy was to be a captured Viet Cong flashlight "to ensure that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel." But a last-minute scouring of Saigon failed to turn up a Viet Cong flashlight and the project flickered out. Bunker has no plans to write his memoirs, despite nearly a quarter-century in diplomatic hot spots around the globe and a number of offers from publishers. Bunker, who is independently wealthy, says he is going to follow the example of General of the Army George Catlett Marshall: No memoirs. Tough Talk to Nixon: Diplomatic chanceries say President Nixon will run into some rough weather over his grand design for the new Atlantic charter when he confers with French President George* Pompidou in Iceland May 3l-June 1. Diplomatic experts say Pompidou is certain to tell Nixon France is hostile, to U.S. suggestions that Washington's economic, politi- 'Light at Eiid of Tunnel 9 cal and monetary links with Western partners be overhauled in one big negotiation linking up all the Issues. France's new foreign minister, Michel Jobcrt, a Pompidou ex-aide, has told the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee France wants to have separate talks on monetary and trade issues and wilt oppose any horse-trading mixing up the overhaul of the Bretton Woods monetary system and the next Nixon round of tariff cutting talks starting in September in Tokyo. Improving Relations: Look for Japan and Communist North Korea to establish trade offices in each other's capitals before the end of the year. Japan never has recognized North Korea, and has no plans to do so, but trade is expected to reach $250 million this year on a two-way basis. The Japanese budget for the next fiscal year contains an appropriation for putting a trade office in Pyongyang. wstsxsi* vBtmaai w?<Kse$a» SHKHHS SSBWMSSW «a »!JS «W 3K «VBf>KW 'fiSfcW* SBBSRWH? asftwsHiia iwssfKaaa <*sw* RBfiMssssra KsasMtKs mmmsf •$& HOW HUNGRY IS YOUR CAR FOR GAS? To M > •!»•'• nrpritt, mail imported cars get bettor mileage than, their American competitors, according to a study by the Environmental Frotection Agency. The tests coyer a representative cross* section of all engines certified as meeting 1971 air pollution standards. EPA points out that the tests aren 't exact yardsticks but 'are a valid means of comparison nonetheless. miles per gallon Model 5 10 15 20 25 30 i • 111 r • i • 1 1 1111 1 i • 11 1 i 111 1 Dotsun 1200 Toyota Corolla Hondo Opel Mazda Volkswagen Plymouth Cricket Dodge Colt Saab Ford Copri Chevrolet Vega Ford Pinto AMC Hornet Plymouth Valiant Mercedes 220 Mercedes 280 SEL Chevrolet Impala Chrysler 300 Wagon Olds Cutlass Pontiae Grand Prix Dodge Dart Chrysler Buick LeSobre Ambassador Wagon Rolls-Royce Cadillac Calais Lincoln Continental Buick Electro Pontiae Carolina Cadillac Eldorado Plymouth Satellite Ford Wagon Ferrari Daytond 833B 3 taawf >A --'.-!.:-f i • 111 1 1111 i 1111 1 1111 1 1111 j Party Hopping Can Republicans Take Connally ? By ARNOLD B. SAWISLAK WASHINGTON (UPI)Some time having passed since John B. Connally informed the world that he has become a Republican, it seems safe to conclude that the Democratic Party will survive the shock. Will the GOP? Washington Window Even if Connally's long- expected conversion does lure some other nominal Democrats to defect with him, the losses to his former party now seem likely to be limited to Texas and perhaps a couple of other southern states. Politicians sniff at no reductions of their strength, but the fact is that the National Democratic Party has been in bad odor in those parts for some time, and without Lyndon Johnson might have been shut out in Texas and much of the South during the 1960s. Democratic Position The loss of a handful of Texas and other Southern members of Congress does not seriously threaten the Democratic position on Capitol Hill. The potential switches do not seem numerous enough to shift control of the House or Senate, and most of those who might go over have been voting with the GOP on legislation for a long time. In summary, the Connally departure, while not an obvious plus for the Democrats, does not look like more than a small- change minus. Now consider what it might mean on the Republican side. First, anyone can guess that it hasn't helped the disposition of Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, who is the GOP conservative wing's most likely champion for 1976. Despite his association with the Kennedy administration (Navy secretary), Connally's conservative credentials are just about as valid as Agnew's; he has far more experience in both state and national government; and he has as many (or more) potential rich backers. And not Jeast, Connally came up in Texas' cut-throat politics, compared to which Agnew's Maryland scene is a dainty minuet. Other conservative GOP S residential possibles — Gov. :onald Reagan of California and John Connally Sen. William Brock of Tennes-lly see for two—also cannot ignore the arrival, of Connally. In addition to all of the above points, Connally has youth to contrast with the aging Reagan and maturity to overshadow Brock. Republican liberals have no more cause for complacency. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of New York and Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois are in a parallel position to Reagan and Brock' in the youth-age bracket, and anyone who has seen Connally in action has to give him the nod for political fluency over both those GOP liberal potential candidates. All of that being said, Connally still is a far fetch from getting the 1976 Republican presidential nomination. In the first place—and this is anj important point to political regulars—he is a Johnny-come- lately whose conversion to the Republican faith can be pictured as the only move open to him after he burned his Democratic bridges by serving President Nixon. j Second, while Connally has a; big reputation for political savvy and persuasiveness, Republicans are entitled to ask "What have you done lately?" —and to measure his potency against Agnew and the rest of the field in the 1974 congressional elections. If Connally campaigns extensively for GOP candidates, as it seems likely he will, you can be i sure the Republicans who will I be choosing the nominee in 1976 j will keep a detailed book on his successes and failures. If his: candidates flop, so may Connal-, 5 Cor Smash-up in Weaver-Yeram's "600" Race! Enthusiasm is the) greatest ingredient for success. Therefore, you'll have to pardon Rod Godtil, Phil Lowney, Jerry Silberer, Robin Godtil and Kenny Harmison for their spectacular smash-up in the big Weaver-Yemm Chevrolet Sales Classicl Each was determined to snatch the lead, yet none of the other four would relinquish a single sales advantage. That's what this one big sale of the year means in savings for you at Weaver-Yemm Chevrolet. Ray McGraw, Bob Weaver, Jim Crisman AND Wayne Conn MOVE UP FOR THE LEAD! The temporary 5 - car tangle ing to get around the other with paves the way for these new Mick Hillier just behind. Is your faces in the lead positions: Ray favorite driver among these he- McGraw is in first position just roes who are pressing their new- ahead of Bob Weaver. And Jim found advantage? Then contact Crisman and Wayne Conn are him in a hurry for a deal that'll running neck and neck each try- knock your hat off! FREE 1973 VEGA! Even if you don't buy a car, you could win a brand new 1973 Chevrolet Vega. Nothing to buy. Simply come in and sign-up. You must be 18 or over to Ray McGraw Bob Weaver Jim Crisman Wayne Conn 232 CARS SOLD! 368 TO GO! WINNERS! and a WINNER WONDERLAND of Used Car Buys! 600 Winning-est dealsl Don't worry about the othersl Souped-up sales race means 600 deals that sizzle like red- hot tail-pipes . . . deals that wither competitive efforts . . . deals that out-perform, out-distance and out-class all others! Get one of these 600 deals at a price that's a classicl '73 Impala Wagon V8, Auto. P.S., P.B., Radio. $ 3100 Miles 4344 '2544 '73 Chev. Monte Carlo V8, Auto. P.S., P.B., Factory Air. Buckets. §A7AA Silver-Black Vinyl Roof. __ *t# '73 Comoro Coupe 350 engine, 4 speed trans mission, orange with $ a black vinyl top _ '72 Chevelle Molibu 4 Dr. H.T. all power, factory air, $Q^)/^ gold with a black interior .J-fc 1 ! 1 ! '72 Impala 4-Dr. H.T. V8. All Power, Factory Air, Auto. Beige & $<>AAA Brown Vinyl Roof. Q W*t*t '72 Comoro Coupe V8, All Power. Factory Air. Blue-White. Vinyl Roof. $^7AA 9,000 Miles. O/IH '72 Monte Carlo Coupe All Power. Metallic Grey Black Vinyl Top. $<1QAA 19,000 Miles. e#3F*f*t '72 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe Everything. New Tires. $HTJLAA 17,00 Miles. „- / W 5 **f '70 Chev. El Camino V8. Automatic. $01A A. Power Steering, Gold. — XI "¥•§ '70 Impala Custom Coupe V8. Auto. All Power, Factory Air. Blue. Blue $OAAA Vinyl Roof. X*t*t*f '71 Molibu 4-Dr. H.T. V8, Automatic. All $OflAA Power. Factory Air. XO"4 '72 Goloxie 500 4-Dr. H.T. V8, Auto. All Power, Factory Air. Gold-Brown. %^AAA Saddle Interior. «aJ *t*l*I '71 Monte Carlo V8, Auto. All Power, Factory Air. Yellow-Black. $< Vinyl Roof. '71 Carolina Brougham 4-Dr. V8, Auto., All Power, Factory Air. Beige-Brown. $OGA A Vinyl Roof. AwHHf '70 Impala 4-Dr. All Power. Factory Air. V8. Solid Beige. _____ '2244 '70 Ford Mustang Fastback V8, Auto. P.S., Radio. $*)1AA Light Blue-Black. Buckets. -£ l*f*f '70 Impala Custom Coupe V8, Auto. All Power. Factory Air. Green-Dark Green. $ Vinyl Roof.' 2444 3444 '71 Chev. Nova Coupe V8, Auto. Radio. $OEAA Red w/Black Int. Sharp.— AV l T i T '72 Grand Torino 4-Dr. V8, Auto. All Power, Fact. %^AAA Air. Solid Brown, Clean.— <_# *l*f *f SATE 50" MORE ON WINNFBAGOS TOO! $ O fi fi 00 JUST ONE ITOO EXAMPLE BRAND NEW 1973 CHEVELLE MALIBU 2 DOOR HARDTOP With Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, power steering, radio, outside mirror, 307 V/8 engine, back-up lights, disc brakes, windshield washers . .. everything you need and went in a new <-ai. This is not a stripped down model, at this low low price, ii's a beauty. COMPLETE CAMPING PACKAGE 1971 GLADDEN DEL REY 18 V- Ft. Fully Self Contained with Battery & Pressurized Water System Reise Hitch & Anti Sway Bars. 1967 PLYMOUTH FURY III 4-Dr. Sedan with Frame Mount Hitch V/8 Automatic P/Steering, Factory Air. Comp. Full Price -$3444. TRY OUR SERVICE AND PARTS DEPT. WE TRY HARDER. 2195 N. HENDERSON ST./GALESBURG/PH. 343-7101

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