Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 12, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1963
Page 20
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20 Qolesburg Register*Moil # GQlqsbuffl, 111, Monday, Aug. 12, 1963 Quotes From Today's News (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) DUBROVNfit, VUgostevia-U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Orvllle Freeman, describing his reaction to the Skopje earthquake: "I was overwhelmed by the de* struction, but I saw that the cou* Most Versatile Portable All transistorixed Concerfone Cosmo TAPE RECORDER Plays to 3 Hrs. The Plotter rageous people already sate be* gun the heavy task of re-creating what I know was once a beauti« M city." LONDON - The engineer of the train hijacked last week and robbed of f?.l million: "It was a fantastic operation, timed with military precision. Everyone seemed to know what he had to do, and did it." BERLIN—Deputy Mayor Heinrich Albertz, warning against demonstrations on the second anniversary of the building of the Berlin wall: "We have the wall, but we will not overcome this stone barbarism by throwing stones." By United Press International WASHINGTON - Sen. Richard B. Russell, D-Ga., discussing the 1964 election and his feelings about President Kennedy's civil right* proposals: "I am a Democrat.. .but I have no intention of going out and knocking myself out support* ing the Kennedy administration next year." Now You Know By United Press International Diamonds account for nearly two-thirds of Tanganyika's total value of mineral production, according to the American Geographical Society. Part of Virginia FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP)-Kentucky was chartered as a county of Virginia in 1776, when the American Revolution began. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS I in We have arranged to have a leading child photographer at oar store on the dates shown below. Any <3g&, any ruimhox of cfiifii^n accompantedi'loy. a panmt w'M be. pfioto- cyuzph&cL FREE in living Codon. ONE complimentary color portrait will bo given to oach FAMILY as a gift from our storo. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to get a living color portrait you will treasure always. Several poses are taken and low cost additional portraits are available for those who wish them This is our way of saying 'Come in to see us.' If you are one of our many regular customers, this is a 'Thank You' for your patronage. Incidentally we believe these color portraits to be something really special. These are beautifully posed portraits —- not snapshots, so dress the children color"TRADING POST SUPER MARKET 1515 EAST MAIN WEDNESDAY — THURSDAY — FRIDAY Aug. 14 Aug. 15 Aug. 16 HOURS — 9:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner I "Now, mind what I said stepping in potato salad TBi I, Junior! Don't go around in your now play shoos!" Doctor- (Continued from page 4) ing things to do en route, and above all insist that <ucy remain quietly in their seats. Jumping around in a moving vehicle can not only cause injury to a child — it may cause serious distraction to the driver and result in an accident. If your car is a convertible, never travel with the top down with children. It is wise to start early in the morning and get a couple of hours of carefree driving in before breakfast. If two can drive alternately this will go a long way toward relieving the fatigue, the cause of a large portion of accidents. EVEN with periodic stops for rest and refreshments, it is a mistake to drive more than nine or 10 hours in a day. Above all, stop when you feel the slightest drowsiness. It is surprisingly easy to fall asleep at the wheel. Listening to music on the car radio may help you to stay awake, but a little close harmony with all the family joining in is even better. Since much driving is on superhighways, it is well to observe a few basic rules: If you find that you left without locking the cellar door and must head back home, don't under any circumstances cross the. center strip. This is not only illegal it is courting serious disaster. Proceed instead to the next authorized exit. Always use your directional signals before changing lanes. Don't change lanes any oftener than you have to. Don't consider every truck an ODDS & ENDS SHOES CANVUS WOMEN'S CHILDS' SUMMERETTES $ PR. BALL BAND CANVUS SLIP-ONS TIES 3 INFANT SHOES $ 2 PR. STRAPS TIES SIZES TO 8 PR. DOWNTOWN DOLLAR DAY WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14 SHOE BARGAINS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY GIRLS' SCHOOL STYLES CASUALS - OXFORDS M NEW REG. TO $6.99 ^ FALL SAVE UP *J STYLES TO $1.99 PR. MEN'S - BIG BOYS' SHOES ODD LOTS OF OXFORDS - CASUALS SOLD $9.99 to $17.99 $3 $J. $CT $ L 3 p r - ^4 p r * ^5 pr - ^6 $150 I OFF ON ANY NEW FALL RANDCRAFT SHOES FOR MEN Reg, $9.99 $ FINAL CLOSE-OUT SPRING - SUMMER SHOES DRESS - CASUALS - FLATS 2- $ 3». $ 4 pr. GIRLS'-BOYS' SHOES $ 3 p $ 4 POLL PARROT SCAMPEROOS Reg. $6.99 & $4.99 Broken Siiet pr. CORTINA SANDALS Tan Reg. £ «m Casual or Home Wear. PR. BLOOM 0ALESBUR0, ILLINOIS OHKIANNW QUALITY IN FAMILY SHOiS UIST SHOES invitation to pass. Many trucks travel 60 miles per hour on these highways. At 60 m.p.h. you should always leave six car lengths between you and the car ahead. If you don't want to go as fast as most of the cars are going get in the right lane. But if 60 m.p.h. is the speed limit, don't drop below 45 m.p.h. even in this lane. ON ANY long trip you should have a first aid kit with you. Minor injuries have been known to occur while changing a tire miles from the nearest drug store. An antiseptic, absorbent cotton, and adhesive bandages are minimal requirements. Talcum powder, sunburn lotion and other con- Altetict Unit Meeting ST. AUGtnSTTNE-The St. AO* gustine Unit of the Knox County Mollis Extension Association had a picnic en Tuesday at the St. Augustine Community Center due to rain. * Guests' wore Mrs. Loren Hu- vtnience items may also prove useful. , V lick, St. Augustine, and Mrs. Don miller of • Galetburg. ' Following the dinner the group tisited and Mrs. John Martin gats the highlights of the Offi* cert Training School she and sev* oral of the officers of the unit attended recently. the next meeting of the unit will be Sept. 3 at the home of Mrs. Wayne Kalb. READ THE WANT ADS! Hardy Plant The prickly pear often Is planted in the lava seams of Mount Vesuvius as soon as the flow has cooled because the roots readily grow Into the cracks in the rock and help make the barren earth suitable for other plants. Port Huron, Mich., is as far east as Greenville, S, C. DOLLAR DAY SPECIAL SUITS, JACKETS, COATS, 1 Pe. DRESSES WEDNESDAY ONLY Denney Cleaners Corner of Henderson A Main Monmouth Blvd. & Academy Ladies 1 Wedding Rings 14 Kt. Gold 2<x> Values to 10.00 GIRLS' and LADIES' Birthstone RINGS 10 Kt. Gold Values to ^00 10.00 Ladies' Dia. & Wed. Ring Set 14 Kt. Gold Locked Sets .0% /Nflft Values to 75.00 Z ^W MEN'S DIA. RING WHITE >| /N88 Vi ct. GOLD 49' Table of Misc. Items 2 -1.00 Values to 2.00 Eastern Star RINGS EXPANSION WATCH BANDS Men's, Boys', Ladies', Girls' 97c ELEC. MANICURE SETS Complete with batteries. ^ 98 Reg. 5.95. 2 io Kt. o88 Gold w 8 VALUES to 25.00 COIN CASES SEWING KITS KEY CASES 2- 1.00 Reg. 1.00 each Men's Masonic RINGS 14" 10 Kt. Gold VALUES to 30.00 ALARM CLOCKS Quiet Tick. 1.79 ELECTRIC KITCHEN CLOCKS Regular Values to 7.95 1.79 FLASH CAMERA OUTFIT 6 98 Reg. 19.98 LADIES' WATCHES $1X88 17 Jewel EXPANSION BANDS Values to 37.50 BOXED JEWELRY 2 Values to *%00 10.00 * HAIR DRYERS Reg. 19.98 1088 Valuo 14 Steam & Dry IRON Reg. 12 .98 JfOg Value O Auto. Coffee Maker 12 Cup £98 Hand 4 Mixers Manning Bowman Q98 Chrome y Gen. Leather * *• KEY CASES |J )C PARKER & SHEAFFER 1 / PENS & SETS Y2 PRICE GRAB /% BAGS -50c $ LEONARD'S JEWELERS $ DAY 335 EAST MAIN STREET DAY

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