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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 21, 1954
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«. > By Russ Waller * * •••-'• County Supervisor S. D.^ McDonald returned to his car the other morning after ,a 10 minute , stop in one of the courthouse offices, and found that the lighter on nis dashboard stuck, and it was red hot. He arrived just in time to keep it from practically - melting off... but what really gave him a shock was to look down on the floorboard, directly, under the lighter, and ,see a box of dynamite caps. He had nis car parked right near the Upper Des Moines office,' and 'we are very,. Very happy that no further story on this incident is being printed. .'. ••' >'-.'' . •*.':*.- •' »:. . Gelling up early in ihe morn- mg is merely a question of rhino over mattress. • • , "': • • * - « • _Had: an interesting visii with Marvin (Butch) Clement a while back. He was here on business. Marv, you will,recall, has moved from Algona to Mississippi where he vis in the cattle, raising business. One might wonder just how northerners get along down in the deep south. Marv says that they get along fine." 1 ^Most of the folks are-friendly, and have a good, modern outlook on things. Only a -few of the old-' ,. j time families in the area adopt '•a superior attitude, but nobbdy pays, much attention to them. ' . .. * •..••' "* • / * Our favorite coach came up with ihe'tonderstatemenl of the- year "Hie other., day. - to wit: "I don't care whether I win any ballgames Or not." •' , .Down at,St. Cecelia's Academy this school, year, all but the sophomore class members will be. taking their orders from the girls. As a result of the class elections, Rochelle Johnson is • president of the seniors; Barbara 'Barton is president of the juniors, and Ann Mike! is' the freshman president. The sophomore. boys fared better, electing Jack'.Henrj as president. . ,• " • > »• -, ,A rnonih^ar so ago; John Dreesman Tepprted the ~9lsappearan.ce of an alligator, sent as a present last winter from Florida. Last week Chuck Paxson received a disturbing report from Mrs Ted Larson, who had been in the Paxson basement and reported an alligator down there. Chuck thought maybe,this was the missing Dreesman reptile, so called /John. An investigation, however, disclosed that what was in the Paxson basement was a salamander about eight inches long. The Dreesman alligator, 'when last seen, was about .15 inches long— and had teeth. Anyway, the Dreesmans agreed to take the salamander as a pet of their missing alligator. Two questions still, remain unsolveo, however. First, , where is the alligator? Second, 'how did the salamander get into the Paxson basement? X i Dept. of History and Des Moines 19, lovra jftome* ESTABLISHED 186$ Entered'** Meond class matter at the postofciee at goftd, Iowa, Nov. 1, 1933. under Act of Congress of Mirth 3, im. College Life Begins ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, 'SEPTEMBER 21, 1954 3 SECTIONS - 22 PAGES VOL. 91 - NO. 38 The^Kpssuth-family, pictured, above is .but. one of many Who lave been having a new experience — taking their son or daughter tO COllGgG. - - ' . t . , ' • -• r> nJ n A th S 3 bove P£oto, Rochelle Andrews, 'daughter-of Mr and Mrs ?t Tnu£ n £f e t WS °f, Bur !' •* sh ?X n with *»* Parents as she. arrived it Iowa State college to enroll for the coming school year. She is U-D-M Awarded Contract Of Courthouse Equipment One of our scouts in the •kindergarten department' • came up with this remarkable remark: "If I don't learn to read first, how do I know what I'm writing?" ; • • . • • Percy Brink, farmer near Lu- Verne, has no love for bees after what happened recently, according to the LuVterne Tribune. Seems Mr Brink was plowing, and a bee stung him on the temple. He paid little attention to the sting at first, continued plowing to the end of the field, then as the full force of the sting took effect he-began to lose consciousness, but was able to head his tractor toward home. As he reached the gate he completely lost consciousness. The tractor ran over the gate, into some wire which entangled it, and brought it« to a halt. Mr Brink's overalls were caught on the tractor, and it had pulled him along. Later it was determined he had suffered a cracked rib, as well as cuts and bruises. And it all began with a bee sting. * * * A young hubby, whose wife is expecting any minute, was taking quite a bit of kidding the other day, and in a defensive burst offered to bet anyone $1,000 there would not be another new arrival in his family for five years . . . this brought on considerable more kidding, whereupon our young father replied, "OK, then I'll bet you $1,000 we have another in a year." No takers, either way. * * * Mama was trying to explain to her young son that he couldn't go swimming in a lake because it was "Dog Days." Later in the afternoon she overheard the youngster explaining to a pal why he couldn't go swimming— "this is the day the dogs go swimming" he said. « * * Famous Last Line—If we ' could only get the teachers to take the kids Saturday and Sunday too. i Des Moi «^ Publishing Co. of Algona was bjdder on new «%lpment for the Kossuth County courthouse, and war awarded the' contract for purchase and installation after bids were opened here last Friday, afternoon. 1 •• ..-'.'-.'. •, V'.-'. ? 'V ••'•'• < ' ' . ,„ ^ 'T h ® re £** fe J b ^ Be Wddew orTthet complete equipment, and Jl WO) °^**i biddw * °n Venetian' blinds alone. '^J^*? 1 *!*!* 0 ^^ <>* the bid was for counters, arid other portions Included office furniture and Venetian blinds. * he bids were, as f olloWs: oines ... Brothers .....9,589.00 5,759.97 3,655 19 003 97 Storey-Kenworthy .._12.314.08 5,862.85 3,651.50 2182853 • . Ther ?,. we je seven other firms who obtained the plans the fflwl wfndu * the W ° rk bUl did " Ot submit Wds fn TI^* n he ' ?/ s r° pening of bids ' several months ago, the Upper Des Moines was also the low bidder, but all bids ^onH 61 ^'^ uL the ""Prison, due to the cost, and thl second call for bids was for a reduced amount of equipment! 'Parking Meter Operation Will Begin Sept. 22 Two Hour Limit In State Street Business Area Got any, pennies, nickels or dimes in your pocket? Tomorrow's the day you'll'heed them if you want to park yoUr car in Algona on State street from Jones to Hall, and for half a block ' each way on all side streets between. Parking meter posts and heads were installed in Algona last week, and following a few day's period'of grace, operation of the meters will begin at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 22. - • About 250 meters Will be in operation, including five which will be good for 12 minutes for a penny. Two of these will be in front of the Iowa State Bank, two in front of the Security State Bank, and one in front of the Home .Federal buildhng for, the convenience of patrons. There will be a meter In every, space within the area designated by the mayor and city council in the original .plans. The only variation from regular use will .come as a result'of construction workers or vehicles, funeral parking, etc. In such cases, the firms requiring the use of spaces marked, by meters can get red hoods marked "No Parking", which can be slipped over the" heads of the meters in the area required. Cost for the use "of the hoods is 5c per hour per space used. These hoods can be obtained at the city hall. t Fines for over-parking, as outlined previously, will be: 25c if paid in the^first 24 hours'follow- ing receipt of ticket by violator, $1 if paid within ten days, and if not paid in ten days, the violator will be brought to court. * » » The Algona Upper Des Moines will not publish the names of those paying fines - for overtime parking,, although all other court news from justice of ihe peace, mayor's court and district District Court Jury Cases Begin; Grand Jury Meets Damage Trial Accuse Doctor In Liquor Cases a usg. -<• «*•<•«- trouble began last week when two 16 year-old boys were picked .little trouble in Armstrong. They told .officers they had pur- ou -u r> i •;-».••".-.— ' ttom tne doctor for $7.50. ±^^±^ d ,^i!S. d SWA"? Wood went to the Lundquist. premises, last Friday «,mT of a warrants. They Swea City ° f HqUOr Wi ' h seals in charsoaiUr wt » ** "J^.had been in court before "four or five times" o "eased after S?fta5S£ Lundquist ported bond of $500 on each charge and was re Only Iowa Political Talk By Benson Here Oct. 7th Final arrangements were being completed this week by the County Republican Central Committee for 'the turkey box lunch and speech by Secretary of 'Agricul- ure Ezra Benson, Thursday even- ng, Oct. 7, at the Plantation Ball- •oom. Angus Cotton, county GOP chairman, said that Secretary 3enson would arrived in Algona about 4 p.m. that afternoon, probably by plane and land at the local airport if the size of his ship would allow it. Cotton was in contact with Washington today on final arrangements. The turkey box lunch will be served at the Plantation starting at 6:30 p.m. that evening, and tickets will be $2.50 "each. They will be on sale ahead of time, Mr Cotton said. A press interview with Mr Benson is being planned, and special arrangements made for press and radio representatives. "This will be the only political speech by Secretary Benson in Iowa during the 1954 electiqn campaign," Mr Cotton said Monday. All state Republican candidates for office are being invited to attend. DEMOCRATS CALL MEETING SEPT. 30 Democrats also were preparing to throw their county campaign into high gear for the fall election. An organization meeting of the Gillette-Herring-Wilcox club will be held in the cpurtroom in Algona, Thursday, Sept. 30, at 8 Joe Verbrugge Dies, Armstrong Swea & Eagle—Joe Verbrugge 57, a life-long resident 'of this community, passed away Saturday night, Sept. 11, at his farm home near Armstrong after i lingering illness of lung cancer. Joseph Jacob Verbrugge was born April 27, 1897, at Humboldt, Iowa. He came to this vicinity with -his parents Mr and Mrs John Verbrugge at the age of tour. He was united in marriage to Minnie Bunk of Kanawha, Iowa, Feb. 6, 1934. To this union lour children were born: Bernard, Don-is, Janice and Joe, all home. at p.m. County organization will be developed at this meeting, M Joseph Bradley, president, states. Plans will also be discussed for a county wide Democratic rally to be held in the neir future. The Gillette - Herring - WUcox club was organized last spring for the purpose of, aiding the candidacies of the Democratic nominees for United States Senator, governor and congressman irojn this district. - Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist church -in Armstrong, with the Rev. S. E. Polovina in charge. Burial was in Armstrong Grove cemetery. He leaves his wife and' four children, his mother Mrs John Verbrugge Sr.; two brothers, Ray of Armstrong and John of Swea City; three sisters, Mrs Ray Hurst Swea City, Mrs Joe Laffey, Armstrong, and Mrs Oliver Stoeber, Fenton, besides many relatives and a host of friends. 2 Stricken With Hepatitis Germ LuVerne—W. Raymond Legler is confined to his bed at his farm home east of LuVerne suffering with hepatitis, since Monday. His sister-in-law Mrs Earl Legler in Algona has also been ill and bedfast the past two weeks. The families have all had proper medical inoculation as hepati- t s is contagious and infectious. Enroll, St. Joe St. Joseph's school at St. Joe has an enrollment this fall of 210. The school lunch program is under the director of Margaret Reidmiller MUdred Bormann court will be published a* u^.f • .' « * • . -• Overtime parking tickets are m the form of an envelope, which will Be filled out by the policeman noting, the violator. The violator can then put his 25c in 1 the envelope and drop it in one of the many fine collection boxes present on State street. n A , n engineer, ^Presenting the Park-O-Meter Co., worked with local officials while the meters was installed, and several changes helpful to traffic were rnade. Better Corner Vision .Reduction of. the number ot parking spaces in each block on State street will give much wider vision on all corners. About 2 1 A spaces less will be found on each side of the street in each block to alleviate the chance of a pedestrian being run-down by a car backing into the lane where persons walk. All parking spaces on State are now 12 feet wide where in the past there has been a variation of from 11 to 13 feet. The angle of parking will be the same, and necessary painting will be done to denote no parking areas to cut down on congestion. Another step will be taken by policemen to cut down congestion of traffic—halting of double park Sadie Schenck, Pioneer Union Jwp., Passes A well-known pioneer woman of this area, 'Mrs Sadie Schenck, 88, passed away Monday morning at New Richmond, Wis. She had broken her hip four days prior to- her death. ;, Rites will be conducted here Wednesday at 2 p.m. in thetPres- fayterian church by the Rev. M. H. Brower with interment in Riverview cemetery. Pallbearers will be. Clarence Riebhoff, Roy Sarchet, Frank Hofius, Chester Bailey, ^Joe Ricker and Frank Cruikshank. Sadie. Maria Hanna Schenck was born in Pennsylvania on Feb 8, 1866 the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Hanna. She came to Iowa in 1870 with her family who settled in Union township of Kossuth county. In 1887. she married Myron Schenck. Mrs Schenck was a charter member of the Union Mothers & Daughters Club. She was a graduate of the Algona Normal College and taught rural school before her marriage. -*"-••'-- '-- children are: (Maude Which Is Which? Maybe It's Way They Wear Hats e TMrs 'Oluf Branjord, Star Prairie Wis.; (Mildred) Mrs Con Harrington, .Minneapolis, Minn.; Lloyd of Burt; Alfred of Algona; (Lois) Mrs Gene Whitmore, Lockhart Tex.;- Horace of Harlan. McCullough's is in chrage of arrangements. mg on State street. It has'been noted that many drivers are beginning to double park, and in some cases, leaving cars without an occupant. These violators, as well as those who fail to put coins in the meters, will end up paying fines. It is also possible for the City of Algona to assess a $100 fine on anyone clogging, tampering with, or misusing one of the new meters, which are 2-hour, penny, nickel or dime machines. Meters will not be in operation after 6 p.m. with the exception of Saturday nights. Mrs Sam Smith Dies In Texas Mrs Sam Smith, a resident of Algona for many years, died Wednesday night of last week at her home in Kerville, Texas. She and her husband for many years ran the lunch room now managed by Mr and Mrs James Allen. They moved to Texas a few years after the death of Mrs Smith's mother, Mrs Mary Laing. Mrs Smith was born at Lincoln, Neb., and moved with her family to Irvington when four years old She 'was 62 at the time of her death. Surviving are her brother, F. L. Laing, nieces and nephews, an aunt, and her husband. Buriai was at Kerville, Texas. Prepares For Trip To Bolivia Swea & Eagle — Miss Lillian Ivamsdale recently returned f rprn Mexico City where she took anguage studies. Miss Kvamsdale has spent the past year with her father, Ole Kvamsadle. She will leave at an early date for mission duties in Bolivia, South America, where she teaches. On year's leave here, she has nown pictures and lectured on ork m Bolivia to many churches nd civic organizations. Odell Kettleson has returned iere from a four year term as a missionary in Bolivia and is at he home of his mother and sis- er, Mrs Henry Kettleson and Melba. He spoke at the Evangelical Mission Church in East Chain, Minn, last Thursday even- ng. Melba Kettleson returned home yesr ago. She also served a our year term in the mission din Bolivia. She now teaches thf §we* Qity sdiooi Academy Class Elections Held In class elections at St.' Ceceia's Academy last week. Senors chose Rochelle Johnson for president, Dennis Cink'for vice- president, Sondra Elbert for secretary, and Darrell Downs for reasurer. In the junior class Barbara Barton was elected president, James Van Allen vice-president, Bptty Detrick secretary and Joseph Buscher treasurer. Sophomores put in Jack Henry as president, Mary Ilia Erpelding as vice president, Ronald Briggs as secretary and Mollie Sullivan as treasurer. Freshmen have all girl officers, with Ann Mikes as president, Diane Stebritz as vice president, Jean Hall as secretary and Karla Knecht as treasurer. Merle Loss, senior, heads the student council. Besides the presidents from each class, representatives on the council are Al Grill, junior; Joan Henry, sophomore; Robert McMahon, freshman. Emmeii Knary LuVerne '» » * • Maybe it's the way they wear their hats, but the two gentlemen pictured here, One from Fenton and one from LuVerne, certainly look alike. ' They are Alfred Meyers of Fenton and Emmett Knary of Lu- Verne. Both of them are well known residents of the 1 county. Each of them agrees, after seeing the Upper De3 Moines pictures of the other, that there is a strong resemblance,.'- * especially,.,^w " they are wearing their hats. , Alfred Meyers of Fenton is widely known not only in his home area but o.ther parts of North. Iowa where he has'long been an active leader and, officer in cooperatives. He wasi born at Cedar Falls, moving to the family farm near Fenton when a boy. He graduated from Fenton high school and attended both the University of Minnesota and Morningside College. At the present time he is a director and secretary of the Fenton Co-Operative Creamery, vice president and a director of the Tri-County Co-Op Ass'n at Whittemore, secretary of the Kossuth Dairy Ass'n, secretary of the Fenton Co-Op elevator, and a board member of the Fenton Methodist church, as well as a member of the church choir. His chief hobbies are fishing, hunting and bowling—and travel when he can find the time. His wife is the former Merle Weisbrod of Fenton, and the Meyers have two daughters, both married, one of whom is a registered nurse and the other a graduate of Buena Vista college. Emmett 'Knary of LuVerne has ived in and around LuVerne for 53 years. Emmett fanned until [928. For the past 19 years he las been in the farm real estate Alfred Meyers Fenton Committees To Handle Band Picked business. He's well known hroughout the county. Mr and tfrs Knary have two sons, twins,' Hector and Victor, of Moline, 111. Victor has two children. (Upper Des Moines Polaroid Photos) Farm Bureau To Have Open House An invitation is extended to the general public to visit the new Kossuth Farm Bureau at 218 S. Moore in Algona on Thursday, Sept. 30. Milk, coffee and cookies will be served during the hours of 10 to 12 a.m., 1 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. with Farm Bureau board members, executive committee and staff present to explain the arrangement of each department. The brick building (formerly owned by Miss Helen Dingley) was purchased by Kossuth Farm Bureau last January and has been remodeled into offices. Appointment of committees for the 6th Annual Algona Band Festival were announced yesterday by Bill Steele, secretary of the Algona Chamber, of Commerce, sponsors of the event. The Festival is Saturday, Oct. 2. The parade committee will consist of Russell Gustcr, Dick Phillips, Clair . Blossom , Lyle Mathes, John Carroll, Jack Limbaugh and Bob LaBarre. The Hostess committee, who will supervise the Queen candidates during the day, will be leaded .by Mrs Dorothy Greenberg, and the registration committee which will handle details at the school where each band will be assigned a headquarters room, will include Earl Legler and Wade Sullivan. Queens will be taken to the Algona Hotel as they arrive. where the Hostess Committee will take charge, and the bands will proceed to the high school. The parade will start at 10 a.m. Bellowing the parade, the visiting band members will be served lunch at the Annex, with Helen Comfort in charge, starting at 11 a.m. The massed band program will be held at 3:30 p.m. at the fair- grouryls, it was decided last week by the promotion committee of the Chamber of Commerce. This is an hour later than last year. Starting at 5:30 p.m. the band be guests at a at the Algona members will special movie Theatre, "Fireman Save My Child", starring Spike Jones and Ms band. ' New Queens named since the list published last week include the following: Kanawha —• Marlys Osby; West Bend — Barbara Rittgers; Plover — Jean Meurer; LuVerne — Karen Hanselman; Livennore —• Ruth Ann Jensen; Bode — Marilyn, Gjefle; Buffalo Center — Sharon Anderson; Armstrong — Norma Hanson. The Emmetsburg band will not be able to at- tond. Starts Term; 2 New Cases A damage suit was the first case set for trial in the September term of district court, Monday, as assignment of cases for th« new term in Kossuth county took place. . Judge G.' W. Stillman is presiding at the court term. The grand jury met today, Tuesday, and the petit jury''is to report Wednesday, Sept. 22, with the first case for trial set to begin at 2 p.m. with selection of a lury. First case for trial is that of Theo Bierstedt vs. Fred Bierstedt. This is a damage action, resulting from an automobile accident. Second civil cnse set for trial is Bates vs. Heftner. In the meantime, County Attorney L. W, Nitchals filed county attorney informations in 12 cases, 'all of which are slated to go before the grand jury. If any of the defendants should so choose, they can thus enter an immediate plea of guilty and tin- case will be removed from the grand jury list. Otherwise there will be 14 cases for the grand jury to study and decide on, |either to indict or dismiss. Two more cases in which Dr. Carl W. Lundquist of Swea City is named as defendant have been added to the 12 cases reported last week. The petit jury ordered to report Wednesday of this week is ;as follows: Evelyn Angus Burt W. H. Bartlett ._. Algona Ray Black Lone Rock Helen Blumer LuVerno Robert Briggs Swea City Clifford Carlson , Wesley Frank Chapman LuVerne Art Claussen Swea City G. R. Cook Algona Edythe Cotton *.«—A*...Featon__ Helen Doocy •___-_ Bancroft Dorothy Du?fy Whittetnore Geo. Elliott Swea City Vera Fitch ! . Titonka Esther Frank Fenton Harold Gross Whittemore Marie Hardcopf LuVerne Flora Hash Corwith Ethel Huff Wesley Irene Hutchins Algona Leona Kenne WJiittemore Hilma Kickbush Algona Kasper Kohlhaas Livermoru Stanley Larsen __• Titonka Ora Lichtcr Algona Ivan Long Burt Eldin Meyer Lone Rock Ella Meyer Burt Geo. Mackinnon Bancroft Edith McDonald Titonka Leo T. Nurre Bancroft Elmer Palm Armstrong Hans C. Peterson Swea City Walter L. Peterson __ Swea City John Pfeffer Algonu E. Clayton Pittrnan Algona Clyde Priebe Algona Andrew Reding Algonu E. F. G. Riedel Burt Laura Rosenau Lakota A. C. Schneider Bancroft Louis Schumacher Algonu Earl Shipler Burt Bernard rfpanglei- _.__ Corwith Mildred Taylor . Algona Kenneth Trenary Hurt R. G. Wiildera Algona Arthur Weber Bancroft Roman Wilhelmi Bancroft Clarence Yeager _ Fc-uton PHQNi 1100 - YOUR NEWSPAPER Winner of 14 State & National Awards, 1950-1954 Including GwwraJ Exc»U»nc», Iowa PIM* As*'n, 6 Prize Hogs Die In Crash Fenion —Six prizes hogs owned by Fritz Freyholtz of Fenton died as the result of a truck collision, Saturday evening, as they were being hauled back to Fenton after exhibiting at the Clay county fair. Near Emmetsburg, a truck driven by Paul Cornelius of Fenton, who was hauling 16 hogs for Freyholtz, and a pop truck, collided. The Cornelius truck was thrown into a ditch. Four of the hogs were killed in the crash, and two others had to be shot. Riding with Cornelius was Marlene FreyholU and Charlesi Steinbeck. Miss Freyholtz and the driver were shaken up and bruised, and Steinbeck received a broken collarbone. Preacher Fined, Plans Appeal Rev. Alton Owen Christensen of Rolfe was fined $25 and costs, with $15 suspended, by Justice C. H. Ostwinkle, on a charge of improper passing, in a case heard Saturday. The original action began last June 9, when Rev. Christensen was given a ticket by State Highway Patrolman Laws near Bancroft. At that time the case went to N. J. Nemmers at Bancroft, justice of the peace there. Christensen asked for a change of venue, and the case was transferred to Ostwinkle's court. The Rolfe man indicated as he left the court, in company of his attorney, that he intended to appeal the fine to district court. Titonka C, of C, Will Elect The annual meeting and elec* tion of the Titonka Chamber of Commerce will be held Thursday, Sept. 23. A turkey sandwich lunch will also be served that evening. • The present officers cannot be reelected under the by-laws. J. R. Schutjer is president, Louis Bartlett is vice president, Edward Boyken is secretary, Frank Fisher is treasurer, and directors are Sophus Nelson, Clarence Ackerman and L. C. Heifner.

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