The Guthrie Daily Leader from Guthrie, Oklahoma on December 21, 1894 · Page 2
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The Guthrie Daily Leader from Guthrie, Oklahoma · Page 2

Guthrie, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1894
Page 2
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uf'Mmit.w'mmuiFbmMiLA. A - -i & THTC ljc gcabcv lly the I.paiIit Printing Ooiiinny, LESLIE O. NIBLACK. Editor. Only Mornlnc I'nper I'liblliiliMl In (Inlhrlm OniotHl Orcun of Oklnhonin Drniorrnor. FRIDAY, DKC. U. tBIM. Tun Daily IiKAitKii accepts advertising with tho dlMluct nntl poiltlvo Biiftr-nittw tlmt It has double the jmlil alraulntlon of niiy newspaper publlihwlln Oklahoma. Tun liRAitKii llliidurjr Is turn of tho host Institution of the kind In the West and Is dally turning out largo quantities of work. Send In your orders for liliidlnK and blank hooks and thoy will bo promptly attended to. HUllSOKirTION ItATKH. DAILY. One month, dollvorod In city t SO Ono month by mall 50 Throo months 1 50 Six monthti. 3 00 )no year 6 09 KKKKLV fix months f SO Jno yoar 100 TllK Swhool bonrd is disposed to bult the tails of tho colored people Tiik dishonest New York police enp-tains are now bolntf turned up in job lots. Mayoii Mahtin should now tako time to ndmlnlstur an upper-out to tho oounoll. Rtj.'o rules should be rcvlsud so that oorouors can be excluded from llstlc oontusts. Unci.k Hii.i.v avid on co. Ho rurul linos. Wai.kkii Is again in is strengthening his Wiikx it conies to six nionths of real martyrdom, Mr. Debs is disposud to draw tho line li is time for Judge Perkins to deny the rumor that he has kicked his door-kuoper boom down stairs Tiik unwise Christmas shopper starts out without consulting tho columns of the newspapers. AcroimiNO to tho story of Defaulter Seolcy of Njw York, ho is a victim of a financial sweating saystom. Chief Gam. Is dead and the Choy-onno trlbo is undecided whothor to elect John Stone, of Outhrle, or Col. Origsby, of Ilono, to tho vacancy. Oklahoma City journals are growing groggy again. They nro buomiug Uuthriu and art. In cisos of this kind carbolizcd salve and feathers are clllcacious. Judok Woods utilized U0.0U0 words in runderiug his decision in the Debs case. In view uf this fact the public will bo disposed to regard the Imprisonment part of the punishment in tho nature of persecution. Tiik chief argument against tho Carlisle currency revision plan Is that it is a Democratic measure and is aj-proved by the south. That sutUllo-tho average Republican, who need no reason for opposing a measure except to bo told that it Is a rebol schema The Populists are told that it is a Wall street sehomo and they at onoo oondomn it In tho meantime grvotiuaohH aro daily prosuutod for redemption and the gold reserve will need replenishing soon. Those wise-ueros suggest no remedy, but condemn every plan ottered to cure existing evils. ItimUtX OK A CO.MPI.IMKNT. Yes. Guthrie is quite a pretty town. It cuuuot boast of excelling iu inuuy things, but it is a very respectable town. It contains more Afro-Amori-cans than all the other cities in the territory combined Ono of the greatest attractions in that city is a greasy and corpulent nogro policeman who parados the stroets iu splendid grandeur. Tho spectator who views this august porsonago is forced to admit tho greatness of our neighboring village. Olc. City Oklahoman. Yo sods, can this be our own John Matthews tho bullet-lionded Oklahoma Town oxoungo refers to? Groasy? Zounds this is a hard blowl lledoekod with blue uniform and brass buttons, an austere air, and authority rampant on ovary lineament of his feature, John hurls back between his clenched teeth th Lacedaemonian appellation of greasy. As for the "village" of Guthrie, our people nro not obliged to got behind the tank when thoy hear the toot of an incoming train TALK )!' OKLAHOMA hTIIK.VU.S Nearly all the localities and streams In Uie Indian country boar peculiar name, yat In nearly every ease these names have a particular significance and were derived from somuthlng wkleh has occurred in that section and one learns some interesting stories In looking up the'orlgln of many of these KuuiM. Just.over the line in the Cherokee country, U a stream named on the maps "Nigger creek," the gen-oral supposition being that a great many negroes live along lU eoursa Lieut. Tom Knight of the Indian 1 police, however, tells the true story of the naming of the stream, ltarly in Ihol the federal troop stationed at Fort Gibson, then the leading post in tho Indian Territory, had two aom-panlos of negroes freshly recruited from the South, camped along that ureek, nutting hay for the post from the broad meadows of the valley. One day Stand Walt ''s command and Quae's Texas ranger, who were scout-lug toward the north, came upon the ' negro camp and a bloody fight en sued. The negroes were taken by 1 surprise and did not tnako much of a ' UluiH', I all of tin iu Icing slain and their budu-s t tr ncattt-M-d tip nnd dow ii tlie stream fur a mile or more Right wore taken prisoners and a few, but t'.iu number of sliiih ii rely exceeded a hundred. Tho hay wm then all burned and tho maohlncry destroyed. Tor a long llmo the bonoe of the negroes could be seen scattered a hot 1 1 on the prairie, but in 180H tho government sent out men nnd teams and gathered them up and interred them In the national cometury at Ft O'beon. Some few bones enn yot bo found here and there along tho sf'oum which has been known as "Nigger Creik" since that bloody day. After wiping cut the hay camp the confederate pawed on toward tho north and two days later captured a big supply tiain on Cabin creek, twelres miles west of Yinltn. Lieut Knight was in imtli of these engagements mid knows whereof he talks. 1 lm Kitroinn 1'cniilty for n .InlntMt. KwroiiiA, Kan . Doc. 10 W. M. Cox, proprietor of the Fifth Avenuo hotel, convicted of violating tho prohibitory law at this session of tho district court, was yesterday pi ven ninety days in jail and ordered to pay a tine of SI 00 by Judgo Randolph, Mr. Cox was convicted upon only ono count, and this is tho extreme penalty provided by tho law. Ho will appeal to tho supiemo court. MtiilniilK Intuit I hitlr rrmlilrnt. Richmond, Va., Deo. 20. Last night students of Richmond col-lego hangod President-elect lloat-right in ctllgy. Among tho most conspicuous placards on tho figure was ono reciting tho fact that Congressman W. L. Wilson was elected to tho presidency throe years ago and declined, while lloatnor ncceptod. Richmond collego is the loading Itap-tist institution in the South. Mnonsliliilni; In (Juoliec'n Center. QtiKHi'.o, Can., Dec. 20. Last night the discovery of an Illicit still for tho manufacture of whisky in tho very heart of tho city was mado through tho accidental explosion of tho boiler. Tho explosion sot tiro to the building and seriously burned several poople. Ono of tho illicit distillers is a sergeant of the city police forco named Redmond. Dlmn Novel I'ulilUlmr Dcntl. Nmv Yoiik. Dec. 20. - Krastus F. ltcadlu, thu publisher of dime books, died yostorday at his country house iu Cooporstouu, aged 71 years. Ho retired from business iu 18S0. In 180J he was the Republican nominee for congress in tho Otsego district. I'olvtinctl by Itotl MnrkliiRa. Rostov. Ind., Dec. 30. Roth legs of Miss Uva Dooly woro amputated at tho knee Inst night. Tho amputation was made necessary by the poisoned condition of hor limbs resulting from tho woarlng of red stockings. Dniul nil n I'lilillo riutforil). London. Doc. 20. Sir lMmund II. Lcchmero, member of the house of commons for tho Rvshnm division of Worcestershire, was about to address a meeting nt Porshorc, Worcestershire, last night, when ho fell doad, Hunker l'ii;riio It illy lle.i.l. Nmv Yomc, Dec, 30. Eugene Kelly, tho banker, died to-day, aged 87 years. Jlo was born in Trollick, county Tyrone, Ireland, and nt tho ago of 20 came to this country. Ho wus worth $15,000,000. A llnllriiiul Ii I ho uiijjfr.ui, 111 iini:, Switzerland, Doc. 20 Tho council of state has-grantod the con cession naked for to build a rallioad up tho Vungfrau mountain. Capital has been subscribed in America and In Kugland. Another Mrtlm of l"oot Hull. 1'iULADKi.i'iiiA, Doc. 20 Goorgo S. Young, who played right guard for tho Frankfort foot ball eleven, and who was Injured November 30 in a gamo with another local eleven, is doad. Tlio II. A (). 1'reililent lte-i:iecled., Md., Due. 80. The llal-tlmoro mid Ohio directors to-day reelected Charles F. Mayor president, making his hcvonth consecutive torm. THE MARKETS. Kansas City. Mo, Deo SO -AVitEAT-Carloti bv sample 011 truck at Kuusas City at tho closo sold as follows No S lianl 62,.Alo No 3 li.iril. MOftlo No I hard, IBJtIDo rojocto.l, 0 Hie No red. 5lo. Na 3 rod lA0c, No i red, 1913 rejttctod. Idl7a Sales by Maniple oil traoU, ICuimw City No Smljod corn, 5 oar a lUo, 5 earn IUo, can lOvjo No J mixed nnmlanlly, 'M',o No I mixed, Dommall) Wo NoXwIiIIh 7 car l.'Uo i cur - 10 io J white nominally, i(t',o under No .' wull Oath Weru arm und In fmr demand lUcelpU or ot, 9 cars a year ao. Sour Sale 1 by sample on truek, ICansaj City No t mixed oats. 6 eurj SI ho, Z oum 311(0, SeariSlo No S nominally. 30e. Na I, nominally STiftSgo No white oil, nominally. SS'iC No. S white, nominally WuSle. HYK-I'lrm No i nominally, o Sa'i, uo l'LWSKsn-Dull. nominally IL tl , ao cord In i 10 blllinv Dha -bteudy, oTtMe per ot aaoked Cohn ciioh Dull TSftHio per cwtiaoked II aa -Hocelpu, si ouri imrket weak Timothy choice, WOKM Na I Hi 80 lowimJe r w faney prairie, la Si 76 cbole, t7W&s No I, lWut7. Na 8, fl, t Hi nackie ; hay, f i i I.lin Stock. Kansas Citv. ila.. Dee. U -rvttuH.,. elnt T..12S oalve. I0 khlppeil yesterday, 1.0M eaitee, 1W The steer market was da and 10c lower oo-l oohs atthe, uteady. others dull to 10c lower louder 1J to lta luuar stacker weak hulls and oahee uetle and kirooa' Hogs-Kcc-I pis pwi, shipped slerday 1,114. The market was lalrly active und fcleady with yesterday's decline The top wa U O ana th bulk ofsales were II to Ilia. aalnit II i 10 .5 ."9 lor built and II O lor too yo ti rday Sheep Hocelptt I ! shipped ye4terday, W5 The inirket j, dull sad unchanged. !orM--Kec. ipl. jw shipped yesterday, IT The mail it was pretty ui tit e at steady prke yi ti riUv uSk. "TrSESCJUZ. "W "" of the puvtlcaJ const!-JLTu - tutlon often comes Irom unnatural, jkjjv Uirlous habiU, con tracted through S- iguoranco or (Turn excufeo. t Kneh hnhitji IVS-C" rebult in loss ?3S of munlr -' Doner, nerv- , ous exhaust ion, nenous debility, Impaired memory, low wants, irritable temper, and o thou' sand und niiu derangements of mind and v iraljsU, toftening of tae brain awi . u 11 diiil inMuutv eoius-tiiuea risult iroin un h rw klts belf 11W1. To ruai b, re laun ami restore such unfortunates to her.'tu anil Uappmeai, Is the aim of Ui punlikherH of a Uh k HritUii in plain but Chaste language. ,, tli nature, sjmptoins aixl curaiuhtv, lj home treatment, of such di-OMw 'flu i,s: vill bo sent sealed, in piaia nwi ix, en uxxtpt o( ten ceuU in stanza H pay liObtage. Address, world's Dispensary Medical A. wKtywii v ttw t viWftjp, if, y, " ' 1 ' M . ff-UfcjLfL 1 fWgsVsT-eij ggKMrogi. OLAMLLCSS. Tin) C oroner Jury II1U1U tli nilKur- 111 in ( lull lteMlnllili. Nrw Oki pais, Dec. "0 -The Audi-lorluin Athletic club iiiiiiiageiuont has been declared, by the coroner's jury.respousible for tho doath of Andy llowen, the pugilist. Dr. Finney, who wns with llowou from the time ho wont down until his death, said that La-vigno's blow had not caused Ilowen's doath. I.avlgno, at the time, wns iu such a condition that it was question able whethor he could have administered to n reasonably well trained opponent a blow which would havo knocked that oppononl down. Had llowen slipped nnd fallon without linvlng been srruck ni, all, as ho did in tho last round, the result would have been tho same. The witness said ho had been informed that Iloforce Duffy ha I advised llowen nt the end of tho seventeenth round to quit, hut llowen had refused to do so, llowen was noted for his endurance and powor of rccuporat'on. There was some little delay as to the wording of tho verdict of tho jury, one member holding out for a scorching denunciation of the club management. Tho matter wns dually settled by the following verdict: "That death was duo to a hemorrhage caused by concussion of tho brain, and the jury further finds that it was neglect on tho part of the club In not having tho ring padded." ilnhnml or IIU lllililnu Oolil. Sioux Citv, Iowa, Doc. 30 Two masked men went to tho house of John Collins, near Sloan, last night, and mado him givo to thorn 51,100 in gold ho had concealed In the house, because his wife, who was suing for a divorco and alimony, had attached all his proporty she could find. Colorado Btrtkor I'lnoil. Dknvkk, Col., Dec, 20. In tho United States district court to-day Judgo Hallot imposod n fine of 3100 anil one-twontioth of tho costs on each of the four men convicted of retarding tho United Statos mall at Trinidad during the strlko last July. Ilev. Conrad Ilnnny In Toxun. Dk.vihon, Texas, Doc. 10. Ilev. Conrad Ilanoy, tho minister who left Chicago so unceremoniously with another man's wife, was seen on tho Btrocts of Dcnison yesterday, This 1b the prcnchorlsold stamping ground. Child luturniico Not Ittociil. Drnvhii, Col., Dec. 50. Judgo Graham has decided that tho law prohibiting insurance companies from writing policies on tho lives of children under It) years of ago is unconstitutional and void. Another Cusliler Short. Pi mk, N. Y., Dec. 10. John E. Illolby, tho trusted cashier of tho Central National bank, has confessed thnt he Is n defaulter for 827,000. NEWS N BRIEF. V. W. Job has received notice of appointment as Hawaiian consul general at Chicago. Mr. Job is n personal friond of Minister Thurston of Hawaii, and is a prqminont member of tho Chlcngo bar. Theodoro Huston, Unitod States consul at Junroz, Mexico, died at tho American consulate In Juarez of consumption. Ho was about 42 years pld. Mr. Huston formerly lived at Macomb, 111., and was appointed consul at Junro5 by I'rosldont Clovoland a' out thirteen months ago. Tho Ilev. Dr. Ddward MoGlynn has mado a complete recantation, llo is no longer an apostlo of tho doctrinos for preaching which ho brought on himself the ban of excommunication from the Catholic church. At Ulyria, Ohio, the dwelling houso of C. J. Cook was almost totally do-stroyod bn tiro. In tho 0 (Torts to extinguish tho tlninos both Mr. and Mrs. Cook were probably fatally burned. Tho origin of tho lire is unknown. Tho commerco commlttco uf the house has favorably roported bills for building railway bridges ncrosi tho Missouri river near Jefferson City, tho Llttlo river in Arkansas nnd tho Sulphur rlvor in Texas or Arkansas. The wholo Newcastle, Wash., coal mine appears to bo on tiro and it is feaied tho whole mlno will become n wreck, involving a loss of 8300,000 to tho Oregon Improvement company. Coal prcok is pouring Into it, but it will take several weeks to thoroughly Hood it. Geraldo Saiz, the revolutionist extradited from San Antonio, has been brought to Nucva Iarcdo, and it is understood that ho will bo taken out nnd shot without tho formality of n trial. It Is claimed that his guilt w as firmly established in the extradition proceedings, and all that now remains to bo dono is to carry tho law in such cases in to effect. Secretary Morton will loavo Wash ington about January 0 for a visit In Nobraska. Ho is the prosldent of tho sinio Horticultural society, and at Its mooting January 13 will nddross tl)e society on 'Tionoor Populists." Ida Wells, tho nogross, is trying to get an nnti-lynchlng bill before oon- gl'Obfc. Colonel Jackson, the ndoptod son of Andrew Jackson, is preparing to send relies of "Old Hickory' to bo placet! in the National museum. Helen M. Gougar has brought a suit to tost tho right of women to voto iu Indiana. Tho next Illinois Democratic State Central Committee was organised with friends of Colonel Morrison and Governor Altgold. Geuoral J. C. Jamison, adlutan t J general of Missouri under Governor Mnrmaduko, was appointed adjutant general of Oklahoma. Coal operators at Pittsburg, Pa., made a out of fourteen cents in mining. A strike affecting 30,004) may be ordered. A law now prevails in the Cherokee nation making it n oriminnl offense to employ any but Cherokeos. llertha and Martha lleekormaun. daughters of Habbi Heekermnnu of Cleveland, Ohio, were burned to death iu their homo. Mrs. William M. Heady and two cuiKireo pe linrdner, M Gnrdner, Jlo. Chicago peoplo havo about concluded tho purchase from Mrs. James G. Hlainc of the historic house fronting Lnfayotto square, Washington. Their purpose ie to oroet a tall apartment houso on the site. William Childs fatally shot Ora T,ong at Goatosyillo, Mo, Child's objection to Long's attentions to his sister-in-law was tho cause of the tragedy. Coming. Prof. Hirschberg, the recognised Now York and Su LouU Kyo rknort, or one of his staff will be in Guthrlo, Doc. 17 tJ 22, at the storo of his agont, . W, White, Consultation free. tine French Plate Mirror for ssle Also tables. W Harrison i tvvc. 13-18tf LAVIONP THROWN INTO UOILINO OIL. Ilnritliln lortnro of Armenian I'rlion-nin liy i Hrh. HitHMN, Dee. 30. The Cologne Onzetle publishes ti letter regarding the atrocities committed on the Armenians which says that tho Turkish garrison at Hrr.eroitn, Irisn, Vat, Tlgmnooertn, Hubert and Moosh, altogether numbering nbout 00,000 wero sent ngalnst the Armenians. Tho commanders of thoso troops announced to the inhabitants of the villages: "Wo nro ordered to put you to tho sword for oponly defying the govornmonU" 'I ho attack began on August 18. The Turks wore repulsed in tho first instance. The massacres began September 5. Those Armenians who submitted unconditionally wore bound to stakes nnd their limbs woro cut off with saws. In othor ensos tho victims were disembowolod and their eyes gougrd out. Children wero thrown into burning oil and women wore tortured nnd burned to death. The troops pluuderod and burnod tho church os. Among thoso who foil victims to the savagery of the soldiers woro forty priests who woro brutally massacred. The llrltlsh consul at I'rreroun was preventod from going to tho scones of the atrocltlos on tho ground that it wns not safe for nn Armenian, he being an Armenian, to approach tho places where tho troublos had oc-cttrrod. This did not deter him from making nu attempt to learn tho truth, but as ho was trying to approach ono of tho devastated villages ho wa ar-rostcd. Among thoso who witnessed tho ntrocitiob was a Spaniard named Xlmonoti. Tho Turkish authorities approuchod him nnd offered him largo bribes to induce him to dony in tho English papers tho truth of tho reports of the outrages. They also sought to bribe him to go to England for tho purposo of delivering lectures on Armenia, In which ho was to dwell upon tho contented condition of tho Armenians. Scnor Xcmines rojectod tho oilers mado to him. IMI3011 Opposed to I'rlro I" hllnir. Ni.w oiik, Dec. 20. Thomas Edison has put his foot down on the scheme of tlio Klnotoscopo exhibiting company to pull tho Corbott-Fltz-slmmous tight in Mexico. Tho com-pnny may havo tho fight, but it cannot havo tho uso of Mr. Edison's kinetoscopo, without which it cannot reproduce tho battle. Ever since Corbott and Courtney fought at the Edison laboratory tho "Wizard" has opposed such exhibitions. Still tho exhibiting company doos not propose to withdraw its offer just yot, . I I'd a Curious Woman who can't havo confidence in Dr. I'lorce's Eavorlto Prescription. Here is a tonic for tired-out womanhood, a rotnedy for all Its peculiar ills and ailments and if it doesn't help you you huve nothing to pay. What more can you ask for in a medicine? r Tho "Prescription" will build up, strongt.icn, nnd invigorato tho entire fomalo system. It rogulates and promotes all the proper functions, 1m-proxes the digestion, enriches the blood, dispels uencs and pains, brings refreshing sleep, and restores health and vigcr. In "fomalo complaints" of every description and In all chroni woaknesbos and derangements, It is tho only guaranteed remedy. If it doesn't benefit or euro, in the case of every tired-out or suffering woman, she'll hnvo her monoy back. Nothing urged in its place by the dealer, though it may bo better for him to sell, can be just as good for you to buy. Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure constipation piles, uuuousnpss nnd Headaches. Di. Price a Cicam Uaking IT'-' i Wnr'd's Fair Highest Award. Justico dockets, latest style, nontly bound, 'or sale at The Lkaduii office, tf Look through SpongoPs lm-monso stock and you will suroly find a suitblo present 13-13 tf Toys and gamos of all kinds at the Capital City Hook Store 12-15 tf The U. S. Gov't Reports show Royal Baking Powder superior to all others. Dolls iu endless varety and at prices to suit everybody, at the Capital City Hook Store. 12 15 tf Just unloaded two cars deep shaft AJe'Ulihtor coal, as good as Canon City, for 87 5u per ton delivered. N. F Choadl i Coal Co., Phono No. 0. 12 Htf Seliool I.11111I .Meeting. All persons lutorosted in the releasing of school lauds are requested to meet In The Leader building on Jan uary S, lo05 lly order committee. Guthrie, Dne. 18. The latent stylos in fancy albums at the Capital City Hook Store, 12 1ft tf Mr. Ira P. . Wotmore, a promin3nt reul estate ngont of San Angolo, has uted Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera and Diarrhoea lUuuedy In his family for several years as occasion required, and always with perfect succoss. He sy: "I find it a perfect cure for our baby wliou troubled with colic or dys entery. Unow foel that my outfit is not uomplute without a bottle of thli Remedy at from homo. Co homo or on a trip away For sale V. II. Lillie & I First published In Oklahoma Leade Dee. 80. Nolit'O. Territory of Iogan, s. In the district and territory Oklahoma, County of court of Juki county Alexandrine O'Mtta-u, plaintiff, vs. Daniel U .Meara, defemlnnt. The pi a 1 nil 11' in the above cause having riled her petition, together with an atUdavit that thu defendant is a non-resident of the Territory of Oklahoma, and the object of this action being to obtain a divorce and the cub-tody of A una O'Meara, now. therefore, the said dofeudunt, Daniel O'Meara, is hereby notified that utiles ho be and appear at the district court room iu tne utty of outline on or before the 1st day of February, IMS, at 10 o'clock a. m, and answer to said petition or demur thereto, it will be taken as true and judgment will be granted accordingly. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and atMxeJ the seal of thecjurtat my otHee in tiuthrie, in said count, this l'th day of Decern ber, J"''4. i seal ) Lous E Pitts, tlerk w 4t Torriblo Hcnclachoe 1 1 .' 1 . 1 1 uiikan(ihau:kt of stomach, liver, or cowels, Itr-llutiHl l Ayer's Pills I iloti l believe o Ci -e ever was so o p . 1 it jilll ninilo 0 as Ajer'sCfttJmr- o tlJ HIM. they o wiiliioaiiyonrcc- 0 , omineinl them for O and even intirei J When I lime a 0 coM and acho os from hoait to lieK a ihno or two of these ptlM Is all the incilli Ine needed to sot mo light br 1 In. 1'or In ailnclic, they hover fall. I lime been a Uetlm of ter-rlblo hendnrlies, niul line neer found mi) thing to relict e tin 111 o qtilcUy as Ajer's rills. Since 1 1 eg!1u taking this medicine, the attacks have been less nnil less frequent, until, at presi-Ht, months liao passed since I have hail one " t 1'. 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Catterlmmedlatcly determined to produce it in his piece, "Tne Fast Mail," and with such gratifying icsults as to be pronounced ported by the thousands who have seen it and compared it to America's wonderful natural waterfall. Opera House, Saturday, Dec. 22. Lost A pocket memorandum book containing railroad passes and private papers belonging to Uoy HolTmnu. Finder will ploaso forward to The Leader otllce and receive adequate ro- ard. t o Wanted Fifty loads of cord wood at The Leader office. For sale At Leader ofllce; ono half medium Chandlor A Price Gordon press 14x20. It is in perfect condition and is running every day at our olllce. We must make room for large press. tf A present bought at Spongers will bo both beautiful and useful. 12-13 tf For base burners uso Ruby coal. Hotter than Oulta or Ponnsvlvanla Anthracito Call at ollice and get a sample. iM. K Chcadle Coil Co. Phone 0. 13 Htf Anyone who has children will rejoice with L. H. Mulford of i'lainflcld, N. J. Ills little boy, five years of age, was sick with croup. For two days and nights he tried various remedies recommended by various friends and neighbors. He says: 'I though v sure I would lose him. I had seen Chamberlain's. Cough Remedy advertised and I though t I would use it as a last hope and am happy to say that after two doses he slept until morning. I gave it to him next day and a cure was effected. I keep this remedy in tho houso now and as soon as nny of my children show signs of croup I givo it to them and that is the last of it." 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by F. H. LIlllo & Co. Down they go25c books, 15c; books 25c at Lillio's Drug Store. 40c Viiluuble wearers Iulurmntlun to all of glasses. Prof. Hirschberg, of world wide reputation,' will bo in Guthrie, Dec. 17 to 22, nt nt me store of Ills agent, Consultation free. C W. White. Tlio best 5o cigar in lie's Drugstore, the city at Lll- The World's Fair Tests showed no baking powder so pure or so great in leavening power as the Royal. Time Is I.liultt-ii. Everything must bo sold by Dec. 22. My entire stock at prices bolow cost, Handkerchiefs, hosiery and notions. Cable high corsets SI. Pinest line of uats over siiown iu Outhrle. Christmas uovoliios. Rig bargains for those who come early. Millinery, fine mil-llnor.v. Remember Dec. 22 everything must be sold. Fixtures for sale. Mas. Anna Smith. Samaritan Hospital, Samaritan hospital, at 1001 east Springer, is undor good miuagoment, having tho services of nn experienced and successful nurse, for twuntv vnn and mniron of Charity hospital in Kansas City four years. The work is not and experiment, but a permanent work, begun for tho public of Guthrie. Any sick person may be carod for by us cheaper than at home. 93 lm Utittiile anil Cliuuiller Mall Line Will carry passengers for 81.50 until further notice. 40 pounds of baggage JiC excess. Leaves Guthrie 0:30 a. m.; arrives at Chandler at 5:00 p. in. Loavas Chandler 5:30 a. m.; arrives at Guthrie 5:00 n. m. Oflleo at Palace hotel. Telephone No. 23 7 ft lf John Dukfke, Prop. I'our Moulin for 23 Cents, The Twiee-a-Week Times. Issued luesdayand Friday, is being sent to subscribers on trial for four months for M cents. Mail a quarter in silver . v.iuijh iu me- nines, Kansas City Mo, and get thirty vo Issues of the r flO. if' j"1 ISSUL'S Of lhalnln....ol.. I apt r published in thKm,.v."T lift: llftv cents but th mil.. o.i o.. ... I Times one month. Tim., nn. m .,. "' " "uny G- M- BARNES & SON FIRE, LIFE, AOCIDNT AND TOMADO INSURANCE. We have a full sot of records and aro ready to furnish promptly T,i rnnl nrnnortv In Onthrln nnd Losan bo absolutely corroct Lawyers and others doslrlng abstracts and legally correct should consult us. promptly dono. MONEY TO LOAN tarOFFICE, NO. 303 Stillwater and Orlando Exchange Barn, SHIVELY BROS. & VAN WYCtf, Prop's. First-class livery barns nt Stillwater and Orlando. The best of teams and improved facilities for carrying passengers between these two points. Team always ready to start at any time In tho day and roturn at your plcasuro The shortest and quickest route between Quthrio and Stillwater is via Orland Geo. A. Mktoalf, Prosldent. Capital National Bank GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA. Capital fully paid, Undivided profits. Oklahoma Kicycle Comfy THE SQUARE BICYCLE DEALERS. Will search for trade during the seaton of 1894. Largest stock of cycles and cycle sundries west of Kansas City. Bicycles Sold on Installments PAYMENTS ACCORDING TO PRICE OF BICYCLES. A large line of Second-hand Bicycles at Slaughtering prices. Terra easy. Do not forget to call on us for Sewing Machines and Supplies. Call at or address 113-113 East Oklahoma avenue, Guthrie, O. T. The Oklahoma Bicycle Comp'y E. H. KNAUSS, Manager. N. F. OHEADLE WHOLESALE AND CITY, FRONTENAC, CANON WEIR And sole ugentfor the famous Ruby Coal, of Arkansas at all times. Olllce and vnrd 42 Oklahoma 11 vn. TELEPHONE NO. 6 HOTEL EAST HARRISON AVENUE. H. H. PERRY, Prop'r. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. LAWYERS. T W. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law, Guthrie, Oklahoma. Ofllce in Times Uulldiag, 105 north Second street. BEL S. DUNCAN. attorney at law, Guthrie, Ok. S. E. Cor. Harrison ave. and Second St. R. KKATON. Jno. H Pm-riM, . r JEATON & COTTERAL, Attorney at Law. Guthrie, Oklahoma. rhliui1 3' Jift "onal Loan and lrust llulldlng, Oklahoma Ave., op. U. o. Land oflico. Joseph Wlsb,. c. G. UorBor. yiSBY & HORNOR, Attorneys, Guthrie, Oklahoma. Rooms J3-JS, Over Cspltol Nstlonal Bank. "yiLLIAM BLINCOE, Attorney at Law, Guthrie, Oklahoma. Office in Victor Building. FRANK 11. CROSTinVAITE, Attorney-at-Law. 13SO K. St. N, W., WasliIuBton, . . ). (j. The Land Department "i,1" ".Ulie conducted ty the la r"v OI ne. Oklahoma TownsitA n.i contest divisions. I snllM -"',"" I I neM and guarantee .atWVctfjLC We GU ARANTBE our abstracts Inir abstracts that aro tcchnlc Conveyancing, Notarial work and Typosc On Logan county farms and Improved city proporty. Investors, seo us. OKLAHOMA AVENUE. JJ M. L. TuitNKK, Cashier. $50,000 30,000 COAL COMPANY RETAIL DEALER IN CITY, McALESTER, OSAGE. Prompt Delivery ROYAL, gayard T. Halner. Attorney and Counselor at Law (City Attorney) Rooms 11 A 12 0 ray Uros Mock. Guthrie Okla. ARCHITECTS. C.B- HOPKINS, (Late of Chicago) ARC HIT ECT. Room 5. Ill Oklanoma Avo. PRANK B. LUCAS. NOTARY PUBLIC. The Leader Counting Room. Dr. L E. PHILLIPS 200 Main St, Oklahoma City, INperlullat ef PILES AND RUPTURE" Chronic dlsoasos and special Uranchf os, catarrh and lung d (season. Ner-vousnossand disoases of women and ohildron. Rectal diseases and hernia ourod without dotention from business. Will visit t.ny town. Correspondence solioitod. Telephone 33 Ofllce houts 9 to 13 a. m. and 1 to 5 p ra. c N.KIRCH THE TAILOR. SUITS FR0M $20 DR. Good fit and first-class workmanship guaranteed. PANTS $5.50 AND UP.. 109 Sooth First Street. COlintv.

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