Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 26, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Thra* Personal—Social—Fraternal Alice Gemmell Monday To Wilson Clark ]:rv. Cleorge P'inn otllcinted at the niiinriKi- Motuluy at .10 u. m. In St. r'raiK'U' rectory, when illss Alice (.ieinmell, daughter uf Mr. nml Mrs. Knlph Getvunoll of :tf>2 riiviHiyn street. Derby, became the briilc of U'illlum Thomas Clai k, U. «;. x. K" Sl ' n °' ^''- !Uul M''s- Wilson *''• fiirlc, !> Meadow street, Ml.i.-i Lois L. Gotnmel!, ft sister of tin- liridi'. was maid-of-honor and U»l>ert G. ClurU, the brulcgroomV brother served as best mini. A moss green suit, brown accos- ^iirit\-i and mi orchid corsuge wore worn by '^o bride. The mnid-of- hoiK'r was nttlrod in ;i cocon ln'ovi'ii suit with dark brown acccs- sorlivi <i:id a Is'" h:id an orchid cor- Tlie briiio's mother wore a forest j.-reeri crepe drens. brown accus- jonosi and u corsajre of yellow .•WPM. A two-piece li^'U weight wool soldier blue suit with black nccw.<ories and a pink rose corsage wore worn by ;he mother of the Ov.-r 100 quests attended n reception held at the Hop Brook club which was attractively decorated with chrysanthemums and palms. The brides-room i.f a jrradunte of NiuiKiituck hiKh school, class of 1M!>, The bride wns a member of :hc class of 19-10, Derby hi;,'h school. Engagement Of Evelyn Emery To Edward Noble Announced Really Pretty! Mr. :iml Mrs. Guor.eo Emery o:' Fern street have announced the iTis-Mni'mont of tholr clauhtfter, Evi-lyn, to PFC Edward Nohte. son o! Mr. and M."s, William J. N'obie, Jr.. uf New Haven road. Miss Kmrry is n jjrtwluixto of N;ii;i;.-iluek hiKh school and Hidor' IVi.'Ift'O. Pfe, Nohlo is also a Naugfituclc hii,'h school graduate nncl attended Virginia Military institute bofort t'nt<;rin>,' the service. Shoes In Rummage Sale By 0. E. S. A l.vw assortment of men's and v.-tirtv-n'.-! shoes has been donated to On- rurr.mago stile to bo held by KvcWi't-n chapter. O. E. S., Tluirs- fliiy and Friday, Sept. 2S and 2D in .Ma.<ionlc hull, Church .street. It's Not Always Your Weight! RUSKIN CORSET SHOP I'.'li Ml. .\/l(ln >(.. Wllif. Tl'l. .'I-VJII . Your house clothes need not be in the hum-drum class, as shown in the sketch of this pretty morning frock. Beautifully fitted, it securely fastens in back and h;Ls a flattering U neck and great big pockets. All cheery cottons, per- cale.s, and ginghams are ^good for making it. Barbara Eeil Pattern No. 1200 Is designed for sizes 12, 1-1, 1C. IS. 20; -10 and -12. Si/.e 1-1 requires 3 C-S yards OL' 35-inch material; for trimming, 3 yards of ric-rac. Plan your fall cloMie.s now: The new fall and winter pattern bciuk, "Passing in Review" is now renJy —contains 32 pages of the top hits in clothes the boys in uniform admire — "Date" frocks, street wear, sportswear, clothes to wear on the home front — snappy school clothes for juniors and children. Price 10 cen'.s. For this pattern, send 20 cent's, in coins, your name, address, pattern number and size wanted to Biirbarii Boll, Naugatuck Daily News. Pact O'.'ficc Bos 00, Staiion G, New York 10, N. Y. Eighty Attend Shower For Sophie Rek Miss Sophie Rck, who is married to George Luciun of Wa- tcrbury MII Saturday, October'.21, was tendered a greenback shower recently by Mrs, Peter Rek lit hur home, 7!) North Hoadlcy ijlreet. Those present were: Mrs. Stella Jankowski, Mrs., Mr, and Mrs. James Rck, Mr. ami Mrs. William Rek, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Re);, Mrs. Kosakowski, Mrs. Henry Gaivitl, Mrs, George Yndra, Mrs. R Junkowski. Mrs. Thomas Pic- .•u-clli. Mrs. Martin Lillis, Mrs. A. Wisinska. Mr. and Mrs, Kompa, Mrs. Olof Larson, Mrs. Marcisi:on- ck, Mrs. Joseph Bartosiak, Air. and Mrs. Jusoph Zdonick. Mrs. Alice Hudobenko, Mr, and Mivs. .D. Lucian, Mrs. Glcnda Traf- I'ord, Misses Anne, Sophie Marciszcinek, Jane'Kolakowski, Bee and Virg Barlosiak, Carole Yonan, Pat, Helen, Alfreidu, Margaret, iMorenco, and Mary Rck, Mildred Galvin, Alfreida Wolcgo, Rose Lucian, Hazel Anderson. Mary Vito, Sophie and Helen Sodloski, Mary Almied'j, Sophie Bisinska. Mrs. Peg Con way, Mrs. Sisksa, Mrs, Carmine Mennillo, Mrs. Mary Kowacki, Mrs. Charles Rek, Mrs. De Bernadino, Mrs. Henry Zembruski, Mrs. Stanley Petro, Mrs. M. Mazurslti, Mrs. Sue Mennillo, Mrs. Evelyn Barbaza, Mrs. Caroline Narcielio, Mrs. Mary Zaputka, M^rs. R. Ross, Mrs. Stella Rozycki, Mrs. Folecia Krajewski, Mrs. Evelyn Nqwacinski, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Dalonges, Mrs. Stella Pruch- nicka, Mrs. Anthony Duba, Mrs. Alex J. Kolakowska. Mrs. Kabulinska, Mrs. Granica, An Effective Arrangement State Motorists Will Be Able To Exchange "A" Books Keeps- Pledge To His Dead Pals Connecticut motorists will ox- chanpe . their current "A" gasoline ration book for u. new one about three months ahead of schedule, according to an announcement State OPA Director Arpaia, The book now in ust and designed to last until February, 1915, will be replaced at a time to be weeks by a book to be validated announced within the next lew Nov. 9. This will remove the difference now existing between the Eust and the rest of the country where validity dates have been i-unr.ingf ahead of those in effect ocally, Mr. Arpaia.said. J^c also claimed that the change will automatically spike the plans of counterfeiters who have printed thousands of A-12 stamps in anticipation of profitable transactions in the East after Nov. 9. The latest move by the ,OPA means that these A-12 stamps will never become valid, he said. Motorists will be advised how and when to make applications .for the new books within a few days Mr. Arpaia promised. Mr.-Mrs. H. Johnson At Broadcast In Boston The unique beauty of this lovely scarf is achieved by embroidering wild roses against a cross- stitch background — and it's a lot less w.ork than it looks. Pattern envelope 'contains hot- iron transfers for two designs, each about 5 by 12 inches; co.'or chart, stitch illustrations and fuil directions. Our 00-page multicolored book Mrs. Bartosinska, Mrs. Bernard | of Needle Arts containing- five frde I i -Mo'ran. Sr., Mrs. Kadonski, Mrs. Smolonski, Mrs. Tarasiowicz, Mrs. R. Wojtczaka, Mrs. Ztikowska. Mrs. Polakowskiu, Mrs. Lubowiecki, Mrs. Josephine Sodeloski, Mrs. Przyby- lowslj;, Mrs. Stella, Bicrnacki. Mrs. Lucy Jankowski, Mr, and Mrs. j John Suntopiutro, Mrs. Theresa SliOronski. Mrs. Anna Klopdtowskl. Mrs. Mai-y Baxter, Mrs. L, Earto- siak. Mrs. Catherine Morris and Mrs. Dubinsky. Miscellaneous Shower Is Given For Patricia Plumb patterns, ,ar.d many other suggestions for dressing up your home and yourself is now available. Send your request for this book to the address listed below, enclosing twenty cents (20.) in coins to cover the cost and mailing charges. Send 15 cents (coin): for .-Pattern No. K215G to Naufratuck. Daily News, Needle Arts Dcpt., P. O. Box 172, Station D. New York 3. N.-Y. Naturalist 67, Living Life Of A Thoreau Two yvurx sign, Marine Sgt, M. F. Taylor (center), Potsdam, N. V., buried two builies of four comrades in Gmxlalcaiml foxholes, marked the graves with twlgx and vowed that one day he would «rive them proper burial. And here he IN, keeping bis pledge with two huddles, Kt John r.. Stewart, (left) of Floral J'ark, fc. J., iwid I'fc. Anthony Plncalro, Kast Cambridge, Mass., who help locate Ihc bodies. (International) Temperature Report Local residents listening to tho radio at noon today heard the names of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Johnson of Naupatuck, mentioned as guests of the Marjorie Mills broadcast in Boston, Mass. Week-End Guests Of Mrs. F. W. Biggin Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tiffany of Poughkcepsie, N. Y., were weekend guests of Mrs. Frederick W. Biggin of Bradley street. Natatuc Tribe, I. 0. E, M. Meeting Thursday Natatuc Tribe, No. 25. I. O. R. M,, will meet Thursday evening at S o'clock'in Pythian hall. All members are requested to attend. Another cool morning, with the frost evaporating away .is soon as the sun got up a little higher in the sky. developed into a pretty nice day. Red Hermans spent the day removing screen doors, now that autumn has been with us •for the past few days. Even the door of the News Office c.-tmc down, but no credit goes to the redhead, who was plenty busy with the screened portals of the' R e d's neighborhood. Red's dog, Judy, won't got its tail caught again 'til next summer. Midnight -19 3 a. m -16 • G a. m 53 Neon 71 1 p. m 72 Pvt. Carroll Returns To Post In Virginia Pvt. Donald Carroll has returned to Fort Belvoir, Va., after visiting his wife, Mrs. Mac Carroll, of Woodlaxvn avenue, for a few. days. It takes seven years before a coffee tree produces. Supply of lead in the U. S. at the end of 19-12 was 1,308,000 tons per year. Sharon, • Mass. (UP)—A 67-year-^ old naturalist and conservationl«t is livlnp the • life of a •; modern Thoreau in n. nimple rouKh- board and tarred paper cabin culled '•Hilltop Haven." . Harry G. Higbec has collected natural history gpecimong, which, before the war, attracted ' thousands of visitors yearly. Now he lives o. ruf»ged »olitary life with his companion*—the animaln. Every day, Higbcc carricn his water supply Jn two pailii • hung from n. JOO-ycar-old-: yoice up «. half-mile trail through pine «.nd bi^'Ch woods. "The doctor scolded me tor exercising so much,., but-I still intend to tnke my annual birthday walk to Boston." Hjgbcc says. All provisions, even five-gallon oil containers arc carried to the top of the hill, which is 45J fcot above sea level. On these trips, Higbec stops occassionally at n. rustic shrine in memory of his wife and at a 20-foot hemlock tree planted the morning alter his daughter, Louisa, was born - 23 years ago. Population of Tranajordan composed chiefly of nomads. in FIRST STEP IN IA$Y WALKING- Norwash Shoe Store ! Hartford Resident Visited Friends Here Mrs. W, L. Brown has returned to her home in Hartford after visiting with Mrs. W, H. Paul of Oak s-'troet .'tnd Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Pan! of Walnut street. One-eighth of n. ton of cosil required in the manufacture of barrel of 1 gasoline. A miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss Patricia Plumb was given recently at her home on Park place by a number of her friends. Those present wore: Misses Marjorie Doolittle. Eleanor Broderlck, Ellen Donnelly. Jean Chiswell. Barbara Croft, Majy Malonc. Gertrude O'Connor. Jean .Dillon, Jane Hubbell. Marion Francis, Sarah Emory, Ruth Baker, Harriet pro- novost, Rita Kaps, Marion Nor- wash, Mrs. Joseph Carrol!, Ivl.-.s. Allen Piumb and Mrs. Churlcs Fogarty. Golden Gleaners To Make Plans For Fair Character and Charm Of Early American Living This fine reproduction of « colonial filvoriti: reflects nil tlic diameter and ohiiriii l'f curly American living. Tuihiy, ton, the simplicity nnc! iifjrk-sH licmity of the I8JOili;si'pi;ippi!»/s to tliosi; tvho iippri-ctute craftsman- >liip in solid silver. /$*& ratt»rn Plans for the annual fair of Eeu- con Valley grange to be held October 2G and 27 will be made at the nil-day meeting tomorrow of the Golcien Glenncrs at the homo of j Mrs. Saide Cook of New Maven rond. Boosters Night will bo observed by tho grange Friday at S p. m. Refreshments will be served, Th« public is invited. Meeting Of W. S. C. S. Tomorrow Afternoon The local activities group of the Woman's Society of Christian Service will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Methodist church. Mrs. T. B. LongKtaff will give a book report on "Burma Surgeon." Mission Study Group Meets With Mrs, Umlauf The Mission Study Group of the Naugaluck Methodist church will meet this evening at S o'clock at the home of Mrs. William Umlauf, 122 Oak street. By tho world's for*moit lilvcrimilht. . . . SILVERSMITHS SINCI IfOV 68 BANK STREET CHRISTMAS CARDS FOB SKNDING OVERSEAS ARE READY NOW! Sweetheart 1>mCE i Friend Husband Brother 1'IUCE lOc TO $1.00 Pal Others SELECT THEM XOW MAIL BEFORE OCTOBER 15TH Tfio Curd anil Gift Shop SWEENEY'S sT AAnT ToSv STORE Resumes Duties In WAVES At Boston Miss Adeline Stankus of tho WAVES, U. S. Navy, has returned to Boston, Mass., after spending the week-end at her homo on North Main street. Of, £>;r^ $?c$$;^, <^C>^; : %:«&^ <^ * °!r ef t>,.- **4s , fr ee> .to Cf i •, ^^?e-> ^e <'°<S,> v '^>C tf <> C* "4&Q °ft-*4t 0 ^tojo/ J - ** <$e *«*- ^ ^c/^He, °^ f A/l 0 ^ r^W ^° A ***** ^$^Z:^^>: **.?*»*.****?* * J **W .**4,&*t , w f^^$^Sg? f -Tlf^O*, °^ f A/l°^ r^W ^° A e ***f?*' 0 Q j ^$^s^s^^^ & Confirmation Classes Meet Wednesday The junior confirmution class o St. Michael's Episcopal church wil meet Wednesday at 3:30 p. m. i the choir room and the senior clat- will assemble at 8 p. m. William T. Dunn At Armed Guard School William T. Dunn, S. 2-c., son .01 Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Dunn of ulvcr street is taking a course it the Naval Armed Guard'schcol Norfolk, Virginia. Tanet Benham At Connecticut College Miss Janet Benham, daughter of Jr. and Mrs, Harry E. Benham of Hillside avenue, has been enrolled t Connecticut college, New Lonon. Hotel investments in the U. S. xceed J5.000.000. j <>;^ ^c^<>. c -<* <>?>4>C C ^? 7 -^ fe^ Q ^^>^o^>^;r^^ °^,^ 0 «v, *A *>c •**-'«>* 'Off. ^O f/ f *0ti e * "^ ^</ ^r/ »»-, '^e fefc>A^>a ^*>:^% ^ fo c ^ '£*. °^, ^ ;^ e *^., The Connecticut Light and Power Company

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