Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 16, 1886 · Page 10
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 10

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1886
Page 10
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OAJULAm DAILY EVUarmGl TnrCHNI2, SATXJUDAT, OCTOBEB 16, I.-L-JTEH JLU t EVENTS. The Parker-mllcutt Wedding ! on Tuesday. j Snyder-Fose A Xaiber of Surprise Parties On Lake T.erriit Personal Gossip and Society Notes. Now that the rams and frosts bare set in, the society eeann may be said to nave thoroughly commenced, j Lawn parties ast now be abandoned, and the young men who have given so mucbaf their time to athletic sports must now fi&back upon dancing and indoor social The boating partial, recently softeular, most also be abandoned in large mi and picnics are a thing ti$ the past. tableaux. Drivate theatricals, card partial and the other winter-evening amusements will serve in large measure to fill the ga left by departed suftimer. j PABKEH-WILLCUTT. The wedding of Miss Josephine E. Will cutt, of tbis city, and Mr. Frank L. Parker, of Chicago, tobk place on Tuesday evening last, at 8 o'clock, at the residence of the bride's Iparerits, No. 950 Lincoln street, Rev. Dr. Hirton officiating.' The wedding was intended to be a quiet affair, the invitations extending only to relatives and most intimate friends. The parlors of the Wiiicntt residence were beautifully decorated with flowers, ferns and palms, festoons of smilax depending from the ceiling. Among the -elaborate floral designs, the moit noticeable were a marriage bell and t lover's knot in the large bay window. I The mutic was furnished by three pieces, piano, i violin and flute, voder the direction of Professor Knell, of San Francisco! f ' The dining-room had been enlarged by building a temporary addition and merging the conservatory and dining-room. Here amid decorations and beneath the light from colored lamps the guests partook of fan elaborate wedding supper.. During the supper the Second Artillery band, from San Francisco, entered the grounds aqd serenaded the young couple and the guests of tbe evening. Among the many beautiful presents were articles of silverware, paintings,; rare porcelain 1 and artistic bric-a-brac, i Mr. and Mrs. Parker leu Oakland yesterday for Chicago, where they will make their future home, i Mraj Parker was One of Oakland's most beautiful and popular society belles and the good wishes of a hott of friends will folio her to her new home. Those present were I as follows: 1 Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Willcuttl Mr. James Willcutt, Miss Sadie Willcutt, Mr. Geo. B. : Willcutt, Mr. Harry WSllcutt, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hutchinson, Mr. Norman Hutchinson, Mr.- James lAdarns, Miss Bessie Adams, Mrs. Adeline Bacon, Miss Alice Bacon, Mr. Wm. (Bacon, Mr. Win. O. Boutelle, Miss Sophie Batturs, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Billings, Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Bowles, Mr.andiMrs. J. W. Cox, Miss Mardie Cox, Mg and Mrs. W. J. Casey, Mr. and Mrs. bS. Ni Cousens, Miss Emma Coosens, Mr. Jos. ll Crittenden, Miss Sarah Gannon, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Folsom, Mr. and Mrs. DeHayea, Mies Stella Hayes, Miss Florence Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Hayeal ' Mies Haves, Miss Liocy B. Hayes, Mfcs Mamie Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. AbramHall. Miss Clara Hall, Mr. Wins-low G. Hall, Mr. aid Mrs. Wm. F. Her-rick, Mr. Wm. A. Herrick, Miss Herrick, Miss Lucy Herrick,! Mr. and Mrs. 1). B. Hinckley, Revi Dr.Jand Mrs. F. A. Hor. ton, Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Judah, Mr. H. M. A. Miller, MY! Chris. Miller, Miss Lottie Miller Miss Annie Miller. Miss Rose May, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. McNear, Captain aad Mrs. J. W. Miller. John A. Mc sear, Mrs. H. M. Newball. Mr. and L M. O'Connor. Mr. and Mrs. : Gilbert Palache, Miis Sadie Palache, Miss Ida .Palache, Ihomhs Palache, Mr. and Mrs. James D. Redding, George H. Redding, Mr. and Mrs. James Scotchler, Mrs. J. B. Scotchler, John M. Scotchlerj Miss Lizzie Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Towne, Miss Ida) i Thompson, George Thompson. Mrs Margaret White, Miss Winnie White Mr. Ernest White. BNTDEH-FB03S. r On Thursday evening, at the First Bap- i tist Church, Miss Cbrrie B. Fross, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Tames Dalziel, a grad- ! uate of the Oakland igh School and State School of Elocution San Jose, and a popu- lar society belle, w: wedded to Sherman A. Snyder, well knon in tbis community, Tbe polpit and fronit of tbe chnrch auditorium were tastefully decorated with flowers, ferns and greenery. G-D.I Abbott, E. S. Taylor, W. F. Fotdkee and W. Parker Lyon acted as ushers, and at 8 o'clock escorted the bridal party down the left aisle. The bride's mother was supported by tbe bridegroom and tbe pride was! escorted by ber bridesmaid. Mils Florence Roberts. Rev. E. H. Gray, J. 1)., performed the ceremony; after whjh the young couple retired by the right aisle, followed by Mrs. Dalziel and tbe bridesmaid, tbe ushers and the relatives. This party was entertained at at reception at th : home of the bride's parents, 762 Fifteei th street. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder j the i took the train for San Francisco, from whence j they went to i Santa Jruz yesterday, at which place and Mo iterey the honeymoon wilf be spent, pjpor their return they will occupy their new I ome on Eighteenth street. The bride, a handsome blonde, wore an ivory white rhadanes satin and nun's veiling en trai it, with trimmings of lace, tulle veil and e: ange blossoms, i Tbe bride's mother, Mrs James Dalziel, appeared in a plain b iick rhadames atin, trimmed with ! jet passementerie ! and lace. Miss Florenci Roberts, tbe bridesmaid, was attired i i pale nun's veiling, trimmed' wit b lace, and wore a corsage bouquet -of pink roses. The, invited guests were: Mr. ; nd Mrs. J. Dalziel, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. S :iyder, Misses Emma, Alice, Rebecca and I illie Snyder. MrTjand Mrs. A. G. Pratt, Mr. and Mrs.-Byron Snyder, Mr. and Mi s. Hornbereer. Rev erend and Mrs. E. IH. Gray, Reverend and-.Mre. G. S. I Abbitt, Mr. Granville D. Abbott, Mr. Carl H Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. B.'Tower J Mr. i ; Mr. and Mrs. N- B. H. Garthwaite,ji Mr. ker. Miss May Jloyt, nd Mrs. John Hoyt, iioyt, Mr. and Mrs, hnd Mrs. C.Fj Ba Mr. and Mrs.iPedar bather. Mrs. Herman Perry, Misa Kate Fuller. Miss Nellie ISbeatman, Miss Ida Gallup, ' tJIr. aadl Mrs. G. Gray, Mr. and Mrs Nath niel Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Giles Gray. Mr. . and Mrs. Cyrus Wright Mrs. Fannie! Gray, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. tin, Mrs. Cl K. Element, Miss Alice Ciemeut, Mis Amie F. French, , Herbert French Eddar Fisher, Mr. and nir. u. w. rumnre. Dr. and Mrs. J. I Brad way, Miss Ella Brad way, Will He witt, Mi Cora Dew ft, Edward S. Tay lor, Sam. C Partri flge, Will Barnard, Miss Graca Barnard J Mi-s Mabel Gray, Miss Zillah Eadon. t. and Mrs. Charles - Keid, Mr.: and. Mr: Major James Glenn F. K. Shattuck. and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. Alack,! Mr. and Mrs. John F. Young, Mrs. A- C Saiith, Miss A. Irwin, iur. anil .ire. li. Jlevfs Miss Jessie v'ar$er, Mr. and .Mri. Cyrus amm, Miss ranoie Datum, Miss Lena C'arr.ill, Misr Liiiin Cbildi.. Mr. and; MrJ O. Enilav, Mr. and Mr?. Jumlay, .Mrs. 'f rah Burilick, Mrs. Carrie Burdick, Mr. F. II. Buteau, Mr. Cary Howard, Mr. 'red. C. lorrty. Mi : E l. Howard, Mr. f Mi. n4'! Mrs. J. li. Ilenry C. Converse. XlcCheaney, Mr. and - Mr.. S P. Meade -Miss Irene Hardy, vli-is ljicv Fisber. Mrs. C Is. Fisher, .. Mrs. Jil .), Todd, Irs. Frank Todd, Dr. and Mm. Ia lore h-'ohn, Mr. and Mrs. A Caulfieid, Mr. ai t Mrs. iJV'ie'ucbeY. Mr. John Havens, Mr. aud Mrs. H. Lee, Mr. and Mr Miss Mary Stuart, Mi.si Mary Havsns, . Ijee, I Miss Eisue Fred. S. Stratton, r. and Mrs. C. W. Mrs. D. G. Dear-1 Fannie Dearb rn. Dearborn, .Mr. and bom, Mie8 Kttfo a llf .1. T . air. v alter jr. uta -born, M"issf Clara Wade, iievj and MrJ S. B. Morse. Miss .C'ora Mum, Miss flattie Work, Mr. J, Warner, Mrs. Fanni Pngh and fj Mr. Albert Parker, afir. Arie DudleV, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. WiUwtu Davenport, Miss SOCIAL Sarah G. Ward, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cogswell. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lyon, Mr. Will. Lyon, Miss F. M. Reed, Mr. Charles Scott, Mr. Charles York, Dr. and Mrs. C S. Lane, Mr. George Lane, Mr. Harry Carlton, Mr. Phil. Carlton, Miss Gertrude Carlton, Miss Annie Gaskill, Miss Kate Marsh, Mita Hortense Ward, Miss Lottie B. Wheeler, Miss Nettie Carter, Miss H. CY Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Miss Ellen McFarlsnd, Mits Winnie McFar-land, Walter McFarland, Dr. Alice Bnr-ritt. Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Underwood, Mrs. Peter Matthews, and family E. D. 'Williams, Waiter Manuel and wife, David McMul-lio, Edward Kane, A. Smith and wife, Mr. and; Mrs. J. E. McDonald, Z. L. Wade, Mrs. Anderson, H. D. Wallace. Jj W. Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wetmore, Mri and Mrs. W. B. Moody, Mrs. Thomas, Miss Ethel King, Mrs. W. Donning, Mitees - Cable, Miss Susie Watchers, Mias Anita Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Alien Shorkley, MUs Eva Deane, Miss Klma Dean?, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bell, Miss Alice Cochrane, Mr. and Mrs. Warner Miw Mrbel Warner, Mr. Geo. L. Fit, Mrs. A. A. Denison, Miss Alice Be-tanooe, I Miss Susie F. Ford, ! Miss Julia JCraser, Miss Leila Ewing, Miss May Ken-nlkjn, M.. W. O. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. LM. Babcock, Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Jfejftf, Mrs. J. C. Fielding, Mr. i and Mrs. C J. Ben i am in, Mr. and Mrs. Al bert Buhner. Mies Lottie Buhner, Mr. and Mrs.J. H. Stevens, Miss Minnie Stevens, Miss ALattie West all, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Roberts. Miss Florence Roberts, Dr. and Mrs.NH. J. Todd, Mr. Sand Mrs. . W. Garthwaite, Mr. and Mrs. LouU F. Cockroft,S. H. Roberts; W. Hoyt, Mr. E. R. Simard, Mr. and Mrs. Remi . lard, Mrs. Dow, ilr. D. D. Cooke. Mr. Henry Hauschildt, Mrs. Griffin, Miss Ina Griffin, M. W. L-. Prather, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Orton, Miss Kate Morrison, Mr. D. ' A. Price, , Miss ' Maggie Price, Kate Ber.ner, Misses Lowell, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Gilchrist, Mr. C. B. Bradley; Miss Alice McKinnon, E. L. Warner, Miss Ada Inicholp, Miss Edith Cook, A. D. Thompson, William Blote and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred. M. Campbell, Miss H. P. Stearns, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Richardson, Miss A. F. Aldricb, Dr. John Dunne, Cantain Cashing. V ! I From Saa Franciico: v Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Capp, Miss Clara Hull, Mr. H. C. Patricklr. and Mrs. Willard B. Harrington. From San Leandro: Mr. and Mrs. I W. H. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, Mrs. L. Feoner. Miss Mamie Huff, Mrs. Henry Owens, Miss Tena Owens, Mr. and Mrs. C.i H. Gray, Miss Evelyn liray. Miss Minnie Mercer, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Landers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Nye, Misses Myrtie and Hattie Nye, Miss Ethel Meek, Miss Carrie Roberts, Rev. and Mrs. A. S. Gibbons, Miss Gibbons. ' From Hay wards: Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell, Mr. Fred. Russell. Mrs, F. Twist, Mr, and Mrs. H. Rice. Miss Hattie Rice. Mri Harvey Rice, Miss Bessie Craig. Mies Frankie Porter, Miss Kate Gilbert, Misses Strobridge; Mr. Ed. Strobridge, Miss Rena Jamison, Mr. Homer Jamison, Miss Emma treorge. Miss Emma Collins, Miss oadie Clp, Miss Alice Smith, Miss Eleanor Harrington, Miss Fannie Cooper, Mits Marguerite Warner, Miss Clara Katelson, Mr. Will Chapman, Mr. Louis Rivers, Mr. ilenry Piatt I . I Mr. and Mrs. Milton Green, Oroville Mri and Mrs. Walter Higgins, West Berkeley: Mr. Chsrle? Holt and family, Moscow,; Idaho; J. L. Chamberlain, Og- den; Charles Scheidon, Portland, Oregon, A LAKE FKOLT.C. ( I On Tuesday evening "We, Us fc Co.' gave a most pleasant boating party ! on Lake Merritt. . E. H. Edoo, of Tubbs Hotel, and Frank Cordon had the matter in preparation, while Captain Al. Dun- combe had charge of the boats and their arrangement. The guests assembled at the Bon-1 on boathouse. and after several hours' sail the party returned to the boat-bouse and partook of a supper which had been spread for them. Alter supper tbe party danced until early morning. The following1 guests were present: Joseph Bergin, frank Stokes, A. L.I Cantin, D. R. Luyties, W. C. Abbey, Charles Boyer. F. Cordan, W. Barstow, W.i H. J. Mat thews, Hendricks, Joseph Block, Jake Stein. Jacob Forth, Sam McLaurin, H. Duncan, Miss Sewel), Gussie i Irwin, Miss Montague, Ida Coulter. Miss Stromsk: Sara Miller, Carrie Short, Mamie Gray, Clara Medauer, Annie Duis, Mollis Kirby. Flora Stein, Laura White. Miss Corine Pallentine, Lizzie Carson. The Oak Leaf Band, of i West Oakland, attended in fall force and rendered music for the party. J SAS fc-RAKCISCAXS ON THK LAKE. ' On Tuesday night a party of San Fran cisco young people came to this city on the seven o'clock train, procured boats on Lake Merritt, and after a short sail spent the evening in dancing on Adams Point, re turning to San Francisco on the last train. The party was composed of the following: Misses Clara Mighell, Nellie Dudley. Hat tie I Horstman, Ella Peterson, Addie Titus, Alice Johnson, Nettie Wyman, lielie Wnmt; Messrs. Henry Hacke, George Mighell, Andrew . Himmelmann, John A. Wyman, Paxton Wright, Guss Lull, irank Anthes and van Hedley PROGKES81VK EUCHRE. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Davis gave a pro. gressive euchre party to a 'number! of friends on1 Wednesday evening, at their home in Eaat Oakland. The party was very enjoyable, not only by reason of the very perfect arrangements, but from the uniformly gocd players participating, There were present Mr. and iMrs. C. li. Look, Mri and Mrs. W. A. Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. George Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Dorety, Mr. and, Mrs. Jas. Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Hodgesi Mrs. Roe. Mies Marsh, Fennie Downing, Fremont Downing. I Prizes were won by Mrs. Cum- minge, Mrs. Hodges, Mr. Donaldson aud Mr. Look. ; The party broke up at an early hour, after partaking of refreshments. SURPRISE PARTY AT BAST OAKLAND, j A pleasant surprise party was given to Mrs. Thornus McGinnias, at ber residence on .eleventh street, r.aBt uaKiand, on Wednesday evening, by a number of her friends from Oakland and San Francisco. Music, games, conversation and dancing were tbe principal features of tbe evening. About midnight the guests repaired to' the dining-room, where a bountiful recast was served. After supper the guests again sought the' parlors, where they remained until the early hours of morn. Among thoso present were the following: Mrs. McGinnist. Mrs. HumistonJ Mrs. A.' Hampel, Mrs. A. J. McGovern, Misses Minnie Barke, Lillie Brady, Hettie Mc- liirbn, Maggie McGithn, Rose McY ey and Ella Cull, of Sau Francisco; Miss Mary iMomtt. Miss Mazcie Mofhtt. Miss Annie O'Connor, j Miss. Mary O'Connor, Mies ITeresa Murpby, Miss Alice Carey, Mias lilelen Carey, Miss Emma Mofhtt, Miss Ellai Eaan, Miss Teresa Eagan, Mies Annie Harnpel, Miss Annie Boiland, Miss Mamie Cleary, Mis Mamie Mc-Grew, . M-ii-s Sarah Carey, Miss Lulu Case, Misb Loretto Kirk, Mrs. Ryan, Messrs: T McGinnis, Humiston, John Nolan of Sin Francisco,, M. Xolan, B. Mc Ginnis, IV. Ryan, A. Hampel, A. J. McGovernj Mesirs. J. O. Kane, G. Pa'.tir-Bon, J. J. Harridan, A. Everdipg, J. Mc-Giffin, Jean De Prefontaine and C. Mc-Vey, of Sau i Francisco; Messrs. Tom. Sheehan, Harry Sheehan E. Msgill, li. Donavan. .f. L:i Costi. J. D. Sfotfi'tt. 1. Moffi-.t, W McV'ey, J. Mulgrew, Claude JLiynn, jirj. t oyce, J. Case, W.i Mciiugb. (THE ijAKDES PARTY. i Tfco garden party given at Mrs. Judge Crockett's pretty place at Fruit Vale on. last Saturday afternoon for the benefit of tbe building fund of the Church of the Allvent, Eajst Oakland, was a financial as well as a social sraccess. In the evening the grounds were beautifully illuminated and dancing was m order. Among, the guests were: ; Mrs. ' Judge Crockett Miis Crockett, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pownint,', Mrs. Henry. Wetherbee, Mrs. Requa. Miss Reqaa,! Mrs. John Hooker, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hale, Rev. Dr. Hale, Mrs. Wellman, Misses Wellnian, Mrs. Jrvin AvresL Mrs. C. C. Pownint. : Miss fMay Bourne. Mrs. Tevis, Mrs. Bray, Miss 11 ulia Bray, Mr. and Mrs. Grinwood, Ed. Bray, Gas Bray, Fred. C Clift, Will A. I Powning, Dr. Frank ; Foolkes, Misa May Foulkes, W. Hampton Ft ulkes, Mrs. Captain White, Miss Alice pollen, Misa Mabel White, Norman Lange, Frank Fisher, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Haas,! James White, Miw Bertha Rickey1. Misa Haas, Gertie Haas, Mr. and Mrs. Lukins, Miss Murrey, Miss Lukins, Mr. J and Mrs. Hensbaw, Miss Tubbs, Misks Farrier, Mrs. Kenna, Mrs. George Wheaton, Miss Bessie Wheaton, Mrs. j Allen; ' Miss Gertrude Allen, Mrs. Derby; Mr. and Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, Miss Nellie Nickols, Mrs Herrick, Mr. Gardiner, Mr. Parker, Mr. Bennett, Captain Cummings, Mr. Noyes and many others. I nSITlD FRIESDS' BOCIi .L. j j On Saturday evening of ! last week was held the regular monthly social cf Oakland Ceuncil, No. 20, United Friends of tbe Pacific, at Kohler's H.ll, West Oakland. The following programme ws ' rendered: Recitation by Miss Grace Eaton; vocal duet by Mrs. Price and Master Cosey Leach; Scottish song by Robert Knox, and recitation by Mrs. Armstrong, j After the entertainment refreshments were! served and dancing was indulged in. Amo'rig those present were: Robert Graham and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Craker, Mr. Tyrrel, Mrs. Tyrrel, Miss Tyrrel, Mies Grace Eaton, Mrs. Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Haven, Miss L. Jeffress, Mr. Jeff reus, Mrs. Jeffress, Mr. and Mrs. Sessions, Master Sessions, Mr. Eaton, Miss Laura Plum-mer, Mrs. W. H. Weldon, MissL. Zimmerman, Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs, B. Wright, Miss EmraaPfenninger, Mrs. Nellie Bron-sonj E. M. Long, Harry Lorquin; Mrs. Chej-ne, W. Grove, Miss BL : Woolsey, Miss C. Woolsey, Miss Forrester, 1. Br-retta, Miw Barrett, William McDonald, H. Hammond. Annie Hutchinson, Miss Graham, Mr. Un ierwood, Robert Esterly, L. Hubbard, H. P. Dalton, Mr.! Hammond, Mr. Putney, M. Pleister, Mis. Atkinson, Misses Atkinson, Mits Blair, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Plummerj Mrs. U Weldon; ' Miss O'Brien, Mrs. Sticjkner, Mrs. Knox, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. ! Woolsey, Misses WooUey, Mis4 Duffy, Mrs. Jones, Miss L. Weldon, Mr. Gluoz, Mr. and Mrs. Bronson, Miss T. O'Brien, Mrs. H. Hubbard, Mrs. Gilman, Mr. Martin and others. I : f I DEDICATING A SCHOOL-HOUSE. On Saturday evening of last week the new Hays Valley school-houje was formally dedicated. W. H. Mead presided, and remarks ware made by Judge jE. M. Gibson, County Superintendent Fisher and J..H. Medan. Tbe following programme was rendered: Song by the class: dialogue by Susie Mead, Edith Medau, Mattie Mead and Louise Medan; instrumental duet, Miss Delphine Medanl and Miss Gussie Gibsoo: a vocal solo. Misses Gracie Gibson, Susie Mead, Daisy Mead, Clara uibson; song by the class: ! wand exercise by Susie Mead, Edith Medau, Mattie Mead and j lionise Medau; j instrumental duet, Miss Carrie Mead and Miss Gussie Gib-sond song by the class, "Good Night;" vocal solo, Miss Lilly Low.! The interior was! tastefully decorated in flowers, the bUckbgacds being covered with crayon work. Refreshments were served after the rendition of the programme, and then the de'iks were removed and I dancing in dulged in. Among those in attendance. were: Judge E. M. Gibson. IMrs. ;E. M Gibson, Miss Gussie Gibson, Miss Clara Gibson, Miss Grace Gibson, Miss Clara iSrashears, Miss Carrie McKenzie, W. hi. Mead, Mrs. W. H. Mead, Miss Susy Mead, Miss Carrie Mead, Mr. S. Andrews, Mrs. o. Andrews, Miss iiattie Andrews, Miss Vinnie Andrews, Mr.i J.IH. Medau. Mrs. J. H. Medau, Miss Pauline Medau, Miss Delphine Medau, Miss lillie Medan, Mias Eda Medau, Miss Louise Medau, Edward ' Medau, Theodore Medau and Miss Lizzie Medau. of San Francisco: Mr. and! Mrs. McAdams Mrs. Rogers and family, Mr. S. F. MorreU, Hiram Morrell, irank MorreU, Elmer MorreU, Ralph MorreU, Ester MorreU, Mr. J. li. Lloyd and wife, Mr. Liaw, Miss Lilly Law, Mrs. C. A. Kohler, Miss Pauline. Scheurlin, A. L. Fuller, Superintendent P. I M. Fisher, C, Fisher, Miss LUly Childs.) Elmer Childs, AL C. Chapman, Dr. J. F. Saxe, A. A. Denison, F. Hampel, J. Hampel, Miss Kate Hampel, Miss Louise Hampel and Miss Mattie Mead.. I The School is now taught by Miss Lilly Low! who teaches 24 ideas how and where to shoot. UN BALLO EX MASCHERA. The carnival and grand mask ball of Oakland Rebekah Degree Lodge, No. 16 L Oi O. O., given Tuesday' night at Ma sonic Temple, was witnessed bytne of the most fashionable audiences ot : the season, and I much ingenuity vacd tarte was dis played by the original and unique costumes which thronged tbe floor. Among the cos tumes deserving special mention,' where all were praise worthy, jnay ba noted the following: Mrs. E. Hersey had one of the handsomest suits of the evening, appearing as a xutierny. xuiss oieinueiu naa white suit trimmed with mangolds, as a Sunflower. The chairman of the commit tee of arrangement! bad a handsome satin costume of a Continental. I Mrs.. Abbott was nuite charmm? aa Mornmc. Mn. Ida Downing attracted much attention as the Princess Trebizonde. f Mr. WaVd Davidson appeared as a Convict, while MrsJ Davidson portrayed an ! Indian Maiden. Miss Etta Watkins, p,s a Baby, attended by a Japanese servitor who trun died her ina carriage, was the object of universal attention. Matter Percy Jones as an Imp was a success. 1 1 he following costumes were also represented: -airs, n L. Adams, Queen of the Night; Mr. Harry Jonas, Mexicans Mr. JJ. rJj.j Lianknead, Fieairo; Mr. C. W. Reinoehl, Uncle nam. Miss! Liizzie Maddern, domino: Mrs G. W, Smith, lolly; Prof. Simmoipti, domino; Misrt Mamia Stainfield, Margvierite; Mis Annie Watkins, domino; Mr. Moore, Harlequin; Mrs. iL. W. A. Watkins, Industries of Oakland; Mrs.i Kate Jieinoehl, Old Lady; I Miss rigut, uomino; iibs v imams, yueen oi Night; Miss Iv Gage, Red Riding Hood; Airs. Snsie Jones, An Irish Emigrant; Miss Molae Poritoskey jrraridma;i Miss M. JMoorehead, Spanish Girlt Mrsi A. Markil, fancy dress; Mies El-ie Aldricb, Sailoir; Miss May EdwardsJ lied! Riding HooJ; Mr. Robert Maddern; domino Mr. P. J. Newman, Gypsy; Little Bertie Simmons, Grand Duchess;; Missr Nettie isemmerly, sailor Uirl; Mrs. Jennie lavis. old lady; Mrs. P. R. BorienJ Kalfj and Half' Mrs. J.' W. Gage, Southern Lady; Miss!' Lizzie Jones, seasons Mri d M Weldon, domiob; Mr. A. P; Belli Police man;! Mr. S. M. Abbott, John A. Logan; Mr. J. A. Itoss, trypgy; llr O.IIal Pinck-ney, Page; Mr. W. E. Gage, Esquimau; Mrs. W.. rl. McKinnon. dominb; Mrs. Al, Somerset, domino; Mrs. Cl W- Baker, fancy dress; Mrs. Barton, Wijnter; Miss Edith liosslan, domino; Mr.i Milton ! Jen nings, Clown. I ineioiiowing were guests njotjini coe-tumet Jennie Albee, L. Steineld, Maria HUva Harry 1 ravers, Mrs. A. S. Aldnch, Mrs. F. W. Billington, Miss BiUingtun, Miss Anna Covalt, Miss Anna I White, John H. Pinckney, S. Samuels. Mrs. S. SamUels, Mr. and Mrs. Williani H. Mac Kinnon.- At 10:30 o'clock the masks were removed and those guests not in costume were Permitted to participate in the fes tivities.- Refreshments were served during the evening. A. W. Reinoehl acted as floor manager, assisted by Gus.i Price, Harri .Tones, C. H. Reinnjeht, Mips MagJta Price, Miss Etta Watkins, Miss Jennie Granes. A PRESENTATION"! TheUlore Hansen, of 374 Tenth street, was tendered a neat little testimonial in the way of a set of jewelry ri ttje Occasion of his recent birthday annivershr j. jMr. Wilolx male the presentation speech, which! wa felicitously responded! to by the recipient. Wine and oysters were (served. and a general good time followed IThe guestdwere: Captain Leonard, Mr. NVil-cox, Captain Mayhew, G. SC. Gjilmore, Matthew Schellhaas, Harry puhbar,!Mr. Hayes, Mr. Franks, and a few other friends. ''' i . I .GRAXD ARMY SOCIAL. j On Thursday evening Appomattox Post, I No. 20, G. A. R., in col junction with Ladies Relief Corps, No. p,! gave a verv pleasant social ' at Grand Army HalL On Thirteenth street. The following! impromptu programme was rendered:! Sing ing by Captain W. It. ihomas, i. T. Smith and H. S. Roberts; addresses by J. L. Lyon, H. T. Smith and H. S. Smith; a vocal solo by Mrs. Monroe, whistling song by H. S. Roberts, and a piano solo by Mrs. Hambnght. Coffee and cake were served daring the evening. Among the distinguished gaests present were Mrs. B. Jane Russell, Department President Ladies' Relief Corps, and Mrs. Rice, of San Jose, Post Department Inspector. THE REVALK PARTY. Among tbe events of tbe wee was a surprise party given to Dick. E. Kevallc on Monday night at his parents' residence, 1117 Willow street Tbe evening was spent in dancing and playing) games. At a late Dour supper was served. 1 he fol lowing guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. Ksvalk, - Miss Kevalk, Miss Carrie Northey, Miss Maud Northey, Miss Josie Gordon, Mis Mary and Bella Mitchell, Misses Angelia, Elvira and Juliet Bar bagelats, Miss Edith Bows, Miss Millie Chae, Mffcs Hattie Kimbal, Missl Katie Brace, Miss Etta Seloa. Mr. Dick Revalk, Mr. Wall Barstow, Mr. Homer Shrewsbury, Mr. Will Revalk, Mr. Charlie Tyrell, Mr. Will Woods, Mr. Oharlej Watson, Mr. Pierce Mr. Seable Woods, Mr. Will. Mitchell. Mr. AckerlvL Mr. Mite Lucier, George Tyrrell and William nine. ;;j , RECEPTION TO GRAND CHAPTER O. X. 8. Oak Leaf Chapter No. 8, O. E. S., will give a reception on' Thursday evening, Oc tober 21st, to tbe officers and members of the Grand Chapter, which; meets jn San J" rancitco on Monday next. A cordial in vitation is extended to members of tbe order generally. j-j CAXTATA OF THE ' FLOWER' kjCEEN, : The young ladies of the congregation of the First Congregational Church are very busy preparing Root's well-known cantata of tbeFloicer Queen, and judging from their excellent work last evening at rehearsal, the production will be a great success The Flovtr Queen will be performed! in the church on Ihumday and J! riday evenints next, and the proceeds will be: applied to funds cf the Liadies Aid society. j NATIVE 80NS ENTKBTATKlf (NT. Oakland Parlor, No. 50,$ative Sons of the Golden West, gave-srpleasant enter tainment on Wednesday evening. After the initiation cf a memHer and remarks on the good of tbe order, the following programme was rendered: r Overture, i "Poet and Peasant;" address, (Charles E. Snook; music, springs Avatcnrflc; ' address, Charles W. Ueckr; recitAton. J. T Wheeler; music, "Whfte Bds Waltz;" remarks. Dr. E. J. Ovetfiodfinusic, "A Night in Granada." The music was fur nished by the Native Sons' Orchestra of six pieces, as follows: George i A. Penui man, violin; Heury D. Cusking, iviolin; Julius Oettl, piano; J. J. Peters, flute: E S. Taylor, trombone; Charles Cushing', cornet. Amonir those creeent were Rod W. Chureh, S. B. McKee, Jr..! C. E. Snook, William F. Burbank. Walter G. Manual, G. A. Penniman, O. E. Havsn. E. F. Harris, E. P. Caine. W. O. Cullen, A. A. ixng, J. W. 1 ravers, Hurnham, E, D. Flint, George P. Clough, H..MJ Leon- aid, C. H. Bon, J. F. Kennison, Henry Trevor. J." K. Jeffress. J. Morris. J. T. Wheeler, P. H. Reilly, Grand President Charles W. Decker, of San Francisco; A. Hevman. President of Baker Parlor. Ba kersheld. and Dr. E. J. Overend. et-Dep- uty District Grand President, formerly of MarysXille. .1. the pierce luncheon. On Tuesday last the artistic home, of Mrs. C. D. Kjerce was beautifully decorated with hot-Kpuse flowers, the occasion being a lunch, party which was most heart ily enjoyed by those, ladies who were for tunate enough to be invited. At, one o'clock the company assembled, and at 1:30 sat down to. an elaborate luiu:b, to which ample justice was done, and which occupied them until four oMock. I After lunch the guests adjourned to- the parlors where a brief but very en j oyable musical programme was rendered. Among! those who participated in the musical programme were Mrs. Walter ScottXwho rendered "O; lair Dove, O, Fond Dove, in ber best style; Mrs. Ward, who sang . i -wr x i i bwu urutiuai cuiuposiLioije; ixis xearasiey, who played I'ure as Snow, and Mrs. Whetmore and Mrs. Witcher who gave in strumental selections. Among, the fortu nate few who reoeived invitations were Mrs. Swenarton. Mrs. Walter Scott. Mrs, Schuyler, Miss Beardsley, Mies Lulu La-throp, Mre.N. E. Craft, Miss Mollie Sel- Kirk, axiss i earaoo, airs, witcner Miss Witcher, Mrs, Porter, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Wbetmore. Mrs. Bennett. Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Pierce was as charming as usual, and entertained in ber own delightful manner. and on departure the guest j voted the afternoon one of the most enjoyable which they had ever pasted. " f ; I A. BOATING BABTT. j ' . ' M Of tbe many boating parties on Lake Merritt last Tuesday evening, one of the most enjoyable was that of a party of young folks d Oakland. They arrived at the lake at haif-past eight. One of the largest boats was in readiness, and the party thoroughly enjoyed a two .hours sail. The party wai composed of the fol lowing ladies and gentlemen: Misses May- celle 1 borne, Ada Pushing. Jizzie Corbett. Florence Cook. Mrs. J. F. Wulzen, Emma Corbett. Clara a witt; Messrs. J. t. Wul zen, Harry Lawrence, Edward Cashing. J. B. Corbett, D. H. Wulzen, Bert: Swift and r red. Steele. : - i A NOVEL SURPRISE PARTY. A large party of young people assembled at . Lake Merritt last Tuesday evening by invitation of Mrs. W. W. Whitman, to enjoy an evening on the lake, the occa sion being a turpi ise party given to her son, W. C. Whitman, to celebrate his VJtb birthday. Tbe "City of Oakland" had been engaged and was brilliantly lllumin ated with Japanese lanterns. ' At eight o'clock the party was all aboard and the boat put in motion. Music ' had been furnished for the occasion. Dsncidg and singing were indulged in until eleven o'clock, when a light repast was spread. after which dancing Was resumed aud con tinued until one o clock. 1 he party broke up regreting that the evenine bad passed so rapidly and unanimously pronounced it one of the most enjoyable evenings ever spent, lhe party was chaperoned by Mr-. W. W. Whitma.i and Mrs.' Ej W. Kohtts. Xhe following is the list Ot in vited guests: , Mis-es Erne Roberts, Addie Burnell, Beppie Lee, Annie Brock, Lillie Whitman, Eva Knight, Mabel Gray. Agnes HuntJ Lizzie Stonesfier, Guseie Stonesfier, Annie Moss, Georijie Strong, Elenor Himineray, Jennie . Jackson, Bertha Hall, Annie Dallam. ! Lulu Steffins, Carrie Clisby, Cora Teaff, Cora Wincheu, traca Liisenberger, Jvatie Lisenberger, Leil ; Darrow, Katie Corn wall, Mabel Putnam ; Messrs, Will C, Whitman, Frank White. John Wilson Walter C. Shaw, Harry S. Burdick,! John L. Mem, Bert Culver, lelton Taylori lom Brown, Clarence Gray, Ed. W. Roberts, Wood Burnell, Ned Burneil, . JNed W. Whitman. Fred Lane, Gus Costigao, J, H. Hopkins, Hubbard K. Hall, 'John Hunt, Arthur Burdick, Arthur Baily, frank Richardson, John ha bin., uossip. ,' I j A partv iif yuung ladies from the Har mon Seminary, Berkeley, picnicked at Lake Chabot on Wednesday. : The j mas. culines in the jarty were tha drivers of the two busses. i ; Judge and Mrs. Hamilton returned on Mohday from Courtiand, Sacramento county. . I i Mr. T. Robinsin Bours. Miss Marie R, aud Mfass Manuela Bours, of Oakland, are at yfctna Sonnirs. r I Dr. J. K;. McLean is expected to arrive in this city on the 2Jth inst. I ! Miss Eaton regrets very much that she will be obliged to postpone the proposed sailing party on the lake until the weather is more favorable. . F. K. Shattuck returned from his East ern trip yesterday. I John B. She ton and N. R. Johnston and wife, of this city, are guets of the Auzerais House. Man J ose. John H. Bradley, the Misses Mary and Lucy Bradley and Hiram Bradley are at Howell Mountain. - 1 : Mr. and Mrs. Heitshn, formerly of this city, but more recently residents of Port land, Or., are spending; a taw days nere preparatory to a departure for the East. Mrs. George O. Shattuck is visiting in Stockton. ' On Thursday evening, October loth, the Mizpah Social Club will give its regular monthly social at Montana Hall. This evening the German Club will give a musicals, supper and dance at the club-rooms on Twelfth street. H. F. Page, wife and Miss Pearl Page, arrived on tbe overland to-day frsm Washington. I Dr. Russell H. Cool and wife are at Paso Robles springs. -;! W. B. Tyler and wife gave a reception last evening to the ushers and bridesmaids who officiated at their wedding. Walter A. K-enney left to-day for Sacramento to be gone until tbe first part of next week. : j . . 1 A number of theater' parties have been made up to attend the Charleston sufferers benefit entertainment to be given at the Grand Opera House, San Francisco, in the near future. - I The Misses Lotta and Gussie Bickerton? 1069 Grove street, have returned from their visit in the East. j Miss Georgia Travels, of East Oakland, arrived from the East yestsrday morning. Mrs. Bengson, of Nspa Junction,1 was visiting friends in Eart Oakland this week. Mrs. Edholm, a prominent temperance worker lately from the East, has purchased a beautiful residence near Park statito, where she now resides. Master Charley, son of Mr. Wilkeos, contractor. East Oakland, who has been seriously ill. is now convalescent. 1 Charles Hall, of St. Helena, who has been visiting bis parents in this city, re turned to bis l.otr e to-day. Alameda, Tbe Willards have takea possssuon their new cottage on Park street. i of - Mrs. Alden left for the East lart Thurs day. She will join her! husband at Bos ton. I A. H. Ward is expected home from his mine in the mountains in a few days, . Mrs. R. S. Falconer, who has been seti- onsly ill for some weeks past, is slowly im proving. : Mrs. Asaph Cleveland, who has been visiting in the Enstern States for the past five months, has returned to her borne at Bay Farm Island. j Mrs. E. H. Clark staited East on Wed nesday. She goes to Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, for the benefit of her health. E. L. Baldwin and wife started on Sat urday last for a trip through the Eastern States, to be gone about six weeks. ' The ladies of the Baptist Church will, hold an apron sale on Thursday, October 21st. A lunch and supper will also be served. . j Tbe skating club ba? limited its membership to twenty, and has a roll up ta that number. Tbe rink is used every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Fisher left for New York last Monday afternoon. Mr. Fisher has accepted a position as foreman of the lithographic department of Schmalta Brothers & Hildebrandi a large printing firm of that city. 1 The wedding of Miss Josie, only daughter of Judge and Mrs. Hbltz, to Mr, P. C. Jnrgen, a merchant of Traver, Tulare county, will take place at the residence of the bride's parents, 3624 Santa Clara avenue, next Wednesday, October 20th, at 12 o'clock u. ) - The second annual entertainment of the Young Ladies Frnit and Flower Mision will be given at Harmonie Hall on Friday evening, October 22d. The young ladies of tbe Mission are making extensive preparations for the entertainment. John C. Brock celebrated his twenty-first anniversary on Tuesday, September 28th, at the family residence on Railroad avenue. He was the recipient of many valuable presents front relatives and friends. In the evening a pleasant dinner party added to the zest of tbe occasion. A social club is being formed for the purpose of giving a series of parties during the coming winter season. The membership is limited to fifty, and it is proposed to (dve five parties during the season. The invitation list' will be limited to the club members and ten outside invitations for each nartv. !i Mrs. -CoL GW: F. Vernon and MU Anna Vernon, ff Baltimore, Md., Mrs. A. E. Todd, of New York, and Mrs. L. A. Brooker, of Frederick, Md., left this week for their respective homes in the Eait, after three mouths' enjoyable sojourn with their California friends, i: : A very interesting Sunday-school concert was given t the Presbyterian Chnrch last Sunday evening. The exercises were somewhat of the nature of a " Harvet Festival." Songs, recitations and class exercises were very well rendered, and the little folk were well op in their parts. The exercises throughout were pleasing and interesting.' The infant classes were particularly good in tneir parts, as were, in fact, all of the children and others who. were connected with the exerciees. - The Church Fair at Harmonie Hall, given by the ladies of St. Joseph's Parish, is being well attended. The hall is tastefully trimmed. A number of booths, with neat decorations, occupy a considerable portion of the ball. The tables are filled with handsome pieces cf tapestry, fancy work, aod other articles, and make an attractive appearance, (but not nearly as captivating as are the bevies of charming young ladiee who have them in charge. .. I MARRIAGE RECORD. marriages Recorded Durlnar tbe Week Ending October 16th. . September 13th Francisco SUveria Sota, native of Western If lands, aged 55, resident of San Lorenzo, and Francisca Propetua, native of Western Islands, aged 45, resident of San Lorenzo; by Rev. J, McEvoy,.-. ; jj September 23J Manuel Furtado Cal-ista, native of Azore Islands, aged 23, resident of San Leandro, and Maria Ferreira, native of California, aged 22, resident of San Leandro; by Rev. Ji McEvoy. September 25th - Alva' Lafayette Allen, native of California, aged 27, resident of Livermore, and Susan August Jones, native of -Illinois, aired 13, resident of Liver-more; by Rev. Philo F. Phelpg. September 25th Reynolds Evans, native of California, ajed i 24, resident of Oakland, and Minnie Milhern, native of California, aged 11),. resident of Oakland; by Rev. JH. Wytb. li September 2Cth Thomas. Lawler, native of Ireland, aged 27, resident of Oakland, and Ada Brusseau, native of California, aged 17, resident of Oakland; by lie v. Thos. McSweeney. jj - September 29th Dapiel McCarthy, native of Pennsylvania, aged 31, resident of San Francisco, and Lesley Isabella Davis, native of California, aged 22, resident of San Francisco; by Rev. J. McEvoy. September 36th James Leahy McCarthy, native of Canada, a?ed 33, resident of Oakland, and Annie Elizabeth O'Neill, native of Pennsylvania, sged 22, resident of Hay wards; by Rev. J,; McEvoy. September 30th Robert Wilson Andrews, native of Hawaiian Islands, aged 49, resident of West Berkeley, and Maria Sheeley, native of Ohio, kged 36. resident of We3t Berkeley; by Rev. H. IL Dobbins, f; September 30th Harvey Strong, native of New York, aged 57. President of San Francisco, and Georgiana McCollins, native c f New Hampshire, aged 35, resident of San Leandro; by Rev. J. B. Warren. September 30th Charles D. McLaughlin, native of Ohio, aged 2(5, resident of San Francisco, and Bertha Frees, native of Iowa, a?ed la, resident of San Francisco: by Justice C. C. Jenks. October 1st Michael Sweeney, native of JNew xorlc, aged 4.s. resident of liieber, and Frances Van Meter, native of New York, aged 36, resident of San Francisco; bv Justice C. C. Jeaka. October 2d Charles Baker Chase, native of California, ated 24. resident of Oak. land, and Mary Emma Pepper, native of California, aged zu, resident of Oaktand: Dy xvev. . o. xiamun THE CHURCHES. Denominational News from Erery j Quarter, j Episcopalian Statistics Presbyterian Hotel Congregational Hews Personals and Pulpit Themes. Tbe Episcopal Convention Journal pub lishes the following statistics regarding the parishes of Alameda County: , Alameda Christ Church, 27 confirmed during tbe year; 187 communicants, j Berkeley St. Mark's, 7 confirmed; 97 communicants. Oakland St. John's, 200 oommnnieants; St. Paul's, 16 confirmed; 300 communi cants. The Mission statistics are as fol lows: Centerville St. James', 10 con. firmed; 32 communicants. Oakland St. Andrew's, 80 communicants.. West BerkeleyGood Shepherd, 7 confirmed; 24 communicants. The following Missions have besome self-supporting since the convention, and will hereafter be known as parishes: Salinas, jLoa Gatoe, Pasadena, Sao Bernardino and San Diego; while St. Andrews, Oakland, is practically a self-supporting parish. j i The Sunday School in St. Andrew's parish is growing I rapidly. ! The infant class, under tha charge of Miss Jennie Wheaton, principal of the Stanford Kindergarten, now numbers sixty. A white marble font will be placed in the church for Christmas day. It is ta be a memorial. I : 1 The foundation for the new Church of the Advent has been laid, i The building will be cruciform, seating four hundred, and will cast about 6,500. i It is located on the corner of tbe church lot just north of the present church. Tbe Guild of the Church of the Advent held an auxiliary meeting on the afternoon of September 21st. Great interest was shown in the : work, and a share of it will be done by tbis branch, St. Mark's, Berkeley, is undergoing enlargement and other improvements. The rear wall will be removed back several feet, and wings added on either side, in-trBuinir the seatina: cacscitv bv 85. New pews will rep!a- the present ones, and gas will be introduced, i vvniie me improvements are in progress, church services will be suspended and the Sunday-school will hold its meetings at the residence of the paste r. On Saturday last the office re of the auxiliary met the ladies of St. Mark's at Mrs. Berriman's for afternoon tea. Flowers and music and cordial hospitality welcomed the guests. The missionary story was told to attentive hearers. YODNQ CHRISTIANS. Thirty-six of the young women of Berkeley have organized as a Young Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and have appointed Misa Hi Huggins, Miss M. Good and Mibs O. j Dibble to attend the State convention which will be held shortly. They have selected as their motto "Be ye steadfast, immovable," and have selected as their emblem the white Marguerite, aad a bunch of tbsee flowers bound together by a piece ot white ribbon will be their distinctive badge.-, The emblem of the National Society is a stem of lilies of the valley against a background of ivy and oak leaves, fastened with a pin to their motto, "Parity, modesty, strength and tenacity." The National organization is nnder the superintendence of Frances J. Barnes. j-- : " 4 A.JM. B. CdSFKBENCE.- ! The African M. E. Church Conference closed after selecting Sacramento as the place for helding the' next like assemblage. The following-named ministers were appointed to pastorates: ! R. Ll Beale, San Francisco;. J. W. Sextbn, Oakland; J. Allen, Sacramento; Mr. Miller, Marys-ville; J. Stevens, Los Angeles; R. P. Chamberlain, Bakersfield; O. Summers, Stockton. Rev. H. i B. Handy of New York was appointed General Missionary and Rev. P. K. Gretn, Presiding Elder. WOMEN ATI WORK. The Woman's Christian I Temperance Unieo, in convention at San Jose, nave re-elected the fallowing officers: Presi dent, Mrs. S. J. Churchill, San Jose; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs.. H. H. Havens, Oakland; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Nellie Eyster, San Jose; Treasurer, Mrs. S. G. Chamberlain, Oakland; Auditor, Mrs. J. Knowland, Alameda. Mrs. H. EL Havens, Corresponding Secretary, made her annual report. The number of Unions organized and reported during the year was twenty-two. Sixteen Young Woman's Unions were formed. The report was ably arranged and dealt in detail with the work of the past year. It stated that the law in regard to the prohibition of the sale of liquor within twa miles of the State University at Berkeley had been constantly broken, but the ladies were now assisted in the work of prosecuting the violators by a Citizens' Committee. Contributions to a fund for the purpose of these prosecutions were looked lor irom toe various u nions. i 'A THE CONGREGATIONAL CLCB. The last meeting of - the Monday Club was, as usual, largely attended by members and visitors. Among tbe visitors were Dr. and Mrs. Meylert, of New York city. Rev. D. F. Watkins,' of Mexico, and Rev. F.'B. Perkins, recently of Massachusetts, were also; preseat. They art old time Calif orniani, and the friends were ery glad to meet and grett them again. Rev. W. F. Bickford presented a valuable, timely and practical paper on "The Character of the Press," which was followed by discussion. Rev. DrJ Alexander McLean, Corresponding Secretary of the American Bible Society, and Rev. Samuel Slocombe are to address the club at its meeting next Monday. Quite an interesting time may be expected. The next meeting of the club will be held at :30 Pr M. in the parlors of the Baldwin Hotel, t - SECOND CONOBEGATIONALISTS. The Second Congregational Church cf this city, Walter . Hamlin pastor, is having its usual degree of prosoerity. The services continue to increase in interest. and all the interests bf the work are well maintained. At the last communion tbe pastor and his wife received tne hand of fellowship, and one member was taken into the church; bapti-tm was also administered to one child. The young people's meeting is well attended, and wil 1 be reorganized as a Society of Christian Endeavor. The introduction of tbe Sunday-school lesson as the subject for prayer- meeting has added greatly to the interest and profit cf that service, i Withal, a quiet, yet good and! permanent, work is commencing, and .the pastor, though not an enthusiast, is a most energetic and earnest, as well ai prudent and skillful, worker. So healthy i condition of affairs. and so good a feeling,; is certainly pleasant to record. , i Y. njci. A. Rev. J. Q. Adams, of San Francisca, will preach in tbe hall at 3 o'clock upon the subject, "Come and See." At 4r.ll there will be a meeting for men only in the parlor; at 7.45 p. mJ Monday there will be a meeting for young men; at 7:30 p. u. Tuesday a meeting of the Boys' Branch: at 8 P. M. Friday a gospel praise service; at s r. M. Saturday a liible class for men only, li. S. Clason leader. THE PXESBTTKEIAN CHURCH. The Synod of the j Pacific met at San Jose on xnursday of last week and was opened with a thoughtful and impressive sermon by Rev. S. P. Sprecher, D. D., formerly cf this city. I Entertainment was provided for and accepted by about 200 attendants, male and female. The ladies' meetings were held on Friday and largely attended. lie v. Mr. McBride. of Santa Rosa, was elected Moderator. Tbe sessions continued on til Monday night at 11 o'clock, and were marked by dee D interest and spirituality: The affairs of the Theological Seminary received a great Impulse and tha college was set afloat. All the benevolent work of tbe chnrch cam nnder careful review. Take it all together it was the most delightful and profitable meeting- held far a long time. ' - The administrators of the Marquand ea-ttj New York, have paid over to the Treasurer of the Theological Seminary the run of $10,000, the same being the legacy left ta tbis school. The Committee on Endowment are prosecuting a vigorous campaign with great hopes of success. Rev. . Trumeyll Lee, late of Calvary Church, j Pertlsnd, is about to leave for Pueblo, Colorado, where he accepts a calL itev. A. Lindaley, JJ. U.. accepts tbe position of Professor of Practical Theology in the San Francisco Seminary, and is arranging matters in Portland with refer ence to his coming. Tbe Trustee of the First chnrch of this city are thoroughly renovating the chape I. T- O 1 . i .,, .1 i w xuv ouuuay..DQUl wul Hire id iob raonw to-raorrew morning and the Young Peoples' meeting will be omitted. Dr. Mo-Lain, ot the American Bible Society, will preach in the morning and tbe pastor will lecture in the evening on, "Jesus the Center of Human Philosophy.' DE. SWEENEY'S LKCTCRKS ON "A MAN." Dr. Sweeney, pastor cf tbe Christian ChurchJ corner Thirteenth and Market streets, delivered his first lecture last Sunday on the "Natural Endowments of Man." He Broke to a crowded house for nearly an hour on the "Intellectual, Social j Practical, Esthetics!, Moral and Spiritual Capabiiitiea of Human Nature as the j Investment or Raw Material." To-morrow aight he will show "The Condition and Laws nf Growth, or Hew the i 'Raw Material' is Worked np into Manhood and Character." There are many people that realize the fact of their "Endowments," but dont know how to grow and "Dwarfbood" is the result. He claims science and the Bible furnish the remedy.! -i I NOTES ANB PERSONALS. Lat Sunday was a temperance Sunday at the Alameda Congregational Chnrch, pastor Scadder preaching in the morning on the words, "Lrok Not Upon the Wine When It Is Red." At night he spoke on the! recent resolutions and action of churches on the temperance question, presenting especially the outspoken action of the M. E. Conference, and also of the . General I Association of Congregational Churches. i ; ' Prof essor Mooar, of " this city, occupied the Congregational pulpit at Beaicia last Sabbatb, Rev. Dr. Wil ley, the pastor, of that parish, having been bereaved by e the death of a beloved daughter last week. At Plymouth Church, last Sabbath, Rev. Dr. Warren presented very ably the cause of f'Home Missions" in the morning, and the annual collection was taken In ita behalf. In tbe evening Mr. Noble spoke upon "Some Dangerous Foes of the American Home." The last of this aeries -of discourses will be (riven next Sunday evening.! The y oung people's meeting filled the chapel. ' Rev. Aaron Williams held a service in Teimescal last Sunday, and preached on the words, Acquaint now thyself with Him." ' Kev. Mr. Merrill was at Temeacal last Sabbath. I He preached in the morning on "God Supplying Every Need." At night " his theme was the "Ten Virgins." Tbe Snnday school had the largest attendance of amy up to date, and the Good Will Sunday school also progresses finely. Rev. Dr. Holbrook, of this city, filled the pulpit of the Third Congregational Church in San Francisco last Sunday, the pastor, Rev. Dr. Beck with, occupying the First Church in tbis city, and delivered m lecture in the Y, M. C A. Hall in the afternooni. ! "By tbeir fruits ye shall know them" was the text on which Rev. W. H. Cooke ad-dressed the yonng folks at Golden Gate Chnrch in this city last Sunday. To the adnlts he preached on "Thanking God and Taking Courage." At night be discoursed on the words of Pilate concerning Jesus, "I find no fault at all in Him." I - The Rev. F. D. Miller, of the Church of the Good Shepherd, West Berkeley, will officiate at St. Paul's Church, this city, tomorrow morning. v The Rev. William Rogers, of the Pacific Theological Seminary, preached last Sunday at Hay wards to good congregations. The Rev. Mr. Macdonald, of the same place,' will fill the pulpit there to-' morrow. ! The Right Reverend Bishop Kip haa appointed tbe Rev. Hamilton Lee, a general missionary of Alameda county. fine Rev. i. Al. Merlin-Jones will offici ate to-morrow at the Chnrch of tbe Good Shepherd; West Berkeley. The liev. John A. Emery, tit. An drew's, West Oakland, preached at St. Paul's Church last Sunday. Prayera and litany were said by the Rev. L M. Merlin- jone. I lhe Sunday school oust. Andrew a Hat increased ivery rapidly nnder the ministra tion of the Rev. John A. Emery. The - infant class numbers over 60, taught by Miss Jennie Wbeatoo. J PDLPIT THEMES. Rev. Alexander McLean, D. D., Cor responding Secretiry of the American Bi ble Society, now on a visit to this coast from the ! Bible House, New York, will preach in the First Presbyterian Church, corner of Fourteenth and Franklin streets to-morrow at 11 a. m., and in tbe First M. E. Church, corner of Fourteenth and Clay streets, atj 7:30 P. M. All are invited to hear this eloquent divine. i liev. Hi H. Rice, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, on Union street, near Adeline, will preach to-morrow morning at 11 A. v., un "Tbe Honorable Responsibility of the Chureh in California." The evening sermon will be the first of a series of issrmons aa follows: October 17th. "The Story of tbe Crucifixion;" October 24th; "Christ Risen from the Dead." October 31st, "The Saviour in Heaven; Novembef 7th, "The Glorious Redemption;" November 14tb, "The Holy Spirit of God;" November 21st, "Jesus Knocking at the Door;" November 28tb, "A Prodigal Leaving Home;"' December 5th, "In! a Far Country;" : December 12th. . "The Prodigal's Return;" December 19th "A i Joyful Heart;' December 26th, Quarterly! Review and Christmas Service, Enitarian services will be held at Odd jws' Hall, on the northeast corner of Franklin and Eleventh streets, to-morrow morning iat 11 o'clock liev. C. W. VV'endt wi3l begin a series of discourses on -practical religion. His subject to-morrow willj.be "How to be Happy." The Snnday; School meets immediately after the morning service. The subject of W. T. Pleenor at the San i Pablo Avenue Baptist Church tomorrow morning will be "Heirs with Christ." In the evening he will preach on "Our Christian Inheritance." iRev. John Coyle, pastor nf the First M, E. Chnrch, will preach at that church in the morning,nd Rev. Dr. MacLean, Secretary of the American Bible Society, will preach in the evening. Ni F. Ravelin will discourse to-morrow evening at Hamilton Hall on "Humanity's Sorest Need, The Ministry of Love." Dr. W. W. McKaig wUl lecture in Hamilton! "Church to-morrow morning at 10:45 o'clock. Those who had the pleasure pf listening to Dr. MeKaig last Sun- . day will not miss the opportunity of lis- ; tenieg to him to-morrow. Rev. Charles D. Barrows, D. D.. ol-San (Francisco, will occupy the pulpit of-the Congregational Church to-morrow more in ? and evening." The cantata of "The Flower Queen" will be elaborately presented on Thursday and Friiay even-Sngsj October 21st and 22d. Rev. Dr. Noble, of i San Francisco, will preach on October 24tb, and Rev. J. K. McLean will resume his pastoral duties on the 31st. j OIL AND GASOLINE STOYES. ii Von Want the Beat in tbe I ITIarltet, Cmll At the new Stove and Lamp Depot, 1004 Washington street, near 10th street. The largest and best assortment in the city. ! H . Don't tail to price the underwear and hosiery ai Bernstein & Von Adeloog'sv 1057 Broadway. A 4 Pi

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