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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 3

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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McGOVERN 1060 Broadway, Oakland, And Park Street, ilatteda, CARPETS I CARPETS 1 I NEW FALL, IMPORTATION. Just received direct from mnafaciarere, vjts, Body liroasels, Tapeatry Brnasela, many of onr privat denigna, to be found V5 V- New To-day i 1 i pj el -S -OJf1 -cr "7 WaUfaperai vLnterior lecoratlona of latest and mot choice design. Window Shad all sizes and tinta. Cornice Poles and Fixtures of every style and kind. Imitation Stained Glass Decorations, Etc.

i We InyiU an. Examination of bor Stock In Eyery Department. 1 West Berkeley HENRY W. TAYIiOK, Proprietor. and the CM Young and Healthy.

THE MEXICAN iEMEJJT DA1HAMA BxAes Ute Weak Strong GIVES HEALTH -5jNI StHIENGTH! CUBES DTSPEPSIA! GIVES APPETITE! LEWIS HESS i j- For Diseases of the KIDNEYS AND BLADDER! i- 12 Montgomery A SAN FRANCISCO. Agents Solo Proprietors and Manufacturers. W. M. WATSON CO.

Proprietors Mountain Wine Depot, -i 1 I Blinds, toK Building Wholesale Liquor Dealers and 474 ELEVENTH 40,8 ELEVENTH 406 BED SOFAS ATI! STHEfT, i AND BUILDING MATERIAL H. M- AT LOWEST MARKET PKM E. 7 Ride track of C. P. R.

R. runs thronsh our than any other yard. I JAl NEW INVENTION i -'-l I. OFFICES West Berkeley, telephone 10 Oalkaad, 956 Broadway Baa Francisco, 18 market street A BICYCLE WHEEL ATTACHMENTS SO on oriorr wniie sianaing.or stop in ine street ne and any one can rlde tnis kind and never ble to break his neck without this support. it runs the saine as other bicycles.

Please call MILLINERY THE BICYCLE 1 luatest -IN- Where you should all buy your CLOTHING, BOOTS, HATS, Ft'RXIoBIN'G GOODS, etc. -Anything we have not got we will get for you; or our Mr. Morton, the boss tailor, will any kind of a suit you may select, and give you a perfect fit. We like independence among customers, all well as merchants. Eyery one should trade where he can do best; if a customer can do better at another store, we say go and do so: dui please understand we are thankful for live.

Our goods will be found in the nrst-ciass, Dougni low, ana soia at small pronts, and are marked In plain figures at, .1. BRUS1E, TRIMMED AJJD UflTRIMMED HATS Received Weekly from flew York: i Iiargest Variety and Iiowest Prices Always I i 3T Es2T EES JHJ I 913 Broadway, hei. Eiglitli Ninth. 1267 San Etchings, PIGTUREi i Steel CAHTLlL, comprising latest patterns ol Moqaetta, Vel-! Three Plya and Ingraina. Among them are in no other place on thia Coast.

i IaIME PLASTER HAIR, Cement; Etc. U3L SJ yard to end ot wharf. Freight lower from this pain. I Styles SEE THE TAYLOR'S VAREROOMS, Dealers, junnicjiuinwiui. aau, ij sioc.

Twelfth Street. ITS VARIOUS BRANCHES )LOITNGES AND MATTAES8ES for repairing of all kinds and carpets laid. RETAIL, DEALERS -IS- II road way ana nasaingioa. HOTEL Proprietor. TEL FAMILY HOTEL Pass I the Door Erery Minutes, HOBEK A WIT II El VS hand and machine WASUlAtiTOS BTKEET.


Condition of Realty (jircles and Building Trade. A Continued Dullness in the Beaj Estate Market-Improvements ini Pfog- ress-Other Hattersi i In the review of the cond ition i the real estate maiket lasd I week one of I The Tribune gare the opin 1 several prominei.t real estate dealers who were al nost unanimous in the opinion that the slight dullness still continues, ut there ma every reaona to nope tor Detttr times. This week about the same condition of things remain. No marked improvement of any kind bai taken place, although the number ot inquirers has siigptiy increased'. Bat these -were in i search of small and do not beloocr td what is known as the moneyed claa.

Many of the real estate dealer i expect great result from the Board i Trade recently organized, when it is in nil running order. All questions touch ng Oakland as a place for business oif residence will be cheerfully answered by1 it if the Board does its duty, and the many attractions of Oakland will be advertisec far and wide. But io this respect, the re; I estate agents can aid materially by fu nishiug facts and figures concerning Oakla- property, -which only real estate dea era, can As thy will he among th ite that will be chiefly benefited by "the tistence cf the Boird of Trade, they: ill undoubtedly furnish all the i neces-ar information most readily. I I There ha been some, complaint that real estate in many part ot Uallanl is held at high figures. Bnt as reat law of supply and demand i in an ive operation in real est to purchases, as in other articles cf.

rale, evil, if it ex! will soon rectify itsflf1. There was a time I when it could be truthfully said that property in many places- held at fictitious i figures, but at the present day, When a i reasonable price is offered and the owner ii in a moo'i tor' sell, a transfer generally i takes place. I TBS BCILD1SO TRADE. I The building trade is fair, but this antic-! ipations ef the contractors and puilders have not yet been realized. The next two months will probably bring work! in this line to a close, Most of the bouses now in course of erection are with a few exceptions.

The large brick structure i of Blake Moffitt, now going up) at the i corner of Eighth and Broadway, will be a I valuable addition to the business structures i of Oakland, and' will be pointed out as the finest and cosiliest building erected in 1886. I The association of builders has proved a beneficial organization and its success is mow a fixed fact. As has already been lauggested in these columns, if a similar or raaization were eneclea among i estate dealers, the city of Oakland would i much benefit. The. following will 'Show the present activity in the building line.

i IMPBOVEMKKT3. I Robert King is building a neat i cottage at 729 Peralta street. looking between 1 Third and Fif th street', to Co $1,000. about I P. J.

Brophy is building a substantial icottaze, tat $1,500, 'at the corner of and Twentieth streets. C. W. Wilkins has commenced pork on a large warehouse near Merritt'a fuse works, Melrose. It will cost 82,000.

j. i Walton Johnson are building a cot taee for Airs, ureen in i lttn modern in style, will contain all tie latest improvements, and will cost about! $2,000. The California Pottery Works a build ing a large stable on their premises in East 'Oakland, It is beinJbuilt by day labor, and will cxt about gl.000. Martin Jacksoi) is building a two- story dwelling bouse at the corner of Eleventh and Centar streets to cost 82,500. II Peter Turnev is buildiog a (tottage, to icost 81.500.

al 1610 Linden street. I i M. Keegau is building a cottage bn Ade- linejstreet, near, Iwentieta. It 113 very tasty in desisn, aud will cost about $1,500. 1 1 W.

Ht Weilbye is building fir J.J. Agnew an addition to bis house, corner of Fourteenth strestand avenhe. W. T. Veitch ia building a large tsro-story house on Elm street, near Telegraph avenue, to cost $3,000.

Work is progressing rapidly on the magnificent dwelling cf Albert Browa, which iia now ia course of erection on Alice street, inear Nineteenth. It will cost 8, S. A. Snyder, the real estate gent, is Ibuilding a neat-looking cottage on Eighteenth street, between Filbert and Xiinden streets. i Mr.

Thornton is building aj dwelling house that will have few equals in Oak- land, on Thirteenth street, near! Castro. The foundation swill be of brick. The cost is estimated at 58,000. Xiittlefield are the contractors. Knight This local- itv is becoming noted for its beautiful dwellings.

Mr. Remillard's new house Sa built close by. I 1 Thomas Dolan is having a fine building rcctad at the corner of 1 if th and Onea- tpr streets." The lower floor will be used a store and the upper part for a) dwell ing. R. Lantree is the contracted I i The new depot and ticket offici of the arrow-cause, railroad coronas ion Franklin street, near will be ireadv for the painters in a few days.

Robert McKillican has charge of fche car- Inentar work. I The foundation of the Blake ffl Moffitt 'hniWintr has assumed laree proportions. It 4 will probably have the most substantial ifonadation of any building in Oakland. The Jewish Synagogue is aboat com pleted, and will be dedicated on Sunday, 26th. i D.

Foster is having erected a dwelling at Ithe corner of Castro ana bevemteentn streets. Cameron McDonald are the icontractors. i If- THB CABLE KOADfc I The cakje road is rapidly being com: pleted, and the engine houee is beginning to loom up in a very conspicuous manner. 'The boilers have been built into kxwition and the chimney is being erected with all possible speed. The eear wheels each weigh nine tons and the fly wheels each weigh twelve tons.

The "take tap" ma- chinery is very expensive and complicated I A special wing is being erected for it, as it i is one of the most important parts of the machinery in the building. A culrert has been built in order to permit the ingress and egress of the cable from the street. This was very mmcult' as the water pipes were in the way and had to be lowered about six feet. This road is said I to have one of the best plants on this coast A NEW FIRM. I I FL J.

McAvoy has opened a real estate land insurance office at 877 Washington street. He reports business thriving wiith him already, and thinks that in a short I time he will build up a good I traile. jHe 1 was formerly in the wood and coal Business, and was persuaded to enter into the rea Mtata business because he was convinced that there was a boom in store for Oakland real estate at an early date.l Ha states hat finds it difficult to suppW the de mauds for houses to rent, particularly of Seventh street, ALAMEDA. The two five-room cottages at tie sotjttb erlynd of Oak street, being bailt for I TT. Miller, are nearing completion! i Mi.

antv ialmildinsr a handsime five! room cottagCttnd also a bam on the corner i of Oak street and San Jose avenut. J. B. Lanktree is having a neatj cottage i erected for his occupancy on the Qorner of I Wood street and Pacific avenue, IMastick Tfa 6 and 7 in th Sather tract.lon High street, have been sold to Fldming, of I San Francisco: He intends to (build nnn hnnn on them in the nnrina. Frank Kellogg has purchased of Reed Randlett the new dwelling on Santa Clara avenue, near Willow street, paying therefor (6,500.

Mr. Kellogg will occupy LANDS AND BUILD1 OAKLAND ACADEMY, 1265 Franklin Street, ISAAC WRIGHT and D. HAYXES ntlXCIPALS. EVENING. CLASSES: I Penmanship, Com- I mercial Arithmetic OTUEK BBAXCHE8 IF DESIRED.

E. W. B.4KKEB, teacher of Penmanshfo Pnpils may enter any tima after August 16th. For lurtner itormtion, apply at tne Asa-anny. CALIFORNIA MILITARY ACADEMY Oakland, Cal.

Next school year begins July 19. We have just completed arranzementa to on a Business Education Department, baring faci' tiea posaeesed by few ichooU on this Coaat. Beside the ordinary English studies, this Course proTidea for thorough in Bookkeeping, Telegraphy, Phonography, Bpanteh, Commercial Law. Omce Practice, Practical Penmanship, Type Writ ing, etc. This Department is under the superln-tendanoe of Mr K.

R. Clark a gentleman who has been for twelve years at the head of the largest business college on this Coast, For circulars and particulars, address L'ol. w. il. BiiiSJ, 1'rlnclpaJ.

I ASisTiTrTE or? rEXMASSniP, 1377 Broadway, The Place for a Business Education. Commercial Arithmetic, Penmanship, Couuner- dal l'fiw, liUKines jbetters. u. u. TAYltUH, lincipal.


No Vacations. Dat and Evening 8e8sioks. Ladies admitted Into all Departmeots- Send for Circulars. "STAMMER I HC" i Thoroughly and Permanently Cored. My method of treatment is based on scientific principles, and is thorough and permanent in iix results.

All sufferers are inrited to call at my office. No. 1 Fifth street, San Francisco, for further information, where I will be pleased to exhibit testimonials regarding my success and ability aa an Instructor. J. WHITEHORX, Professor of Elocution and Voice Building.

FIELD SEMINARY I School for Girls and Young Ladies, I 1825 Telegraph Oakland, Cal. FRANCES A DEAN Prlnci'paL jins i iiusota xear win oegui neanesaay, July 28. 1886. i SELECT HOME Day and Boarding School and Kindergarten, OPES ED JTL 6TH. At 1513 Telegraph avenue, corner Twenty -flint Oakland i For particulars apply to the Principal.


Boarding and Day scholars received. Send for catalogue. MISS TRACY, Recently of 1823 Telegraph avenue win resume icnooi work 1 'I 1061 Oak Street, bet. llth 12 th. Wednesday, Sept.

15th. PERRY SEMINARY. AND DAT SCHOOL, 1625 Telegraph avenue, Oakland. Mas. Herman Pebry, Miss.

Kate M. i Ftjlleb, Principals. Next Term will begin ITIonday, Augutl 2, 1886. CAM FBAX4 ISCO CHOI. OP EXPBES k3 sion Elocution tausht.

stammering curad. readers suDDlied. C. KABTMAfi, Manager. rooms 245 and 247 Phelan Building.

Market street, oor. ramii. xrancisco. IDELOTTE' SUOKT-HANO IXSTI tute and Bureau; type-writing. 37 Post.

au3-o roitcxcH, axu mpasisu 1 taught in classes or nrivate bv the "Meister. chaft system" enabling pupils to speak well alter three month's instruction; address "Instructress "or call after 5 p. at 306 Tenth street, bet. Webster ana uarnson. sea-lwx PlfADaNE NELllIOM'S XiA classes.216 Heveuth street, between Jack son and Alice; $2 60 a month for beginners or advanced pupils; conversation and grammar com.

biped. ivate lessons. seeod-o TEA CHE KM EXAMINATIONS PKF.PAK-atonr Class: 18 Elliot Park: address WM. A. ROBEKT60X, principal Hamilton Grammar School, Ban Franciscol jyl6-3a ELOCFTION.

VOICE t'l LTlREPROP ROSS, rooms 78 and 79 St. Ann's building; rdily street, Han rrancisco. VICTOR BICYCLES, THE BEST AND CHEAPEST, Easiest Running, Bet Con" struction, all Steel ana uuaranteed. GEO. K.

STRONG, Office of Dewey Elevator, 12 Front street, ban Francisco. GErtOlB Ml Lit FROM THE Oakland Milk Depot, FRESH BUTTER MADE DAILY. Sweet Butter milk and all dairy pro- uucis constantly on Schmeerfcaei made every day. Sweet Cream on sale at any time. 850 FranKlin bet.

7th and 8th. FRANK JOSEPH, Proprietor, PENNYROYAL PILLS "CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH. The Original and Only Genuine. Bale and always Reliable. Beware of worthless Imitations.

Indispensable to LADIES. Ask your DkuooIst for XI a take no other, or inclose 4c (stamps) to as for par ticularsin letter oy kctubn mul. amr PAPER. CaicUEXTEK Chf.micai. 2313 Madison Square, Fuilaua, Pa Bold Druogit5 everewhere.

Ask fo 'Chicbtesters's Enolish" PeknybotaIi Pills Take no other, i International White Union Labor CIGAR FACTORY. i Manufacturers of the popular and wU known I Manufacturers of the popular and known Plantation Big BKAXDS. And other and Domestic cigars hare moved to 1226 San Pablo ave mm OSTLT. A Quick, Permanent uure lor lxwl Aiannooo, iKbu ity. Nerrousnesa, Waaknesa.

No quackery, xnaiaputaoie proou Book sent sealed, free. EBIE MXJ OO1. BUTTALO. fiT WHITTIER, FULLER 412 and 414 Twelfth Street. Oakldidj lOll to 1Q19 BROADWAY SHIELDS Furniture OAKLAND MANCFACTUREKS OF XJN DE EWEAE.

For Sale Everywljere. TO BE SOLD On Account of 'Departure, Furniture, Carpets, Lace Curtains, I -'i jl A.D ALL lil.VDS OF- HOUSEHOLD GOODS, BY THE PIECE OR WHOLE. -I Prirate Sale Daily; address Postoflice. BI TTEKM'K'S PATTERNS, 8EKD FOJt ATALOtrE TllTtt PEXOVEH 1163 AMI 1165 BKOADWAY DR. A.

DUE RE, I is ill DISPENSARY. I (FREE TO THE POOR). 10031 Broadway cor. 10th, room 10; Sours 9 to 10 A. M.

AL. WOOD, THE LEADING HOUSE AND SIGN 1 PA I NT i i -Mr 463 TENTH l-l't Bet Broadway and Wash Ington, CONTRACTSJ FOB GOOD WOSK; TAKN AT COMPETITION PRICES. Sclilitz BEER Kegs and IB ot ties Sherwood 212 and 214 Market Street, and 15 17 Pine Union Block, SOLE AGENTS. ALAMEDA il J. F.

GLEKMNON, 1419 PARK STREET, Has charge of the DAILY ROUTES of le Oakland Evening Tribune. All orders can be left at 1419 PARK Alameda. THE. HOUSEHOLD EMPORIUM. WILLIAM WEIR.

DZALEK IS I Oanges, Stoves, HOUSEHOLD HARDWARE, New Ranges exchanged for old Stoves; Machinist, Locksmith ana Hell anger, rump cycles repaired. Water backs a specialty. Jqd- hinn nnnctuallv attended to. I 1151 WASHTSGTON cor. 13th, Oakland Cal.

LARGEST Lowest IPricesi I FOR jl ROBT. J. BEEBY'S, BUCCE3SOR1TO JAMBS LKNTELL, 1058 BROADWA'y i Harness Saddlery Goo NOW me: IES CS IJS. 10 Cents A -NTT DEPOT 03T ALAMEDA FACTORY rsr ENCOURAGE HOME VitD our large stock, nnd invoices constantly arriving, we can supply any demand at factory We would say to thosejwho have been building bouses, ana ara a sakfKfMJ iff SGHELLHAAS'. ARRANGED THAT ANY ONE CAN GEUl wniie in mouon.anasitquieiiy wisnoui iaii- fall or break the machine, while he is lia- While in motion the wheels are raised, and at 1207 San Pablo avenue and see one at STORE, vour patronage, and will try to live and let away from the dirt and dogs.

Our goods are -Alveirue, Oaltlaiid. ayings jSIOTJLDING AT THEN IE IE3 j. a ozeiii AT- The Most Extensive Billiard Hons In the World. MANUFACTURERS OF BILLIARD and POOL TABLES WihBrunswick -Patent Pool which can be applied to any style Table. all t.nmpionsnip.ames.

I i notice to leave the old store, are Execute all Orders i EATE3 in Oakland, at Chinese and Japanese Bazar Broadwar and 1 asbinxton. Twelfth Arenne, 'at Bailroad Dep. Engr AND j-- N'SSTTTTS 9 little snort, we will inrnisn jruur nuuKn sponsible psrtieB. uall na wnmine onr 401 ami 403 MATT SCHEELH A AS, i it GREESXSHOOD lYIORAIM'S, jl ELEVENTH and BROADWAY. I i 1 HO Franklin street, bet.

Twelf tli and Thirteenth. UPHOLSTERING IN ALL Executed with neatness and dispatch. sale and made to order. Furnltare The Brunswick, Balke-Collender W. A.

ROUSE WHOLESALE and Green Dried Fruits, Vegetables. Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, Etc, Imirarters and Dealers in all sinds of Billiard Materials, bole Agents for Hyatt Billiard BalL, which will stand anv climate. Tan Pins, Balls and Pins. Kportuiff irfXKta 01 all umas. bole Owners and Patentees of theunrlvaUed i MWSi AKC'H tX'SMIOX." the best in the world for accuracy, correct angles and durability, and usea exclusively FOR ILHJSTBATED qATALOUUB AHO rillUB i Office and Salesroom, C53 and 65a Market Street, San Francisco.

476 and 478 KleventU bet. JL Dalziel MoUer i .1 Ml- I i East Oakmnd, i i 33 Minutes from San Francisco. Plumbers, Stoves1 Tinware W. STEPHENSON, THE FINEST OX THE 1 THE FINEST OX THE PACIFIC! COAST. Removed Opposite Old Stand, Street Cars to and from Broadway CORNER! OF THIRTEENTH AND BROADWAY i 1 I rom Maaufactnrera, a larjreand cleg-ant assort- I me nt of i i Notwithstanding the 15 days Fullv Prepared to -A FiraE FRENCH SHOES, Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks Including thel celebrated PH.

IIEBEK hllOES. which. on jocount' of numeroMdranUes and low rent. I tm enabled to seU at suipneimdy low figures, wad far below baa Fraucisoo prices. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Slioes made to Order lu any iyie ana I Ont of tne Finest material.

Also just receired a full line of E.AIBD, I At the, VEHY LOWEST SUE WOOi SING CO'S, 465 Twelfth Street, between sewed ladies" and children's shoes, which 1 will sell ten per cen. teas ibm i.nuw pre. i Also a nrst-caas stock of borne manufactured shoes and boots, all manufactujvd white labor pel y. in uiw atvl of French or American shoes, should not fall to call ana examine my large assortment at the store, NO. Nl I L.

WAG All. Brooklyn Manufacturing Co. Corner Sixteenth ATenue and East Twelfth Street. Coaches, Gdrriages, Buggies and. Phaetons.

Milk Wagons, Carts sad all kinds of basiasss vehicles MADE TO OKDExj AND OK SALE. IThe Brewster Side-Bar Piano-Box Buggy, and the Brewster Corning body, on band tot Sale at Eastern prices. Horse Shoeing, and all kinds General Blaclumithlng Proaplly LffJ SP ERHr CO STOCKTO CAU 1 1. -t SAN FRANClSCO-OrnCEi2CAUFOfHIAST LjkSI Oakland Agents, CHASJ J. WELCH EleTeatb Street and Corner East 1 Lis new purchase..

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