Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 7, 1886 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1886
Page 3
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E '"1 I f 'Xy i1, OAKLAND DJU1T ETOOTG TBIBTmE, WEDNESDAY jDIiT 7, 1886. rw1 CITY COUNCIL. i - ' . Fair's Stipulations aiiv and Abandonment Accepted by the Council and the Ordi" nance Signed by tke Mayor Mii- cellaneous Business. 1 Senator James G. Fair entered the City Council chamber last evening and deposited his Dins hat noon one of the knobs which cap the posts supporting the railinR which separates the city sheep from the leaby koat. It was a shiny , nat; and a J bat with a reflecting gloss. There are hundreds ofjust such hat worn by men financially uaworthy ' to unloose th l.tht i f St. James G. Fair's shoot) - - buttbia particular hat lilted over; on the post-cap with such a cycically iathifid air as to give it a peculiar individuality and alojont a lively sentence, it was a saucy lilt; a five to two lilt; an I've-got-you-io tbe-hole' Jiit, i Beneath therjhat the post caption grinned sardonically and wiokel same such a wink as Mr. Caratbera directs binnli th 'rermrter's table when be has eamnletalv knocked out a brother Coun cilman with a del-.eate sophism. The bald head of the post-caption reflected the glitter ef Mr. Fair's golJ-heade.l cane and displayed it in threads of yrllw up and down. the broad expanse of Mr. Har-rion's.Jrown cfTat, and even toucht-dwith mellowtadiance the "prophetic lfe-line of Mr. McGivnay's toil-hardened palm. And Counsellor J. C. Martin Bt and Kupineiy ancked a mpule bamboo withe. iuch l sold for a quarter f a dollar by .the peafcif-W erona street fakir. Mr. .Martin clauce l, at 5 'Ihe tilted: hat and uni'ei such a i eatinc smile as Vliraners eive to the teloved cl s i ciple." All this time the MwvorV brow i was furrowed with lif e f care. 4 The rail call showed that -all 'hi mem J berg, except Mr. Smuh, ware preeur. In f ' the abeancMof Deputy Cleik Gfpin, Clerk t .of the Folico Court Bortree read trie bji ntes of the last meeting ,,. " BILLS ALLOWED. . The' f lljwiii)? bills ware rep- rtei t favorably ai.rl subsequently ordered pai.K ; A.exandt'& Son. 57 83: Califo-nia Tin I Apparatus; Masufacturiaz Co., $.!?; V. : Ht C-irraDi $51; L. Carpenter,- $10; Louis Fleming, $42 50; John Hogan, 15; K. A. Hu.iie, $5; Hall's Safe 'Lock Co., 4 30; J. J. Haoifin, $125; W, B. Hrlv,' 85, 85 78; L. Jaffe, $10 30, $14 53, $3 10, " 920; Lotfi,Maine Jtp $14: John Mnl-graw, $47; H. J. McAvoy, $0 75; PuVet Sonnol.LiUmbsr Co. jSo ?w; . fag, lb; F. Sicotte t Son, $'. 50, Sf 75; William Sagehern, f 11 40: F.'K. Stvenon &tC, $2 40. 83 15; J. F. Sohst, $30 50; Harvey L. Swale, 82; The Merrimin Manufacturing Co, $11; I P. rWeidr, $f.; John Phippe, 812. ! i '- i . - r . ' LOWEST BIDDERS. i , I j - The Conlmittee on Streets ncf Buili'iiirjjn reported in :fvor cf accetin'gthe bid of Pendergast &Co. for 50aanhle covars at $499; also in favor of accepting the id of J. Page, of jl058; Franklin Street, firfur-" : ni-hing a firt-class, three-spring bnggy fjjr 4he ne of the City Marshal fors 125. - REPORTS Or CITY .OFFICERS. . The usual motjthly reix)rH of 'cjy . -officers were rad and placed on file, las was alao thai report Of tha Ci'y -Attorney npnn the legal ettsteuce. of the Oakland Benevolent S ciety, and the annual report I of the Chief Engineer of the Fire L art-1 ment, and the Board rof Free Library - Trustees. I I . - ; , Justice Ci O. Jenki reported that he Vl ! bad collected-892 50 in fee-j fr,th.e month of June.-- I ! ,J ;' i W. 1. Fonritain, r-ity Wharfinger,, re- f ported, ' that he had," collected: for ahe M-tnonth; of June I as follows: Dockage, t7fl 30? wharfP. S'270 50: -tollf. St 05: total, $346 5. ; THE MAYOR SPEAK3. T1it kK f1!rt! mfintlv i-c.riin.-L-. J H.at , wv.. - - 1 - - - - J . the M-yyr hail something to siy to -the Council. , The C!erk hardly spoke, above a . whisper, but each and every-: spectator io the crowded ! lubby 'beard-it and became wide-eyed and ear-alert. . v 1 Mayor Playter then launched right into .the principal business on hand- without ;even a'preaK-nitvry cough. He said: j "I have not vet approved the ordinance prant ing to the Oakland Townchip Kailrda i Com pany the rigW to operate a 8team;ailr'.d between Tw-dfth and Webster strleU. ;aud tbe int-rectTgu of. Fourteenth an Br..ivl-almot wav. (HerejMr. Fair saheeuy ha fell off the pt eaptKa in a ht hensioo; and the radiance of his g Id-heaiJ.i0 t appre- ed cane was for-a moment obscure3 in a sweaty palm.) In, my opirdn the jorii-i, nano-, as it (low stands, is open tjb ipstip-' erable objections.! Several pereoiw rutr-ested in the mutter- have ' suifeed that in orderito es?aue tha delay necessry for the framing and passage of a &ew ordi-naoc8 that th,e company hie certain stipulations and abandonments under the frn- 'chise grant 1 by the. ordinance at h m i. makiug it vutaally a new ordinance, ami frarariog tbe franchise in such a' mmwr.a tj- meet thej objections to .de t-. it in its 'prvsant form. 1 have submitted to the City Attorney tfcvques-tion :s to whether or not the force i f an ordinance can be affected this way. That ofricer'U 'f-the opinion that the .filinji -f agreeiii'iits and the abandonment ai rich's unr'er the franchise give! it tie full effect of a new franchise. In this viw of the case Mr. Johnson .has prepared documents winch h thinks will meet tbe rtqufremenof thf case. Many proiiprtv owners and busine:" men have joined in the -rerju-Bt that a-i understanding -5e arrivectat in this matter ao that public improvements now under way may be allowed to go on. L If you see fit ta aidopt th propsd stipulations, I shall be satisfied, and I now . ree'oin-mend "thatj such , course be pur sued.. If ' you are satisfied with,the stipulations I shall be pleased to sign the ordinance as saou as yea have aittvtri2? me to approve them on behalf of the city If yon obiecti- to this method of proceiftire I see- no ether - way clear for me bnt t-f tormaliy siaie my oojuc-muis to ine onn-nance in itr present firm, . Preident.Hayes hre called Mr4 C'aroth- era to the chair.-; - 1 ' THE AGREEMENT. j The City .Attorney reatl the airVei ment "and abandonment signed by the Oakland Township Railroad Company in regard 10 the mnch-talked-of franLbise for a sieatn railroad from Webster street to Broadway. Th" agreement reads as follows: This agreement, made - and enterednnto - this 6th day of July, A. D. 18it, between - the Oakland Township Railroad Company nd James G Fair, the parties of the first part, and the City of Oakland, a municipal crtoration, tbe party -of th second nart. VVitnesseth, that whereas tbe said parties cf the first part are the grantees " and holders of certain franchises, rights ' and permissiens to construct, maintafu, lay down and; operate railroads through, upon and acress certain streets and lands in the C ty of Oakland, under an ordinance of the City of. Oakland, entitled "An or-' dinaace granting to James G. Fair, his - associates and assigns, a franchise and right to construct, lay down and maihtnin railroad aad railroad tracks through, . ' ' upon and acress certain streets in the City of Oakland, and to ran cars thereon propelled by horses, mules, or by wire ropes running under the streets and moved by . stationary steam engines," and ah-o under an ordinance entitled "An ordinance granting to the Oakland Towrship ' Railroad Company (a corpora' i .n). Its successors . and assigns, a"7 frnchi-;;, right and permiakivri t operate a (-t-ain railroad through, upon and across certain " - atreeta and lands in the City of Oakland," which said first ordinance was passed tn v the 24th day of February, A. D. JSMij, at.d epproved'on the 27:h day of February, A. , D. 186, and which fcaid second oid'maoce ' wa pa-ee 1 on tbe 24th day of June, A. 1 . '-isftfi. and approved cf even date herewith. And.whereas, itis deemed for the pub-Tie good and for tbe ultimate benefit of all -'eoncerneu, to rei;uiaie, nnaer exiting or eti instance?, .the Has of the ' f ranchi-es. rights and permissions granted and con-VWerred by said ordinances; j It ia now therefore, "expressly, airreed V bat the said patties of the first part,, their tBnAfa.tf a. successors and assigns s. i-ha:l pot-tinder said ordinances operate a steam railroad nr propel cars by steam enwaes north of the center line of Fouii et-nth street until anch time as a franchise, rit.t or permission ahall be lawfully obtained to operate a steam railroad on lelegraph ayennewitbin the boundary 'limits of the citr of Oakland. It la furtbe' expressly agreed that the . I MB L llfl 1 MtiHOCi- - ' Jitee, sncceseora ana, assigns, shall, at? th. Teqneet of the Mayor of the city of Oak-' land, and at such places as he may desig jrtfwimXa. between Webster street and the eon - ter line of Fourteenth, street, atatiorrand " ' roaintain flaorman nntil snch time as the rCloneil and Mayor cf tbe city of Oakland - in narsaance of their lowers, take action requiring railroad companits to ' station flagmen at street crossings. t t- .t- fnrthr expressly agreed that the , said parties of tha first part, their aesoci. tea arid. assigns, may propel cars by ors or rnules'over tbe rails and tracks now laid and in' place between the center Use, ef Fourteenth street and the canter liie of Broadway street or Telegraph avisnne, I nntil such tune a i a steam railroad shall ha Derated thereon.- i n ' In witnens whereof the said Oakland Township Railroad Company has ciused its corporate name and real to be hereunto affile by its President and Secretary thereunte duly authorized, and the I said James - G. Fair Eas hereunto set i his iirnature. and the Council af the city of Oakland has caused tha Mavor to attach his official signature for and in behalf of the citv of . Oakland, tbe ! date Herein first above written.- i- L ', The Oakland TowhahiD Railroad Com pany, by y. -. L r - -JAJIK.su. rAi. 1i fSeal.l i President. IBv CHA3.S. NeaU Secretary . James G. Fair. Accented and atrroved with the Icon- seat of the Cntincil-of the citT of Oak ind. E. W. Platter, ALay ; THE ABANDONMENT. The following abandonment war Ihen i -i ii I rf,aai. To the Mayor ami the Council of theVity of Oakland The undersigned, The CPak- land .Tewnship KailroatOompany, a cor poration, and James O. fair, prope to release. reliiiQnirth and abandon sdv Lud every right, privilege, franchie2a.nd pei-kii-hion granted, or conferred upoa tbeni or either of them, to construct, lay downhnd niaictiiii switched, turnout or lurotablen upon or m ltiiruentn street ana rqur- teeptli street, excepting and reperving drily corfnectinai tiwitchas "between the two tracks ' now laid and in plice, under, an crdinance, entitled. "iAn Ordinance granting t James IG. rarr. bii associates and aligns, aHrancnise and neht to construct, lav down aud mamr tain a railroad and railroad tracks throutb. upon and'acros certain streets in the City of Oakland, aud to run cars thereon Jfo vt lied by horse, mules or by wire ropes running underneath therftraets and moad v stationary statin engines, passed reo- narv 24th. A. I).. IH.Hti. and annrovlea February 27th, A. D. 1SSB. and under Jan ordinance of the City of Oakland entitled "An ordinance erantintr t the Oakland Township Railroad Company I (a corpota; tion), its successors and a-ffliKnc, , fril- chis'e, ughjt and perniisnijn to operate! a steam railroad through, upon ; and across c-rtaih sTeet and biidi in the Citvlof Oakland." riasised June 24'h, A. D.' 18: and approvod of even 'late hnawith. It being intended and under tMtdt this reltasf, relinquishment and abandt ment extends only t and operates o upon tha franchise to construet,-lay do and maintain in tha streets above ram ny switch, turnout, turntable, or aiy ditional track outbids i f the two trac now laid and in place, but that the f ra cbis9 and right t(t cecstruct, hy down a mairitain connecting switches between a within" the : two Ltr&ckd now laid and placa, find the ritrl.t toi maintain .ami operate a railroad, and! ail other trgh. f ranchises'and' permissions granted or ct ferred by the said eminance are to be a are expressly an fully unimpaired by an thiry hnrein expressed or contaioed. in" wi'nf-s- whereof, the said Oakla Towilship Kailway Company- has caus its corporate nam- and seal tff'ne hereun amxed by ts President and Secreta thereunto duly, authoiized,. aud the said James O. Fair has hereunto set.hi- sign ture thi-v the 6th day of July's A. D. ISSi seal: J t ; The Oakland township Kail-, road Compan y.: -By James G. Fair, Preai lent. By CHA8..S. NALj Secretary. THE RESOLUTION". 1 j The folio win -resolution was then reail ib'y the City Attorney: i Resolved, That the terms and provisio A the written rt leae. relinqijishment an abandonment of the franchise and right t coarttrucr, lay down and maialain certai switches, turnouts ant turntables upon in r ourteentn street, rranklia street , an 1 hirteenth s'rlet, and also the terms an provisions of ascertain written agreemen reade by the Oakland Township Railr'oa (Join pan v and .lanes (jr.Jrair, of date Jul 6th,'A. 1). 1S86, and now presented to thi Council, be and the same- are hereby a proved and accepted, and tbe Mayor l herebv-rt quested to indorse an acceptance sind approval thereon, and to s;gn thesam with his othcial signature for and in be ha of the city of Oakland, and that the abai donmrit, release and agreement herei boveref rred to, shall be attached to sai franchise and j-ight to lay down th switches, turnouts and turntables abov specitipd,-approved f even date herewith and that the same be recorded in the omc i f the City Clerk f the ity tf Oakland. THE CHOLKR.IC HAStS. L.i Iiefore the resolution was put to a vot President Hayes rose exci.t-dl' in his plac on the flo ir. His face got very rta aad h swung his cleucbwa nauu -up and How mentc-liikTlv. lia SfM, in the I rtsonan 8 of S tenter: Why dou the May give us ni legal ociecuoiis, to this oral nance? Why don't he C'nie bafore thi Council like a Mvor and give-u his lega objection? What a r a his legal objection f signing it ? If be has such legal obi -c Hons why ilou t be ve o the ordinance as Mayor ImuUl j d ? Why dou't; he c m o it like a man and state his legal objec M-.i s? I vot-d f.-r that ordinanua bacaus I thought that it was right to do so, and think this Council is just as coujpttant judge of what is right as the Mayor is. don i know that 1 m prepared to vote io :hose atipuutiwns. I'd like to; hear th .Vlavor's legal objections to.iuin th erainance in its present form. i JBncouraifd by a burst, of good-nat'ired applause in the lobby Mr. rlayes grev more an 1 more dramatic, and called fo the Mayor's "lgl objections" over an nv-r and over agaic, in divers keys, i sundry pitches, and with different modu Iations. THE PALLID MAYOR. When the choWof tbe member from th Seventh had sufficiently cooled j to alio ni'n to take bis seat the Mavor lose to re nlv. In Contrast withr hiV. Questioner h was like a puie ani pallid lily beside a vxs si Mi-eiupurpled p.-ony. Calmly and with crushing politeness he said: "I suppose tbe eeutlemm from the Seventh knows that in cases cf this kind the law requites the signature of the Mayor to! the ordi nance in urder f) tive the franchise granted tforce-antUetfect. . T 'don't know iut.t what he itidan- by 'lelfal objeciions.' t 1 have stated the conditions uimn which I will sign the i r liuane. 1 1 admit that; the con- oitiods are soaiewhat jculiur, bnt 1 have thought it be-t, all thiugs considered, come to the ageem -nt made. When the ordinance is chanted a-i't moiliiied in the' manner pro vide'! f.r in th-; documents ju-t read, my way will be clear to sitrn the ordinance. and rjot till then. ' Mr. Htyes There is not a sinnle lagali objection-in those docuu euts. I ahould like to know what the leisal objections are. The Mayor has a right to sin tbe ordinance if he h is no le-al objections. I weuld ik( to hear him state one legal objection. t THE WHY AND WHEREFORE. J! At the suggestion of Mr. Carothars, and on motion of Mr. Hayes, a recess was tiken to examine the documents effered for Che consideration of the Count i!. Af .er the rtasseniblintr of the Council the resolution was at'nnce put to Vote. Mr. v,,tker' voted aye, without expfana- tlon. 1 HKe 10 explain my voie. vv nen 1 thia or- iinance first came up for pasiae I was opjmaed to it on judgment, and I am now, 011 judgment, opposed to it as restricted. 1 vote no. . i Mr. Barker here remembered that he had nAvlented ti pvnlain his voto. and betan an expJaare5riT-;but was cut short by Mr. Haves, now annaj-ently bent on tilting at everybody who'g-t"u.po.i his feet, with the objection tl? the yoie had already been CHSt. : I Mt-ssrs.' Hackett, Harrison and Mc- liivney ea-h voted aye without explap ti .11. V hen Mr. Hayes name wa called he sai l: I want toexplain my vote. I voted conscientiously for' 'this ordinance s when it was first passed, and I still behove it to be a good ordinance. The -Mayor, has not stated any 1-gal objections fe it. so 1 wii vote aye, with a mentil reservation to my- silr. l.aughter.J ( The Clerk announced the "t vo e as ave Ti no, 1, and the resolutiojf waa declared adopted. s .lr. Barker here saw hi-i opportunity to explain his vote and embraced it eagerly, He said that he bad originally been op l.wed to tbe ordinance, and had ttited his oljj- ctions to it at the time. Tha preseut stipulations di not dx away with all these o'Hjections, bnt tney do with tome f thm He eaid be believed that the treat major ity cf the people in the city are in favor t- l - . 1 t u : 1 11. 1 1 1 CI graauug iuc ir&o;iise. ne nau ueeu conscientiously opposed to the ordinance. Now he could c ibscientiously tavor it ..The ordinance, agreement and abandon ment were at once eiirned"by the Mayor, and Mr. Fair transferred his shiny hat from the post cap to his' own caput, and left the room io a blaze of golden radia tiona from the head of his merrily twirling cane. Mr. Martin took the end of his bamboo stick out of his month and f followed his patron saint. Mr. Davis gave a grant of satisfaction and, with Secretary Neat. made np the rear platoon of s the self-satis- nea parade. t REDEMPTION Or BONDS." j . An ordinance authorizing - the City " : i I r I a. P- " 1 s f I - . -. - - - .!-- Tressnret to redeem two Main Lake Sewer Bonds ofj the J value, of $1,000 eacb, from money in the Main Lake Sewer Bond In- terest Fuind, was read 's the . first time and referred to tbe Committee on Ordinance I ana Juiciry. : xneae-two oonds are the only ones now outstanding. SALARY OBDISANCE. The ordinance fixing the salaries of cer tain subordinate city officials was taken up, on " mationj of Mr. -McGivney. The ordinance ' fixss the salaries of all subordinates in; the Marshal's, City Treasurer's and licy Assessor a orhces at 9100 per month. I - On motion of Mr Barker the considera tion of the matter was postponed until the next inciting, on, account of the absence ci air. bmitn. . i ! POLICE MATTERS. A petition for the appointment cf Sam- uofB; Laiighlin a a regular police efficer was placed on file. Lab4rtin's applica tion was referred to the Committee on City Hall and Police. The resignation ot Kickanl lttIeton, spacial oaucerj was read and "accepted. ' ' ' A HTDRAKT. j: ' A petition f.;r the erection ct a hydrant t the corner of Firt'and' Myitle' Btretts ai read and placed on file. Mr. Mc(iivney btted that eighteen months ai;o he reported favorably op the erection of a hydrant at the- point named, but it had inot beeu arei teJ on account of the small size of the watsr main. The water company has now plenty .of pipe t put in a iarger; main. The petition was finally granted resolution Unanimously adopted. , i by i THE SIDEWALK OBSTRUCTION ORDINANCE. A petition fr;n numerous merchant aiked the CjounbiY to rt-lating to Hhe obsti repaal the ordinance obstruction. of mdewak. I The petition wasrtferred to the Committee on Streets and liirildings. An ordinance Was introduced repealing the ordinance to preveut the obstruct i-jn of sidewalks, was read the hr.-t time and re ferred to the! Committed on Ordinance and Judiciary. I , t SrlEATtER'S MONEY A resolution wa introduced authorizing the payment to. Sirxtus Shearerof the money legally due him: ' I Messrs. Barker and Hayts wi hed the matter postponed till Mr. Smith could be present. ' J1K Hayes thought Mr. shearer tad never justly . earned the money now Irgally due Uiiri, ani two weeks' postponement would inake- but little difference. A oojmumcar jon from rrauk lig'len. Shearer's atti-rnev, was placed on rile. . ' BIDS. - Quirk if flignami offered to erect the proposed barjd stand in the City Mall park for $375. The bid was 'rtfrrel to the Committee oh Street" and Buildinge. Wm. Mctintcheon offered to supprv the city with Fruit Vale gravei t $3'per iSd. d be bid as. referred to the iCommittee on Streets arid KujidinMS. ; A resolution to accept the bid of jJ. Page to furnish the city with a: buggy for the ne of the City Marshal was lpsf, nsiit was ueneu 1.0 postpone ine uifiti-e- bin r. Srni'.h could be "present. A rts ilutian to arcept the lid f Pendergast A 'Co. fo furnish iron Ba inhoie covers' mit a timiiar fate. " ' The ( itv ureasurer was ' authorized fto traiisfer $2,ij00 from the Oeneral Fund to the Street Fund. Mr. Ilackatt moved a reconsideration of the resolution aeoeptiug the bid il Pn-derast &.' Co., for. fiirnisbinte npanhiile covers, and the bid was hnaliy.accrpt-d a uuanimous Kot of the proper resoluti ! PRISTING A REPORT. The Cl'ief Engineer asked to baiel-'OO copies ct his third annual report printou. Itj was t ttdtl- that the cet f prirjtict: would be aoitSlOO. Tha requisition wps referred to-, the Comraitt?e of the WhoIeJ pant FOB THE WANDERER. ' A resolution w;ts adopted authorizing the erection of ia: lamps at the . 'following places; Northerly corner. of Fourteenth avenue and East Twenty-fourth street; northerly lci ruer of -Seventeeath avenue and hast Ijwantv-third street; on the easterly corner of Glen avenue a-id E.--t 1 wen-v-fourth btreet; on .the onthrly corner of Gleh avenue and E st. Twenty- hrth street; j, on - the - westerly corner f Jneteentjh avenue and Ea?t Twenty -fifth street; tin the corner of G'en and Nireteeiitti ajvenue; on the easterly corner of Xinete'entty avenue and East Tweiitv-righth street; on the southerly line of Fourteenth avenue; at the westerly line f Nineteenth avenue; and oh the southerly corner of Thirteenth avenua and East Twenty fourth street. ' ' . j : .After tbe :fedintr and re'erenre of a number of. pills, and the granting !f fequi-itions fJ-r tain-ir articles, The Council adjourned. . 1 THE CITY'S CASH. .1 -! Iteanrt of the Cityl Treasurer tor tlie,nohih of June. ' i City Treaiurar Galen M. Fisher .has filed his regu ar monthly report f jr Jure, which showj the following figures in re- gard to tha c June 1 Cash ty'a funds: . . on hand.. June 2-Fror4 poliee t.'ourt 473 i -Froni Free Library -Frora So hool Tuition June 3 Froni City Wharfiiittjer 141.37f Less City Marshal's Deposit Ac-p't 4,Orf ash from Ciity farshal : For Licenses! ..f-l.Olfi 00 Dog tags . I. l Tax- shle 5 deed Hoik-c - moving mits..j . . ' -.-. Vehicle licenses s .i oo 3 00 per- 12 00 2-50 June-7 Cash from Justice Jenks.. ' II " j " HchooLTuitioh ' SO City I Marshal's i Deposit . Atic't t'4 T 14 50 S.f.40 2T ) i4.,r2r yo . .r;i.o-i3 s.s Less disbursements Balance '.. . 92,0-2 02 listribufed in the The above1 balance is following funds : i General . - ; . ....... Salary . -. . . . '.. Street ; . , r. .': . s 4,9:t3 84 l,3ir 9s 732 6i Wa'er . . Street Light . : . Free Library.!. 3,148 10 2.0H :2 i2,4."i6 12. 90 92-4,4i'.9 01 3ti5 41 3,999 ''7 2, r9s :w 3, r82 73 47.9SO 92 11H 3s 3,040 23 chool . - L .i School Librarv.s .... Bond interest of 1SS2 , . Lake Sewer bond intjrest Funded debt bf ls.M, interest . School bondsof ls",2, interest .. r'unded debt of 1S72, interest. ake stiver lxud redeniition Charity. L-ity. Marshal s Deposit Acc t 92,0-2 02 This balance is also made up as follows: Ca.-li in First Rational Bank ... $ 43,47") ' Ca-sh in office safe ,. . 1.3.VJ 40 Suspense account . ... j 47,2-M 'J6 $92,02 02 POLICE COURT. The following is to-day's Police Court record:-James O'Brien, drunk; ; pleaded guilty, fined 100 or 00 days. M. Haven, drunk; Rued $G or 3 days. Thomas 'Mc- rerney, drunk; pleaded not guilty, case July, Utb. ihomaa Alc-Seraey, assault with a deadly weapon; continued tortile cornijlaint. - Alice King, .threats against life; continued to file complaint. G. Crawford, disturbing the peace; con tinued to file comidaint. George Williams, batte.ry; - tried, found not guilty, dis-chaiged. Etidie Maloney, , violating ordi nance; continued to July oth. Ah,cnarley, Ah Wung, Ah Tung and Ah Ling, gambling; coutiaued for arraignment. -An Sam and Ah lorn, gambling; no complaint. Ah Ben, carrying! concealed weapon; no compiami The KtiigK ianrt Cm w fords. In the Police Caurt to-day attorrfey' Brearty moved for the exoneration-of the bail of Mrs. Alice King and S.- Gi Craw- d, as no : complaints had been filed against them, land as tha family troublev out of which ' the arrests grew, had been settled out of Court. The Prosecuting Attorney opposed the motion, en the ground that if the cases were to be dismissed he should to have the prisoners-pay the costs. He said that the practice of having pepple hauled into Court and thep rt fusing to prosecute them is getting alt getber to tommon. - ' - ! Jim. O'Brleii'a Bad Boy. I James'O'Brien is an undutiful son who caused bis mother to lose her positio 1 in the employ- ef Senator Whitney on ad Count of continually hanging around th house, was aipsted yesterday morning at her instance and booked for insanity. It was found that his insanity wore off with the effects cf liquor, and the charge was changed to drunkenness, on which he was fined $100, with tbe alternative of 50 days imprisonment,! in the - Police -Court th's morning. j . . " . , ' ' Feitmaiter at Irving:. I Frank Griffin has received bis com mis aion as Postmaster at Irving and intends taking the office in the course of a month r'- !: . . "'-.. ' I' h- . . i ..'.- ' ' ; I M'WrfNEY'S BUNGSTARTER, And Hew it Came in Contact I withers. OofPs Head. Thomas McNerney keeps a shebeen on the corner of Twenty-second "and Adeline streets, and Harry Guff is one of hi pa trons. Goff has a wife who keeps a weather eye open for him, and who objects to his frefjpency at McNerney's shebeen, j Ijaat night; as Mrs. Goff watered the family cow at a trougn across the street from McJSer ney aispensary, ane Heard er nuHDana s voice in lively conversation within. She left the familv cow to wander at it own sweet will, land proceeded to the' saloon to Woo; her spouse front- its seductive a.iignts ana warn -mm oi r xne snares set iinr nis wuiing reet eyjuoer- nev.i Both Goff and Mx??npv hA nar taken rather freely of tbe life that rftwjis, and ihe appearance of Mrs. Goff Wifet'he signal for a livfely -ftirirnmage. In f;he wind-up McNerney seized an iron beer- wrerich, ir bunB-staiter, and brought: it down with Cruel force on Mrs. Golf's de voted headi She fell over like-, a dead woman, bledini- froji a bad cut on the back of herhead, and was carried home by her husband and sympathizinar frien.ls. Gcff ; then procured the sprvices ofjaifticers Fields and Baker and had McNerney ar retted, oti charges of drunknne& and as sault; with, a deadly weapon. In the P.olic Court this lawming McNerney pleaded not guilty to the charge of drunk enr.ess, avetring that he was simply "nerv ous" at the time i f the assault and hi ar rest, i -The other charge went over to allowi the hling of a complaint. .. 'fa ' f. McNerineyjs story is, that TSt? .140 lie warned the 'GoiTs that he did not w'unt their patronage and did' not care to have them come t.ij his. place. That for a time Goff did not come, and made ids first ap pearance I ysjtriay. ihat when Mrs. Goff came irj she" struck him, spratchrJd him, and beat him over the head with a milk--p.tilr and that in self defense he eject ed her from the saloon. Thatbedi i not strike her with th hungstarter, .but that her husbund attacked him with the bumj-starter'aiid must have struck the blow that laid the woman low. McNerney's face, which lo ksjs if he bad btea run over by a revlvingdvi)th hirrow, is something of a g-u.i-antee tliat he diii not attain an easy victory.- Mrs,, ti.iff's principal injury the ctit on her iiSad, which is two inchejs Ion?, and may c iuse serious c 'in heat 1 m, though it her life. mii not, nece-s irily, endanger A HOTEL AND THEATER. tive-Str ItricK Building lo be ICrec-tert on ft'rniiKliii Street. . A reporter of The Tribune, in search of news, strol ed into the tlhce of archij- te( ts Goodtich: ct ie:ur, and while there notice 1 those g-1. tiemen at work up n the- plan f a handsome building. After a stties t questioas ttie rtjiorter le-nrneq that the plans were those of a buiil inir that will be erected somewhere ' . . . . . i i on rratiklm street, J but pn what comer, the archit cts positively re. fused to etite. I Tl e boil-Mng will be ueil fur a hotel!, and will aljo ntai.i tt'i oterd hou-ie Lke.tho Baldwin , in San Franctscoj It will cover a piece 1 f gr.mnd, 1,00 f'e. sipiare, wi,I be nve storias in riignt, and its stj-le of architecture will embrace a rombit : nation uf thtrltalian and t reccrj t.e naif sance. Ihe material t be used in tne out-iide wnlis will he, Beters in'4 compressed brick and Ni'e sandst ne; from' Judge Hamilton's rpiarry. All the the rooms facincr 11 the street will have bay windows, j There will be 100 ' rooms in it, teine niin, launnry ana ,niHnrq r onis. Th inaiii h.Vl wi 1 be "J0x(Q fee'. An eI:i.or will he run from thtj first flo- r t the t i story. . . ! The opera house w ill I e .equipped iri first-cl.'iis style and will have- a "se.titig capacity for 2.0(10 pers"!i. the chairs will lie of the bjost-' ap:r'veor pattern; and the sta.'e will he lobstrtictej on the hejt stvl-j possi' le. There will be two domesl n the buii-iirg. 1 ne over tr main entrance to the h tel io Frank stret. and tea other on the corner. Ihe estimated cost for construe-ing knd e.qn ing both the Intel and opt r i nouse 8500.000. : l-l The architects raaai i ss :nhd ;vs tits tors when pressed to st'Othe-eacJ. : .l-icaf tion of j the biiili.ing. but tV'.er asurerl the r.-portei--that its erec iji will be c timiutieej a;.nn eariy unto. and its b c;iti nvwouid li made m dui t'-tne. THE CITY'S CENSUS Mow Bfinf Tukfii I'iKlr-r Hie Si Syndicate of prrvision ' of 4'stpituliKtM. '- ! 'I lays a numberiof Duri (tie paft two men hake ; bet h eriqaged in the workiof com pi 11 ;iig Census -t the city. Justfvvhi movement is some' im at tb head f . 1 thin-; of a 1- ... . I a mystery, as is trie purpose ! r which i! lieijag tiken. The work is ant parently being; neue under the gnperv isioi) of Mr. lveliey, who toik the last schoof census, jarid the cacvarseis are provide with all the iieessary 'blanks and paraj-phernulia dn the work in a thorough mannef, !;As pe.fr as can i e ascertained a syndicate id capitalists, who do not care tb be known! in tha matter, are bejiiuo t'lp movement. .Their motives und dasigns! ii. relation) thereto are the subjects ( f many wile rumors, but the most probable and authentic;!. statement of the case is th-vt they desire to be sure as to the city's growth with a view t- large transciini' in real esitate it it should be found tpat thi growth of the city will -war? rint thlsuii in placing their money '.here. The c-risus hajs not been taken 'since I81SO, and ibon-rli at) estimate, of the populathm ia made) on evry school censu and after each' election by people who think they "have sufficient data to make a c!tse guess, these estimates are frequently found to! be unreliable and at best they do not show the trend of population toward any given lociiitvj In jany event the census, when complSed, will show to what extent the city has progressed in the way of increased population, urid other interesting data may be gathertSI from it. . . i THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. in Ill4 Animal Itcport. In thJ annual report of the Chief of the Fire-Department, which was presented at the City Council meeting l.-nt evening;. Chief M ofijtt recommended the putting in of alarm water ruauy -new hydrants and boxes laud the. enlarging .of mains where urcessary; the purchase f a new engine and a quantity of nuw house in hd.-f ; the building of an eniiii the Secend Ward' anl the estalH lishmeritj f an engine company therein; and the the foot trectiuin of a i uilding on the lot at of Brtoadway fer the accouinjoila- ti m ef a lulise cotiipany. Ihe report show most of Lthe apparatus to be in faiir coh-j dition and setis out at treat length the work done by the Department durinsr tha year and the cost, of mamtaimne each company and division of. the service. A1-: together, itiis ope of the ifiost complete, arid; concise r rts ever, hlea byji eity orrrctai. The newH Abrens engine ha, proved emin- ently aatisfactiry, having shown a gXiat saving ir the cist (f the "fuel reqairedo 1 UU lb. HAYS ' t l School f. CHOOL HOUSE. Buildine Soon-Ceiupleted. to be Throuih the untiring efforts of Judge Gibson, that sect i m of the county in the: neighboi holid o: . . . .1 . L - . . . Hays canyon, will have one! of tha cosiest school houses that1 can be fojund in this State. . Ihe bunding, though sOmewhi at small, is amply sufficient for the 111 0'4s;ot the district. 4.t is XixJAt, feet, has onp cl as-i room, and the onler of its architecture iis pointed Gothic, with a graceful lo-oking 'bejl-fco werv It hasitwo entrance1, one fo boj's arid the other for ) .kTi-Is. each entrance having a vestibjile 0k0 feet.. The sash bars of the windows are al horizontal, after the style pfi the school buihling's in Furope, as .it is said tbatj ptrpenipulr bars have a tepdenc'5 tni caue stigm4ti-ni in the eyes of the pnpi'a. The building wilif cost about .?2 500, aad will be ready for occupancy in about three weekp. Messrs. Godriy.h &;N'eWton are the architects. LAID TO REST. M Meere Tlte Funeral of Thomas F this Afternoon. V ternoop Thomas F. Steere, of the This firm of Stee re &; Colby, of Eist O.ikland, was buried by ;he Orion Lodge, No. 1891,4,323 30. I. O. tl. JF.,:of' which he was a respected memberJ The Tlolge turneii out in full force, and many beautiful floral t&butes were doriated by tbe ladies. The funeral took place at 1:30. and the Kef. S. U. Morse (ffici.ited. The -pall-bearers were as follows: I V.! S. Northey, O. Whipplel AV. H. Hamiltoh, V. D. Thomas, A. F, Spear and 1 F. ( E. Brunker. After the services the body was taken to Mountain View Cemetery, and there the remains cf Thomas F. Steere were laid to their final WEST OAKLAND. A Scarcity of Startling Incidents at the. Point. Eli S. Dennison and family '' returned from their trip through the Eastern States yesterday. They have visited all the pno I cipal cities of tbe Eastern rfeaboard and many r f those in the Went. Dredger No.-3 ia at work in the estuary I outh of ;tht mole. - 1 The culvert over the Main Lake sewer ha8 ben , d and workmen are now . - . . ... , . , "eanrjfr.a channel through the mud flat to. deep water north of Sixteenth street to john Rosooe anc( Tfamily- have returned , T . , ,. , , - CniLo8 Angelas after a year sabsence. Mr, lloscoe. who has been sufferictr from Rright'a disease, does not appear to have been much benefited by his sojourn in the southern country. Arthur Moore, "a well-known railrJad anan, resigned bis position, and will hereafter make his nonje in bhaata county. where fie has mining interests , in whichAe has ereat confidence. Changes ana dis charges; are wore. prevalent at the railroad yards about the first cf the month than at any ether time, but this month there was but little interference with the existing order of things, and aside from a few changes f f position the force is the same as last month. - The Mission at St. Patrick's Church is attended mornings and evening by large congregations. At the services Monday evening a very interesting sermon on "The Value of the boul was delivered by .rather Louis ( '00k. Smelt -fishing on Long Wharf is very good notwithstanding the muddy water, and as huh as 70 of these fish were caught with a single rod last Sunday. Young sal mon are also caught, and one of these. caught last Saturday, weighed two pounds. fiock cod are scarce on account of the muddy condition of the water, j A brakeman on the Southern Pacific tells a irood story on his conductor whose name -shall not be revenled' for lovAlior monev. (Jetitleinen, I do not desire to interfere witri your amusement, he remarked, as be approached a group of poker-iplayers on the train the -other r!av, "but you must observe the rules of the train' h . "VV.hv,, what's the matter with you?" in quired one of the players who wjas nursing three'oeuces ciose to his St m;ch, k ou don't mean to say that card-phiVjing is prohibited on these cats?-' : "Not exactly,'' s;iid the conductor, "but ifi isfy-i inflexible rule of the rmpany that' you must deal trom the top ot the ae.eR, A v. U. 1'almer retnrerator car is in the railroad shops, having brought a quantity of bananas to this, .coast over the Southern Pacific. This refrigerator is ar ranged upon a new system by jwhich the atmosphere thrown upon the fruit islry instral of inofet s.8 at present ! when the a'r blows off of the ice io the chest. The car has been sent into the shops to be plscTd m springs so that delicatej fruit may not be brui-ed. . The Palmer system of refrigerators pro-ides f ir a dry atmosiihere over ali th fruit that' may le in the car, the- air being bivt n by the action f tbe driving-wheels! of t!.e locomotive. W . B. ;Ludlpw, fore man of the car shops, is at work on the new cars. Il?n putting 111 new pipes and placing new springs on the trin-ks of the cai-s. Harbor Lodge. No. 2:15, I.. O. O. F., will meet, this evening at 'Masonic Hall for the iiistjiUati-m of officers. ! Another installment of West! Oakland ladir?' are ready for ird'iation into the K-beknh I.)eer--e Lodge, No. 12, I. O. O. F., at Last Oakland, next Monday evening. A postal car was t-jmed out thisl morn ing frii'u the Wet O ikland simps for the (i. H. A, S. A. road. This car has been handsomelypaintod and conveniently fitted up for the jiurtjos. and wijl tun between Oakland and Kl I'ao. '. Eight sleepers ent out with the Cen-tral and -Southern Pacific tday. Three more batrgage-cars will arrive this wc-k from the Pullman shops in Chicago, making six cars that are on this line at the present time. These cars will be used for the carriage of fruit during the summer. All the silver palace sleeping-cars have been converted into passenger cars at the Sacramento shop's, and the first of them wpre id -ced on the resdni- Western Division trains yesterday. Thesa cars make splendid coaches. 4 , California Lod ISO. 1, A. tl. U. W., Lodge at Emeryville i'teiiat the instillation otticrra. Songs, reci- vi.-ited Bay Distric l.-i-t evening and as; of the F.av Dis'ric-rJ a'i--ns and a trener-the ins-tllation. j hl good time followed .4. The Peer of the Best On tbe 1st of July The Oakland Daily Tribune commenced the thirteenth year of its diurnal existence. It is a successful paper, and its suee'ess is altogether attributable to the judicious management of its still young and energetic head, Mr. V. E. ;I)ari;ie. While journal after journal that had "come to stay', and "fill a long-felt want" came into existence and spread itself like a "green bay tree" fer a few brief weeks-or months, and was then consigned to the newspaper, charnel house. The Tkibune has stenlily pursued the "even teinjr if its way, gathering strength as the years Polled on, luutil to-dav it is 'the peer of the beet journals in I " . . " the !aml, with daily brightening prr.specfs oi a long and profitable existence. 7 POISON. A Woman Accnwed of Attempting: to Kill Her Husband. ' A complaipt has been filed in Justice N'usbaumer's Court tb-day to the effect that Carl Fritzche accuses Louise Coshinski f attempting ta poison him. . The complaint ia :, drawn in ' the "jy 01 . the People of the 'State ofCalifrnia" against Loujse Cashnister, alias -Louise Fritzshe, and recites that on the 27th of . June, 18ti, , tt.e, defeadant did commit thel critm of felony in "maliciously attempting to kill the said Carl Fritzche by admiimttirng to him a peisoh and a noxious, and destructive substance, but ! by which death was not then and there . caused." The facts in thei case are to the effect tbat Fritzche and his wife did not live bapii'y together, and he says that on another occasion be-ides the,present, she attempted to poison him. They both live at West Herkftiey, and . Dr. '. Christian wss -calif .-J in to save Frifzshe from de-.th on the ' la-t occasion, but the rtoctof, thinking that there was some thing suspicious, proposed .that tne Dreaa in wiiich the poison, naa neen caiceu oe thrown to a fine colli y shepherd dog which happened to be Rtamiing near the door. -Mrs. Fritzsche objected, saymg that she did net wish to have her dog poi soned. Deputy Constable Wulferdinger has the warrant,. anrt Mrs. t ritzsche will be arrested this afternoon. Two Insolvents. Sanfuel Taylor, a plumber of this city, has petitioned ' t-j be declare! insolvent. Liabilities. S054 25; aset, 8375. Alfred Famariss, .an Alameda county farmer, has applied for an order of insolvency.- His liabilities are 83.29940, and his asset are 81,091, with 930 40 worth (f ncumbrance on them. . . . I 'CountT Hoarders. Ct Sheriff Hale's report for the month of June shows that the total number of prisoners confined, in the Co'unty Jail is 100, and that their tot :il da, s of confinement are 1,325. - - 'I'liey Hot 'I'licir I'ay Judge Gibson has awarded ,TiIlraan & Uendel 414 SO for groceries delivered by them to one Frederick C lvobinson S41 90 coits were also allowed. ' 1 The County Recorder's . pteport.' F. D. Hinds, the County Eec 'rder, filed his report of the amount collected by him for the six months endinsr June 30th. The collections amounted to t'7-,4SO 25. , -j A .."Votary's fees.") Thomas C. Huxley, a Notary Public of this county, has filed his f-eiiii annual report, showing that he has collected Si08 50 in fees for the six months ending J une 3Dih- f- ;Sberiffi' lees. Sheriff Hale has-file 1 his report of tbe fees collected by him for the t-ix -mouths ending June 30th. 1 be fee amount, to . 1 . Jlaro P. Kay. i ' . The friends of Maio P. Kay , the default ing Deputy Uounty Cleik, are circulating a-petition for his pardon. i - i - t .To preserve goods from moths, do not U8e,camphor iu any form. Pieces of tar uapex laid in fur boxes and in closets are a better protection. Five cents will buy enough to equip all the packing boxes and closets of a large house for a TO-DAY'S DISPATCHES S. S. COX Fining to Come Back and .1 Ron for Congrress. The Pullman Car and. Central Transpor tation Companies.' SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE! A Decision Araintt the Pullman . Company, i Philadelphia, July 1st. A meeting of the representatives of the j Central Trans portation Company was held yesterday to take action on . the recent decision given ; in the Circuit Court in favor of the? company. The proceedings were private, but one of the gentlemen present stated! that the .Pullman Company had made an offer to compromise the whole difficulty with the Central Transportation Company by surrendering to the latter 119 -. j iu Bci-oriiBiive Willi vue uecilioil, me meeting, after censidering this proposition, decided not to accept it, but to insist that the Pullmin Company must surrender all Udeasea, including its contract with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, to the Central "Transportation Company. A statement to this effect will, it was said soon be authorized authoritatively. California Inventors. Wash.gtov, July 7tb.-The; following I lu I 3MTJ Iran, i .- n . W ,.-4 ft . . ft - 1 " J mvvu:. ,.ft.ft. iWUOU Ml VlSillOft- a inventors: Charles Barlow of San Francisco for a rock drill'; Charles T. Bur gess cf Oakland, a trigger' attachment for ouble guns; C. W, Doreey Basil of Por tersville, a disk seeder and cultivator; Pe- terKanson of Fresno, a gang plow;. Lewis Lang and J. V. Hart of Stockton,' a Woweun. j j . ' Forfeiture Kill Signed. Washington, JulySJTth. The President this afternoon signed the bill foifeiting tbe land grant ot the Atlantic & Pacific Kail-road. The act restores to the public domain about thirty millions of acres of land. ! ' j . : ' ' Tirlnst of Oriental Life. Washington, July 7th. It may almost be Considered a settled thing that Hon. S. S. Vox shortly resign his nositionll) Whiinc ,f ,i.t as united States Minister to Turkey and s-ekj, -re-election ti Congress. A oronjinent Kepresentative in this city ias received a letter from him. in .which lie related the reluctance with which he accepted his new duties, and spoke of the prejsure which has been brought to bear upon bim to come back to New York. In conclusion, he expresied'a desire . po return. He said that he woujld be more at home in Con gress, although he had been received with great honors and cordiality at the Sultan's court, and that he would be able to serve his ci onrif.-T hi. O u r in Ih. atinnal I 1 j -v-.j.. ft..ft,v.u...i 4jc5i"i than at dinstantinople. 1 It is stated j ture that his successorwill be Charles E, Ar thur Gayarre, of Louisiana,1 ia gentleman widely known in the South and of high lit erary attainments, y ; . I Porter made u Colonel. Washington-, Jnly 6th. General Fitz John Pprter, late Colonel bf the Fif teenth Infantry,- was yesterday nominated by the President to be Colonel in the army . jjf the United I States. In making the aboVe nomiaatiun the President says: "In accordance With the provisions of ; an Act of Cenuress, approved July 1, 18S6", I nominate the person herein named for appointment in the army of the Ifnited States: 'Fitz John jPoi ter, late Colonel in" the' Fifteenth Infantry to rank as such from May 14 1801, that being the tirade or rank hel 1 by him at the time of his dismissal from the army. DREAMS. I medical Ixplanation of Their I Causes. . Wundt regards most dream representations;"' as really representations, since they -etmanate froni sensorial impressions, while?, though weak, 'continue during .sleep An inconvenient position duiing i le'ep causes the representation of painful work, perilous ascent of a mountain, etc. - . I A slight intercostal pain becomes the poiut of n ene.my'a dagger or the bite uf an en raged dog.1 Difficulty in respiration is fearful agony caused by nightmare, the nightmare seeming to be a weight rolled upon tbe chest, or a horrible monster w hich threatens to stifle the sleeper. An involuntary extension of the foot is a fall from the dizzy height of a tower. Flying ia sufgested by the rhythmic movemuta of respiration. Further "those subjective visual and auditory sensations .which ! are represented in a waking state asjt luminous chaos of an obscure visual field, by humming and roaring in the ears, and especially, subjective retinal sensations, have an essential role." according to Wundt. "There) are shown' to jis -innumerable birds, I butterflies, fish, multi-colored pear, flowers, etc. But if there be some cutaneous irritation, these j visions are usually changed Into, caterpillars tor beetles, crawling over the skin of the sleeper'. j The sleeper sometimes dreams of his appearing oh the street or in society only ,haif dre ssed; the innocent cause is found in some of the bedclothes having fallen off. .'.'".!,"' An inconvenient position of the sleeper, a slight hindrance to respiration or interference with the action of the heart may be the cause of dreams where one seeks an object without being able to find it or has forgotten something in starting on a jouuey. , The jmoyenients of rpiraions may object to the sleep er, as previously mentioned, Hying, but this night may be suggetive, and. instead of himself flying he sees an angel-descending from the heavens or I a luminous chaos where birds are swiftly moving. The representation of dreams having sensorial origin may have mingled with them those which arise solely from the reproduction of past memories. , Parents or friends Cut off yi the flower of. life ordinarily appear in dreams ! because of the profound impression- which their death or burial has made, "hence the general Spinion that the dead continue during the night their interco.urse wijth the living. i -. j . . . , . , H . . Economy Is 'Wealth. - John T. Lester says that; he bought his first hundred shares of Northwestern stock after sittipg in a game of whist at the Calumet with - Albert Keep, the President. The : stalte had been the drinks. The rubber, finally, ; was to decide who should pay for the pack, and it fell to millionaire Keep to settle with the steward for the cards. Lester says he sat long enough at the table to see President Keep steal his hand into the tail uojket of .his b ack broadcloth coat, bring out a piece ef newspaper, carefully wrap up the pack,, and return it to his pocket. Then ho hurried out, and on his waj i heme ordered 100 shares of North western bought for him. ;' "A man," Lester, in his own vernacu- ; Iar, explained, "who could show rsuch ! careful and minute economy in the management of his own personal affairs must be a h of a man for the president of a great railroad." j Lester has never lost faith in North-J western jince that game "of Cards. He has stuck to ft through thick and through thin. Millionaire Keep's" carriage, in which be rides down to 'business every morning, ought to be another recommendation for Northwestern. " It looks like the Deacon's I wonderful chaise. - 'It -looks more afitiquated still; as if, for instance, it had been used in ante-revolutionary days, an4 ad been "down through the Keep family from before Washington's time, j The horses are bays, fat, short-necked, modest sort of animals. They move along with their heads close down to their Work, just like their respective owner. ha harness doesn't sparkle, anywhere with silver or gold, it is a : solid sort of contrivance, however, tied here and there with a stoat piece of rope, and probably came fifty years-ago out of tbe stock kept in the general store in Wisconsin where 'Albert Keep aad P. i F. W. Peck made a million apiece. AN UNCANNY SCOT. He Steal Tools and Alle its to Escape When Arrested On Thursday last a number o tool I were stolen from the carpenter ahrfp of G, Beynton, on .Thirteenth street. Some them, were . told to Ham. Coleman, on Eighth street, and others to a carpenter I named Keese, on Broadway, by a young man - who said bis name i was Boynton, . and .that dome from - Scotland. he had. ' just As, Mr. Ketse is a Scotchman, he took Compassion on his young countryman and cVtfered j keep 01m untu ne coma oDiain employment. The young man represented tbat he brought the tools froni Scotland. Keese became suspicious i of his young, I Scot, however,- aDd hearing', that Mr, Boynton . had Jost some tools and that the polioe were looking for them, he gave information which led to the yonng laddie's arrest this - morning, ai the corner of Seventeenth street and Telegraph avenue. .Detective Holland made tbe ar-j . .- j v tx tv. , j war,Y fhe city prisoa..' At the corner the Captain's son, escorted the thief to- of Fifteenth street and San Pablo avenue, the prisoner I darted ahead as if to escape an approaching vehicle. The detective also dodged the vehicle and fol iowejd the prisoner to the sidswalk on a trot.l No sooner had the voudet Scotch man's feet struck the . Pavement than he started toward Fourteenth and . Broad way like a s Print i runner. -The portly Holland started in - ' pursuit but lost greund at every step. He" sbouted stop thief: but passers-by. With singular unanimity, refused to interfere with the procession. - At Fourteenth street and Broadway Holland wasi getting pumped Z "1 . 3 An -I, I - ... r or I GTO!nf lilt going nice a ghost, and with a reassuring word to the . puffing detective, mounted the .escaped prisoner's back in gallant style befoie he had reached the middle of; the bloclji on Broadway. Holland was on hand before the thief had time to shake the iyoungster off, and the quarry was safely inarched-to prison. He gave the naiae of George How ard land his aire as 22 years He ,j8ays he has only be3n in this country three weeks, and denies all knowledge of the theft of the tools. On his person was found a book containing the names of about 1. 000 Scotchmen, cards c f many San Francisco saloons kept by his coun flymen, and credentials from officer of the St. " Andrew's! Society. 4He speaks with a : very pronounced bcotcn accent, and is believed" by me omcers , to De a i sharp operator whose ordinary tactics are similar to those ery wneu pincnea tor money. Ihe prisoner also had in his pockets a banch ef very suspicious lookinsr keys, as if iburul&rv was not altogether out of his line. PERSONAL MENTION. - ' v. ' Mr. and Mrs. Dow have returned from the country. -Thos. Mattiscn. of this citv. ia visit ing in Kan Jose. ! Henry Vrooman.left this after noon for Highland Springs. , A;C. Dietz. wife and daughter, went to Ventura last week. , r i i . . . ft to rieaiusDurg yesterday. Dr. John M. Dunn ai and brother have returned from Monterey. ; Miss E.L. Seaman, of this citv.is visit ing Mrs. It. L. Patton at Gait. Edwin L; Bullis, wife arid child, of New York city, are yisitins' in this city. Mr. and Mm. Fianlr fllnn-n an.. Tir Glenn returned to-day from Lake Tahoe. -Theodore Dudley Spear has been bd- pointed Deputy Coroner by Coroner Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Giles H. Gray, of Oak land,, leave this morning for a three weeks' visit to JUake Tahoe. . . Rev. O. C. Wheeler. D. D." Grand VVorthy Chief, Templar ef California, is visiting in an Diego. M. Marcuse and bride returned yes terday from their wedding tour, andare at home at the Galindo. L. F. Boardman has been aoDoiated a Deputy County Clerk and Au lit r- bv Charles T. Boardman. W. J. Gnrrett, George Van Hattien and Charles Hainan, of this citv. were in ..Sacramento yesterday. Wells Drury has leased the Carson Index, and will take charc-e of that naner on the first of next month. L. ,E. Cbartrand has returned from Saratoga43pring, in Lake county, but will go back there on Saturday. . Mrs. J. W. White and two daughters. and Mmses Gertrude and Edith Hart, of this city, are at Etna Springs. James L. Gerrisle. of this citv. went to Sacramento on Saturday last, with his motner, whose health pas improved. Mrs. W. T. Gibbs. Sr.. and Mrs. W- T. Gibbs.' Jr., of Oakland are viritinir Sao. ram en to, tbe guests of Mrs. T. C. Brome. Keith Wakeman. Mrs. S. VV. Mc- Phersori and Wallace MePherson, of this city, are at the Wilkins House, Santa Cruz, i; - ' - . On last Saturday Prof. Daily saved two persons from drowning at Santa Cruz: Iu all Daily has thirl y-f mr lives to his credit. - ' .. , - Dr. E. J.iOverend, a former Vallejo-ite, but lately of Wheatland, intends com ing to Oakland soon to practice his prO- tesfion. jy. C. Brown and .daughter Ella left this morning.; for a .week s vacation at Summer Home Farm, in the .Santa Cruz mountains. H: L. Adams and wife, Mrs, A. D. Wbitlock and Mrs. II. H. Watkins, who sjjent tbe Fourth of July at .Monterey and Pacinc jrrovei nave returned. Colonel Henry Logan and) wife, who have been viBiting friends in Oakland for tne past month, will leave forSanta .Bar bara on the Eureka on Friday morninr . Dr. j Robert T. Btyattere, of East Oakland, who recently Returned from Philadelphia,! where be graduated from the Jefferson Medical College, ha-i estibliebed an otace in Calistoga and bas there permanently located for the practice rf bis profession! I J..' Url..i j OAKLAND BREVITIES. There wei e no proceedings in the Supe--rior Court to-day. ' Georgi? Williams, the young mulatto accused ef battery upon the woman Km ma Hanson, alias Anderson, was found not guilty in the Police. Court th s morning and discharged from custody. ! rell7rom a Train. . As the Narrow-gauge traia'rouuded the curve at Encinal nl Central avenues, Alameda, on Monday, Henry Schaker, who was on the platform, lost his hat, and" in his efforts to recover it, be was thrown from the train. He was taken to the Receiving Hospital, witere it waa found that be had sustained severe bruims and injuries on his left thigh. - This morning he commenced ' t vomit "blood, and it is feared 'that some -internal injuries have been received He is about 34 years of age and resides in San Francisco, on Bran-nan'atreet, between Fifth and Sixth. . ; Horse Thieves. - Sheriff Cunningham, of San Joaquin county, arrested four mea in Stick ton on Sunday with a band of 19 horses, two of which are supposed to- have been stolen front Farmer Bello, of San Pablo, and one of his neighbors. It is possible that the whole band rs made up of stolen horses. Sheriff Hale traced the horses through Oakland to San Francisc , where they were shipped by boat to Stockton. He notified Sheriff Cunningham and hence the arrest, i . ' Mbrary Trustees. Last night was tbe regular rneetiDg night of the Board of Free Library Trustees', but as Trustees Graham and Melvin were the only ones to put in. an appearance, the meeting was postponed until next Tuesday evening. , 1 . . .Two Years Old. Lyon Rflief Corps, No. 6, will give an entertainment at Cavalry Hal), to celebrate its second anniversary, next Friday evening. Lyon Poet, Imo. 8, G. A. li., will join in the -entertainment. A pleasant evening is assured. Unanimous on One Point. Where did you go on the Fifth T is the question asked by the man you meet on tbe street, and the answer is various. Some went to the springs, others to the mountains and redwoods, and others again to Santa Cruz or Monterey, but, wherever they went all are unanimous on one point. They all bad their baggage moved - by tbe Oakland Transfer Company, whose office ia on Broadway, between Ninth and Tenth streets. ; . . I Ladies III . . For cheap and stylish Millinery go to Cunninerham'a store, 963 Washington street, near Tenth. ; WANTED A SITUATION. --I. . hOTtrnor Ktonrman meetlnir AVlth a l low-Classmate at West Point. 3ay or two since a trentleman of goocTaddregg called,1 at Governor Stdne- irnan's olEit the Capitol, and, walking up toward: him, said, in a' decidedly business way, "I want a situation," The Governor waseomewhat Don-plussed at so abrupt andunmiarakable an application for appointment to some soft place of tTolitical favor, and afr-r hesitating an instant replied: what place do you want?" j The caller, with increased attention to lusiness, replied: "want a situation, wrrv iThe Governorfollowed with two I or hroe parrying remarks, such as an Ex cutive can so skillfully do After n..fi.. jng in turning away oflice-seekeri by the hundred,; and makiD them. all feel that tnev nave their Dockets full of nrri., pecis, j.Dni wmcn always tail to mate rianze. lo each- of these the pre sen would-be office-holder responded with i tram q, situation; rinallyi tbe Governor's equilibrium gotout oi binge, and, -suddenly lettm i . . , . . . down twdi or three of the top bars k ornciai dignity, be started to hre the m cruuer.ouc, wiin empnatic worn a ot ro fusal, saying: "I haven't t:OT any wnr- ATION FOR YOCl . ' Uithout waiting for words which were evidently to succeed these, the stranger quickly put out his hand for recognition, and. with a beartv lauch. said, "How are you, eld lov?" 1 j.ne tTovernor Hushed with embarrass ment for a moment, but after exchange oi a lew words, recognized and heartily greeted General DeLancey Floyd Jones, fellow classmate at West Point: when they were in their teens. and subse quently officers in the same regiment in the regular army prior to the war of the rebellion, They had not met for a loug ume, ana during mar. period advancing years had brought silvered hair and other changes, which covered the lines of former familiar faces. -: -j When in Topeka, Kansas, List winterj Hon. Arthur Edgington, Kansas a"cnt of the Brad.street . Commercial Agency, con trak-ted cold and rheumatism, aud hw shoulder seemed as if screwed in a vic'j He rubbed it with ST. JACOBS OIL twice, aid in two days forgot he ever had rheumatism. lit Holiday Attire. Eyerybody wants cheap boots aud shoes and clothing,' if the quality U good, and that is exactly what is goffered by Jonas Brothers, the enterprising merchants who keep the Mechanics' Store, on the west side of Broadway, just below Seventh street. To give 'an idea cf the sweeping reductions offered ijy this 6rm in their clothing department the following price are quoted from their current price list; $5 boys' fine school ' suit reduced to 3. ?8 fine cheviot youths' suit reduced to j'S. 1 dozen percal scarfs for 20 cents. $18 corkscrew and 'cassimere suits reduced to $13. Canvas hats in all shapes and colors reduced to 25 cents. In the boot and shoe department the reductions are equally sweeping, as may- be judged from the following prices selected from their list: $4 ladies' French kid button ,shoes at ?2 50. S3 f0 ladies' cur. kid button shoes at $1 75. $1 25 children's pebble button shoes at 75 cts. St 25 ladies' serg. Congress kid at 85 cents. $1 children's button, spring heel, at 50 cents. Infants' button slices, in all colors, 25 cents. As this slaughtering sale only lasts for a short time buyers should seize the opportunity to rig themselves out in holiday attire. To cive anideof the enterprise f thjs firm it majr be mentiened tbat for a few days prior to the Fourth the patrons of the stoe were presented with fireworks for the celebration of the National holiday. ..atest Arrivals at ci i roy Hot Spring's. Henry P. Bowie, Mrs. Bowie, 'H. Howard, San Mateo; Sd, Marx, M. Schweitzer, AI 'Frank. M Harritrue. F. Pertoreou-V D. R. Jones, Isaaq Sachs, John Luney, A. Versano, Mrs, (Vemano, chi d and servant, Geo.Moreau and wife, J. Urcsawait, Thos; K. Philips. Ha GeOrceK. F. Itidor.-.T TV Thnrm... l,r! Thlirman and child, S. F.: Ceo. 51. Smidt. R. Murphy, Oakland: John I'aine and family, A. W. Furlong, S. Sheldon, J. ritzgerald, I.e.) Dowdy, S. Ash worth, H. R. Cbeslin, W. F. Ryan, Mrs.' J. l.yjm, Mijis C. Lizzie, Gilroy; E. V. Fitzputiick, Mri-i. Fitzpa'trfck, llewood City; John Saikger, San Jose; P. Baarett, Pollasson Ranch. . S3U.OO Ilebroom Suits, Consisting of. bedstead, bureau, washstand, 1 able, 2 chairs and 1 rocker; all "new; we have thirty-five todisnose of in 20 days. Come and see us, 408 Eleventh street. 11. SCHELLHAAS. Greenhood & Moran sell boys shirts, reduced to 40 cents, corner Kleyenth .and Broadway,- - Vacation JN'olice. . Dr. T. V. Hall, dentist; leaves Monday foif a three or four weeki' vacation in the Hessian Iliver district. TiurinK his absence biif office, fifir. 12th and Iiriadway, will be Cli 'SOU. . ! : Furniture Auction Store, Eleventh street, cor. Franklin, Nisw and second-hand -carpets. Ca'l be fore buying elsewhere. H. ftSCHELLHAAS. Proprietor . Pkick reduced Genuine - Wellington coal for sale by all dealers. $20,000 Worth o household goods less than auction prices. We discount all dealers in our line; special bargains now on sale, at H. SCHELLHAAS'. Excursions fCast Leave every Saturday, vial Burlineton' and llijo Grande route. Buy your tickets at a regular ticket office. 050 Broadway. I ' -. . Geo B. Seaman. Pass. Atf, MINING STOCK REPORT Sax Francisco, July' 7, 1886.al The foIlowiiiK ale were mada at the Hitn Fran-" cisoo .Stjck aud KxchaiiKu Board. -,'. ' MDRM.VO SALES Kf.CI LAR HjKSSION. Alpha .'Jxfal (pi 120 Bib... r.l 20 1 3;4 Hxlie....' ...1 4 950 Hale & N.-.2 60f2 55 2c Mexican. HOc 100 tcciiluntal . .1 (HI 300 Oiiljir-. ...... . Wa 9Sc 50 Overmau; .3Tc 500 Putoiii rfxr P.20 H Nev .....75r3 V I'nioii fX 250 Y Jaiket.. 1 75 300 Kulwer 7CKa75c- 100 Caleilonia .. '.orc 10(1 t'halleijitc. : . 4k- J35IJ Chollar 1 Iii 2nuo:a-v..;....;. 4.0 5(J (! Point..;. I 10 3uoi Gold at;..; l 30 YESTERDAY AI'TKRNOON HA I. EH ItEi;l;KAR SESSION 4m Altiha 95c'l (10 400 Alta. .. .50a.T5c 4l AndeH 40c 1001 Benton '. 05c 190-U Piint...l 2Wttl 25 100 1 Crocker 60c 100 Kxche.i'r......'.t.30c 60 (i k ! 1 4"al 50 ;2(i IUN ....2 '.Mn-2 95 350 Holmes... 3 95&4 00 600 Mexican ..60c 60 (Mono !i..2 00 150 Occidental.... ..1 00 1050 0ihir 95ca X 350 Overman 3.ry.'!4c 31 IO Ieeflej tjllc 485 rotoxi 4x- Ht Kaae 3 SOM-3 65 10t Hcorjiion .... ,05c 310 H N-vada ....85rti0c 100 H Hill 15c V) KilverK .7 50 2450 Union.. t. . .6oc 250 I'tali 1 00 400 Y Jacket..! UTxal MO 0OE iISaTajo I . . .65c LATEST SHIPPING NEWS. - Arrived. Wednesday, July 7. - - Htmr Geo W Elder. Ackley. K2 hottn from Han Diego; pass and in duo to Uood&U, Perkins Co. 'Sailed. WuiMissDAii July 7. Htmr Orizaba. IncallH. Had DiecO. Httur City of Choiter. Wallace. Eureka. 8chr Grtcie B Kicbardxon. tiaodlwrc Btewart's.Q Hchr Orioo, Chrwrenson, Koyo Kiver.- 8cbr Jrihn Frederick, Meek, Bodeira. DEEDS AfiD MORTGAGES. U i Specially ReporteiF, up to A'm .Hack Day. for 1 . T' " t . .. DEEDS. Wednesday, July 7. J L Cooke to Mn Lafayette Brooks 50x100, be i weuin awiDiio.iuj ew irom cast hii-teeuth street, Oakland t M M Ayalaand wife to J Baul-;Lot 14. block A, V Peralta naerration tract. Oakland Tp. ABsiRiiee W A Vray et tl to Ernst Lamp-Lola 38 to 42. Bray tract. Brooklyn Tp. . . . . Haiue to Wm Klumpp LoU 13 aud 14. (Bray tract, Brooklyn Towtuhip,. E Sloan to Mrs J W Green bank Lot P and E ,5 290 2b:o 1210 1325 17C0 . 410 1200 470 1000 1 foot lot G. block 7K, B street iuMiTinion TI' - . . - ... ft I. . I .... .1 - Estate T B Hmpnoii. by executrix, to J P Mo Oabe Lot 31, Tuttle Homeatead tract; Oak Asslirnees W A Bray et al to Mrs T D Poole Lot 46, Bray tract. Brook lyn Township, , Same to John Toblex Lo a 49, 0, 61, Bray tract, Brooklyn Township , w Same to Daniel Bruton Lot 21, Bray tract, Brooklyn Township Mary A Gunn ta D H MaUhiwn N Twenty-second, 2434 W from Wet. W 324, N 43.2. E 3 11. N 56.10, E 28.7. 8 100, Oakland W J Kelly et al to Kate Oonnell Lot 1. block O, Pioneer Homestead, Akuueda Gift .... Eliza 8 McOlure to 8 M Babbitt LoU 78 and 81, ftAcadamy Homestead, Oakland 1600 MOB1GAGEU. . ." I Wedsesdat, July 7. F W Meyer to Helen Meyer Undlridnd 1 Interest in 4 tracts In Washing-ton Township. $ 4000 rracki Ba. fmitn tX I'Dot HmltB 6OH0O. IV Tenth, 150 W from Broadway, Oakland...... John To blur to Fraacea L Bray Ai In deed. . Tho 0 Poole aad wife to Same Ai ia deed. Daniel Bruton to Same A la deed. ......... D H Matthieeen to Home Security Building and Loan Association 321x100. K Twenty-second, 3434 W from Wast, Oakland.'. . W H Price and wife to Union Barings Bank B Lot 7, block r, Peralta Height! Oakland. 4500 3O0 307 352 1000 1000 Aurtknn nle of Klcirant I i a n , I'ajrlor, Chamber and fll n 1 n . Rojom Furniture, - Carpet. Thun,- iy, ftt 11 o'clock, on the premises, 1524 Ei ,-hth street, corner of Henry, we will IT the fine rewwood ca(. spuare I lauo, elegant walnut frame: croiit) parlor Jiit; fine walnut frame YA ry mi it in moh.-i r pi iisn; one elegant gent s : " -t rooker i' mobuir .plush: Tennes.ei i top tab! : elegant mahogany library t 'astern cherry aocet;irv lx.k elegant polO Cofl nices ar.l- laco curtains; painti: and enc hpr siiit.-chambei woolen pilliiws; vings; three hna LitHtlako cha-... in walnut and asji; two c-t: s6its; ppririg and hair inat f ra Iankets, comforts, srireads : Irardrobcs; Hoey bed lonnee; ti orated b et sets; elegant walnnt sideNian:; pillar ext cnsion table and dirung chair-: crockery gbvss, and plated ware; P.riis h U and ingr in ciiriH-ts throuthout thebou-x. 1 ernis c ihh. House ti rent. , YON & KINSEY, . Auctionet-rs. The San bramlro Convent. Studiei will be resumed In St. Mary's Convent San Leandro, on Tuesday. Jn!v Cth. A flew select boarders can be accom- mod a ted , New To-day. CR AT EFy L COMFORTING. EPPS'S COG -. 1 Lbreakfast. ily a tha-oiiftrh ftnn.Hc. nr fti. ..ft..Mi i. which aoTerh the onemtiitn. rf ftlfr..af ...a n... ion, aod lijla cwefiil arphoation ot tho line rrop-extiea of re jwlwteJ '..coa, Mr. Kpiw hwipmvi.ti.l our break Mt tatilea with a delicately flTorei h..r-eraRe which pay save im many btnvy cloou.m' I !., it il l.y tlie JkiiiicimMft line of nich ar-.loleof rifct that aoonfitltutl.ikft may be rrt .tally built tipuii!afr.., lr etjonah t no'xt everv tnltw is, .:!... : ... ilrel of mUle mlali. ftftft licftAflmY Brim) ,i ready to attack wliererer there la a w.Hk .,u. -' my escape iany a fatal hat by kneping mn. well fortitifxu with rmre lilnml m,l . ,....,,, ... . ldlied frame t ?ivl1 Serwice (iniette." Made niiurfy with biiiliDg water or milk. Snldr y hulr-poiinil trh by Grocers aud lal elinl tin,. JAMES EEPS & Co.Homceopathio Chen:: "i "I" " London, Ene-land. San Franritro Deiwit: ITARRIsiv wi,i i'v ... SHKRWOOtt. Opportunities may not be found agai In furtherjnee of my idans for deveKy- inent of in r Twenty-third Atonue Trop-erty; in a lditlon to the houses bpic,j erected,, I o lerto advance a limited number of imrchaserii capital necessary to secure a desirable a5 Dr C.-rooin cottage home, with larfje lot, ii ion a plan for reimbnrf n unusually: advantageous and ml'.' ' i reach of all." ; For partujarii inquire of EC. SESQIOriG. MOO Uroadway, Oakland. are SUITS, OVERCOATS and PAI1TS From the-IieadiDir Merchant Tailors, at the', follow. i . uik price: T$60 Merchant Tailor Suits, $23 CO $50 Merchant Tailor Shits, $22 LO $40 Merchant Tailor Suits, $18 CO $50 MerCh. Tailor Overcoat, $22 50 $40 Merch. Tailor Overcoat, $18 CO $30 Merch. Tailor Overcoat, $12 53 $22 Merch. Tailor Overcoat, $10 CO $12 Merchant Tailor Pants, $ 5 CO $10 Merchant Tailor Pants, $ 4 CO $ 8 Merchant Tailor Fants, $ 3 50 .....AT. lisfii (liilliiiiir Parlors, A NCRTHWE8T COUXEB 1 I Postand Dui)ont Streets - -f-'i- x Li-' - 1 . - ; . t-W Open very erculnsr until ft. Saturday unt il 11 It Stands at the Head ! rS - 'PK-' Fit - 0 8b X 8eetht( 'lIErH'" before buying a Miring , inachiuej . Ofllce -1107 Jlroadway, : OallanJ, - Bitwe'n Twlfth and Thlrtentb HU. -I ' .'...IN.... " ft Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, i IIOOl AMI hllOKH. ' ' 7 ."-. 8 Itutlmi IftCiiirtla l.adleaSilliL (loveti. rrtliicrd lo2!c, il 5 ro liel luill,rcd. to 75c m:r 5( lru llle 4lulll,rd.l 75 S.jc. Ditnilleuvji Huih ToitcIi, rrdurrd lo 18U-. 5Uc l.udi Velvet Sulrlicle, re- durrd to l.yc. v Mil X5 I .adlraf Siitclielft, red. 50c. 35c. Iftadie Kill I tin lulled Hal. brixKBii Hose, rrdiiced I I2jc, :i.,c. All ol Home Spun Hose. reduced to tOc. 5 Wl 75 Sntln Itliadame, red. 1. ill .,OI,adlt' IrriKli Kid lint ton Shoe, reducril to 2 ISO. SS 5Cl IftadleM l'ebble .oat Ilut- ton Shnm, rrdurrd lo tl 25. S, HJ( nia) I'rbblil i;onl Itut-toss Slioew, reduces! to (I 1.5.. tit Jeiii' ft.(tlf, Ilulloii and Walker Sewed Slioii, red. t 25. ' :j .pit'i lain, Top Oaltera. reduced to Wl 75. LiPPMArjrj'G 003 a ill 005 HHOADWAY, . 'fmu dixirsabore Eighth Btreet. TAPE WORn Expelled In two bon rs without fa'tliix. sickness or incurrniebce. Jf th&:niotistr4H not it-moved with heaftl complete, no charge. Our sweet w t m tablets' for coiuiuuU or pin worms cauuot le excelled. I 1'ltOI. 'J'. Cm IUU K, 1555 Krt-nth St., Center st. station, Oakland. MIlLINlfRY Of jEyery Description.: 11G1 B R O A D W A Y. M.rj v aoipsono3 put idajcjjr l()CCill . '.-ft..' " i T W'.V'-yrV iMLss F. M. IieeiK? Co. SOW OFFER THEIR SPRIKg IMPORTATION I OK T0E....S Very Latest fclties L tIN.sle t ! . ' 1 - - ..i . - E w . ( - :i - . : , . ' ' . : i - --

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