The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1954 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1954
Page 9
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j.fct ,4*r»~ -*- ^^^•IM^ X^'w. %ara?>%» ns^^TST *,!>* ,*> j/V '/M /*. W&dSlWv- -'Ml 7W]nw^fw^ v < T r\^Sn. l jK!Ol^i l .&tMTL&\k^^Aaef;<! Betty Muller Bride At Whiitemore, August 21 Today a new world opened for 6ur ; littlest i on&, Jeariie. "She packed up her package of fat- sized crayons, folded up her resting rug and tied, all by herself, her newly-acquired saddle shoes in,neat white bows and was off to kindergarten. She "".has been eagerly looking fotwafd to this day for fully three years and in spite of her gloomy predictions that she'd never get old enough* the hour finally arrived. • There are a handful of events in every child's life that stand out importantly in his mother's Book of memories, beginning with the time you hold the newborn bundle in your arms and climaxed with the wedding vowt that mean he's establishing a home entirely apWt 'from you. The first day of school is one oi •these highlights. .. . When your little one enters school you shift some of the responsibility for his 1 care and up- aringing to new shoulders. There is-still a long road of parental influence ahead, but when: the school bell rings Mamma and Daddy and home are no .longer the sun around which the child s entire World revolves. Now he si- got "teacher" and the "kids' in my class" to quote, imitate'and ad j mire. ' ' 4 '.••*.* « When our older iwo became ol school age I didn't moan much about "losing: my baby" for the pathos of both events was not a little mixed' With relieL By the time they went off to kindergarten they needed and were ready foi^ the new experiences that going to school brings 1 . And to .be perfectly frank, the .hours of extra .time gained by each/ones .uueal nothing the ike Grace does. I have 16 pints of bread-and-butters and emu batch of Lime Pickles. You can iuy most thhngs commercially packed as good as 1 home-canned, jut not pickles, it seems to me. * • * * <So this .week*s recipe is for another old favorite. It's appeared hfire before but it's still good. \ Lime Pickles .,7 Ibs cucumbers . ' 2 cups lime 2 gal. water < 4V 2 Ibs. sugar (9 cups) 2 T celery seed 2 tsp. whole cloves 2 tsp. mixed pickling spices .2 quarts vinegar •3 tsp. salt . •2-tsp. green food coloring Slice the cucumbers in 'A inch slices. Dissolve the lime, which you can buy at the lumber yard in the water..-Pour over the cucumbers and let set for 24 hours Better do this in the basement because it's liable to be messy. Drain and rinse the lime water off the cucumbers. Cover again with cold water and let set for three hours. Drain and cover with the' syrup made from the spices, sugar, and virtegar, the spices tie* in n cloth bag, o course. Boil for 30 minutes. Seat n sterilized jars. „_.,,-. —GRACE 37 NevTVehicles Licensed Here A total of 37 new cars and trucks have been registered with County Treasurer Rosella Voigl during the past two weeks. New'owners are: • Olds—Algona Produce, Algona O. T. Dixon, Bancroft and L. E Chrysler—j'. G. Becker, 13an croft. Tuesday, September 7, 1954 Chevrolet—Arnold Brandt Ti- onka; Richard Chipmnn. B;mroft: Velma Conk, Burl; Uich- ird Diotl, Swcn City; Hrtfvor •"loin. Jr., Wesloy; Larry and Joan Granttgonett, .St. Benedict; ? W Goetsch, truck. Corwilh; Richard Johansen, Algona; Areno Johnson, Burt; Oaylord Johnson. Fenton: I. H. Jensen, pickup, Fenton; P. J. McGuire, i3urt; Rolnnd Newbrough, truck, Woslcy: Rfv. A. H. Post, Bancroft; 'Thompson Dist. Cp., truck Algona and Wesley Auto Co, pickup, Wesley. Dodge—Ervin Johnson, truck Lakotii, and Fred Miller. Fenton. Ford—M. J. Long, Burt; Donovan Const. Co., 2 pickups, Algona, Arlowe Erdaht, LMkotn; Clifford Lovstad. Burt: Lydia Lund, Lu- Vorne- D D. Nnumann, Elmore B«rt 'putetucV;. LuVcrne, and Nelson, A1 Sry-Bryce Clayton Al- B ona, nnd A. N. Thompson, Lone R °Buick-E. G. Haboger, West "'intornational-E. A. Lee, pickup, Lnnu Rock. S^SLS^T^^^SS^-^^ returning from their honeymoon H all-Strahorn Hardware in Algona^d ft bridSK»TiS attending Buena Vista coUege at Storm Lake.—(Photo by Glenn's Studio). . , Squirt !» made from pure fruit Ingredient. by an original, exclusive, formula - It's the one *oft drink that can toy and prove- NEVER AN AFTER-THIRST! >V«1«HT »>2. THE SQUIRT COMPANY DIX BOTTLING CO. Estherville, Iowa ijame fUll-SAVIR" GAS HEATERS, TRADE NOW! and we will • allow you.. . tor your o/d ; heater on this GREAT3-WA* COMBINATION! This offer applies lo any healer s.ell- g for over $79.95. i ' ^ O fiunerflame "Fuel-Saver" Heaters blrmonize with every decorating •cbeme. These fine gas heaters Sive^ou the safety of vented heat. f>LUS the benefit of super-circu. fation. Large open-top grille per- wiU a free-flow of guper-circulat- : {og warm aw. HONEYWELL 'WODUSNAT CompUtely «gf» and dutomotlc •' Mating comfort th« your around. Main. < talru even temper, f OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Urgir Op«n OrllU *** "Modu.nqp" «md "Molllat" Control! ' V Now "Fan-FlaAit" Burnt* Guam anlted let Tin Ytart V New Improved OOMbt* "fust- s Sov»r" V 100% Sat»ly Pilot V Approved by Amtrleon Oo» Anoclollon Uboratorl*! N $34— Super/era FORCED AIR HEAT Save from 18 to 25% on ««•). Worl<Ti mo»t ver> lalil* clrco|alor. Cool cpmfort d«. Ing warm w«olh«ri OUR uwAWAy PUN. WY n RMSI Hall-Strahorn Hwdre. Stpre on Nortfe pi4e ol going to school was not to be sneezed at. But this week's new- scholar is the last of the brood and -while she's just as ready for kindergarten and twice,as eager as the- other two, it gfves me • a little twinge to think that for the first time in nearly eleven years we don't have a single preschooler in the house! How did those busy, hectic, wonderful years fly by so fast? * * , * With three school children -in the family, Daddy and I are taking an accelerated interest in local school affairs. Unless some little person we love is involved, it's quite natural' to pay little attention to the educational system until it starts .hurting our pocketbooks in increased taxes. I do not.know just exactly what parents can do about improving school conditions for our children but certainly interest in the plact where they spend so many ol their waking hours is a good start. And interest in schools i ust as vital a part of homemak- ng as cooking, cleaning anu washing windows. .*, * * We have good schools in Al&on a—some of the best anywhere but the baby boom of the past ten years or so has the buildings crowded to overflowing and I'm concerned about it. Yesterday I visited the Bryant building where all three of ours attend and the trip left me feeling that the physical set-up leaves quite a bit to be .desired. Perhaps if all three youngsters had been assigned to the more ' adequate portions of the building, you Wouldn't hear much from me. The girls have nice rooms and good teachers- Mary Ann is in Zelba Maxwells third grade and Jean iri Ruth McVay's kindergarten. Bill's set-up isn't so goocl. », * « Bill is in sixth grade. He has lots of the things essential to i good education. He has a good well-trained teauher, a fine plact. for musical instruction if h should elect to play in the band a wonderful dining room to ea hot lunch, if he takes it, with th food cooked in a kitchen ,that i "out of this world." He has th latest textbooks, rented to us a a nominal cost and a wonder!u gymnasium in which to take h exercise if I am right in my assumption that Lucia Wallaces gym is for grade-schoolers. In short, everything excepting a decent classroom. * * » His room is a section of the old Bryant auditorium where we used to have the Cub Scout meet- ngs. There's a partition about ix feet high separating the •room" from the hallway. , The view of the hall and the other classrooms is excellent. To enter, you must go up four steps, cross ;he old stage and then down foui steps into the room. The old stage. couldn't be removed because i is solidly based on concrete* There are four sixth grades a Bryant and although I violated the principals of getting the fact before popping off which a read newspaper woman would surel have, I have heard that the othe three rooms aren't much bettei » * » As f *f as we've baen qoncerne< at our house, the Lucia Wallac school is the Utopia building fo all grade-schoolers. But even a this brand new school things are becoming crowded. Its only hearsay evidence again, but the grapevine hf.s it that while most classrooms are big and beautiful with lots of unused space, there are some new ones made out ol cloakrooms and sueh m which there is Rot eve» room for a reading table a«4 bookshelves. It takes money—huge goBs of t—lo build school buildings and t takes the wisdom of, Solomon to see that every penny of that money is wisely spent. Taxpayers are not reluctant to yell when nurt and any person ^yho serves on the schoolboard, while he does so entirely for free, is open to criticism at-every turn. I don L pretend to knoto the answers to any of the local problems whether it be in reducing frills, enlarging the number of pupils per room, or in burning down Bryant and starting all new, but I am sure of one thing. Any interest we as parents take in our children s school can't help but be all to the good for the rearing of our youngsters is probably the most important job we'll ever be called upon to do. Between taking up and letting clown hams on school clothes and fretting over crowded conditions I've been trying to catch up on my'canning. I'll never make m, sual number of jars .this year r I had a late start and ou d familiar staple, the tomato ust doesn't seem to be coming irough this year. I do have ne supply of pickles. Sever uarts of dills and they'd Bette je good for I've talked at leas our gals into making them just S. BQHANNON Those wonderful, unpredictable children who crowd the country roads and city streets traveling to and from school won't be reading this. It's up lo you, the drivers, to be considerate. It's up to you, the parents, to warn children to look boih ways at crossings, and lo walk on the left side of the road. Every precaution is worth the trouble. For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. WANT CHAMPION YIELDS? Plant ALL your acres to — CARLS CHAMPION HYBRIDS Driasi ui*<s iiiww4>*-i«—- -- • * .-.tit- CARLSONI Champion Hybrids for sure corn prof.Js. FOR SALE BY — PERRY LOWMAN, Algona, Iowa A. M. LEMKEE, Irvington, Iowa FLOYD GREGORY, Whittemore, Jowa ERWIN GREMMELS, Fenton, Iowa Has a watch with so t many features heen offered at such a low price. DIAMOND'S SURPLUS PROUD TO, ANNOUNCE THE NEW ULTRASONIC WRISTWATCH ... • The ihinesi 17-jewel, shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, incabloc watch on the market todayl MLD rSi^F. BAB ' $28.95 C COMPAmfANYwilERE - 3 TIMES THIS PRICE! Diamond's Surplus W. C. v/^i^s— ^X^J Time to Fertilize HAY GROUND (0-20-0 or 0-20-20) and KEXT YEAR'S CORN GROUND (0-20-20, 1010-10,10-20-20,82 % Nitrogen We Will Spread Your Fertilizer 50c per Acre FARMERS! Look Over This Recommendation FIRST YEflR CORN - 60 Ib. Nitrogen... 40 Ib. Phosphate . Applied to Your ^u SECOND YEAR CORN-Add 20 Ib. Actual Nitrogen To Above Cost and Recommendation At Additional $1.80 Per Acre. THIS RECOMMENDATION SHOULD COVER 80% OF THE FARMS »™»™» Using This Recommendation, You Should Recover, Conservatively, $3.75 for Every Invested in Fertilizer. S€€ US TODAY FOR EARLY APPLICATION The 0-20-20 should be applied now and plowed undsr, the nitrogen applied later in Ihc Fall. Your Compiele Fertilizer Headquarters in Kossulh County,.. Algona Flour 6* Feed Company Phtne 257 - Algona 1 ,. •«FARM LOANS FEDERAL LAND Are Still First Choice With Farm Owners And Buyers f^ I V 1«X *•*»•'.• »» -«-*• , J..-J i., ,,„,, ,.o,. u ;vo from vour lnm y " ur - ^' c r g 2Jr I A T ( o N S Eugene H. HutcliiiiB 110 South Dodge Street, Algona, Iowa

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