The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1954 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1954
Page 16
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8*-A!0ono (la.) Upper Das Moines Tuesday, August 31, 1954 Tidbits From Evelyn Life is lull of supHses, and Mrs Howard Beardsley had ,a very pleasant one recently. Her son and daughter-in-law Mr and Mrs Walter Beardsley and family bf Midland, Texas, came home for a vacation and wanted to spend some time at the Okobbjis. Naturally, they wanted a complete family circle with Grandma Florence and Grandpa Howard .with them. Charlene, the granddaughter, had brought no jeans with her but had a good supply of shorts and dress up garments. Down the beach was a family with children the age of Charlene and one little girl offered a pair of jeans. Mrs Beardsley asked the name of the family and found that Grandma was also with that group. The surname struck n familiar 'chord and Mrs Beardsley asked "What is grandma's first name?" "Lomina", answered the child. Thrilled at the name which brought back memories, Mrs Beardsley accompanied the Child to the cottage and there met Mrs Bacon of Estherville, whom she had not seen since the 4 year of their graduation from high school at Vinton in 1909. • » • I believe I am psydhid; 1 'call ed Mrs Rose Anderson for ftews the other day. She said, "I was about to take the receive?-(down and call a woman, ; but : 'Wrien 1 got to tha phone I couldh't^eriiern- SEPTEMBER S P E CIA L PERFECT BAKING IVERY TIME! v • • .• Convenient rack saves oven space, makes for safer, easier handling • Extra-long spikes conduit heat evenly ... no more half-bahfed centers • Sturdy, nickel plated Ed and Pat Cgllen OWN HARDWARE fl/cnt/i,. &MT^ofSto^e. , ^ ber her name to save my souf.1 She lives in your neighborhood.'! "Emma Dehnert?" 1 asked he 1 ! 1 ; "Yes, that's it! Thanks so much>" (No charge for this service). : * .. •- '* ;.•,-.* . . >'': Names are funny things. F6t instance—Mrs H. C. ScheU. Would not you pronounce, It "Shoe?" »1 would, but you'd be 100% wrong. It's "Shy". She recently visited friends here and had been on an Alaskan trip. She is an expert in glassware. I wish she'd see my rose and snow '-plate. It is very pretty and I wonder what it's value is. • , ; * « . ;«• Mrs Imelda Engssser and son Dan recently returned from West Bend, Wis. where they visited ne'r brother and sister-in-law Mr and Mrs William Dpoley. Apparently they had a wonderful time. She said the house was in a messtas houses get even though unoccupied for a few days. I closed our conversation by saying "Well, go get the house straightened." She replied, "I'll have to get the pep first." And Dan had seen so much that when she said something to him about the fair, he said "What fair?" Oh awful blow —KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR o. course. » « * Orchids to Elizabeth Post and her assistant Hazel Lusby for a job beautifully done at the Kossuth county fair. They were in charge of textiles and when Herman Hauberg complimented them on the arrangements of articles on display, you .know it was GOOD. I * * • Speaking of the county fair, when my paper boy, Dieter Gruner collected Saturday morning, I asked him v;hat he thought of our big county fair. He replied, ,','It was all right, but it wasn't' so' big." ' He was not casting any reflections on it, merelj commenting. I asked "Where v^-you-seen a bigger one."-"In Germany" he answered. I ex- plajned. that Iowa Was divided into 99 :cduhties, each with a county seat, and" that some counties had larger towns. I said I thought if he could see the state fair at Des Moines he would find Germany would be hard pressed to equal it. He said, "I'm going there." I think he will be amazed at the size of that fair. * '* * Mrs Cleve Barton attended school at Quinby several years ago and one of the instructors o'r perhaps he was the superintendent was Morton Mitchell, now of St.-Louis, Mo. She had not seen him in all these years till he called on her the other morning. It is always so pleasant meeting friends of long ago. * * * A woman I knew'many years ago sent a centennia) copy of the Kewanee, 111., paper and with it a letter to a third person asked about several friends and asked, "Is Evelyn Cady still living?' 1 My answer is "Yes—after a fashion." And when she gets intd her Kossuth centennia). paper which she admitted she hadn't had time to read yet, I think my "by-lines" will assure her that I am still Here. She was Celia Dailey^, sister of Tom and Leo and married a Mr Schlindwem. She is now a widow. * * * And since we are on the subject of the centennial celebration, SCHOOL OPENING SPECIAL! ewriler «Vi" x 11" - First Grade Quality ONE REAM (500 Sheets) ONLY UPPER DES MOINES Publishing Co. OFFICE SUPPLY DEPT. PHONE 1100 ALGONA here Is a touching and bit of information. Mrs Anna McQualdi who Was a patient \ at St. Ann hospital at the time, had ft pioneer's badge* pinned to her sheet, bless her heart. Sh&.Has been blind, for some time and on too, of that has been far, ffem will. She is enough bdtte'l? flow however to be. at the Roberts Nursing home. - v • ... « * » / . I envy Mr and Mrs frank Sift- ling who are Honolulu, Hawaii bound. They left Saturday via car for Los Angeles and will fly from there to Hawaii to visit their daughter Joyce, Mrs Elaine'Nel- son. Elaine is in service arid stif- tibned near Guam. I asked Frank if he'd like to bring back a grass skirt for me. He assure.d me it would be a pleasure, and though I doubt very much that. I will get the skirt, I will hastenio assure you 11- ihadv no intention 1 of wearing it. I'll leave that to the younger generatipn. . _.. , . Nancy Bertie of Mason City, niece of Betty Barty Berrie was here not long ago and was taken to see Dick Post's parakeets. The child has suffered & severe attack bf polio and Will Be Unable to get around for sometime. Dick gave he* a parakeet, clipped it's wings for her so it can't get too far away, and she will have much enjoyment from the pet. Where MAS the summer gone? Only day before yesterday we were waiting' anxiously for robins, and here we are at almost school time. I think I am im« pressed a 'little more this year by schools' opening • for Dorothy Hagg, daughter of my very gopd friends Velma and Ed, is getting ready to enter Cedar Falls where she will take the kindergarten course. It was so short'& time ago she was juSt a .little girl c6m- ing here With heii mother: f,d coffees at the McDougallsVwho .lived in our apartment. '. ," / •> ..< ." Oftosen News Sunday afternoon visitors at the Herman Kramer home i were Mr and Mrs Art Tabor and Mary of West Bend. Tuesday' Mrs Kramer visited her father, 0. C. Tabor, at the Sisson Rest Home and with her mother at the Tabor home in Humboldt. Mr and Mrs Roy Kinseth and son Terry of Fort Dodge were Friday evening visitors at the Oliver Kinseth home. Mr and Mrs James Barber, and family of West Bend were Thursday evening visitors at the Oliver Kinseth home. Dennis Ray Barber stayed until Saturday evening. Wednesday evening .supper guests at the Fred Kampen home were Yvonne Leist and Virginia Hoster of Lemont, Illinois, Jimmy Mclntosh of Bennett and Mrs Anne Leist; Yvonne Leist and Virginia ' Hoster of Lemont, 111., returned home Saturday after visiting a week at the -home of Mrs Leist. Mr and Mrs Alf Lee and family of Britt were Sunday dinner guests at the John Vinaas home. In the afternoon they called at the Eugene Hofius home. Mrs Alma Knutspn of Randall spent a week visiting her sister Mrs Ahtone Speich. She returned home Tuesday. A week ago Sunday dinner guests at the Speich home were, the visitor Mrs Knutson of Randall, Delores Reynolds of Manson, Ruth Speich of Ames. 'Afternoon visitors were Mr and Mrs Eldon Walter, Mrs Fannie DeMpoy and Marx Shwy- ter of Renwick. Evening visitors were Mr and Mrs Paul Berninghaus of Rodman. Elsie Meyer of Fenton was a weekend guest at the Martin Meyer home. The first day of this week Mrs Anna Meyer of Fenton was a visitor at the Marin Meyer home. She is Mr Meyer's mother.. Mr and Mrs Antone Waechtef and sons Donny and Gary and 'aM'Montag, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ray Montag of West Bend, were Sunday evening visitors at he Peter Dahlhauser home at VVhittemore. Mrs Edgar Adams, Diane and iCathy of Pasadena, Cal., spent ;he weekend at the Ed Kemna lome. The visitor is a sister of Mr. Kemna. Rev and Mrs Leo Wehrspann and family of Audubon spent from Monday until Wednesday at the parental W. H. Wehrspann home. Sunday Mr and Mrs W. H. Wehrspann were dinner guests of Mrs Francis Kitzman and daughter Rosina at West Bend. Saturday evening picnic supper guests at the Knut Oppedahl home were Mr and Mrs Harold Sundet and children Bruce and Sharon of Algona. Sunday afternoon and supper guests were Mt and Mrs Gerald Gochenour and son David of Fenton. Last week Sunday afternoon visitors at the Ted Underbery home were Roger Opheim and sons Bruce and Bobby. The two boys have been spending tht past four weeks at the home of their grandparents Mr and Mrs Ted Underberg here and Mr and Mrs Bernard Opheim at Bode. Monte Faulk, son of Mr and Mrs Merle Faulk of Estherville spent Thursday at the Percy Watnem home. Mrs Ed Nessen and children of West Bend and Mrs Donald Usher were also visitors at the Watnem home Thursday afternoon. Saturday Mr and Mrs Percy Watnem spent the day with Mrs> Amelia Wa.tnern at the Balmei Rest Home at Estherville. Sunday evening visitors at the Wat- nem home were Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and boys of Whittemore and Mr and Mrs Gerald Olum of Burt. 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Y. ^ Mrs Fred Meyer and 'children of Sebetha, Kansas, were Monday evening and Tuesday visitors a* the Silas Banwart home. 1 Mr and Mrs Silas Luthold of Edlestein, Illinois, and Mr and Mrs Fred Feucht of Peoria, 111., were Wednesday evening supper guests at the Silas Banwart home. • James and,-Caroline Banwart, Elaine Bruellman of Ott'osen and Ronald Gerber of Algona spent the weekend visiting friends at Morris and Hancodk, Minn. .-' Sunday afternoon visitors at the Edward Zinnell home were relatives from Worthington, Minn. Sunday evening Mr and Mrs Edward Zinnel and daughter Leslie Ann visited at the Henry Zinnel, Sr. home at West Bend. ADVERTISING in the Algom [Jpper Des Moines reacues moi;e families in Kossuth- county than any other publication. . • WESLEY NEWS The Evangelical Free; CHureh Congregation joined, the Upper Flat church members Sunday, August 29 for their annual hat* vest home festival. ftev.;Gl&m Nelsort of Albert City"] wai ^gUest speaker. ? Mr and Mrs Jack Hansen 01 Fairmont, Minn, spent the Aug. 22 weekend in the parental,- Ray Hansen home. Mr and Mrs Roy Madsen of Des Moines were Sun* day supper guests there,. '.Mr and Mrs Philip Dahlene'and'two children of Davenport and her mother, Mrs Warth of Burlingtdn spent Sunday and, Monday there. • The- executive' < boardf of? tho W.S.C'S/irlet Monday evening at the Methodist Church to complete plans for the annual chicken dinner to be served Thursday, Sept. 16. ., Angelina and Ollie spent Monday in Grand Meadows, Minn, visiting the letter's sisjer, Mrs Matt , Roy Penning of Fort , Wood, MO.J is home on furlough. Mia toother, Jtirome, met him in New Hampton.' , Mr and Mfs Pearly Hsynes and sbh Jimmy'6f El Pasd, Texas, arrived Tuesday.'AugrSi fOrS r Vislt ift tMe parental, P, C. ttaynes home for three weeks. .They had spent the Aug.. 29 weekend in "Ft. WortH, Texas, with his brother Harley Haynes and family. Mr and Mrs Will Mafitinek visited Mr and Mrs,Otto Schrrtite,,, at" Clear alee* Thursday } Alathtefp sister, Mrs' Theodore* Fnahzeri, of ' West Union and her husband were also there. \ Mr >dnd', Mr*s'; 'Clase ' Robingoh spent Sunday, Aiig? 22, with- Mr and'Mrs Chet Smith and.famijy of Rose • Creek, Minn. Another sister, Mrs Walter Donath, husband .and "family of Waterloo Were also guests there. , ; Mr; and Mrs 1 -Otto Henderson Servlci OpMtf stock, and emit; lose, wa may ft&tfiav Moines, in, the NE\ nlwspnper building, Algona, la.}' ^i ii H .1 * ----- '"'~'^ ^^^^Tl^r'..^ ^'^ZTTZZT,. DANCE : •^D&fSiS' Margery Jolley ' Registr^tioh Sat Sept. 4 2:50 ito'S pihiL* '• 303 Ei Elm • •' Ages Beginning at 4 Years spent the August 22 f weekend, _ LL SPECIAL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Red or White OUTSIDE - JPATOT Known at $3.95 Gallon GAL. 5 Gal. Lots-9.88 G U A R A N TE E D ; DIAMOND'S SURPLUS OLD or NEW Any ^/yiake^Ai^ Model We Repair'Em All! When you drive your car inlo our service shop, it doesn't make any difference whether it's as old as your grandfather or as new as your baby. Our expert mechanics can fix When your brought to us, you can expect a complele service from front to back, top to bottom. And, you can expect to be satisfied, loo. That's the only way we operate. Here are just a'few'o£(the:many««ejxice»*we offer:: • •• ••. ••;•. • •-,'...,'- r-.i-.-' •'••• j i*"*bjflBik.' •'.« ^ •' '. 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