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Kentucky Irish American from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 2

Louisville, Kentucky
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fiCESIOTPTTOBnir KENTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY. fvtod to ths Social and Moral Advancement ol Irish American and Catbolici Officially Indorsed by Ancient Order of Hibernians. Young Men's Institute and Catholic Knights of America. KHNTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN PRINTING! Incorporated.

Publishers 8UBSCRIPTI0N PRICE ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR, SINGLE COPY 5c Entered at the Loultvllle Poitotflce aa Second. Cla Matter. ALWAYS O. K. 3 mmmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmr THE O.

K. QIANT BATTERY COMPANY'S DRY RECHARGEABLE STORAGE BATTERY A Battery That Will Revolutionize the Battery Business THE REASONS WHY WAiK All Commenlcitlons to tie KENTUCKY IRISH AMERICAN, 313-321 Wist Liberty Street TRADES (ffijgy) COUNCIL oo LOUISVILLE, KY. SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1920 QlVli iuai SUPPORT. plo more money than they have ever beforo had at their command; and In purchasing ground for an ath- when, as a coscquence of this very letic field Brother Benjamin, Su- fact, It requires more than ordinary perior of St. Xavier's Collego, has determination to refrain roan Incon- Inauguratod a enovo that will prove beneficial to our Catholic boys, and united support should be given him in the payment and equipment of this long Jolt want.

INSTRUCT FOlt COX. An overwhelming majority of Democrats throughout the State are In favor of an Instructed delega tion for Gov. Cox from this State to the National Democratic convention, while a few are advocating that the delegates go As real Democracy means control hy the majority, tho majority sentiment should rule. Blderate expenditure or downright extravagance. Every thinking person knows that present conditions can not continue very long.

A break Is bound to come, and those best qualified to judge predict that when it rloos come this country will have to pass through a period of hard times. Therefore It is tho part of wisdom to save now -when the opportunity Is at hand. In the parlance of the day: "Save while the saving Is good!" FEOPLK AWAKENING. Prom every part of tho country comes the news that there Is growing Indignation against tho reign of the Prohibition fanatics, and tho chief protosters aro our soldier boys who realize that they were nover given a voice In tho matter. Neither were the voters at large, as tho Prohibition politicians bluffed our legislators at Washington into supporting tholr fanatical measure.

YOUR TAX HILL. We hope that every taxpayer in tho city and county will look at his tax- receipt he votes this fall. This will give him tho very best idea of the "economy" -which tho MoTrow and Smith administrations are practicing. Morrow and the Kepubllran tliket were elected bo-cause tho people took thorn at their word that expenditures would be cut and useless offices abolished. Insted taxes have been raised enormously, and the pledge to abolish useless offices either evaded or deliberately violated.

We do not believe that our 'citizens will be very anxious to continue voting the Republican ticket when they see tholr tax receipts In ho face of a solemn promise of strict economy. Both assessments and tax rates havo boen increased and extravagance has prevailed In Louisville for which the people must Buffer. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. William It. Wirt, who Is Superintendent of the Gary public schools and originator of tho "Gary sys torn," and who should know what ho is talking about, lays stress upon tho necessity of religious education.

Ho took an awful fall out of those who oppose Catholic parochial schools whon ho said: "If tho churches would spend as much money on tho religious education of children as thoy do on con versions of adults, there wouldn' bo so many old sinners to convert What tho churches spend to convert a sixty year old sinner would tako care of the religious training of 100 children." Catholic education saves for tho Church, the State and tho child, and makes men and women upright and truly American citizens. Thereforo tho parochial schools are doing tho better work and deserve support. Witness the results In the publlo educational contests held hero and announced this week. BATTERY EXPENSE AND TROUBLES ARE ENDED NO ATTENTION REQUIRED. NO REPAIRS ARE NEEDED.


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Name Address i City Ut fLt A. R. MORRIS CO. 124 SOUTH FOURTH AVE. M.un 2355.

Louisville, Ky. Underwriters K. Giant Battery Co. of Gary, Ind. BRANCH OFFICES: Indianapolis Baltimore Terre Haute MORE MILEAGE GASOLINE.


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K. Batteries are far superior. A A A A A A A A A A A A A A. I SOCIETY, j1 xAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Vincent Burke, of Clifton, arrived homo last week from Washington. CAUSES OP UNREST.

ARSU1U) DEMAND. Tho Tennessee Annual Conference of tho Methodist Ministers and Laymen (wants legislation through Congress that would make the Government and peoplo of tho country stand still from Saturday until Monday. They have prepared and asked Sentaor McKellar to Introduce a bill that would prohibit every form of amusement or recreation, to stop all interstate trains, Interstate traffic, interstate freight, interstate news, interstate mail, Interstate telephonic communication, interstate telegraphic conrrauncatons and Sunday newspapers, which the Senator declines to do, for tho reason that he belioves "that to undertake to restore an observance of tho Sabbath Federal law; without inculcating tho wisdom and duty of Sabbath observance In tho peoplo at home, seems cortalnly to bo tho "wrong method of approach." While tho Congress will not have an opportunity to pass upon tho drastic bill suggested by Senator McKollar's constituents', it Is regarded as morally certain that tho spirit which Insisted upon bono dry prohibition, sooner or later, will demand other legislation of like character further interfering with personal llborty. Mrs. Henry Esterle, of tho Highlands, visited friends in Clifton last week.

Miss Adeline Daly returned home tho first of the week from Now Or leans. Mr. nnd Mrs. Joseph J. Meehan, of Frankfort, were hero on a visit Sunday.

Tho President of Dartmouth University, describing tho present economic situation, declares that it is one in which tho individual has linnn lnnrin minnlamanlnrv in tlm machine. He adds that tho aver-) Capt. Flynn and Mrs. Flynn and age woiker has no Interest In his children havo returned homo from job beyond tho hours that ho must Indiana. wor anu mo wages mat no win, M1 Anna niian wa9 a reCent receive.

Because he has no inter- guest of Mrs. S. D. Thompson at est in his dally toll-he is constantly, Prestonin. domanding shorter hours that ho rilf(n may havo moro time for seeking mmed trom a pleasant visit some means or seu-oxpresslon.

we IQ Chicago. imaglno that the average organized i t.i ti it I Mr. and Mrs. W. B.

Coylo aro tho KU03t3 of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Mc- orus.

woum reauny conceao -Q nt Mt Washington. that at tho bottom of most of tho. industrial unrest is the want of In- Mrs. ICato Cisco, West Maplo torest on tho part of the working- "treet. JetteironvUle.

to vtoltlnB her son. John Cisco, In Cincinnati. man In his particular Job. Ho has no reason to tako prldo In his TIME TO SAVE. Tho peoplo of tho United States deservo credit for their patriotism during tho trying years of tho war.

The folks at home did tholr duty as well as the brave boys who went Into iha army nnd navy. Especially was the earnestness with which tho peoplo generally answered tho appeal of tho Government to practice tho virtue of thrift, it is no exaggeration to say that thousands of persons, who had never 'before saved dollar, laid aside something substantial to tako from he inevitable rainy day some of Its proverbial terrors. Sounding a timely 'warning', the Catholic Telegraph points out that thrift, how-mw. is net a virtue for warHhne it i tt as important in toys eC is. it waa aevsr ijfjiiiBry'Aa tt.

fe at the rMftt ulty4 vm lrl asrt his feaads of tBS M- Mrs. L. D. Hammond, of Indian- work. He knows nothing of tho in- apolis, is visiting her daughter, Mrs.

tlmatrt result of li labor. TTo in 'am iBrawssc on Edensido ave- llko a cog in a vast machine that nue. moves only in its own little spaco1 Mitchell Fitzgerald, of Mammoth and never knows what the rest of Cave, has been visiting his eister, i.i w.i,i i t. Mrs. Clifford Staples, at nigmanu reasonable to expect that a human ar c' being will bo satisfied, in playing Mrs.

Joseph Price had as guests tho part of a cog. Tho laborer has tho past week her sisters. Misses a soul and he will never find con- Agnes KING OF SPAIN AND CIHLDKEBN AT FRENCH RESORT. King Alfonso, of Spain, In democratic attire, takes a. stroll at Biarritz, France, with his two children, the Infantas Jaime and Beatriz.

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PEARLMAN'S "Hooso of Optical Service" Joweler anil Optician 228 WEST JEFFERSON STEEET and Joslo Bone, of Now tontmont In work In which ho Is not Interested. Capital may find In President Hopkins' suggestion a remedy for the presont industrial unrest. Havoa. Catholics havo good reason to feel proud of our parochial and other schools. Prepare Ifor May devotions during Mary's month.

SACRED HEART "RETREAT. The Passlonlst (fathers will cele brate, tho feast of their founder as usual on April 28. There will bo a solemn high mass at 9 o'clock at which Rev. George Schuhmann, D. will preach.

At 3 o'clock there will be devotions and benediction with tho Blessed Sacrament. A plenary indulgence, llko unto the Portluncula indulgence, may bo gained for each visit to the chapel. On May 13, tho Feast of the Ascension of our Lord, the canonization of Blessed Gabriel, a Pas slonlst student, will tako place in tho Basilica of St Frank Blunk, well known local newspaper man, left this week for New York City to accept a position with tho United Press Service. Charles Moran, who has been visiting his parents, air. and Mrs.M.T.

Moran, loft Sunday to resumo his Btudies at Notre Dame University. Misses Catherine O'Brien, Mary Catherlno Ross nnd Margaret Sheely were guests of Miss Sallle Roberta Thompson at Prestonla tho post week. Mrs. John Goranan entertained with a most enjoyable euchro at her home oh Southern Parkway, Beechmont, for tho benefit of Holy Name church. Messrs.

Edward Pfolffer and Cornelius Pfelffer, who woro homo for a visit to their parents, havo returned to Notre Dame University to resumo their studies. Dr. John T. Chawk, Paddock Judge of tho Kentucky Racing Asso-jniinn wnnf to Lexington last night PAfpr nomn nmi will officiate at the opening of by our Sovereign Pontiff, Benedict tho spring races today. XV.

At the same time Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque. known so Mr. and Mrs. Ttufus Underwood widely for her devotion to tho announce the engagement of tneir Sacred Heart of our Lord, will bo daughter, Miss Oma Esther Uruier- ie i Archie Fitzgerald. 01 ox.

chanter will be In Rome for Louis. The wedding Will tako placo Father Kearns at Holy Trinity church, New Albany, Chris Oefflngor and bride, who was Miss Mathilda Byrne, left to spend several days In Cincinnati and then go to Chicago, whore they will make their homo at 3033 Colorado avenue. GRANARD FOR VICEHOV. the election of the General Superior of the order. JEFFERSONVniLE.

in Juno. Louisville people noted In tho Nnw York business and theater vf.Trr. weak included 'Mre. wise Mary JCiuzaoein uonroy was married to James Fogarty O'Neil on Mary Majlon, F. J.

r. Thursday morning of last week at Moody, Jr. St. Augustine cnurcii, uu the Rev. Michael Halpta.

celebrating nuptial high mase and 'performing the ceremony. The attendants were Mlew Nora O'Neail, a ateter of the bridegroom, and Mies Leola Martin of Rumellvllle, a relative of the bride. A. weddta? breakfast fol lowed Md Mr. and O'Neil 4s- Mirtsa tot iw xotk e.

dmw Mr. and Mrs. John Higglns, Parkview, entertained with a family reunion tor Mr. and Mrs. Buford Borders, Mr.

and Mrs. Harold Border, Miss LuoUle Borders, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Baeh, James and Geerge Senior. Following, ilisir marriage by It is belioved that tho Earl of Granard will be tho most favored person for tho difficult post of Vice-day of Ireland, nnd in the lobbies of Parliament in London and In all circles In Dublin his name is much to tho front.

It tho Earl of Granard Is appointed a special act of Parliament would bo necessary to enable him to act as Viceroy because ho Is a Catholic, and under the laws of England neither tho King, nor the Prime Minister1 or the Vlcoroy of Ireland can bo a Catholic. This Is vestige of tho Iniquitous old penal laws which were not repealed until 1830, under which Catholics were debarred from all posts of honor. Influence and' emolument in tho public eorvico of Great Britain. Tho Earl of Granard has been head of tho food control In Ireland since 1918 and has also eorved as Lord Lieutenant of tho County Longford. He is woll known in America through hl3 marriage- to a.

daughter of Ogden Mills and nlecp of Mrs. Whltelaw Reid. Thoy wore mamea in 1908. During the war he commanded a regiment of Irish Volun teers, winning tne oistinguisnea service order and being mentioned Beveral times, In dispatches. His father was a convert to the Catholic church 'in 1869 and received from Pope Pius IX.

the grand cross of St. Gregory in recognltlpn for his zeal in religion. -The present Earl 6f Granard is entitled to the grand erdes of the Order of Isabella la Cfttollca, and te a of the Order of the Redeemer and a member of the Cempanlons of St. Patrick. In many quarters the rumor of Granard appointment is uis RECENT DEATHS.

Sunday aiftornoon the Angel of Death called Mrs. Mary J. Boyer, 3321 Rudd avenue, widow of Louis Boyer and one of tho oldest menv bers of the Church of Our Lady, having passed the Cour-scoro imark. Her funeral took placo Wednesday morning, Rov. Martin O'Connor conducting the funeral services.

Many friends and relatives mourn the death of Mrs. Helen M. Herblg, 1028 Mary street, whose funeral took placo Monday morning from St. Vincent do Paul's church. Mrs.

Herblg was forty-two years old and is survived by her husband, John JIor big; three daughters, Misses Josie Mae, Helen and Rosella Hoiiblg, and one son, John Horbig. She also loaves two sisters and ono brother. Stephen Schoodler, fifty-nine years old and a former Main street coffee merchant, was held from St. Mary Magdalene church, attended by a large number of mourning friends. Ho was a member of tho Kntghts of Columbus, St.

Vlncont de Paul and Charles tho Groat Benevolent Societies. Surviving htm are Oils widww, Mrs. Anna M. Schaedlcr; two sons, Josejh and William Schaedler, and flvt daugh ters, Mrs, Fred Rudio and Mrs. Victor Brezendlno, of Owensboro; Mrs.


J. MORROW, Manager. J. J. MoTIGHE, Asst.

Mgr. Sincere sorrow pervaded St Michael's parish last Saturday when the death of Miss Julia McEllIott, ihirty-flve, become known. Miss McEllIott passed away at her home, 1135, South Brook street, fortified fy the last sacraments and prepared meet her Maker. 8he is survived by two sisters, Misses, Mary and Nannie McEllIott, and three brothers, Jeremiah. Thomas James McEllIott.

Funeral services were held Monday mornimr at St. Michael's churdh, of which the dor ceased had been an. active and dei- XI Jl UCtn SWl'UlUWUVuir 7 I missed as negligible, it being rnamner since ner ginnooa. tended that it is only an attempt on the part of the British Uffern-ment to win favor for Its Irish policy ia Amerlea by seeking the appearance of coaclliatioa while at the safes time withholding substantial JjwUee td Ireland. Monday niornlns the funeral of GBN.

GRANT'S BIRTHDAY. Next will be the birthday of Gen. U. 3. Grant, hero of the civil war.

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