Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 10, 1963 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 10, 1963
Page 7
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Gofesbun ist«r*Moll, Gelesburi AliaJOJiftSL* Manvitte, Site lc*i l-Aft. DIRECTORY' • \' Ay ffiS? OTA**. A. M. ft r r 1101 Muifttmr ^tt ^ "PA.**?**!* %J ikk!l til ALESBUR CHURCHES 1 s i ftfl—ypt.jj: v :\:,\ • " -V -"-^ W V* P For Annual Nazarene Event ftar. Floyd Poundi, p«ator of tto First C %ureh of th« N «Mren«, hit wile, and MV «rtl other del^ gates will (Mtttidptti in the annual Northwestern Illinois District Average When Wife Stops Chattering t By HAL SOY1J5 NEW YORK (AP)-OM of Itfe f s little ordeals to most wives 1« feeling their husbands never lis* ten to them. BETHANY BAWlit <AMOCl4ted wit* 6 DOMM MM#I 0«net WatfueMay niMAIItWL MlTBODItt Assembly to be held at the Nsts- rene camp at ManviUt. Sessions "t could talk to my husband Duos, oati ^«7S N. ewuAafr it* KTHiil tsissg. oarter dajr. fS». Mttdat tsftoot A—L •f milp IWrlHi, Ja Rlflf RTwIHi v Hi L it wiBB^nay loWihip, S:30. church will be Oleci Briden. Mrs. Roiiikl ^ Davis, and Mrs. Myrtle ^S,^^ 1 ^ CM A11T tWOT SUTXHODIST Northwest eoraer Relief^ BETHEL BAFTIBT Donald Q. fstefsoB, eaifc*. Broad end L**» etteeit i. PNtria It. 11 10:30: Bible •e§<>^VJL ^ - ^222 ,, S , COVKNAKt d. Harold Ablberf oaator Ferris smet» ^Joseph C. HofhasA, p»ttor; Orln Watson, minister of tducstion. Sunday school, 6 :45; worship. 11: E re-sehool ehUdren ata aarad lor i the nursery. ^^^^^^^^^^ m pisttry BUhop. pastor Satninary sno rnurth *traats BETHESOA BAPTIST ^ • WmtetbOro street and OrsBd atfr ' hue BvJr ^^sc^oSl 0f ?"i morntef war- wltoesd * ri &&"* Bai^iee. Sunday school, S; worthlj. 10: ave- 1 Worship, $; Bunday school. 10. ninir serviesa, 1. SINQERS ENGAGED-The Eehoes Trio (above), representing Anderson College, Anderson. Ihd.» will present a program Sunday night at First Church of God, Knox and Famham Streets. The engagement, which will begin at 7, will include hymns, gospel songs and other numbers. Members of the group from left to right include Kay Wiseman, Marion; Royetta Abbott, Bonnie; Sharon Haaen, Lansing, Mich., and Verola Neilsen, Arlington, S. I>>, accompanist for the trio. While In Galesburg, they will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Moger, 1493 N. Seminary St., and Air. and Mrs. Harlan Bagley, 91 N. Pearl SC So^thWai^SSar 1 *^ Church seteooA fnursary throuaft junior department) and worship at 10. CUBIST, Coro& o* Broofa and Lombferd • stfaata. ce. 7 30. Blbla study | ud wbitasboro streets. _Leon WUhlta> minister. ^ CMiruh school, OtSSi wofShlp teas. 11. nina service. ^: Wednesday, 730. fTRST BAPTIST Umerlcan Baptist ^Malcolm G. ShotweU, psttor. nil D. Kern, aw^Jaff P^tor anor Chapel; Ss30. church schbo WBSLVVAM HBTHODlBT JUL J. BalUe, psttot. SS7 N. f arnnam St. Sunday-school, e^it momini warship, lit avenln* ieuowshlp hour, f • •^p^p^p^p^pH^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^pH RAxsjtsm imsT CHUHCB Of VB* NAZABBKB Webster and Elm atrae%s. Floyd H., Pound| L pastor. f wor- Birthday Club Entertained At Biggsville t GBACE BPISCOPAL Prairie and Tompkins streets. George W. DeGraff, rector ^AP-AJT ^ identicai serViceH George w. ucuran, reexor tt\ w Medial I Morning prayer and .sermon Jim first and third Sundays; Holy I Monroe and baruaftt strecta. * K •• Saiiea' for all ages^ wito. con- tinuoitt nursery and tinaergar- len care until 11 :dO- Eucharist and sermon second and fourth Sundays. No church school or week events. BIGGSVILLE — Around 35 at 5 tended the Reed Birthday Club home of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Sargent Sr. Assisting host and hostess were Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Sargent Jr. and Mary Stubbs month. f A^TH^CTURCH OT THB „ Arthur Burn side, pastor. Ann c arcypnr ivTr« C T Sunday schooi. 9^8; morning wor- Ann aar 6 ent ' ^- ahlp, 1030; WYPS, S:45; avanga- was the birthday honoree. Ustle sarvica, 730. ,,/ to 1 • * 4 If HENDERSON STOEfiT 1 BAFTJST ™£dep*ndent ^dainental) Hend«rson and North Streets. William Thurber, pastor. Bible school, 930: morning wor- -ship. 1030 evening wofJbip,^; midweek service, Wednesday, 730. SECOND BAPTIST S05S. Cherry St " C. L. Coleman, pastor., Sunday school, .9:30i morn in? wor- ^ui^in-is- *veninfl sarvloa, 730. EVANGELlCAi* UNITED BRETHREN Dale Catlta, pastor. Sunday: school, 9 30; worship Ice. 8:30 and 10:30. EVANGEL TEMPLE tra L. Bevard. pastas 62 Illinois Ave. Sunday school; 1* worship, evangelistic service, 7:S0. Thura* day. Bible study and prayer. 730 a; •hip' 10:45: evening BIBLE MISSIONARY 1«4S Moshlar Ave. . Larry Roberts, ^SV °l'^ m I Sunday school Sunday school. 930; mornmg wor-1 ou J »Yi y 1 v , 2S ship service, 10305 VounS poo- pie's meet evangelical Ice. 730. GRACE BIBLE ^ 714 fi. Fremont St. David Funk, pastor. •erv CHURCH OF GOD 1530 Brown Ave. Ernest' Moates, pastor. UH morning wor* ahtoT U: young paopWs n3 «9ff2|- a :30; evangelistic servtea, 7 30. Wednesday, nrayer meeting. 73% YPE service, 730: Junior TO meats in smaU at|dttorhj FIRST CHURCH OF THB OPEN BIBLE 036 t¥. Lotey St Weldon Davis, pastor. Sunday school, 945; morning worship, U, Ovarcomera, S30t Jet Cidata, S30; evening service, IMS. Wednesday, midweek service, 7:45. Saturday Men's prayer meeting. 7 30. PENTECOSTAL FULL GOSPEL PENTECOSTAL 710 W. Knox St D. H. Walker, pastor. Sunday school. 9:45; Praise eervle* 2:30. evangelistic service, 739. DELIVERANCE TABERNACLE 260 N. Chambers St. A. D. Snyder, pastor. Sunday school, 9*S; worship, 11; Nelson Kin FIRST CHURCH OF GOD »S¥| WVSM«|T| C>«f arvice .730. Wednas- day, midweek service. 730. Bible school W; morning wosiMg I m4 R Knox st 11; evening service, 1. oaiaween | A a*««* services. Wednesday. 730 Henry A. Stamm, pastor. APOSTOUC TABERNACLE Church. Sunday school, 9:4ft mornmg youth acUvities, Stlf ship, 10 46; evening vespers, 7; CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST Rov Mast, pa^Jf- mMn n . ---.1 *57 W. Berrien St. *3Sf ?erv& l %^ 108 n*™*" Bib g service, i Te study, 7:4& ship. 1130. evangehsticjg JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES 42S S. Chambers St. Sunday: Public talk, 3: wstcntowex study. 4:1S. Thursdsy Minis school. 730; service meeting. 8 LIVING WAY BIBLE CENTER 74 S. Seminary St. Dorothy O'Connor. Rachel Stroops. Adelaide Carter evangelists CORPUs'cHRISTl CATHOUC Prairie'and South streets A. B. Curran. pastor . _ ^„ I Sunday school. 10: worantp. 11; THE ISRAEL OF GOD'S CHURCH I evening service, 1 30. Thursday THE WttHtA* r Anfhm* Corner Knox and Hotton strseta. Elder Dewel Taylor, pastor TTT'^M it Sunday Mass. 10 w: Sunday echo school 5: evening worship, 6. Friday, Testimonial and prayer service, 7 Lane, J. Callanan, assistanta Sunday Masses. 6. 7. andi, * B Holy days, 6. 7, 8 and 9: evening Masses, every Wedresday, first Friday and Holy day at 5:16. tMJVlACUlATE HEART OF MARY CATHOLIC n ^ ^ „ . At end of North Broad street In school chapel. n M J. E. Lohan, pastor; Richard Slavish/ ^omas KimbaA and William J. Stratman, assistants. Sunday Masses at 0, 7, 8. 9, 10, 11 a. m. and 12 noon; daily Masses at 6 :15 and 8 a. m.: eveninj Masses at 5:20 on Holy Days an first Fridays. SAINT PATRICIAS CATHOLIC John Horan, pastor; Joseph Mao So^'AaSssn^ and West Third | Church schodl 9H5; mornlna w- snip, u$ evening service, i. service, 730 FOURSQUARE GOSPEL Bast South and Pearl streets Jamas unier, pastor. Sunday school, 9 :45; morning w ship, 11; Crusaders, a 30: evangelistic service, 730. Wednesday Biggsville Briefs Mrs. Charles Rhoades attended the first Bi-County Club board meeting in the Prime Beef Room at the Colonial Hotel, Monmouth, Monday, Aug. 5. Plans were made for the coming club year, with Mrs. C. C. Ash, bi-county president, presiding. Mr. and Mrs. James Milligan and daughter of Marquette Heights, spen; the weekend in the Earl Milligan and W. H. Simmons homes. Mr, and Mrs. Richard Goff and daughters were guests of her sister, Mrs. Ardene Torrance and family at Cicero. They are spending a few days at the Wisconsin Dells and returning home through Freeport. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Milroy had as Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Virgil O'Dean of Galesburg. In the evening they attended the band concert at Crapo Park, Burlington. John Thompson of Princeton, who lived in Biggsville when he Nelson sisters was a child and attended the Calif. Engage Hiltno For Witnesses Galesburg Meet Alfred H. Hilmo, traveling representative of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Brooklyn N. Y., will visit with the Galesburg congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Aug. 13-18. He will aid thecal group with Bible teaching work, and deliver several lectures at Kingdom Hall. During the week he and his wife will call on homes in the vicinity. The public meetings will be held at Kingdom Hall, 426 S. Chambers St., Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Saturday eve- Lit, official delegate*; Ronald Davis, Sunday school superintend* ent; Jack Lee, Young People's president, and Mrs. Bessie Gaines, mLisionary president. Dr. Lyle Eckley, Peoria, will deliver his annual meaaage as district superintendent, and will out* line plans for the 1983-64 year. District officers will be elected. In other business, annual reports will be made by pastors of the 68 churches of the district, and delegates to the 16th general assembly of the denomination to be held at Portland, Ore., June, 1&4, will be named. Vacationer Returns to Bishop Hill BISHOP HILL - Miss lone Berg has returned after spend Hie fact is that tht average husbdffd Mm a lot to hi« wife. This can be detected by the surprised look on his face when she finally stope talking, Or, it is sometimea shown by an offhand remark he may drop while at lunch with his of/ice cronies. Actually, this is an exaggera- Such as: "Well, guess what as- tion, as are most things that wives iota* idea my wife has now. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. She wants me to buy a two-seat* ed lawnmower so we can cut the grass together. 1 ' Most husbands merely are playing possum when they appear deaf to what their wives are saying. Partly it's a matter of self-defense. It is also caused by a basic difference between the way men and women use conversation. A man feels he thinks a situa- say. Food Costs 2nd Six Months 1 (R«g. U.S. Pat. Off.) By GAYLORD P. GODWIN WASHINGTON (UPI) - tion through silently and then put* his message into words. But he h n ,. BM At u u , . The . be,ieves a woma n most of the housewife should plan to spend time only uses words as a camou- about as much for food in the flage to hide her real thoughts- last half of the year as she did if any. So why listen? during the first half-and get To him, feminine conversation about the same amount. Is like a waterfall, Ml of more The Agriculture Department, in sound than sense. But he is also a review of the national food sit- wel1 aware ^at, like a waterfall, uation, said retail food orices for !t has l !? e long sIow inescapable the last half of 1963 are expected E° Wer of e T ion - K ^ acWeVe to remain, on the average, ^bout ^TT'^TT 1( ? g * ^ 8 ' Most husbands also have a con- ing ltt weeks in the home of same as they were durinc J?. - 4 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Polliard of the first half. 8 victlon Aat ^vr Metamora. Mr. and Mrs. Clif- wives never the first I ?£,iL C Tf ^ — — vua .~ Retail food prices iu um 11™, ford Berg and Marlin of Bishop half rose about iu per cent above f . en moUve --to g<* * fellow Hill and Mr. and Mrs. MauricS those of a year eariie? a * m ^ w u ~ A " ning's subject at 8, will be "Quali- 7?* KoA t rt Tc^rrh " c„„/i„„ ms * Berg fied to Teach." Sunday afternoon's topic at 3 will be "Is Your Berg of Davenport, drove with to Metamora Meat were dinner guests of the Pol prices, the department and I said, are not expected to follow last year 's strong upturn in the uwii o oi u win uc -lo xmu i* r> ii« j i «». r. • MMV «»6 upturn in uie Destiny of Your Own Making?" ^ a1 Jr, 1 -2 ."1 ^ W quarter of ^ year. Prices ^ Ber g also visited in the home of of fruit* * n A v *„^ML . r„ to do something he doesn't want to do. That 's why a husband is instantly wary when his wife switches off the television set, and Mr. and vteited in the home of of fruits and vegetables likdv w5l ^ " H ^ nry ' • taIk to me Mrs. Gene Huffman decline season^Hv S^fL™ Henry f"^ T ° m Sf Mrs ' Po1 - but remfl in above a year earlier hard and Mrs. Huffman brought The deoartnw . Miss Berg home. Mrs. Pollifrd Atof^of^Ji"^ u fho fo«. mAW IPI^«U «4 U V " wn 8 Ieve * ot business seasonally from mid-vaar u" 1 ^ leans ain abovl ^ Griml y ** vows this time to listen. Her oral waterfall begins. His Assemble for ^rTr^r^ * if« resident, and Mrs. Huffman is £. ^IflS-^l 196 ? words thef son learned at S attic 26th Reunion « The 26th annual reunion of the her daughter Phyllis. Honored at Shower — _ f 00 per cenc ti 0n u years ago when he drove from m,._ For th, firsl half aZjett her in . Mtog s^on at 3 per cent above a year ear relatives a . , , _ , . - . . A miscellaneous shower was descendants of Carl and Christine held July 31 in the home of Mrs. Nelson was held Sunday at Lin- Ralph Peterson, with Mrs. Wil- 1%3 thm .„ ^ «uu x e « ner cobi Park with 42 members pres- lard Leff assisting hostess hon- n , ' WCrea f was ^timated restroom what oring Miss Helen Joyce Moul- SL "° n * ' Officers elected were Axel Ro- ton. Thirty-eight guests were sine of Galesburg, president; Mrs. present. Contests were played Edith Nelson of Avon, vice presi- and guests receiving prizes pre- , . |aiBUl dent, and Mrs. Ethel Wilkins of sented them to the bride-elect. arou " d . 2 Per cent from 1962. A house The gift table was decorated J"*" increa se in food consump- Greetings were read from the | in the bride ' s ch «sen colors of Uon caDite *« -»"-«•«•»-"• aqua and white. Ruth Ann Moul- s wrong with his what's right witl The department said total use I lf\ 10 g0od reasons wh y h « of food in 1963 likely m Z 1 ^ t0 m m aren't to wi Avon, secretary-treasurer. of Los Angeles, Letters from Mrs. Olga ey if they up in the poor- per capita is anticioa^ pin . Pinall y», 88 h «r countenance capita coL^CT^Z STti ^t**?' «W and CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS 360 £. Ferris St. Donald S. Pont, brancn president. I PILGRIM HOLINESS Priesthood meeting, tt^ Sunday 1 137 Arnold St., roomer of Summit). school. 10; Sacrament service^ 1 L. S. Lancaster, pastor 8^0. Tuesday^. Woman's RaMef | Sunday school, 9 :4ft morning society, 7:30. Wednesday. Mutu Saturday lay, 1 Improvement Assodstioti, Primary. 10 elementary schools, called Sat- jr ones 0 f Glendale, Calif., were SOT , ^i ee w«w ^ ( Sw •tiM• TOO***" I «rday on former friends. He is ai so read> agent for the C.B.&Q. Railroad attending from the greatest distance were Mr. and Mrs. The Woman's Society of Chris- Dav id Rosine, Sedalia, Mo.; Mrs. tian Service will hold a potiuck mmie Bonham, Ogema, Wis., dinner in the dining room at the and m an<j m ^ Kennet h Behr- mat il. _ J_»^l /1L«. H «L DJJnvv of ton and"Mary Kaylr ^"15l I 1 * ^ * «P 4 per' c^ari fhltThS aff" ^ ^ Pat Leff assisted the bride-to-be ^sumption of chicken may be at Princeton. ship. 10 :45; PI 1 prim youth service evangelistic service, 7 tSO Grayer lectin* Wednesday, VdO, Methodist in displaying her gifts, present were from Galva, Ke wanee, LaFayette, Cambridge, Altona, Annawan and Bishop | e %& s Hill. Miss Moulton and Frank P. Wyffels Jr. of Annawan will ex- Those "P. even more. Declines are an- Wim^anflv K*. I Ucipated on a per capita basis in I .Sd^' "I did it at Iastl" he shouts she mumbles REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER- DAY SAINTS 53 N. Henderson St. Thomas Poplett, past RESCUE MISSION 66 Public Square Sylvester Sanion!, religious rector. Mis di- Meetlnas each evening at 7O0. Free .. beds! and meals for homeless 1 lan streets* Sunday Masses, 6, 5. 10 and U a. m.: daUy Masses. 6C30 a. m. except n at m d % 8 ^nh^cSve^t 6^1 Woman's Oub, N p ' m ' T. m ^ ^st Grove Sheets f. except Saturoay, i a. m. 1 - ,ro« Q *4 rt « n««i men Church Friday at ens and Da what ch Iowa Wyffels Jr. of Annawan will ex- "uoSOUTiailS 12:30 p.m. Mrs. Harold Hughefe, 01dest member ^ was Fred change marriage vows Aug 17, A ~ Mrs. Clyde Moffitt and Mrs. Bay Ne l s Erickson, Moline, and the 1J. P^- at Mass Visitation Cath- J\fQ WPeeted Peterson are hostesses. Mrs. Mh youngest was Kent Thomas Davis, f °. bc lGh J r * Re ? ep- A ^.e, ^***M. PWB*" 1 son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard ^ is at ^ Flemish Aawicw j QjJgQjj will be U N 1 VERS ALIST-UNITARLAN Woman's Club, North Prairie and THE SALVATION ARMY Watson leader. Mrs. Flora Carothers returned a, m. except CHURCH OF CHRIST 055 Lawrence Ave. Forrest Shaffer, evan , Bible study, 9:45; morning worshi 10:45; evening worship, Thursday Bible study, 7:30 Sell*. Inc w« CHURCH OF CHRIST 1591 E. Losey St. Bible study. 10; morning worship, 11: evening service. 7*. FIRST CHRISTIAN James E. Smith, minister. North Broad and North streets. On vacation until Sept.. 8. LUTHERAN FIRST LUTHERAN Seminary and Waters streets, OrdeM W Peterson, pastor Robert Kimas, assistant pastor. Worship during August, 9:30; church school during August. 10:15. Nursery provided for small children. Richard Kennedy, intern. TRINITY LUTHERAN Kellogg and Ferris streets. Ralph D Anderson intern. Davis, Rock Island. w . c _ c . _ . * 1 1 Three deaths in 1963 occurred: c 4 a % S ^wa7d Bettys, officer in to St Loins with her Launaice Johnson of Galesburg, - and daughter, Ma], ^nd Mrs. 1 e * Club. Bishop Hill Briefs air COM \* , ^. r^i 1 ^ * Mrs. Robert Butler and chil- Caus^F^sh^Mo^T Celeb ™*e 61 S t en. Breta. Kirshn. Marta. . , *'«oiiviuts, MO ., are . I let you talk yourself Wue in the face-and I heard every sinide word you had to say." That's what Henry thinks. But when he removes his hand, he finds she has a few thousand left. Victoria Couple charge. Sunday school vir r c —-.^.v.w vv « UMV .t w «««wui6, d rpn Rreta KirsHn Marta 77. «««IVIUC , wo,, are * • S M gust *?"!" af w2 Bobt; 5*5J^ 5S^d^^ ^ Anniversary pral Buahndl, in May, and James sherwoftd arrive d Sundav dunn 8 their summer m „ J W J at v^ SSSaSS Robert Price and sons. service at Legion at S and the Salvation Mid-week prayer service Wednesday, at 7 :30 and Ladies Borne League Thursday, at 1:30. Kirstin, and 11. Young People's nooer C raw wiu Bushndl, in May, and James, c w ^ n ^ A O A fcfirtJ^fco! ^ c ^. f ^ ly ii^ R^ney of Woodhuli, in June| f 0hrerW l 0<K l' .f^^.,^ 1111 ^ vacation. Sundav school. 0:30: worship serv- f Worship, fl; junior church service. ices. 10:45 10:10. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Prairie and Ferris streets. Kermit W. Petersen and Joseph R. Bo at wright. ministers Church school and worship at 0 during July and August. JEWISH Temple Sholora, Monroe and West North streets. days in the Carothers home. Tom Fuller ton is the new teller at the First State Bank, of Woodhuli, in births were reported: a son to a 3-week visit with her j „.,.. _ - mother, Mrs. Albert Florine, Mr and Mrs WUham Searcy of md Benny of Bishop m and u- A XKMAIVB foxk Isk»u\ July 1962; a daugh- JLm* ^ of M. B^he. *»* "2* »*. Be*^ and Bobb of Silvis, December 1962; a VICTORIA-The 61st wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. ana *enny or ™no P nui ana 3e21 £J °^ed at will also visit her brother-in-law jSJ"^. otu Galesburg were ^SSL^ J^J' No special callers at the home of Mr. and celebration was planned because of their health. Renwick. daughters , Asnton Neff - Sunday eve-. - Utt ® ning. The Fr^ziers were return-1. 111086 who came to ^ to*™ in the evening were Carol Sue, Mrs. Ella Naslund, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. Waverly Naslund and family; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. t,es Potts Jr., Howard Pierson, Mr. and Mrs. Rich- 72 Attend Reunion of Naslund Kin Naslund relatives held their 17th . was ^ next . „ annual reunion recently at Lin- L eunion would be he i d I at b:30 in the Legron HaU, at Ophiem Legion Plans Meal For Families J ^ u i J t -i nT-11- — i OPHIEM — Legionnaires of the arcTDoubet and family, Wilhams- | 0phiem pogt C0J S pleted for the annual family fish fry Sept 7 field. coin Park with 72 members pres- j 0 hn Conservation Club at Vic 4 ent. A potiuck dinner was served toria. at noon. Officers elected during the business meeting were Frank Naslund, president; Ilene Naslund, vice president, and Carolyn Jo Smith, secretary-treasurer. Those attending were Mrs. Eunice Naslund and Franklin, Frank Naslund, Knoxville; Mi*, and Mrs. Mr. Lois Drafke Is First in Golf Tournament SPRINGFIELD (UPI) Leland Daniels, Kewanee; Drafke, 25, La Grange, 111., won the IUiniwek Invitational women's their regular meeting Aug. 1. Luther Leaguers defeated the Legionnaires in the softhail game, 25-3, Sunday on the church ball field here. Threshing of oat* on the Reuben Bohman farm Saturday afternoon is open to the public. Bohman is Lais! owner °* ^ e threshing rig. 1 A community miscellaneous prenuptial shower will be given for Miss Patricia Molberg in Grace and Mrs. Vernon Naslund and golf tournament Thursday at the ^eran Church Aug. 13 at 8 p.m. Oakcrest Country Club. K F< Ndson attended ^ busi . N. Henderson Family Returns From Denver NORTH HENDERSON — Returning from Denver, Colo., this week were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shepherd and daughters Patsy and Jennie. Shepherd had been employed there a few weeks. Another daughter Lou Ann was staying with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carter of Burlington, and also returned home with her parents. When the Carters visited the Shepherds this week, Patsy and Jennie went to Burlington with Mr. and Mrs. William Warner !? g [ rom » vacation trip to the son to Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Bun- an( j family of LaGrange Park U2 ^ rJcs an <* St. Louis, dren of Ozark, April 1963; a son returned to Bishop Hill with his to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis aun t, Miss Edla Warner, for a of Rock Island, April 1963, and a weekend visit. Miss Warner had | « Rio daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Duane spen t several days visiting at Mr, and Mrs. Rex Olmsted, Pat, Rebecca Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sterr and Jane> and Jon Howard » ^ * nd family of Galesburg and Kenneth Mrs ' Bobert M^cy* Martha and tuwerson or KIO were evening M 10 " 361 ' Mrs - Jew 7 Macy and callers at the Clyde Olson home dau S hter sheUe y L y™ Tou^ e — j — • * Vt Ion; Mrs. Larry Johnson, Pat Bradford of Galesburg, Mr. and Bordner of Chicago, them for a visit. News Briefs Rev. and Mrs. Phillip Hedgcock of Blandrnsville stopped by jn North Henderson Monday on their way to Milan. He is the former pastor of the Methodist Pam, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nas lund, and family, Mr. and Mrs. _ _ _ Neil Lundell, and family, Cam- her title for the third time, with in Danvi u e Tuesday and Wednes- were going to visit their son-jn bridge; Cora H. Naslund, London a 227 total fending off her closest fay. He was accompanied by Mrs. i aw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Miss Drafke a secretary, heW ness conference of the OUver Corp. church in North Henderson. They MUls; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth challenger, Sharron Moran, 20, St. Nelson. En route home they vis- 1 j 0 hn Hahn Jr. of Milan. Kennedy, John Michael, David, Charles, 111., who finished eight i te d friends, the Nelson Gustus strokes off the pace at 235. Leaving Tuesday for a visit hi family in Bloomington and Mr. I Washington were Mr. and Mrs. LaGrange Park, Miss Warner Sunday evening. Those attending were Mr. and purchased the former Mrs, Moving to Oregon, 111., were, ~ w ~ . „ , Mrs. A. B. Rosine and family, Myrtle Nordstrom residence a ¥ r - and Mrs. Harold Hatch and I ***** W ' D< Mac * md month ago. J. R. Hubert, Galesburg; Mrs. Minnie Bonham, Ogema, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. John Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Knapp, Oneida; Fred Nels Erickson, Mrs. Jessie Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ecker and family, Moline; Mr. and Mr$. David .Rosine, Sedalia, Mo.; Mrs, Emily Brown, BushneU; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wilkins, Avon; Mr. Arlene Will Take Detour r Around U. S. their daughter Carolyn. Hatch will | Mrs ' o£ Victoria, be employed there at a lumber yard. Ever add a dash of curry to Callers at the home of their f" ench dressing? Interesting uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. flavor! Budd Putnam, were Mr. and Mrs. • „ ,. u William Paton and family of I j?"? wluch Galesburg. is located at Camp Shaubena. MIAMI (UPI) and Mrs. Ke^B^^ Zd lene ' ^ J 5 "? 1 * M ^"^fa S ™***was expected to pass within 100 miles of the resort isle of Ber- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snell and rr * A i Mrs ' Eve, y n WestfaU attended the Hurricane Ar- WestfaU reunion at Lincoln Parte, Dan, What Cheer, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis and family, , Unil Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hathaway and wuda ™™^J°£?;^ Christine, Everett Hall, Mrs. Nell Stromquist, Rock Island, and Mr. and Mrs. Troy Huff and family, Silvis. Present Services The young folks of Gilson Community Church presented the serv- Forecasters at Miami's hurri- ice at the usual 9 a.m. hour, Sun- said gale day. The choir sang a special nunv Attempted Rape | ^ at0 ^ a y Case Dismissed cane warning center force winds would probably reach Bermuda by midday and there ber, and the Sunday school at was a chance the British island tendance was 64. could be hit by hurricane winds Four of the girls from the church are at Bible camp this In a 6 a.m. EDT advisory the week. Sheryl Brown, Sandi'a Put- weather bureau said Arlene was nam, Margaret Ann Ray and Judy "God It our refug* pment help ia ATTINP CHUiCH SUNDAY Eugene and Lowell Jr. Kennedy, o Gary Abbott, Mrs. Robert Miller Miss Kay Shaw< La Grange, fin- ^ n d Mrs. James Anderson in Pe- Ernest Orwig, Rusty, Loretta and and Kathie, Mrs. E. R. Naslund, ished third with a 242 total. Galesburg. Others attending were Mr. and ford, Mrs. Mrs. Gerald Egnew and Denise, Bloomington, Toulon; Mrs. Miss Rae Ann Wiegert, Rock- Danny, and Mrs. Lucy Orwig. Dean Morgan returned home ona. Mrs. Almeda Samuelson, Mrs. William McMeekaa, David Edmund and Mrs. Duane Monday from Cottage Hospital, Mrs. George Rehn of this area attended the where he underwent surgery. MACOMB—The attempted rape 5 ent f r * d ^.^f" "'LT^ case against a 65-year old Ma- ton S ltude f 0 ™* * ab ^ ut ™ comb man was dismissed Friday mles southwest of Bermuda and on motion of the complaining wit- toward the northeast moving at 12 m.p.h. Forecasters said Arlene had not and tour Oneida, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Nas Leona Naslund, | Meador, Springfield, finished in a LymvAndover homeraakers fourth place tie with 844 but last Friday. They visited places The Chicago Bears won five of lund, Altona; Mr. and Mrs. Her- played off and finished in fourth, of iatere$t in Monmouth and Vi- their last six football games last ness. Clyde W. Rouse Sr. had his. , , . . . L . L . case dismissed in the court 0 f) chan g ed mslze or intensity dux- Police Magistrate Lewis Ebey. He had been accused of tryin The Naslund, Mr. and Mrs. fifth, and sixth respectively. ola. Mrs. Ruth Thompson entertain- seas; man Sandy Sornberger and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Naslund and Don't pay any attention when ed Sunday at a picnic dinner for ily of Yates City, Bud Wilkins family, Ray, David and Daryl small fry let ice-cream-in-a-bowl her three daughters and their family of Galesburg and WiUard Holmes, Kenneth to rape a BushneU girl, 18. complaint was signed by girl's mother. ing the night, but was moving a little faster toward Bermuda. The advisory said Arlene posed the 1 no threat to the mainland of the United States. Naslund and get soft — they like it this way! families, the Robert Bberiey fam-Stagg family of £dwardsville. Some seven million pigs are fattened annually in Denmark. AU shells house animals, fisl not THE BIBLE SPEAKS YOU SUNDAY - 7:45 A.M. WGIL - 1400 kc. This Week's Christian Science Prograi "What About Your Future?" »:S0 Bible School 10:30 Morning Worship 6:00 Youth Groups I'M Evening Services Welcome To Galesbiug's Friendliest urc BAPTIST COt. NOiTH AND HfNOfBSQtf SSJ Rtv. William Thvrfeer, fetfttr t

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