Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 12, 1973 · Page 8
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 8

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 12, 1973
Page 8
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/ 8 6Q («sburq RMister^MQil, Gdlitburo, III. Soturdoy, Moy 12, 1973 Hospital fa Are Honored MONMOUTH ~ Miss Vet* She was presented with a ma Burgos, fttt, WAS honor- certificate of appreciation, a eti for 25 years of service to 25-year pin, mid a money the hospital at a recognition tea Friday afternoon at Com* muttity Memorial Hospital. Miss Burgus graduated from the Burlington Hospital School of Nursing at Burlington, Iowa, and came to the Monmouth Hospital in 1941. She started work as a charge nurse and soon took over the duties of a night supervisor, serving in that capacity until 1063. For the past 10 years she has worked on all units and all shifts. Bandmaster Is To Be Honored MONMOUTH — Lester Mun- neke. bandmaster at Monmouth High School who will retire this spring after 30 years of service, will be honored at a reception May 20 from 2-5 p.m. The reception is being sponsored by the Monmouth Band and Orchestra Parents organization and will be held at the high school all-purpose room. Munneke was selected as co-recipient of the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year award last month. David Turnbull, the 1972 award winner, made the presentation and said, "His contribution must surely be measured in the contributions he has made to the lives of human beings. He has involved an enormous number of students in music and been an ambassador for our city through his band and orchestra students." All residents of the community are invited to the reception. Band-oRama MONMOUTH - The annual Yorkwood Band-o-Rama concert is scheduled for Monday at 8 p.m. at the Yorkwood Junior-Senior High School gymnasium. About 120 bandsmen will participate. This! final event of the instrumental concert season will open with several selections from the middle school band, followed by the junior high band. The program will conclude with the high school concert band. HOSPITAL NOTES Admissions Thursday: Daniel Redmond, Mrs. William Logsdon, Mrs. Bessie Schultz, Monmouth; Mrs. Darrel Wheetley, Gladstone; Mrs. Kirby Dowell, Alexis. Dismissals Thursday: Derrel Liniger, Clinton Shamblin, Mrs. Norman Campbell, Ike Stotler, Daniel Redmond, Mrs. Eugene Hoffman, Mrs. Carl Brownlee, Mrs. Grace Hayes, Mrs. Leone McKelvey, Mrs. Leroy Harrison, Monmouth; Miss Lisa Rogers, Alexis; Mrs. Edward Shelton, Kirkwood. In 1937, George VI was crowned king of England, succeeding his brother Edward, who abdicated to marry American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson. tree by Roger Gurholt, administrator, who said, "Those who know 'Burgle' best know that her philosophy is 'Let's do it right, biit let's get It done/' The other 15 employes recognized for years of service included Mrs. Mabel Brown and Mrs. Elizabeth Essex, both with 15 years of service. Honored for 10 years of service were Mrs. Pauline Clevenger, Mrs. Velma De- Bok, Chalmer Good, Mrs Isabelle fscher, Mrs. Tempa smith and Mrs. Betty White. HONORED for Ave years of service were Mrs. Eva Gal* breath, Mrs, Ann Mclntyre, Mrs. Luella Morse, Mrs. Jean Pierce, Mrs. Mary Sheridan, Mrs. Maxlhe Short and Mrs. Helen Stalter. Miss Burgus also received a pink corsage. The 15-year employes received lavender corsages, the 10-year yellow corsages, and the 5-year em­ ployes were given white corsages. Also honored at the recognition tea were 16 employes retiring from the hospital. Gurholt explained that the unusually large number of people retiring was due to the fact that the hospital retirement policy was changed last year to make retirement mandatory at the age of 65 rather than at 70 as had previously been the custom. THE RETIRING employes and the number of years they worked at the hospital were as follows: Miss May Erlands-on, 29 years; Eldred Yakle, 27; Mrs. Ann Packur, 22; Mrs. Cozene Bollman, 18; Miss Katherine Banger and Mrs. Julia Winebright, H\ MM Bernke Peterson, Mrs. Fred* Potter and Mrs. Evelyn Stevenson, 18; Mrs. Mabel cook, 131; Miss Frances Brarman, 11; Mrs. Velma DeBok, 10; Mrs. Anhtbelte Foust, 0; HaroW HaHberg, 7; Russell B4U0hton and Miss Ruth Bevenour, 4 years. The retiring employes, whose years of service to the hospital totaled 236, were presented with certificates of appreciation and red corsages. Kno ANNABEL PETERSON COtmRSPUKDBNT Mom« Addrtn: Itfft fiitttof it Phon. J»-»l« MONMOUTH Correspondent Mrs. Lorraine Stauth For News 412 S. 10th St. Phone 734-4721 For Missed Copies Before 6 P.M. Phone 734 4m Final Band Recital Sunday Cheerleader* Are Picked fmpvw Knoxville Year KNOXVILLE - Knoxvllte High School cheerleaders for 1973-74 were chosen during the past week. On the varsity squad will be Beth Lacy, Janie Lacy, Sheryl Heatey, Connie CaUopy. Jennifer Hickey, Oak Coffman. The junk* varsity squad Will be Michelle Essex, Karen ROyar, Lori Eklund, Debbie Gladfelter, Cathy Bates, Renee Godsil. Ninth grade cheerleaders will be Diane Larson, Kelly Randall, Julie Hickerson, Jen* nie Dawson, Jane Pettifurd and Becky Brasche. Eighth grade cheerleaders will be Shelley Clark, Tami Cheztin,, Rachel Jones, Sandy Jones, Nancy Taylor and Denis* Hopping. The M.I. Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Bonnie Hopkins April 14 at 1:30 p.m. Hospital Retirees Among 16 employes of Community Memorial Hospital honor- Packur, LPN. Seated in front,' left to right, are Miss Bernice ed Friday upon their retirement are, back row, left to right, Peterson, LPN, Mrs. Freda Porter, LPN, Mrs. Velma DeBok, Mrs. Cozene Bollman, Miss May Erlandson, LPN, Eldred RN, and Mrs. Evelyn Stevenson, RN. Mrs. Velma Burgus, Yakel, Mrs. Mabel Cook and Miss Katherine Banger, NA. RN, in photo top right, receives a corsage from Mrs. Mar- Standing in front, left to right, are Mrs. Julia Winebright, RN, garet Westerfield for her 25 years of service. Miss Ruth Bevenour, Miss Frances Brannon and Mrs. Ann . MONMOUTH - The final recital in a series of four marathon solo programs by members of the Monmouth High School and Central Junior High School bands is scheduled for Sunday at 1:15 p.m. in the music room at the high school. Each member of the two bands is required to appear in a public recital or program in a solo or ensemble event each year, justifying the claim that every member, of the two on MRS. GERALDINE BAUfK Correspondent RFD St. Augustine, III. Phone 492-2477 Ghana Student Speaks to Club Bombs Lonesome Mariners Mrs. Shirley Haycock, left, a Salt Lake City mother of two and Bob Greedy, a Utah auto mechanic, were scheduled to launch their 16-foot canoe "Senior Citizens Ark," on a voyage across the Atlantic Thursday despite last minute pleas from the Coast Guard to abandon the project. Here the couple is shown on a shakedown cruise this week in Mason Inlet, N.C., from where they planned to begin their voyage. UNIFAX PHNOM PENH Cambodian Communist com mandos today attacked government positions at the crossroads town of Tram Khnar, 24 miles south of Phnom Penh, and waves of American fighter-bombers were ordered into the fight. Field reports said an estimat ed force of 400-500 Khmer Rouge (rebel) commandos at tacked the outposts ''at the junction of Highways 2 and 3 at Tram Khnar and the battle had begun late Saturday morning/ Field Officers requested heavy U.S. air support, they said. Other fighting including U.S air support for Cambodian troops was reported north, west mi south of the capital. Field reports said govern ment forces were within three miles of recapturing two positions overrun by Commu nist commandos late Friday, 15 miles west of Phnom Penh. The two outposts, at Wat Phnom and Thmat Pong, were in hilly terrain and evacuated by government troops "after courageously resisting the enemy," Cambodian spokesmen said. Thailand-based U.S. Fills sent shock waves reverberating bonds is a capable soloist. The recitals are a part of the "Scholastic Achievement in Music" program of the band organizations. i Myron S. Mikita serves as solo and ensemble coach. Adjudicator for the final recital tomorrow is Carrol Henderson, band director at Rose-, ville High School. A* A LI. J Parents and friends of the 4* Aoqey LOneS soloists are invited. ' ABINGDON — Amina Misa, American Field Service exchange student from Ghana, spoke to members of the Delphian Club at the club's last meeting of the year May 8 at the Abbe Lanes lounge. Miss Misa answered questions about the culture of Ghana, the climate and agriculture; Mrs. Claude Miller and Mrs. Don Baughman were in charge of the dinner. Abingdon Kiwanis Club will honor high school students it ah annual honors banquet May 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Catholic church. Group I of C.W.F. of the Christian church will meet May 15 at 1:30 p.m. at the church. The administrative board of the Methodist church will meet May 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the church. ost 9 U.S. in Waves throughoutthe area as they dropped their 500-pound bombs on rebel positions. Military sources reported that rebel troops also had surround ed Ang Taset, 16 miles north of Phnom Penh. American jet warplanes flew strikes in the Ang Taset area, along the banks of the Mekong River 20 miles southeast of Phnom Penh where river convoys had come under heavy fire, in . the area beside Highway 5 northwest of the capital and on Highway 7 in Kompong Cham province, 60 miles to the north. U.S. OV10 "Bronco" armed reconnaissance planes also di rected air strikes around Takeo, a threatened province capital 55 miles southwest Phnom Penh on Highway 2, and Kampot, 93 miles southwest oi the capital near the Gulf of Thailand. American planes have been carrying out about 200 strikes a day over Cambodia during the course of the three-month rebe offensive. Other Communist raids were reported along Highway ! northwest of the capital, mill tary sources said. GIRL FREDA Y Girl needed to work in modern downtown office. Experienced in typing, light bookkeeping, telephone answering, and receptionist duties. For appointment call Denise at 342-5612 between 1:30 and 4:45 P.M. VC Charge U.S. Viet Bombing SATH/W mPI\ _ T»M » ViMI . ..... _ .. ii- .. .... .... w SAIGON (UPI) - The Viet anywhere in North or South Cong said today U.S. warplanes Vietnam since the Jan. 28 cease-fire, .although they have have been bombing in South Vietnam since April in violation of the cease-fire. A U.S. Embassy spokesman said the charge is false. He did not elaborate. It was the first time the Communists- have accused the United States of bombing although frequently cited alleged recon naissance flights. Col. Duong Dinh Thao, a member of the Viet Cong's Provisional Revolutionary Government (PRG) delegation to the two-party Joint Military Commission (JMC) supposedly supervising the cease-fire, said American B52s,_F4s and F105s have been bombing along the Cambodian frontier as much as four miles inside South Vietnam. At the same time, a Hanoi broadcast quoted the Viet Cong's Liberation Press Agency as saying that U.S. aircraft had been bombing repeatedly there from May 2 to May 9 Thao added that American B52 heavy bombers had been bombing the same frontier areas of South Vietnam's Tay Ninh province since April. Liberation Press, according to the broadcast by the (North) Vietnam News Agency, said, "Aircraft of the U.S. and Saigon from May 2 to 9 conducted repeated reconnaissance and bombing flights on various liberated areas in Tay Ninh and Binh Long provinces." Asked to specify if these B52 bombings were inside South Vietnamese territory, Thao said, "Yes, on South Viet namese territory." BeirutPeace Marred But 'Agreement Near 9 RRTBTIT nipn _ An flrmiL it *ru \Y\n nntn»vi 4>L ~ i — £1 i„ln • t •» i • . . BEIRUT (UPI) - An army- guerrilla cease-fire, marred Friday by shooting in northern Lebanon and an explosion in Beirut, went into its fourth day today with political sources saying the two sides were closer to a final settlement of heir differences. Guerrillas for the second day running fired on the border post of El Arida 72 miles north of Beirut Friday but retreated into Syria when Lebanese | troops returned their fire. An army communique said there were no casualties among the government troops but made no mention of guerrilla casualties. In Beirut, an explosion blew up a civilian car 100 yards from joint army-guerrilla observation post. The army said "several" persons were killed or seriously injured in the blast, but precise figures were not available. • (A guerrilla spokesman in Damascus said Lebanese Air Force jets for the fourth consecutive day Friday at tacked guerrilla positions in east Lebanon with rockets and ! machine gun fire "despite our complete commitment to the cease-fire agreement." He gave no further details.) Political sources said the government and the Palestinian leadership were nearing agreement measures to restore calm to the country. Joint army- Palestinian observation posts kept watch in areas of Beirut near Palestinian refugee camps Friday and a joint four-man military committee met to ! discuss setting up more such joint positions elsewhere in the country. The naw casualties in the car explosion added to the estimated 180 killed and more than 500 wounded on both sides since the fighting broke out across the country May 2. The current cease-fire, the third since the fighting began, was declared Wednesday and Friday's scattered incidents indicated it was apparently taking hold. The army reported no incidents of any kind Friday in southeastern Lebanon, where thousands oi guerrillas from Syria battled Lebanese forces at various points over a 50-mile stretch of the border Wednesday before the cease-fire was declared. Roseville MRS. IRA LAND Correspondent Roseville P. O. Box 145 Phone 426-2642 Roseville Miss Elected Student Council President ROSEVILLE - Carolyn Worthington, a junior at Roseville High-School, was elected president of the student council May 10. Freshmen, sophomore and junior classmen vote to elect a president each year. The council staff, which includes two representatives from each class and one from each school organization, will be elected at a later date. The Warren County Sportsmen's Club will sponsor a fish fry at the Roseville Park May 26 at 5:30 p.m. The Colfax Community Club will begin its May 16 meeting with a 9 a.m. breakfast at the home of Mrs. Harlan Monroe. Eaqh member will bring a gift for a birthday gift exchange. She Was Alone WEST DRAYTON, England (UPI) - Angela Darby, 19, spent her wedding night alone because her husband of a few hours, Kelvin, 20, could not resist going out for a farewell drink with his friends. Kelvin was injured in a car crash on the way home from he pub Friday and wound up in a hospital. "I didn't object to him going off with the lads," she said. 'And anyway we weren't planning to go anywhere for ^our honeymoon."

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