Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 25, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25. U.S. Brasscos Win Sixth In Row As Taylof Hurls 5-Hit Bali POTENTIAL GREAT By Jack Sorc?5 A package of memories Is being wrapped up. In this overseas Christmas package, by Arthur "Dogwood" Lnko and Penny "Blpncli'e" Singleton. They're sending \i to Corp. Bill c/ny, former producer of their CBS Sunday •ilght series. In the cartoon, which meets government specification's ns to size (not more than 15 inches In length or 36 Inches in length and girth combined) nnd weight (not more than five pounds), are a wooden dummy mike, a home town newspaper, n movie Inn magazine, a hot cios, a milk bottle cap, a Brown Derby saucer (all he pets In the army Is a cup) and a Christmas necfctie. all reminders nf civilian On The Air Today WAI:C Sft-vico VV.fX IJUus C-.M \VATK Kthul WhlAK-WTrC p. m. Time WATR—Tlme \\'J'/i • Don Mar and Albert -Hacks! agi- Wife 1.-| |). Ml. Ovit for Music Norman Show Wl-JAK-VV-TIC -Sti'liu Dalian •!:"» [i. m. WKA F-WTtC- r.or.'iizo .,'oriosi WAI.-iC- Off the tleeord: Singini; Neighbor WATn-V.'J?:----Ncws •l:-io |i. m. WKAF-wrrC Ynung \Vidilor l-irown WATl'4-UVZ Hop irai-rigar. WABC— I':ay Scott Show C:IIU p. m. \VEAF-tt"nC--U'lien a Girl rie.« WABC Vom Kipiiiir Prugra WATK Tur-i-y mill I^ratiM ;":!,"> [i. in, WAF-!C- -Mother and Dad WYtC-Love anil Learn WATR. -Dick Tracy r>\:w p. m. won- -T-j.-n Mix Show VVAHC; --Terry Allen: Th ters VVKAl-'-WTrC-.-Jtist Plain \VATR-\VJX. Jat.-k Armstrong (;:l!ll p. in, Won-- Efeadiinrs; Pi'ayer WAT K- \VT [ C AV V. A P- W., 1 7. - N'e ws 11:15 p. m. WAP.C Mui-ruy Orclt.. Chorus WKAf-"- Sf-rojiudi' to America WATR— Mujiic for Dinlnv WOIi- Kamuna: [nsiclu Hollywood li:,'(li p. m. WOT. Xcu-s I Si:;- .Hill TON3GHT a? VVTIC - V/EAF LILY PONS On The 'TELEPHONE HOUR" sfowsouro nr The Southern New En£lf Telephone Company tin,l Iho Bell Syster LIMITED AMOUNT SHOTGUNS anil 22-CALIBRE AMMUNITION NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NU.AKY HUIM>ING TeJ. 5212 WRAP--Mood is Music.' U'AUC—Juri Sullavan t>.*'l5 p. ID. .... \VOlv—Stan I.onuix \VABC-\Vorld Today U'JX-Hor.ry Taylor \\TIC-WISAF—Lowell Thomas \ and Profit; Interlude 7:01) p. m. VVI^AF-WT-IC- Music Shop U'AErIC- 1 Love a Mystery \-/ATR-VVJX— Horacu 1-ieidt Show V.'OK—F'ulion Lewis 7:15 p. m. \\-E.\F-\VTlC— News of the Work: \VOR---Answer Man WAliC—O:iluline 7:30 p. tn. WOP.—Bulldog Drummond \VEAF-A1 Roth Orch. U'ATIt —Phono Your Answer WABC- -Thanks to the Yanks WJ!i- Lone .Ranger 7:-ir> p. in. •A'EAF-Ncwn \VATK—Latin-American Music S:IM) p. in. \VATR-\VJX-Watch the World Go By \VICA F-WTtC—Cavalcade WABC- Vox Pop U'ATK- WOR— News «:I3 |>. m. WJZ-WATR -Lum 'n' Abncr \VOR--Sunny Skylr.r 8:30 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Concert Orch. WATa-\\-J5i—Blind Date WABC—Cay Ninetie.s Kevue .S;-I5 p, in, VVATR-WJZ!—Blind Date WuK~-Sheivjcl< Holmus !>:«» p. m. \VTJC-\f EAI-'—Symphonic Orch. WAUC — P.adio Theater WOK - Gabriel hfoattor WJ3-WATU—Counter-Spy i<:."u p. in. \VATIVWJZ--Spotllxht on Cuf,-at WOK- -Music for Worship WTIC--IVlletle:'e'K Orch. WliAF • -Information Please 111:1)0 p. m. V/EAF-WTfC- Cov, DC wcy WOii- News WJ2-WAT11—Raymond G. Swing WAIiC—Screen Guild 10:15 p. m, WATR-\VJ5J--Tud Malonc III:'JI> p. ni, WABC--Johnny Morgon Show \VJ.;AF-\\'TfC—"Dr. I. Q." WOrt-- Symphor.ette WJK- -I'tadio .Show Time WATR- -News; Gc--jd Olt- Days 11 :IHt |). in, ALL Stations—News ll:lf> p. m: WATR-\VI-:AF-WTtC—News WABC-- Joan Brooks WJX— .SiiWL-rji; Trio WO I'.- -Nuw.i M::ii> p. m, UTCAF—.For the Jiecord WA.BC--Johnnv Long Orch WJ«-\VATR—SsiludoM Amigos WO R--Brand Wynne Orch. 11 :>I5 p. in. WEAF—Denny Beckner Orch, Dcdger Rockies Unable To Hit Colored Lad Effectively, Striking Out 15 My. At BREWEll Johnnie Tiiylbr, Ne(,'ro lad from larlford. was too much for the Brooklyn "Roolcles" yesterday at he Stadium as he hurled the Brusscos to t holr sixth straight triumph of the year, 2-0, with his masterful pitching. Taylor was in complete command, striking out no lest; than .15 future major leuj,-m; stars. The former Cuban allowed but five hits which he kept well scattered, • • •• . 'A'l the credit does not belong- to. Dodgers-Braves Played 26-lnning (Tie In 1920 Taylor 'as it. WHS Benny Siuilillo. •;f City League fame that pulled him out of a hole in the eighth with n front running catch' of McCltisky's powerhouse drive in deep right. At the time) of Snn- tillo's coach two Dodgers were on the buse paths. Both teams battled on 'even terms until the Br.isscos' half of the. third when they pushed two markers, across .the plate, Taylor the first, batter', sent a . whistling; single thi-jugh the infield. .Edwards followed .with a line drive '.6 loft. Smith grounded to .Rooney, who cut clown Edwardsd " at .the keystone. With runners on third uncl first, Tommy Yauilln, of New Haven, came, through .with a single to right, scoring- both meii. Taullla pulled-up at .second on the late play nt home. Jimmy'Slason, former major leaguer, doulflod to cento-. Yauilla was out at 'the Plate. Hronch to Boryski to Cer- .u-inski in a fancy piece of fast, fielding. Croon hit a long fly to Mullen to end the scoring 1 for the day. /The Davimcn had several opportunities to score but the sensation"i fit'lding of Bobby' Boryski, at short and Eddie Mullen in left weac i! big asset to' Whiley Burgle r, former International Loaguo hurlcr. Both of these youngsters arc only 17 years old. In the eighth Andy Santillo hit a long triple to right center and in attempting to score a homer' tuurnccl hiu nnglc between third and home. He was an easy victim for the final out and should have been held at third. He finished the game behind the plate in pain. After the game ho could not get ' his shoe on and wont home walking in his socks, N'cxt Sunday afternoon at the Stadium the Brasscos will lock horns with the West Haven Sailors or the Morlden Contellcoes for the State semi-pro championship. Johnny Taylor is expected to be hack on the mound for the locals. L-Klgers 0 000 00 COO—0 5 2 Brassc.os .... 0020.00000^2 9 3 When the arguments over great baseball pitchers grow hot, the i Kim us of Joe Ouschgcr and Loon Cadore don't get much attention.' It's the magic names of Matthewson, Johnson, Grove, Feller, and the others, that come to the front in those sessions. But when, an old- timer settles, back and says: "What .was Die best pitching job I ever saw?" He's likely to mention Joe Oeschgor and Leon Cudore. . And lie's likely to tell 'you about the time they battled for 20 innings,' :md only quit when the gathering' duck on the Boston Braves' field forced the umpires, to call .the game en account r.if darkness.' Onri old-timer in particular can j tell'you how that'game unwound-' for. almost four hours. Hc!s Walt Koike, and he can. tell . because he playod tirst base for the Brnvqs that ll;1 i', caruied a big bat during his major league o'ays. He came up to .tho New York Gi.'ints ns a rookie first, sackcr in 191C. And he stepped into an important late season game as n pinch hitter with the buses loaded and blasted out a hit that won the game. That made him a regular for the Giants and established him as a big leaguer. Holke played an important part 'in the 2C-gamc winning streak that, 'the Giants swung into just a few days hftur he broke into the lineup. He stormed through 31 games 'that Fall and wound-up with a bat- ling average of .351. That topped the National league. but Walt didn't get Into enough games to make his mark ollicial, and Hal won the crown that year with a 339 average. In 1919 the Giants traded Holkc to the Boston. Braves, and ho was- with them when they took the field against the Brooklyn, Dodgers on a Saturday afternoon, May 1st, 1920. It was Joe Oeschger on the mound for the Braves', and Leon Cadore for the Dodgers. Just another game in the regular season. But it turned into one of the.most i famous contests ever played. , Both pitchc'rs opened up well. Paul Gallagher Hurls Five Hit Ball As Mates Hit Hard Beacon Falls Takes Dusty Pin Loop Lead Falls plant of th Co. too!', the lead o The BoacM U. S. Rubber the N.Mu;;a-liie!c Industrial low! in); league when they tool: thro straight grrjme.s from Eastern leable Iron. Three teams are lic-c. .:jr second place, after winning, 3. from ,their opponents: Chemical U. S. Rubber, and Butterficld. The U. S. Rubber to.-jni appeara to be the strongest, having ga,lh- ';r«l a total pinJ'al) of 3.73 G in three icj Friday night. Chemical boasts another strong team which knocked 1.G5-I pins for .1 loop the same night. Bristol, which lost twice to the U. S. Rubber Co., had a pinf.ill of 3,008 to show another strong team. Beacon Fallis had 3,.097 wnen it look three from 12.MI. The scores: K. M. I. (01. Tigers Keep On Winning; Browns Beat As In Ninth AMKBICAX LKAGUE Frank Parker Wins Another Tennis Title Los Angeles, Sept. 25—(UP.) — Sergeant J^rankie Parker, National men's singles tennis champion- captured the Pacific Southwest sin- Tics ciown by downing Bill Talbert of Minneapolis. And in the women's division. Pauline Betx disposed of .Margaret Oshorne to t:ike the women's title. FINE DOUBLE BILL SHOWING NOW AT THE LOEW THEATER GREAT STORY OF AIRPLANE CARRIER NOW AT STRAND K«r Di'priidalilr t'ln- Iti.siii'iin On Vour J<'iirnlluru Sec: Joseph V. Rosko, rill Street Tel. Smart DRESSES Wools - Crepes Fall S895 SKKVIOK Phone Us! _ 1 . X0 . 1 Olijcvitinn Waterbnry Heating- Co. S3 Ji|>rlri(,- St., wtJiy. 't-M~ "Waterloo .Bridge," Vivien Leigh's second American film, starring her with Robert Taylor, which is now playing at Loew Poli theater, wiiich audiences acclaim her as one of tho greatest actresses yet to hit the screen she docs a remarkable job In acting in this hit and even patrons having seen this hit years ago. still love to see her and see a truly wonderful story, "Waterloo Bridge." Robert " Taylor shares tlic honors in acting- in this one and surely one can't forget all the other big hits he made in the past. Miss Leigh and Taylor are pert'iictly teamed as th'e romantic Ic'ivurs in the timely Robert E. She'-wood drama. As Myra Lester, a piHite ballet dancer, Miss Leigh displays a more charming, gentler and more sympathetic side of her vivid personality than she did in her Academy Award performance of Scarlett O'Hara. It is difllcult to believe that the same actress could portray two such opposite roles. Taylor makes the most of a clltll- cult characterization as a young British o;(lccr, Capt. Roy Cronin,. who meets the little dancer on historic Waterloo Bridge during an air raid, winning her heart in a whirlwind twenty-four hour ro- mnr.cp. The co-hit on this exciting pro- gt-rim of hits is "Strangers In The Night' 'with William Terry and Virginia Grey. Imagine 200 sailors running out (in Bf'tiv Grable! That's jusi what happens in ono ft thn scenes in 20th Century-Fox's epic picture, "A Wing and a Prayer —!ho Story of Carrier X." Tho scene shows Don Ameche, Dana Andrews. Charles Biclcford and thn 200 irobs watching luscious Betty in "Tin Pan Alley," as it is heinir screened in the mess hall of the carrier. Just as Betty goes into | a pulse pounding hula, "ecncral Quarters" sounds over the loiiil speaker system and the boys race to their li.itt-lc stations. While director Hathaway was pleased with the shooting nf the scene, he never imagined it would have so eomulicatcd an aftermath. Bcforo a half-hour had passed he was presented with a petition signed by 200 frustrated extras "strongly urging" him to make some arrangements whereby they could soo in. least., the rest of Betty's dance on the screen. Suitable ar-- ran.'.'Cments were made—with a fat overtime bill presented by the projectionists, tho electricians and •others involved. " t "Wing and a Prayer" is tho current feature at the Strand and also stars Williani Eythe in-it's all I male cast. The co-feature on the pro present Strand bill is Laurel and Hardy's newest laugh riot, "The Big Noise." .Neither' team could score through the first, four innings. Walt Holkc was having the busiest day of his career nil first, with more putouts than he'd ever handled in his life. The Dodgers broke the ice in the fifth—they bunched a couple of hits and ono run crossed the plate. It looked hie, but the Braves came back to dent Cadore for one run of i.hcir own in the sixth. That martc It one-all nnd the bitter struggle v.-nnt. on through the ninth and in- t.o overtime. . The fans kept their places in thn stands. Dinner could wait—this \vn.« one. of tho tightest ball games ever played. And on first base Walt Holke went, right on making more outO'Jts than' anyone had over rolled up before. In the ISth, ,the l(5th. and 17th. the game moved.'And then the Dodgers rallied tn make their threat. With only on'i' out 'they filled the bases. And Kliot—the Dodder catcher— "stepped In. •Too Oeschger was tired. He rammo'l the ball down and Elliot rappe'd llic ball 'straight back to the mound. Ooschger grabbed the li.ilI an'rl pitched'it to catcher Irtdnk Oowdv at the plate, forcing the runner from third—two outs—and Gnwrty whipped the b.ill to first, trying to double 3211iot. But 1 . Hank's throw was wide. Wn.'t Holke stepped out to get it and Eliot Crossed.the bag. Suddcn- Iv thn crowd roared. Bi'noklyn's first b a s c m a n— Kone.tchy—who had been on second whin tho play started, had turned third and was streaking for the plato Holke was still digging the ball out or the dirt. He lucked it u.p and threw in the same motion, and tho wild toss pulled dowdy away from thep lute. .But right thero Hank saved the game, He caught Ihe ball, tu'rned to f-he plate, and dived into Konetchy's flashing apikes barehanded. Tho umpire's arm went up—three out. And after that the game dragged into the record-breaking 26-inning tie. .''..; UJy Uni(«:l. Pross) ! The Detroit Tiyers—opernting be-I hind the steady hurling of lefty Hal Nowhouser—• broke loose with 15 hits t-p trounce the Boston Red Sox 9 to 5 am) keep .1 firm hold on the American league lead. The Bengals maintained their load of one full game over the pace-koeping St. Louis Browns and their bigger lead of four and one half games over tho Yankees of N'ew York. . . ' . St. Louis held ils record with a • 3 to 2 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics. Jack Kramer... and Jesc ITlores tangled 1 in a pitchers Yesterday'* Result* Detroit '.), Bosion 0. St. Louis 3, Philadelphia 2. Cleveland -I, New York 1. Chicago 0, Washington 3 (1st). Chicago 2, Washington 0 (2d). J. Valento . .. W. Noble J. Eerno J. NiKiolek . . F. Marcellua Total T. J3archin:;ky J. Hawkins .. M. Juy.winben Karaban ... Colon: be ... Kara bar. .. Total .. f>0 S-l 73— 253 .. 05 00 131— 336 303 101 101— 310 . 90 IOC 03— 2S9 . OS JOS 11C— 313 •i~G -JS9 522—1-537 JJ. K CO. . 03 139 110— 322 12-1 93 HO— 332 130 S7 _ 206 . 95 120 310— 334 . 93 310— 203 303 97— 200 Five Runs In Fourth tut Game On Ice As Toe] Fielding Blows Up , U.. S. Rubber «ofibn.l]«>rs clinched the * Waterbury title, .-iftcr <lef<:,-,.Ur Watei-bury Tool in tho game- of ;r championship xerii^ tcrday. The locals had a victory^ .02.) 527 5-JC—:597 Chemical (2). L. Triano 332 33-! 320— 366 F. Marrollo 99 105 111— 315 F. Gallucci 315 300 — 230 It. Grele 97 9G— 193 S. Wurtonberg . 132 139 138— 3-59 A. PisUiJ-eDi 300110— 236 their credit previous to Lilt and so swept the scries straight, A big fourth inning, art*,, ff 2-3. yave thnP.ub oad, which they held and jy the end of tho game. J n n fourth the Tool fell apart, mak.'rj; our errors. Lx-fty F.irrar hit a homer in tU ccond innina: to send the Rubber nto the lead, but Tool came bwi vith.two in their part of the ^5. iid. Kubco got three mon in ijj, rsl of the seventh to provide ia nexpectedly large-.margin of vie- ory, 10-3. Manager Sy Seiberling ehov«; 3 aul G.-ill.-igher on the mountf to top the Tool, and Paul succc^Jej n his efforts, giving the Tool only vo hits. Hardy Browell pitchtii iu Tool. Fan-ar got three hiti- lis homer and two singles. Tht ther hits were scattered through- ut the lineup. The U. S. Rubber second nj»io: hampionship offered by the IRA came after a tough, uphill struggle. A bad break when a forfeited gssu was ch.ilkcd up against them tiriy in tho sea-son, and two other clos* defeats saw them—hopelessly OK of the running. But they played good ball for the rest of the sts- son ,and finally got. tie title. Th« sea-son record is 29 wins and eight losses, including the forfeiture. The score by innings: U. S. Rubber . .010 500 H—10 II '• Tool 020 010 0—3 The Stand! njj ba-ttle. for eight innings, but Flores weakened in the ninth and the Browns moved in to cake the game. Cleveland virtually misled the New' York Yankees from the running' with a -1 to 1 victory over Hank 3orowy. At the bottom of the lenguo the sixth place Chicago While So.-c pushed, the Washington Nats deeper with a double win over the Senators 'J to •" and 2 to 0. In. the National league every team' played a double bill. The Giants and the Pirates split their program when the Now Yorkers took the opener Oto-l. but dropped the second game, 3 :.•_>. 2. At Brooklyn the Dodgers trounced Ihe Chicago Cubs, ]0 to 3, in the first game but dropped the next gome to the Bri:ins. •! lo 3. And at Boston the Braves gnvc up both ends of a double licadcr to the Cincinnati Reds. 2 to 1 and '1 to- 0. Meanwhile tho St.- Louis Cards stretched their victory 'string by two more with a twin win over Philadelphia -1 to 3 n.nd'1 to 0. Detroit .... Si. Louis ... New York .. Boston Cleveland .. Chicago .... Philadelphia Washington • L. Pet. S-! 63 .571 S3 C-3 .OG5 79 67 .5-11 "7-1 73 ,503 .- 70 77 .-476 69 77 .-173 67 SO .4tX .;..'.... 61 S6- .«5 biel Today's«, rltchcru New York at Chicago (2) — Du(12-12) and Queen (5-2) vs GI-JVI! i.M-13) und Hayncs (5--O. Philadelphia at Betroit— Hamlin i.u-ll) vs. Gentry <11-J2). Washington at Cleveland — Haefner (12-1-!) vs. Henry (0-0). Boston nt St. Louis— O'Neill (611) vs. Potter (17-7). Total . .. B. .Vaz .. . E. Larson R. Cuddy . A. Johnson Jones , Total ... F. 035 56-! 5C'5—K Jtisdon (I). 103 110 ]02— 313 32 103 311— 30S ..i S^ 309 111— 30-i 92 123 ICO— 33.5 135 12-! 136— 355 •ISC 569 o-;0—1595 NATIONAL, LEAGUE (1st. Buffalo Takes Lead Over Balto. In I. L Vesterduy's Result* St. Louis •;, Philadelphia 3 lu). St. Louis 1, Philadelphia 0 (2d). Brooklyn 10, Chicago 3 (1st). Chicapo -I. Brooklyn 3 (2d) . New York 3, Pittsburgh •! (1st). Pittsburgh •". New .York 2 (2d). Cincinnati 2, Boston i (1st). Cincinnati 1, Boston 0 <.2d). St. Louis . Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chic.iyo . . . New York Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia The Standing . \V 10] L. •16 S7 59 S-! 02 70 75 CM S2 C9 $6 GO'S7 5S S7 U. Kloc .... Bottoi-f . Jar. us . . In gram \V. Rado Carnarol: Total . . S tron k .. Mortenson Altiere Clark Total Rubber Co. (2), 100 102 123— 325 HO 136 131— 377 105 110 121— 336 97 — 97 105 117 l-',9— 371 111 99—210 Ansonia High Takes Old Ivy, 19-6 517 L7G 623—1716 Uristol's (I). 102 10-1 90— 296 :?. .... 117 107 122— 3.1G V 101 91 — IS 10.3 111 D3— 30 105 348 S5— 34 117— 11 525 5G1 519—1GO Buttorfield (2). J. L-jmbardi .... 103 122 122 34 S. Forza. S4 101 JW— 2S Summa 9-1 l-n 107— 3 P. Lasky 113 95 57— 3 05 J. Lombard: M 9* 103— 293 Total .5% .. r )7i .-is; .-533 .411 .-ids .-100 In determining the distribution of legislative seats, California excludes aliens who are not eligible tor naluralization. ; . New- York, Supt. 2r;—(U P)—In Louisville ' t-h e Colonels of the American association took their second .straight game over the St. Paul Saints, G to 0, and estnb- •lishcd a two-game lead in their final playoff. In the leaffue, the Buffalo Bisons took the lead in their playoff series with the Ealti- more Orioles by'nabbinp their third game -in five starts. If tho Bisons win . one more pamo in the series l.hby will eliminate Baltimore one! face 1 Newark in the finals. Today's Games. ?ilclier» Cincinnati at New York—Heus- sei' (13-S) vs. Brewer (1-!). St. Louis at -Brooklyn—Brochcen (15-5) vs. Melton (S-ll). Chicago at 'Philadelphia (2-twi- nifrht)—Chip.-nan C12-9) and Lynn M-31 vs. Gerheauser ts-15) nnd Barrett (11-17). Pittsburgh at Boston (2-suspcnd- ed j,'ame of. Aug-. 1 and regular same)—Roc (13-10) and Sewell 1.20-12) vs. Barrett (in both S-15). All cruisers and battleships of the U. S. carry detachments of the marina corps. Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing lOfl SOUTH MAIN' ST. Telephone 4090 ALCAZAR TONIGHT, X GAKFIELD • PAUL IIJiNJJRICKS • KUSANOR .fAllKKR in "BETWEEN TWO WORLDS" TUBS. - WED. - THURS. HEPBURN in in ''DRAGON SEED" LATTREL and;HARDY "Tin- -"DONIMECHI.. MM ANDREWS-WIILUM EftM Sl " «"!« K»»»(CKl . Enamait Cooper Jok Hogan lokas -190 553 553—1596 Synthetic (1). G. Waite 'Total ... 110 101 — 211 SS S7— 175 ... 100 117 105— 322 ... 100 114 10!;— 32S Ita 99— 203 ... 127 100 1<M— 331 53-1 536 500—1570 ROBBED Boston, Sept, 25— <UP)— Thieves added insult to injury 1.0 Arthur Doyon of Pawtucket," R. I. One snatched his wallet containing SS5 nt North station, Doyon pursued- him and had just caught the bandit, when an accomplice hit the Ar.sonia hifirh poworhoused Crosby Saturday at tho SunJium,' 3M, 3.s Old Ivy fought Ihe big 1 Laves- dor to a 6-G dealock in the flrs half. The tall, powerful team Troa down the valley looked bad a spots, but made up for it in the Utter part of the 1 game, •w.'horrtisy -scored two more touchdowns, sad kept the Blue at bay. If Crosby had had a half-decent passer, the pamo mig-hr have has different story. Johnny Reardjo on whose shoulders rest all thrct duties of kicking, passing, and running, 'did all right in the MUr, jut Jiad difficulty on the first two, with the wind causing a couple o! kicks to go sour, and giving loo much lead for the intended receiver. Crosby may yet develop into t strong- threat as the season gow on, but Ansonia looks "it," and probably win be the best tc.-un ia the state after a little more polish has been added. Four Bouts On Arena Card Wed. New Haven, Sept. 25—Pat Welsh comes back to the mat at the Vrena hero on Wednesday nipht to ace Tony Martinolli in a two-out- of-threo falls battle. Welsh, brawny Irish bonccrushcr, made his S«w iaven debut last week with a two traiftht win over Rudy Dusel;. 'ednesday's card present? Jim Vustcri and Tony Colesano in * lie-fall semi-final, and two •ill complete the program. de Island man on the head and ook the remaining $17 from hi* ockct. Again! The Screen's Most Romantic Pair! VIVIEN LEIGH and ROBERT TAYLOR Itt M-G->rH cvoivbcauutul "WATERLOO BRIDGE" • • - A MEBVYJf IxinOY Production ". with LUGILE WATSON • .VIRGINIA FIELD MARIA OUSPENSKAYA • C. AUBREY SMITH i^m^m^^ She Clorlcxl in Evil . . . Yearned for Love! STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT ^William; TERRY • Virginia GREY S POll NOW PLAYING Starts Friday: Eleanor Powell in 'Sensations of 19*5' DC ItlQ

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