The Milan Exchange from Milan, Tennessee on May 18, 1876 · Page 2
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The Milan Exchange from Milan, Tennessee · Page 2

Milan, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1876
Page 2
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MILAN EXCHANGE. rmcszrn bate. TwesVellar yewrl cue daller for d x asesrthrj nr mmi (ur three mcnUis, utiouit n ap-eaaws. AtrrcxTisnrQ katcbl I w-k .week Jflfaj 1 W ft tJ 40 W WW 80 00 nm to 00 w w M w lanU ( W 1 I- wwff w a war w a 8 eo a Sooxj www 00.4s 00,: ms 00 1 001i 90 Dowble-eolnma advertinanto. Idfumt. ed- vaooa en the above rate. Tris4e-oiame adverUsemeats. H) per emit. M- nmtkilnnt. , , ... Advertisements to eorupy special position, 10 are t advance oa the above rate. readies: saatter.) 10 mtl per line. Katicea. ' UB IB Ml typ All traslstedvisemutamtrlbpld' fori" ad ranee. Yearly aJverUseinenU. auarterly OaTtaaciMVtbatw at Respect an 4 remark en saarriTe. one-half f regular rate. Pimrla UkoiMMMiU of marriages an 4 death la-eerted gratis. THUESDAY, MAY 18, 1876. Mr. F. B. Fiabcr, the talented editor of the Alamo Sentinel, vas married, on the 10th tost, to Miss Lid Fleming, of A I mo. We congratulate our happy friend and hia beautiful bride. Slatter sent ft young aligator back to Tennessee, but it died before he got Lome, Of mtm be couldn't aee it after he had left the intoxicating climate of Louisiana. But if he goes to the Centennial he will pee tbem in abundance. A whole car load was recently gent there frow Florida. Dr. William W. Hall, the well-known editor of Haifa American Journal f Health and Medicine, had an apoplectic rtroke while walking in Park arenue on Wednesday evening. He was takes to Cornelius Vander-Lilt's nouse, and there he soon died. Dr. Hall was born in Paris, Ky., October 15, 1810. By reference to a comntintcation in another column, from Trexev&nt, It will be soon that Col. Ike Hawkins, the great Kiuiical Jijrht of Carroll, has make an out-and-out repudiation tpm-h. II wants to repudiate not only our State debt, but the entire national ch-bf, and claims that it hi tir duty to do so. What do our Republican friends, who have been charging Democrats with being repu-distionl'U, wy to that 7 How is the Huntingdon liepublicau on this que tkm ? A terrible war of races has broken out in Loui.-Una. On Friday night about thirty negroes went to the store of a white man, near Laurel Hill, Wot Ffliriana parwh, and called him to the door and riddled him with bullet. A posse from Bayou Sara went on Saturday for the body. The negroes would notive it up. A fight ensued and three negroes were killed. Two white men are missing. Later news is that there was a regu lar engagement between the white and colored men. Three whites are reported killed. The country is ablaze with excitement All the whites are armed and in saddle. Seventeen negroes arc reported killed. A man may become a member of the Tenner Immigration, Labor and Ileal Estate Association by taking one tbarc at fire dollar, or he can take as many shares at five dollars as he may desire. There is no individual liability on the part of the stockholders. The Association imposes to use all the funds they may obtain in bringing immigrants into the country. All members of the Association who have lands ftr sale will ltave them advertised without additional cost. The Association will sell the lauds belonging to it members in preference to any other land. The Association can Kt and will not sell any lands with-it the assent of the owner?, and at irkta fixed by them. In the course of Major Sjkes' speech at this place on Saturday, the 6th, he used the following remark, as reported in our last itir-. "We need a i-liu, said he, of small furwers, owning from eighty to 160 acres of laud, who will cultivate their own land and not rely on hired labor except as help in time of harvest or ra making preparation for the next year's crop." This truth is strangely illustrated in . the neigh- 1orhood of Gadsden or Bell's Station, iu Crockett county, or near BartJett, , in ShelSv count r. Wc learn that bo- j taeen bW) and 5100,000 worth oft Final, fruits and berries will, in all rrolmbility, le riiijpd from Gatldden and Bell's Sution this, year, and also a large amount from Bartlett. More uotier is made iu this way than on the large plantations. They aie commencing the same kind of business around Milan, and, we doubt not, it wOl be found to be very profitable, if fkillfulty managed. Like all other bifeincsb, however, it require skill and doe attent ion. Sometimes there may be failures, but as a general role it will be far more profitable than the ystem we have iu.Tued. On these f mall farms cot only fruit can be raised, but hogs, tattle, poultry, and all other things cecetary for tbo sop-port of a family. The independent t mall f-nu", w ho are seif-susUiniug, arcT.Lat wc rr.TK-h crcd. r ? u n I f I ' : : l lid 1 & 4 BO! B 1 aiaissil tMIMl tt It 4 00 10 SO T to it w I 1 11 M 1 woonoo 12 06 20 00 myenn xbw. HI Curtis baa been recaptured. Johsjou, the escaped Express convict, wwa arrested in Xeotnckj a few dars since. Tbt Tenoeoea and Pacific Ballrpcd was sold, o day last week, for 1170,000. Mrs. Sarah F., wife rf Hon. Milton Brown, of Jackson, Tenn., died on tht 10th last OreeirrBk Kew Era The wheat crop la Upper East Tennessee was never more promising than now, and with tha prospects fox 'an abundant crop of apples our people may look for a season of prosperity. The tobacco prospect is undoubted' ly the gloomiest ever presented. We do not believe the greatest energy wOl secure a tenth crop. It is almost a clean sweep. Here and there we can hear of one who has a few plants, but wherever the flies have made the attack there is total destruction. The most favored will not exceed a half crop, while many will not set a plant. There has never been anything like it known. Tobacco Leaf. The case of Dr. D. 8. Johnson, charged with having committed an abortion on Kate McCormick, tried and honorably acquitted by the Criminal Court, on Tuesday, deserves more than passing mention. The evidence showed that injustice had been done by the verdict of the Coroner's jury, and that no indictment should have been found. The prosecution was pressed with more than nsual vigor, and the Doctor was ably defended by ex-Attorneys General Wallace and Horrigan. The result was a complete vindication of Dr. Johnson from any improper or unprofessional act in connection with the case, the jury, after a very brief consultation, bringing in a verdict of not guilty. The press will, doubtless, by publishing the result of the trial, in some measure repair the injustice done the accused in giving publicity to the grave but unfounded charge. Avalanche. atEEJCilOFS) W4KU. Over a million of the Moody and Sankey hymn-books have been sold. Toplndy's " Rock of Ages is the centennial hymn, having been written in 1776. Ira D. Sankey, Moody's singer, is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Newcastle, Tcnn. Rev. LV Newman Hall fays the churches of Great Britain have lort 30,000 members within three years by intemjicraDce. The Reformed Epi?copal Church will send delg:e to thePre?jyfe:ian General AeemoIy and to the General Synod of the Reformed Church. The Sister of Charity at Carton, Nevada, have purchased the race track near that place, and will erect a nunnery and orphan asylum upon the site. While the Catholic populav'on of England doe not ready exceed 2,000,- ,000, and the Catboli.- population of Ireland i 4,000,000, that of ihe United States is 6,0OO,W0. The American Ljp.ii-t ML-siooary Ui ion will hold i't anniversary in the Washington eireet Baptist chr'.h of Buffido, N. Y., M y 23 aud 24. Sermon by Rev. Wayland Hart, of Boston. May 21, 1877, fifty years will lave passed mhcc Pope fius IX. was ap jKjuitcd archbishop of Spu'e. o by Pope Leo XII. In 1869 his holiae-s celebrated his golden jubilee as a p:iest; iu 1861 his silver jubilee as Pope. At the beginning of the prc-ent century there were le? than 2,000 churches in the United States, or one to alxwt 1,600 of the inhabitants. Now there arc nearly 76,000, or about one to every 600 of the inhabitants. Rev. Dr. A. G. Haygood, of the Methodist Church, South, and president of the Emory College, has prepared a vulume, which is now in press, that treats of tlte spiritual culture of children. Dr. Lovic Tierce writes the introduction. The Third Presbyterian church of Allmoy, N. Y., has honored both itself and a Worthy pastor by giving the Rev. Dr. Ilallcy, now over fifty years in the mscistry, a salary of f 1,500 a year, and relieving him from all pastoral duty. The act is as much one of justice to a deserving pastor as of creditable generosity on the part of a grateful and appreciative church. There u danger that the Disciples will lose Bethany College, in Western Virginia, their chief aeat of learning. It was established by Alexindcr Campbell, aud has been a great blessing to the denomination which he founded. There is a claim of 150,000 against it, which the churches do not hasten to remove; and it is said that the Methodists are ready to take the burden from their shoulders. Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis ac-com panied by tbei youngest daughter, Miss Winnie, and bar likewise youthful companion, Miss Pinnie Meredith, are to sail from New Orleans for Europe direct, on Saturday next. The Common Council o? Osage, Iowa, has started a drouth in that town by fixing the price of liquor liccufea at $10,000. Harrison testified against Elaine, Monday, and left that Presidential aspirant in aa ogly fix as regards those bond?. SSsTKlL SKWa, The real estate of Atlanta, Georgia, k assessed at II 5,000,000. Tha peach crop in Southwestern Texas promises a fair yield this year. The National Greenback Convention met in Indianapolis, yesterday. A wolf seven feet two inches long was killed sear Porter's Spring, Ga., last week. The complaint of rast in the growing wheat seems to be pretty general throughout Georgia. The Tusctrmbia Alabamian says there will not be a peach or plum in the Tennessee valley this season. Under the new time table, the run by rail between New Orleans and New York is reduced to sixty-two hours. A Mrs. Day, of Russell county, Ky., was recently delivered of four boys at a birth. Her husband now knows "what a Day may bring forth." Texarkana, a town of 200 inhabitants, is claimed by both Texas and Arkansas, the State line dividing the town in the centre. Taxpayers are happy because they don't recognize the assessment of either State. Jasper county, Texas, b producing an excellent quality of tea. The News-Boy says the plant grows unusually large, and it will require but a small plat of ground to furnish a family with this expensive and yet almost necessary article. An Englishman who insulated his bedstead by placing underneath each post a broken-off bottom of glass bottle, says that the effect was magical ; that he had not been free from rheumatic gout for fifteen years, and that he began to improve immediately after the application of the insulators. A proposition has been submitted to Congress to have storm-flags, carried by locomotives of passenger trains, and announced by three whistles every few miles. It is assumed that " this warning would enable the farmers to save hay and grain which otherwise would be injured by the rain to the amount of several million of dollars a year. It having come to the knowledge of the "Good Templars of England" that the white population in the United States is antagonistic to associating with the colored race, they have passed a resolution, at their last meeting in London, to the effect that if Americans are determined to o'tab-lish a distinction of races in works of humanity and temperance, the order in England cannot hold any further intercourse with them as brethren. The Galveston News' special, dated Rio Grande City, May 13th, says: "At daylight this morning, Escobado left Mier with bis force, and it is reported that there has been hard fighting near Camargo. It is not known which side has gained the day. The report states there were 300 killed and 1,000 wounded. A shell struck a church in Camargo killing the priest and four women at prayers. Four large boats are landing infantry oppose Camargo, on the San Juan river. A correspondent of the Southern Plantation, a Grange paper, has an admirable letter in which, after stating his objections to the Grange interfering in such pursuits as the law, banking, life insurance, etc., he odds : "Others are advocating Grange stores. I think there are too many merchants already, and I am of the opiuion that dry goods arc as cheap as we should demand, and from what I see, there is not much money made on meat at this time; this cannot be visited upon our grocers. So it seems that a good cause exists why the Grange should not pull out of the course blazed out for us in cur ritual." The public money spent by Grant, through his tool, Davenport, to carry New York City in 1872, is proven to have been at least 34,000, out of a fund appropriated for other purposes, and even the easy conscience of nn Ackerman and, a Williams shrank from giving legal sanction to such a palpable outrage of law, without the President's express order. Even Whitley, the detective, who had charge of the fund for discovering frauds, and was willing to go any lengths to serve his master, would not give this money to Davenport without the express orders, in writing, of the Attorney General; and they fell back on Grant for orders. AaaJirMiaeata foe Braell ml Creditors. A recent decision in the Sixth Circuit in the bankruptcy case has been vaguely mentioned in the news of the day as one of considerable importance, but the point decided has been very imperfectly stated. The Detroit Free Press now brings us the full text of the decision, from which it appear that the judges in that Circuit, compromising the State of Ohio, Michigan, Ken-tacky, Tennessee and West Virginia, have hitherto declined to treat a general assignmeut for the equal benefit of creditors as an act of bankruptcy, though a different practice prevailed in all the other Circuits in which the Jueetion has arisen. The case now ecided, via.. Globe Insurance Company of Chicago against the Cleveland Insurance Company, was one in which the point was involved. Judge Em-moos, in ruling it, intimated that the Judges of the Circuit had heretofore been constrainei against their convictions by a ruling aud a dictum of Judge Swajne. But a letter from Judge Swayne requested that a decision might be made independently, aud Judge Emmons accordingly held, in accordance with the decioiona in the other Circuits, that a general assign meat for the benefit of creditors is an act of bankruptcy. A HEW srTABT. And now the Cincinnati Commercial demands the payment of Government bonds in silver. It has discovered, at last, that the people have righta which even the bond -holders bc-uld be made te respect, and aa the ' law of 18C9 declares that the Government obligations shall be paid in coin, the Commercial thinks the debtor class should have the .benefit of the difference in the value of the two metals by using silver to discharge the Government debt, instead of gold. The Commercial puts the case thus : " The holders of the securities of the United States, payable, principal and interest, in com are entitled to the increase in value of their bonds, owing to the success of our arms and the improvement of our credit We are not complaining, sharp as the bargain i, that bonds bought with depreciated greenbacks are payable in appreciated 'coin.' But the holders of securities must take the disadvantages along with the advantages of the situation. They can be warranted against the mutability of earthly affairs. The best the only thing we can do with a contract, is to inteipret it justly and keep it strictly. If a mountain of gold were discovered, and there was a marked decline say twenty per cent, in the course of 'a few years, in the value of gold compared with silver the debtor class would get the benefit of it The holders of securities the creditors of all sorts would not have a right to complain of the inflation of the gold dollar, and to demand payment iu silver ; and they would have no right now to complain if paid in the cheaper metal, according to the old and long-established coinage of the country. In other phrase, the debtor class have a right to the advantage that comes to them through the cheapness of silver the right to pay in that metal in the old silver dollai- the debts tnat were contracted before that dollar was juggled out of legal tender standing the debts payable when contracted in that identical dollar." NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Sheet Music ! at HALF PRICE at This Office! In Bankruptcy. IHitrict of West Tenaeeme, at Milan- THE aaitenicned hereby ive notice ef hi appointment as Asianee of the estate nf the firm of Utone A Mill, composed of Kli M. Stone and B. 1. Milln, alo each individual member, within raid dUtrict. who hare been adjudcea bankrupt apon their own petitioa. E. A- COLLINS. May 10th. 18T&-3t Ainee. Scribner's Monthly or 1Q7C The poblljhem Invite attention to the following list of forneof the attractive article secured for 8cribner' Monthly for the com in- year. In the field of fiction, betide numerous aovel-ette and shorter atorie. there will be TWO RT? MIRK ABLE SERIAL STORIES BY AMERICAN AUTHORS. The fint of these, now complete in oar hand. GABRIEL CONROY, 33r 23r-ot XX.rto, Begins in tha November number, and will ran for twelve months. Thi ia Mr. Harte'a fimt extended work. The wjene and character, which the author has ehoeen from hi favorite field, California, are painted with characteristic nvidne and power; and the work I without doubt the most graphic record of early California life that ha yet appeared. We shall aim begin in the January a amber, PHILIP NOLAN'S FRIENDS, Or. SHOW TOCR PASSPORTS." By Edward Everett Ilnle. The scene of this story ia laid in the Sonth-wetern territorv, now forming the 8tates.of I-ouifiana aad Texa. at the time of Aaron Burr's treason. The characters lived in a eec-tion which wa so merican, now French, aad now Snanith, and thi record of their ad-venturans lives makes a rtory ef unflagging interest throughout. A BECOXD " FARMER'S VACATION." By Cox. Geo. E. Wjaise. J. Col. TVarlne it now in Eurone. visiting, iu a row-boat ride of two hundred and fifty miles, one of the most fertile and inter, cting of the vine-growing valleys of Knrope. The crod series of paper, promiee to be even more inter-eating than that with which our readers are already familiar. CENTENNIAL LETTERS. Emtcb Y Jons Vincc CbivhT. A rare collection of Revolutionary letter, mainly from store in tbe hands of thedeeend-anUaf Col. Joeeph Ward. They are fall of interest, and will be read with a rare relteh in connection with the Centennial celebration of the year. Brilliantly Illustrated Articles on AMERICA COLLEGES. Written respectively by their friend, will appear during the year. The revived intereet in ollige lira makes these paper especially timely aad will secure for them unusual attention. OLD KEW TORlC. Elegantly illustrated articles oa Old New York, hy John F. Mine, will appear at once, aad will attract the attention of all, in city or eouatry. wba mark with interest the development ef the great metropolia, and affectionately remember tha tuaiat peculiarities of its olden time. Every number nmfuseiv illustrated, thus enabling u to give our descriptive and name tive articles aa interest aad valu-never attained in a noa-illastrated periodical. I'nder its accustomed management, the maga-sine will in the future be devoted, aa it ha been in tha past, to sou ad literal are and Christian prog rose. THE EDITORIAL DEPARTMENTS occupy over twenty pages of each number and eontaia Dr Holland s vigorous and timely editorial, a well a Reviews ef the lateet works in Art, Literature and Science. TERMS) 4 a Tftt lm Advaae, ISe a Kaanber. The 10 vols, complete, Nov. 1879 to Oct. 187. bound ia maroon eloth. S20.00 do. do, bnd In half morocco, 3.i Vol, begia in November and May. Any ef the eai tier vela (ItaVIIltwillbesuprlied separately to parties who wi;h them to complete acts at this rata, t. a., cloth, S&00; half morocco. $3.00. Dooksellor and Pavtmasters win he suppnod atrates that will enable them to ill any oi the above orders. Suuecribers will please remit in P. 0. Money Order; of la Baek Checks or Drafts, or by reg-ietered letters. Money la letters not registered at seander'a risk . SCRIBNEn & CO., 743 Broaxlway, Sew York Beatty 9 PAILOI ORCIAXS S EdaUithtd in 1856. Ptwr)jrrltls i a. first, elms, ran learn courethtns n taeir advantage. Address. DANIEL F. BEATTY, Washington, Sew Jcrser, V.S-A. CONTINUED . TRIUMPH OF THE IMPROVED SEPARATORS & HORSE The "CHICAGO PITTS" a Profitable Machine to Own and Employ. Fa.t Tlireshing, Satisfactory Work in Wet Grain, Easy Draft on the Teams. Durability; costing less for repairs than any other Separator or IIore Power in market. Every Machine fully warranted. Send for Circulars and Price Lists. For Sale by EL COIaljUXTS, mal&6t MILAN, TENN. BE ATT Y XVawalxlxxgtoxx, New JT ox-a9y , XT. JBI PHILO IT. MOORE, Carper SIbIm a awl Willisana Btrrtn, DRUGGIST & APOTHECARY and dealer in ! WINES, LIQUORS, TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, GARDEN SEEDS, TAINTS, OILS, VAUNISSHfctf, U1..ASS, r-Jtlil- UMW, &UA1', STATIONERY, LAMPS, COMBS, BRUSHES, AND EVERYTHING USUALLY KEPT IN A FIRST-XASS DRUG STORE. PRESCRIPTIONS PROMPTLY FILLED AT ALL HOURS. T" T- AVIXO Ban-hat! tha rtock of Dr. N. tbc natrnnace and roniidrratim of Ihe eatoBier and reader ratufaetioa to all. Rnpertfulljr, P.L.MOORE. Harina dirpwd nf mr rtork ef Draga, Medicine,, etc.. I corenrad tar hkhiw, Mr P. V. UMOKb. t tbe patmnare ot tbe pablie. I will atill eentina tba practice of bit prnfrntion and ri I keep mr office ia the Drag gtore, ai heretofore. il. U. L. JORDAN. Jan2 - CO .5 a-d H .tana I u o O x U u a Ml 0 1-3 U2 Hi c a ri 0 H o S 1-4 i K a f. J W -J 5 en s PI - a s c3 m a mi e t o II t , 1 1: BEATTY- PIANO! GRAND SQUARE & UPEIGIIT. From Ritfu Pnrder. of the firm of Snyder k Hendrick. Carriage Manufacturer, of the city of Allentown. Ta. "I mnt conte I hardly know bow toerprers my gratification on receiving the Beatty Tiano you shipped me. It it at least all I ronld uk, wish or expect. One of our mot eminent musician trw it and spoke in the most favorable terms, after thoroughly testing it." Best offer ever given. Money refunded upon return of Piano and freight charge pid by me (Daniel F- Beatty) both way if unsatisfactory, after a test trial of five days. Pianos warranted for six year. Address. DANIEL F. BEATTY, vTahington, New Jersey, V. Those who wish to purchase new PIANOS AND ORGANS AT HALF-PRICE will do well to call at this Office. Satisfaction Guaranteed ! IiIILAIJ COLLEGE TERMS PER SE5FION OF 50 WEEKS. Primary Department.. AcjKlcnve " t.ll.giata Incideatal Tee J10 00 15 0) on W.H.LADNET. Principsl. anv4-tr Beatty XANOI GRAND SQUARE & UPRIGHT. From the tton. G. R. rather, publiiber Southern Avgif, Ashville, Ala. "We hare iweirtd from the manufacturer. Paatel F. Beaitty. one of hi nuare piano. It i a thing of beauty, but not more exonisite to the eye is the finish - fits workmanship than charming tn the ear is tbe rweetnes of its mel-odr. The piano mmbiuc the highest excellence, to which nil first-cla manuracrnrevs of musicsllMtrumensaim. Te all who wish to invest in a firetlass pi.-uo we have no hesitancy in advisim thrm to sen a the money directly to Mr Btatty. Ws speak from actual experiment, and it i with pleasure we give tlitt evidence of Uia reHability ef sir Beatty and hU inntrn-si'at." ... Beet offer near irivew. Money refunded npn return effiarin snd freight charges pd hy me (Ianiel F. Beatty) both ways if aasati.'fsrtory after a test trial af Ira aUy. Piano wsrrsnted for i rear?. Afsnts war'xd. Send for eata-lorue. Addren. DANIEL F. BEATTY. WsJsin'ton, yaw Jersey, U. 6. A. FARHERS AND AVKrt W Hurtr. the nasi THIRTY-FIVE them, continue to spent in unmistakable mg all kinds ot Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye, Peas, Timothy Seed, Seed Fit for Market. pjan and organ DANIEL F. BEATTY, P. L. JORDAN, and added largely to it. I a k public. ennSdentlT hopioc te able t r !- my BEATTY'S PARLOR Z Organs Z ELEGANT STYLKS. with Valuable Im- fimvemenU. New and Heautiful Slo rfop. VKK ON E THOUSAND Organist and Ma-i-rian indorse these organs and recommend them as Strictly first-class in Tone. Mechaaiem and llnrahility. Warranted for six years. Mod Elegant and Latent hnprnred. Hare been awarded the HIGHEST PREMIUMS in competition with others fr Simplicity, Darability, Promptnr, and Piano-lilt Aetion. Pnre. "wert aad Kvenlv Balanced Tone. Or chestral Effvtsand instantaneoas access whw h may be had to the Reeds. I Send for Price List. Addre, DANIFL F. BEATTY, M'a.'hington.New Jersey, C.f. A. J.AsMcClurec&Bro's Temple of Music. STETNWAY, KNABE, DUNHAM AND HAINES BROS'. BURDETT & PRINCES Organs, Sheet Music. Strinas &c i tS Cberry Bt.,31 ANMTI1.1.K4E5IX. sfr Order hy mail promptly filled ad satisfaction guaranteed. -'i-tf THE WEEKLY SUN, I77 SEW TOBK. ia? Eighteen hundred and seventy-fix i the Centennial Tyear. It is also the year in which an Opposition House of Representative, tbe first since the war, will be in power at Washington: and the year of the twenty-third elec tion of a President of the United State. All of these events are sure to be of great interest and importan -e, especially tbe two latter: and all of them and everything connected with them will be fully and freshly reported aad expounded in Tbi bcu The Opposition ITouse of Representative, taking up the line of inquiry opened years ago byTuK Scs, will sternly and diligently inve. tirate the cormptinns and misdeeds of '.rant's administration : and will, il is to be hoped. lay tbe foundation for a new and better period in onr national history- Of all thi TBg tiv will contain complete and accurate account, furnishing its readers with early and trustworthy information upon these absorbing topics. Tbe twenty-tbird Presidential election: with tbe preparation for it. will be memorable as deciding upon Grant's aspirations for a third term of power and pioneer, and still mors a deciding who shall be the candidate of the party of Reform, and as electing that candidate-Concerning all these subject, those who read Tnu 8c will have tbe constant means of being thoroughly well informed. The n Hilt cx. which has attained a circulation of over eighty thousand copies, slready has it readers in every Hate and Territory, and we trust that the year 187K will tee their number doubled. It will coniinne to be a thorough newspaper. All the general new of the day will be found in it. condensed when unimportant, at full length when of moment, and always, we trust, treated in a elear, interesting and instructive manner. It is our aim to make the TTrrxi.T Fc the best family newspaper in the world, and we shall continue to give in its columns a large amount of miscellaneous reading, such a stories, tale, poem, scientific intelligence and agricultural information, for which we are not able to make room ia our daily eaition. Tbe agricultural department especially is ene ef its prominent features. The fashion are also regularly reported in its columns ; aad so are tbe markets of even kind. The Wr.iiLT Bus. eight pages with fifty-six broad eolomn. is only 11.3) a year, postage prepaid. As thi price barely repeys tbe cost of the discount can be made from this rate to elubr. agents, postmaster, or anyone. The Iaii.t ticx, a large four pose newspaper of twenty-eight column, gives all tbe aew for two rents a copy. Subscription, postage prepaid. 6fte a month, or 16.50 a year, funds' edition extra. $1.10 per year. We have no traveling agents. Address, de3 THE bUN. New Tork City. "trax MM -ri.F.BRATEs Factory EftalAvhed ia 1856. FROM THE PRESS. Front G. D- White, Editor Haekettstewn. 5. J.. Herald. "The organ has a rich, deen and sonl-otirring tone; eouldu't stay in tbe house without it. It 1 help wonderfully to drive away the thoughts ( 01 nara umes. The Lebaaon, Pa.. Daily Xews says : "We are in receipt of one of those fivu octave Parlor Organ, manufactured by lr Daniel F. Beatty, V ashington. X. J. This organ i in a fiae. solid black walnut ease, and ia tone it cannot be surpassed by any instrument ef it kind." From the Lowell. Sch., Regtrter. Wu received thi week, direct from tbe manufacturer, Daniel F. Beatty Washington. N. J., his justly celebrated organ, elegant in appearance and handsomely furnished .unexcelled In richness and power of tone. W e are mere than pleased with it. and heartily recess mead It to any one con tern plat .a g parch? ing an organ." Beet offer ever given. Money refunded a pew retain of organ and freight charges sid by ase (Daniel F. Beattyt both ways if ansatirfactory after a test trial ef ire days. Organ warn a ted tor six years. Agents wanted everywhere, male or female, to canvass for this snnerior instrument. Addren, DBSIEL F. BEATIY. rTa&iagtOB, ! w Jersey. X.t.X. THRESHEBMEN YEARS purchased and rmrJovrd terms of their superior meriU. Tbresh wapt ', MLAN WOOD WORKS, H AVIS' JTTST PTTT CP. IN CONNECTION WITH OCR MILL. AN ENTIR NaW set ef Planing Mill Machinery, we are now prepared to furnish lasabev ef every dearrip-tiva, ia the rough or dressed. FRAMING, CIELTNG, BRACKETS. TURNED NEWEL POSTS AND BALUSTERS, FLOORING, WELL CURBING, MOULDING, LATHS, BY THE THOUSAND OR CAR LOAD, WEATOERBOA RDING, BOXING, SCROLL WORK, PALING, ROUGH OR DRESSED. Plow Beams, Sawed Felloes,Wapn Hounds Bolsters and Tongues, Having a long experience in tbe wagon anal implement kurinere. we are satisfied we ran fill a want long felt by wagon and plow manufacturers for timber iu the right shape aad lavinga great dealef valuable time aad timber. 4 ear facilities for receiving and shipping tinker is unturpawed by say place in West Tennessee. To parties having timberfor sile on the line af the Mississippi Central and Memphis aad Loaisville Railroads, we will pay the best prices for it ia the log. or boiled fowr feet loan. ! Age-wlo for BU'a Paleml Hbeet Irwsj Keeuai, I ha I'betinsrsit asset snout etsirablw rsl smsus'. For futber particular. mMreas Xj O VTCKTO et9 tT?A-XI!7. noS Proprietors, Milan, Teua. J a amy A-" - - THE "SILVER TONGUE" ORGAI A TEST OF THIRTY YEARS. The cheapest because the best. Fully warranted New Styles just ready. Send for Catalogue and Price Lists. Examine our new method of lighting the music for evening performance. Constant improvement our policy. Styles specially adapted for Parlors, Churches, Lodges, Music Halls and Conservatories. Address the Manufacturers. E. P. HEEDHAH & SON, JToa. 143, 143 & 147 East 23d St., Hew York. THE NEW A DOUBLE THREAD IT retains a8 me virtues of ma IJgbc-RiMng Teaetoa, wsksj was sad is M brat m c. I swr PATENT HARDEN aadStaad. Our aew aad eld ideas, weefced out wrdl braad aew Machinery and Torts at our own new works, h Che busy csry af Newark, ttsw Jersey, have riven wa ascawdard ef MECHAJu'lCAi. EXCELLENCE. Miuissaa ef rncesss. Mi siaiam af Isuraaiiicy, aad saafa of work, neve kcretofars teacawd m xhs Sewisf Macasae wwdd. TO THIS STATEMENT AND THE MACHINE ITSELF Wa hrrtta the ntaseitios) T an, sstjsciany thou bavins; hira mechanical sasU ef nbnarsnUsn. N. .Ail Macluaes Uly wamaeea. DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE CO., New ITorlc and dilcraffo. . LADIES, USE " DOMESTIC" PAPER FASHIONS BEATTY a-Agents wanted sTstrwhera- iddrers. DANIEL F. BEATTY, POWERS. - v ' Flax Seed and Millet a - t -L JT r "DOMESTIC," LOOK-STITCH MACHINE. K.W."faiV' "DOMESTIC.' iac&sding me Antosaatia ED CX)NsCAL BEARINGS oa both tbe Machine ?9'z-:ssrCi WabiHSton, New Jersey, U. S. A. .. i ('Hi!' ' '"' " ! im. I lr iu-ik)

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