The Lexington Herald from Lexington, Kentucky on September 4, 1927 · 26
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The Lexington Herald from Lexington, Kentucky · 26

Lexington, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 4, 1927
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SUNDAY SEPT 4 1927 THE LEXINGTON HERALD PAGES HELPING FRANCE KEEP RHINE WA TCH “NECESSITY” IS REASON GIVEN Chamberlain Backs 'vPoincares Position That Occupation Is Required to Insure Payment MEANS INDEFINITE HOLDING By EUGENE J YOUNG Less than two years ago Sir Austen Chamberlain the British foreign minister returned from Locarno to receive from King George the Order of the Garter as a recognition of his tremendous services to peace in promoting the Locarno agreements for arbitration of all differences between Germany and France Stresemann and Briand the German and French foreign ministers publicly embraced at Locarno as a proof that their nations at last were friends and later they received the Nobel peace prizes for their accomplishment Now Sir Austen who has openly said that "the spirit of Locarno has evaporated” goes to the meeting’ of the League of Nations at Geneva committed to the idea that France is entitled to keep her troops on the Rhine as a means of mfordng the Dawes plan of reparations payments He has thus lined himself up' with Premier Folncare and the French militarists who hold that LEXINGTON KY U MAMMOTH MONDAY SEPT 5th BOXING EXHIBITIONS AFTERNOON AND NIGHT ROBERT MITCHELL at 135 lbs vs CHICK TAYLOR at 135 lbs CLYDE JOHNS at 110 lbs vs CHAS MILLER at 116 lbs WOODROW HANNA at 105 lbs VS ' ' ' JOE LENANHAN at 105 lbs SPECK SLOAN at 85 lbs vs TERRY TRUE at 85 lbs WRESTLING FRANK BUNCH at 138 Ibt VS JACK ADAMS AND TOMMY MURPHY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT MAMMOTH DISPLAY — SEE — - t LINDBERGH Old Glory and twenty other set" pieces rockets bombs and bombardments that will shake the earth DANCING BASE BALL GAME RIDING DEVICES AMU'SEMENTS CAR SERVICE EVERY 20 MINUTES 1 s i r Germany must be made to pay and has practically repudiated the Lo carno thesis that all ' differences must be settled by conciliatory means ' Sir Austen's about-face Is all the more significant in that tt came after a bitter struggle in the London Cabinet In which Viscount Cecil long the leading British delegate to the League of Nations appeared as the defender of the Locarno agreements and as a champion of the idea that the Allied armies must be withdrawn from the Rhine while Sir Austen became the mouthpiece of the pro-Poincare policy The out-come was a victory of the anti-Russian party which wants to force Berlin to break its close working agreement with Moscow Strange Turns of Diplomacy Behind these shifts of the International balance lie some diplomatic turns and twists as strange as any ever furnished by the peculiar diplomacy of Europe To get an understanding of them it might be well to turn1 back to the beginning and recall the Locarno treaty and what followed For two years Locarno has been held up to the world as a symbol that Europe had changed its ways and had set out on the paths of peace We were told as I have said before that France and Germany had agreed they would settle all troubles by arbitration and also that Britain and Italy stood as the guarantors of France against German aggression But as I warned my readers at the time the close analysis did not take full-stock in these representations They saw large holes la the treaty Iq the first place the arbitration provisions were cpnfuslng France and Germany undertook "In no case” to go to war with each other but there were several exceptions permitting war and in case of diplomacy apd conciliation failing the only remaining recourse was the i i § 9 AFTERNOON AND NIGHT douncll of the League' which mftst decide the matter by unanimous vote If there were no unanimous decision in Council then the nations concerned would- be free to do aa they pleased under Article IS of the League covenant which provides that under such circumstances "the members of the League reserve to themselves the right toUk such action as they consider necessary" See No Real Guarantee of Aid t Another weakness of the pact lay In the reservation made by the French that It was In no way to effect the validity and terms oi the Treaty of Versailles Since most of the disagreements ' with Franco would arise out of the enforcement of this treaty It was a certainty that Germany could not remain satisfied to rest her future under such a system of limited arbitration - Finally France In spite of all the efforts of M Briand to convince her was never satisfied that the Locarno pact bound Britain and Italy to come to her aid In case of a German attack Frenchmen have had good reason for taking 1 such a position The supposed guarantee is about ee subtle a piece of diplomatic writing as ever appeared in an international compact In Article IV there is a description of violations which would obligate Britain and Italy to come to the aid of the attacked nation But all they undertake to do la "Immediately to come to the help of the party against whom such violation or breach has been directed aa soon aa the said power has been able to satisfy Itself that this violation coir-stitutes an unprovoaed act of aggression and that immediate action is necessary” As the French military-men end others have seen it this provision would enable Britain and Italy lo weigh the pros and cone of responsibility for an outbreak of hostilities and they might weigh thee: until the Germans were in Parle Gave Lip Service to the Pact Hence France has never taken the pact as a settlement but has given It lip service for two reasons: (1) With finances in a bad way it would have been disastrous to start trouble with the British German and American financiers and statesmen who backed tho plan (2) Briand was pursuing the Idea of a close Industrial and political agreement with Germany Now that France has settled her finances and Poincare has overcome the Brtund party these reasons no longer exist and there Is general scorn for Locarno Britain has also known just what Locarno meant but her statesmen clung to It as long as possible because it offered the only hope of satisfying Germany and getting her to break- with Russia If they could induce France to quit the Rhine the change might come But Germany's refusal to break with Russia and support the British plans for "a sanitary cordon” around that country and the continued evidence that Germany means to bring Russia Into the League of Nations and work with her there have disillusionized London statesmen The imperialists have decided they must play with France at least until Germany Is brought to a different state of mind Poincare maneuvered things so it was necessary for the British government to support one side or the other He was determined to'kmep troops on the Rhine because Germany had not fulfilled the treaty of Versailles and he plainly 'asked whether Britain was prepared to take sides against France on such an Issue The result was a conflict In the London cabinet and the decision for France and against Germany New Position of Britain The new position of Britain was made clear In a note which Sir Austen Chamberlain sent to the French Monday Sept 5 - AND ALL NEXT WEEK ROBERSON-SMITH PLAYERS in the Smashing Comedy Success I YOU'LL LOVE HER Phoebe Fulton LEADING LADY NIGHT PRICES— 25c 50c 75c and $100 Plug Tax Matinees Tuesday and Thursday 25c and 40c 7 Saturday Matinee 25c and 50c PHONE 2835 FOR YOUR RESERVATIONS Or Better Still Make It Permanent Lexington Opera House foreign office On the authority of the British embassy In Paris It contained these points: (l) Britain will adhere - to all undertakings of the treaty of Ver-salllee She has never considered the total evacuation of the Rhineland and her flag will fly there as long as the French flag does : (2) Overman y can have nothing to do with fixing the number of the troops In the Rhineland and despite the Locarno agreement It Is a matter for the Allies alone (3) Britain does not agree with France that If Is necessary for troops to be kept on the Rhine as a matter of security for France because of the Locarno agreement but the occupation Is continued 'as a means of assuring reparations payments ’ 1 have taken the liberty of rearranging the points In the embassy's summary but without violating the contents In order to make the position clear It is a' plain acceptance of the Poincare position that Germany must not be relieved of military occupation until she gives satisfactory guarantees that she will fulfill her reparations obligations Nothing could bo more satisfactory to the French militarists and nationalists They have been demanding continuation of the occupation on the grounds that Germany has been secretly preparing for war but their case Is somewhat thin and open to the objection that Germany’s entrance' Into the League of Nations was a guarantee against war-making In the future But' reparations gives them & clear case for indefinite continuation of the garrisons Germany is pledged - by the Dawes plan to pay more than 1600000000 annually for an indefinite number of years and the total reparations end end of the payments cannot be fixed until France assents And Britain now tacitly agrees that the troops can remain until collection la as- sured League ' Under Great Strain We shall see the results of this agreement In the meeting of - the League of Nations While the Rhine garrisons will be reduced the French will withdraw few of their fighting troops taking chiefly the uniformed supernumeraries of the army and leaving about 60000 effectives This will be far from satisfactory to Germany and having been notified she has no voice In the matter she will use the League to try to -get something mors France and Britain will be bound to resist such efforts Berlin may even repudiate donipieteiy the Locarno pact and declare herself free to act ae she pleases Meantime Poland has started an attack on the eastern flank of Germany She lias decreed that her Customs tariffs shall be increased 100 per cent at the end of four months for all countries which have not made commercial treaties with her ’ For five years there has been a deadlock between Germany and Poland in this matter Berlin has tried to force Warsaw to concede a rearrangement of the Eastern frontiers as the price of trade concessions and has caused muck distress in Poland by refusal to make terms on a purely trade basis But Poland upheld by France has refused to be forced into concessions In Silesia and the Danzig corridor Now that Germany Is faced with the necessity of paying heavy Dawes indemnities next year Poland is coming Into a position to cause distress In that country and so she has retaliated This situation will have lts own Important bearing on the negotiations at Geneva (Copyright 1927 Eugene J Young) 8 Stammering is very often found In people with exceptional brain power 4 -— PAM Roberson-Smith Players Open Season Monday 8TANLEY Stanley Price leading man with the Robereon-Smlth ' Players the permanent stock company that opens for the season at the Lexington Opera House on Monday September 6 comes to' Lexington direct from a long run production "Abie's Irish Rose” where he played 1700 performances He has also played with the Poll Players in Providence R L and other leading stock companies I The Robcrsoq-Smlth company will 'present ae their initial offering "The Patsy” probably' the outstanding comedy of the past three years CARLISLE Mra Ben Henry entertained with bridge Wednesday afternoon In honor of Mrs Raymond pooley of Bloomington 111 who was the guest of (her sister Mrs Henry -L Carter for the past week Mrs Dooley and son Samuel left Friday for home The bridge club held an enjoyable meeting on Tuesday afternoon with Mrs J Milford Berry at her home rear Moorefleld Mrs Lewis Robbins and Mrs Hicel Asbury assisted Mra Berry in the entertaining The prize for high score was awarded Mra Frank CL Powell and the low to Mra J L Johnson of Mayfield Other players were Mesdames William Harper Jim Will Martin oe T Embry Misses Glennie Fisher Katherine Frey Bees Sanford Minerva Lambert and Louise Kennedy Mr and 'Mra O H Buchanan of Dayton Ohio who have been guests of his parents Mr" and Mra W M Buchanan left this week for Lexington and McClure Va and Bristol Tenn where they will attepd the Shrine meeting Charles Ross and famfly have returned from a motor trip In the state of Virginia M R‘ Burton and family spent Sunday with Mr and Mra Charles RhoadeS In Mayellck f ' Mr and Mrs James M Hughes and Mr and Mra Leslie S Hughes visited Mr and Mra John Youhg in Paris Sunday Miss Freda Fee back has -returned from attending Bowling Green Normal schooL - ' A S Griggs and family of Covington spent the week end with Lee Vinson and family Miss Allle Kerns of Frankfort and Mra K Burgess Hinton of Paris were guests of Miss Nealya Burgess this -week Miss Burgess will leave this week for Memphis Tenn to spend the winter I Mra R E Beatty and two children left Tuesday for their home near Whitmire S C after a month's visit with her parents Mr and Mra 8 K Veach Charles Smith was In Carllslfe Monday to accompany his two sons horn after a visit with relatives here -while Mra ' Smith was under the care of a specialist In a Lexington hospital t Mr and Mra G F Templeman of Lexington motored to Carlisle Sunday for the day Mra William P Rose of Louisville was the guest of Mra L B Ross Sunday ” Miss Ella Henry has returned to Lexington after a visit with friends here ' Mr and Mra Joe T Embry have returned from a visit in Stanford Mra Harry L James and daughter Miss Helen Karnes of Berea were week end guests of Mra W J Kennedy and Mrs Charles Lee Miss Dorothy Bonar left this week for Beaver Dam to spend the winter Miss Bernice Bonar has gone to Cincinnati to spend the winter Mr and Mra C A Pitman and Mra Betty Atchison of Owfngzvllle were guests of Mra Frank Huff this week Mr and Mrs- W I Dorsey have returned from a business trip to Miami and Jacksonville Fla Mr and Mra John W Wells and daughter Miss Beulah and son Junior end Miss Anna 'Mary Cox left Wednesday morning by motor car for a trip through Florlda-Mlss Ruth Colliver of El Dorado Ark and Mrs Marvin Adams of Cynthlann are guests of their mother Mrs Ida W Colliver Miss Winnie Clay Crouch returned to Fugazzl Ruslnezs College Monday after i week" visit with her parents Mr and Mra W C Crouch and also a trip to Mammoth PRICE which waa also seen at the Red path Chautauqua the past summer ' The opera house is readiness for the opening performance of the stock company It has been thoroughly renovated newly painted and new lighting fixtures hare been added Miss Thoebe Fulton leading lady of the company comes fmn Buffalo N Y where she recently was In stock The other members of the company are C Fred Wagner Kathryn Cameron Blanche Fields Eleanor Harriott Arthur Hayes Elton Hackett Wally Griggs George C Roberson and ' Fred Rcelhan Care and a visit with relatives in Indiana Miss Lois Talbert was In Bourbon county Wednesday and Thursday to attend a tea given by Mra William Burris on Thursday Misses Elizabeth and- Caroline Brayfield left Monday for Hunting-ton W Va to spend the "winter KAliiCUAD ntol- TAiil KS Tlie following eehedsle flsures ere pub-Itslied h Information anil are not sunrnn-toed arrival and departure or poaoensor trains nt Lexington SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM Effective June ft isn NUKTH BOUND No Cincinnati -Chattanooga — Ezpreaa fi am No i Pune do Leon I:t a in cv special 5:Sv am J? IBU Oraae Special 3:55 am No 31 Carolina Special 7:50 am Na II Queen Crescent Lmtd l:ie am Nu II Local 3:05 pm N I Royal Palm l:ii am ’ OIJTH BOUND Ou Cincinnati -Chattanooga - Ezpraeo If sOI an ! “W! rolm 0:40 am No II Local Hspreaa I:le am Nn IT Queen Crrercnt Lfntdl71V pn Blue Gram Special T:ll pm m 1J Carolina Special :ie pm Nn 1 Ponce do Lroti‘ft:fi plib "O 4L New orlrana special an DEPARTURES WESTBOUND T Na 12 8L Louie Limited 1:11 pn ARRIVALS FROM WEST 1 boutevllU Leal P-ra Dally ozeept Wonder - LOriSVILLK a NASHVILLE R R CO (Corrected Aug: 17 1K7) Arrive Depart Cincinnati Divieiom 11:21pm Cincinnati Fait Mali 3:15am I 7 :11pm Clncln "Lex'ton Vpl” T:2lam 1:21pm Cinrla -lex’ton BpL” 7:35am 11:41am Cincinnati Ezpreee 2:10pm 10:41am Clntl-ChL ’‘Southland” 1:00pm Atlanta Division -1 :40em AtL-KnozvL-Norton 11:40pm 3:00pm Knoxvll le-Corbl n Exp 10:55am I 7:20pm Atl-Fla -Southland'' 0:liam 3 1:21pm Atl-Fla -Southland" 0:15am :11am Atl-Fla "Flamingo 1:25pm Loolavllla Division Jll:0lamLon-8helh-Frank 2:ilpm I :11pm Loa-Emia-Frank 1:00am 1:20pm Loulavlllo "Flamingo" 0:30am 210:15am Loo-pmln-Frank ft 4:10pm Esstcrn Kentucky Division Sav-Hax'd-MeRba 11 :10pm 1:10pm Rav-Hax'd-McRba 11 :30am LIE DivUioa i 7:50am B'tyv-N Bg-Cly Ctrl 1:20pm I 7:30pm Jax-Nat-Brg ClyCty 0:40am X 0:30am B’tyv-N Bg-Cly Ctyft B :05pm X 6:30pm Mal’y-N Bg-Cly Ctyft 5:00am f Uajra villa Branch 7:Blam Maysvllla-Carllala 0:11am 3:31pm Mayavllle-Carltale 1:11pm Dally except Sunday ftSunday only chesafeake a omo railroad Effaetlva April ft 1127 Departure 7:11am Washington Philadelphia and New York 11:11 pum tlilO 5m Frankfort Shelby- villa and Lduleville 7:11 am 12:41 9 m New York Phlla- del ph! a and Wash- ' Ington 1:11 am 4:41 pm Washington Philadelphia ana New York pm pm Frankfort Shelby stile and Louisville 4:11 pm INTERURBAN SCHEDULE CARS LEAVR LEXING””’ — fer-Fkl Nlehla Parle 1I1II am 1:40 am l:le 1:00 am l:4S am :! Ties am 7:40 am 7:0t 0:00 am : am 7: :0t am 1:40 am : SWW Nitv seal 1:01 pm l:4e pi :3S pm :4S pm tn pin ‘JUf pm :! PS MI pm I'll m ! pm ! pm 2:41 pm HIM pm llrtO pm t :si pm 3:ia pm :M pm 2:42 pm 4:)e pm s:i2 pm 6:08 pm 4:42 pm :! pm :ll pm :e pm B:42 1 n 7:S pm 4-4I pm :! Dm :f pm 2:M pm :: pm 1 1 pm xltune te Va rue) liar paly aeft dolly ex-rapt Sunday Indicates ifeni nora run dolly except Sunday aUMTUCKT TRACTION AND TERMINAL COM FAN k N with their mother Mra Marie P Brayfipld Mra James Hamilton of Covings ton spent from Thursday until Monday with relatives here Roy Welters of Berea speiit the week end with the family of W C Crouch 1 Mra j Is Johnson and son Byram left Wednesday for 'their home In Mayfield after a visit with her daughter Mra Hlccil Asbury and family Mr and Mra H II Noland of Kansas City Mo are guests of tbeir son J Hall Williamson In the county Mra W T Norton and Mra Ed G Metcalfe were in Lexington Tuesday shopping Mra Ben Henry entertained with three tables of bridse on Wednesday honoring Mra Raymond Dooley of Bloomington Ill and her sister Mca -‘Henry L‘ Carter Mra Henry was assisted in entertaining by Sirs C SI Lambert Mra Goebel Henry and Mrs Frank Henry Sira Harry Kennedy was awarded two beautiful -hand made handkerchiefs for having the highest score and Sira Dooley received' the low prize Other players were Sira William Harper Mra lewis Robbins Mra Robert Parker Sira John O'Connell Miss Jane B Tilton Mra Hicel Asbury Miss Lucille Henry and Mra Ernest Piper Sira Claud Saunders Mlss-s Bess Dudley and Ruth Slayea of Lexlng- WEST LIBERTY— MT STERLING BUS LINE One Raead Trip llelly Leave ML Starling :ji a m Arrive Frcnchbnrg ie:ge am arrive ExcXi iifts s vn Arrive Wert Liberty Il:3e e n Leave West Liberty 12:11 pm Laave Lxcll isle pm Leave Frenchburg 1:41 pm Arrive ML Sterling 3:1k pm Cl RTI4 IIOLLON - Hem PInnm 3A OWINGSVILLE - MT STERLING PARIS CINCINNATI NORTHBOUND lvOnrka lvMtJR Lvrarie ArAla :0Uam' :34am - 7:44am 11:44am 18:30pm ' 1:10pm 2:44pm (:44pm SOUTHBOUND l'1®- I v Darla LvMldt ArAHrse 7:00am :44am C:34am 14:44am 1:00pm ft :34pm :espm :34pm S:npm Schedule subject to change without notice Nixon & Donaldson Bus Co Union Bus Station U: 13:0 aooa lt pm 1:11 pm 3:11 p-m 4:04 pm : pbl :04 pm : pm !: pum 11:40 13:40 puna 1:40 pm 2:40 pum 3:40 p-m 4:40 p-m 0:40 p-m 0:40 p-m :4k pum ' LKAiniilUN rs ’ Lv Daev Ar Unmnwt 7:44 am : am a-m 0:40 am !: a-m am 10:10 am 12:40 boob a-m 11:40 a-m 1:34 nm LEXINGTON Lv Lex 7:04 :3 14:04 11:30 am 1:44 pum 3:00 pum 4:13 pm 10:10 am 11:40 am 1:10 pum 3:40 plbl 4:4t p m 0:00 pm 12:40 1:30 P-m 3:44 pum 4:34 P-m :- Pum 7:45 p-m ( pum ArC:4 pm : pum Ar7:40 pm —Danville only LEXINGTON— Lv CBrilals Ar MayavtUa 11:00 am Lv Lcz -7:00 am 0:00 aRL 11:00 am 1:00 pum 3:00 p-m 5:00 P-m 3:30 a m 11:00 aTm Ar 11:10pm 3:30 puRL 5:00 pum Ar0:3O pum 1:30 pum :00 pum 7:30 p-m — Mayavllla only LEXINGTON — CINCINNATI Rvsvo l-exiagten Lravo UacibsaU lalen Hoe Pta UevL kqaare 4 a m i:4v a m 7:00 a m I:w a aw :0a a m 0:0o a ol :00 a m 0:40 a m 10:00 a m 10:00 a m - ll:M a m 11:00 a bl 12:00 nooa 13:00 sees 1:00 p aa 1:03 p aw 3:00 p m s:oo p bl 3:00 p m 3:00 p m - 0:00 pu m 4:00 p aa 6:00 S rn 1:00 p m Tha rana handle Parte aad Cynthia na pamangera LEXINGTON— RIOHMOND Leave lextegtes Leave Klchmead 7:0B am 0:45 s bl :M a bl 7:45 a m 0:00 a tn 0:45 a m 10:oe a bl 0:45 am” 11:00 L m 10:45 a n 10:00 sees 11:45 a m 1:00 p bl 13:40 pc m 3:00 p m ' 1M0 g m 14 P aa 2:40 pu nw :0a p m 2:45 p m 0:4a Pu m 4:40 pu m 0:00 p bl 0:40 pu m !: pu m - f:4k p m NOTICE— Rkhmeay boaara aaba L reel eeaaertlen at Rtcbsmad far Dviae— Itevtnee liei — LEXINGTON— MIDWAY Lasrs Lcziagtes Leave Midway : a m 7:oa a m 11:40 a aa 10:00 a aa 3:00 pu m 1:00 pu aa 0:30 pu m 4:00 p aa LEXINGTON— CYNTHIANA Leave Lstngtea Leave erethism LEXINGTON— LAWRENCEBURG Leave Lealegtes :1k a m 10:10 a aa ll:0e a ea 1:10 pu aa 3:30 pu aa -4:30 pu m 0:30 pu aa leave Lawbs IS a m 0:00 e bl ie:oo 13:ee 1:00 pu aa 3:00 p an 0:OO 5 BL LEXINGTON leave WMeee a:es su m 7:30 a na 10:00 a nw 1:00 m 5:10 pl aa leave leglegtew 11:30 a aa 0:M s ol Aunday ealy ton were guests of SI si Dudley Thursday Miss Lois Talbert left Sotd to resume her work as lugtncJ In the high school In Stanford Miss Leona Brinegar waa In i Ington Wednesday to visit f w S win ford and Mra Swlnford are at the SL Joseph's hoe? where Mr Swinford Is underrX thorough 'examination A new Industry has been sti In Manitoba the manufactumj twine and cordage from grown la the province A null cently started at Portage la fW Is said to be the ofiXLhemp tj Ing and spinning mill HTlfce Empire - REPAIR - Lexington Engine and Machine Company StTEHIUK 5t Ja " RichmMMf Volley View aod -- - - Ik A Drjamril aod rOt n? Effective duly 4 " Dolly Except oaaear Leave ’ I " IS-— Xlcbetaevllle - hlMa'ltMeotTL Nlcholaeville IS:Mam: Rlrlimuad Klctolaa villa 3:Mpm R!rhmob4 JSJ Leave J j Kletinwed 1:1 tarn NlcheleavUie Richmed 12:15pm Vtcholawir Richmond 5:15pmNieblaeviUe -Leave lniu XkrholMrlllo t:3am RtrhmoM JkL Mcholrillo 2:MMnJ(ichmosd Seeder Oaly I -rev I ” ii — Richmond ie:ISamiXiciielBev:II Richmond 4:15pm lNlchelemUie t:Jm PARIS-WIN CHESTER - Richmond SOUTH HOVND Lv Faria Lv Wlatb T:2am 11 tam :15am I4:aiu l:3apm Z:15pm 4:15pm k:4pm NORTHBOUND Lv Iiirb Iv Mai 7: Warn :llam :45am ll:44am I :4m i Robert Nixon & Sot j - -ML Stadia — SOMERSET Lv Unmertct Lv Daav T:2o am :5o am U:!l a m lt:5o am 1:30 pum 2:50 pum 4:30 pum 5:50 p-m 0:50 p-m Ar La ulfta itau lStam l:3a 34 ia 4:24 4:44 1 7-4 a 5JIa 7: 3 14 11 1 3 4: : 34 :0S :30 :M :30 : pum pum Pum MAYSVILLE Lv Mayaville Lv t'artUla Ar I IM 13:20 1:1 4:44 44 0:30 am I:n am ll:eo aa l:e pm 3:30 pm 5:00 pm :0o am 1:30 aa 12:00 neon 3:3 pum aa a pa pa LEXINGTON— LOUI Leave Lvsiaskm Lm :oo am 0: 7:aO a m V: s:oe a aa I :0e a aa 0: I0:0e a aa - 10: ll:oo a m It: 12:00 seas 12: 1:00 p bl l: J:00 il na 2: Sunday— KicnelarvtTe ealy Nichelaavtile r'

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