Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 25, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25. 1944 CPbe Bail? JJeto* Publlnhotl Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT ' X«'lt'j>lioMO» 3228 mill 222»—All lloiuirtniuntii EnturcU an ttucond cluss*. mnttor at the post office in Nnugutuck, Conn. 1 month 3 month! SUBSCHIPTION KATES Puyublo in Advance $.75 6 months J2.25 1 year $-1,50 $0.00 Tho United Press haa thu exclusive right to use for rcpubllcntlon In any form, nil news dispatches credited to this paper, ft la also exclusively entitled to use for rcpubliftitlon alt tho local nnd undated news published herein. DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files Of The News The street to nounced. 20 Years Ago iti of Anna G. McCarthy of Maple George Zwick of New Britain was an- o— O— o the Ojcda council, Knights of Wil- Wil- A committco for Columbus, smoker was formed of liam Madden, Hurold Brcnnan, John Kelly, „,_, 1'I.KDGK TO T1IK Fl-AG—"I pledge allc- to tin; 1'lng of tliu L'nlted State* of * Ainurlc-ii itnd to tin.- J{<<|iuhlle fur which It ttaml.H. Otic nation Indivisible, with Liberty kiid ilil.ttlce for irll," ZJ. ItM-l ROOSEVELT'S FIGHTING SPEECH l.ieen "lhat. their Tlii> campaign oi'iilnrs \vlui have rtTerr-in!..' lo lYusidcnl .Koosovi-ll. as ' tired old man" will havu to change t line. ritditiiig' political speeoli Sal.ur- tlu- Pi'usiiU'iit. knocked that. <liilT into ti cocked hat. .Ik- spoke with all the fire and viir.or ol' a youthful spc-ll binder ;m<l shmved hinisull' in tlii- pink of condition, physic-ally, nien- iH-atdi-it-ally. .lit- c-oiivincingly that lit. 1 is the- same nias- of satirical oratorv he was Ham .Leiiry, John J, Dunn, James Donnelly, John Cullinane. o—O—o 30 Years Ago . Frank. Brownlow of Fishkill, N .Y., was badly gushed on tho road to Beacon Falls, slashes wore found on his arms. He was to' St, Mary's hospital. According to his story, dark complexioned stranger attacked him as lay nt the edge of the road, and then fled into the wood*'. o—O—o Richard Howe, of Goshen, an employe of tho United Electric. Light, and Water Co., died' from a fall off a telephone pole near the Eastern teablc Iron Co. "THEY ALL FALL FOR THE UNIFORM!" demonstrate ter of. the arf in the earlie paigns: that he has lust, none of his f.y to defend himself when attacked, ll as days of his political cnm- ,-ind keen that, his sense of humor is and sharp ns a razor Made. So far as his fightin.u 1 power is concerned, his friends have no cause to •worry, I'm- lie certainly is ri.x'ht there witli the ''punch" and can hit just, as straight. i'l-om (he shoulder as ever. .11' any of 'his political opponents have had l he idea that he was nearly down and out, disheartened ami weary, they now know how liadly they were mistaken. How his little dog. Fain, must, have smiled as lie listened to his master tell how Fain iv- sented a ci.-rtuin "libelous" story al.iont his ilogship! The .President's speech was perhaps the best example of campaign oratory Mr. Roosevelt has over delivered. Tt .re- Around the Clock St. Fr l' fun Lf was a except nnes : cl;ili lA'olL'-ont.iii for inosl everyhody yesterday, as thu '\Vaiert.o\vn , caused ns plenty of \roe and misery. inir yreat love for file yaine i«l' i;'o vents ns .from donating our elnhs to scrap iron drive ...... V'in lleal.v, yoiini; 1 -Si.-phonioi'e, ha.s taken over the inl duties of i. he Ciarni.-t and (irey foot- hall squad. Tiiu hoys. open n^ainst Derhy at .K'ecreation fieid S.-lttirdav. minded ns of the old when ther was much more life and pen in political ;,TC- IS | HI lay, FALLEN APPLES SHOULD BE SALVAGED So many apples wi-re Mown down hy the ['C-c-uiit hurricane, that farmers are 'hadly in need of help [n harvest I hem, Unless that help is secured immediately, much of tin.- season's crop may he wasli-d. Alllmng-h .some apples have can still he used. Tt.' of the crop can be Fritz Klambt has the YMCA gym ready for action for the coming- year and it will be put into use today ...... Frank Desmond, Millville. is leaving for the service Wednesday morning-. The beys threw him a party Friday night. ..... Chief John J. Sheridan led his cohorts into Jeff's restaurant .Saturday morning', where a fire was progressing in the kitchen. There was -plenty of smoke, reminding' us of Red Hermans cocking a steak ...... The work on the interior decorations at the Connecticut Light & Power Co, office is nearing- completion. Bill-payers are expe'cted to crowd the office new, just eager to pay what they owe in such pleasant surrounding's. f^'r^L^^^-^ J WALTER WINCHELL /.. Coast-to-Coast * Trade Mark Registered. Copyright, 1944. Dully Mii-ror MAN ABOUT TOWN CAPT. .1. PATTERSON (or his double), according to startled staffers, inu.dc visits to the. Times publisher several times last week. What's cookin'?. ..The parents' of Mrs. Kay Kyser (Georgia Carroll), who were divorced when #be 12, were remarried to each the other day. . .Morton 3D and Molly Vanderbili arc the town's, most serious romance.... Luisc H,uiner's newest interest, in life is V. Bendix, the industrialist ...Allan Dulles, brother of Dcwey's chief adviser, is back from Switzerland where he was "stranded" for two years. He will talk off- the-rocord tomorrow night at The Council on Foreign Relations. Her- STR WILLIAM EEVRR7DCP the Britixh plan man. has cookw up a new one w fc c annou ™ after the Armistice Thi — •who bought big property | n Beach for the do luxe season get an awful shock. Thertir^ no gambling, vowa the chief o ; is grooming repl.ico Trui Allen until ih<: ,'attcr resumeg The American Fed, of " is dickering with the,] Public Relation!! to woo th« pr, back for its prosidfcnt, J.-unc, Pctrlllo. The feo involved i s , ported at $100,000 ..Ell^n staf.' ford and G. Ross are ' A nobleman in town has a racket. He charges waa other i gendarmes... .CBS j Johnny Morgan to bert Hoover will bo there. ..Carl ci-s $100 .1 night to be seen Byoir and Stove Hannagan are on . him'in the better places. .The \* Dewey's publicity staff. . .Several i Kids, once H'wood stars, ,- ir c behind thg corset and tie counttn at Saks Sth. war correspondents are less optimistic than they were three weeks ago about the war ending I his ye.-ir. o! SEJ^T. 30TH is the Day Reckoning for New York n clubs. The day when cabaret -x-r- mits .ire renowod. Several •wou- 1 he. ..Shubei-t Alley is still ^.b! bing about the xicket handler for a. hit show who retired with *200^Q ....oddest name in town >*.' trousers soaked through.. .Ixjns- i i on g s lo c^ driven 02S383 n't J M S cllom M.sellem...A masazii,.. | publisher sons to trial OCT. ?h m ., Kr . r -. OVK charge involving i tt^v a ^ r The ;,jo n .'e C-trlo sale pric, wns S12 5/X)0 ..Phil.'p Huston o- I the "School for Brides" show ani I Irene V, Xcuman, Uic Sniss^i. : heiress, are prcachor-bound Th? n Franklins, he's the publicist, OX THE NIGKT of the recent hurricane; playwright Freddie j Lonsd.-j.Io invited .several friends to j dine with him at the swank Colony | .He couldn't got a hack and l walked there- — arriving with his j guests, who couldn't ""<1 cabs, <-ither, never showed up.... -onsdale was juat ns ;;lad they iidn't ..Because he had shod his a ia:us and sat wrapped in a table- , are imaging ..You could hoar Hollywoodites a.s beir.g I verbal explosion between Ho.iin ar.d Michael O'Shca in Kol- lywood ::11 lhu: way bock here. rj&sf***: -/• "?*.». »r MAf'^'^r^i N. ".YOU.!* MIND of Culver street. olTicv .S.'il.nrday. t Newcastle Air l.:a! they must nec-ri linnsL'i. pH-.lcod now, salvaged. Sorriu apnlo g-rou-ors arc offering bargain prices to those who will pick the apples ami carry then 1 , away in their own receptacles. Jloiisfwivc-s are ln-iug nrg-ed to make appk-sance, apple jelly and other such delicacius and can them for use in the wittier which will soon arrive. iMany •wives will require no ur^'int; 1 to start canning, as they uix- wt-ll aware- that this fruit is certain to he in ifreat. demand, afifl hcsidos, they have heard and read reports that, hecaiise of drnuyht conditions, a smaller apple- yield than usual is expected. Tin; housekeeper who preserves the apples now I'm- fid lire use will practice. an economy which may save money later. SAVING THE WOUNDED n. is reassiiriTi.^ 1 to leam how much het- ter clunico wounded i'iiditing 1 men have in this war than (.hey ever had het'orc. It used to he not uncommon for armies to lose from a quarter to a half of their troops from wounds and disease. Latterly the restoration of 70 per cent lias heen considered i,-ood in .1'orc'i.firn armies. B'ul: American army doctors now say that they are saving 1 07 per cent. The hare.statement of this fact should do much to ease the minds of families with men in military sot-vice. It shews what, rjooc'i food, sound hygiene and iriod- orn 77if.'dicnl facilities can do. Broadly spcakintr., it seems to sug'g'est that, excepting' for comhat dangers, enlisted Major William I lealy dnjppod into Lhc- X(.-w.v The- major is stall'.ne-d .Base, 'I'/VL al a laii ilk-re. .Ik- tended .Brown university and the dei school at .Indiana 1' Mr*. Kd-ward Curtiii. of (,,'lu'rry sl.root, is visiting :a Xew York city for a few days .Mrs. .John F. Grenceii, and MVs. .B. 'M.. .1 fer/.ut;-. of Broukficid. Fail-field County, (,'nim., and Loiiy Island, reaped i\'ely, were visitors at; the Xuws office Saturday IRudy Jlenuick insists ihai; the first hall iie threw at: tho ononini;' of the Xai.ii; 1 >- Dusty howling- league Friday ni.U'ht resulted in a strike. Thai; reminds us of a fish story we once heard in which a fisherman cati^'lit a small fish, hut hel'ore he could reel him in, a larger fish swallowed it, followed hy a still I a rice r fish, and so r' .and -so on until a whale finally hooked on. AVe think (here is j'nsi one strike too many in both stories iXtvr** ;*W5 AND BODY" Cy LOGAN CLHNDENTNG, M.'ical .Prfilij'um HI 1 " Phiintom Limb" Japanese Stiil Hope To Cut China In Two IJ.v IIKI.EN K.SSA7fi' (Ci.-ntr:il Trm* Columnist) House Food Price Probe Committee Needs Lawyer IV !£ MUST -prcpni-o ourselves for tho .sight of many of our young friends returning with mutilations of one kind or another. The man >vi(h nn Jtmpiit;!ted !eg or arm may cxj>crionco and iirobably will tell you of .what seems Lo him a peculiar feeling .T.K if the last limb wore still thei-i-. 'L'his is known i "phantom. Hob." This is not a new subject in medical science. It is as old, I am orry to sny, as warfare. After o\'cr.\- Nvar the woi'lcl is exposed once j:iort' to ;.hc .scifl o:cp(.-)-icnco knowing about it in wholosnle quantity. Amboisu Pai-e, the stout old military surgeon of the French rs ol Pruiieis the First, .and nrles IX, doscriltccl it Orst in ]. Dr. Weir Mitchell, the fa- mou.s nov<;; cloctoi- oC PhilrLdel- phi.'i, Ktuclieci the symptom in our Civil V-f-.iv .soldier casualties, and lo him we ov.'e rnnfi. of our knowledge of phenomena . In about fin pcrciint or all cases ! (.he patient with nn .impiitution I'eols the sonation ;LS if the limlj were still there. In most instances it KOOS awny in time. Tt is cine, of course, to the fact that the cut nerves are accusomcd to oai-ryinfr the sen,-.ttion.s i'rom the .skin and periphery of the limb and even if ihcy rt,"o severed .-my stimulation of them arouses only tho same old scnation rtioy have always been in the hahit of carryinpr. Amputa- Unns oC the arms carry greater conviction that tiT> limb is still there.than of the lojcs. Fcirlinjr of Ahiiurm:ilil,y The sensation is usually painless, but even so there is a 1'uclinK of aliiioi-.-nality. But. sometimes it is quite jjainful. ]n such cases there Is a in thu nerve I'lirls in hL-ftlint; nnd these "ncuro- | mnta" may have to be injected WASHINGTON—Allied military men are concerned aljout the success of the Japanese drive in | southern China. Enemy strategy is j niitcce can't ; designed !.o cut China in half, and j if it succeeds it niay prolong the I Far Ji.-istern conflict for m a n y months. Aware thai "United Slates "land and sea forces arc poised to strike nt China's east coast when the tin-o is ripe, Japan has the cream of her army deployed in China and Manchuria in the desperate rnce Ofjninst time. America's ace in tho hole is the ann'ejjjated move into the Philippines—a drive that should cut Japan off from oil. rubber and tin in the East Indies nnd -Malaya. Onco American planes c;in operate from Philippine bases, virtually all of Japan's iil-frotten f*ains south of-the homeland and Manchuria will bo under ittcudy attack. And more important. Japan proper will be entirely cut of:' from her conquered sources of raw mater- I iuls in tho entire East Indies. and Representative Flnnajran (D.) of Virginia has promised action "in three or four days." 35ul the com- llnd ;i counsel. "You have no idea what n. toujrh job it is lir/dinp a-really sood man ro :ict as counsel for us," one member commented." All the frood men hnve jobs that we can't beat wit a seven or eifrht thousands dolla a year proposition. PLAYWRIGHT BEX HECHT is izzlin;,' because (without hif pcr- nish) hi.s naine was advprtised vith other or Oewny. He will sue. .Manas- j n?r '.-dilor Dan Mich of I^ook will ] vo<J Ls;ibolla -Miller of the mas's j esearch dep't It's a sirl over at i he Arthur Flynn's. He's editor | The .Sporting -Vc\vs. At French : -Jo.sp ..Publicist Jean D.-ilrymplc's j 1 e\v moihcr is her cx-sec'y, Helen I Matthews. Jean's pop. Goo. l Dal.-ymple, the concert manager, ' is <>C; thd bi-ide is oO . . 33;iki.-)iorC sociciy eyebrows arc awav up hero ( . . - NflKi'o Fox HuntiiiK Club is boins I report ' ' - • •-- --- I3ETTE DAVIS, who spoke x. the Wallace rally in the Gardea, had st.-i^-c :"ri«ht Paul Sana, who went from copy hoy to cuy editor of the Pos!., quit J.ost decade. . .The Don editor of Life's ovo! havo divorce 7-1 in; we';k a! Burkes "S<>.->_s oditJor.) e it a Mia fature is sii- i's for IT IS GENERALLY AGFvEED in olliciul Washington that history p.-cbabb" has missed one of the choicest tidbits of all time—the expression on Adolf Hitlers face as ho received tho running account of Lt. Gen.- Ceo rye S. Patten's bh'Lzkrieir march through France. Washington well remembers newsreol shots of Hitler's ini- promtti "dance" when the armistice cndins: French resistance was signed in 3D-IO. But it suspects that no cameramen a.rc prcsor.t to record for posterity the onetime Gorman army corporal's behavior as he was told the story ot the 10-1-i "blil>: in reverse." THOSE WATCHDOGS OF CAPI TOL HILL—the Senate war in vcstifrati!i,7 committee, formerl bended by Senator Harry S. Tru man CD.) of Missouri. Democrat: vice presidential nominee—bav served notice they will tolerate nc monkey business eithor by govern ment or industry in the disposal o surplus; war jjoods. The committee, now led by Sena ior James M. Mead (D.) of N'ev York, scarcely began its inquirj into surplus war pro]>crty disposa when it bluntly announced a sur vcillanco plan which, in view of 'the group's past record, few per sons wil] c.tro to chnller.frc. The committoo directed that aKcncies must llle with it detailed reports on war plant or other property sales, disclosing: costs, sale price, oC buyer, and in the case of war plants what he intends to do with it. All reports would be open to public scrutiny, particularly the press nnd radio. To those who have for.c;otton the committee's relentless exposures ot' the Canol oil projcct'and Army air- piano motors, it.dropped this" veiled hint: "Temptations to profit materially will be si-eat." We finally made Bill Fernandes, Jr., happy after almost a whole month of worry Sgt, Salvatore "Red" Di- Vitc, USMC, who is stationed in Phila- 'delphia after four years, or so in the Pacific, spent the weekend in the borough. Vinny Pandelfio, U. S. Army, of South Main street, is spending 1 a furlough with his mother, Mrs. Grace Pan- delfio, Sam Cutrali, another of Uncle Sam's army lads, was home on a furlough a short time ago Mr. and Mrs. Claremont I. Tolles, Falrview avenue, returned from a fishing- trip in the maritime province of New Brunswick in Canada, men are were at to he ns well off as if they The sec.- re I: of the .IV.'it lies in llio clumped sirat u-.-ir, Once l:lie rule w.-is to enemy liend-on, Now it is them, Germ.-i?i b.u'y of <le- Hie ."il:(.,-tck the to encircle -IT the Go minus were liall.' ;is good ;il; in\x-niiii.1; 1 secret weapons ;is 1'liev ;ire at (•onlrmni; 1 new wnys to sny "retreat" they would have won'the war knur flu'O. \vith ,-ilcoho!. Thu sensations besides pain fell. jr. the phantom arc itchinjr. u-armth, thi-obbins .nnci cramijin^', nnrl those are sufficiently uncomfortable Lo say tlic. '.east. One very stranyc feature oC thft condition of pha.n(.om limb, whether H is painful or not is than the phantom is always felt as if 'I were in exactly the position it was in at tho timo of amputation. "It is as if the postural model had become frozen when normal stimulation ceasnd." Since the bc'KinninK of our-present wai-limo experience with '(his typo of casualty a A'roat doal o£ study has been put on it t>y neurological surgeons and it is exported that more satisfactory ox- pla.nations of- tho phenomenon and more satisfactory treatment of tho serious complications, such as severe pain, wiif ensue. Up to the present ihn treatment has not bocn very satisfactory. It is the practically, unanimous opinion of all surgeons that re-amputation, or cutting off tho stumps of the pain- .fu InervoK consintcntly fails to re- lievo tho pain and other symptoms, Sinou attempts at relief at the peripheral site—the stump—have failed, the latest research has been to the problem by ex- amir.ins' tho central nervous sys- tom. Dr. CuiccrrCK-JIah on oy treated one patient by rcnj'ovinjj tho piti-t of his brair. which re-- coivod the sensation from tho painCul limb with complete success:. Such moasuros ovon thouprh drastic may liavc to bo employed THE SPECIAL HOUSE COMMITTEE to investigate food prices —armed with. n. SliO.OOO appropriation—is stymied all for the lack of .-i lawyer. Congress has {riven the committee thCKrcen lifrhl in its probe of the spread in food prices between tho farmer and consumer in drastic situations. QUESTIONS AND ANSW.EKS B. L.: What is t.hc.. moaning: of the sayiiiR—"One hoar of sloop bol'oi-o midni-ht is worth five hours of sloop after midnight?" Answer: This saying: has no scientific foundation. M. E.: What, causes . mo!es? .Is there any way to stop them or any way to control them? I never used to havo thorn, bin in the last two years I have been bothered with them. Answer There "arc many different kinds of moles. Presumably you arc referring to the small pijvmor.tod moles that may come in numbers in middle aged pei-sons, at the menopause in women, and after childbirth. In the opinion of most dermatologists they should be removed cither by excision or refrigeration or X-ray or cnclothermy. You're Telling Me! By WILLIAM K1TT (Control l-resg writer) 5CA.DOK DmrKOPF calls thcs the "nieal-ancholy" Jays—with hi mine! on wheat cakes ir. syrup and completely s>i.n-O'.in(; ed by gleaming country saus,i~e. In the West Germany's wai seems to be a lot more powcrfu than her Wall. B1CFOKH HIS CAPTUHE by the Nazis, Viscount Gerald Lascclles. nevvicw of the Kinx of England. I he Henderson Twins of the Lo:i- ful is Nolle Bennett, the only half- Indian model. She's from i. Croaian tribe of North Carolina. What are all those Dutch secret service agents doins. around the mc; . Irev Iir , 01 i isonc ,, Of th* Unit, undpr a President .Harry Hopkins' Robert, the S;rt.. was qiiialy 2 of an ingirsoojv ..„.,...,,... .„ lllo .v: ^, Ilcn *ecre<. A molo _ jn nn o , oc , T . ic sh , v( ,. \\Ai io%" S ~T, r" 1 * n! "? U lh .°!»"is one-thousandth of one hor«- \\aldorf? ...he l.rst postwar 1»'.-. P3WC ,.. W oi 5 liinc four ounces It is vate bank ]oan to a forcisn n-" 1 -- ! capable of \spinnin- the shafl 6(W t,on w,l! be made by Chase. A 3- ; limos a mi j v . o . " year loan for 300 million . .3?r--: ' micro Eor.omi of Italy will bo | short-waved to the U. S. on Coliijr;- j bus Day ..Carl Worller. head of the OWI Romanian 'desk, and j Marlyn Moulin arc honcymoonir.j,' i in Maine ..Lee Shubert took an _ option on "Li^ht of the Moon" j merely from read ins about it in j Lifo .Republican noses fro sky hir."!i ^when H.irj-y Hopkins walks j into 'the Colony. Ke is again i Roosevelt's No. 1 man at the i While House. ral don The way that American pcnrrn has smashed his way inti> Gcr ninny t)n> sony slioulil road: -Tin llo<l^L-s nn the Khiiii'." / "Tlie Wehrmachl" says an ' editorial, -"may surrender peace- meal." We don't know about the m'cal, but that's the way we wan; to see tne Wchrmacht—in pieces. and . E. W.: What is the cause cure of iixfectious dandruff? • Answer: Pityriasis capitis is tho scientific name . for infectious dandruff. Simple forms may be treated by an ointment containing salicylic acid fj grains, ammoni- u.tcd mercury 30 grains and oint- nicnt of rose water one ounce. Put on .the scalp thoroughly Saturday ni^tit and scrub the next morning with soft warm water and green soap. As l-.he war .surges eastward from France the Maginot Line once ajA'ain seems to assume the role of innocent .bystander. Like tho Mnr<!Ui, tho Gnxlavo, till! Gotiliic and the Gix'.hbols' line doesn't: N so hot, cither. hoars that Ge:i- H. :>!iller, demoted in Lon- | by Eisenhower for allegedly \ -ling the invasion daic, wjil i bo ;-eiircd as. a General after the j war.. Mrs. Arthur Murray, the) rhumga tutor, starts as a female Mr. Anthony over the Blue on Oct. ith. She will limit her activities o the problems of tho teen ago... West coasters were denied the privilege of hearing Konry Wa!- ncc's speech because n coast spon- 01- refused to relinquish his tim.- ..The WHEN scc'y in the British Indar oilicc here is a Met opera ossibiiky. Her name is Xorocn IcBride, a coloratura ..The big :-ee sho win town is through the •indow of Florence Lustig's dress i iop on West 5Sth where you can i sec your favorite actress "in her' prettiest lingerie. tlcro's a fim'sh diat '.von'c scuff ol5 - nnd withstands hard wear, a v\'cll as exposure to \vcathcr. urphy Da-Cote »Jr I enamel FRIENDS OF PICASSO tho famous artist, arc arranging to brin- him here. The Gestapo in Paris never molested him there because Hitler had belittled his art as decadent ..Dinah Shore's overseas gift for her groom is .a fleece-lined ski jacket taken from a very dead Naxi... Earlier this yo av' Alan Young was pushing buttons on a Cnnadinn radio sfation. On Ocl 3rd he starts starring over the ^ No ^ work :lt - :1 -1-ngure salary ., The War Depu has ok'd tho ' > Oct. Omnibook for distribution to men overseas. ] t contains tho only political rending they'll see Dr. F, Kingdon-s "Thar "Man in lie White House" aud a thesis on Jewey. ..That wasn't any hurricane. It was Oscar Levant w ho quit "Info Please." passing r>an Golenpaul, its owner. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET , TEL. 3507 Your Eyeglasses Shop C • Tonilinson L= Ni'ary Building Nnugatuck. Conn. i* lo he Hirohito's cars should be plenty red. They're talking about him in Quebec. Reindeer meat, according to,' a cookery column, makes a most ex- dish. What is this— a plot cellent against Santa Clnus? A candidate f or n Now York- state office hns wallioil 115(1 milos fiaiiviissiiiRr voters. Always, no donht, |HiUiii(f his h<. s (. foot forward. BUY WAR ItOMISA L

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