Marietta Daily Leader from Marietta, Ohio on October 23, 1898 · Page 1
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Marietta Daily Leader from Marietta, Ohio · Page 1

Marietta, Ohio
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Sunday, October 23, 1898
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m&E tt"" r-( ' ''' ""r$' M$m4-T"'. ' r ' " a, r 'Vi MARIETTA DAILY LBADER, .J Ijf. ' ( '. A MARIETTA, OHIO, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23. 1898. VOL. IT. NO. 246 PHI UK ONE CENT di i '' , Pint Aft. A PROCLAMATION. Gen. Wood Issues a Sort of a Provisional Declaration of Independence in Santiago. BIGHT OF ASSEMBLY GUARANTEED. Eight to Worship God According to Individual Conscience. Liu No Interference With Existing Religion. The Right of Free Speech The Court! of JiiMtlc Open tn AH Excessive Hall Shall Not Ue Required The Right of rlt of Habeas Corpus. Santiago m Cuba. Oct. 22. Gen Leonard Wood, military governor pro tern of the department of Santiago, Friday issued a proclamation in ten sections, which is a sort of provisional declaration of independence. The first article guarantees to the people the right of n-sotnbly for tho common good and to apply to those in power by petition or remonstrance for the redress of grievances. The second section guarantees tho right to worship God according to individual conscience, provided there is no interference with any existing form of worship. The third section directs that courts of justice shall bo open to all and that no private property shall bo taken by the governmentwithoutcom-pensation. Tho fourth section, dealing with criminal trials, invests the accused with tho right to be hoard himself or by counsel and to have compulsory process to secure the attendance of a witness in his behalf. t Tho fifth section says no person accused of crime shall bo compelled to give evidence against himself. The sixth section declares that no such person, who is once acquitted of the charge brought against him, slia.l bo tried again for tho same offense. The seventh section provides that all -persons charged with crime shall bo entitled to bail, except in cases of capital offense, and that tho writ of habeas corpusmay not be suspended excopt tho commanding general of the department deems it advisable. The eighth section says that excessive, bail shall not be required and that no excessive fine nor cruel or unusual punishment shall be inflicted. The ninth section provides that in order to secure tho people against unreasonable search, there shall first bo established undpr oath aurosmnption of guilt. t The tenth section guarantees to all the right to write or print freely on any matter, subject to responsibility for abuse of tho right Tho municipal laws aro to be administered in accordance with these declarations of rights, subject to modification which, in the judgment of the commanding general, would be beneficent and promote the principles of enlightened civilization. United Stales uud Jipan Exchange Money Order. Washington, Oct. 22. The post office department has arranged with the postal department'of Japan for tho indirect exchange of money orders between this country and Korea, and on and after January 1, 1609, money orders may be drawn in the United States for payment at the Japanese post ofiicc at Chemulpo, Fusan, Seoul, Yuensan and Mukho, in Korea, and in like manner at the offices for payment in the United States. & St. Jit's a .Mistake -- .. & We ain't selling Gold Dollars for 75 cents but we are, selling a Dollar's worth . HOE For seventy-five cents and that is, wjiat is worrying some people and pleasing others. And the "Others' are. after SAMPLE SyOE STQRE. No. I;38 Putnam St. Open Evenings. : W ! Z " " r 4 - ii i Pap. DREADFUL TRAGEDY. A Demented Mother Strangles Her Three Cblldreo, Id Order, as She Bars, to Fra- ent Them Growing Up Wicked. TonoSTO, Out, Oct. 22. A. dreadful tragedy was enacted In the east end of the city Friday night when Eliza Burrill, wife of a well to do mechanic, became demented and strangled her three children, Ethel, aged 8: Stanley, aged1 8, and Harold, apod U years. The husband of the woman found all of them on their mother's bed dead when he came home from work I'riday night. The woman is evidently demented. She says her reason for the terriblo deed was that she did not want them to grow up wicked. NO RESULTS YET. After Seven Joint Sessions of the Peace Commission, Covering h Period of 'X wo Weeks, Nothing Done. I'Anis, Oct 22. Tho joint session Friday lasted from 2 p. in. to 4:S0 p. m. During this time tho commissioners discussed the second scrtes, of written arguments put forward by the Spaniards for tho purpose of prevailing upon tho American commissioners to assume the Cuban debt No definite conclusion was reached, and the com missioners adjourned until Monday, when the Cuban question will again bo discussed. It is probable that this fcaturo of the negotiations will be disposed of next week. Thus far there havo been seven joint sessions, four of whleh have been devoted to the discussion of the first article of the protocol. In this manner two weeks have passed and no result has been reached. The American commissioners have listened to all the arguments of the Spaniards, but they havo not changed the position which they first assumed, in refusing to talk over the Cuban debt Lleter liospltal Closed. Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 22. Loiter hospital, the largest general hospital at Chlckamauga during the summer, was closed Saturday. Only half a dozen patients remained in the hospital and these were removed to Sternberg hospital. There aro now about one hundred patients in Sternberg hospital and many of these will be discharged during the coming week. Arraigned on it Clmr,-H f Murd-r. San Fiiancisco, Oct. 22. Walter Rosser, tho Tennessee hospital steward who killed Henry liildebrand, a civilian, on September l:i. ap; cared in Judge Wallace's court Friday for arraignment on a change of murder. At tho request of the defense tiu matter was-continued' until, next Friday at which'time Rosser twill ,pleud. Eracuatlnn Cnmmijsfnn Coming; Horn-. St. .a'UOMAS," p.' W. L, Oct 22. The United States cruiser Newark arrived here at dawn 'Friday from and left at noon for San Juan de .for to 'Rico, there to embark the members of tho Uni-ted States evacuation commission, who have concluded their work and baen directed by the navy department to return home. Daly's Latest Success. New York, Oct 22. Tho great success of Mr. Daly's production of "Cyrano do Iiergerac," with Miss Rehan as Roxane, has precluded tho repertoire, and though "Taming tho Shrew" and "School for Scandal" were announced in Philadelphia and' Baltimore, both were withdrawn for "Cyrano." '? Indians Plead Not Utility. Dulutii, MJnn., Oct 2. Eleven Bear Island Indians waro broughthere Friday by Marshal O'Connor and ten Sd infantry regulars. They entered formal pleas of not guilty in the United States court and were given time to consult with their attorneys. -'V'V are T who we i i ' ! i V TEN TO N0TMMJ3 In Marietta's Favor Was tho Game at Columbus Saturday. Special to the Leader. Columbus, 0., Oct .In tho game hero today between the foot ball teams of Marietta College and Ohio State University there was the hardest and gamiest playing of the season. j In the first half 0. S. U. put up a brilliant game and ic was by pure determination to win on Marietta's part that she overcame the heavy work of O. S. U. Marietta having lost both the Inst games was determined to win, and to that end she plunged into O. S. U. and after a hard contest finally succeeded in throwing Thornlley, right half .over the line for a touchdown. Falling to kick goal they lined up again with five points on the right side of the count. After the line-up both teams failed to make any advancement for some time, but when time was called Marietta had the ball very close to O. S. U. goal. In the second half Marietta kicked foff and O. S. u. got the ball and mado a desperate struggle for goal, but Ma" rietta secured the ball and called full back Griffiths to give his side buck. He succeeded In gaining his ground, but was knocked senseless before laying down the ball. He lay for fully, two minutes unconscious, but before' the third minute had elapsed he was again on his feet and ready for battle. Feisley, left half, received the ball and gained considerable ground. On the last half minute the ball was given to Thornlley and by the splendid interference of Feisley and Griffiths he carried it over the line. As soon as the ball was over time was called, fccott tried for goal, but the ball was at such an angle he failed. Tho final score was 10 to 0 in favor of Marietta. Rev. Sam Small's Daughter An Actress. The daughter of Rev. Sam Small, tho well knonw revivalist, has chosen tho stage for a profession, and if a romantic career, coupled with a piquant and charming personality can win success Lola Small-Jackson-Ford should find few obstacles in the road to fame. Miss Small has been especially engaged to play the part of Virginia Pryde in Hoyt's "A Stranger in New York." The character is that of a Richmond, Va., belle who enjoys a good time, is a real good "fellow," who plans all the escapades and can sing a song or tell a story if called upon. But Virginia Pryde is supposed to be a very innocent young lady, one of Richmond's "strictest set." ( She goes to New York and the people with whom she Is visiting are going to the French Ball, and they are wondering w-iat sort of a costume she will wear, they Imagine it will be something very conventional, but she sprlags a surprise upon them by appearing in tights. Though only twenty-four years old, Miss Small has had an unusual experience matrlmonally. She was reared In Atlanta, and married there the son of Major R. C. Jackson.a very wealthy man. She secured a divorce that her husband was dissipated. Very soon afterward sho married Stewart Ford, of Lexington, Ky but this alliance was not happy. She began divorce proceedings against Mr. Ford, but this suit was withdrawn by agreement of both parties and alimony and dower arranged f6r Mrs. Ford. Mrs. Ford will bo known on the stage under her maiden name of Lola Small. Miss Smalt is about flvo feet six inches In height, with a llth, graceful figure. Her appearance Is girlish in the extreme. A quantity of brown hair and a pair of dancing brown eyes lend color to the impression. She has a beautiful' face, a sweet voice, typical of the light hearted southern girl. Miss Small made her first appearance with "A Stranger In New York" two weeks ago at Albany, N. Y., and is said to nnvo made a most emphatic sucess. , causta d iioc cnoiera. Dayton, 0., Oct. 22. Meat Inspector Miller Is investigating tho reports of tho prevalence of hog cholera in tho surrounding country, which have been given rise by tho poisonous headcheese offered for sale in tho market here. Missed the Doc. New Weston, O., Oct 22. William Blcrman, a prominent farmer living two miles west of here, was accidentally shot and Instantly killed Friday by Fred Kesslor. Mr. Kessler fired at it dog and did not see the man. , FRANCE DEFIANT. It Is Asserted That Russia Will Support Her in the Threatened Fearful Struggle. WAR NOW SEEMS TO BE INEVITABLE. In Government Circles in Paris tho Disposition Seems to He to Resist Great Britain's Demands. Every English War Vessel Ordered to Hive 'its Cretv Made Up to tho Full Olllccrs on Leavo of Absence to Hold Themselves In Kcadlno4. Paris. Oct. 22. A remarkable change has come over French opinion on the Fashoda question during the last 4S hours. The attitude of the nubl c is more inflamed and more defiant. This is partly due to the tone of the British press, but more to tho threatening speech of the British chancellor of the exchequer, Sir Michael Hicks Beach, which the Autorite calls "A provocation that is almost a threat of war." The municipal council of Paris is accused on all sides of exhorting the government to avert war. In government circles tho disposition seems to be to resist the British demands. It is reported that the policy of France, as definitely stated to Great Britain, includes the rott-ntion of Fashoda. Rumors that the foreign minister, Count Muravioff, has assured M. Dal Casscc, tho French foreign minister, of Russia's support in the controversy, tend to stiffen tho backs of the higher officials, although these continue to maintain a conciliatory tone and declare that France is prepared to carry amiability to the utmost limits consistent with her rights and dignity. St. Petersburg, Cct 22. Comment, ing on the recent speech of the British chancellor of the exchequer, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, the Novoj Vre-mya charges the chancellor with making a violent attack upon the French govemmont and says that ho failed to bear in mind that Fraucc has, in Russia, "an ally resolved to support her in the Fashoda question, in view of the fujl solidarity of their interests." London, Oct 22. The British Ad miralty has ordered every sea'going warship to have its crew made up to tho full complement as ordered In case of mobilization. The order ot the British admiralty practically means the complete telling off prospectively of every ship company in detail. Four torpedo boat destroyers, which were about to be fitted with new water tube boilers, have had their orders countermanded and have been instructed to reduce their stores. Officers on leave of absence or unemployed have been notified to hold themselves in readiness to commission the reserve ships if required. Paris, Oct. 22. M. De Blowitz, the Paris correspondent of the London Times, in a letter on the I'ashoda situation to the Matin, explains the intense feeling in the matter of reconquering the Soudan as based upon the English thirst to avenge Gordon. "Maj. Marchand's presence in the midst of their exultation," he says, "is like a cut with a horsewhip. England does not aim to mortify Marchand, but she resents an oblique blow aimed at a campaign whleh has been openly conducted. France is ready to march at the drum call, but I am convinced that the call will not sound. What is Fashoda to France, compared with its value to England? In case of war, we should bo fighting to keep Marchand in Fashoda when in truth he had already departed' The Temps has created iuterest by its telegram from Nantes, saying the four battalions of the Infantry regiments comprising tho 2tst division, with headquarters at Nantes, have completed their war equipment. Extra rounds of ammunition have been issued to men and ollicers alike. Everything portends rapid moving. In Paris excitement rurs high and the public voice is all for war. Married After Tour 'Days' Acquaintance. Maijion, O., Oct. 22. Prof. Goldln, a young man otherwise known as William L. Trissell, and Edna Davis, of Larue, were 'married here after a four days' acquaintance. Seven months ago, while in Dallas, Tex., Trissell saw a picture of Miss Davis and fell in love at once. Ho corresponded with her, and last Sunday landed in Larue. Her parents objected to him and locked the girl up, but she kicked the door down and with her lover drove to this city. Trissell hails from Dixon, IlL Ncir llaux at Tlptuu. Tipton, 0 Oct 22. The State bank of Tipton was organized hero by electing the following officers: Win. Miner, president; Dr. Newcomer, vice president; F. E. Davis, cashier; Louis Se-fight, assistant vice president; Wtn. Miner, Dr. Newcomer, F. E. Davis, M. Bath and J, P. Jvemp, directors. The capital stock will be $25,000. This bank will take the place of the Plcken & Kemp bank, which went out of busi ness a few weeks GREENE Will Succeed Peabody. He Is a Remarkable Younir Railroad Man, The many friends of W. W. Pea-body, Vice President of the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern road, will ro. gret that at the annual meeting of the B B. and t). S. W. stocknolders, to be held here the third Wednesday of next month, he will sever his connection with the company, after years ot faithful service. Vice President Peabody is compelled to take this action on account of a serious affection of his eyes, which his physician, Dr. Sattler, says makes it absolutely Imperative tha he have absolute rest and relief from business cares for "n extended period. After his retirement from the B. and O. S. . he will take an extended trip, very likely going abroad. Captain W. W. Peabody, who was born at Gorhani, Maine, in 183G, entered railroad service when 1G years of age with an engineering corps, and between that date and 1S77 he was In the employ of the Marietta and Cincinnati Road, now the Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern, filling in succession the positions of Secretary to the President Paymaster, Master of Transportation, Superintendent and General Manager. From 1877 to 1SSG he was In the ser vice of the Ohio and Mississippi Road first as General Superintendent, and from 1SS3 to 1S86 as. President and General Manager. In 18S7 Captain Peabody took service with the -altimore and Ohio as Manager of the Trans-Ohio Division, with headquarters at Chicago, which position he filled until January, 1890, when he was elected President of the Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern. In 1893, when the Ohio and Mississippi was absorbea by the B. & O. S. W. Captain Peabody was made Vice President of the company, which position he has since held. The man who is to succeed Captain Peabody' as Vice President of the B. & O. S. W. is William M. Greene, now General Manager of the Baltimore and Ohio Road, with headquarters at Baltimore, and who Is a very able man i William Milbury Greene, who Is now 1 40 years of age, is an Ohio man, hav ing been born at Athens. He commenced railroading at the age of 15 years as a clerk in the office of the General Freight and Passenger Agent of the Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo. He quit railroading and went to Wooster University, where he grad uated In 1879. After graduating at Wooster he again took service with the Hocking Valley as clerk to the President. After filling the position for about a year uo was elected Secretary of the Ohio and West Virginia road, and remained with that company until January, 1SS3, during the last three years of his service with the company being Purchasing Agent. During the succeeding two years he was Vice President and Treasurer of the Hocking alley. In October, 18S7, Mr. Greene took service with the Big Four as assistant to the President, filling the position for a year, when he was made General Manager. He remained with the Big Four as assistant to the President and General Manager until July 1, 1891, when he retired from railroad service to become Vice Bresldent of the Griffin Car Wheel Company, of Chicago. On August 1, 1S93, Mr. Greene reentered railroad service as General Manager of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Road, which position he resigned to accept his present place witn the Baltimore and Ohio. It Is not known who will succeed ! Mr. Greene as General Manager of the Baltimore and Ohio, although Wi.liam Gibson is spoken of as the man who has a very good chance of getting the place, If it Is given to a man who Is now with the company. It is not improbable, however, that the position will be offered to a man who now fills a similar position with another company. Enquirer. utaiTr ot i.-avic"ETrTiyarr. SrniNOFiEi.i), O., Oct 22. David L. Snyder, one of two batchelor brothers who gave the city a valuable park, is deal, aged S2, leaving an estato worth S-,000,000. Tho other brother, who died two years ago, left 3100,000 for the sick poor of the city. Another Uitntc Closes. LisnoN, 0Oct 22. The First national bank of this place was closed Friday by tho directors. IL J. Childs, who has been tho cashier for 20 years, has not been seep sjuco Friday morning, The bank examiners have been in charge of the institution. Color Line Drawn. Columbus, O., Oct 22. The residents of the Medary school district in this city have withdrawn their children from the public schools, and have formed a private school, because of the presence of a colored teacher, Miss Celia Davis. Royal make the food pare, wholesome nod delicious. mi SAWN POWDER Absolutely Pure rtOYAl DAkinQ PQwttn CO., NEW YORK. EMPEROR AND SULTAN. Fareivr-ll Ilanqnct Given to the Former- The Empress of Grrmnny Visits thu Sultan's llureiu. Constantinople, Oct 22. At the grand farewell banquet here, tho Sultan sat between the emperor and empress of Germany. At about 10 o'clock their imperial German majesties withdrew to the Morassln Kiosk and the emperor afterward returned the farewell visits of the diplomatic, corps. In the meantime the) sultan and his son, Prince Mehem-t med-Sellm-Effendi, conducted the empress, the wife of the German am-, bassador and the maids of honor to the( harem, where they conversed with thoi Valideh Sultana, the princess and! sther ladies, Ertin Pashu's daughter acting as Interpreter. Emperor William presented a gold snuffbox to the Turkish minister of foreign affairs, Tewfik Pasha. , Military Post Office at Cavlte. Washington, Oct 22. Tho ,post of. dee department has ordered the establishment of a military post office station at Cavlte, Philippine islands, near Manilla. It will bo known as military station No. 2 of the San Francisco post office, and will accommodate a large number of our troops stationed at the arsenal and thereabouts. I English Cabinet Will Dlscast the Fashoda Qaestlon. i London, Oct 22 Tho British cabinet has been summoned to meet early next week for tne purpose of discusingj the Fashoda question. It is understood' that the government proposes to take, the steps necessary to insist upon an early and definite statement on the' subject from France. . "K. f Russia Sounds a Warning Note. I St. Petehsburo, Oct 22. The Novoe Vremya, commenting on Sir Michael Hicks-Beach's speech, accuses him of making a violent attack upon France, forgetting that Russia is firmly resolved to support France in tho Fashoda question. i Deaths From DrlnUInc Poisoned Water. Joplin, Mo., Oct 22. Four persons have died from the effects of drinking water from a poisoned well near Aurora. Physicians are convinced that tho trouble is not typhoid fever, but the well from which this family obtained their water is poisoned, but how and by whom it has been poisoned is a mystery. Thinks lie Is a Machine. Maeion, O., Oct 22. Henry Hover-man has become violently insane after ten years' work trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. He believes he is God and that he is a machine himself. KIL-A-BUG. (N'on poisonous.) The Great Insect Destroyer. For Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ants, Fleas and all insects. For sale only by D EAGLE & UTLE, druggists. Opposite Court House. Second and Putnam Streets. Telephone 68, oH5HHSH5H55H5725E5HE5a5j KENT, o THE 1 1. Office 511 Putnam St. ARCHITECT !HSa5HSHSE5iaSESHSa5 'M '3 ! .J wjj J n M n : N, a n "J

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