The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1954 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 17, 1954
Page 17
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August id a favorite vacation month, I'm finding. It seems as if half the town is away at a lake, 'taking off on a trip or still talking about the vacation just completed. A couple of weeks away from the old routine can make the other Jifty weeks mo're enjoyable besides' furnishing a good supply of memories. But the best time .to enjoy a .vacation is when you have been working real hard. * . * * There's a lot to be said in'favor of hard work and though we aM complain once in a while that 'there's too much of it, life would be infinitely dull if it .weren't for work. Wotk'is what makes leisure fun; it's the finest substitute for sleeping p'ills known and it's-the only sure-fire magic formula for ' success. -. *. • * + "Man works from sun io sun while* women's work is never done", is the old saying and I'm beginning to believe it. Of cours«", w ; e gals snatch our leisure at odd moments but we seldom rest because there isn't any more work to do. No matter how diligent •we ai*e about our, homemakirig there always seems to be another drawer that could siafia ordering, an extra baking treat that the family would welcome • more finger prints that should be removed or another batch o± clothes to launder. And there's - tne blasted, never-ending mend Ing. Does anyone ever get en tirely caught up on that? « * * Housework is composed of lots ' of little frustrations, Most of .mine come either in connec^n with balky mechanical servants " or when I try to do some minor bit of sewing. I've tried hard enough to- learn to sew and»I've . studied ft hard enough so I'm.sure , I understand pretty we'll the the> ory of what I'm supposed to be \doing. But the direction's that look so simple on pattern or diagram have a way of getting all fouled up the minute I put my finger on them. Take this week's Battle of the Zipper for example. Replacing a worn zipper in a housedress is a simple project— any stupe can do it. The direc- . lions on the package are practically fool-proof. But they are not Grace-proof. There is a rigm and a wrong way of doing everything but I've .made a discovery. There's lots, .of .wrong ;waArs of .installing a : i\ftfet: '-TlfefW"* side down and inside out. There s right side up and wrong side put. There's wrong sid5"up and right side out and there's left side sewed on the right side and right side sewed on the left side. I U-ied them all and finally emerged triumphant with the right side up and the right side out. The dress was pretty well worn out and it only -cost $3.98 in the firs'; place. If my time is worth anything—say $1.00 per hour, I'm sadly in the hole on this project. Oh, well, there are sometimes days like that. • • • Those while rats left over from the fourth grade's better breakfast project are becoming well known for Jack Shelley read the story about them over his WHO radio program recently. But rats, even famous ones, present, some, problems. . The Dr. C. C. ShierK iamily still has every one of them —the mamma, the papa and the whole litter of baby ones, The son Randy, to whom the rats belong, hasn't had a bit o£ trouble giving them away, though. Plenty of boys have taken Randy up on his offer to give them one. But when the rats reach their new homes they have a way of getting returned mighty quick. Mothers can be so fussy. They simply don't understand the rare deltfiht of having a pet white rat, nibbling and scurrying around the house! t One thing in a girl's life that doesn't change much from generation to generation is that grand old institution, the Slumber Party. Our daughters, as yet, are too young for such shanamgans, but I was reminded of what tun they are when my niece attended one this week At Slumber Parties you drink cokes, pin up your hair, giggle, talk about boys, eat sandwiches and cake, giggle, pillow fight, sing, make cocoa and gicgle. Everything except sleep —that is strictly illegal procee- dure at a Slumber Party. * » * The most successful parties are those the boy friends try to crash along about ten o'clock. N"bod> invites the fellows to do this, but word gets around and its sort of disappointing if they don t at least make an attempt to annoy the young ladies. Slumbei parties are two day . affairs-a day to get ready, the night of the party and then the groggy day after. There'd be more of these parties if there were more hostesses with rugged parents. One per season is about all Mom and Pop can stand. ^ ^ The butter consumption should be way up this month fur this is the season for corn on the cob. This delectable treat just must be literally dripping m better to be at its best. So far, m my informal research on the subject, I have found no one who doesn .. like corn on the cob. A few can not eat it for dental or digestive reasons but not a soul who passes it up because he doesn t like u. We were treated this week lo big sack of corn, all husked and eady to be cooked, which we did. And we ate it with great ;us»o. It was • a gift from my eader, 'Mrs L. C* Hutchins anc he also brought me 1 severe' ecipes. I .enjoyed meeting her n person after having talked witl ler on the telephone severs imes over the past couple o: rears. - '•' . '- *'••-. * • * Our living room is very gay ,,ust now. for it is decorated with :hree big .bouquets of perfectly gorgeous glad.S from another reader, Mrs John Scheme!. Mrs Schemel said they were in honor of Woman's World's 5th birthday. She tol.d me the names of several of thei varieties and enough about ;he raising of gladioli to make me Delieve it is a fascinating hobby. There are thousands of varieties of the flower /and" they come' in almost every hue and, shade. To perfect and establish a Vartfitf and color, it takes seven years be- ore all the blodms can be defended upon to turn out the way they should. The" lack of fragrance in the \bloom make them a populaf gin for hospital latients especially 'thosfe with res^ biratofy ailments.' There are many women Glad raisers, bat Mrs Schemel says when ypu get 6ver 100 bulbs it becomes a man's hobby. * V * * This week's recipe is for Ginger Ale Salad—a refreshing concoction for warm August days; 1 can Royal Anne cherries 1 can crushed pineapple, 2% size 1 cup chopped nuts , 11% cups ginger ale juice of 1 orange Y juice of 1 lemon 1 pkg. orange gelatin' • 1 pfcg. lemon gelatin Drain juice from pineapple, heat a'n'd dissolve gelatin in it. Let cbok.sadd ginger ale, orange and lemon juice. -When mixture .jells slightly, add fruit and mold. When firm unmold on lettuce leaves. ' —GRACE Mr Warburton OfLakotals Blood collected by the Red Cross .ft distributed to hospitals and doctors without charge for the product—ri&V civilian or serviceman ever pays the Red Cross for blood or blood products. • The sun dial was probably the earliest instrument for measuring time: irtkota«4ames .Warburton was taken "by arnfculancie Fo the Holy Family" Hospital at Estherville Saturday, Mr Warburtotr was 86 years did In .-July and his beeft in failing^Keaith tot some time. Mis condi'tian remains-about the same'at la'st reports, •• • , Mrs.-W. «k Ley, Mrs Harry Mussman took Mrs Warburton to Estheryllle-j Thursday t& visit him. t ; ' ^__-_ . 1 Anniversary Supper ' ' A poMtiek supper was, served at the: Larry Stoff(?fd hpfne m Armstrong'In', observance of their wedding anniversary and the first birthday of their nephew' Terry Blome. The following from Lak- ; ota attended: Mr and Mrs Jerry.; Heetland and Gerald and the Ronald Heetland, Verriori Smith, Elmer Paulsen, Glenn Mabus, Arlowe Blome and Wayne Heetland families; Other guests Were Larry's parents Mr and;MtS v Ed Stofford and Mae of Galena;.111? Mrs Rose Rhams,tock was a guest Tuesday at the'; Wilfred Radig home to celebrate the 5th bjrthday of her grandson, Mr and Mrs Jerry E. Ukena visited Sunday with the Ralph Dewey family in Sac City. Mr and Mrs W. C. Vodraska were in Rochester Sunday and Monday. Mrs Vodraska secured an jappolfitmerit to enter tjie clinic there and returned to Rochester the 13th. Mr and Mrs Glenn Mabus, Lyle and Cecil and Mrs Will Mabus were guests Sunday with the Jake Coleman and Richard Sherman families. Mr and Mrs Jerry Heetland and Gerald and Bobby Lappe were guests Sunday at Twin Lakes With Rev and Mfs-O. H. Frerking who are spending July and Aug. In their cottage. Mr and Mrs Milton Paulsen and children spent several days the past-week In Omaha .with Mrs Paulsen's mother Mrs Nick Angelacos and attended the wedding of her brother Delos King. Delos attended school. here several years ago when he lived with the Paulsens. Mr and 'Mrs Raymond Winter attended funeral services for Alfred Miller at Ledyard .Saturday afternoon. , Mrs Carl Gerzema, Mrs Fred Stecker and Miss Hannah Heetland attended the Mission Feas' at the Reformed church, Buffalc Center, Thursday afternoon. Carlyle and Larry Gerzema and Arlo Pannkuk will be at Camp McCoy for 'two weeks training with the Reserves. The boys lei Aug. 15. ' The Band Mothers held a ver Uccessfttl Bake Sale and Lunch t the City Hall Wednesday even- ng following the Band Concert. The concert August 18 will close he summer concerts. Jon Smith and a friend Billy Smith of Stockton, Calif., have concluded a two week's visit with fon's parents, Mr and Mrs John 3. Smith. Jon makes his home with his brother Dr. Wrai Smith and attends college. Marlene Kienitz has as her ;uest, Marvel Maxon of Missouri Valley. Dick Geilenfeldt of Albuquerque. New Mexico, is visiting his Father Dr. P. C. GeHenteldt and family. Mr and Mrs Eldon Heetland and sons of Winnebago, Minn, and Mr and Mrs Merle Heotland and Craig of San Bernardino, Calif, were dinner guests of their mother Mrs John Heetland Sunday in honor of Merle's birthday. Merle and his family left Tuesday for their home. Craig had spent the summer in Esthervillu. Mrs Irvin Groff and children are visiting her mother in Milwaukee, Wis. Debby and Terry Blome celebrated their 1st birthday at the home of Debby's grandparents Mr and Mrs Fred Schroeder Sunday afternoon. Debby, daughter of Mr and Mrs Eugene Blome was born August 9th and her father is in the Navy stationed at Jacksonville, Fla. and Terry, son of Mr and Mrs Arlowe Blome' was born August 10th. Terry's parents and the paternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs J. C. Blomc Tuesday, August 17," f«84 Affldrta (fa.) OppW P*i were also guests at the party. Each baby had a small angel food cake topped with a single candle. Mr Rudolph Brand of San Antonio, Texas was a guest several days with his brother-in- law and sister, Mr and Mrs J. C. Jlome. Mr and Mrs Clarence Nissen, Jim and Judy of Tulsa, Okla. arrived Tuesday for a visit with Ars Nissen's mother, Mrs Ida Jkena and Mr and Mrs Jerry Jkena. Stephen Buckels has concluded visit.of several weeks with his jrandparents, Mr and Mrs W. Ei ey and returned to his home in Boone. David Ley is visiting at the Buckels home. Miss Bernadine returned home Wednesday from a few days Visit in Minneapolis and Lake City, Minn. Wednesday supper guests at the C. C. Gerzefna home were Rev. Warren Bloyer, Waterloo: and Rev. Howard Peterson, Mondamin. Gordon Hans is the new clerk at Bracks Super Value replacing Florence Olson Wortman who had worked there since the 1 opening of the store. Mrs J. T. Whalen of Des Moine* came Friday to be with her siste*' Mrs James Warburton for seV> eral days. Passengers are not permitted on the navigator's bridge when a vessel is under way. Enjoy Its BITTER CITIES SERVICE NEW THE WORLD'S FIRST FIVE-DIMENSIONAL GASOLENE AHTI A ADD AM The first gasolene to reduce harmful carbon. You'll enjoy a nW I '"Vlllf DUIl new high in engine cleanliness with New 5-D Premium. /I AT It LI r New 5 ' D>S extra-high octane is designed to lllilUNt protect against knock and add power in new VV 10111. an a older engines alike. * n actua l tests lt eliminated rust in the entire fuel system ... pro* tected gas tank, fuel lines, carburetor mechanisms. HLITI OTA I H IMA AN 1 1-9 I ALLINW Eliminates constant, cold engine stalling during chilly and damp weather. AVI IMlYCD I IIDC 5-D has today's newest upper-cylinder "V I LUDL lubricant. Unlike other upper-cylinder lubricants, the New 5-1} Lubricant fcas an aoti-oxidant that stops oil from oxidising. The only gasolene with ALLS TOP PERFORMANCE FEATURES! NEW 5-D KOOLMOTOR10W-30 HutzelTs Cities Service Algona, Iowa MODERN .CONTROLLED BEER SI08Z BREWING CO., OMAHA

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