The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1954
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH tt» 1954 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAQ1OT1 OSCEOLA NEWS ar* Bess Proctor Still Maintaining Hectic Pace in Variety of Fields STARR GAZING National Sunday School week,, for the soul, which begins Apr. 12. is an observance with a history. Sunday Schools were founded by Robert Raikes, an English printer, in 1780. His schools combined secular and religious teaching, and were intended for the children who worked If some of Bess .Proctor's Blytheville friends are wondering where she is, what she is doing and if she's still the same Bess, who is blessed with the rare combination of beauty and brains, you should have been in Osceola a week ago Monday for the big shin-dig those Forrest City District women put on at the Osceola Progressive Club. Bess was right in the middle of all of it, and for fear she might have been left out on the goings on, she came a day ahead. That's Bess! That day ahead gave me the opportunity of seeing and hearing with my own eyes and ears what it is that Bess has that other women wish they had. I found out in one application. She is as pretty as a picture and is bubbling over with personality and those gray hairs tend to make them look like some of the powdered wigs you see on famous women in history books — only hers is honest to goodness. (Prematurely, shall we say?) Gray and no fancy blue, green, purple or pink applied to those tresses. Wherever Bess is, you can rest assured she is the life'of the party. She adores traveling into far away places to visit something she read about in an old history book or through books on genealogy. * * * THOSE TWO subjects are her main dishes in literature. She can tell you the color of hair and eyes of every famous lady who ever graced the White House. She can make it so clear when she tells about Dolly Madison and the years she spent as the wife of the fourth president of the United States that you can fairly see Dolly turning on her personality when James Madison was Jefferson's secretary of state and she acted as official hostess at the White House, paving the way for her popularity in Washington Society when her husband became president. Naturally, Bess is a member of the Little Rock chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution. Bess remembered reading about Montpelier, the estate of Madison in Orange County, Va., where he retired after his two terms as president, and where they lived for 20 years until Madison's death. On one of Bess' trips to Washington, she had an appointment to see a very important man in the White House about getting a job. Bess had made the trip with , Beas Proctor . * . receives "Woman of the Week" award from Breakfast Clubber Don McNeil . . . way for them to tag.along. told them about her appointment they thought that would be an easy along, with Bess pulling a lot of strings, the four got to get in but the man only had such a short time for interviewing, the job wasn't mentioned and Bess told the others, for them knocking her out of what she really came to Washington to see about, all the reward she wanted for getting them into the White House was to "Whip around" to Montpelier, Va., to see the place Dolly Madison stood on a particular step to wave good bye to saying to her friends: "I shall return." Her latest trip to Washington was by a special hand-engraved invitation from the President of the United States and read as follows: (and I saw it.) "The President invites Mrs. Bess Proctor to attend the session of the White House Conference on Highway Safety to be held at Constitution Hall, Washington, D. C., Feb.. 17-18-19, 1954." such long hours in the new factories that no week-day education was possible for them. With the help of the Rev. Thomas Stock, Raikes secured the establishment of Sunday Schools in connection with almost every church. Paid teachers were soon replaced by voluntary ones, and with the increase of ordinary educational facilities, teaching was confined to religious subjects Sunday schools were introduced to the United States in 1791. Now out of the calculated 34 million Sunday scholars in the 369,000 Sunday Schools throughout the world, 20 million are in North America. So that's one reason why the< week set aside from Apr. 12 to Apr. 18 is a week of great significance. Quoting from "Protecting the Public Health," publication of E. I. du Pont Nemours and Co. "The chemical content of a human body once was valued at $984. But today, based on the fact that the atoms in a body, contain potential energy of more than 11 million kilowatt hours per pound, an average sized man's body is worth $85,500,000,000." I'd settle for a lot less. Women and birds are able to see without turning their heads, and that is indeed a necessary provision for they are both surrounded by enemies and somebody is always ready to take a pot-sholj at either, or both. "Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground." Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. Eye-glasses have become so gla- mourized and feminine that women don't seem to mind being seen wearing them any more and now I wonder when the tobacco people are going to come out with pastel shades in cigarettes for their women clientele. Even though you aren't a bobbysoxer or a hero worshipper, I'll bet there isn't a man, woman or child who saw "From Here to Eternity," who wasn't happy to see Frank Sinatra win an Oscar for his outstanding performance in the picture. Methinks he deserved more than one since they were dishing them out promiscuously to some of the other winners. ington, D. C. A lot of prudes might want to throw their portrait of the Lady Hamilton in the ash can if they knew what a hussy she was. She was the mistress of Sir William Hamilton before she became his wife and darned if she didn't get herself involved with the noted English admiral and navy hero, Horatio Viscount Nelson when she was only 17- and bore a daughter by him when she was 20. The story of their love is the central theme of E. Barrington's "The Divine Lady." The lady was a bum ,as the song goes. Cactus is found solely In America. Burbank developed one variety for cattle feed. It took 120 years to build Noah's ark. It is said to have been 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. The Treasury Building fire oc- cured on this day in 1833 in Wash- Without charm there can be no fine literature, as there can be no perfect flower without fragrance. Ever notice the first thing a person does to a flower? They give it a sniff and if there is no fragrance they invariably comment on the lack of fragrance; yet the flower is beautiful. I don't remember ever seeing a flower that wasn't beautiful, fragrance or no fragrance. Red bud trees have no fragrance, yet they are next to godliness. Don't take any wooden nickels tomorrow. April Fool's Day, you know. Ann Southern called her Beverly Hills place, "Southern Exposure," and Bill Boyd cashed in on naming his place high up. in the hills, "The Boyd's Nest." Remember April with its swords of jade on a thousand hills, and every nook and cranny filled with iris in almost every conceivable color. There was a time, how well I remember it, when iris was called flags and the choice you had was either purple or white. Now, there are hundreds of colors, ranging from white to dark brown ,white to dubonet and white to a black purple. April is the month for iris lovers. (No flower known requires as little So that is a cue to tell you about attention nor gives any more food THEY ALL thought that wa pretty silly but after all, a favo is a favor and knowing Bess a they did, they would never retur that favor in any way but to tak Bess to see where Dolly stood. They didn't know the sign the read — $10 fine for trespassing — the lead right over the sign t show her friends she wasn't scare and ran right smack into the care taker on the place, carrying double barrel shot-gun, aimed t fire and demanded that they rea the sign — if they could read. So Bess and her wild Ideas quiet ed down for the next hundre miles homeward, with Bess finall Th an KS... The Conclave sponsored by the Blytheville Group of Alcoholics Anonymous which was held at Hotel Noble March 27 and 28 was a huge success. We had more than 200 Guests from fire states. We wish to thank the Press, Noble Hotel and employees for the service rendered. We greatly appreciate and thank the ministers who gave us such splendid cooperation. We also wish to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the Public in general for your support in this movement. If you or some member of your family have an alcoholic problem we would be most happy to tell you what we did to stop drinking, we stand and want to help you. All of us were helpless but with the help of others in the same condition we have maintained a sober, peaceful and happy way of life. If interested write Alcoholics Anonymous and some AA will contact in our way. , ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Box 873 — Blytheville, Arkansas Anyone Interested Invited to Our Meetings Open Meetings 8:30 p. m. Every Friday Night Closed Meetings 8:30 p. m. Every Tuesday Night Club Room over Hardy Furniture Co. E. Main Street — Blytheville, Ark. Bess and her latest job — saleswoman for safety. Bess left the Arkansas Highway. Department last July to accept a position with the National Automobile Association, Inc. Bess loves safety work and is about the best qualified woman in ation will gladly make services known warning, yet there are a big majority who take the their car could climb a attitude tree or swim a river. And as for detour the state to talk intelligently on I signs, some are in such a big hurry to go no place they take the that their automobile can down the sign and just one the subject. Her work with NAA takes her to clubs and organizations all over, , ... ,. - tl _ , A the Southern states to urge citizens I autom ° b de wouldn't hurt a fresh to abide by all the rules and regu- M °£ re 2. hl S b way. lations on the public highways. 5 a i fl f ^ ccid fnts could be v & J avoided to the extent that half of "WITH ALL the radios, televi- !£*g T^d^T Wghway jobs sions, newspapers and magazines ^ who dTsobeVs warning people daily of highway ° aisoDe - vs accidents, it doesn't seem enough. This." said Bess. *'is a community problem. It's the individual's obligation to help with an educational program to bring it down to the community-level. This is definitely a problem that seems to get er each year as there are more young people becoming eligible to buy driver's licenses and the population is growing yearly, and to talk safety and to abide by safety rules is a problem for all civic groups and all organizations." Bess talks to Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs over the South and gets wonderful cooperation, but women's clubs and organizations have taken on things in the past few years. She finds home makers and mothers are the ones who are good to initiate new ideas and problems. "More and more groups are including in their year's program at least one meeting devoted entirely to talks on safety. "One of the first things to stress in bringing safety to the community level, is to change tlie attitude of its population. There arc road- signs on every highway in the United States warning motorists of the dangerous curves, washed out bridges, detour signs and every On the Social Side.. needless-employees. "That attitude will have to be one of the first things to work on by organizations. Women, the United States over, are constantly setting out trees and shrubs by the various garden clubs trying to make people slow down and enjoy the beauty of this country instead of looking at needless accidents that occur where a tree or shrub See Bess Proctor on Paye 12 Pitch Club Meets Mrs. Tal Tongate was hostess to her monthly Pitch home Wednesday. A dessert course preceded an afternoon spent in playing cards. Mrs. Bob Cromer was high score winner with Mrs. Joe Cromer winning bridgo. Mrs. Reba Davidson was a guest and was presented a gift by Mrs. Tongate. To Give Program The Osceola Garden Club will provide the program for the Wilson Cooperative Club tomorrow afternoon when it meets at 2:30 p.m. at the Cooperative Club House. One of the highlights of the pro gram will be the Osceola Junior Garden Club singing and modeling "grown-up ladies" Easter bonnets Mrs. Jesse Cramer is sponsor for the Junior Club. Club 17 to Meet Club 17 will meet with Mrs. Bebe Levenstein for dessert tomorrow night followed by bridge at her home. Spring blossoms will deco rate the tables in the living room Personals Mrs. Charlie Shontz of Louisville Ky., who has spent the past two weeks as guest of Mr. and Mrs T. P. Florida, left Monday morning for Hot Springs to be guest of Mr and Mrs. Jack Manice for two weeks. Mrs. Shontz and Mrs. Manice will drive to Washington, leaving April 16th, to attend the national convention of Daughters of American Revolution. Mrs. Shontz will return to her home in Louisville in early May. Dr. L. D. Massey, who has been ill at his home since Friday entered Campbell's Clinic Monday for a check-up. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reidy are moving into their new home thi; week on West Semmes. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Applebaum OPENS 6:30 EACH NIGHT SHOW STARTS 7:00 2 SHOWS EVERY NITEJ RAIN or SHINE! Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p. m. Admission lie & 39c At All Times WED., & THURS. Double Feature CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE WITH PARENTS REOPENING TONIGHT! With a Big FREE Show —For Young and Old- AD MAT HO, II* lCOL»niUHItSl —AND— Cartoon "Flipper Frolics" SEE THIS BIG HIT FREE! FREE! SEE THIS BIG HIT and daughters, Pearle Anne an Lana Joe, attended the Ice Follie in Memphis Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schrick. Jr and Mr, and Mrs. Hiram Alexan der were in Memphis Wednesda night attending Holiday on Ice a the auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ivy. Jr., an daughter, Charlotte, of Little Roc spent the week end with the par ents of Mr. Ivy. Mrs. W. E. Howell and daugh ter, Ann, and Mrs. J. W. Hollowa of Clarksdale, Miss., were wee end guests of Mrs. Howell's moth er, Mrs. Maude Hudson. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd White were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs Oscar Connell in Clarksdale, Mis; On Monday, Mrs. Godfrey White Mrs. Aubrey Conway, Mrs. John White, Sr., and Miss Llewellyn White, who is spending her spring vacation from Hoi ton-Arms in Washington with her parents, drove to Clarksdale for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Connell. Mrs. Con nell is the former Miss Ann White Mr. and Mrs. Ted Woods are ex pected home today after attending a meeting of the Arkansas Broad casters Association at which Mr Woods was elected president. Mr and Mrs. Woods were in Ho Springs Saturday for the races. STOPsiMPLE DIARRHEA Get Fast, Soofh/ng ftef/ef with PIRCY MEDICINE MOX -Theotre- On West Main St. In Blyrheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 SaC Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature TWO WOMEN ON A MANHUNT i M-G-M-* ^...••t t«VI IN A —AND— IDA lUPINO-ROBUlI RYAN BEWARE. MY IOVELY PLUS TWO CARTOONS THURSDAY & FRIDAY UtottDifneij'* TWO CARTOONS VMI% I WFl* ••§••§•••••§••••••••••••••••§•••••§••§••••••••§•• THURS., & FRI. Double Feature ROBERT MITCHUM JEAN SIMMONS —AND— BWTCJ My Wife's Bost Fr'HMid Hit •MOM Pete Smith Comedy Hut* FOR BOYS AND GIRLS » Wait til you $«e th«m. Weather-Birds are smarter than ever. You'll want your child outfitted in one of our many, good looking, long wearing Weather-Birdi. 8 J /2 to 3. $5.95 ON OUR METALLIC CURVED SCREEN Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Eitz & Boxy Program Announcements LAST TIMES TODAY fjWOftAMIC PRODUCTIONS *~"^**^^^ - ktleutd by . 20th Centunr-Fw '•>•• PLUS SELECTED SHORTS THURSDAY & FRIDAY ™ \»..i*[i§? ^ IS>* PLUS CARTOON & SHORTS Coming to Ritz Theatre-Apr. 4-5-6-7 "ROSE MARIE" lit Cintmoscopt With Ann Blyth and Howard Keel At Regular Admission Prices

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