The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on September 24, 1987 · 40
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 40

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1987
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Thursday September 24 1987 Page 2C SIM TV& RATIO ‘Mysteries’ just waiting to be solved Show features Kansas Citian By Barry Garron The Star's TV-radio critic After tonight millions of people will wish they were related to George Marsh And just maybe two or three might really be Next month five years will have passed since Marsh died at Roanoke Manor Nursing Home in Kansas City In that time no one has come forward to prove he is related to Marsh and therefore entitled to the $175000 Marsh left behind It is a mystery all right one of four on “Unsolved Mysteries” (9 tonight on Channel 4) This is the third edition of the show Reaction to the last broadcast May 25 resulted in the capture of two murder suspects one of whom had been sought for 17 years John Cosgrove executive producer and director is getting to be an old hand at finding hard-to-find people His three specials “Missing: Have You Seen This Person?” with David and Meredith Baxter Birney helped turn up 25 missing children Cosgrove said he had seven researchers constantly calling around the country to learn of good mysteries One of them got in touch with Michael Ledman owner of Genealogical Investigations in Lenexa who told all about Marsh Ledman is one of several local residents who were interviewed for the show In addition several local actors were hired to reenact parts of Marsh’s life Except that his name might not really be Marsh “He may have changed his name because there was a packet of personal papers including a birth certificate of a Josef Zelen-ka There was also a marriage certificate made out to Josef and Catherine Zelenka” Cosgrove said “We present as much information sketchy as it is about this man on the program jA the hopes that someone out there among our 25 million to 30 million may know who he is or who his heirs are or may even be one of his heirs” Others interviewed about Marsh include employees of the nursing home where he died the owner of a grocery where he shopped and James P Aylward public administrator for Jackson County Aylward said the inheritance was the largest of the ones he controls The Kansas City story is the only one of the four mysteries tonight that does not involve the commission of a crime The three others: John Charles Lutter was reported missing in September 1985 by four of his wives “He managed to keep six wives and six households afloat all at the same time” Cosgrove said A flight mechanic for United Airlines he had a family at each stop on his route “And then the airline decided they were going to promote him to co-pilot which would have meant a change of route His web of deceit began to unravel” Cosgrove said Lutter is wanted by his wives his 15 children and by authorities on bigamy charges A bomber name unknown has planted 12 bombs in the last nine years killing one person and injuring 12 The bombs have exploded at universities in California Utah and Michigan and at computer-related businesses in other parts of the country “He’s only been seen once a very clever devilish and dangerous man” Cosgrove said “The one time he was sighted they managed to get a good description of him for a composite drawing but nobody knows his name or where he is” The real killer of two persons in Florida assuming that the man who was convicted of the crimes really is innocent Glen Consagra 46 said he didn't kill his two friends while on a fishing trip “He has a private investigator and a public defender on his side” Cosgrove said “We present the facts for both sides The inmate hopes that the broadcast will unearth other witnesses that ultimately would help free him” Cosgrove said NBC had ordered two more editions of “Unsolved Mysteries” and he is hard at work on the next one “What we’re trying to do now is broaden our base of stories to include inheritance stories stories of lost loves all kinds of mysteries” he said The biggest mystery of all however may be how long viewers remain attracted to these shows “Your fate depends on the ratings of course” Cosgrove said Thursday evening television and are subject to change without notice Kan City area channel Late night programming: 2 am (4) Financial Freedom 2 am (41) Movie "The Call of the Wild" 2:30 am (62) INN News 3:30 am (5) News 4 am (5) Nightwatch 4 a m (41) Make Room for Daddy 4:30 am (41) Gentle Ben Channel 1 1 programming (when different from Channel 19): 7 pm Adams Chronicles 8:30 pm DeGrassi Junior High 9:30 pm Newton’s Apple 10 pm Profiles of Nature 10:30 pm Business Report 11 pm MacNeil Lehrer Newshour TV HIGHLIGHTS ® ‘THE COSBY SHOW’! America’s favorite family is back! — 7:00 PM-auv ® ‘Tour Of Duty’ — New Series About The War In Vietnam! Premierel — 7:00 PM-auv ® Premiere! More Cosby fun-Denise discovers ‘A Different World’! — 7:30 PM-au ® Crazy new development in hilarious season premiere of ‘Cheers’! — 8:00 PM-Adv d) ‘Wiseguy’ A Federal Agent Infiltrates The Mobl Hot New Series! — 8:00 PM-Adv nm Michael Jackson Mini Movie ‘BAD’ — 8:00 PM-aov d) ‘KNOTS LANDING’ Get Your Emotions Tied Up in Knots! New — 9:00 PM-Adv Friday daytime television Tonight 'Cheers’ is back soldiers start 'Tour of Duty’ ByJudyFlander © 1987 United Features There’s plenty to cheer about tonight and that includes the season premiere of “Cheers” (8 on Channel 4) Sultry-voiced Kirstie Alley moves into the vacancy created when Shelley Long decided to leave the hit series Alley however is no barmaid She’s the new manager of Cheers which Sam has sold to a big corporation Now he’s just the bartender and she’s the boss Two new series join the program lineup (see Barry Garron’s reviews on Page 1C) First comes “Tour of Duty” (7 on Channel 5) a drama that brings the Vietnam War back into your living room Company B is a unit of young soldiers fighting in the jungles of South Vietnam Terence Knox plays a savvy sergeant “A Different World” (7:30 on Channel 4) a spinoff from “The Cosby Show” follows Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) to college Denise’s first hurdle is getting used to her strange roommate Jaleesa Vinson (Dawnn Lewis) On the season premiere of “The Cosby Show” (7 on Channel 4) Sondra (Sabrina LeBeauf) and Elvin (Geoffrey Owens) are home from their honeymoon and announce that they’ve ditched plans for graduate school Instead they’ll open a sporting goods store in Brooklyn and be around for plenty more episodes Fans of “Knots Landing” (9 on Channel 5) will welcome the soap opera back for its ninth season Everyone is still looking for Peter Hollister’s body which viewers know Abby buried at a Lotus Point construction site She and Olivia think the other did Peter in Paige meanwhile is trying to find out who her real father is If it isn’t Mack maybe it’s Gregory Sumner Valene waits in vain for Ben (He won’t be back) Look for the appearance soon of Michael York as Abby’s oldnew love In the series “Sledge Hammer!” (7 on Channel 9) and Dori are off to college on a new caper A credit card is nearly the undoing of Snow on "The Charmings” (7:30 on Channel 9) Channel 5 prefers movie to football rerun By The Star's start Local CBS-TV affiliate KCTV Channel 5 will not show the network’s scheduled replay of last season’s New York Giants-Denver Broncos Super Bowl game on Sunday CBS plans to broadcast the old game because of the National Football League players strike After an extended one-hour version of “NFL Today” at 11:30 am Sunday KCTV will broadcast the movie “Cheyenne Autumn” at 12:30 pm and the movie “Murder by Natural Caus es” at 3:30 pm “It’s not interesting” KCTV general manager Phil Jones said of the scheduled Super Bowl replay “In my opinion it’s not good television That just allows them the network to run their commercials and a program that people don’t want to watch I’d rather run our commercials and a program that people might want to watch” NBC-TV affiliate WDAF Channel 4 will broadcast an extended one-hour version of “NFL Live” at 12:30 pm followed by the St Louis Cardinals at Chica go Cubs baseball game at 1:30 pm "Greatest Sports Legends” featuring Jackie Robinson at 4 pm and “Bob Uecker’s Wacky World of Sports” at 4:30 pm In the anticipated absence of ABC-TV’s “Monday Night Football” KMBC Channel 9 will show the network’s broadcast of “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” If the players strike is resolved and games are played on Sunday all stations will broadcast previously scheduled NFL games Vietnam continued from pg 1C the story of how Bravo Company was assembled and the skirmishes in which it engaged could have been Anywar or Everywar The show set in 1967 stars Terence Knox as Sgt Zeke Anderson the combat-hardened leader The ethnically balanced cast includes Lt Goldman from New York Cpl Percell from Iowa Pvt Lawrence from Detroit Pvt Ruiz from the Bronx an anti-war college dropout from Chicago a California surfer and a soft-spoken Japanese-Ameri-can In the premiere episode Anderson visits a group of soldiers who recently arrived in Vietnam “I’m looking for winners survivors” he tells them "I do not want any dopers I do not want any dopers If you’re smoking dope you’re not listening to me” That is the extent to which drugs are treated in the first show “Hey sergeant” one of the new men yells as they ride along down on a dusty road "How can you tell if they’re Viet Cong or not?” “Just pull 'em over and ask them for their driver’s license” comes the reply It is the only reference to the problem of being unable to distinguish friend from enemy CBS in its zeal to offer a viewing alternative to “The Cosby Show” scheduled this series for 7 pm a ridiculous time to run a combat series First there is the risk that impressionable young viewers might find in “Tour of Duty” a glorification of war and violence Worse the series is effectively prohibited from exploring mature themes because shows at 7 pm are tightly monitored by network censors It has been 14 years since the last US combat troops were withdrawn from Vietnam It is high time this period be explored and mined for the dramatic stories that existed The stories of the men and women who served there deserve to be told even more than the adventures of contemporary cops lawyers and doctors But barring some dramatic turnabout in the scripts this will not be accomplished by "Tour of Duty” A Different World Any time a series is a big hit the producers try to spin off other shows with characters fr r fbe original This season the producers of “The Cosby Show” are spinning off “A Different World” (7:30 tonight on Channel 4) the story of Denise Huxta-ble’s experiences at Hillman College the alma mater of her parents There’s no question that this will be a hit Any show placed between "The Cosby Show” and “Cheers" will be a hit The question is whether it deserves to be a hit The answer is probably not Lisa Bonet who plays Denise has proved herself as a supporting character but lacks the TV presence to carry a show on her own What’s more the support she gets from other regulars isn’t enough to keep the show focused Reacting to the need for a father figure the producers created Dean Harris (Ted Ross) He is a fine comic actor but he is no Bill Cosby Even so the premiere episode holds up fairly well In it Denise is assigned to room with Jaleesa Vinson (Dawnn Lewis) who is 26 divorced and resents Denise's lifestyle This was not the episode that originally had been planned as the premiere That show including a guest appearance by Cosby The film guide All commercial TV movies to be broadcast tonight in Kansas City are listed the cable movies listed are those judged to be of interest Prime time “The Story of Will Rogers” 7:30 and 11 on AM-Very good 1952 Jane Wyman Will Rogers Jr A look at the life of the famed American humorist and commentator from his years as a cowboy at the turn of the century through his death in 1935 “Ghostbusters” 8 on Channel 9— Very good 1984 Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd Free-lance ghostfighters spring to action when a Manhattan high rise becomes the gateway for ghouls “Clash of the Titans” 8 on Channel 41— Good 1981 Harry Hamlin Laurence Olivier Mythic hero Perseus is helped by his father Zeus in a series of dangerous tasks “How to Marry a Millionaire” 8 on Channel 62— Very good 1953 Lauren Bacall Marilyn Monroe Three actresses use an expensive apartment as bait for rich husbands “The Road Warrior” 8 on MC-Very good 1981 Mel Gibson Bruce Spence In a desolate Australia of the future an ex-highway cop reluctantly sides with an oil-producing community under attack for its precious fuel R “Beverly Hills Cop” 9 on SH— Very good 1984 Eddie Murphy Judge Reinhold A fast-talking cop trails his best friend’s killer from the alleys of Detroit to the posh galleries of Beverly Hills R "Quality Street” 9:30 pm and 1 am on AM— Very good 1937 Katharine Hepburn Franchot Tone A lonely spinster masquerades as her teen-age niece to win back the physician she loves “The Prince and the Pauper” 9:45 on 17— Very good 1937 Errol Flynn Claude Rains A prince trades identities with his look-alike pauper friend in this adptation of the Mark Twain novel Colorized "The Fly” 10 on MC-Very good 1986 Jeff Goldblum Geena Davis Experiments transform a scientist into an insect R Late night “Hot Millions” 10:30 on DI— Very good 1968 Peter Ustinov Maggie Smith An ex-con embezzler assumes the identity of a noted computer genius as part of an elaborate scheme to make off with vast amounts of a large corporation’s money "The Islander” midnight on Channel 41— Good 1978 Dennis Weaver Sharon Gless A retired mainland lawyer buys a Honolulu hotel and becomes entangled with a runaway witness a senator and a ruthless mobster “John Goldfarb Please Come Home” 12:30 am on Channel 62— Good 1965 Peter Ustinov Shirley Ma-cLaine A pilot and a photographer-writer team up when the latter is smuggled into a desert kingdom harem to do a story “Play Dirty” 1 am on Channel 5 — Good 1969 Michael Caine Nigel Davenport A British commander attempts to stop Allied forces from destroying German supplies so that he can use them “The Call of the Wild” 2 am on Channel 41— Good 1976 John Beck Bernard Fresson Two men possessed by gold fever battle the elements in the frozen Klondike Palmer continued from pg 1C It’s those eyes along with his handsome features and body that Jockey thought were sure bets Palmer’s association with the company goes back to 1976 when he appeared in Sports Illustrated with other baseball players including Pete Rose and Steve Garvey “I thought there was safety in numbers” Palmer said Four years later he was endorsing Jockey for a fee and free underwear Palmer— who by the way is single— said he wore Jockey’s Elance style which is a colorful rather tight-fitting bikini style Asked what he likes his women unclad in Palmer blushed and described Jockey’s women’s line of lacy brocaded undies and camisoles but he wouldn’t admit to a preference Baring nearly all has made Palmer consider his physique and his two daughters both in college “It won’t get to the point where my body will ever look bad” he said “It’s my face that might go” Daughters Jamie 20 and Kelly 18 “think it’s great because it pays their tuition and gives them an allowance" he said Kelly a freshman at the University of Colorado in Boulder talked Dad out of a recent visit because the first one caused such a commotion "Not because of who I was but because some of her friends saw us together and thought I was a new boyfriend an ‘older’ man ” he said Although his affiliation with Jockey has defined him as a sex symbol he had lived with the label for most of his baseball career Among his admirers were the baseball players’ wives and Playboy bunnies who voted him most handsome player Although he now identifies himself as the broadcaster Jim Palmer he still misses being a baseball player “I miss the competition of the game and the camaraderie of my teammates” he said "There’s something very black and white about it I travel with a team of broadcasters now but it’s just not the same” He’s still somewhat resentful of the manner in which he was released in 1984 during his 20th season with the Orioles “I thought I could have still played” he said "They expected me to pitch every four games for nine innings but at the end I couldn’t expect anything from them In 1984 I could still pitch Now I know I can’t” Palmer has thought about getting back into baseball perhaps as a coach but he said the pay would barely cover his daughters’ college costs And he would have to consider the constant travel and night games “It gets to a point where birthdays holidays and Sundays have no significance anymore when you play ball Each day loses Its identity Before I knew I didn't have an alternative if I wanted to play Now I have alternatives” will be seen next week The first episode was to have been the one in which Maggie Lauten (Marisa Tomei) is introduced as the third roommate Even with a brief appearance by Cosby the show was flat and humorless The writing was weak and the acting mostly uninspired Realizing the importance of first impressions a new premiere was taped The hairstyles are better new faces were added to the cast and the dialogue is sharper But to keep everything in order Maggie was eliminated from the cast You can’t very well include a roommate who won’t be introduced until the next week If the improvements are maintained after the second show "A Different World” will earn passing grades If not more remedial efforts will be required New signals Members of the news department of KCTV Channel 5 will conduct "Storybreaks” at 10 am Saturday at seven neighborhood libraries For about 30 to 45 minutes each of them will read from books a project designed to encourage parents and children to visit libraries as a family activity Channel 5 participants are news anchors Wendall Anschutz Anne Peterson and Lili Bliss sports anchor Jack Harry and reporters Stan Carmack Doug McKelway and Steve Dawson Libraries at which they will appear are the Corinth Library 8100 Mission Road Prairie Village Kansas City Kan Public Library 625 Minnesota AVe Oak Park Library 9500 Blue Jacket Lane Overland Park Platte Woods Library 6500 Tower Drive Robandee Library 8240 Bannister Road West Branch Library 1936 Summit St and Westport Library 118 Westport Road KSHB Channel 41 will carry live broadcasts of eight University of Kansas basketball games this season beginning with the contest against Iowa in Hawaii at 3 pm Nov 28 The other games are against Western Carolina (Dec 3) Iowa State (Jan 13) Nebraska (Jan 27) Oklahoma (Feb 3) Nebraska (Feb 16) Colorado (March 2) and Oklahoma State (March 5) Games with Western Carolina and Oklahoma State start at 7 pm the others at 8 pm

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