The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1954 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 10, 1954
Page 8
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-*, August 10,1954 [2 Scouts, Two leaders Honored Fwelve Explorer scouts and r leaders, Allen HWJebaUgh Dick jStrayef, received high lora at a pot luck dinner and lard night at Call State-Park j Tuesday night. imeYgency service awards went Id-Bin Lafhg, Ed Carney, Jay Givehs, Bob Hardy, Dave Ma- cilmber, Bob Johnson, Dave Hut» chins', Herb Schmidt, Larry Wicks, Jack and Bob Norman, Butch Strayer, and leaders Hidlebaugh and Stfayer. It was the first time this award Kad \been made in the state of Iflwa, and is the second highest award it is possible to gain through scouting. Eagle scou* rank is the only one above it. jllomesi August 10,1954 The awards were'issued as; ft result of help given irr policing during the centennial celebration, and for completion \H a course in police and fire department Work. Instruction, was ' given by fire chief Ira Kohl, and policemen Ai Boekelman, Ray Krebs and Jim Egli. . Mayor Linda Clapsaddle, E. Ev Cook, scout district chairman, >Dr. L. L. Pfeffer, Wesley, district: commissioner, Allen Hidlebaugh and Dick Strayer each gave short talks to the large group asseYribl* ed in the shelter, house -tot the presentation. • HidlebaugH end Strayer presented the awards, and at the conclusion, the Kent: Motot C6. gave T-shirts to all Cubs., Scouts, and children present;;.-. In the fiscal year I952*1953r the Red Cross provided a - total, ot 4,121,0"00 donations of blood for defense and civilian use. 1 Duffy Reunion At West Bend I A Duffy family .reunion was held at St. Peter, ""and Paul's Church recently at West Bertd Vith the following present: »' Martin Duffy Sr., and Teresa, Mr and Mrs Martin Duffy Jr., Mr and Mrs Hugh Duffy and Mr and Mrs Lewis Duffy of Whitte- rnore; 'Mr and Mrs Bill Duffy of Algona; Mr and Mrs Mo'urice Duffy 1 and Mr and Mrs J< jhn Mitchell and family of Chui.'d-.m Mr and Mrs Al Montag O f West Bend; Pvt. Mark and J?vt. Marvin Montag, who are 'home on leave, Mr and Mrs RapJiael Montag and family, Mr an.J Mrs Harold Montag, Mr and T/lf s Marvin Laubenthal and fam'Jy and Mrs. Dan Fogarty, all of • West Bend. The occasion honored Pvt. Mark Montng, and. Pvt. Martin SATURDAY FRIDAY! DOLLAR DAY VALUE! DOLLAR DAY VALUE PENNEY'S OWN NATIONWIDE MUSLIN SHEETS 1 69 81x99 72x108'" f 63x99 __.-- 1.49 72x99.;... 1.55 81x108-----1.69 Cases 39c• DOLLAR DAY VALUE! CLOSE-OUT Ladies' & Children's Shoes . . . . Odd-Lot Ladies' Uniforms ..-, Ladies' Nylon-Wool Sweaters - iironihg Efoard Pad & Cover Set. /.,i,V. : .^ u <ww;*«»,.'.«.i, ; ^i W u ;.;,J**w._5viJ.*A»4-.~!-.-.-- t..-w*»^.-"<-*«i iadier Handbags Sf ----- Meri's Bathing Suits S^L. Trulon Panels £5 -----Toddlers' & Girls' Bathing Suits Girls' Nylon-Wool Sweaters .. Women's Bathing Suits " £»• . .1.77 5,00 2,00 1.S6- . 1.50 2.00 3.00 DOLLAR DAY VALUE! pr. Sizes S. M. L. White and Pastejs * "Easy To Wash •', * Quick To Dry DOLLAR DAY VALUE! Girls' Dresses, 3-6x ........... 2.9B Girls'Dresses, 7-14 ., ...,.3.98 Boys' Flannel Shirts, 4-8 1.29 Misses' Jeans "TUT. „'..„-„.. 2,29 Boys'Flannel Shirts jJ'S -,--.1.49 GirU'Jeans, CT .-„„- 1-98 DOLLAR DAY VALUE! CANDY STRIPE CANNON TOWELS BATH TOWEL FACE TQWil WASH ClOTH 59 C 39 I stock mp new sizes 9-15 12-20 16»/2-24y 2 NEW FALL SELECTION Ladies' Dressy DRESSES 3 98 Fashions Latest Fabrics: * Gingham * Rayon * Cotton * Jersey * Acetate * Seersucker Buy Today on Lay-A-Way" //I [cotton plisse dusters' ~"-'«2" gay prints or solids! I Full sweep robes, need I no ironing! &-button * fronts, contrast piping, I 2 handy pockets. 12-20. •• DOLLAR DAY VALUE! J nyjon tricot SLIPS ! I /TV7* S=!! V fo _^ mm ,« quick-drying) no*lront S Non-sheer 40-deniertrV g - cot, with lace or em* | broidered sheer trim*. I Easy to wash. White, pink; 3244, 8HBI lV"' DOLLAR DAY VALUE! pHBB^Bwmmiiii iviiiiiiji j in. ._j mj. 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Boys' Jeans, sizes 6-16 1.49 Girls' Coats, sizes 3-6x 9.00 Girls'Coats, sizes 7-14 '. 12.00 Men's Jeans, sizes 29-46 1.98 Men's Long Sleeve Sport Shirts . 2.00 Girls' Rayon Panties, sizes 4-16 . 39c DOLLAR D AY V A L U E! BLOUSES Short Sleeve 00 sues 32-38 Assorted Fabrics sues —.... 3.00 Here's a value from Pen' ney's. ladies' short sleeve blquses, ideal for dress drew or casual wear. BUY SEVERAL! Last week, while we Iowa gals were busy canning peaches and making pickles, a small, but select group of people were meeting in Paris, France to decide what we are supposed to look like for the next, few years. It was the annual fp.ll and winter fashion parade w/ith each rival designer showing his own interpretation of Grande ' couture. Which is Ele- gent Fashion to you, Mazie. • • * * Thiey don't just haul the dresses out and let the buyers take the/m to a fitting room and try th.em on. These fashion shows a/e real projects. For months the designers have "been busy dreaming up the clothes and deciding the'most dramatic ways to present them. They each have their own spy system, as intricate as world intrigue, and each designer tries to find out what the other one is up to. If any of the Mata Hari's of the Fashion world are caught stealing ideas for skirt treatments, she is presumably ex- cuted by a firing squad. Then at a predetermined date each salon unveils its new creations to a breathless audience composed mostly of fashion writers and American department store buyers. The Word this fall is that Balmain is the boy who "eloquently expresses mastery in tailoring". He handles small fur with dexterity and he "gives his name" to town suits in dark foggy tones, grays and blacks. The Balmain silhouette can best be described as the Capital T. * * * Now Jean Desses is a guy who insists on a flower silhouette. He follows'a blooming from bud to open flower. Desses was a blooming idiot last year, too only then he used the tulip silhouette and the flare began a little lower on the skirt. Givenchy and Patou both go for the straight pullover type. ,.'.-. , But Christian Dior, the pacesetter in women's fashion's is the one who really threw the bombshell. All-in'o'he "day he dropped the waistline to the hips, flattened the bust and aims at turning the atomic age woman back to the Flapper of the 1920's. Flat, slender and boyish is the new Dior look. He calls it the "H Line." * * * This is probably all right excepting that most of the gals i know are shaped more like U's, or O's or X's and its going to be a little hard for them to reshape themselves into H's. Dior permits no shoulders, no bust, and no waist. Hips are permitted, but not much .of them. What's left is nothing but a straight, narr9w torso with a sash in the vicinity of the hips. Sounds like a big year for left over feed sacks and they won't need any alterations but slits for the arms and neck. * * • I predict that it's going to take quite a while before the gals around Algona and Kossuth county take very kindly to Dior's H line. We don't take to any old thing some little twerp in Paris dreams up. Are we going to toss aside the winning, •womanly curves of recent times for something reminiscent of the boyish bob, the speak-easy, the racoon coat and the Charleston? Even if we all don't have perfect 34-22-34 figures, we like to make the most of .what equipment Mother Nature has given us and not pack it into dresses that look like un- derslips with the darts let out. * * » And if the gals are going to make a fuss about the H line, what do-you think the fellows are going to say about it? After years of drooling over Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, who certainly keep abreast of the times, are. the men going to keep whistling at them if they all of a sudden look flat, slender and boyish? * * * Women whether they admit it or not, dress mostly to please their men and if we adopt the Dior H line, the fellows might just as well take Qjrt their ten year old kid brothers^ *• • » If we let this Dior fellow go far enough he may even be responsible for an economic depression, at least in one industry, the manufacturing of ladies lingerie. Millions of dollars are spent each year on girdles, waist cinchers and brasierres in the noble effort to make women look concave where they don't and convex where they'd like to. The manufacture of "falsies" alone, while based on principles of inflation, is a major business. You can't eliminate these things without feeling the consequences in the nation's pocketbook. * * « We can lake much comfort in the thought that even if the H line does catch on it will prob- bably be a couple of year's before it gets into full swing around here and by then we'll probably be used to it. Or maybe the whole thing will blow over in a hurry like Dior's last revolution, the New Look of a few years ago. Anyway it makes little difference to most of us—we wear the same old clothes until they wear out or can't be made over any more. * * * The latest thing at our house has nothing to do with women's fashions, but we are tickled about it anyway. It's mail delivery, right to our door. For almost fourteen years now, we've been going over to Grandma's for our daily quota of bills and magazines because a zoning technicality prevented the post office from bringing it to us. Evidently this has been cleared up for Hank Guderian stops at our house every morning now. It seems downright luxurious. • • • The first letter we received in our new mail box was from Marion Corey Rekers of Cedar Falls. It was one of Marion's usual newsy letters and it was most welcome. July was birthday month for the Rekers. There wove several birthdays among Marion's In-laws and their little Dickie was three years old. Grandma Corey (Mrs Fred Corey) who is spending the summer in Cedar Falls had a birthday too, and June and Roscoe Mawdsley drove down from Algona to celebrate the event. * * * Mildred Boeckholt phoned me yesterday to give me a recipe for a peach pie. Yes, I know we lad peach pie for last week's recipe but this one is a little dif- 'erent and you may prefer it. 1 unbaked 9" pie shell Filling: 4 cups sliced peaches or 5 medium ^ized peaches, sliced 1 cup beet sugar V4 cup sifted flour 2 tablsp. lemon juice % teasp. cinnamon Topping: % cup butter % cup flour % cup beet sugar Place the filling mixture In the unbaked pie shell. Cream together the ingredients in the topping and sprinkle .over, the filling. Bake in": a 450 degree oven for ten minutes, turn down the heat to 350 degrees and continue baking for another 30 minutes. This long baking makes the top- \ § ing carmelize and it is delicious, erve warm, either plain or top- , •; ped with pour cream or ice cream. —GRACE Named Queen At Club Picnic MARILYN TAYLOR, Burl, who was named beauty queen of the annual Mascia Club picnic a week ago Sunday at Clear Lake, is pictured above. Marilyn, who is 18, graduated from the Iowa School for the Deaf at Council Bluffs last May. The Mascia Club is composed of deaf people from Iowa. The queen is a daughter of Bernie Taylor of Burt. Around the clock during 195253, the Red Cross provided blood for defense and civilian use at an average rate of eight donations per minute.

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