Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 20
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20 Golesburg Register-MaiL Golesbura, III, Thursdgy, Aug, 8, 1963 Lawmaker Raps Federal Farm Policies WASHINGTON (UPI) - Rep. Melvin R. Laird, R-Wls„ charged today a "vindictive administration" neither understands nor cares about the problems which bedevil farmers. "The administration belittles farmers for not supporting its prescriptions for the ills of agriculture," he said in a speech prepared for House delivery. "The administration becomes vindictive when farmers reject the rigid control programs as exemplified by the wheat referendum. "The administration has consistently rejected out of hand any proposal that did not originate in its own inner sanctum— as if bureaucrats had some kind of monopoly on proper thinking and policy formulation." Says Dairy Farmers Hurt Dairy farmers are suffering more than most because the cost of all items used in milk production have continued to rise while the prices they receive have not, Laird said. "This obviously can be traced to administration policies of . deficit financing, foreign aid, and favoritism to other groups of the society at the expense of the dairy farmer," he said. Laird said the average pay price in Wisconsin for milk has dropped 23 cents from its $3.29 level the day President Kennedy took office, while the index of prices paid by the farmers has risen from 301 to a record 311. Claims Markets Cut The administration, through ill- advised experiments with supports, encouraged increased milk production, then cut down on the farmers' markets by encouraging imports of surplus dairy products from other countries, he said. Laird plans to meet with various farm organizations in his state, after Congress adjourns. He said he hopes to persuade them to unite behind a single dairy program to assure a better future, but added there is no hope for improvement unless the administration and Agriculture Secretary Orville L. Freeman show interest. He was sharply critical of Freeman's present tour of Soviet bloc countries, saying this indicated casual disregard for the pressing problems at home. Market Reports Today NOTICE TO BIDDERS The City of Galesburg, Illinois hereby invites sealed bids on Hy- drofluosilicic Acid. Bids will be received until 10:00 A.M., C.D.T., August 19, 1963. Bid forms may be obtained at the office of the City Purchasing Agent located in City Hall. MICHAEL A. GRAVINO Purchasing Agent 8/8; IT NOTICE TO BIDDERS The City of Galesburg, Illinois hereby invites sealed bids on remodeling front entrance to City Hall, including a new aluminum entrance. Bids will be received until 11:30 A.M., C.D.T., August 19, 1963. Bid forms may be obtained at the office of the City Purchasing Agent located in City Hall. MICHAEL A. GRAVINO Purchasing Agent 8/8; IT NOTICE TO BIDDERS The City of Galesburg, Illinois hereby invites sealed bids on furnishing and installing gas-fired forced air furnace. Bids will be received until 10:30 A.M., C.D.T., August 19, 1963. Bid forms may be obtained at the office of the City Purchasing Agent located in City Hall. MICHAEL A. GRAVINO Purchasing Agent 8/8; IT Whether you use light or dark brown sugar in a recipe, depends on the flavor you want to achieve. Brown sugar, whether light or dark, should always be packed tightly in measuring. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Imursd — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 1-2103 Gllion, 111. Galesburg, 111. — 342-1234 N«w York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Aldens 23% Int T&T 49V< Allegh Lud 39% Iowa P&L 56% Alld Chem 50% Johns-Man 46% Alld Strs 50% Kennecott 72 Allis dial im Kresge 23 Alum Ltd 23% Kroger 29% Alcoa 62i,6 Lib McN 14% Am Air 26% Lockhd 36% ABC Pmt 29% Mar Oil 57 Am Can 45% Maytag 36% Am Cyan 57V< Min Hnywl 107Vi Am M&F 19V4 Minn Min 59% Am Mtrs 17Vfe Monsanto 51Vi Am T&T 121% Mont Ward 37% Am Tob 28% Nat Bis 54% Anaconda 48% Nat Can 15% Armour AlV* Nat Dairy 63% Atchison 28% Nat Gyps 47 Avco 26% Nat Ld 75% , Bendix 49 NYC 20% Beth Stl 29% No Amn 55% Boeing 34% Nor Pac 46% Borden 64V4 Nor St Pwr 35% Borg War 43% Olin Math 41% Case 9% Outbd M 11% Catplr 43% Pac Tel 32% Celanese 49% Penney 40% C&NW 26% Penn RR 18% Chi RI 25% Pepsi Cola 53% Chrysler 57% Phil Pet 52 Cities Svc 70% Piper Air 28% Coca Cola 99% Pure Oil 44% Colum Gas 29% RCA 68% Comm Ed 49% Rep Stl 36% Cons Ed 87% Revlon 42 Cont Can 46 Rexall 39% Cont Oil 60% Reyn Tob 39% Deere 60 Safeway 60% Diana 10 Schenley 21 Douglas 22% Sears 89% Dow Chem 60% Shell Oil 44% Du Pont 242% Simmons 43 Vs Eastman 109 Sinclair 45 % El Auto Li 26% So Pac 35% Erie 3% Sperry 14 Fairbks M 12% Sq D 44% Firestone 33% Std Bds 72 Flintkt 21 SO Cal 66% Ford Mtrs 50% SO Ind 63% Friden 41% SO NJ 70% Fruehauf 28% SO Ohio 67% Gen Dyna 24% Stude 6% Gen El 79% Swift 39% Gen Fds 82% Texaco 72% Gen Mtrs 71% Texas Inst 79% Gen Tel 26 Un Carb 106% Goodrich 48% Un El 27% Goodyear 35% Un Pac 40 Grant WT 23 >/4 Unt Air L 38% Gt Nor 52% Utd Corp 8% Greyhound 41% Utd Fruit 25% Gulf Oil 48% Utd Gas 38% Homestake 53 US Gyps 86 Hupp 6% US Rub 45% 111 Cent 50% US Stl 46% Inland Stl 41% West Un 27% IBM 439V4 Wstghs Ab 29% Int Harv 54% Wstghs El 35% Int Nick 58% Woolworth 68% Int Paper 28% Yng S&T 106% Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Produce: Live poultry too few receipts to report prices. Cheese processed loaf 39 - 44; brick 39-43%; Swiss Grade A 5055 ;B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 57%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 56%; 89 score 55%. Eggs mixed; white large extras 31%; mixed large extras 30%; mediums 26; standards 28%. Eggs and Poultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxville Road, Galesburg Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens 7c READ THE WANT ADS! ARE YOU MOVING? Complete local Ic long dlilance Service - Storage Facilities. Lee Walberi, Manager. Springfield Van and Storage 483 E. Berrien Si. Tel. 343-9713 — ILXCC20302MCC MIXED HAY WANTED Call or eee—BUI Bowen, care Weriheimer Cattle Co., Inc.— CBfcQ STOCKYARDS Galesburg, 111.—Tel. 343-5611 Stop & Shop BIG YARD SALE 947 OLIVE FRIDAY, AUG. 9—8 »o ?T THURSDAY, AUG. 8—4 to 8:30 Clothing, intani* wear, dUhei, toyi, children'* baninette, books, lineni, spreads, furniture, tricycle, encyclopedias, elec. popcorn popper, mouton coat. Many 5 'n dime items. HOUSEHOLD AUCTION SAT., AUG. 10 - 10:30 A.M. 1120 E. NORTH ST. As we have broken up housekeeping we wiU sell the following merchandise: 5-pc. chrome dinette set; 2 white wall cabinets; 24" base cabinet; 1 smaller base cab.; nice apt. size gas range; 2 stools; 2 floor lamps; platform rocker; club chair; old round table; ottoman; Franklin tredle sewing machine; kitchen cab., would make a nice trophy case; table lamps; Hoover elect, hand sweeper; nice 2- pc. studio and chair; walnut step-end table; round walnut drum table; pedestal; odd end tables; 5 pr. nice drapes; occasional chair; set of TV trays; mirrors; Bissell hand sweeper; sectional book case; hall mirror; lots of old Swedish books, picture frames; 9x12 tweed rug; An|lc{ue doll cradle; vanity bench; porch glider; bedroom screen; washer and 2 tubs on stand; rotary power mower; garden and yard tools; pots, pans and dishes; high chair; 2 lawn chairs; 1K' 2 hrs. on Mercury outboard motor. MR. and MRS. ALBERT LINDBECK—Owner PALE F. COFFEY. Auci. BUD ALLL'N, Clerk la Ca*e ol Rein Sale will be held Aug. 13— io:30 A.M. Gatotburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. A Q. Stockyards Market active, 10-25 cents higher. Bulk of best eastern shipping hogs, $17.35-$17.60. Quotations: 200-230 $17.10-$17.R5 230-250 $16.75-$17.75 250-300 $16.00-$17.25 Sows: 300-500 $13.00-$15.75 Buthnell Livestock Market is active. Nos. Is and 2c, $17.60-$17.75; mixed 190-260 pounds, $17.25-$17.50; sows steady, bulking at $13-$16.25; cattle, steady; lambs, steady. Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official estimated livestock receipts for Friday are 3,000 cattle, 4,500 hogs and 300 sheep. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)—(USDA)— Hogs 2,600; 1-2 190-240 lb butchers 17,75-18.00 ; 2-3 220-250 lbs 17.5017.75; 1-3 250-350 lb sows 15.0015.25. Cattle 170; good and choice 8001,025 lb slaughter steers 23.0024.00; good and choice 750-1,000 lb slaughter heifers 21.00-22.50; calves 10; good vealers 21.0025.00. Sheep 42; good 85-100 lb spring lambs 18.00-19.00; few choice averaging 100 lbs 21.25; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 2.50-5.00. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 16,000; demand good; butchers strong to 25 higher; sows steady to 25 higher; 1-3 190-250 lb butchers 17.00-17.75 ; 200-240 lbs mostly 17.25-17.75; 1-2 200-230 lbs 17.7518.25, over 100 head at 18.25; mixed 1-3 250-270 lbs 16.50-17.00; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 15.50-16.50; 1-3 350-400 lbs 14.50-15.50; 2-3 400-500 lbs 13.50-14.50; 500-600 lbs 12.0013.50. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP)—(USDA)—Hogs 4,500; butchers mostly 5 higher; 1-2 190-225 lb butchers 18.25-18.50; mixed 1-3 190-260 lbs 18.00-18.25; 1-3 350-400 lb sows 14.75-16.00 ; 2-3 400-450 lbs 14.00-14.75; 450-500 lbs 13.50-14.00. Cattle 700; calves none; small supply of all classes mostly steady; several lots good and choice 900-1,150 lb slaughter steers 23.00-24.50; load mostly choice 1,331 lbs 24.00; two loads choice around 1,000 lb slaughter heifers 24.00; utility and commercial cows 15.00-16.50; utility and commercial bulls 18.00-19.50. Sheep 400; spring slaughter lambs steady; few lots choice and prime spring slaughter lambs 21.00-21.50; good and choice 80-100 lbs 19.00-21.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Good mixing bowls are deep rather than shallow; the deep shape is particularly helpful in beating eggs. BACKYARD SALE 1331 WILLARD THURSDAY EVENING ALL DAY FRIDAY Antiques, portable washer, pow" , m ° wer ',, law n sweeper, dishes and Miscellaneous items. BACKYARD SALE 1109 N. CHERRY ST. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. RAIN DATE SATURDAY Clothing, books, floor jacks, TV table, and Misc. Items. Backyard Sale 537 OLIVE FRIDAY, AUGUST 9 Furniture, rugs, misc. YARD SALE FRIDAY 9:00 till ? 1358 ROCK ISLAND AVE. Lois of girls, good school clothing, size 8-10-12. Other clothing and Misc. ALSO—Palo Sale, next door at 1344 Rock Island Ave. Clothing, lawn spreader, yard urns and miscellaneous. ONE DAY ONLY Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (AP)— Prev. High Low Close close Wheat High Sep 1.81V4 1.80Vi 1.81V4 1.80% Dec 1.87% 1.86% 1.86% 1.86% Mar 1.89% 1.89 1.89% 1.89% May 1.84% 1.83% 1.84% 1.83% Jul 1.57 1.55V4 1.55 l A 1.57 1964 Sep 1.58% 1.57% 1.57% 1.59 Corn Sep 1.22 1.21% 1.21% 1.21% Dec 1.12 ^4 1.11% 1.11% 1.11.. Mar 1.15% 1.14% 1.14% 1.14% May 1.17% 1.17% 1.17% 1.17% Jul 1.19 a ,4 1.19% 1.19% 1.19% Oats Sep .64 .63% .63% .63% Dec .67 .66% .66% .66% Mai- .68% .68% .68% .68% May .68% .68% .68% .68% Rye Sep 1.27Vi 1.26% 1.26% 1.27 Dec 1.39% 1.29% 1.29% 1.29% Mar 1.33% 1.32% 1.32% 1.32% May 1.32'/ 8 1.30% 1.31% 1.30% Soybeans Aug 2.61'/ 2 2.60% 2.60% 2.60% Sep .260% 2.58% 2.58% 2.59 Nov. 2.5814 2.57% 2.57% 2.57% Jan 2.62 2.60% 2.60% 2.61% Mar 2.64% 2.63 2.63% 2.63% May 2.66% 2.65% 2.65% 2.65% Jul 2.67V4 2.66% 2.66% 2.66% Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 1 red (tough) 1.80%; No 2 hard 2.01; sample grade yellow hard 1.92%. Corn,No 1 yellow 1.33%; No 2 yellow 1.33%; sample grade yellow 1.26%. Oats No 1 heavy white 68; No 1 extra heavy white 68; No 2 extra heavy white 68. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.64; No 2 yellow 2.64. Soybean oil 8%b -%a. Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP)—Trade in grain futures today fell to its slowest pace in weeks and prices generally showed little or no change most of the time on the Board of Trade. Brokers said speculators had taken to the sidelines to await some new developments, especially the government's August crop report to be issued after the close of trading Friday. Carlot receipts today were estimated at: wheat 17 cars, corn 81, oats 8, rye 2, barley 17, soybeans 19. Wheat closed % cent a bushel higher to 1% lower, September $1.81%-%; corn % higher to % lower, September $1.21%-; oats %-% lower, September 63%-% cents; rye % lower to % higher, September $1.26%; soybeans %-% lower, August $2.60%-%. FRONT PORCH SALE 1230 W. MAIN •FRIDAY, AUG. 9 - 8 to ? Lamps, coffee maker, hybrid iris roots, bedspread, etc. BACKYARD SALE FRIDAY, AUG. 9 9 10 5 852 MAPLE AVE. Pressure cooker, hair dryer, electric razors, games, clothing, miscellaneous. BACKYARD SALE 1039 E. FIFTH FRIDAY—AUG. 9 SATURDAY—AUG. 10 9 to 4 Lois of good clothing. BIG YARD SALE 318 S. FARNHAM ST. FRI. b SAT., August 9-10 Friday: 7:30 till ??—Sat. till noon Loads of dishes. Antique furniture, bathtub with base, and many useful items. Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must be in our office 12 noon day befpre ad runt. Call 342-5161 Galesburg Register-Mail Display Advertising Dept. FRIDAY 9 A.M. MICHIGAN CANNING PEACHES WILKINS MARKET 1060 N. Henderson St. BRING YOUR BASKETS! Galesburg Grain Market Consumers Grain ft Supply Co. A. M. Corn (old) $1.19 Corn (new) $1.01 Oats 60c Soybeans (old) $2.47 Soybeans (new) $2.40 Deforest Peed ft Seed Co. Wheat $1.88 Corn $1.18 Oats 60c Soybeans $2.45 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP)-Prices ranged from weak to firm in the grain futures market today with transactions unusually slow and somewhat mixed. The 1964 wheat crop months eased about a cent and soybeans moved up major fractions during the first several minutes of activity on the Board of Trade but other contracts shifted only small fractions. Brokers said commercial business was light and that speculators appeared to be standing side, awaiting new influences including the government's monthly crop report tomorrow. Shortly before end of the first hour wheat was Vi cent a bushel higher to % lower, September $1.80%; corn 3 A to % higher, September $1.21%; oats unchanged to % higher, September 63 7 /s cents; rye unchanged to % higher, September $1.27%; soybeans Vs to % higher, August $2.61. Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks lower in moderate trading. Bonds lower. U.S. government bonds steady in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly lower. Midwest stocks lower. Cotton futures steady. Grain in Chicago; Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans higher. Hogs 25 higher, top 18.50; cattle mostly steady, top 24.50; sheep steady, top 21.50; dressed beef steady, top 43.50; dressed pork FOR SALE BY OWNER N.W. 3 Bedroom, Breezeway, Birch kitchen, disposal. Plastered walls, hardwood floors, closets, nice location. Low taxes. Phone 342-1527 > Free Inspection > FHA Time Payment HANSEN TERMITES LUMBER CO. 342-5185 Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)«4tock'> mar* ket prices improved somewhat but remained mixed late this after noon. Volume for the day was esti* mated at 3.4 million shares, compared with 3.79 million Wednesday. The Securities and Exchange Commission's final report of its investigation of the securities industry had no immediate adverse effect. Aircrafts, mail order-retails and drugs advanced. Tobacco issues declined about a point following publication of an article speculating that forthcoming reports on smoking's relation to health would be critical. Parke Davis, up nearly i points, looked like it might be the most active stock. Schering was up about a point. Liggett ft Myers, Lorillard and Philip Morris declined about a point. Xerox, Control Data and Electronic Associates gained about a point. American Stock Exchange prices were mixed. Corporate bond prices were a shade higher. U.S. governments were mixed. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPD-Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 703.54 off 0.38 20 rails 169.37 off 0.74 15 utils 141.17 off 0.08 65 stocks 253.68 off 0.37 NOTICE TO BIDDERS The City of Galesburg, Illinois hereby invites sealed bids on sale o£ ten (10) Citizens band two-way radios, personal property. Bids will be received until 11:00 A.M., C.D.T., August 19, 1963. Bid forms may be obtained at the office of the City Purchasing Agent located in City Hall. MICHAEL A. GRAVINO Purchasing Agent 8/8; IT loins steady to 50 higher, top 50.50. ATTENTION! Home Owners With Heating Equipment WHOLE-HOME AIR CONDITIONING added to your warm air system SEE YOUR DEALER TODAY Distributed by WILLIS STEEL CORP. CONSIGNMENT AUCTION MOORE'S AUCTION HOUSE 534 E. SOUTH ST., GALESBURG SATURDAY NITE, AUG. 10 7:30 SHARP Furniture, tools, dishes, antiques, assorted living room suites, china closet, stereo, portable Hi-Fi, dinette sets. 2 guitars, nice Magic Chef gas range, and articles too numerous to mention. TERMS — CASH Not rcponsiblc for accidents CECIL It. MOORE, And. FREDERICK ERICKSON, Clerk Complete Closing Out Sale OF OUR ANTIQUE STORE AND OTHER MERCHANDISE ON Saturday, August 10, 1963 COMMENCING AT 10:30 A.M. Located on the Main Street of Oquawka, Illinois.—As we are leaving this part of the country we will sell all our equipment and antiques to the highest bidder consisting of: - ANTIQUES 12 Kerosene Lamps, all different designs; 4 Bowl and Pitcher Sets; Coleman Lantern; 1 Gone With The Wind Lamp, very nice; complete Bracket Lamp with Reflector; 2 Copper Boilers; Coffee Pot, copper and all cleaned; Tea Kettle, copper and refinished, a beauty; brass Incense; Antique Spoons; Candle Holders; Bell Budha Sleigh Bells; some pieces of Cut Glass; some Colored and Carnival Glass; some Oil Paintings; already framed; several pieces of Milk Glass; Old Books, Horatio Alger Jr.; other Old Pictures: Walnut Settie and 2 Matching Chairs; Walnut Tables; Spool Table; Maple Rocker; Wash Stands; Pie Cupboard; Chest of Drawers; Needle Point Foot Stool, round, very good; Oblong Wooden Chop Bowls; Antique Cherry Seeder: Crank Type Telephone; Hand Painted Plates of all sizes; Calendar Plate; Hand Painted Bowls; covered Tureens; 5 Seth Thomas Clocks, all work good; other Old Clocks; Old Buttons; Piano Stool with ball and claw feet legs; Ladder Back Chairs; very Old High Secretary; Marble Top Chests; Lustro Ware, and more pieces of anitques that will interest you if your collecting or buying and selling. Most of these pieces have been refinished and in very good condition. So come early and look things over. I'm sure you'll find just about anything your looking for as we have collected these pieces over a few years period. OTHER GOOD FURNITURE ETC. Baby Bed; Dining Room Suite, very nice; Chrome Breakfast Set; Baby Gate; Electric Appliances of all types that work perfect; good Electric Sewing Machine; Deep Fat Fryer; Nursing Chair; Iron Lamps; Skillets; good Radios; File Cabinets; High Chairs; Deck Chairs; lots of Childrens Toys of all kinds; Fiber Glass Swivel Chair, very nice; Coffee and End Tables, good; Chest of Drawers; Base Cabinette; Utility Cabinette; some Paint, and lots of other articles that you use in your home everyday. All these articles are above average condition, so if you are looking for good furniture, dishes or whatever you need, you'll find it here and in good condition. This is a very large sale so will start early. One week from this date on August 17, 1963 these folks will also sell their 6 room all modern home and furniture to the highest bidder in Monmouth, Illinois. So be sure to save August 10 and 17 open so you can attend these two good sales. I'm sure it will pay you. Not Responsible For Accidents Terms—Cash MRS. ETHEL KNAPP, Owner SCHUYLER STREET, OQUAWKA, ILLINOIS JACK BISHOP, Auctioneer—Phone 2004, Biggsville, 111. MR. and MRS. G. DIXON, Clerk and Cashier, Biggsville. 111. All Items Subject to Sale .Prior to Auction McKehie Family Holds Reunion ALEXIS - McKelvie relatives gathered at the Woman's Club with 71 members present. A potluck dinner was served. Those attending from outside the state were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Herman and Jan, San Antonio, Tex., and Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKelvie and family, Hagerstown, Md. Other relatives present were from Galesburg, North Henderson, Peoria, Quincy, Monmouth, Cameron, Rock Island, Moline, Woodhull, Viola, Aledo and Alexis. Oldest member present was John McKelvie, 90, Alexis, and the youngest was Roberta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Deuger, Monmouth. Mr. and Mrs. Walter McKelvie of Alexis and Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Lyons of Cameron were in charge of arrangements. Next year's steering committee will include Mr. and Mrs. Dudely Forsyth, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson, and Mrs. Locke. The reunion will be the first Sunday in August. X15 Tries Again EDWARDS AFB, Calif. (UPD- Chief space agency pilot Joe Walker was to try again today for a new airplane altitude record of about 68 miles in the X15 rocket ship. Bad weather forced cancelation of flights the past two days. Unexpected light ran forced the National aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to cancel the attempt Wednesday, but the flight was rescheduled for today. ICE (REAM SOCIAL NEWMAN COMMUNITY CENTER SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 Ice Cream — Pie or Cake and Sandwiches. Serving starts 5:30. Trantportatlm Departure* Effective April 21 ALL SCMfiOULES DAYLIGHT SAVING TIMB Burlington, *M »eti «d 8 Fast Mail 3:09 *. 30 AkSarBen «• 16 Denver Zephyt 7 :M J 2 Local »— —-*»-°:so a. 18 California Zephyr W:31 P 12 Nebraska Zephyt --.-?:<» Burlington, WMtbeurid 3 to Omaha, Lincoln —1 .48 » 65 W Kansas City —*—1:58 a. 7 to Denver -..*--*..3:55 a. 35 to Kansas City „.^...3fl0 p. 11 to Omaha, Lincoln *~3:10 p. 17 to California ....6:32 p. 1 to Denver^—..---—8:22 p. Sania r», Eaiibaund 20 Chief --M2 *• 16 Texas Chief —-*8:40 a. 18 super Chief- , El Capitan* 11:10 a. 2 S.P. Chief* 11:48 a. 124 Grand Canyon 2:20 p. 12 Chlcagoan ...5:50 p. Sania Fa. Westbound _ 9 K. C. Chief 2:38 a. 19 Chief 12:55 p. 123 Grand Canyon 3:20 p. 1 S.F. Chief* ......... 7:05 p. 15 Texas Chief 9:55 p. 17 Super Chief- El Capitan* 10:28 p. *—Flagstop „ Osark, Northbound Flight 140 to Chicago* 8:53 a. 64 to Chicago* . .4:45 p. Osark, southbound 141 to St. Louis ** ...12:28 p. 143 to St. Louis 9:01 p. •—Except Sunday ••—Except Saturday BUS SCHEDULES Westbound To West Coast 6:55 a. To West Coast 1:20 p. To West Coast —.9:45 p. Eattbound To East Coast 12:01 p. To East Coast 8:00 p. Southbound To St. Louis ..10O0 a. Northbound To Davenport ± ....9:20 p. To Peoria To Peoria —1:15 p. —8:25 p. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. The 350-mile long San Joaquin River - in California is one of the few in the U. S. that flow north. Membership in an order entitles the holder to the title of "Sir" in Great Britain. AD CORRECTION Water Filter only S29.9I (Plus cost of installation) HADDEN'S TOOL RENTAL 1523 Grand Ave 342-0412 THANKS TO ALL OF YOU Twenty five years ago this August, we bought this Market and moved, with our family of six children, all in school, to Galesburg. There were good times, and bad. We are very grateful to the people of Galesburg and vicinity for their continued patronage. We hope we can serve you for many years to come. WILKINS MARKET 1070 N. HENDERSON ST. PUBLIC SALE OF REAL ESTATE The premises hereinafter described and known as the late FRANK M. WEBSTER FARM Located at the Junction of Routes 78 and 17, two milei east of LaFayette and three miles west of Toulon, will be sold at public auction at the buildings, located one-fourth mile west of the north junction of routes 78 and 17, at SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1963 TEN O'CLOCK A.M. Said premises described as: NEft of Sec. 21, Twp, IS N, R 8 E of the 4th P.M., Stark County, Illinois, subject to existing easements and high way dedications, containing 154 acres, more or less. This farm is improved with efficient type buildings and grain storage facilities. Farm is composed of Tama silt loam and Muscatine silt loam, both high grade and fertile soil types. TERMS: Purchaser to pay 15% of the sales price on date of sale, balance on or before March 1, 1964 on possession being tendered. Taxes for 1963, payable in 1964, to be paid by the sellers, who reserve 1963 crop production. An abstract showing merchantable title to the premises conveyed will be furnished buyer. HEIRS OF FRANK M. WEBSTER, Deceased GERALD C, WEBSTER — CHARLES DAVID WEBSTER, Owners Lawrence VanHyfte, Auctioneer Galesburg Livestock Sales Company E. Fremont Road Regular Weekly Auction Starting at 9 :30 A.M. on Fat Cattle 12:30 P.M. on Hogs and Stock Cattle ADVANCED LISTINGS FOR AUGUST 9 94 Native Hereford calves, wt. 375-425 lbs. These calves were bought as light calves and grazed locally, are medium size and will be sorted in load lots. 25 choice Angus and Hereford heifer calves, wt. 400 lbs. 100 good to choice Angus steer calves, wt. 400-500 lbs. 75 good to choice Hereford steer calves, wt. 400-450 lbs. 25 Choice Native Angus steers, wt. 775 lbs. 35 Native Hereford steers, wt. 750 lbs. They have had light feed on grass. 35 Choice native Hereford steers, wt. 650 lbs. Strictly green. 44 Choice Angus fleshy steers, wt. 875 lbs. 22 Choice Angus heifer calves, wt. 450 lbs. 70 Choice Angus and Hereford steers, wt. 800 lbs. These cattle were of Western origin, grazed locally and strictly green. Will Have More Friday Lindsey Bros, and Lowell Buck, Auctioneers Galesburg Livestock Sales Company E. Fremont Road Phone 342-1416

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