Abbeville Meridional from Abbeville, Louisiana on December 14, 1901 · Page 4
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Abbeville Meridional from Abbeville, Louisiana · Page 4

Abbeville, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1901
Page 4
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CHARTER OP East Side Canal C,., Limited. State of Louisiana, Parish of Vermtilion. Be it known that on this, the ninth day of November, Anno Domini nineteen hundred and one, before me, Anthony J. Golden, a duly commissioned and qualified Notary Public, in and for the Parish of Vermilion, State of Louisiana, and in presence of the the witnesses hereinafter named and undersigued, personally came and appeared the several persons whose names are: hereunto subscribed, who severally declared, that availing themselves of the laws of this State relative to the organization of corporations, they do, by these presents, contract, agree, bind and obligate themselves,as well as all other persons who may become associated with them, to form and constitute a corporation and body corporate in law, for the objects and purposes, and under the conditions, stipulations, and Articles following, to-wit: ARTICLE I. The name and title of this corporation shall be *'THE EAST SIDE CANAL COMPANY, LIMITED,"and under its corporate name it shall have power and authority to exist and enjoy succession for the period of ninetynine years from and after the date hereof; to contract, sue and be sued; to make and use a corporate seal and the same to break and alter at pleasure; to purchase, receive, lease, hold, and convey, as well as mortgage and hypothecate under its corporate name, property both real and personal; to name and appoint such managers, directors, officers, and agents as the interest and convenience of said corpotion may require; and to make and establish, as well as alter and amend at pleasure, such by-laws, rules and regulations for the prudent and proper management of the affairs of said corporation, as may be deemed necessary. ARTICLE 2ND.' The domicile of this corporation, shall be in the town of Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, and all citations or other legal process shall be served upon the President of said corporation, on the Vice-President in the absence of the President, and upon the Secretary in the absence of both President and Vice President. ARTICLE 3RD. The objects and purposes for which this corporation is established, and the nature of the business to be transacted, are hereby declared to be: To buy, sell, lease, hold, reclaim, develop, improve, cultivate and irrigate lands; to rent lands to tenants and other persons; to build, purchase, lease, own and operate rice mills, irrigating canals and warehouses; to furnish water for irrigating purposes, and to collect tolls therefor in money or in products; to buy, sell, store, ship and handle rice or other agricultural products; to acquire canals and canal property or interest therein, whether represented by stock or otherwise; and to do any and all such acts and things as may be necessary to carry out said objects and purposes. ARTICLE 4TH. The capital stock of this corporation shall be Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars divided into five thousand shares of the par value of Mfry dollars each; but the corporation may organise and begin business when ten thousand dollars of the capital stock shall have been subscribed for, the remainder of the stock shall be issued by resolution of seven-ninths of the Board of Directors, at a special meeting called for the purpose after ten days notice to each Director, and whenever additional stock is issued it shall be first offered to the then owners of the stock in proportion to their holdings, and if they fail to avail themselves of this allotment within ten d'ys after issuance of tile additional stck, they shall be deemed to have abandoned their option thereon. Notice of the issuance of additional stock shall be given to each shareholder by mail to the address given on the books of the company,and no notice shall be required to be sent where no address has been gi ;en. Certifleatesof stock shall be signed by the President, (or in his absence by the Vice-President) and by the Secretary; and shall be issued only wheh the stock they represent shall be fully paid. The stock shall be transferable only on the books of the company on the surrender of the certificate or proof of loss of certificate. ARTICLE 5TH. The corporate powers this organitation shall be vested in and be exercised by a board of not less than seven directors, nor more than nine as the stockholders may determine (each of whom shall hold in his own name or in the name of a partnership of which he is a member, at least one share of stock,) to be'elected annually on the second Monday of Jinuary of each year, the first election to be held in January, 1903, and the Board elected on organization shall hold their office until the second Monday in January nineteen hundred and three. Notice of elections shall be given each stockholder by mail not;later than fifteen days preceedingltbe date of each election, and the directors elected shall continue in office until their successors have oeell choasea iL caifot and qualified. All elections shall he held at the office of the company under the supervision of three Comrmis~.i(Iners who shall be appointed from amonug the stockholders present, by the Presid!ent A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business, and no proxies shall be allowed at meetings of the Board. The Board of Directors may by a seven-ninths vote of all the Directors, mortgage, or pledge any property lelonging to the corporation, or sell or lease the same, without reference to stockholders, and in the same manner they may purchase for cash or on credit any property req.ired for any of the purposes of the corporation. The Board shall have power to employ and dismiss any and all employees of the corporation, define their duties and fix their remoneration. The Board of Directors shall elect from their number a President, VicePresident and a Secretary, ard the Board shall have full and general power to do all things and acts necessary to carry out the objects and purposes for which the corporation is organized. Checks and notes shall be signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary, who shall be ex-Officio Treasurer of the corporation. In case of a vacancy in the Board through death, or inability of a member to quality the remaining members of the Board shall elect a stockholder to fill such vacancy. Failure to hold the annual meeting shall not affect the corporation,but the meeting shall be held thereafter as soon as possible. Until the regular election to be held on the second Monday of January,i903, the following shall compose the Beard of Directors: Dr. C. J. Edwards, R. A. Broussard, P. Dupre LeBlanc, J. Alcee LeBlanc, D. L. McPherson,J. N Greene, Theodore Laporte, E. M.Stebbins and Severin LeBlanc. ARTICLE 6TH. Whenever this corporation is dissolved by limitation or otherwise, its affairs shall be liquidated by three commissioners to be appointed by the stockholders at a special meeting of stockholders called for the purpose, after 30 days previous notice shall hav e been given by publication in a newspaper published in the town of Abbeville, La., and a vote of the majority of the shares shall be necessary to Elect such commissioners. ARTLCLE 7TH. In all meetings of shareholders, each share of stock shall be allowed to cast one vote, and stockholders may be represented at such meetings by proxy in writing. ARTICLE 8TH. This charter or act of incorporation may be amended in any particular not inconsistent with law, or the corporation may be dissolved at a general meeting of stockholders convened for the pu pose after thirty days notice by publication in a newspaper published in Abbeville, La., by a three-fourths vote of the sbares present and represented at such meeting. ARTICLE 9TH. No shareholder shadl be liable or responsible for the debts, contracts or faults of said corporation beyond the unpaid balance due on the shares of stock owned by him, and no mere in formality in organization shall have the effect of making any stockholder liable for the debts of the corporation or of invalidating or annulling this charter. Thus done, read and signed at Abbeville, La., this ninth day of November, k. D. 1901 in presence of Richard G. Greene and William Ewing, two competent witnesses. Fourteen words interlined, and seventeen words erased and approved before signing. Name, Residence and amount subscribed. J. Alcee LeBlanec, Vermilion parlish, one thousand dollars. J. N. Greene, Abbeville, La., twelve hundred and fifty dollars. R. A. Broussard, Erath, La., two thousand and five hundred dollars. C. J. Edwards, Abbeville, La., five hundred dollars. E. M. Stebbins, Abbeville, La., two hundred and fifty dollars. M. R. Cushman, Abbeville, La., five hundred dollars. Geo. Caldwell & Sons per V. L. C., Abbeville, La., two hundred and fifty dollars. D. L. McPherson, Abbeville, La., five hundred dollars. P. D. LeBlanc, Erath, La., one hundred dollars. Delzinde Broussard per R, A. Broussard, Abbeville, La., two hundred dollars. Elonide Berbail per R. A. Broussard, Abbeville, La., fifty dollars. Mary LeBiane per R. A. Broussard, Abbeville, La., one hundred dollars. Emma I eBlanc per R. A. Broussard, Abbeville, La., fifty dollars. Louis Bares per It. A. Broussard, Abbeville, La., three hundred and fifty dollars. W. P. Edwards, Abbeville, La., one thousand dollars. L J Broussard and Bro. per R A Broussard, Abbeville, La.. fifty dollars. A L Deronen per R A Broussard,Erath, fifty dollars. Seinar Broussard per B A Broussard Eratn, fifty dollars. Kibbe and Summers per R A Broussard, Erath, fifty dollars. W B White, Abbeville, La., two hundred and fifty dollars. Severin LeBlanc, Abbeville, La., two hulndred and fifty dollars. Gilbert LeBlanc per R A Broussard, Abbeville, La, fifty dollars. 4 Armogene Langlinais per R A Broos-1 sard, Abbeville, La., one hundred dollars. Eulalie A Duhon, fifty dollars. Rene Broussard, fifty dollars. Preston J Greene, four hundred and Abbeville, La., fifty dollars. Theo Laporte. Abbeville, La., one thousand de liars. A. J. ;OLDEN, Notary Public. Witnesses: Willie E. Ewing, H. G. Greene. Abbeville, L.,. Nov. 9, 1901. Having carefully exa;LJined the foregoing act of incorporatrin of tb@ East Side Canal Company, and findingl nothing therein contrary to the laws ofe the United States or the State of Louisiana, I hereby approve same. J. NELSON GREENE, Dist. Atty. 17th Judicial Dist. oft Louisiana. WANTED-SEVERAL PERSONS OF character and good reputation in each State (one in this parish required) to represent and advertise old established wealthy business house of solid financial standing. Saliry $18 00 weekly with expenses additional.all.payable in cash each Wednesday direct from head offices.Horse and carriges furnished when necessary, Refrences. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Manager, 316 Caxton Building, Chicago. - WILLIAM M'KINLEY HIN LIFE A D WORK, BY GEN. CHARLES H. GROsVEOP.. President's life-long friend, comrade i:l war and colleague in Congreas. Was near his side with other great wihen hIli eyes were closed in iniýeth. F the bier to the National Capitotl !ctll to ':!ton. The Genleral requires a rv if th, proceeds of his book to be davo ted o McKinley Moilnmelnt Funld. This v:\subscriber becomes a contributor to this fund. Millions iof copies will be sold. Everylqldy will buy it. Order. for the asking. Nobody wii!l r,.fr:-e. Elegant Pihotrlravnre Po'rtai of I'resid i tent M3cKieailst pictur.T'e t:ik,'o it the White Ho Youcn (:ill t.:lyi and l.(lill t~lI, inf ordersi . Oider neifir qieuiek. Claiii t r prove snec--es,. secu.lrte S-irlcontract al.dl i'ecoluie Inalliger. Send "24 cts. in stamlps to piay expense of wrappillg. packing and :nailing eleg:¢nt. prospe'tus. Taking 10 to 50 orders, daily. 50,000 copies will be sold in this vicinity. Address. THE CONTInEN'TAL ASSEMBLY. Corcoran Bldg., Op e.U. S. Treasury, -Washington, D. C. Budded Pecan Trees Orange Trees Peach Trees i ALL KINDS OF TREES AND PLANTS. .,FREIlHT PREPAI, ., There is Money in fruit culture ln the Lower South. Write fort e.cpy of catalogue, free upon applicition...., TREiS. LOW PRICES. T.NE RIFFINO OOMP4NP. P. Bax 8s.B. .teeesells, FM 4 IMPORTANT GATEWAYS 4 TEAS PACIFIC RAILWAY No trouble to answer questions DIRECT LINE TO North Texas, Arizona, New Mexico AND California. Close Connections at New Orleans for the Southeast. 3est attention given patrons. Situations Secured rtaduatesortuition reinded. Write at once catalogue and special offers. Mias . Colleges Lo Isille, Ky. MetIlmery, Ala. Heaston, Tea. Columbu, G. .Vg. iminuIg.m Ala. Sa knevil, Fla Notice To Trespassers I hereby forbid any one to tresspass on my lands in Vermilion parish, Louisiana, in any way, shape, form or manner what. eoever, Any person or persons caught trespassing on said premises will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, DAVIDR J MEAUX, Abbeville, La.. December 22. 1900. Agents Wanted. Live, active men ann w.m.n c.n earn from $5.00 to $10.00 a t vassing for Frank G. Ca: !o,.. . "South AWmriean: Socia. II.I:noitriat al, Political." 'T'nis hook is jast out and is having an enormous sale. 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