The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1954 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 3, 1954
Page 15
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fating CttHIg REESE 6« Thli, a LUtl. ' .'01 *h*U Wot Much § 1 you or a interested lattdrtg usually and vg to Sioux City last f ,^«i . J **.tA Aa A— Ji. • .. j. _ - 1 'decided to do some ttfithmatieitig anerit the telephone bosts-afid'bars'-which'are plant- fed between'- Here and Sioux City. My speedometer registered 1«2 miles i of toad between the two cities and there is an average of 40 poles' 'planted in the one mile intersections of the highway. With 40 posts in ea6h mile there should be' .of 6,480 .posts carrying telephone, conversations between the two towns. Most of the posts carried four'bat's while the rest carried -two' bars, but I decided to divide the two numbers and so assume that there were three bars per pole and so the total bars reached a number of 19,440 bars and as each bar carried, 10 glass connection. hookup^ that means there was a total of 194,400 glass hook-ups on the poles. It. was about ?a year ago that I. checked the poles and hook-ups between Algona (and Des Moines and in looking'-over" those, figures I find the.SioUjc!.City poles reached 20 per cent -higher than the ,Des Moines • pole, numbers and so 1 would, judge' thete must be more phdne ; conversation Sioux City Ward .thbJVthejre 'is in- the state capital'/hook-ups, so to speak.. ' And: it wait while driving homeward' frdfti-Sioux City that I did some counting anent speeding oh .the .highway. 1 observed every s'peed-Sign and held the-speed ac- K1LLED Nine year old Jimmie Higgin of near Qriswold was killed re- cently, ,flp£atently run over bf a water-wagon hitched to a tractor, with which his father was filling the hog*tanks. They fbund BOARD PROCEEDINGS ? S( ? ULAR APRIL SESSION 1934 A. 6. to Wwley, and oil Blk S .except strip. FlftltNTH DAY May 3, 19S4 Motion by Wm, Cosgrove seconded 6y Henry SchepprWmn that the Bond be op- proved ahd Cigarette Permit be (jfonted to Ottmar Fischer of St. Benedict Store & Tavern. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. ' Motion by Henry Scheppmann seconded by Charles Newel that the Bond of M., T. McGuIre .of Algono, in the amount of $57,555.47 be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Motion carried. / Mbtldn by William Cosgrove seconded by Henry Scheppmann that Suspension^ of taxes on Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 6, 9. 10 Blk. 6, Way's and Barrett's Park Add, owned bV te*n of Wesley. 11 5' by .264' located In Way's Jfc BaweH's Park Add. be Hiieofttinued. Property owned by A- maridd L. Nelsor* Aye«: All. Nay»: N«ne. ' Motion by. A. M. Kotiasch ieeoftded by Wm. Cowrove that suspension of taxes on Lot* 5 ahd 6 Blk. 159 Calls Add., Alooria be discontinued in the name of Julia Black. Ayes: All. Noys: None. Mo- Henry Siheppftbhrt 'seconded by Charier Newel that susuemloh of taxes on Lot. 11 Blk. WhltWrtert be dit- . . cotirmued-m thu name of Michael Weir. Ayel: All. Nays: Nohe. MfiWn carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch seconded by Jimmie lying on the gtoufld mo«?i ments later, and he died withlh a short time. Wm. Cosdrove «h*t,,, th t ^Mn^s be dljcontlnued. Ay«>: All. haej New(SI that a rtfugd _ Permit of Joe Ebert, St. Benedict, be . Aye?: All. N*y»: Nane. Motion ort by Charles Newel .ecbnded I by Scheppmann <hot the First. JUO A, M,Kollaseh that be approved: .CITY ASSESSOR, Alflona .......... . ........ .. ..... iit Harry 6. Word Bancroft .............. ^. i __ ..... .%.<._• M«. Oelefes C. Vrnke Burt . ...... ....... ...^ ..... .i...^ Raymond H, Lovren* fenton .......... ..... ....... ,.., ---- Paul«ElgWf i, Lakota .. .......... ...^ ..... . ...... '.,. Ra/rr\ond H. Lavrenz Ledyard ........... j.*.~t,..-,.. *•..... George Looft • Lone Rock ......... C. ................ A. A. Krtieger LuVerne .......... . ......... ........ Robert Biglngs Swea City ............... ..,,.. ---- ;. Hertry W. Larsen Wesley .................... ^ ....... ^ Ervlri-M. Olson Whittemore ....... '. ---- .. ---- ..*.». Melvlne Heinrlch Buffalo ----------------------------- . Ernest Peterson Burt ------------------------------- Jarrtes A. Coady •fresco ------------------------- •. ---- John P. Simon Eagle .,... ........ ^ ............ ____ Lloyd W. Thorson Fenton ------ < ____________ . ________ :„ A. D, NeWbrough Gorfleld ----------------- ,. _______ ... Eugene Hoflus German ... ------------------------- John Welhousen Grant ----- ! _____ . ________ , _____ . ____ . Soren Pedersert Greenwobd ______________________ .. __ Clarence .Vaske Harrison _____ . _________ , ______ ____ ... Richard M.'Ahderson Hebron -------------- ; ____ :_ ___ . — ; — G, T. Berij Irvlngton __ ____ . __ . ___ . __ . _________ . Denhil'' Lyrtch Ledyard ....................... ....: Ledndef Vaske Lincoln ..'. ............... . ...... .... Meiino Umberg , Letts Creek .............. . ______ '-•-- Wayne H. Gode ' LuVerne ...... : ____ . ..... „ ..... J... G. M. Will Plum Creek _______ . _____ t ______ 4—. Arthur > A. .Olson J • Portland ___________ L ______ :_„-_.* — Corral Fraser ..-•',' Prairie ... ____ ^...x ________ -— r --.-..- Leonard :Studer \ ROrrtsey '..,...,. ________ ^.i.u-.-^.-Li .L!Hui,;Vttke. ^' Riverdale ii.- ___ :...i..j. ___ ^.^_^..-. ArttOnjBecker. • , Seneca ..^...i. ______ ...•......_.— L^ Alosepb'iD. .CroWley , Sherman ..................... ..— — Paul Phillips Springfield ........ . ...... ___________ Mblvlrt Lbgemann Swea • . . .. ________ Reuben M, Holcomb Union ..- . . . ... _________ .- Ray B. Schllmoeller Wesley ........... ..... ..... ^ _____ :. bale H. Struthers , Whittemore ......................... 'Lester G. -Fuchten ADDRESS Algoni, lows Bdncroft, Iowa Burt, Iowa Fenton, I6wa Burt, Iowa Ledyafd, low« • Lone Rock I6w4 LuVerrWi Iowa Swea City, Iowa Weiley, low* , Whittemore, Iowa titonka, lowo Tltonka, Iowa R.F.D., Sort, lowo R.F.D., AVgono, lowo R.F.D., Armstrong, lowo Lone Rock, lowo Ottosen, Iowa Tltonka, Jowa iR. F. D., Ledyarl, lowo Bancroft, Iowa Swea City; Iowa Elmare, Minn. Irvlngton, Iowa Bancroft, Iowa Buffalo Center,, lowd Whlttertiori, Iowa LtiVdrne,: |u*a ' te-iV l*>^ Iowa Corwljh»ilowa Boncmtt. Iowa. '> •Bode,- Iowa".' , • , Fenton, i lowd > ; LuVerno.'IOwa •-' Elmbte, Mlhh. Swea City, Iowa Alaorid, Iowa Wwley, .Iowa ...r...' ..- |owa iprdirig .to 'the 'sign. And I had Kundfecls^f-cars'pass me, indicat- ihg- that they did not observe afjy sfrfeed directors. There were So .many.! of them passing me that I didh r V bother" to count them. rioweVer, 'when the sign read "i^hd of Speed Zone" then I stepped the Study up'to 60 miles per hour 5 ,and held it there carefully a'nd rigidly' all the time. And th^ri: it -was that'.I counted the number- of speed gents-.who passed, me* between Sioux 'City and Algpna', 162 miles. And ' there were 201 bars.passed my 60-mile per 'hp'iir ' bus and before long Were; put : of sight and this would indicate that'those drivers were 'doing" between 10 and 80 miles, maybe "more,.and, that's what 1 claim 'to be too darned speedy oh" dny . highway, ; especially the narrow and ] bumpy Iowa highways, so to! speak; * ( However, by the way. we also have good, speedster drivers iri this' couqte«and ..cite—.It was Saturday affefno*oS'thaTfviolatea the speed limit on State street ihree times for a distance of one block And in each case I vta\ following. a car from the Jones street intersection going eastward and after he had passed the green light at the VFW hall he started to step on it' and so did I and when we reached the 35 mile gait I slowed down to 25 but he kept on zooming .until'he reached Phillips, a distance of some four blocks and that was certainly exceeding the speed limit. And I repeated this with two other drivers and' in both cases they sped State, at 35 or. better. I have always felt that there really was no observance of the speed limit of 25 by a majority of the drivers east on State to Phillips. Maybe they doa!t all reach that 35 gait but they sure don't hold to the 25 limit. Seems always bettei than 25 by most of the drivers in State street east to Phillips. However 1 , I have also found plenty of speeders on North Main street between the Milwaukee depot and Highway 18.1 do know this, that whenever I have driven that street, and I always nold to the 25 limit, there have many cars passed me and that means faster than the 25 limit driving. , And ,ll'» a cinch that speed is responsible for the killing of ovei 325 persons on Iowa highways since the first of the year. Most bf the cases were reported as collissions, And you will agree with me that if two cars collide while driving at a speed of some 50 miles per hour the smashing of cars and breaking of drivers' bones is not near so definite as in the case of where the speed was over 60 miles per hour. And the car going out of control is always the one where speed is high. At 50 to 60 miles an hour you can always manage the steer!„.. i .-U~1.J *V»a nnr llnrlpnt. Motion by Wm. Cosgrove seconded by Henry Scheppmann that taxes be refunded on N'/z SWVi 35-96-27 Wesley'Twp. In the name of Albert J. Foertschi for years MS, '49, '50, '51, '52 in the amount of $30.99. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel seconded by A. M. Kollasch that Delinquent Dog License of $4.00 for 1953 as license be refunded Truman Shackelford. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Henry' Scheppmann seconded by Wm. Cosgrove that a refund on erroneous Assessment for year 1952, to Carl Hanselman, Livermore, as he was, assessed In Humboldt Co. Ayes: All. Nays. None. Motion Carried. V Motion by' (Tony) A. M. Kollasch seconded by Wm. Cosgrove that Claim by James F., Smith on open ditch SW'/4 •SEV5 24*99-2.4 be refunded Dr. 90. Ayes: All. NaYs: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel seconded by Henry ; Scheppmann that Claim by Mary I, Cavonaugh on open ditch Dr. 4, Ntyi NEW a'nd SEV 4 NEVi 36-98-29 be allowed. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. . • , 'Motion by Henry Scheppmann seconded by Wm.'Cosgrove that Jun« 1st, 1954 ba set for hearing on vacatlno road In Sec. 3, Riverdale Twp. Ayes: AIL. Nays: Nohe. Motion carried. . :>Motlbri by A. M. Kollasch seconded by Charles Newel that May 1 27th, 1954 at 2:00 o'clock P.M. be set for letting Bridge Sweo Twp., Calcium Seal Coat on, Bancroft road. , Ayes: All. Nays: None. Mo- Cr By Wm. Cosgrove seconded- by - , oon y . H-tnry 'Scheppmonr. that the Bond_ of An- ttin Becker for Riverdale Twp. Clerk be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. . •Motion rnade by Coggroye ond /seconded by Kollosch that the following persons be named to serve as Judges and Cletks of the election boards at the Primary Election to be held on the 7th day Of June, 1954. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. . ! Many Relatives At Swea Service For Mr Alberts Swea City—Out of town relatives here for the funeral services of John Alberts last week in* eluded Mr and Mrs Ben Westen* dorf, Lake Mills; Mr and Mrs F. H, Schliefer, Mr and Mrs Theo. DofenbUsh* Mr and Mr's W. H. Patterson, Mrs Fred Roeske, Mr etod Mrs Harry Honken, Lyta Patterson, alhd Mr and Mrs Edw tteitland, all of Buffalo Center. Mr and Mrs Clifford Anderson of Elmofe, Minn.; Mr and Mrs Wade Dorenbush, Aldert, Mihn.; Mr and Mrs John V. Dorenbush and Mr artd Mrs John A. Dorenbush of Lakota; Mr and, Mrs A. H. Eichmeier, .Racine, wis.; Folbert Alberts, Mr and Mrs Jake Alberts and Mr and Mrs Larson of Kelsey, Iowa; Mrs John Stock, Dumont. Mrs Fred Eichmeier, Aredale; Mrs Ernest Oik of Chapin; Mrs Grant Slinter, New Hartford; Jot Boyenga and Bohl Willems of Ackley; M. J.-Boyenga and Jacob Boyenga of Ellsworth, Minn.; Mr and Mrs Ranee Christians of Sibley; Everett Boyenga of Little Rock and Evert Dorenbush 01 Sebeka, Minn. W.S.C.S. To Meet The Methodist W.S.C.S. will meet Wednesday, Aug. 4, at 2:30 in the church parlors. Devotions will be given by Mrs Derwobd Voigt and Mrs Harold Fischer will lead the program. Music will be furnished by Mrs Roy Bravender. Hostesses include Mesdames George Roblin, Rosa Mitchell, G. D. Curtis, Charles Schemmel, Claude Haag, Henry Eggerth, W. S. Shipler, and Harvey Hubb. Earl ft. Chambers, Trustee Meet- Ing 4.00 Orville E. Anderson, Trustee Meeting 4.00 W. A. Marty, Trustee Meeting 4.00 Tracy Office Equlprnent, Repair Z0.60 John M. Schutrer, Coroner's Fees , 6.00 Adah Richardson, Registrar .. 38.75 E, H. Bradley, Support of Prisoner * - 2«,00 Des Molnes Rubber Stamp Wks., ... Supplies .-* -. '9.31 Hugh Raney, Assist Sheriff --.- 43.75 Allen K. Buchonan, Del. Tox Collector *e 37.53 Bancroft Register, Official Not- Ice . , „— 8.82 Botsford Lumber Co., Coal 56.48 Burrough't, Ribbons --- 2 "-?? Botsford Lumber Co., Supplies . .50 Orvllle Ruby, Trustee Meeting 8.00 Alfred Melz, Trustee Meeting - 8.00 Lewis Bosmo, Trustee Meeting,- ** 8.00 Walter Sochs, Trustee Meeting* 8.00 Gory Shaldohl, Bounty .—....- J.30 Ronald A. Sehrooder, Bounty .- J.OO Gary Rislus, Bounty 1.J8 Urban Hommerding, Bounty .... 2.00 Marcus J. Langerman, Bounty - 15-99 Joyce Haydert,- Mlleafle ...... 68.53 H. E. Looft, Trustee Mcatlrig . 4.00 Verl Smith, Trustee Meeting ._ J n * O. R. Patterson, Trustee Meet-/Ing ;-- Chris, Dohl, Trustee Meeting .. Rlck'8 Cities Service. MM ...... 40.80 3ltuminou8 MU's Co., supplies — 85.82 lowfl Machinery & Supply Co.. supplies ............. - ....... ---- 4.87 Armco Drainage & Metal Pro- cUlctS, Inc., supplies ........... 659.53 Thompson Yards, supplies ...... 19.37 R, R. Doyle, supplies ..... - ...... 14.38 jotsford -Lumber Co., supplies _. 65.48 Algona Machine Shop, repairs— 12.38 Algona Implement Co., repairs — 30.13 3owes Seal Past, repairs ..... -. „!*? bynch Oil Co., oil ............... 180.31 KoSsuth Oil Co., gas .............. 887.89 County Treasurer, transfer ol funds ---- . ..... —--,. ------- 1,587.21 the All Wheel Drive Co., Richardson Furniture Co., Sheriff -.: -—-• Hsll-Strshom Hardware, Sup- 4.00 4.00 4.00 plies -_ John M. Schuttor M.D., Coroner's Fees .90 7.XO United 'vorie'ty." "store's"," Yu"ppn« 5.67 P. J. Kohlhaos, Rent 3 I2'S2 Titonka Topic, Official Notice . 22.20 Lalng & Muckey, Repairs . 3,05 K. G. Ewoldt, Trustee Meeting . ""•' E. E. Hanno, Trustee Meeting 4.UO 4.00 ti u. iiaiuiwf ,.—. — — ...__,,.-„ - F. L. Ryerson, Trustee Meeting 4.00 E. R. Woltz, Trustee Meeting — 4.00 Joyce Hoyden, Advonce Cash -. •1.44 E. C. Welsbrod, Board Meeting 24.00 G. D. Hart/Mayor's Fees PRECINCT JUDGES ALGONA 1ST WARD Hortense Ferguson LEGION HALL Arrty .Geerlng. COUNTING BOARD:'I'""' Hazel Sigsbee Ethel Logs Lee' O. Hopkins . ' Hulda Blossom ALGONA 2ND WARD ...i--— '. Stella Stokes- . : HIGH SCHOOL ' : : .- , ' • Jap. Bestenlehner"*. • Laura Raney COUNTING BOARD: W'.-A. Dutton H. M: Hqrrls Claire Keith ALGONA 3RD WARD — . Mary Strtit- 3RD WARD SCHOOL ~ ' COUNTING BOARD: , r ALGONA 4TH WARD CITY HALL COUNTING BOARD: BUFFALO TWP COUNTING BOARD: BURT TWP. ^.' ' C. M, Gross O; H. Graham D, L. Godden Pearl-., Mrs. H.-' M/ Colwell (Horencc' BeSrdslcy Millio.'Klamp :•• Imogens Hinders Mrs. Irma .Bunkofskc Mrs. Eleyena Streit Mrs, • Faye, : Hutchinson Myra. Ostrum Josephino(Waldera Mrs. Edna Murtagh Ted DeBber L. G. Huber Clarence Schutjer PeteriBeenken COUNTING BOARD: CRESCO % • Theola Christensen ; Both Miller Gertrude Ackerman TWP. Harry Sabin A. L. Smith Jerome 'Elsenbarth EAGLE TWP - Irvln Bathe » J. P. Peterson Lloyd Thorson ' EAST LONE ROCK (BURT) E. E. Honna BURT TWP. Ralph Bierstedt Ornie Behrends FENTON TWP '-.--• -- E. C. Weifjbrod Wm. Jentz Ed Priebe COUNTING BOARD: P. H. Jenson Georgia Ann Voight Ida Dreycr GARFIELD TWP. '...., Herman Harms . .Melvin Ellingson R. B. Bernlnghaus GERMAN TWP. '... '---, Fred Schmidt Harm H. Hulsmga Jerry * Boeckelmon GRANT TWP. - Lars Skaar Wallace Reynolds Arnold McFarland GREENWOOD TWP. A. J. Renger A. A. Fongman Jack Nyman COUNTING BOARD: I. F. E" ao «? r , Mrs. Ethel Baker • Mike Hoffman HARRISON TWP Cy Uhr Wlllard Appclt Rcna Hoglund COUNTING BOARD: ? ur f iol l; L °? ft . J. A. Fern Peterson HEBRON TWP. - Thomas Berg Wm. Huglin Ira Nauman IRVINGTON TWP.' Matt Bormann John Weber v Edw. R. Mowdsley LAKOTA, LEDYARD TWP. S. P. Powers Ben Farrow Olgo Wortman A. E. Weaver William Schrader Carl Getzema LEDYARD, LEDYARD TWP. - Q. V. Kelling Albert Barnes ; J. J. McDonald Paul Gelhaus Jack Lynch EdW. Looft Alfred Melz — Orville Ruby Lewis Bosnia LONE ROCK (FENTON TWP.) Alex Rodig W. G. rloig Don Houch LOTTS CREEk TWP. -- — Art w U *c h3crt I Geo. Winkol ng and hold the car upright. But at over 60 when the car hits 6 bump or wheels -off the pavement for* one moment, there goes Control.. And no car doing 50 01 50 would turn over a halt dozen times or roll into a bordering field. It's the speedy bus which does the turning and rolling. Check for yourself and see it i £m not right.' Yep, it's speed which, kills as it also usually is responsible for,an utter wreck oi per, so to speak. Maybe I'rn nuU arient this car speeding but I Bin ?till in favor of the next legislature enacting a state speed limit Of 60 miles per hour. JUMPING COW . At Plainfield, a cow jumped over a. fence— and lit in an automobile, Three year old Jamej Bahlmann, whq was sitting m the Mr when the frightened . animal gijme hurtling in. received a collar' bone. COUNTING BOARD: COUNTING BOARD: LINCOLN LU VERNE TWP. COUNTING BOARD: PLUM CREEK TWP. PORTLAND TWP. Ed G. Hot E, B. Thomas Edword Undebak Orville Anderson Earl Chambers Glen Gobriolson Roscoe Mowdgley, Jr. Earl Zeigler F. E. Tocter W. J. Stewart Glen H. Larson ' lond Hang It's a fact that one among every 12 ,pers,ons, be.twfe.en the ages of 20 iand 60, has contributed blood through ReS 4 - Cross for civilian llSjpej^ Suration" of the Red M o** 1 (S**# ****V" • . i • iftiu Program in January 1948. PRAIRIE TWP. ?,? y , mo . nd j . Nick Arndprfer Elmer Glows Florian Hellmop Leo N. Cache Frank Cogtey G'orge Bormann Peter Kayscr Doinlas Wildin Carl Ncilson Vcrl Smith Henry Looft H. D. Christensen Woodrow Johnson Fred Blumer Donald Jacobs Wm. Rottermarv Henry Blome Rolph Walker Glen Clark S. A. Butcher Jens Sorenson Glen Jenkinson Floyd Qordncr -Goo. A. Yanser Ralph Tjiden L. L. Leas? COUNTING BOARD: V^J. KWripBter France* Wober WHITTEMORE TWP. - M ^ ma ^" M Wm...Meyer, ST. COUNTING BOARD: RAMSEY TWP. - I RIVERDALE TWP. SENECA TWP. - '-- SHERMAN TWP. - SPRINGFIELD TWP. --- - SWEA TWP. •- 'UNION TWP. - WESLEY TWP. CLERKS Zada •• Naudaln Lebna K. St. John Pearl potter Edythe Brundage Twilla Bartholomew Leota Gcigel Olive Herbst Zelba Maxwell Mathilda Hood Linda Clopsaddle Mrs. Vlviap Hovey Mrs. Irene Griffin C'lar'a. Sonkey Vlolo Long Helen Pletch Margaret Reid . E. P. Hanson T. A. Dunmire C. -11-^ Collies CJorls Sathoff ; . E; R. Woltz Geo. P. Wowcott Lulu Hawcott Glee Bullock Clara Weydert John P. Simon Arne Ostcrgaord Harold O'Green Ralph C. Thompson K. G. Ewoldt Otto Borchordt G. B. Johnson Ella .Newel Elsie Eigler Claire L. Reding Michael Heiderschcid John R. Slcper John We|hausen A. M. Tokheim Richard I. Anderson Albert C. Kollasch Myrtle Bcrens Mrs. Ann McCarthy Gladys Drjmsfcldt Martin Dahl Wm. A. Bo lond June Ewing > Mamie Spcrbeck Wm. Oldenburg Roy M. Eichhorn Bernard Capcsius Corwin C. Peer Janette Mussman Jerry Heetlond Margoret Powers Rosella Jamscn Aubrey Waterhouse D. A. Carpenter Harold Herzog Ray Wentworth Bella. Koppen Walter Sachs Erich Seegebarth P. M. Christensen Nick Gengler L. A. Hackbarth Wm. A. Marty Fay Lichty Violet Dimlcr Mrs. R. W. Genrich Clifton Benschoter John Kain Lloyd Bartlctt Donald Ringsdorf Louis J. Lickteig John N. Ludwig Henry Rustemier Lc'andcr Voskc Anton Becker Lyle Stccle Chris Dahl Joe Crawlcy Paul Phillips W«yne Warmbier Pearl Johnson Carlton Lyons Luclla Thorcson Ma,rjori9 Fr«d Plumb Ray B. Schllmoeller Therone Hansen J. W. Goetz Myrtle Lease W. J. Frimmel A. D. Brogan Charles Bormann Lena Ostwald Elmer F. Bell -- - R ' - - - - Duke k'ensey, Marshal's Fees County Treasurer, Advance Cash Clarence Schutjor, Trustee Mooting .».*-•...—•-- — Arthur Lee Graham, Bounty — John Weber, Trustee Meeting -. Girl Scout Troop 2 met at the home of Maxine 1 Clark Tuesday p.m. Jo Ann Johnson Will be hostess to the Troop at her home on August 10. .;.-.'• The Rev and Mrs Stanley Andersen and son Gene were visitors Wednesday at the Selmet Uhr home. Mr Anderson formerly pastor of the Swea City Baptist church, is now in Augusta, Kansas working in the Southern Baptist convention. Mr and Mrs Alex Olson ana two children are visiting the 'Alfred E. Andersons and other friends in this area. The Olsons are missionaries in Africa and expect to return some time in the future. '•'',. Gets Choice Of 30 Dayss, 30 Min. Two men,' John W. Slagle, Algona, and Forrest D. Brunk, LaPorte City.v were charged with intoxication. It was Slagle's third arrest this year on ' the 3.00 1.35 223.66 4.00 s.To 4.00 TuMdtty, Auguit 3, t$S4 Atgona (la.) Upper De« Motn«-7 su ., es ___ «- __________ -'- ...... 887.91 ppli ___ - __________ -Ready-Mix Concrete i Lbr. Co.. on acct. >.._..„..-« ........... 304,30 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equipment Co., repairs ........ 179.18 Standard Oil Co., supplies „. 1.201.68 Standard Oil Co., supplies ----- 387.18 Standard Oil Co., on acct ..... 120.49 Skelly Oil Co., on acct. - ...... 03.50 Mid-West Service Co., on acct. 187.88 Mid-West Service Co., per slip 90.77 Collins Oil Co., oil ............ 129.91 Dene-Oil Lubricant Co., ,„. „. supplies .............. - ......... 181.03 . H. ^Jensen, sand & cement _. 2.75 Co., repairs 98.39 Thompson" Dlstrlbtftlng Co., repairs ----- — — ----- ....... ---- 5.1 Arlo Ranney,, pulley Kawkeye Maehtnery Wlllard Ohm, labor ............ 198.90 E. C. Ohm, labor ....... ... ...... 218.60 Ronald C. Peck, labot ...i^.— -.. 84,'" Edward Rlckc, labor ......... -"-sfisi Lem. Stoekwelt, labor -_ i --. ...... 282.74 Doyal Sanders, labor ............ 238.00 Bert Shellmeyer. labor. ---- ,« ---- 218.90 William f. Schrider, labor .....238.90 Don Stemman, labor , — '*.^. — i»03l Leonard Swsnson," labor ........ 23J90 John Sehueler Jr., labor ........ 249.70 Orvllle Welland, labor ......... 238.00 James Walker, labor .... ---------- 218.90 Earl L. Paulsen, labor ... ----- ,.838.90 Paul A. Willey, labor _____ , ----- -*8}-j» George Wirings. labor ..„- — Erich Wlllrett, labor ............ 245.70 Harlan Wichtendahl, labor ...... 218.28 Q. E. Zaugg, labor .............. 245.70 Frank A. Smith, labor ......... .153.09 Louis Scheppmann. labor . ------- A '2'99 John D. Fraser, labor ----------- *VJ41 H. M. Smith, co. engineer ...... 400.70 Clarence Prlebe, weed comm, — 93.68 Mrs. Helen Anderson, assist, recorder ---- ^ ...... . -------- 7.00 Richard Tuttle, labor ........... .153.60 Thelma Spurgeon, dep. englneet 200.85 Mrs. D. F. Schroeder, assist, auditor ............ - ..... 59.50 Marlon Osbbrn, labor ........ — 78.47 Corlnne Burgener, relief office .. 72.03 James Hoffman, labor ----------- 153.60 Albert Oranzow, labor ---------- 75.77 E. M. Olson, assessing Dennis Lynch, assessing ....... S83.23 p. ft. 0.87 Henry M. Larsen, assessing ......164.53 "•_ ' "• *___•'• "*«* „ _ •__ i nn i« V .•«**. > A J"*A«j4*i> n»«n*Blnr* 9«Jft Tfi Cook'"s Welders" Supply, repairs 98.11 Wesley Auto Co., repair - 1 .— 48.93 Kohlhaas Hardware, supplies — 5.78 Frank Flatg, repairs r 15,40 Northern Lumber Co., repairs — 26.71 Pecaut Industrial Supply Co., on acct 89.74 »\ott' Bormann, Trustee Meeting 4.00 W. H. Raney, Trustee Meeting 4.00 Bernard Copeslus> Trustee Meet- . Ing .-—--—->• 4.00 K W Hfllifi Roht * - _»-.--- *DU.UU Skelly'Oil Co'.,-Per Slips , 170.98 'ASSESSOR 'FUND Payroll Fund, Assessor• .- 'i 301 - 6 ,! Kllbto Looiia Leaf Co., Supplies 4.30 vionroa Calculatlr\g Machine CO., Rental ^— _ a , Koch Brothers. Supplies Z ; 8/ L. J. Irnmarfoll, Mileage ...... 12.45 Johklns-Fergemdhn Co., Supplies |}.27 Payroll Fund, Court -—-— 653.38 Upper Des Molnes Publ. i Co., Supplies • Jenkins Ferflemann Co., Supplies Koch Brothers, Supplies Titonka Topic, Bar Docket ... Internatlonol Business Machines Irwu, Now Machine H. D. Meyers, E. A. T HUgh Raney, Bailiff 45.50 Lora Rdney, Bailiff .— 0.00 Mr*,. Ella B^'Hutchlns, Bailiff - 14.00 Kent Motor Co., repairs 133.12 Gibus-Cook Equipment Co., supplies .„— Sleg-Fdrt Dodge Co.. repairs ...197,46 Interstate Power Co., sdrvlce to sheds 8.58 Flalg's Oarage, repairs 54.42 Leo Jorgens«h, repairs 14.70 ' i conitrucllon Fund. ifame«' H. Merryman, labor and equipment 1,662.00 Arnhle & EUphomla Voight. , rlghl'of way - 44.00 JfeHnife-Mallnda Wallace, right 142.00 rpTaThe,"flJht"oT"way 'alter ;W,. ,& Esther Jentz, STtoVa^ampfe.WhTor^arllliooioo L. G. •Fuchsenr^ssesMng 92.64 10.00 25.31 3.98 22.00 51.13 25.00 .. Hugh Raney, Bailiff ......— 70.00 Rex. Ramsey. Tests 20.00 Monaco's Cafe, Jury Meals ---, L. A. Wlnkel, Atty. Fees Doan Parrott. Court Reporter ... Clerk of District Court, Court Costs 10.00 8.00 285.68 5.90 Monaco's "CaifeTVury" Meals .... 14.91 Upper Des Molnes Publ. .Co., Supplies — — -- ......... Koch Brothers, Supplies .-— r Dorothy Arend, Petit Juror ---- . Dean Andrews, Petit Juror ----- 5.80 G. A. Wlttkopf, Talesman ---- , 5,10 P/iul Weber, Petit Juror ------ ,6.30 Ralph Yanser, Petit Juror ---- 6.00 •Matt Besch. Petit Juror ---- . '*"" Henry Baade, Petit Juror ---Alfred Bu s ch, Petit Juror --»Milford Berg, Petit Juror ---: dward Blumer, Petit Juror — Charles Beaver, Petit Juror — . J. Bisenius, Petit Juror - ..... vilcoll Christ, Petit Juror ---Richard Chlpnjan, Petit Juror .'. Hugh Carney, Petit Juror ---- 7.00 Fred David, Petit Juror .---,- 16.2C and -he 7was. given" a • wa'rning against 'any further arrests. Brunk, picked up and fined 'three previous tirries lately for intoxication, was given 30 days or 30 minutes, and he left town. Ralph H. Krause, Pasadena, Cal. paid $5 and costs on a speeding charge ' and Reynold w. Zuber, Des Moines, was assessed $5 and costs for going through,a stop sign. James L. Sparks, Algona, paid $5 and costs on two- different counts, speeding ' and passing at an interseption. Motion by Coigrove 'and seconded by Newel that Scheppmann be appointed as committee to have repairs made on Drain No. 94. Ayes: Motion carried. All. Nays: None. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Scheppmann thot Cosgrove be, appointed as a committee to have repairs made on Drain., E. Br. 5, 78, 93, 141 and H. K. 5-87. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion cor- ried. Motion by Scheppmann and seconded by Cosgrove that Newel be appointed as a committee to have repairs mode on Drains 83 and P. A. K. I. Motion carried. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded, by Newel thot Kollasch be appointed as a committee to have repoirs mado on Drains 80, 82 and 102. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Newel that G. D. Hart |be oppointed to survey and make a report on Ihe drainage benefits received on the NWV 4 Section 7, Twp. 96, Range 28 from Drainage Districts No. 81 and No.'87.-Ayes: All. Noyg: None. Motion earned. Motion by Scheppmann and seconded by Newel that the report signed by G. D. Hart, recommending certain improvements to Drainage District No. 94, be adopted and that May 20, 1954, at 9:00 o'clock A. M., be the date and the time set for receiving bids on this work.'.Ayes: All. Nays: None,.Motion "carried. Motion mado by Cosgrove and seconded by Newel that the payment of the cloims allowed at thi s meeting of the persons and firms as listed immediately following be ratified, allowed and confirmed: Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. COUNTY FUND W W. Sullivan, P.M., Postage $ 6.00 W. W. Sullivan, P. M., Postage 69.00 Payroll Fund, County 5,398.57 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., Printing 804.92 . ^-. . ,-- r .:-- 293.66 16.80 11.60 L7.70 23.00 \5.10 8.00 16.20 28,70 26.80 , John A. Dorenbush, Petit Juror . 8.0C on . , Axel Erickson, P(itit Juror ---- 28.8C 36.« 5.H 6.60 , Wernpr Gade, Petit Juror ---- Velmq iGillesple, .Talesman ----Ci U fiirres, Petit Jurof -— — -. . Evelyn Haose, Petit Juror ---- ]6.8( William Hammer, Petit Juror -. 16.2J Ted S. Herbst, Talesman ----- 20.H Milford Hilbert, Petit Juror ---- 16.4C Wallace Hawcott, Petit Juror — Lament Jansen, Petit Juror - r Dave Lynch, Petit Juror -----Donald Leigh, Petit Juror ---Marvin Lloyd, Petit Juror ---Margaret Long, Petit Juror — Milford Mitchell, Petit Juror .. rlgfft "of way .:.:6o:6o Paul cderman, R. W. 6.40 16.80 6.80 26.00 27.70 7.00 26.80 JV1IIIUIU ITII11.I 1X.11/ « —..• •• . nf . Jeanette Maahs, Petit Juror ... 6.00. Donald Mains, Petit Juror 16. 0 Warren O. Nelson, Petit Juror . 25. 0 Arthur Odegaord, Petit Juror .- 5.10 Gertrude Reding, Petit Juror .. 35.90 N. H. Raskopt, Petit Juror ... o.lU Ellen Roney, Petit Juror 35.30 Jessie Reid, Pet(t Juror 25.10 W P. Rustemeier, Petit Juror _ 6.70 Juliusi Seller, Petit Juror 16.00 John L. Sewick, Petit Juror .- 26.00 Richard Sjogrcn, Petit Juror .. 25.10 Charles Stroebel, Petit Juror .- 18.70 Mary Schneider, Petit Juror .- 35.10 Helen Schram, Petit Juror 27.20 Wayne Smith, Petit Juror Marvin Simonsmeier, Petit Juror :"„.::..: iS4.?? Jap: i..i _ darvln & Clara Corderman, .,„.„ right,ofr ,\vay 148.00 John J. Masbach. right of way '02,00 layrtond W. Carlisle, right * L tit- way ...— iU.i—102.00 (; S. & Anna K. Elbert, right n _ of way .:.. * 72.00 Frfink M. Spllles; right .of way 72.00 ^nnn Heldeoker, et al, right of way 84.00 LUdwig & Clara M. Reinen. . right ot way - 128.00 dodfrcy & Alice Schultz, =Tlght'of way 122.00 Helfn Dlngley,. right or way. lSs.00 Al 'O.' Anderson, right of way 148.00 Milford J. Plathe. right of way --,40.00 Alice Warnert,' right of way 144.00 & MaXlne Caldwell, right „. way L 144.00 W. W. SulUvan & Mannle E. MeMahon-. right of way 200,00 featherme Hoenk, right . • "ol-way -;...- 1*4.00 Axel .H.-.Peterson, . ihgnt of Way ,—....—- 136.00 Ida .Muejler, right of way 134,00 Petite.C; Rannoy, ,.„«„ TV rUtht .of way. — 148.00 Wrlb Hanney, right of way 110.00 E. X. J-rahk, right of way 284.00 Lawrence M^yer, right of way -72.00 Alfred Meyer, right; of way —148.00 William M^yer, right of way —120,00 John • Wallace Simpson, fight of way •'._ 502.00 Opal Simpson. rltfW of way — 72.00 Henry W. & Qlara Miller, • . • ' .rlaht pf way —- ; 168.00 Edith'D; La'gerstrom, • * right-of WaV.J 82.00 Er\vin & Adella Stems, . right of Wriy:V_—,-' 148.00 Wllflam H.'.Jentz, right of way -W2.00 H. R, Zumach, right of way 88.0C Carl w. Priebe, right of way — 264.0( Zola. Dona Cheever, right of way288.00 Evelyn Marie Ferstl. f *• ' tight; of Way .1—li .-.-*«—144,00 Claris E.- Kresensky, right of way 40.00 Alfred ,C. Carlisle. right of way ——- 156.W Joe Buscher, right of way —144.00 Walter H. Brandon, right of way 142.00 Hbward E. & Ethel M. Morgan. right of way - n 2:SS A. L. Thllges, right of way 70.00 John &. Clara Weydert, James A. Coady, assessing 329.75 Paul W. Eigler, assessing 133.97 George Looft, assessing 62.62 Ray B. Schllmoeller, assessing ..270.18 John Welhousen, assessing 272.05 Raymond H. Lavrenz, assessing 116.34 Raymond H. Lavrenz, assessing 109.D7 Leander Vaske, assessing ......324.37 Ernest Peterson, assessing 252.89 Harry E. Ward, assessing 1,005.44 Arthur Olson, assessing 230.06 Robert Lang, assessing 120,93 A. A. KrUeger, assessing . 43.96 Eugene Hoflus, assessing 290.46 O. M. Will, assessing 258.17 G. T. Berg, assessing ;.226.68 Mcnno Llmbevg, assessing 262.53 Wayne H. Gade, assessing 306.46 Soren Podcrsen, assessing 203.82 Lloyd W. Thorson, assessing .;.198.47 John P. Simon, assessing 344.65 Carroll Fraser, assessing 275.62 J. D. Crowley. assessing 249.42 Melvin Logeman, assessing ......215.72 D, H, Stiuthors, assessing 289.68 ' ~ ~ • 1, assessing .268.98 assessing ... 244.78 16.10 17.80 John Theesfleld, Petit Juror ... 27.10 Wm. T|aden, Petit Juror Milton Uhr, Petit Juror Dons Ukena. Petit Juror 25.80 27.80 28.70 uun» W^BIIU, tvii. *-.-. - Hernetto Wildin, Petit Juror ... 35.90 Sam Winter, Petit Juror 24.00 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Corwin B. Keith, Fee s .... Dr. C. E. Birney, physician s Fees .. '--, Wm, S. Johnston, Atty. Fees .F. J. Kennedy, Atty. Fees .... C. H. Cretzmeyer, Physicians Fees Leo J. Cassell, Atty. Fees Delia Welter. Atty. Fee s 4.50 4.50 7.50 7.50 7.50 7.50 e . . -----Donald M. Wood, Officer's Fees 23.36 A. a. At-uer, imysicums fees .... 7.bU Clifford Hollls, P. D., witness fees 3.14 Road Clearance Fund Payroll Fund, road clearing 1,944.37 W. C. Brown Supply Co., supplies —- ..-—958.38 Bangs Disease Eradication Dr. James F. Johns, tattle inspection * J - au Dr. N. F. Chapman, cattle inspection — B3 -°° Dr. it. E. Weber, cattle inspection 110.50 Melvin L. Finch, cattle indemnity - Raymond H. Goche, cattle indemnity — 72.00 ewis H. Kent, cattle indemnity —- - 45.00 Rudolph C. Fangman, cattle indemnity — 18.00 demons F. Heiar, cattle indemnity •right of way --?i*-2!J M! N. Phillips, right of way 144.00 Arthur Thllges, right of way ... 72.00 Lloyd A. VJpond. right of way 210.00 George H. Hill, right of. way ...-144.00 Ernest J. Borman, right of way . 84.00 Sebastian Kramer, right of way 78.00 Wilfred H. Kohlhaas, right of way 84.00 John B. Reding, right of way —160.00 Raymond N. Kohlhaao, right of way 84.00 R. J. Neary, right of way 76.00 Columbia-Southern Chemical Corp., supplies 2,121.12 Mason City Blue Print Service, supplies 114.17 Drainage Funds W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 2 1.25 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 2 14.75 Tltonka Topic, Dr. W. Br. No. 6 - —- 12.75 Lewis K. Ferguson, Dr. W. Br. of No. 5 Henry E. Ward, Dr. W. Br. of No. 5 .- - 5.00 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 12 10,07 Ernest Godfredsen, Dr. No. 78 .. 10.00 Dick Baade, Dr. No. 78 10.00 57.80 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 82 7,38 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 82 — 14.61 Clarence Morrell. Dr. No. 83 51,85 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 85 15,04 G, D. Hart. Dr. No. 85 38.40 Advance Pub. Co., Dr. No. 85 „ 10.33 Ernest Godi'redsen, Dr. No. 86 — 10.00 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 94 34.48 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 115 8.77 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 115 •"'• 19.48 : id!ar Chambers Co., Supplies Koch Brothers, Supplies Advance Publ. Co., Supplies & Printing 1,113.26 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Sup- Klipto Loose""Leaf Co., Supplies Joe Elbert, Refund - — Donald M. Wood, Mileage Lyle Mathes, Signs Glen W. Jenkinson, Trustee Meeting Jons M. Sorenson, Trustee Meet- 134.02 22.79 214.72 75.00 51.66 15.50 2.00 . _ F. R. Gardner, Trustee Meeting . Fr«d W. Plumb, Trustee Meeting Ralph W. Lindhorst, Board t Lodging Ralph W. Lindhorst, Mileage .- R^lph W. Lindhorst, Mileafle F. E. Teeter, Trustee Meeting . W. J. Stewart, Trustee Meeting Glenn H. Larsen, Trustee Meet- Lloy •yd* H." Bartlett, Trustee Meeting August Elbert E. P. Hansen, Trustee Meeting L G. Huber, Trustee Meeting Wayne Senne, Bounty — Ted DsBoer Jr., Trustee Meeting Fred Schmidt, Trustee Meqting Harm H. Hasinga, Trustee Meeting • Jerry Boekelroan, Trustee Meet- "ing John R. Sleper, Trustee Meeting H«jlph W. Lindhorst, Mileage — Long's Studio, Printing '• L.. W. Nitchals, Office Expense F«rt Dodge- Clean Towel Serv., Towel Scrv. Foster's Repair .........-----Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Mrs. Horoce P. Clapsaddle, Moy' Boekelmsn/Mftrshol's Fees A O'Brien, Hauling G. Hot, Trustee Meeting 2.00 2.00 2.00 163.00 53.87 60.56 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 .20 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 153.01 3.30 140.3 5.80 8.75 2.50 5.00 .89 . 13.25 4.00 Edmund C. Vaske, cattle indemnity - ?-0° Charles H. Wilhelm, cattle Indemnity — 3-0° Dr. N. F. Chapman, cattle inspection 63.00 Tuberculosis Eradication Fund Dr. H. H. Raney, cattle Inspection 1,535.20 ^.r J. R. Waite, cattle inspection 200.60 Jen G. Studer. cattle indemnity 778.58 George H. Johnson, cattle indemnity - 50.00 Dr. William H. Olson, cattle inspection - 233.00 Maintenance Fund Algona Municipal Utilities. Sev. to shed - 22.68 Ever4s Bros., stockpiling 6,300.00 Hovey Implement, repairs 7.00 Grecnbcrg Autu Supply, rcpair3.32B.10 Cohn Bros. Inc., repairs 5.29 A. M. Kollasch, advance cash—- 8.08 Paper Calmenson & Co., .„,,„, repairs - 5,271.63 Iowa Public Service Co., sev. to sheds 5.00 West Iowa Telephone Co., sev. to shed 5.87 Iowa Electric Light & Power Co., sev. to shed Central Iowa Telephone Co., sev. to shed l-i-js County Treasurer, advance cash 7.40 Interstate Power Co., sev. to sheds Jl.lra Iowa Electric Light & Power Co., sev. to shed ...., 3.09 Chapmans, repairs -_- --- 6.4< Gambles, supplies - 15.9. Grace Track Service, supplies ...144.41 Nemmers Hardware, supplies 17.64 Verbrugge Sinclair Station, ggs , , 31.81 Carpenter & Son. on Sect. 2.80 W. F. Smith Tire & Battery Co- repairs . —. 70.17 iwa Sand and Gravel Co.. sand - — - 11.W Frankl & Reding, Dr. No. 116 —175.00 Clarence Zufall, Dr. No. 165 -.-306.00 A. M. Kollasch, Dr. No. 188 11.50 Roscoe A. Ilift, Dr. No. 168 302.72 Roscoc A. IlifT, Dr. No. 166 358.26 Roscoe A. Ilin, Dr. No. 166 312.88 Roscoe A. Illlf, Dr. No. 166 389.00 Roscoe A. Ilift, Dr. No. 166 360.00 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. Sub. 6 of 4 - - 8.77 G. D. Hai't, Dr. No. Sub. 6 of 4 8.06 James H. Merryman, labor and equipment 198.93 Geo. Wichtendahl, meeting and mileage — 25.20 Payroll Fund A! E. Iverson. mileage 68.90 W. P. Hemphill, night watchman 86.66 Myrtle St. John, labor 88.00 rvin Etherlngton, labor - 183.89 Villls D. Oswalt, labor -. 78.47 Jernadlne McConough, labor — 66.50 I, K. Beck, probate officer 101.67 'erh V. Miller, court reporter -118.80 'hyllis Miller, labor 138.14 I. 3. Scheppmann, meetings blftings, assessing 97.55 Kelvin Heinrlch, assessing 128,64 Dolores Vaske, assessing 193.95 Lo&hal'd A. Studer, assessing 283.75 A.,p. Newbrough, assessing 285.34 Clarence Vaske, assessing 268.01 Linus Vaske, assessing 263.93 Anton Becker, assessing 219.36 Reuben M. Holcomb, assessing 270.78 Poor Fund 'ayroll Fund, poor 095.20 Marvel Immerfall, mileage 41.02 Cossuth Oil Co., gas .. 52.47 Cowan Bldg. & Supply Co., repair 1 68.51 tossutu oil Co., fuel a.24 lonsbruch Drug, medical supplies — 18.36 Algona Locker Plant, provisions 31.20 Kohlhaas Hdwe., supplies 26.97 Algona Co-op Creamery Co., » provisions .-'.213.76 Algona Ice Cream & Candy Fct., rent —. ^ 12.00 Wm. O, Ludwig, mowers :.„ 3.90 Paul A. James, transportation ... 9.18 Rising's Mill & ' Elevator, feed, etc. --_—B28.75 D. & B. Distributors, provisions _ 68.74 Tlgges Drug, medical' 3.60 Botsford Lumber Co., coal 418.97 Eugene Hood, seed 210.84 Algona Co-op Creamery Co., provisions 191.12 Western Chemical Co.; supplies — 10.90 P. V. Janse, medical care 57.00 J. C. Penney Co., Inc., clothing ^ 15.04 Ray's JacK Sprat, provisions .'200.24 Council Oak Stores, provisions 230.96 C. H. Cretzmeyer, medical care — 137.25 Clayton & Rusk, medical 77.27 J. G. Clapsaddle, medical care 17055 Dr. R. R. Horton, medical care 11.25 Council Oak Stores, provisions 101.00 Viking- Oil Co., fuel oil ... 23.25 . Hood's Super Valu, provisions ..101.00 John Keneflck, medical care 2,25 H. D. Meyer, medical care 77.25 R. E. Hertzke, provisions 54.00 Hillcrest Rest Home, care and keep 481.00 St. Ann Hospital, medical care 701.01 M. G. Bourne, M. D., medical care , 197.00 John Schutter, M. D., medical care — u.170.26 Latch & Maurcr, provisions 54.00 Dept. of Social Welfare, aid to the blind _ 16202 Dept. of Social Welfare, Dept. children 1,381.62 German Valley Store,- provisions 30.00 Skelly Oil Co., fuel oil 18.36 J. C. Penney Co. Inc., clothing 9.95 Dixon's Market, provisions 36.00 National Food Stores, provisions 10.00 National Food Stores, provisions 20.00 A & P Tea Co., provisions 10.00 Council Oak Grocery, provisions 20.00 Mercy Hospital, medical care ..277.98 Frances Schroeder, care and keep 8666 Mld-Cont. Pet. Corp., fuel oil ... 7.65 Larson Drug Co., medical care 1.60 Arent Dr., medical care , II 8.50 Department of Social Welfare. care and keep 165.23 University Hospitals, medical care . 850 Martin & Van Potter Di-u., medical care lo.OO Algona Co-op Creamery Co., provisions 735 Mrs. Minnie Tliaves, rent "" 1500 Dr. R. K. Richardson, medical care . 15 on Dr. T. J. Egan, M. D:," ' medical care 1450 Home of the Good Shepherd, care and keep i in 33 John R. Camp, M. D., ' medical care 75.00 and mileage „_ -382.06 .150.00 43.50 S. D. McDonald, meetings and mileage ----- 322,72 Jharles H. Newel, meetings and mileage 356.19 A. M. Kollasch, meetings and mileage 3M..94 W. S. Cosgrove, meetings and mileage 320.41 Raymond Baade. labor 220.79 flouald Baldwin, labor 108.90 Ed Blanchard, labor 208.90 Dscar Behnkendorf, labor 51.00 William N. Bait Jr., labor 44.00 Dick Baade, labor — -220.85 Noble L. Crouch, labor 218.90 E. M. Downs, labor 238.90 Frank Delm. labor —-208.90 Howard O. Euscr. labor 239.17 Earl Eller, labor -165.44 Alvin Ewing, labor 228.90 Ernest Godfredscn, labor 226.80 Jess Halverson, labor 203.90 Clarence Hentges, labor 238.90 Harry Helmke, labor 318.81 W, A. Hedriek. labor 218.90 WJlliam Hins, labor 45.00 Clifford Holmes, labor 228.90 Clifford Johnson, labor 245.70 Larry Johnson, labor 20.00 Mervin Kelley, labor 218.90 Martin Kern, labor 165.4-1 A. J. Kollasch. labor 228.90 Harvey Merger., labor — .-245.70 Ralph Markla. labor — -245.70 Homer McCarthy, labor 2-15.70 Roelf E. Miller, labor 238.90 Ferdinand Meyer, labor 203.Q3 Donald J. Mayne. labor 218.90 D. E. Dunn, M. D., medical care St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, medical care 22 fl 1 ? Jack T. Harris, M. D., ' medical care Drs. Beeh, McTaggart, Van Patten, care, medical 51 00 Russell Cook, rent ^oo Lena Schmaken. care and keep 32.14 Cities Service Oil Co., fuel oil ___ _ _ 27 09 Carmean Drug, medical n 50 King Pharmacy, medical 1500 Cities Service Oil Co , fuel oil 8 26 Jack T. Harris M. D., medical supplies 39550 Mrs. Orville Hedrick, rent ..11. 20:00 Ada Flowers, rent 45 oo P. V. Janse, medical sev. __ H'OO University Hospitals, medical sev. 58092 Botsford Lumber Co.. coal I 449 Honsbruch Drug, medical sevV" 96!85 Iowa Public Sev. Co., lite sev. 745 On motio- --" "" May ' . S. D. McDonald. Chairman Kossuth Cou/ity Board al Sun^rvisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, County Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS Regular AptU Session 1994 A. D. N'fUrulli, labor Herbert C. Nellis. labor 23 245.70 Sixteenth Day May 7, 1954 The Board 01 Supervisors met ,,, regular session pursuant to adjournment. Those present were S. D. McDonald. Chairman in the Chair and members i H. S. Scheppmann. Charles Newel. W. S. Cosgrove and A. M. Kollasch. Absent: none. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by William Cosgrove to approve contract of Everds Bros. Algona, Iowa- project 1 and 2 of State Highway Commission. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion varried. ' • Motion by Henry Scheppmann and seconded by Tony Kollasch that bonds of Everds Bros.. Algona, Iowa, in the amount ol $38.602.29 and S1089954 be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by Henry Scheppmann that Board of Supervisors of Kussuth County approve new Court House change order No. 3 for installation of bronze Centennial plaque and box. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. On mutioii adjournment was taken until May 27. 1954. S. D. McDonald. Chairman Board uf Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Muuru, County Auditor

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