Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on August 8, 1963 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 13
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WINS CLASS RIDGE—John New Windsor shows off his senior bull calf. The pis won a blue ribbon in its class at the Henry County Fair at Cambridge. The 8#0-pound animal has an International grand champion In its ancestry. (Galesbttrg Register-Mail photos by Dale Humphrey.) Horse Show Draws Attendance of 900 At Roseville Fair By MARY MARKS ROSEVILLE — Approximately 900 persons witnessed the society horse show on the second and final evening of the Warren County Agricultural Fair, at Roseville. Fair skies and comfortable temperatures prevailed during the second day of the fair. The crowd, wait- the horse show and ribbons to irig for the horse show to begin, other winners. Marvin Lester of was entertained with organ mu- Long Grove, Iowa, was the show sic by Mrs. Alice Bower of Rose- judge, Harlan Monroe, ringmas- ville, baton routines by the be- ter and Richard Mings, superin- ginning summer class of Mrs. tendent, was master of cere- Bernadine Mings of Roseville monies, and a baton duet by Aleta Bacon and Marcia Crandall, as well as a solo specialty number by Miss Bacon. Champions in the dairy section for top winners in other cate- were announced as: Cow, a gories. Guernsey exhibited by Wayne Midwest Amusement Co. op- Walters of . Monmouth, and the erators of the carnival midway, heifer and calf Holsteins, Jim was kept busy during the late Offers Trophies Harold Ruble, prior to the horse show, presented trophies or the silver horses and Johnson, Kirkwood. Johnson also evening, by patrons, showed the champion Holstein In . the parade class, cow, while the champion cow m ^£P in ^ s the all-other-breeds class was exhibited by Gary Conway of Berwick Miss Kay Kirkpatrick, Miss Su P|j M «8» estimated that thou- Warren County, presented the . sandsL of dollars w . ere in ™ sted trophies to top-place winners in inu . * hesef accessories all of : which make a colorful equestn- wllluers - lamorous and elaborately decorated riding habits made a colorful final event for the show. ter Monroe. She also received a trophy for the barrows being heavyweight champion. However, Roseville residents scored in other sections of the swine department. Dick Tomlin's Spotted Polands were named champion boar over all, and champion litter over all. Winning with a Black Poland was Ronald Ault, who exhibited the champion sow. Dick Bycroft, •showing a Duroc gilt, received a trophy when it was named champion over all gilts. Receiving trophies also for their barrows were James Ault, with his mediumweight Black Poland, and Phil Hodges, with a lightweight Hampshire. Present Trophies A number of trophies were also given in the various horse departs ments. Receiving them were: Bobby Wright of Gerlaw for junior cloverleaf and junior handy horse; Rodney Van Riper, Kirkwood, junior pleasure horse; Susan Masden, Avon, junior pleasure pony; Russell Brokaw, Stronghurst, open men's western equitation; Pam Harrid, Table Grove, open women's western equitation; Keith Ellis, Macomb, open 5-gaited; Ray Morrow, Fairbury, open English equitation; Bernadien Mings, Roseville* open 3-gaited; Willard Jones, Jacksonville, open parade horse and Karen Catton, Brimfield, open parade pony. Winners of yesterday's judgings follow, as well as the floriculture RATED A-OK AT CAMBRIDGE—Mike Walsten of Alpha brushes up Hi Hampshire breed in the 4 -H swine show at Cambridge, part of the Henry County Fair. Weighing in at 210 pounds, the animal received an "A" rating by the judges. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME — Mrs. Robert ling was unsuccessful I Inness of Galesburg Route 3 displays Clara at the Henry County Fair. The Shorthorn summer year- i the judging Wednesday at Cambridge. Mrs. Inness is the former Linda Black of Galesburg. (jalesburg Register-Mail Tractor Pulling Contest Set at Henry County Fair GALESBURG, ILL., THURSDAY, AUG. 8, 1963 SEC. 2 PAGE 13 English equitation, Morrow; P. Brown; Maxine Smith, Stronghurst. Three-gaited, Bernadine Mings, Roseville; Ted Hoy, Monmouth; Payne. Parade horse, Jones; Ray Beasley, Keokuk, Iowa; L. G. Shields, Keokuk. ««u- f i^u., tendance still high, Judges, Richard Mings and Mar- Henry County Fair moved J™ n * M T _ y third day today Richard and E,aine Johnson of On Galva Day, Friday, ^ZSt^ ta the AngUS ^ the tractor pulling contest Rights will begin at 1 p.m. with the calf Among those receiving A ratings and pig scramble at 8 p.m. This | n ^ 4H in baby beef judg- vin Lester, of Long Grove, Iowa. Betancourt's Close Friend I Is Candidate is restricted to 4 -H and FFA members. A performance by the western music By PAUL FINCH CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) Sen. Raul Leoni, companion of gus President Romulo Betancourt for was Ronald and Jeanine Larsons' three decades, is the leading contender to win the fall elections and succeed Betancourt next February. Shorthorn, also a heavyweight. Gains Reserve Honors Reserve honors in the 4 -H show noon - BUY Motherburg your favorite drug store drug counter. Having hand is your protection an event. Judging was completed Wednesday in the junior and 4 -H dairy departments, junior swine, open horse show and junior home economics. Twenty trophies were given away last night. Takes Top Honors Lindy Woods of Good Hope took top honors in the swine division with the grand champion barrow. Not only given a trophy, the McDonough County girl received a watch from Oscar Mayer & Co., presented by ringmas- Florlculturc Following are listed the exhibitors in the floriculture show and their number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places: Mrs. L. W. Waymack, Berwick, 1-3-1. Mrs. John Rinker. Monmouth, 7-3-3. Norma Henderson, Hoseville. 5-2-5. Mrs. Carroll Henderson, Roseville, 1-1-0. Mrs. Edna Josephson, Roseville. 2-6-5. Mrs. Donald Kirkpatrick, Roseville, 1-2-6. Lumata Clore, Roseville, 3-6-3. Jane Tygrett, Berwick, 2-4-0. Mrs. Norris Meachum, Berwick, 1-0-1. Mrs. Edgar Rankin, Monmouth, 4-1-2. Madge Pearson, Roseville, 7-2-5. Mrs. Walter Gayman. Smithshire, 7-1-1. Don Kettering, Monmouth, 1-1-3. Kathryn Steele, Roseville, 0-3-2, Donnalee Adwell, Berwick. 1-0-1. Mrs. Robert Adkis»on. Smithshire, 1-2-0. Jeanette Boock, Gerlaw, 0-2-0. Earl Dye. Kirkwood, 0-1-0. Ethel Carr, Roseville, 2-0-0. Reva Kirkpatrick, Roseville, 3-2-1. Kathy Quigley f Roseville, 1-0-0. Mrs. Frank Wallace Jr., Monmouth, 1-0-0. Ruby Allard, Roseville, 0-0r3. Lucille Hanna, Gerlaw, 0-1-0. Vera Merrill, Monmouth, 1-0-0. Ila Rosenberry. Monmouth, 0-1-0. Mrs, Raymond Hutchins, Roseville, 1-2-2. Jean Kaiser, Monmouth, 0-1-0. Eileen Schreck, Roseville, 0-0-1. Martha Cox, Roseville, 1-1-0. Mrs. David Bellinger, Roseville. 0-0-1. rtha Adkisson, Roseville, 2-1-1. xs. Fred Johnson, Roseville, 0-2-1. Charlene Quigley. Roseville, 0-1-0. Mildred Eaton, Berwick, 1-O-0. Louise TygreU, Monmouth, 2-1-0, Mrs. John Simonson, Roseville, 0-1-0. Pearle Lee, Smithshire, 0-2-0. Helen Knight, Roseville, 1-0-0. Trophies to Mrs. Raymond Tygrett of Berwick and Mrs. John Rinker of Monmouth. A $10 prize was awarded to Mrs. Edgar Rinker of Monmouth for the bouquet of the fair. Judges were Mrs. Clyde Lang and Mrs. Richard Larson, of Galesburg. ftwlM Hampshire — Gilt, Lindy Woods, Good Hope; Steve Fillman, Monmouth; Woods. Sow, Woods, 1st and 2nd; John Elliott, Roseville. Boar, Fillman; Woods; Elliott. Litter, Woods; Fillman; Elliott. Duroc — Gilt, Dick Bycroft, Smithshire; Art Kane, Media; Terry' Anderson, Sciota. Boar, Bycroft; Doug Mustain, Cameron, 2nd and 3rd. Litter, Bycroft, Mustain; A. Kane. Black Poland — Gilt, James Ault, Roseville; Keith 1 Abbadusky, Ellisville; Bob Keimig, Berwick. Sow, Ronald Ault, Roseville; J. Ault, 2nd and 3rd. Boar, J. Ault; R. Ault; John Kane, Media. Litter, J. Ault; Abbadusky; R. Ault. Spotted Poland — Gilt, Dick Tomlin, Roseville; J. Ault, 2nd and 3rd. Boar, Tomlin; J. Ault; Tomlin. Litter, Tomlin; J. Ault, 2nd and 3rd. Chester White — Gilt, John Torrance, Good Hope; Kerry Smith, Little York; Sam Parkins, Berwick. Sow, Martha Ault, Roseville; Tor- munist party, imposed by Betan- OPHIEM smith. 2 2nd an a d nd rd 3rd 0a LitTeT court, if the Communists renounce of Brooklyn, N. Y., has begun his ranee; Smith; Parkins. Berkshire — Gilt, M. Ault; Russell Aten, Sciota; M. Ault. Boar, M. Ault; Aten, 2nd and 3rd, letter, M. Ault; Aten. Bacon Breeds (Yorkshire)—Gilt, Nancy Curtis, Sciota* Connie Curtis, Sciota; Gene Curtis, Sclbta. Boar, Ronnie Curtis, Sciota; G. , Curtis; R. Curtis. Litter, R. Cur- ism, Leoni said, tis; G. Curtis; Jim Killey, Roseville. Barrows — Lightweight, Phil Hodges, Macomb; J. Ault, 2nd and 3rd. Medium, J. Ault; Aten; Abba- student demonstration against Ven- _ „ 1ft ,, M rinskv. Heavy. Woods: Jim Lu- - ... . Salma, Kan., 1961 -62 Vicente ™, « ~i By TOM EICHHORN Lynn Center, behind Bloomberg CAMBRIDGE— With at- with a medium-heavyweight; John the Peterson, also of Lynn Center, a lightweight Angus, and ing were: Bloomberg; Don Larson, Lynn Center; Peterson; Rehn; Kent Youngstrom, Galva; Jerry Meri­ ts, featuring will also be given in the evening. ...... J. Albert Stenzel of Osco took ° et ^ „ A1 P ha ' and Robert Horsle y home, grand champion steer trophies in both the open and 4 -H shows with his heavyweight An- Toulon. Kent Engnell of Lynn Center showed the grand champion sin* gle barrow in the 4 -H show. Others receiving A ratings for their animals—all Hampshires were Duane Curry, Alpha; Rodney Engstrom, Alpha; Ronald Engstrom, New Windsor; Pamela Larson, Alpha; Grey Miller, Alpha; Bill Rice, Alpha; Ronald Steffen, Alpha; Larry Stegall, Galva; Michael Walsten, Alpha. Receiving A ratings in the sheep division were those shown by Russell Bjorling of Altona and Lynn Nordstrom of Bishop Hill Reserve in the open show Reunion Scheduled The 58-year-old labor lawyer went to Mark Bloomberg of Lynn won unanimous nomination at the »s medium-heavyweight recent convention of the big work- placed behmd Stenzel s as reserve er peasant party, Democratic Ac- cham P lon in the AngUS op€n * tion (AD), which he helped Betancourt found in 1941. Leoni told an interviewer he would carry on Betancourt's brand of nationalism, anti-communism and pro-United States policies, but indicated he would withdraw the ban on the Corn- Others making a showing in the Angus open were Gary Rehn of Pastor Olson Begins Service At Ophiem violence. Rev. Arnold Olson ministry at Grace Lutheran "We do not persecute the Com- Church in Ophiem. munists because of their political The Rev * Mr - OIson ' ideology but because they have married, was graduated who is from turned* to subversion and "terror- 1 W 8 h schoQl in 1955 ^ received , ( his B. A. degree from Pacific Lu- Leoni, son of Frenchman, led an immigrant %eran University in Washington. a 1928 Caracas T He took ^ J"" 1 * * the Immanuel Lutheran Church in y, Woods; lie; Woods. dusky. dolph, Ellisvi Judges were Cecil Shimmin and Merle Mueller, of Taylor Ridge. Dairy Holstein — Cow, Jim Johnson, Kirkwood, 1st and 2nd; Garry Rankin, Kirkwood. Calf, J. Johnson; Karen Johnson, Kirkwood; Sharry Rankin, Kirkwood. Heifer, J. Johnson; K. Johnson; G. Rankin. Guernsey — Calf, Rachel Miller, St. Augustine; Wayne Walters, Monmouth; Larry Hunter, Roseville. Heifer, Duane Serven, Augustine; Penny Rowley, Seaton; Miller. Cow. Walters; D. Serven; Lyle Serven, St. Augustine. Ayrshire — Cow, Gary Conway, Berwick, 1st and 2nd; Wendell Shauman, Kirkwood. All other breeds — Calf, Linda Luster, Blandinsville; A\ Kane; Gary Conway, Roseville. Heifer, Patty Harper, Sciota; W. Shauman; Judy Shauman, Kirkwood. Cow, Becky Luster, Blandinsville; A. Kane; J. Kane. Judges, Don Farr and Duane Gregory, of Sherrard. Open Hors* Show Men's western equitation, R. Brokaw; Pam Harris, Sherrard; Richard Wilson, Macomb. Parade pony, Karen Catton, Brimfield; Jamell Harris, Table Grove. Women's western equitation, P. Harris; Betty Dierolf, Sherrard; Ethel Bro- ezuela's dictator, Juan , MUW n ^ --M1 „ . „ _ r, . , The Rev, Mr. Olson was grad- Gomez. Betancourt three years f the Lutheran ^ younger, was one of Leoni's lieu- flf Theo] , n M with a B D tenants Betancourt and Leon. d and WM ordalned , nto the have shared power, defeat, exile at lhe Illinois synodica i and dictators jails ever since. I,e- meeting in Peoria> oni was minister of labor when Betancourt was a provisional pres- court and the former junta lead St. | ident in 1945-1948. . , llt „ _ , . Party associates say Betancourt erAdm. Wolfgang Larrazabal. i J L\ in L* L Fmir cxihov mow sock the nn wanted the AD convention to dency. Voting is scheduled tenta- name three or more possible pres- . , „ . idential nominees, including Leo- Uvel l ior __ Novemher - ni. He apparently thought AD leaders could then negotiate for publican a united front candidate backed <URD), one of Betancourt's most by the Social Christians of the active critics for years, is con- Jovito Villalba, 55, of the Re- Democratic Union government coalition. sidered the strongest anti-govern- Rafael Caldera, 47 -year-old So- ment candidate. Villalba blames cial Christian leader, rebuffed by Betancourt's anti * Communist policy for provoking terrorism. kaw, Stronghurst. ngnurst. Five-g a i t e d, Keith Ellis, Macomb; Patty Brown, Bushnell; Bill Payne, Monmouth. Leoni's AD nomination, may decide to run for president. Caldera ran third in 1958 behind Betan- READ THE WANT ADS! Galesburg'* Favorite. Cook-out 100% GROUND (VA lb. ground beef in each delicious potty) Pound Freexe Pock (40 Potties) — ONLY 456 lost South Street Dial 343*2161 FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doctor's prescription, our drug called ODRI- NEX. You must lose ugly fat In 7 days or your money back. No strenuous exercise, laxatives, massage or taking of so-called reducing candies .crackers or cookies, or chewing gum. ODRINEX is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. When you take ODRINEX, you still enjoy your meals, still eat the foods you like, but you simply don't have the urge for extra portions because ODRI­ NEX depresses your appetitie and decreases your desire for food. Your weight must come down, because as your awn doctor will tell you, when you eat less, you weigh less. 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