Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 31, 1897 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
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Tuesday, August 31, 1897
Page 5
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ON THE BOARDS. Powers; "First Born" Pleases .: at the Macdonough ' Theatre. THE SCENERY IS REALISTIC Fine Costumes and Excellent Acting Characterize - "' the Play. IBOWDS FOR A SCHOOL The Residents of Frultvale Are Determined to Have v More Room. GARR1CK AT THE OAKLAND. Ing the vr popular- ."Held by - the Enemy" at the Columbia .Theater this week. The play ha stirring scenes and thrilling: situation; ani the company is decidedly clever in this drama. Both Blanche Bate and, Gladys WalUs have congenial parts. ".-,' THE TIVOLJ. A well filled house "greeted the production pf Che romantic'-grand opera "La Gioconda at the Tivoll last evening. The same fcili will be the attraction tonight, and 'wlU ?' later alternate with "Aida." ' . . THE ORPHEUM. The star specialist 'at the Orphenra ts Stanley "Whiting, wivo is, a wonder' ful imltator'of- Southern negroes. An other feature "is Leola JJltchell, "the living ' doll," ;sald to 1 be the smallest woman on. the stage in the United States.. The Kanaben-Kapelie contin ue to give selections. ALCAZAR THEATER. , The Old Guard" and "The Sportsman" were the two plays presented cleverly 'by the stock company at ; the Alcazar last evening. V r The Alcazar people were at their best excellent Mrs. Briscoe, ably supporting. SCHOOLS NOW OVER-CROWDED. Manyslnterestlng Shows Are Being Presented in San ' 1 Francisco. : TVi TMnotrjtlns' nerfume of Incense and of the Joss punks floated beyond the footlights at the Macdonough Theater last evening and assailed the nostrils of the i : fashionable, audience gathered therein, bringing sharply before the ' senses a vision of Chinatown. The vls-v Ion was realized when the curtain rolled up- and showed a narrow crooked street with Chinese signa with the .familiar, quequed and slouching Chinese strolling . back and' forth, busy in the small open . , shop. They, talked In the Sowing phra. ses of the East and love and vengeance. . mingled in their conversation. The ""white devils" were so skillfully disguised as JChinlse that many could not tell the real Chinese super from his Western brother. The plot of "The First Born" is thrilling. Chan Lee (Miss Gertrude TidfalD Is stolen from her husband "Chang Wang" (Francis Powers) by his enemy. Man Low Yek, Chan Lee abducts her child, Chan Wang's first born, and before the father can rescue his little one. it is killed. ; - AN ENTHUSIASTIC MEETING. Citizens Discuss the Plans and Adopt Binding ? Resolutions. uency toward prevarication, une piay moved smoothly and kept the audience' In constant good humor. TORE-ADVERTISE FORBIDS Twelfth Street Improvement Again Under Way. A Short Meeting of the Council S-. Was Held Last Evening. A special meeting of the City. Council was held last, evening. The first item in the call for the meeting was to direct the City Clerk to re-advertise for bids for the improvement of East Twelfth street. When the resolution directing the Clerk to re-advertise, for the bids was read Councilman Fibush made an ar gument against , the action, claiming that the red wood blocks with which it is proposed to rebuild the street, were not the proper kind of pavement. Mr. Fibush cited many instances in San Francisco where the blocks had failed to do what it was claimed of them and Tnree in Each Seven Children Forced to Stay at Home. . direct tax, but his amendment was tost. The original motion was then carried by a unanimous vote. - V. G. Hush expressed a desire to bid on bonds, and would guarantee "par" and "premium" if issued for fifteen or twenty years..- : It was decided to give Frultvale citizens the preference In work on the building. The following volunteered their services as election officers: . Albert Rhoda, A. C Brendemuhl, E. Lund. T. O. Crawford, A. D. Wilson, John Albright and Mr. Frost. The meeting then adjourned. Those present were Prof. T. O. Crawford, F. Han-old, E. E. Hunt, R. B. Bain, D. S. Dlmorfd, T. Law, P. J. Maloney, E. 8. Lund, Cyrus Howard. Chris Lamp Sr., Chris Lamp Jr., N. Acker, V. G. Hush, A. Rhoda, A. C. Brendemuhl. M. Frielig, Judge Allen, Thoe. Hutton, Mr. Gulick, Mr. Elrod. Geo. Harrold. James Harrold, Frank Albright. M- Flnkenstedt, C A. James, P. C Nellson, Taylor, Geo. Haus, M. O" Conner, A. Hi Wilson, A. K. Derby, William" Allen, T. A Prout, Mr. Scammond, H. W. Storch, L. Lorets. ur. Jump, C. C. Crowley, L. M. Hansen. Mr. Oliver, Mr. Hard wick, O. E. Derby, A. K. Harmon, Capt. Garrison, Max Keckhaus, H. E. Harwood, J. A. Grimes, J. F. Swift, Geo. Palmer, F. Pladwell, W. Magee, I Faure, E. V. Wachters, W. Frost, A. O. Cohen, Ed Bray, G. Fake, C Elliot, J. Al bright, , Philip Grosse, J. Cunningham, Mrs. Flnkenstedt, Mrs. Smith. Miss Bax ley. Miss Hammond, M$$ Garner, Miss Fernslde, ' Mrs. MaxWvit Miss Cuthbert, Miss Frances BaJley, Mrs. Schauch, Miss Hay, Mlsa Swasey. A. Schroyer, W. B, Dunleavy. - Ccmplol fi How to Attain If '-, . i . . :s A "Wonderful If ew Medical Book, writtea fnr Man fti . n.. for Men Only. On lain eare eopv may be bad free. eatea. in piau ope, on application. ERIE MEDICAL CO., , 64 Niagara SL. BUFFALO. N. V. aDVEHTlBEUKSTJ. Ml a GIHTIC CUE ii Frultvale will have a new school soon, as the citizens stand as a unit ready to Vtork with this end in view. f A meeting to dlscuBs the proposed issuance of bonas was called last evening in the school house in upper Frultvale, which was crowded to the doors with men and women interested in the movement. . v The committee appointed at the last meeting to investigate and draw up resolutions regarding the proposed bonding of the district, made a full report. The committee consisted of T. O. Crawford, chairman, A. C Brendemuhl, G. Frank Albright, Albert Rhoda, W. A. Acker, O. eL Derby and Frank Harrold, Robert B. Bain and E. E, Hunt of the Board of Trustees. '-. . . ; - The committee's report stated that the School Trustees were unable to carry out the requirements of their office, as the seating capacity of ten classes is not sunt' cient to accommodate all pupils who ap- Millions of Dollars Invested " " In a New Malt Concern. Corporation Will 'Control tho United States Market. ..S Z.LSJ:i!Z I he wanted the matter of re-advertising I as it should be. has doubly wronged him. In discover- UUl e CUn-ing Man Low.Tek's perfidy, he is aided ell cou d invesUgate the question. by Loey Sing (May Buckley) a slave ' Mr-Henneberry said he understood gffFaird Dr. Pow Len. a physician. Th 1 that there was some f ault inthe xrdi-Wghbindert are called Into service but 25'T.!r. T Chan Wang escapes their machinations KTi "s TT.r i. By Associated Press to The Tribune. NEW YORK, Aug. 3L The World says: The last man who is to be taken Into the American Malting Company signified his intention last night of. accepting the terms offered him by the promoters of this new enterprise. Within a short time the stocks of this or ganization will be listed on the Stock Exchange,. The amount., of money involved is enormous. Not -leas than $13,000,000 of preferred stock is to be issued at once. ply for admission, nor is the schooling as Tne amount of common stock has not complete In the more extended branches yet been. determined upon. It will pro- There are over 700 ciui old, a few days ago, was bitten on the hand by a mosquito. He scratched it until it bled. A few hours after the hand began to. swell and continue! to do so until it was almost twice its natural Size. : ! . Lepre began to experience excruciat ing pains in his hand and arm and the , swelling extended to his breast. Then! a physician was called in and it was! found that Lepre was suffering from blood- poisoning. The doctor said that an operation wou.d be necessary and tha probably the arm would have to be amputated. It was arranged that; the hand and arm would be cut open' and Lepre took to his bed and began to act irrationally. He was transferred j to Bellevue Hospital. This, is perhaps the first case on rec-1 orcl where a person was rendered In-, sane from the bite of a mosquito. Phil adelphia Times. OF ,Owtag to the Delay OIIE COMPLETE SYSTEM. Tn. Realty Syndicate Arranging A Its Street Railroad Service. in the completion of our New Establishment, corner Stockton and Geary Sts., vre will be obliged to open the first of . our Fall Importations on Monday, Sept.; 6th, -in our present quarters, corner Geary-street and Grant avenue. Duxing this week we will continue to offer Extra Sacrifices in all Departments. CITY OF PARIS DRY GOODS COMPANY S- S. Cor. Geary Street a&l rant Ave- SAN FRANCISCO. enemy. & ...: - This is the most thrilling act in the play. j. Loey Sing leans from her window above and ; bravely allows her love for the wronged man to appear as sb tells of the wrongs she has suffered at IMan Low Tek's hands. As the . latter appears. . Chan Wang hides in the inenaiy snener or an alley, just as i his eDemr neii.br. he snrmars out andt'"c"u . " -v,v.. vi Vv. t k .. 1 that the matter was been advised that the ordinance required, the city tq pay $25,000 for the work and that the property. owners were to pay for the rest.,. This he did not believe to be fair. He believed that it was . intended- for the city to pay for, only -half tne work. Unlike Mr. Fibush, he did not have anything to say against redwood blocks. . He be- MlAtrAt iTM .tn Via a ..atlcfaMnrv vawA ment. What he w anted was to see the properly : before into the alley, still warm and bleeding and-aa the Curtain fallsr'ort this hbr:ii ble. t 4 silent j tragedy, Chang Wang is his pipe before the closed the Council. smoking door and the policeman strolls by on his apparently quiet beat. No one can Braise too hiarhlv Mav Buckley's , artistic conception of the - slave glrL J She seems to have forgot - - ten her American breeding, to be, in . fact. I) the pretty, abused slave girl, passionately : hating the man who has wronged . her. The difficult, running walk of the Chinees woman has been - carefully: copied by Miss Buckley who has also learned her Chinese trick of expressing i emotion with the voice ; ' alone, her face being almost characterless in its utter expressionlessness. Miss Buckley's make-up Is a revelation for it proves hdw effectively she is mistress of the art of being not what she is but Francis Powers as Chan Wang has the leading part and has created a role with immense cleverness.-. He is crafty, -smooth', eloquent, vengeful with true Oriental duplicity. He wails over the death of the first born and vows Vengeance in flowery terms -.. with the passion and intensity of the curbed and downtrodden nature whose bond! are torn asunder by great emotion. Everyt member of the cast is clever ' and the stage settings are elaborate and appropriate. , - The Chinese play was preceded last evening! by Sydney Grundy's farce, 'Lost for a Day" which was well received. The plot revolves around the trials of a young couple recently married who send their baby to a relative unannounced and with it carries end- less Complication and suspicions and Is finally turned out and lost Just as the ' young" couple publicly announce their marriage. ; . ' . ;. Kittle Belmour and May Buckley are ' clever in, their roles of young married Mr. Rowersaid that, although he had no. legal advice bn!the subiect,, he believed, that the Council was to pay for lone half of the work and the property owners for the other half. . i. Mr. Upton said he had spoken to the ' City Attorney concerning the matter and that Mr. Dow had said that, as the ordinance stood. It was simply a question Of the city paying $25,000 for the work and the property owners paying the rest. . President Pringle said they were not considering that question. If the ordinance was wrong the Mayor would veto it.- All that the Council was thinking about,- he said, was to have . the clerk advertise for bids. : ; v Th vote was then taken and directing the clerk to re-advertise for bids for improving Twelfth street from First to Eleventh avenues and it resulted as follows:- . : . Ayes Brosnahan. Cuvellier, Girard. Heitmann, Henneberry, Rowe, Upton. Pringle S. . . . . Noes Earl, Fibush 2. AbasntWatklnson 1. The salaries of the city officials for ! the month of August were ordered paid. Then the Auditor's figures were taken up. 1 ..f,i -, ROUTINE BUSINESS. A Short Mretlng of iho Committee Auditing and . Finance. Z on dren who abould bo in the FruitvaJe schools, but owing to the limited seating capacity of the buildings not more than 450 are enabled to attend, and many of these children have to go a long way In order to reach the buildings. The committee deemed it imperative that school facilities be established In the northeastern portion of the district and other portions where increased, accommodations were necessary."-- .' "r. The committee recommended that resolutions be passed instructing the Board of Trustees to hold an election for the issuance of bonds to the amount of $15,000 of a duration of twenty years, payable at intervals, and provided that no portion of the princ'parof the bond issue be paid in less than flve years from date, of bond. The money from the bond issue to be used to purchase land and erect suitable Bchool buildings. The committee recommended that , suitable property be purchased east of Sausal creek, and that the Trustees dispose of the property on Twenty-sixth avenue owned by the school district. Frank Harrold, the chairman of the meetings-stated that the committee's report embraced the reasons, for the meet ing. T. O. Crawford then made a spirited address relative to the question of the bond issuance. He stated that the report of the committee was unanimous. He gave a detailed explanation of some of the rea sons for certain recommendations, saying "Three children out of seven in tne Frultvale school district must stay at home or run the streets because there is absolutely no room for them in the school building now occupied In this , district. Whoso three children shall they beT Yours or mine or your neighbor's? Tho Truslees are pledged to furnish school ac commodations for all the pupils in (he dis trict. They must do this. Children living in the parts of the district away from the present school buildings are as much entitled to public education as those who live in more favored locations. "Two plans for the raising of the $15,000 recommended by your committee of nine bably amount to many millions more. In forming ."the American Malting Company the promoters decided to take in those who were already financially strong. This limited the number of the companies that were Jlnvited to preliminary meetings to. abut twenty-five of the principal maltsters' of New York, Chicago. Buffalo, Syracuse, Detroit, Milwaukee and .other. jetties. The promoters, more, especially sent an agent through the country to, see the maltsters and the result was the appointment of a committee of manufacturers themselves to appraise the, value of different plants and arrive a satisfactory arrangement with the., individual maltsters, r - " The commute was so successful that a week ago a meeting. of the maltsters was called to be held At the Manhattan gauge. Hotel. The deal was closed last night. At the conclusion of the special Council meeting last evening the Committee on Auditing and Finance held a short session. ' ' r :. The following claims which has caused some - discussion were approved : John Cramer, $4; R. ET -Andrews; $16. Cramer's claim was for his illness while people and contribute largely to the tun 1 a member of the Fire Department and of .the playo George Osbourne and Hu go Toland are decidedly clever in their parts. .t is on the whole-a. bright and i clever ! farce, prettily mounted and well acted, h Both plays will be again presented this evening'. I - "Th Twelve ' Temptations," headed by Charles Yale, will be the great spectacular attraction, Friday and Satur-' ay. 'rUK -r-fc' - - THB OAKLAND. , "David; Oarrick" and; "Little John" are attracting good houses at the Oakland. i-V''j' Vt'-V ' ' ' " : ':; ' if J" -. Wlliams & Bray and Ro3lna Evans sure the stars of theWaltor Hodgs Company and are meeting with great success in their comedies. Other members of the cast .are Walter Hodges, as . David Grrick and Florence Ml not as m Ada Ingot. In the second comedy. Jack Howard aipneared as Little John L. and Miss Katberine Angle as Maggie Casey, "and Oils Agnes Rankin Jr., as Mrs. Jame- eon...'.;'i:- .- . "The Private Secretary," y is ' on the bill for next Vk-' ' GRAND OERA HOUSJ3. At the, Grand! Opera. House a revival ef the sensational . melo-drama, ."The Fire FatroI,f , is the .attraction this week: Special seeiyery has been arrang-, ed for this ronderful realistic produc tion, with Its gold stamp mill and ore crusher, ft fire patrol, and horses. The' electrical and mechanical effects are particularly startling. rw BALDWIN THEATER. Mrs, Leslie Carter ie in '.the last two weeks of her engagement at the Bald win Theater.; .'',:;,'.. "The Heart of Maryland" t continues to araw a crowded chouse. It is one of the best, dramas ever. etaged and Mrs. Carter makes aw ideal Southern " glrL COLUMBIA THEATER. . -ii FrawJey." Oonrpaoy are nressnt- Andrews was for assisting the secretary of the Board of Public Works. City Attorney Dow reported that he had collected $6 for abating a nulsanc on Qu inn's property at Eighteenth and Cypress -streets. The resolution for the Council ta visit the annexed district was laid over t An appropriation of $150 for bltumln-ising the floor, and enclosing the tower of engine house No. 4 was recommended. ) -f ..; :mm'; ' The resolution to paint, paper and renovate engine house No. 5 at a cost not to exceed $376, was recommended. The resolution was introduced by Councilman George J. Earl, who also introduced: a resolution to appropriate $150 for chemical engine house No. 2. The resolution was adopted. The following -communications 7 from City Engineer Clement was filed. : . "I herein beg leave to report to your honorable body that In order to dredge a channel to a depth of ten feet below low water and 120 -feet wide from the Grove street wharf to the Government channel In the estuary, it will require the removal of about 8,0y0 cubic yards of hard pah -andv5.S30?cubic yards of mud at accost of $5,1C6. . t As there Is an ordinance already before the Council appropriating the " 15,-000 -for;-; the work the communicatron was simply filed. , The -committee then adjourned. The Realy Syndicate Is now organising and centralizing its street railroads under one general management. The lines of the syndicate have been divided into three systems.. One is composed of two lines to Berkeley and the two lines to West Oakland known as the consolidated system. This will be under the charge of W. F. Gibson as superintendent. In addition Mr. Cib- son will be given charge of all . of the track work of all the lines of the syndicate, including the corsolldated system, the Central avenue line, the Alameda line, the East Oakland Street Railway, the Highland Park and Frultvale line and the California Railway to Laundry Farm. L. H. Wolf, who has been in charge of the electrical work of the consolidated system, will after the first of the coming month have charge of. the electrical work of all of the lines. B. F. Fisher will be the superintendent of the Alameda line and the California Railway j to Laundry Farm. W. F. Rudolph will be superintendent of the East Oakland Street Railway, the Highland Park and Fruitvale line and the Central avenue line. The East Oakland Street Railway, the Highland Park and Frultvale lines , WBl be consolidated tlnto one line aTd operated together. They are of one gauge and the equipment is about the same. Tne Central avenue line will be added to the consolidated system, as It is In the same section of territory oc cupied by that system and of the same NO MORE DREAD . OF THB V. - ' " ' - DENTALCHAIR! Tt7 HEN WR MADE OUR ANNOUNCE T T ment of low prices to the public 6 oar go we thought to do so ai in experiment. Having fully tested, we are p'.cm.seJ to may it brought a a lare volume of business and hereby will enable ua io coniiuue at present prices lor at least a period longer We do as we advertise. Ask your neisbbor. about as. We court investigation. Come and see us and we will save you money. Our patients are fully protected against the evils of cheap work and inleriir materials. Our . operators are skilled specialists aad graduates of the best colleges of America . No students em ployed. We are cot eompet-'ng with cheap dental establishments, bnt with first-class dentists, at prices less than half those charged by them. " ' KCLI. bET OK THKTH lor J5 oo up I SILVER FILLING up COLU CROWNS, sak . 4eonpGOLI FILLING 7SCUP BRIDGE W ORK, per Tooth 4 oo up CLEANING TEETH. 50c up By leaving your order for Teeth in the morning you can get them the fame day. " No charge sor extracting; Teeih wbea plates are ordered. Work done as well at night as by daylight by tha mooarn electrical devices nsed hers. teethK j extracted FILLED-- CROWNED Bridgework WITHOUT t PAIN. 997 VAN YROOM ELECTRO-DENTAL PARLORS, BIABKET ST., tOKXKK SIXTH, 8. F. TKLEPHOSK JE.4SIE PERSONAL AND SOCIAL. Miss Mabel Campbell has returned from a three months' stay at Twin Lakes, tne Campbell's summer place near San Jose. During the summer she has had as tier guests Miss Masie Orey, Mabel Miller. Beatrice Curtiss, Henry Fine, Clyde Carman and Max Jones, it -t ' E. O. Orau of . Jrvington Is a guest at the Pacific Ocean House,. Santa Cruz. Major Pollock,' soiJ-lo-law of Captain R. R. Thompson, has moved to Alameda with his family. William Barber, son of County Tax Col lector James Barber of Alameda, left ye terday to enter Stanford University. Dr. T. P. Bailey Jr. of Berkeley has been attending the Teachers' Convention at Shasta Retreat. Professor and Mrs. Charles T. Wilkin son have returned to their home in Berkeley after spending some time in El Ve- rano. . Mrs. Captain Sea bury of Berkeley bt-.a returned from a three months' trip to Japan. Rev. C. R-. Hobart of the First Bapti&t Church was'ln Portland, Or., Sunday, on his way home. F. TKLEPHONK JE.4SIE 1S9S. Eight Skilled Operators. Lady Attendants. German snd French spoken. Open Evenings till 10 o'clock; Sundays 9 till 12. All burgical Work done by G. W. WillUmson, M- D. . ganiiiiiHiininnHiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiim I LAST CHANCE ! I The"syndtoate has trperd ciRces for. its street Temple. in the r 'Masonic DISAPPROVED OF PROMISCUOUS KISSIHG. Judge Bropby of Pleasanton ' ! Rebuked by an Angry Bridegroom. Is The engagement is announced of George Ti T.nKhn TtA iSlmm Knti Ci. Jarvia. for the Increasing of school facilities are j aauffnter of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jarvis Bitten by. a Dog. John 8dhmldt,""an upholsterer -of ula city, while to Alameda on business Friday night, rw'as . attacked and frightfully m. jurea by a vicious .Newfoundland dog. Me was standing on the steps of the residence of William Oerrish of J2T fianta Clara ave nue, when the brute sprang on him. Before Mr. Oerrtsh could come to- the rescue, the dog had torn Mr. Schmidt's xape.CQ.aa suaa necx xegciuiip open to you. The first of these is to raise all the money now by direct taxation ; the other is to obligate the property of the district to pay In the future, at such stated times as will press least heavily on the property owners of the district. "If we were to raise the money now, the expense would be as follows:1 The taxable property of the' district is 13.500.000; the amount to be raised is $15,000; dividing tne latter by the former amount, it will give a rate of six mills per dollar.- This would make the tax $6 to every $1,000, and would be too heavy a burden to carry at once. According to the plans of the committee for the issuance of bonds, the bonds for 115,000 will be made payable in twenty years, but no part payable during the first five years. The interest on the whole to be paid yearly for five years, then; at the expiration of the sixth year, one-fifteentn of the principal plus the interest then due; et the expiration of the seventh year one-fourteenth of the principal plus the interest then due, and so on till all shall be paid. The yearly cost to the taxpayer 'on the basis of the bond issue will be as follows: Interest on $15,000 for one year at 6 per cent is $750. This is the total amount to be raised the first year, and gives a rate of three-tenths of one mill on $L or 3 cents on $100. This will he tae I total yearly cost for the first : nve years. "The sixth year Jthe tax will be raised, reaching the rate of seven-tenths of a mill or 7 cents on the $100. This is me mgnest amount to oe paia. ior it commences to decrease at the seventh year and constantly decreases till the last payment Is made." Mr, Crawford also explained that the committee favored the purchase of a large lot in order to give a playground to the children, and also that it might be sold to good advantage when Frultvale property increased in value ' W ; a j - '' . His remarks were well received, and then Mr. Lund opened the debate by ask ing how the $15,000 would be expended, and If any of the money would be used to gfve High school facilities to Frultvale residents. Mr. Prout was also anxious for information In regard to the proposed High school advantages, and Mr. Crawford answered that be would always fight for High school facilities. Mr. Schroyer moved that the resolu tions recommended by the committee be accepted as a whole, and his motion was seconded by T. O. Crawford. Mr. Maloney, who was epposed to the bond, issuance, amended the original motion making the J15,QC3 to ocilsciei by of Alameda. ; The wedding will be held September 9th. ArrtiUgements have been completed for the musical and literary entertainment to be given tonight at Epworth Hall. Clay and Fifteenth streets, by Councils No. X and No. 18. W. A. P. A. The programme is an excellent one. Refreshments will be served In the course of the evening. Claude Sharon has returned to his studies in Reno, Nev., after a few weeks spent in his Oakland home. Jiirtirf" ' Brorthv of Pleasanton will probably hesitate before he kisses an- j otiher. bride. When John Byrne and Josephine Copeland were married at' Corral Hollow recently. . the justice kissed the bride and the groom objected. Some of the -party thought that the method employed to get the lips of . Judge Brophy away from those of the bride olosely resembled a slap, but the Judge says no, and to avoid contempt i proceedings his friends affect to believe . him. .Anyway,, there was trouble at the close of the first wedding at Corral Hollow. '- j' "Oh yes, there was some trouble,, oiri inno'a t-CTVHvrrw rnniirni - nuLMi ask ICC1AA a UU) -- i' .va.w " practice of kissing brides, and I saw no reason for making an exception in this case, so : I kissed Mrs. Byrne. There should have been no objection to it. I certainly , osculated in the most approved fashion and the bride made no objection. ' Mr Byrne? Ten, he objected, but I understand he objected more after I left than while I was present. It was merely a misunderstanding on the part of tlhe groom. He will know better next time. No, I was not hurt. Tou see the bride smiled at me." - , One month more and the S GREAT BARGAINS j you have been ge tiug in slioes will be a thine of the past ! Price of 5 leather is advancing daily. Stocks of "Bargain Shoes" are nearly EE exhausted. Once more we urge you to save money by taking the last offerings of this season's shoes. S - 5 Boys School Shoes, with $2.50 wear in them, offered this week z S at $1.00. S S . hisses and Young Women's Shoes, worth fcJlIyroo-and f a.50, EES EE offered this week at 50c, 75c and 95c. , Come and see them at jEE: 1 Our Washington Street Store - ; H Nos. 1059 and 1061 ; 1 ' The OAKLAND SHOE HOUSE ijiiniiiiiiiiiiiiinuiiiniiininiiniiHiiiiiiiiiinfuiiiiiiiiiiEiiLiniiiiniiiuHiiiirnirr! He SAVAGE III COURT. ... x Is Said to Have Picked Pocket and Has Family Troubles. The case against George Allen for pick ing a lady's pocket at Shell Mound Park some weeks ago, has been continued till Saturday; owing to the fact that his attorney, Judge A. X. Frick, is engaged in he Kudelson case and could not arrange be present at the Police Court. ; " - Allen's true name Is Savage. The story to the effect that there was a warrant out for Savage's arrest for failing to provide for a minor child Is Incorrect, there being ho child connected, with the cafe. Some time ago, however, the wife com plained to Colonel Dimpfel that Savage had deserted her, and one day after the arrest of Savage was made public, Dimp fel rushed into the police station and wanted 'Detective' Denny Holland to give him a warrant for Savage's arrest for failing to provide for his wife. As detectives are not authorized to issue warrants; and as a failure to provide for a wife is not a crime, the Colonel's request was not granted., ,:..'-;: ? Mrs. Savage called upon her husband at tho City Prison, this morning, and ft Is understood that their present relations are amicable. t ' .'. MADE rrjcYAMosquiTo. Blood Poisoning From the Insect's .. Citi Drives asjv. ::3;tf .'r Inae -:,.-r v s Fe5orts. There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to- be incurable. For a great mahy years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure it with local treatment pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, therefore requires constitutional treatment.1 Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. - It Is taken Internally in dotes from 10 drops to a teaspconrul. it acts directly on ; the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. . They offer one hundred dollars for any case It fails to cure. Send tor circulars and testimonials. Address, - F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. . . . ; ; 1 The Stewart Inquest. The Coroner's inquest on the remains of Alexander Stewart, found; dead in the back room of an East Oakland saloon yes- I terday morning, resulted in a verdict'of death due to neaft disease. - ; The bite of a mosquito was the cause of si man being sent to the Insane pa- viliiott .t BeUevue Hospital today. carsaa ireprej & cootDiack, 13 jetrs R0AS1 ED COFFc t 20cL PER LB. The same a your grocer charges 33 cents for. Ton can have it ground while you wait. The New Jork Tea Co., s Rroadway, ' bet. Seventh and Eighth sta Tel. black-3862. . THE OAKLAND MILLINER. Latest styles, clever effects, fine ma terials, best trimmers In town, most reasonable prices.- Miss M. A. McGrayan, the Oakland milliner, 1307 Broadway. -.-V-.;-" : , - 1 . OLD DRUG STORES -Have old drags, and old. drugs are stale, and stale drugs are not what an honest pnyncian wants. An nonest physician, wants fresh, pure medicines to make you well. To make you well buy your drugs . at Anthony's Pharmacy, northwest corner Eighth and Peralta. Telephone 6C5 red. -..' 1 ' Ssfc- ; - - ii w NAPA SODA SPRINGS California's Famous Mountain Spa. is Fine Laree Rooms. Hot and Cold Napa Soda Baths. Sue shine in Every Room.. Running Water and Gas Throughout Healthful Mineral Water. A ' Bar. Billiards and Bow ing Alley. Lawn Tennis and Croquet. Burros to ride. - Address -. - . - . ANDREW JACKSON ' Napa Soda Springs P. O. FOUND AT LAST. Ike Best Camping Sset ea the Coast Usst Bssatilol Sset Earls. . Dr. C. G. O'Donnell's alia era! Springs at Glen Ellen, Sonoma voamty. vmi. remedy tor Inns; diseases, liver, stomach and bladder com pi a in u, rhentnatiam, catarrh, etc.. IB IDC WOTIO. A DC Hiupa v and Calabegas Creeks, 46 miles from San Praa- CICCO, Via. IOC B.r.OB,I,uiai. rw-. CSS HUU &UUBvuiK. ant. socottagres of 3 to 5 rooms, completely furnished, are bean ti full v abaded by laxarions trees, Church on the grovad; grocerj, etc. Lower tban San Francisco, acarn - XI06 Market Street. 6a Francisco. : DEER PARK INN Altitude 6500 reet. The most thoroughly satisfactory house of entertainment in the high Sierras surrounding Lake Tahoe. IN EXCELLENCE OF TiELE . No house in the mountains compares ---- -- with - - : J. B. SCOTT. Proprietor - Trnckee, CaL IF YOU WISH. To enjoy the . day properly you must order your Sunday dinner from L G BEEM, IFw City Market, i E. Cor. 12th ami Washbataa Sts. ; TELEPHONE ZU. WANTED 100, Women immediately to work on fruit at Hickmott Canning Co., First and Myrtle Sts. 1 letn et. An Honest Wheel. An Honest Dealer AOU SI fUViajS't 90 BWfM C & : FIELD, - OUIud Cycliry v. Our gasbiine;.i " burns well " V:: in all stoves. , . ' . " SMITH CT BAXTER, Offica; Successors to G. W.Arfer tvcDSter ana pJ Tel. ifaiit 104, it N SS5WASH!riQT0M ST. S -OAKLAriD-- BBSSSBBSSBMBSBBMBBSBBSSBBBBBSSBBSSSSSBa VALL PAFER, A1ID - v-.::'--.'-7i::do7 csiacz: AT3 tha latest Dastjrhs and Colors at really Ked need Prices. - Jameocahlii cc. K:s :3'C:::r:s . r: T Tlesion-"Llac

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