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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 6

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 6

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

WEDNESDAY EVENING: OAKLAND TRIBUNE FEBBUABY 17. 1897; way ley. ura ofii sijno CARR HEEL FIRST. rrut 5 might impress tae juoges -taey oeciaea on traa another car, j- I Haute private car with a party from F3i nnn nw BORDER BEYOIIO UlYCU hastily, bet he said that Overstreet had xxvfaj IIIL rtva tiIjlt will hff Added, i These Useful Placed he- more chances ox iming the longer UL.VVL vi. At St. Louis the train wia be made np the judges spent in making their decis at the Head of All the Western Tennis 'y Players. I M- is for the round trip with ten coaches, in ion, i pooks cluding a dining car, buffett and bag-; All, oomkiees of.tb People's: party in Be Piedmont i Declines to rae car loadedwKh provision. An By Associated Press to Ths Trtttroe. Berkeley wfil be forced to take a pledge additional car will be taken on at Kan-1 IIIW III IIIUWI CmCAGO, Feb. 17. For the first not to accept any other nomination. They sras City and it is expected the train i Annexed to This City. must be nominsited by the Fopuhsts and the Populists alone. Their convention time the Western Tennis players have an official ranking of their own. It has Just been finished by the special will rim from St. Louis to Canon City In sixty hours, arriving there the day will be held March 4th. Dolan, Kenney's Victim, Dies before the fight. Passengers will oc mittee of three appplntedby the West cupy the train during their stay at Car The Occident complains of the ract that ern -Lawn Tennis Association for the the young women of the University nave son. This Morning of His Wounds. SANITARY-DISTRICT. FAYORS work; It will at once be sent and will In case two fights should be arranged. appear In the Lawn Tennis Guide for no college spirit and almost entirely neglect to. pay their athletc dues. The asso the train may go through one day ear- 1897. in company with -the ranking of Artpecoranons ciation asks for a contribution, however Iter, leaving Cincinnati on the morn the best Eastern men. In battles by sea or land, the men nt ujm mm i te wi i small, each month, hjrt'vo far many of the ing of March 12th. Views on Both Sides of the The Ranking Committee consisting of young men and most lof the young wo strongest bodies and clearest brains are, the ones who win. In the battles of busU fiflyttatafisvl THE MURDERER HAS A PLEA. I a S. T. Chase, president of the Western men have neglected this important duty. Isstracness ta ssakteg Art sad l-ascy Work Lawn Tennis Association, Everett Now Engrossing Subject. C0HCRESS OF MOTHERS. ness life the conflict is none the lesa fierce and deadly, and the strong arsj victors. i Wrenn and Secretary James P. Gard MARKET REPORTS. ner, has been at work on the question Mrs. Neila' Daggett of Boon has recently written a book, "Fancy Work and New I He Is I Tne rst Meeting" of the In the onrsuit of wealth manv a of the relative ability of the players for loses health loses the power to enjoy' Art Decorations, that gives practical in Organisation Held la Washington. WHEAT AND OTHER GRAINS. Statement Made That Not of Sound Mind. over a week. Tournament records were re 11 ad upon exclusively to deter structions for making doilies, table cov COST OF I BUILDING SEWERS. WHEAT-L25B3a4 per cU for common ers, scarfs, tray cloths, pin cushions, mine the positions of the men, and In grades; L351.36 for average No. By Associated Press to The Tribune. consequence 1 some of the best known $L37 per ctl fori ohoice and $L42L50 with fif ty illustrations. This book, together with "Successful Home Dyeing, WASHINGTON, Feb. 17. The open 1 men experts who did not compete in the championship events were left out ing meeting of the first National Con per ctl for extra choice milling. FLOUR AND MILLSTUFFS, will be sent free to any reader will address "Diamond Dyes," Burlingtotl, The Committee to Again Make gress of Mothers was called to order by of the schedule. The most notable WANTED TO KILL ANOTHER. Vermont, inclosing a 1 cent stamp. Mrs. Hearst, the widow of the late Sen FLOUR Family extras, Bakers' extras, 4-76LS5; superfine, The above liberal offer is made to adver case of this kind was that of J. W. Carver, who, although now holding the a Canvass of the Residents. per bbl. i tise the reliable Diamond Dyes and to get ator Hearst, who introduced as president Mrs. Theodore W. Birney of Wash OORNMEAL, ETC Feed Corn. $179 weaitn. is not necessary, rew men ever die of hard work. A man may vrorfc as hard as he pleases if only he sleeps well, eats well, digests well. Good diges tion is the key to the whole Good digestion brings sound, restful sleep, keeps the appetite good and the) blood pure. Good digestion is secured always and surely by the judicious use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It is a per feet remedy for all digestive troubles, and beyond that is the greatest blood purifier and nerve, strengthener ever sold. For over thirty rears It has gone on its merci ful healing mission bringing back life, and hope, and happiness, after all else had failed, Thousands have testified to its marvelous efficacy. Druggists sell northwestern and inter-state double their book upon home dyeing Into the hands of womenwha want to dress well $17.50 per ton; Cracked Corn, $17-50 18 per ington, who delivered an address. the championships with L. H. Waidner, ton. try making thesr oi xlocnwg. look like She stated the 1 purposes of the Con- i MILLSTUFFS--Graham Flour. $2.85 Der new. TM il did not play in any of the Chicago tournaments in singles and hence Judgment Against Southern Pacific Set Aside. grees to be effect the consideration 100 lbs; Rye- our, $2.75 per 100 The fact that Diaotond Dyes have been A meeting was held in the Piedmont of the subject bearing upon the better libs; XUce Cornmeai. not ranked. For a similar reason J. Ryerson is likewise unplaced. and broader physical and the standard home dyes nearly twenty years, and that their sale from school house last night, at the request of the committee on annexation of the jasa.zo; extra cream ao, 9Z.ii; oatmeal, Oat Groats. Hominy. $3,100 mental training of the young. year to year, is proof that they Carr B. Neel, of Oakland, the West Buckwheat Flour, Cracked have never had an equal. several northern towns for the' purpose of ascertaining the wishes of the ern and Northwestern champion is Wheat, Farina. Whole Wheat placed at the head of the list, with Geo, Flour. Rolled Oats (bbls), $5.505.90 By Associated Press to Ths Tribune. people of Piedmont with respect to the to form a sanitary district and he believed that it would be better to go Peart Barley. Split Peas, proposed annexation to Oakland. There EXCHANGE tAM iVAilii THE WOMAN'S Green do, $4.25 per 100 ahead with the sewer -and connect all was auite a large attendance of rest poian the saloon keeper who was shot HAY AND FEEDSTUFFS. dents of that section and Mr. Naismlth by Barney Kenney. died to Do not be deceived into taking a sub stitute, said to be just as good. Foul breath, dull eyet, UstleMoeM, MllowneaS and pimple. nice combination to avoid of get rid of. All are due to constipation, and con adpation la promptly enred by Dr. Pierce's Plea ant Pellets. They are not a temporary pallia tire, but a permanent cure. Many so-called constipa. the houses and a year hence if the city so desired go Into the city giving the school house to offset the bonds. for the best and $11.50 L. Wrenn Jr. following him. The third man will prove a surprise to many of the tennis enthusiasts, however, since S. R. Neel Is ranked above B. T. Chase, fourth. G. K. Belden is fifth. This official ranking of the Western players will hereafter be made ah an was chosen chairman and R. Rae, day. 12 per ton for outside That Officers' Reports Show secretary. Dr. Lane made a fiery He Kenney was arraigned in the Police MIDDLINGS $18.50 19.5a for lower Court for murder this morning. His The chair stated that one of the feat said he wanted to be the last man to make a speech. 'He jwas opposed to an grades and t2021 per ton for Sthe best. oon mneoiea musi dc conunuea forever, once they are started. The "Pellets" cure permaw ures which it was hoped the meeting brother asked for a continuance, say FEEDSTUFFS Rolled Barley, the Institution Is Flourishing. nexation. They were now living in a ncnuy. xney never gnpa, Druggists sail them. Oilcake. Meal at the mill. $26.50 per ton In that he desires to secure counsel would determine was whether the pro nual affair, in the same manner as it Is in the East. district where there was no trouble, where there were some beautiful wo and to Dreoare a defense and that the posed line of annexation would be run jobbing, Clipped Oats, $L30L50 per ctl. 4 men, a district which was a heaven at Booth street or include the Pied murderer Is insane. HAY Wheat, $8U; Wheat and Oat, Baen Many New Members Hava and why should they annex with Oak $710; Oat, $69; I Barley, River The prisoner says his only regret is that ha did not also kill Pat Meehan W. H. PARRISH mont sanitary district. He then requested Auditor Snow, who was pres. land and go to hell? CASTORIA Barley, Alfalfa, com Lane's speech caused number of Placed on th Roll Recsntly. ent by invitation, to make a state Successor to Tats A Parrlah. pressed, stock, $56; Clovtr, $68 per ton. whom, with the dead man, he accuses of trying to poison him several years an. boys to stamp their feet and applaud loudly, which Impelled the chair to remark that he did not want to have ment as regards the taxes which the For Infants and Children. Truck STRAW 25 50c per bale. BEANS AND SEEDS. and Expressman a circus. An Important meeting of the Wo annexation of the district would en tail upon the residents of Piedmont. MR. SNOW TALKS. Mr. Campbell answered more of Mr. 0 BEANS $1.601.60 per ctl; Small man's Exchange took place morn Craig's questions as regards drainage. Tk fao Hails tgutut sf Whites. per oti; Large Whites, ing. The report of the treasure show Mr. Snow, who appeared extremely $11.15 per ctl; Pinks. Reds, $1,10 the fall of the creek discharge or sewage, volume of water which flowed out ed that the organization was in a sat 1.20; Blackeyes, $L10L15; Red Kidney, Llroas, Butters. $L25L50; Golden Gate and number of other isfactory financial condition and the in solicitous lest he might' be considered as occupying time contemplated to be SUFFBACISTS TO FICHT Associated Press to The Tribune. 1 BAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17. The members of the Woman Suffrage Asso- elation are preparing to go before the Legislature at Sacramento and renew questions. creased membership guarantees the Pea. i The numberless inferior imitations used by those who were to speak for SEEDS Brown euetard. Yel continuance of the Exchange. prove conclusively that "Cracker-Jack" Mr. Craig declared that Engineer Heron's plan of sewerage delivery was fifty years behind the times, because or against annexation, gave in a few The treasurer's report was as fol low Mustard, $1.7552 per ctl; Flax, $1.35 1.40; Canary Seed, l214c per lb; AWalfa, is all right. Insist upon retting- the genuine article with the big R's on ths pack moments an excellent Idea of the taxation and indebtedness of Oakland and lows: I the fight for the equality of sexes at the 6 Vie; Rape, 2ftc; Hemp, 3c; 'Timothy, age. i it discharged offensive matter in Lake Merritt, because the salt water there sent the stuff back creating miasma. January 1896, cash on hand. $26.58. what annexation would cost the resi STAND AND OFFICII All eases of weak and lame baek, back Receipts Sales, member poiia They desire to "have the question again placed before the people and be-''jleve that the Legislature -will grant dents of Piedmont. He made it clear Mr. Campbell said that Mr. Craig's remarks were In keeping with En 4C DRIED FEASVNllesfl1.20 per ctl; Green, $1.401.60 per ctl. POTATOES, ONIONS, VEGETABLES. cbe, rheumatism, will find relief by wearing one of Carter's Smart Wesd and Bailadoaa that the financial condition of Oakland ship fees, $112; donations, $20.20 director's fines, commissions, i 842 BROADWAY, OAKLAND was excellent, that she owed $612,000 Backacne Plasters, Fries 25 cents, Try them. profits on tea and luncheon, $12.15: tel gineer Heron's views because that gentleman had proposed a pumping station for the disposal of sewage so that the' offensive matter would be tnetr desire. Jadement Set Aside. for loans secured by bonds bearing ephone. 50 cents; exposition $61; Frederick Warde's lecture, per cent Interest on $400,000 and 8 per Eleventh Ten Days' Sile. See prices at EL Schellhaas, street.1 cent on $212,000. This did not, he said. By Associated Press to The Tribune. taken far out to sea whence it would affect the territory proposed to annex. never return. I am prepared to atur Heavy Graaitasjt klnas of Merchandise, and make a pedalty of moving Safes. AH erd era promptly attended te aft sTt est rates. Telephon 664. .1635 WEB8TER ST. iEOT ATTOES New Potatoes, per lb; Sweet Potatoes, Early Rose, 70 80c; River Reds, 7080c; Burbank Seedlings, 6075c per oti for Rivers, for Salinas and 6090o if or Petaluma; Oregon Burbanka, ONIONS per ctl; Out Onions, 76c15; Oregons, $1.502. BAN FR1ANC1SOO, Feb. 17. A teohnlcal error on the part of the Judge in overnrl- even thought the debt should be re funded later. The city of Oakland own Henry Squires representing property interests, said he could have no BUTLER CONFESSED. signors' fees, total receipts during the past year, $7,463.50. Grand total. $7,490.08. i Disbursements Consignors, IS.352.S0; superintendent and book-keeper, rent, $250; telephone, I expense of Mr. Warde's lecture, Janitress' sal Vlrur jt cromoted the Suoreme ed land valued, from the figures by Court today to set aside a Judgment of the County Assessor on adjacent prop A bedroom set at half dozen chairs $1.50. Reliance Furniture Company, 313 vote, although his tenants would vote on the proposition. He was satisfied either way. but wanted to keep the erty at jsvy.wu, as roiiows: scnoot tanas, agahTst the Southern Pacific Oom- San Pablo avenue. Fire Department lands, $15,900 Piedmont sanitary district out of the VEGkETARLES Hothouse Cucumbers, per dozen; 'Asparagus, 815c per lb for common and S025e per. lb for ohoice; Rhubarb, per iox; Los Angeles Summer Squash, per box; Los Angeles public squares, $583,000. This he claim question. Weicom ary water, gas, Joss ty burglar, labor, supplies for store. $116.55. Total disbursements, M.T. Holcomb spoke as to the loca ed represented a valuation of fully $1, In 18M, PL W. Pierce shipped two ar loads of orange trees from Apopka, At H. Sohellhaas' sale. 408 Eleventh St. 250,000. If the territory is annexed tlon of certain sewers and the present Green Peppers, 4075c per box; Mush 337.45. I condition of affairs In the district. For the best mixed drinks go to the popular Maodonough bar (Fred Ch. Foook, January 4, 1897, cash on hand, $152.63. property owners would have paid a tax of 83 cents on the $100 last year and 93 cents this year. On an assessed valua Secretary Rae said that he knew the Number of consignors, 146, twenty-one THE PIONEER FRENCH BAKERY M. A J. LONGS, Proprietors, W. B. Corner Tenth and Webstar Streets, Oakland, Cat. First quality French bread delivered to all parts, of Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda. Loaves made to order for oamplns parties, i French roils mads te order. POSTUH CEREAL THE GRAIN COrrEE MAKES RED BLOOD residents of Linda Vista were almost unanimous in favor of annexation. consignors being in food daily, eight tion of $6,000,000 this would be $489,000 next to the theater. The Press Clipping Bureau being In Jellies; sixty-one, fancy work on the former figure and $558,000 at the Mr. Holcomb said that that had always been the sentiment of the peo-Die of that territory. and domestic articles and fifty-six con latter. He then segregated this sum E10 Montgomery street. 8an Francisco, The; Southern Pacific ihauled the cars from New Orleans, the agreement being that the shortest route to California should be utilized. Owing to washouts and heavy rafas on the Southern route, the company shipped the trees over ths Central Pacific to Col-: ton and thence to Riverside. While signors bring in articles occasionally. furnishes all newspaper dippings on alt rooms, I020c per JD; Marrowiat squash, $67 per ton-; Los Angeles Tomatoes, 50c $1 per box; Dried iPeppera, 78c per lb; Green Peas, 86c per lb Los Angeles String Beans, 610c; Dried Dkra, 89c per lb; Cabbage, 40 50c per ctl; Carrots, 2530c per sack; Garlic, l2c per lb. BUTTER, CHEESE AND EGGS. Creamery Fancy, 2021c; seconds, 18 19c per lb. Dairy Fancy rolls, 1616c; equares, 18o per lb; good to choice, 1314c; lower showing how much would go to each of the funds of the city government under the present ordinance. The directors decided to give an en tertainment some time after Easter. It was at lengtn aeciaea mat a committee of two, one in favor of and one opposed to annexation should be ap subjects, business and personal. "Mother's Mush Made to Oakland. Mr. Snow further said that some time The entertainment will consist! of prl vate theatricals which will be in charge or other all the country from the pointed to go auoux tne district ana circulate petitions securing public sentiment on the proposition of annexa Contra Costa line to the estuary would of Miss Higby. Miss Mollle Conners was elected an have to become one municipality. transit the trees were frozen and totally destroyed. Suit was thereupon brought LAD I Knickerbocker said that he honorary member of the organization. tion. The chair appointed David Rea and O. M. Sanford. The meeting then wished to have the people understand at JjM Angeles, and Pierce secured Judg An open meeting of all the members adjourned. will be held at the Exchange, 557 ment for $8,963. The Southern Pacific Cora- that there was no desire on the part of the committee to force annexation up grades, 1012c. Pickled 1314c per lb for old and 1718c for new. Firkdtt 1314c per lb for old and 1718o for new. Twelfth street, the first Wednesday in 1 4iVm.t.wt Alatm each month, when the monthly reports Ing that the court had erred In overruling will be read. i THE SCIENCE OF ARMS. on the residents of Piedmont. The Interest of the committee was simply to ascertain what were the wishes of the residents of the district in the certain objections. The Supreme Court Among the ladies whose names were added to the membership roll this Creamery Tub lG17c -per lb. dHEBSE Choice mild new, 910c per lb; common to good old, VA8c; Cream vaia: premises. morning are: Mesdames li Geo. Reed, Your meat expenditure is an important item and can be reduced. The best quality of meats at the very lowest possible prices is what yotwant Call and judge lor yourself of the quality of our meats, at the RENOWN MARKET T. BARNETT, Proprietor Thirteenth St, near Broadway. "We think the court erred in overruling William Letts OUver, William P. Hav It In the Chairman Nalsmltn hung a small I ivu map on the wall and outlined certain Aspirants TO leacn en, T. Dredge. W. Li. MacPherson, E. the objection of the defendant to the proof of the market value of the trees at boundaries which had been considered A. Kleugel, Welles. Whltmore, Mltcher, in connection with the annexation of Charles E. Snook. A. D. Wilder, Seth University of California. ituverslde. Instead ot connning tne mqviiry to the cost or the value of the trees at the northern towns, by the committee Mann, C. R. Taylor, E. A. Stevenson, 417 on annexation. C. F. Cole. William Given. M. K. Blake, pblnt of shipment in Florida, a per con W. F. Rudolph. M. C. Noyes, Mae Mau G. W. Morrow objected to the remarks of the chair as to what the com vals, Robert Watt, G. I iNusbaumer, tract, which, with the freigbt paid, was Cheddar, ll12c per lb; Young Amerioa, 11c; iWestem, in. 12c; Eastern, 1414c per lb. i. EGGS Ranch Eggs, 1314c; Store Eggs, UV412V4c; Duck Eggs, 16c POULTRY AND GAME. POULTRY Live Turkeys, 1213c per lb for Gobblers, I213c per fb for Hens; Dressed Turkeys, 1314c per Vo; Geese, per pair, Goslings, Ducks, for oid and $67 for young Hens, Roosters, young, $5 6.50; do, old, Fryers, $4.505 Broilers, for large and $3.504 for small; Amateur Athletes Must Be Certi Biinkerhoff and Agard. mittee had done in thematter of, lay One of the Most Modern Markets on the Pacific Coast. the true measure of damages." ing out lines tor tne proposed annexa fied to In tha Future. tion district. He asserted that the committee had decided on nothing and POSTMASTER-CEHERAL he wished to have those present dis VE HAVE nOVED SO HAVE the The CIVIL SERVICE. System Attacked In National Senate This Morning. Go to The Office tinctly understand the fact. MR. CAMPBELL'S FACTS. BERKELEY, Feb. 17. 'Among the possi Will Now Man From OUR PRICES! Pigeons, $22.50 per doz for young and bilities to succeed Lieutenant Winn at the expiration of his term next summer have Maryland. Marston Campbell, representing the City Engineer then told about the method by which the sewage of the district could reach Oakland and been mentioned Captain Carrington and FOR INSTANCE Chamber Sets By Associated Press to The Tribune. $15 By Associated Press to The Tribune. Oeutenaints Ames, (Nolan, Anderson end LYNN, Feb. 17. A personal daman. The rules of the War Depart WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. The ate today agreed to the resolution ask- friend of President-elect McKlnley who ment preclude Ames and Nolan, and Ob through Oakland find an outlet to the bay. He showed how already, inside Oakland the way had been prepared $1L25 for old. FRANCISCO (MEAT MIARKET. -BEEF First Quahty, 6c; choice, 6c; second, 65c; third do 44c per lb. VEAL Large, 56c; small, 67c per lb. MUTTON Wethers, 67c; Ewes, 60 6c per lb. LAMB Spring, 1012c per lb. PORK Live Hogs. 83c per lb for large and 33c for small and medium; dressed do, 46c per 4b. Tapestry Parlor Sets (spring edge) 020 resides In Washington, and is staying tain Oarrtngton says he is not a candidate. ing for information regarding the cor-'respondence with Great Britain on the here a few days, stated today it Is pos so that the choice lies between Lieuten for 3,800 feet for a sewer along Ceme itively decided that Hon. James A. ant Oomao, and Anderson. The former 'seal question and directing the sus "pension of the grant of special prlvil tery creek, the maximum cost of which would be less than $10,000, and how it Gary of Maryland will be the Southern I HO BROADWAY Tal. Sioa-Red. naa visited this coast before for two years Metropolitan Furniture Go, eges to the Tellowstone Park canon, could be possible for a sewer in the member of McKinleys Cabinet, being and is well known and popular. He is regarded as the probable successor of Lieu Allen of Nebraska attacked the civil Piedmont district through Cemetery assigned to the position of Postmaster- i creek to connect with that sewer and service system, alleging the dismis als of men and women, in the post tenant Wtan. arOTTBt 7LOOB3 OT J'U JAtffXa'U JSbSX 3PJLHTOTa3. thus Insure to the inhabitants of the district all the sewage facilities which The action of the Regents tn endorsing SH1PP1HC IHTELLiCEIICEa, STEAMSE3R3 TO DlEPAtT. office at South Omaha, Nebraska, for Lieutenant Winn's recommendations that they could desire. The proposed sew tavlng supported Bryan. the University cadets he allowed the priv er in the district could be extended to Stable General. 1 M'KINLEY RECOVERING. By Associated Press to The Tribune. CANTON, Ohio. Feb. 17. Dr. Phillips at 11:30 left McKlnley's room much ileges ot the militia members may result the county The expenses of this Lodge called up and championed the Dashaway would be assessed over a district of in -the introduction of a tu ror boat pur- conference report on the immigration rM in the State Legislature. The most 240 acres in the Piedmont district, 300 bilL in the Telegraph avenue district and I practical result of such an action would palmer and carter opposed the ex P. R. WILLIAMSON, Prop aDout TM in tne cixy or taiuand. Tne probably be the removal xrom eaca sta- -elusion of Canadians. payment for this work under the Vroo- dent of the expense of J15.60 for uniform pleased with the Improved condition of man act could be met by a bond issue Czarina, Ooos 18 Corona, Humboldt Teh. 17 Queen, San 17 State of California, 17 Areata, Coos Feb. is A. Blanc hard, Oregon porta ih Farallon, Yaqudna JFeb. 19 Ooos Bay, 19 CKy of Para, Feb; 20 Walla Walla, Vic and Pgt Sd 20 Mexico, San FebJ 21 Q. W. Elder. 22 and equipment on entering college and a the patient. fHe said: at a low rate of interest to run ten THE HOUSE. considerably greater expense lor officers' swords and uniforms. "Major McKlnley is able to be out of yeara 370 ELEVENTH STREET Between. Franklin and Webster, Hugn Craig asked Mr. Campbell a bed I think he able to take a drive this afternoon. He will By Associated Press to The Tribune. The chemietry section of 3he Science As number of questions as regards the sewering methods employed in Oak WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. The House sociation will bold. a regular meeting Fri not. however, be able to receive callers land, cost of work and the means of today agreed to a conference on the re OAKLAND, CAI or to do any kind of work this week." day afternoon in the Chemistry Building. outlet. fort on the bill fixing the times and Eureka, Newport 23 Australia, Honolulu 23 Doric, China and Feb. 23 National Chairman Han-rut left for paper on "The Introduction of the He was interrupted by P. J. Keller on a point of order, who claimed that Atomic and Molecular Theory to Begin Livery, Sale i Boarding Stabl today. Ran Oat Chinese. Mr. Craig had no right to ask questions ners -in CbemlstryY be read by J. in the meeting because he was a resi OcayJr. I dent of a district which was not in Fty Associated Press to Ths Tribune. Sunol, Grays Feb. 23 STEAMERS TO ARRIVE. Czarina, Ooos JPeb. 17 deone. Crescent Feb. 17 Ooos Bay, 17 Australia. Honolulu Feb. 17 eluded in the territory proposed to be DENVER, Feb.7 17. W. P. O'Mally, The Ohamisso botanical section win meet Thursday evening in the Botanical annexed. places for holding court In Utah and refused to agree to the conference report which would have Increased the pension of the widow of Captain J. S. Paine from $20 to $30 a month. It agreed to report on the legislative appropriation bill and passed the bill to remove the political disabilities from Col. Wm. E. SJmms, Congressman of ante-bellum days. Special Attention GlTen to Boarders and TEI 645. Comitry Patrons United States customs inspector, 1 died The chair declared that the point was last night of heart disease. He had not well taken. Mr. Keller appealed rrom tne decision, dux tne chair: was been instrumental in deporting many IIEVADA LIVERY AliD BOAROIIIB STABLE sustained. Chinamen who entered the country il Mr. Campbell then said that the Laboratory, South, Hall, when Mr. Jep-son wiU read a paper Gray Herbarium ot Harvard College and Its Work." The Board of Directors of the Berkeley-an Publishing Company have taken ac legally. Street Superintendent of Oakland had REMOVED TO SEVENTH BUT Catl Oriiaba, Mexico 17 Areata, Coos 17 Farallon, Yaqmlna Feb. 17 'Empire, Coos 19 Willamette, Seattle -Feb. IS Washtenaw, Taooma Feb. 18 Alice 18 Tilkunook. Portland IS been instructed to cut off the sewer in The Wheat Market. Br Associated Press to The Tribune. the outlying district from the regular sewers of Oakland, and that It was only by sufferance that the present con nOMHIATlOHS By Associated Press to The Tribune." BASS FRAJNCHSaO. Teb. 17. Wheat, OAKLAND, CAL. Particular Attention paid ta Boarders. Ladies' sad Gentlemen's Riding Horses A nection was allowed to exist. The con iirmer; Dettimber, XUSi May. $1-34. Bar Mexico. San 19 WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. The Pres ley, firm; Slay, 78. nection could be cut off at any time. In response to a question from Hugh tion toward raising the constitution ot tine company and arranging matters on a more busiaeas Uke basis. The directors held important meeting thks afternoon and arranged tiiia and other j- At the Le Conte reception Thursday ident today sent the following nomlna Craig. Mr. Campbell said that this cut Specialrj. Telepttone 4x8. tions to the Senate: Postmaster. L. H. LICENSED TO MARRY ting off did not refer to the Glen Echo district, because tnat district bad II. E. RICIIEY, Prop China. California; medical R. Tryon to be medical dl- HaclLS) at AH Honrs. ......2 five years agreement with the city of John Daly, San (Mary O. Jiennessy, San 518 and 620 Eleyentli Bt.t bet. Washington and Clay Orescent City, Crescent IS Del Norte, Gray Harbor 19 Geo. W. Elder, Portland jFeb. 1J Progreso; Seatitle JFeb. 19 China, China and 20 Corona, Humboldt 20 NortJh Fork, Humboldt Feb. 21 Eureka, Newport 21 Sunol. Grays 21 Umatilla, Vic and Pgt Jeb. 21 Amarapoora. Oseoa 23 Queen, San ".4...... 23 Stabs Of California, 24 Acapuhx, Panama eeeeeaa2r0t 25 Tector. Excursions to Carson. By Associated Press to The Tribune. evening President Kellogg sriS make an address of presentation, offering the various' Coaversity testimonials. About 2,500 Snvttauons. besides those to students, have been Issued. v. special PFIilllllP 5PRIIIC 1 1MR nTM FFI1 RFFF r- INDIANAPOLIS. Feb. It. Indianapolis and vicinity will In all probability uuiaoo. County Treasurer Sanford referred to the fact that 7 per cent of all the' taxes raised in the county came from the city of Oakland and argued that there would be a loss of considerable of the road funds, of which Oakland paid 27 per cent. He would favor annexation if anything would be gained by it, but as he could see it would be a loss ot money to Piedmont he was not in favor of going into Oakland. County Superintendent of Schools No better port and claret In Oakland than ours and none so good, at Samson's IlarlLet, Saturday, nem I3tn be well represented at the Corbett-Fits-almmons mill at" Carson City. Nevada. Telephone Main 14a March 17th. su rtjaaunauio in priue HAIR SPECIALIST. New rules for tb American Athletic Union have been published in the Berke-leyan. Hereafter no athlete wUl be allowed to take part in games voder their sanctiott without paysng a registration fee Ud producing a certificate of non Ijrofesskmalisarfrom the secretary of the Ollie Lanharn. who conducted a large excursion from this city, to the Corbet t- "We answer your Tele Shone. We call for and eUver your clothes tha OAKLAND CL0TIII1IG F1EI10VAT0RY enry cKneBter, J010 Washington I street. Gray, fallsng. scalp troublea; post J. P. Garllck said he favored annexa Deliveries free. TRE EED GROSS VlliE No. 428 NINTH STREET. same day. THONE MAIN 103. tion and always had. if for no other Sulll van' fight. Is arranging -wUVthe Pennsylvania and Missouri. Paelflc road. for a -special train which five ft-'A 7 1 1 2 ft 1 If in nu Ai iinnitf'A reason than that of sanitation. I MERCHANT TAILOR i nn SANHAKT rLUnlDliiUc union. The fee jfoust be. paid before March of each and, it expires with the foaowtag February. The report that Prof. tSayiey conceded rain un STORE For many years head cutter for M. J. Seller 38 years' experience in the art of cutting, i unsanitary district affected little ones who were helpless more than it: did older ones who could do something to save themselves. The matter of expense should not be considered. Mr. Blake said the only question at stake was the quickest way ta get a sewer. Steps had already been taken Hare your plumhlng done by a plumber who is a member of the Ralston Health dub. Sattaf action guaraateed. Club No. W. C. Kablshis! VTebster 8b Ll the victory in fee Cams conte to Mor make the round trip" and be at the service of th passengers during ths fight. This train will start from Cincinnati ca the 'morning of March 13th; axriv-tng Jiere at noon with about fifty paa-i: -ers. Here about forty more will go Perfect Satisfaction Gnarsateed. Ko. 48 SAN rAiiuo AVOUE, gan of Susxforrk before. he heard she -decision of the judges is TTtut Prof, sTTO Twalflh treat Tal. COT. Bay City Flour-Purest.

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