Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 31, 1897 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1897
Page 3
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MARCH 31. 1G07: J ;t Ivt-j ( j-hJ piTM jroB TKAA.--fcT CLASSIFIED fiiu Mat oar ward for rX. m word tor S Insertions. -niLU cants mt wan soe- year, wars Bate Una month. ' arrruATTONS wanted. - j Half a cent par word (or on Insertion, . Ou coot par word for three Insertions. Two cents per word for 4 insertions. , Tribune Publishing Company, . 1 - 7 President , C X tXTtXW, Aa.etHri-r Manager. ffbsowal. fRTTUAIJHM MiRA X. BipSESKRT - - amnnARD. on of the moot sue easeful tst. mediums, k located at lid Jeffer-, eon street QekanL SltUiers daily, pe-'.vetoplng cirolee 'Tuesday at P- JC ra mdAT at 2 P. at AH in- t ArtTMi wv aciiMaU issTsnery done at iWImm nmriorm or at JW own home. ' All-work artistic 63 and 62 MeoAjowcH Building.- ' - - - aiiAnsiESS. counsel and fortune tetter; - satisfaction guarairteed, 856 WaabPC-ton st. room 6. -A ' : -'"-' TUB NOTED. Sasndinavtao, palmistry and future, can ba consulted oafly from 11 A. It to 111 P. aU tt 955 Wetjeter st. i&xitEar TAILOR ICADB SUrts ' and Jaekota. 5; fur and aoaletta oapea nada orar aod rallaad. Mrs. Banaoa, rooma C2-3 Maodoaoucb buUdlna;. - ' JxHtUNB TELiLINO, 26c; Bl Sixteenth X.; ladsai onoy; noora iwtr.a. - WiAJTrcDt-Taaas ladlca to laara milii- f icrr: artlatioalrjr and UiorouTtUy . ' tenarhttlmrma: CMUal DOW formblK. CS-C3 Blacdoaouaii tmlldins. ' BVSUIlCSa , PEKSOMAXS. wkAoMA-L," JLn alecaa preaant wiu 1 t aivan wlth'aaok lot Of H worth , of tvAOMbold rooda. Owe prtoea- ara tb . : lAwaat and aDeax for UtemoelTaa. Do voa want a Una rockar at half prloa ; aa tkam at H. Bchellnaaa. tha furattura deaiar. n EMraata . - jrUKJITUUB WA-NXED Wa wUl tra you mora cash ror your lurmcura ana -boucabold rood than you can ret any- ' where. J. A- MUhro Go 1U7-1 fark mi Alameda.' "WAKTED" Buyers for bedroom and parler furattura. Wa make H a apeciai , - ladueemant to eaah pvacbaaera. v A lot ot fancy cobbler aeat rockers, they moat be J closed out at once. Do ypu want a half V ' dosen bJgh back ebalra. If so, see them at H- SohaUhaaa. M Eleventh at. ATTORNKTa. tUU U. WAtaili Aiuuuey- at-law. City ' Juatteaa Court Buildins. BE oor. Broad-way and Eighth ata. - - . AOaiaE W. UA-OAN Attorney and aaunaalor-at-law. Uvarmora, Cal; prae - tleea m all courta. ... . MJLN P. WOOLN KR Attorney and eoun-eeler-at-law and notary publia WS Brnsawev. rooms T and t. ' CLINTON O. DODO E Rooma U and U. JTOk A iiUJLX Attorney s-at-law, Paclflo Mutual Sulldlnr. aatranorC, fourth floor San TTanelaoa. - '-.:ti-.. ViUCK. ak GOODCELiU Attorneya-aH Law. Blake Uoffltf buildlnr. . rooma aiiUKOX ML D GOLIA-961 Broadway, orthaai f land, room 2. telephone Na. 22. JUMNSON 4s-SHAW Law offica. la - Broadway, rooms 2. land t. GRN MAJORS. Attorney-at-Law and Notary Pnalic. loom Broadway. . . AZITvTn C . CHAPMAN Attorney-at : law, 2ft Broadway, Oakland. CaL, rooma I 4 and 2. . - .- A CHURCH. Attorneye-at-iew. room a. diatnat attorneye offloa Court Ho HI Mi JCINSELL- Broadway. Attorneya-at-Uw 261 R, M. PlTZOERALD-Attorney-at-law. sMH Broadway, rooma 1 and 2, Oakland. KAMUEL BELL Mchv&E. JR. Attomey-at-law. 92? Broadway, Oakland, CaL - - -.r a 1 i 'A BLEaXNG to tectteeauuenng troia u-, riguaariUes and -dirfaaes peculiar - to aaaHisaex; latest improved method of ' treatment; never fails; 'perfectly harm-seas; free from any bad effects; never - makes them sick, to make them well; travelers helped Immediately; prices to ' auit the times; home in confinement.' Dr. and Mra. Davlea. 14 McAllister at., next Hlbernla' Bank; consult free, French - regulating pink pills. 22, DiUJ. C C A U. W. O'DONNELL Offica and residence, 704 Washington at, near 1 Kearny, and 76SV Market it, San Fran-aisco; office 'hours 10 A. M. to 4 P. M.. and 7 to 2 P. M.; particular attention paid to diseases of women and children. - - IAlLOBiNB. , . . . - LOUIS SCHOENER, the perfect tailor, . renevatea clothes, cuts and fits, cheaper than any house n town. 119 Telegraph ave. -FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS. 2?1CTURES FRAMED at 25 per cent re-Auctlon, 40 on framed atock; Ins lal invents . e rent; finest and largest atock in town. tVilhelm'a Art Store, Twelfth and Clay. - Bargalna in organs. . . 2a7 FIRST CLASS mOoh cow, Jersey and Holatein, 2 yeara old. for eate at A. G. ' " Andefeon. Ectoo ve near Piedmont S Diatrlot OchooL - SfOR GALE Seventeen first ctaaa Braiima - ohlokena. Young and in first-class eon-- dltlon. Apply 916 Wood street. iXfll QAL.E FYeah 1643 Market street. milk cow. Enquire 9TOR SALE. CHEAP CAUORAPH. LN . cermet oodUon. . Prtce 230 oaeh. CaJt at 1519 TweaCy-foorth avenue, Oalrtsnd. between J and P. M. .; ? -,- , w -v:-.-. EOLLD hard wood brace arm high back chairs reduced ta 90 cents. Universal I Stovea. cheapest in town, t-Three drawer , chiffonlarea. 23 apiece.-Golden Gate Fur- aitnra Store. 478 Eighth street FttR SALE" Furniture and household . articles. , We are oftermg bargaina'm bedsteads and mattreseea, bed sofas. lounges, carpets, mattings, stoves and j ranges, crockery and glassware. ' H. Schellhaac. 402 Eleventh at ,:Com HCSICAt. ti. c. UAUUW1M, Maeaer ef oaaje, taanUo-. lis aad gal tar; 4 lessons, 1 per week, 24; g lessens, 2 per week,' $2; iaatruoaanta furnished pupils free.te take aema' Sta - 41a. I08rlrea4waynroomjt;..rj : PROF. FRANK PALMER, Mandolin. Gal tar and Banjo; 4 lessons. 1 per week, $3; ' 2 lessons, 2 per- week, 26. Instruments furnished pupils free to take noma: Baar earria and Spanish Lute. 21 per lesson. Studio. 476 TbineeaUi ateosv Washing-ten, parlor 2. " ; " , 1 ' - . P iLUIiTBT, - Ciinatetud4 eelenc-ty the ceJearat. ! MadajTMi 'ftn'hwa. ff&m AWtraU .-:ty roan'" 'be 'relied Upon. SSttinga y from 11 A. M. -to 9 Pi M.,, KS Webster :-:t si rtnuruHZD MMm TO FOR RSOT-A Urn. handsome the upper floor; finest now n the ctty ; sunny and very pleasant; baa two rood beds; ntoo for two gentlemen; terms very reasonable if permanent; elevator. Brunewx Hotel. cr. Ninth and Wall- lOftOnSt. VA.'- SMU KL.i a jmrolsbed rooma for houea kaeplnr: modern tmprovmaatat near looal tralna; alaa nloa flat ebaas. Apply 421 Blxth ac -f.-.'.-....- n TUnmBStBD BOCBEKBOnPOiSO ROOQfS Brown BoOdlnaj; Taoflhv t THE VICTORIA Nloa, aunny atnrle rooma for rtnt. with bath and laandry free; also nie. aunny rooma for rantla-men. Klhi Clay. POR RENT S5.00. fJarca, ammy front rooma at tha Colonial Famtly Hooae, corner Second and Broadway. TO JjETT -Ttiree or four.famaahad aunny rooma for fcOuaakeoBtna;, t U6 Braah at. ROOlia If you ara thmkjna; of chanclnc and would Uka s . &toe, aunny. clean. I comfortable home. eaU at tha .BTAna wlcck Hotel, oor. Nlntto and Waablnc-ton ata." ' " " " ' v 9BZ CITOTRHErr-rTVTO NICELY FUR- nlahad aunny bousakoepina; rooma, aiso one ataajle. , f ' . - rURNTBHED ROOMS at Elworth Bouae. K6 Waahinarton and 470M Seventh am Tranalenta aoliclted. v TRUNKS MOVED. Ka. each. 4M Tenth at. U5FCSN18HED ROOMS TO LtT. FOR RENT at. Two aunny unfunuahad rooma, rrontlna; on Broadway In a aeSect family house, Second and Broadway. AtOOMS AMI bOAKOIMB, BOARDING IN PIBOMONT--Attraotlve and acceaafile; view unaurpaaaed; fine reeidenoe and atabla; aocommodatlona for family of two to abt peraona; or would rent f urniahed and owner take board. Laymanee Real Eatata and In- eetmant Company, eat Eirntn atreet. THE LORNE, 6 Eirhth at.; beautlfaUy farnaabed auimy rooma, amcle and- auR; excellent tabie; terms moderate. NICE ROOMS, with or without board, for a few rentlamen who oka a nice clean room, quiet and homelike; Tery reaaon-- able.; BruaawHdc HotaL cor. Ninth and .Waehlnrton ata. - PLEASANT HOME, near buaiaeaa canter; aunny rooma. nleaoant.nTOuala and ax- eellant table. V E 13th at., cor. d ave. HOCSES FOB BtKT. TO LET $8; cheapest oottage of four . rooma and hlgih basement In central Oakland. See owner this week at 1466 "West atreet. ' . TO LET Modern cottage of rooma, wMh high baoamrmt 111 West at. Rent raa- aonabla. - - HOUSa.lt rOH BALK. FOR SALE On account of Ul health, the owner of two nloa five room modern oot-tag, with lot 44x100, U a good location and not far distant from local train, wtQ sell a a bargain for a period of 10 days. These cottages rent for 295 .par month end ara always occupied. Apply to Albert Schmidt. 420 32. 12th at. East Oak-land.' . " " '- ' : - - " - " FLATS TO KMT. FOR RENT-A from 10 to 13 atreet. ' Can ba am A. M. 210 Dwant UPPER FLOOR of three aunny rooma to let for houaekeeptng; rent 210. I960 Webster at. HAULS TO LET. CHAPMAN HALL. 414 Eleventh aL. for dancing only. Apply at haU, 2 to 12. GRAND ARMY HALL to let. Broadway. Apply U1C OFPICB TO BENT. SUNNY 'FRONT OFdrtCa-Flrat floor. Brown BuEdlag. 478H Tenth. . FINE OFFICE for rent, suitable for dec- tor or dentist; one of the handsomest aults In city; large windows, and very aunny, facing on Washington at. Bruns wick Hotel, cor. Ninth and wusalng-ton ata. . : - - ' - "" LOST AKX FOUND. LOST Gold nmmed eyegkuaes and ladies' band aatcheL - Return to A. Jacobs A Co., 952 WaaAangton at, and receive re ward. . ". LOST Sunday, afarcb 38th, pair of gold- rimmed eye-glasses ta case. Return to 756 Thirteenth street Reward. - LEFT At Piedmont 8ta.bes, 1730 Webater at., on November 2. 1896, a bay saddle mare: whits face and White hind right foot Owner can have sum by. paying board bin of 260. If not oafiOed for will be sold at public auction AprM 9th. AI saddle, bridle htauket amd a pair of leg gings- . . - - LOST Pair eyeglasses on Twelfth bet -Chestnut and Grove. Return to 1066 Twelfth at ' .v;.- TTar Sundaar. - brown aad white watar epaskiei, scar on bacK. wrote on rap of uua. jrmaer mi pmmu letutu o jr. IMulvey. 749 Market aC. aod receive lib eral reward. - - LOST MONDAY EVENING BETWEEN l Seventh and Washdagtion and Eighth and Grove streets, lady's gold watcb witn monogram. Liberai reward if re turned to tbia offica. . .: ... ; ; "FOUND If you ate In doubt where to look for household goods, bear m nono H. BcheQhaaa i stores 408 Eleventh at , Special inducement to large purchasers. See our Use of ffbe blankets at vary low prices. Mattings by the yard or roIL" .WTJIES aSO UQUOBS. ' 6CH1LTZ. MILWAUKEE BEER,. Depot. , C. H. Kucka, proprietor, 462 Twelfth at. OaXiana; private entrance Tor ladles. HO BY TO LOAN. ItONHiX LOANED; mortgagea bought and . sold; bargains in real estate;' houses ' rented. .XX -F. McDonald eV Ca, 463 Ninth at ' " . .. ' .- '. MOITEY WASTU). WANTED to borrow $2200 on new house . and lot 60x136. Coat 24350; first mortgage leased for M years at 270 a month. Ad- dress N. W, 1002 Washington street 43BOCERIES. CitAiT - A atu aw a i . i -1 jreoars; suy . borne - and save saeney. - 2S3 664 Twelfth, ear. Eleventh ave. TaL iau - mala. '-- ' -'-- -' - FOB BENT OB FOB SALE. $1.100 Modern cottage of five rooma. bath. hall and basement on Butler avenue, la f good looauoa. in Go Idea Gate, j SeU en "- small monthly payments or .rent f er $io K;per. meirth.; -Photograph at offioa. Hugh M- Cameron, 472 Ninth, tt . . WANTED rmsCXlJLAXXOrS. ' ' WANTES-To, reat. ( - good horse-by "the a. L-t . t uggy and month, caeap. Ad- XL Ecx 2, UU oa, smrATiowa waitid vjexaub. KESPSCTABLJEE yrnmc attwarlotMU - Apply jarmafam V Co ra Broatfway. - I BOCKXNQHAM-S EUta Employ-" laaat Boraaa far mala and famala help ' of all cMttionaibtaaa. BO Barbsfc at.: aaao-. Uahad US; wa atody to pleaaa; talephon - OS Bad. . ' - ' COMPETENT GIRL, wxabaa artoaUoa to , do light houaework; waea fix 2222 Kirk- jaflDEXLB JLGED OSmN UDT would Uka a bom in return for Uht aarrloea ts a amall fanfily In Oaktand. Addrea or oaU 987 Ktrkhaan etreat. Oak- EMPLOYMENT 6F1CS Mrs. Cattau, Kb Elrhth at, aaar day; German. Scandinavian, att naHonalltlea; referenced cooks, nuraeev aeoond airla. Sardeaaro. ata. TaL tm-black. SWEDISH GIRL. WANTS SITUATION to do reoeral bouaa work. Pleaaa oatt 1 and P. M. at 1013 Jeffaraxm WANTED. By experienced ' younc wo- nan, aataliai aa faouaekeeper or maad woutd tntTet wtth invafcld eady or ohfl- ttren, for whocb baa wnffiWrfaotiory " refer- enoea. CaS -13 . A. M., 1061 Market atreet. , ., COMPETENT GIRL. WANTS POSITION to do housework: Is a rood cook.' Good raferencea. Wares v. $20. ; Apply 1269 ; Aiarret atreet. : CCfitPraRmiT HWlODiaU GIRL, dealrea i actuation to do aeoond work or bouse- : work and cooking-; wares S20. Please addreaa Ollas Johaaaon, Golden Gala P, O., Alameda Co. (No postal cards,) . , RELIABLE WOMAN WANTS WORK by Che day. Waahana; aind roo1mg- or housework. Inquire 1S1 West atreet. WANTED Your orders for mala and female help of all kinds. Employment Bu reau, ill Thirteenth aC. near washing ton. TaL Mala US. HELP WAJfTKDrJEMALE. WANTED RESPECTABLE WOMAN for generai housework, SmaU family. 639 East Sixteenth street. ' AN -ACTIVE, RESPECTABLE WOMAN to take ctvarga of inside work of hotel aa partner; must have 2800. Apply In person at 1176 East Fourteenth atreet. Oakland from 1 to P. M. WlANTEtD A girl for geneaal housework , and cooking - in email family. German or Swedish preferred. 1212 Para atreet. . Alameda. Wages $16. WANTELAHOUSEKEBPER. Call 615 EfghtQt atreet. itra. Harold's Employ ment OfflCe. i --. . WANTED A neat elderly woman or gift of 14 years to assist in housework In ex- - change for good home. Addreaa O. 1C, ' box 4, Tribune office. ; i .- ; HALE flUP.WAKTED. WANTED Men in every county to act aa private detectives, under Instructions. Experienfce unnecessary. Address Uni versal Detective , Agency, Indjanapoiis, SALESMAN 472 monthly, salary and ex penses; greatest money maxer ever of fered; steady work; experience unneces sary. Jay Nlohols. manufacturer, Chi cago. kllllAIlOhs WANTED- HALL WANTED Situation aa coachman by thoroughly reliable young man; first class references. Address N. J., box L this office. AGKNTS WANTED. AGETrS"WAN"l,M-For war lnTChiiba; by Senor Queaada, Cuban representa tve at Waehlagton. Endorsed by Cu ban patriots.' In tremendous demand. A bonansa for agents. , Only 2LS0. : Big ; book. V bis; oommlsslons, .. Everybody rwants the only endorsed, ratable book. Ou tilts free. Credit given. tPreigbt paid. Drop all trash, and make 2300 month with "War in Cuba." Address today. - THE NATIONAL BOOK CON CBRN, 862-296 : Dearborn street, Chi cago. -. --' " ' - CNlKrBOTED FOB SALE. $172 Good lot 40x100 between Grove and . West eta. -.-a - $350 Lot 31x133 (maoadamiaed and sew-ered). Cheatnut near Twenty-eighth at Worth $600. Go and see It CITY REAL EsTATK. $159 $150 2160 This tine property kt tooattied on ehe San Leandro Etootric . Line, etreeUs maoada-, mixed, sidewalked, city water. Price $1S0 per io 'Easy 4eriner:.w..V'.i:. -: , - Weld realty company, 1128 Twenty-third avenue, Eaat Oakland. ONLY 240 PER FOOT Good business corner, only three bOocks from Wash- Imgrton street. North of Seveotih atreet iMust be sold. 'James 8. NlaJsmJitih, 463 Ntotih street . SNAPS-$7 per foot worth $15, beautiful lot 44x100, Clinton Mound Hract. right m town, 12 min. from Bdway, charming view, healthy location, 2 min. from elec trics; must sell; owner going East. A - dress T. Ellis, this office. I PROPERTY WANTED. PROPERTY WANTED Both 'vejoamt and improved. Now is he time to kist your property: if you want to make a James S. Nammlth,- 463 Nteth wtrwat. FOR kXCHAHGE: FOR SALE OR EXOHLANGE JCn Auburn. county ' seat ef Placer Co., the great health reacrt. 13 ejcres, tn - fruit tn fun bearing; att. varieties - of -small fruttaj also good bouse, 8 roeme, 2 blocks from ' depot shipping houses, etc.; 6 boura ' from Ban Francisco; '4 trains to Saera-'mentodaay;wai exchange for olty prop-" erty; price $8,600 in exchange, reduction 'for cash. Address J.- P. Cook, County Gere's office, Oakland. Cat ' ' . ' FOR EXCHANGE Two new high grade bicycles worth $170 for good, gentle family horse. Inquire at Tribune office. TO EXCHANGE! for - Oakland . or . Baa Francisco property, or for irrigation . bonds. 1709 acres of first class . pasturs and farming land, unincumbered: sev- era! hundred acres ef this land can be culUvated. and the oU very rich; a growth of large white oak timber on tae land; would make an excellent hog or stock ranch; located about twenty miles from the town of Santa t Maria, Santa Barbara County, California. Address W. G. Taylor, P. O. Box 472. Oakland. .' - OCTXISTS.! . fir" HAYWARD C THOMAS.. U. D... Offloe Central' Bank Building. Fourteenth and Braadw.gr. Honrs 10 to L i - ; A. H. JtlATER buys furniture, carpets, pl-. sao. Llaxi-et, B. F.; Ui. Jsjs.a 7U. oooay' aud wtfa. nut aucoiapltatiaii wait, raoa, daafra attoatkma. Apply J. P. SEAL estate; -Hi!! XJLTHANCX REAL. ESTATE ULN9 VX :;-VE3TMENT'430-"r' f - : ..- .'s s- fb '. i j. - ; ''- . tol 'EIGHTH TV.""! OAKLANIJ,, !t . sVECXAL OFFERING. . SPECIAL OfFFERXNG. - x aPBCXAli OFFERING. fipecOal Mat of Ins-mltment Bargains se- oured for sale by us at, h'' amount of avtMut was erigtnaaly loajned on one prop erties. The mortgagees bare made special prices and terms. See photographs ot each reraaence at our office. " Can and be shown Che proper ties. Remember you can secure you . home at wihevt you now pay rent.Terms wfll be made to auit relaabia parties. ' 2700 2100 cash, 210 per. moitiuh'; neat 'cottage 4 rooma in West Berkeley r large lot Tiyn 036; ineurance 2600. i . ;.f 2300-2100 csjBh 210 per month; new 1 story . cottage, 6 rooms; toourapce 2LO0O; Jot 40x123; Walter, ave.; two blocks' of Ban- aeajMro eieotrae oars. $8002100 casbr 210 per month; new room oottage, insured for $600; ; ot MOx 160. at ElnmursK power nouse. 2900-2100 cash. $19 per montb; neat cottage 2 rooms; insured for $800; lot 3&xll0? Oampbeal at, north of Seventh et ni $8002100 cash. $10 per montTo; neat 4 rooms: tot 50x133; .Lcqm station and Grove atreet electric cars.-- : $900-2100 oash, $10 per month; stew bay window cotitage 4 rooma and bertb; tn-sured $800; near Htgh atreet and San ; Leandro road; lot 60x114. $900 $100 cash, $10 per mootn Neat cottage . 4 rooms; insured $S0;,lot 25x106; lower Juttvass.: Jvs : ...u ., $9002100 cash. $10 peT month New bay window cottage 4 rooms; lot 2xS7ft insured for $L200; ThtPty-niofth st, near i OrovaJ - . :'.T:.: ".iV- $L0004100, oash, $10 per month ; Co'lonlal cottage 6 rooma end batfti; tnoured $1,B00; loi40xl32; between Riga-st and -Elan-' hurst'-- " ., Z-1 . - i ..'i, ' : - ' it . ' $1,000 such 2100 oash, $10 per . 'month Two :- beautiful hay window, oottages aidjoto-. 4ng eaoh oWher; insured 61.400 each; wiGh-Jjx two blocks and one Ihalif of Goldeh Gaits station, r $1,000 $100 tcaeh, 210 pes month; new oot-' - tags 6 rooms and barn sneured for $1,200; lot 80x126; Sixth aadBaaorofit way. West ' Berkeley station. . " " vfj $L000 $100 oaeh, $10 per' month; fine 1 story Colonial style; 6 rooms end oaith , mO. modem; costt. $1,490 h-buttd; lot 40x ' 133; finely looaited on Ohe iMoss traot. two: blocks of Haywardsoara. ' . , $L000 eadn $100 cash, $10 per month; two! new bay wtodow cottages 4 rooms; eli-f enodrn-lmprovemenHS. eaoh ot 28x90; IHfteeratftr'ave., near Brooklyn station, . 2Sast OeVfaual. -. ..... ,t-..v. $L100-$100 oasflf, " 211 "per moi; modern bay window cotitage, 2 rooms and baith; snerumd for $1,900; tot 20x90; ooravendeot to ; either Goldn Gae..ejLortin tauttoa W Berkeley local, -. . t.--. h $1,100 $100 caish, $31 perenonth modern bay window cottage, S rooms ad,baith: ineuranee 2L300; lot 28x77; nicely located ; atGcddienGtest.tian. y:'-;. 21,200 $126 oash, $12 per-monrtih: ssodern oottage, 2 rooms amd baitsb; isaurajnoa 21,600; tot 23x80; five minutes' walk b) Oolden Gate etaitJon. , - , , 'ti 11,400-4160 cash. $14 per month; elegant two atory Colonial resudence, 8 rooms; to-, suramce $1,600; deadgned by Architect ffiewaom; tot 40x032 i beavtifuUy situated in the Mosa tract two blocks at electrto 21.400 $150 oaeh, $M per tnoath; fins two story double bay window - residence. 7 " rooms; ansurainoe $1,600; tot 50x160; wttfhin - tbree btocks stores, Postofflce, eJeotrlo f ears and power use ore Elmhurst. ' . ' .. . . r. -.':;- I, -.:r.-- - i;Hi 41,4006150 cash, $14 per moath Fine mod- . era cottage.' 2 room;, ineuranoe $1,500; lot 40x132; cosy and cbaap; utcely locaited - on the Moss tract, close to cars. , - 2L60O 2160 oaeh. $15 perntnontb; tra fine i cottage. 6 rooms, ooneervatory and ta4 hie; insurance $1,600;,, lot .40x100, three slocks to Golden Gae saition. .. ' . eaHeaaateHi ' ' J" " L 6X500 2150 oasb, ,$16 per montih; modern oottage. i rooms- and bath; insurance $1,600; tot 25x110; west side Fruit vale ave.; convenient to Fruttvaae stauon. y , : . $L 600 $130 cash, $16 - per manth ; modern two eeory house,' 2 rooms and stable i in surance $1,600; tot 4OxW0; Hersog tract, eear Atcatras ave.. and San Pablo ave. :,, and Golden Gate evasion, 'tsyy:'', 2L700 $175 cash. $17 per mortUh; two story ' bouse, 7 rooms and'bwtih; Cnsurance $1,600; lot 27x100; East Tenth et. five blocks of Twenty-thud ave. station. 2L800 $200 cash, $20 per : monttb; , choice modern cotteage, 5 rooms, almost new; ; insurance $1,600; nice improvements ad. v joining; tot 26xl26;.Filbert et oear Eignt- eenth; note tocaftton'; exra opportunity. $3,000-4300 cash, $20 ' per month; Cotonla two stcrv rewjder.ee. 7- rooms: 'modernl? insurance $2,000; tot 63x122; wltfhen "oor i txbnpJr Jf 1ThJirt-n(Srvtlil and Rmm artn. --.'....-.- .'V JH.fTWIfa,!Real, Estate; Agent. Sono-$3,600-2250' eastiX22'tlN3ri elegaitf Ctty. CaL, . atyr officeitlV M-arket su new Colonial residen-e, 9 rooms; mod-f f- .1Z.4 1?! ' POpertftl x- 4.,wn rrnna- W iitriot. TMr " Terrace.' near -Twenty-4Krd ave.; beau?'j; . f ut . elevation; - terrace : sawn; , eemesi ' -V. k w. .ivri ' . , 7 ' - i7 BEX PHOTOGRAPHS AT OFFICE.' -A-t ;r, '. -:? .?.. 1 BS '; AT 'OFFICE. Ir'T ..v. w- - . . I HS AT OFFICE. BEE J-HOTOGRAPHS SEE PHOTOGRAPHS r.m" . i.hih.-a .a.-v. wu - - v HOME., . CALL AT ONCE 'AND, SELECT.YOTJri.' ' r- ..HOME. .. : i. r..' J W CALL AT ONCE AND SELECT YOTJ 'A LATMANCE: REAL ESTATE r AND -v-tS'.-t "vestment;co4 S'M 4C2 EIGHTH STV - OAKDASOt " :r5ifa .' :i-?.'f it ill-iJ f: :';rfs"-.;' - ed.T i - ; : r-''r'-''Tfal-iit f - I"". . .-A. -U1 il --Jig of 'mm. 1 i ;AdJunctsto the PUbllc ScWis. ' '"Si PUBLICATIONS' OF ALL KINDS. How They Ara Brought Close to the people Who Need Them. x - A , 111 'I ..II THE CURATORS IN CHARGE. Intellectual 1 Pabulum Given ......the Public as Free J- i V: Besides the Free Public Library, with rts. tjwH?eo.uIpr,reterencw rODm,X)ai' land, has Oye free, reading- rooms, situated ta idfferent potAts o the city. .These are open agl tha, year round from S A- M. to 9 P. M. dally, save on three hays, the Fourth! jot July, Thaksgivlns bay ' and Christmas. The Central eadingr Room js open one hour later "han are the others. I . - -, The variety of! reading matter sup plied at each room' Is wide enough to supply the demand -of almost every taste. , The mechanic who wants to post himself on j the day's events finds not fewer than ten daily papers at any finds flfty-elghtj leading magazines to neip nun in getting imonnuwa sung a special . line. . The . scientific journals. the fashion plates,' the : funny papers, the ' women's papers . find and satisfy their readers. But the class which the reading rooms most benefit, and from which their patrpnage is largely drawn. Is that of the workingman and mechan- iai T men who hayp;pa. business of jhf lr, pvn spend their evenings In the readng Tobmk 'iew women Visit the. rooms regularly. 1 Awotnan can make a 'home Tori hersetf wherever she is and create a, home Atmoepbere, HThe reading: room fills 'the, hoaiie want for somo -men, and, is, one. ?f, he tree and rerecble places of a. permanent na- fuxe In this city where one" ban so.' ; Exemplary order and quiet axe main talned in the rooms. Talking Is. pro hibited, and the . ticking of the clock sound loudly ana distinctly. To prevent monopoly of any I one newspaper, one patron Is limited ! to ten minutes of reading wjbJle another Is waiting for the same.-. " v iff The rooms are all well kept, and. as a rule, light and ventilation are good. .WAYj TJP NORTH. The North Oakland Reading Room Is situated at the corner of "Thirty-fourth and Adeline streets. It occupies the two front rooms of jan upper flat aad Is reached by a neatly carpeted stairway. This is the smallest of all the -readinar rooms, ana its atmosphere preserves at least a suggestion of home in the cor ner bay window; with its row of potted plants, all more or less nourishing. A magurines laid out in large table, with precise rows, occupies the center of the room, while two bookcases stand against the walls. In the Inner room BUSINESS OPPORTDH1TLES. FOR SALE CHEAP BEST CASH PAY- ing fruit business to Oakland. Good -,son for seUtog. w&tia family : easily. J. Mc Oakaarad, !A Mnrely man or a man can csenr $60 per week Vay, ' 15 - Fifth street, FOR SALE A first clees famOy roots tn East Oaktand, eervtng from 200 to 400 toaves of bread IdaUy. caJtws, pies, ate.; " sklr 'atdPiA .rtiOBB leaTOAMara - J'laW' sumJ e r "and harness;'an: excellent: opportunity. '..-Apply : at--. Thomeon's ; Bakery,: 40 . San Fablo aye., pp.f Otty BaKV; Oaklamd. . Sf-IBtTUAXlSUV MSS A. B. MORGAN. Spiritual Medium Situngs daily.! itXJi Ban Pablo , Avenue panor 17. . EDUCATIONAL, SPANISH LESSONS - A twelve weeks- course; pupils prepared to go into 8pan- isn countries, ita FUtMrt st PRIVATE LESSONS at 242 Telegraph av-enue, in stenography, typewriting, book- tlon. with writing: terms easy. DBESUAKINO. WOULD LIKE EN- gagements. B? day, $1.50. Address 766 Fourteenth street. East Oakland. EASTERN DRESSMAKER desires en gagements; $3 a day. Address Dresa- ' ' maker, box 4. this office, r DRESSMAKER; hand seamstress wishes , ' engagements; $1 per day. Address M. V s., box L his offica. - -r: ; :.CUWTRYr RJtAL . -JEST ATE. ' Vhanxe tor oaxiana prepertr. ' , v. -. V,lI.llEDt B,fAfX: yTJRNlSHEP. ' 1 '. . . ii . oothed cogge r two -block1 from San ,bio avenue cable, street work oom- nlete. : ' Price unfurntahed. $L700. Owner compel EaT won. 471 T compel tea togoixo juos jutgeies o ave. terms of payment, uugn H. cam- 479 Ninth st. - BEX TXsT. SB. CHAR P. sTVERTS. Dentist 22 Mont- tomery at. San Francisco, rooms 1-2-2 offlbe aours 9 ta 12 A. M. sad 1 to sP. BLr 411 1 R. W. E.- TAYLOR, Dentist Central Bank building.! rooms 201-324; hours 9-12 id 1-2: TeL 1381 Red. i 3. DIMMICKi Dentist, nas returned from -.Oregon -and can he zouna at old stand. ST6 w asnmgton sb - "v-,' L A. HACKETT, D. D. a, removed 1162 Washington st-, & E. eor. of J4th. to ji ac DUNN,' -Qti'-lii 8' lliae Broadway, s 27, 32, 2&I j Office hours, 9 A. 14V to '-' rooms t P. MU FULL SET OF TEETH,- $7; warranted t -rears; painless :xtrAC4oa; sea our se c oomtnnaUons plates U!nnest tlighteat. -.cooleat plate made; warranted 1 years; flUlnga Wc; crowns $3.21 Chicago Dental ' Parlors. 24 S!xt?l it. Eaa Francisco 1 J -raY8ic.iA3r dibiectohy. D- D. CROWLrET,' ILI D. Surgeorv; CIce CeztxU'B'ck;. 1:3 rrfriiFay, 'Ci&lisJ. 41 it lyocaf : (It to the left are the high shelves for the newspapera, - The tight ts good, supplied by two windows besides the wide bay windows. . The sir is. also. satisfactory the general order and cleanliness exem plary. : ADout 140 visitors cau at toe place dally. The' 'supply of rtadins; matter Includes ten daily papers, eieht weeklies and eighteen rnagasines. The patronage is about evenly v divided be tween the OaxljEtnd . and San Francisco daily papers. . ana among, the maga sines and weeklies no one publication seems particularly tempting to the ordinary reader, while all are well read. The boye absorb ' Harpers .and St Nicholas, while the young ladles study the pages of the fashion Journals. More men than -women attend. . The latter always come-in the day time, while the former send the largest , delegations - in the evening. The visitprs are mostly mechanics and boys and youths from 12 to 14 and 20 years of age. - The number of visitors increases on Sundays, -particularly in the afternoon. The curator, Mrs. L. U. Codington, has had charge of the room for two years. WAT BACK EAST. The East Oakland Heading Room has Its headquarters at 569 East Twelfth street. The room is very pleasant, with windows In the front and hack, admit ting an abundance of light. In point of airiness and good ventilation It U said to be one of the .best of the rooms. Down the center, of the apartment are two or three large tables covered with magazines, and on either side, alone: the wait are the shelves for the newspapers, with their high stools. Further down they1 sink to the level of the magazine tables, and end, on the left side, with a bookcase; on the right, with a large Japanese screen, the attendant's citadel of privacy. A stove stands forth boldly, near the : back, y The room is Clean .throughout. : The daily visitors average about 150," sometimes as many as zuu attending. Ten daily papers, twenty-one magazines and thirty-two weeklies supply the wants of the read ing public. Perhaps twenty - women visit the room during the day, ; , as a rule, the attendance decreases on Sundays,, noticeably if the weather Is pleasant The afternoon and evening receive two-thirds of the total num ber of visitors. After 3 o'clock, the school children appear to consult the reference' books, .of which there are A few, and to laugh over the comic papers. Not a few High school students avail themselves of the advantages the many : magazines offer. The newspapers are in great demand, and usuall v receive the first attention. The leading magazines, and ' especially the scientific Journals, are well read. Mrs. Ida Waggoner has held the position of curator for seven years. TWENTY-THIRD AVENUE. The Twenty-third Avenue Reading Koommay be found at 1214 Twenty- third ayenue. I is a large, well lighted room, with windows to the east and west and one to the south. It has the unvaried appearance of the readinar room, and is dean and airy. A feature peculiar to this reading room is a case of books containinjr about 200 volnmes. and whose use is limited to the pre- cadcub ot ue room. The debating club of the Cartfe'd School finds Its encyclopedia and books oz reference of great, assistance, while other unclassical boys find , the works or Oliver Optic and other authors of aosorbing interest. - The books have Been given by neighboriner families. The attendance averages 163 a day, and consists largely of worklngmen. It varies slightly In summer, and Is largely anectea oy ine current events, on the avenue. Thirty-three magazines are subscribed for. : fifteen donated. nine daily papers are received. - Among the magazines there seems to be no particular favorite. The curator is .Mrs. jj. L. Regna, who has occupied uiat position zor almost nve years. WEST OAKLAND. The West Oakland Reading Room, at 1684 Seventh street, receives 250 visitors daily, two-thirds f whom attrnri in the evening-' The attendance on Bun- aays numbers about 250. Mechanics make up this number to a very large extent. Women are very scarce an ita premises, only two or three perhaps come . in during- the day. r Fortv-n v weeklies, sixty dailies and eighteen magazines maae up tne supply of read lng matter. Of the daily papers the Axammer.uau ana enroniele are .read we most, wmie tne magazines are im partially perused. The location is cellent, and the faclliUes for light and air good. The room is well kept amidst the difficulties attending a maintenance oi cleanliness and order with the steady stream of visitors. The curator is Luke A. Parker, who has been there eignt years. ,'-..... - CENTRAL ROOM. The Central Reading Reading Room la the largest, not only In Oakland, but Is said to be also . the best rauipped reading room on the coast. Its visitors number 775 a day. and Its stock of read lng matter includes forty-three daily papers, . 118 weeklies and fifty-eight magazines. About ,100 papers are donated. There are about 100 visitors at a time. Including a dozen or so of wox men. There are the most visitors In the evening. Sunday afternoon the at tendance is about the same as on week days. . The Eastern papers may be found .there, and are read with great interest The greatest demand is for tne San Francisco and Oakland dailies. while little partiality is shown among the magazines. Puck and Judge are very popular." The visitors are mostly wonangmen ana unemployed, al though all classes ere well represented. The central location attracts not a few peculiar - characters. A drunken man once in a while causes a disturbance. intense but. short lived, or an insane person creates excitement among the silent readers. There are two or three regular visitors who come to look at pictures, since they cannot read. Not a few Germans come to find the news In the German newspapers. . Students and Japanese young ; men - make fre-quent visits. A more desirable location might be found; the ventilation Is poor, though the light Is nofc altogether unsatisfactory. ? - - . .- .-? - Almost any hour, ot the day the room Is well filled. - The' newspapers occupy the tables, running - along the walls, and the magazines those in the center. This Is i the only, ,- room which makes special accommodation for the ladles. The apartment at the further end of the larger room Is quite comfortable, with a table and several chairs, but the way. la usually barred more or less by the gathering around the stove. Most of the women prefer to read In the outside room with ? the, men. , Dwlght Strong has been curator for six years. -For ill effects of cver-eatingMBIEEC-HAOkTS PILLB. A Bast of Joaqnl n Miliar. Mrs. W. J. Bartnett of San Francisco Is completing a heroic bust of Joaquin Miller, the poet of the Sierras. The likeness Is remarkably perfect and. la one of the most notable achievements of this California artist ' . - - Mirier is shown resting on a book with an olive - branch under his right arm. -.His: index finger is rigid, as if he were emphasizing some sentiment in his poems, his beard and neckcloth are fluttering-in the wind. The mous-tachios are curled into - symmetrical half-disks and there is an inscrutable air of wisdom about the face. - "r t "''A JJ Id' Kntnr 4 1 1 . .3 rrV Little . Effle Holstrom, " who has been temporarily ; in the custody of Mrs. ilary Ii. Martin, was yesterday awarded to the 5 care of her .foster mother, Mrs.' Luclnda Holstrom. : The child's toother, Mrs.' D'Artney. who deserted her, has been making a fight -for the possession... Mrs. vMartln's testimony was largely. Instrumental in deciding tia ciis ia lira,' Holstroia'g favor. DISCORD,; HOT H1H0E Mrs. Harry Tenny, the Well 4 -' ?fi -.'...-!-- ;i ':'',:.. .'-..-- t Known Singer. Sued r; . for Divorce. u Tlie Defendant for, Years' Led in . j Musical Circles In Alameda.. The, divorce courts told another tale of . domes tio , unhapplness yesterday, when Harry C Tenny commenced suit against his. wife for separauon on the " groundSof desertion.1 - ! - Mrs. Eva' Tenny. the defendant, la the well known singer, i She baa an excellent soprano voice, and has shocej a the star at many concerts.' t JS? Tennys who were schoolmates m the Alameda High School, weremar-ried thirteen years ago, when both were quite young. As Miss Eva Shead. Mrs. Tennys talent" made her much iu' demand at church and charity enter-tainmentL-lLAfter marriage, however, she became;. so much absorbed In her uiuaitt eaucauon ; mat home ' life proved irksome. She was desirous of obtaining a full recognition of her tal-ents. an ambition $. which her husband did not share. . . : - . . , JT ;- The wife left the Alameda home for the larger field of San Francisco. Dur- , lng last summer her mind became af-fected from overwork and she was sent to the Ukiah Asylum, but shortly aftei was pronounced cured. In speaking of the matter, Harry' , Tenny said: - , ' . - '.- -. ..- , ."7: "My wife left me three vwm'., and I - have supported the . child ever since then. As we had been separated " so lpng. I concluded that It would better for both of us. to secure a dl-i Xf quletlT a8 Possible; ' The ground Is desertion , an thot i. . - there Is to say. Mrs. Tenney knows ot ' tne uivorce proceedings and la. of the same mind as 1 am about It The guardianship of the one child. 8 celngT ? laV1Ved REAIa E8TATK TRANSACTIONS .... -.- DEEDS, j ' . " ' ' '-f - TUESDAY. MARCJH 30, 1897. ' William H and. Frances Uu4innnn William D Huntington, Lot C. Map ot Re ; " 13, blk. A. Okd Vletai Hd, $10. - v. . - Lorens and Elizabeth Werner tn TmiI . and Agnes HufsohmVdt, Beg at a pt 62.1 xruw pt xormea oy tne imersection of E i-eratta ana Magnolia ate, th 118.8 N 100 E 23.8 N 100 W 23.4 to E Peralta t. alohg Peralta st 208.4 to beg, being tots S and 4 blk 685, Watts tract. JUL. . , tieorge ana Louise J Ror-th -bo.Lilttle B Powelson vf 2EW Ohestnuft mt inn x 26th st N 60xW 127 being ptn lot 14 blk N, : norcnern Extension to Okd, $10. , - iLetana s Brown to B P Vandercook tnf 6, blk 2, Map of East Oakland Hts, 210. iu x- ana v man P vandercoolcto Jothn Woottey,-Same,, 210. - v : Morris James to Nancy J James. V Mth - at 226.2 E Grove at E 26.8xN 100 being pta iw ai n.uu ta yuonrgomery tract Man L Warranty Deed, $10. 8 C and Isabel O-Bbrelow to sa r tvaiHa NW Howe at 185'BW Amethyst at BW 90 NW 166.6 NE L2 BE 1SL1 to beg: bemw tota 7, 2 and 9 blk C, Thermal Hill t mlyt the Howe tract, $10. J T Clayton to O P WUaon Jt-i a blk 8, Warner tract. 210. Wayward q end (Bertha Thomas to 6 F Savings Union, eurrender of 657 d 213. W Orange av 200 6 E-27th st 60xW being tot 24, blk 1, Blasdel tract, map 2, $150 - James and (Meda Spence to Jose L Avel-lar, E Whittter st 224 N E-diCh'st N 60xH 146.62 being" lots. 10, and U blk B, Resub Frultvale tract, 210. , (Mary A Hermann to Julia O Merwi. 8W Watkins and Clay or D" ts S 8IJS W 311 being tots & and 2 blk 24, Town oC. Haywards, $10. ' . : .- ... i Georglane T Hale wife E T to Abraham ' I B Thompson, All int 419 d 450. iota 4 and S tnereot marked A B Tbombson on Of aw i of sub Towne's eub at Mowry's Station corvtg 2L64 and . 17.14 acres, 210. ' . t ciovanm . b and Pietro G Rattl ii Nlcolo Rattt Und tot N Pleasanton av 400 . Morton ay W 400xN 1060 oontg io acres and being lots E and H Amended Map Okd lid and I mat Omuxany's sub -ntn Santa Rita Ro at Pleasanton, 2LOO0. Jos E Barbeiro to Laurlanna M Fredtas NE B" and Haven streets E0xN 100 being subs Land J of lot. 1 block 802 Watts tract Map 2. 2296. v - William and Helen Reuter to iMartij Arnold, -8 20th at 215 E West E 60x3 140 . being lota 26 and 27 blk C, Man of Henry sun w mtcner, urocgnurst and Rowland tracts, 2L . ., .-M' James J and. (Si Lambing to James G and ' Julia Dorrett, N Brown' or 34th et 216.3 B Market st N 120.9 x B 25 being the W of lot 28 blk OLs Central Land Company's tract, $10. . - .. . , . Allen T and Sarah J Ayres to Myron T Hoi comb. W cor E-fflst st and 8th av 8W 60xNW 99.6 M.33. $10. ' Myron T and Marion B Holcomb to Oakland Bank of Savings, Same. $10. B. E. Everson, James Kelly and C R. Lord et als by 'omr to S F and Oakland Mut Loan Aesn, W 5th st 100 S Jones ec ' B 77.6xW J25 being loU 11, 12 and 13, blk 54, tract B. Bkly L and T I Assn. $765. " - " . Constant Jacquot to Annie Jacquot, kH4 8L 22 and, 23 btfc A Christiana tract Gift. WE and Ermina Dargle to W G Leale, ' Lots 21 and 22 Rose tract $5. Annie M and Adolph Grazer to Andreas -Eckert Lots- 26 to 39 blk A, Hemphiir' tract $5. i W E and Ermina Ckargie to W G Leale, Lots 23 and 24, Rose tract subj to mtge, $3, Eva Barl w, Elsie J Nlnenure and Hat-tie H Chapman to Elmer B Johnsnn, Q Pearl st 170 S Central av S 40xE 140. $10. J D Smith, w e Gage et als by cmr to Bank of Ltvermore, 13.23 acres beg at apt ' In & Une County road. No 1515 distant E 10 one fm pt of intersection of ea'd road with W line Plot K, Ro Las Positas th E 7 chs x 8 20 chs being ptn Plot K. Ro Las Po- . eitas, $L630. . r'vr' Roger eprague to Edith and Bessy Spra gue. Ail lot- in Estate, of Caroline P Spra- : gue. $4,000. '-'4. '--'j. t;!i-:.-'M -r- Baby buggies for $2.50 at ' Walter Meese's 1009-1011 Washington, street , . 'Nw CrDl(, V' " ' Low prices at H. Schellhaas, Eleventh street. & . , . . " ' ' ; ;.r4": rrj-.l Bedsteads and Mattresses ' At H. Schftllhata, 402 Eleventh street jr-For , Rent - Dishes, chairs and tables baas. Eleventh street H. Schell- MotAafs Mush Is a breakfast delight - . j -t- - : . Our Hotners aiosa 1 maae ta Oaklaad. Bay City Flour makes the beat bread. A POPULAR EXPRESS CO.; : The accuracy,' safety , and promptness ef the People's JbXviM Cwutpany are attested " by prominent ' merchants and by many others.. This company checks baggage at your house to any point on tne ' Southern Paclflo system free of all charge. Telephone Main 226. Office. N. E. Cor. Broadway and Ninth streets. - 4 : Bay City Flour absolutely pure. , . , f . , 4 : m s: . ' Cpvoiai Sale Household goods at-H. ScneUhaas,' i: j Eleventh street J . - - . " For the best mixed drinks go to the popular Macdonongh bar (Fred Ch. Poo . .-, prop.X next to the theater. ' . Cay CJty Flour Is pure. - - , V ' ' . J ' si -:'!;

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