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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Monday, August 31, 1896
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- A SURE THING ' Is that if you read THB TRIBUNE you will not miss any , -, . of the news. , 1 , Millions of Dollars Have been made by Advertising. Why ! don't jou- get your . - ''. .: : I share. VOL. XXXXIL OAKIiAOT). CALIFORNIA. MONDAY EyEHING. AUGUST v 31, 1890. NO. 52. J 0 tin hill u u u; SCHULLER IS The Young Forger ; - xr.vx Xx: ..;xjv Landed in San . - X.x X A' " : ' ;. . .. X' X' ''''- K r i-H Francisco. Is A STRAIGHT TIP GIVEN. Hi Was Livlna on Seventh i Street Ounder the Name cf - 1- - xd j:,;"'' STILWELL RAN Bill DOWN. fa Was Just on- the Ere cf ' v. for a Trip- to the Kines. Starting - - . I UA&QUERADIHa GQSTUf. ES He Hafts Is His Gu'Jt and' Read) to Go toPrison. i Cpeoial to the Tribune. ' SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 81. Norman Schuller. the gay youns;. OaikWder, who has been sought by the San Fran' cisco police for the past month on - charge of having forged the name of Barney Murphy. Mrs. Oarrsll and joth-er wealthy persons, to noteB on jwjblch ; be secured 17000 from Attorney Hughes, nu this morntog arrested in San Francisco byyDetective StaiwelL Xi He waspreparlng to leave San ;Ffan-cisoo where he has been to hldins; ever since ' his forgeries were; discovered, Two weeks ago he visited a saloon on Seventh street where he remaAned In j the back room for, some time. This was known and gave the offloars the first -clewi "l A Stlrwell's theory 'was that Schmler )was in hiding near the-home of; Miss Nellie Denahan. 838 Harriet "street. It was known that he had visited the young lady and a constant watch was 'kept on the house in hope of his re turn. The supposition that the fugitttve was in the vtoinity proved correot and after much search, a man answering his deacrtotion was located in tthe San Ra fael House, number 46. Seventh street. 'xie was known as John Miller. - etilwell entered the room earfy this morning and found that Midler was in ' reality. Schuller. He was in the act - of packing his valise to. leave the: city and was as surprised art his capture sus the detective was, pleased. , .When arrested he admitted his iden tity and announced that he had intend- - ed to take the steamer to Vallejo to-i dayi:' from there traveling to Georg Vtown. thence to the mines, where he oped to remain in obscurity for, four u or five years. ' He said he had appealed to his father for flnaaoial aid but had not Informed him of his whereabouts. i In a bureau drawer were found a lady's dress, hat. gloves and yeH. When question ScshullteT said they fcdonged to friend of his. but the officers think he used the costume to masquerade in disguise after nlghtfalL' , ji. - SAYS HE IS GUIX.TT. '. . On the way to jail he admitted his x . guilt and acknowledge the' forgeries. remarking that he guessed he would - have to suffer the consequences now. Schuller did not have any money to : speak of with him. but he still had a fine gold wabch. which he turned over to StllweU. ' ' X l' ! ' . "WSen captured. Schuller .dSd not -at-tempt to deny any thing, but .tnsfaeed. was quite free x tialk. He announced tluat he had hoped to get away to, the " spines to bide until Ohe affair bienr over, but as hte plans were fruatitated he was how xeady to go to Jail, "The ofacers say they have a dear case against the forger amd expect Chat he will be sent to State's Prison ; far a long tern - . ;- I - SchuafcT's x relatives live In Oakland and are toigbly respedted. Tbe son's i it A D CAUGHT disgrace keenly feit by the father. uon xor jean us uwo mere not cm good terms.- r - SPAIirS HARD LUCK. Revolution ' Has Rroken Oat la; the Pbilfrplne Islands. Br Associated Press to The TrlhuneL BERLIN.' Aug. 31 An Official dis patch fporot ManHia. capital of philli-pine Inlands, announces & revolution ary oaaxreaic has occurred there and a state of siege fees been proclaimed- "WARSHIPS MOVE.. MADRID, Aug1. 31- Thte Spanish WBurabftp late, de Culga has been or- deredo the jRhiUiplne Islands immed- A DRUI1KEII TRAGEDY.? Frenchman Shoots ;HJs . ana Then Kills Wife Himself: I ;" Br Associated Press to Tha Tribune. DETROIT, Aug.: XL Frank Beablen, aged 40, a member of an old French family, inherited! considerable money recently and, has been' drinking heavily! - This moraine he went home drunk. His wife remonstrated. - He! shot her In the back. Inflicting a, mortal wpund. He also attempted to shoot sis two chil dren. but both escaped Injury. He then blew his brains ouC - i : llltreated and Insane. By Associated Press to The Tribune. (LONDON, Aug 31-It la reported John Duff, unottfoier Irish political pris oner, has become dangerously insane. A BAD BREAK An Accident to the Pike's Peak Mountain Road, ; Many Engrllsh Visitors on Board. ' ' ; X But; No One Was . . :X! X! . I- Hurt. ; By Associated Press to The Tribune. OOLORADO. fiPtRXNOa, Aug. :.9L The first accident on the Pike's Peak, cog rail-road eince it was opened five years ago, occurred yesterday. - x j j j 'The saf ety brakes on the car! prevented loss of life or' serious results. 1 .The side bars on the drtvtogi wheels of the engine broke, rendering theoompress- ed air Awakes useless.' The engineer and fireman saved then selves by Jumping. - ; X j j The conductor stopped the ipassenger car, no couplings being used bri the road. L r 1 slntti Ha.' antomatte-fcrftkes: The engine rushed down a 23 per cent grade at terrific speed. Jumping! the track at a curve. ;-. ( -"-X.' .Xi'l' ' ''- j J 1 --' v"X The boiler exploded. ; ; jl The train was a special carrying Gen eral Manager: Frederick: Harrison of the Tendon Sr Northwestern (RaOroad and a nartv of Snellsh railroad men, (With ladles, THE "RED JJOIl' ICOHE. J A Historic Massachusetts House Burned to thej . Ground. . i By Associated Press to the TrOrana, , t i lyXJKBRIDGE;, Mass., , AJg. The hlstorio "Red Uon" of X Blwkbridger th st popular hotet of the Berkshire, HWs. iiuruou viAiaj ! . ,....1 - i- - . . . - . Only the; front, wall, .'wfctbb' dafesfron 1TJ3, was esi euiiiuiuis. t ,. . v . h Thei. house had 1S9 guests.' but no lives I We tdsi: The loss is $50.000. ' . ' SHARE" AflDiSHAnEALlKL ,. . .. . . V I , ! I r . Mrs. McCourtney's Will Has Been Filed for Probate. Her Children to Receive Property j Valued at I 1 850.000. The flriOI of the late MrsJ Margaret C- MjsCourtney has been filed. In R the deceased bequeaths all i her prop erty to her chUdreor-Jdaryi Ann Bel- den of San Francisco . James F. Mc- CourbneyJ Oakland. Margaret M- Hugh-e& Oakland. Alfred Ignatius MoCourt- ney: - Oasaanov-nu u- majuiiuuf jr. Oakland. shjBjre and share alike. . The will then sets foruh that -the de cedent executed 4o BJohard "J- Mont gomery oerittain deeds of gift in escrow to be detivered to the; gmntees after her de&SJh. It then shows tnat an April 20, 1896. ; Montgomery executed to her an towtrument which all ' said "deeds were intended ' to be and are perhaps an emunajerated. Wtoeretoys he acknowledged the receipt" of them in trust to be detivered to the grtanteea after my deaftlh. I heretoy ratify end confirm all said deeds whether correctly or lncor-reoQy or not all enumerated fax said to-strument- ---Xv ' v- Bichnrd J- Montgomery Is appomted executor, X end in the jeveat of his declining to serve, then Edwiard Belden is t tact Instead, and upon his deoit nation to serve, Alfred J. McOourtney is to ; ejctTjT hta place- No bond Is re-Vinlmt for the executor. X - ; i X X . 'l near fuhenal expenses the executor 1 Amnomered to sell all or a part of the estate s tnay be required. ; ; The Ivvill bears sae oe aaa.y z&tn. 1896- ' 4-- ?X : .rX 'i-: The estaite comprises personal prop- entv vsiluad at SS15 including furniture. chickens. tocas .ana xairmsng- mpie- nwnts: real property in Alameda. Con- taia Costa. Sacramento ana Aionierey counties. - The walue of the real prop erty sa estimated at $50,000. COURT CALENDAR TUESDAT, SEPTEMBER 1, 1S3-Department L Judge Frtck. Reserv- Department ' 2, Judge Ogden. Reserved. Department S, Judge Ellswxtrth. Bievers vs. Rievers. 1 1 Departtment 4, Judge Greene- Estate of C- P. Hansen. Estates of Clark and Machado DOW THE TIDE TURNED. Large Importations of Gold ' for the American i Market.1 X i . STOCKS FEEL THE RELIEF. Increased Confidence Being Noted in Financial I'- " V' '. - ' - x f- : i-:: x '- x. x Circles. ;r ' SILVER STILL VERY LOW. Few. Houses Are Unable ; to. Keep Above. Water, i By Associated Press to The Tribune. i JCETW TORK, Aug. 3L Tho total deposits; of gold In the sub-itreasury in exchange for legal tenders up to 11:30 today amounU ed to J3.000.000t ; , . . I : , J. P. Morgan & Co. deposited $1,500,000, Hanover National Bank, $500,000, Isixard jFreres, $500,000, Bank of Montreal- $500,000. Gold for import Ordered thus t araggre-gates $18,250,000. ' - ' : - v. U ' THE STOCK MARKET. NEW YOBJC Aug, 3L---The stock roar ket opened irregular under the influence of realizing, orders. Sugar rose to Wi Manhattan to 80. ;-H'iT'.': Vi Announcements of further gold imports bringing the aggregate upt $17,500,000, together with the deposit Of $1,000,000 of gcAd in the sub-treasury by, Xiasard , Freres, strengthened the market and shares mov ed upward. Industrials and grangers were prominent in dealings. j j At noon the prices for leading shares were 1 and S par cent above Saturday's final figures. : i , . : Silver is 66 and lead 2.50. i f ; x X.! A BIG COLiLAPSB. NEW YORK, Aug. 3L The Kings Coun ty Elevated Company, operating in Brooklyn, has been placed (n the hands of s receiver. ' - , ' i 'General Jordan, president was named j as receiver.-.;..;: X'" 1 X., !x'' The appHoa&on for receiver was made before Judge: Goodrich of the. Supreme Court by Tracy, Boardman. & Piatt, on be halt of James HFrothmghain, treasurer. and; August JBetavont, vJce-presldent of the Kings County road, and Vermllye & Co.. bankers.' ' v .X; " : X-- X;X "j ' The petitioners aver H Is a friendly ac tion brought for the purpose of adjusting affairs, and protecting the Interests of .the stockholders. They say there are j out standing debts they cannot yet meet. Poor lousiness, due to the trolley system. is given as another reason. j X The capital of the company is $4,790,000. The road was constructed at a cost of $14,304,500. and has eight and half miles of track..-,'." ;. X'.. I ; The last two anwial reports show the inconie has not been sufficient to pay op erating expenses and fixed charges. ' the liabilities in July, lS83,-were $11,549, 101, and had Town.s year. later to $15,- 631,947. ;i .s4io-;C: ' t U f . L The profit and loss' account on the latter date ' showed a deficit of $7tl8,06& X l, x' a ST. tuis FAifijim. ; 6T..UOUIS, Aug.SL Itjs announced thfeit the HC,mpn-Gregory: Dry Goods Company jwfll dissolve partnership And re tire from.huslness..,.-, --''.hu ' line concern is capiuciea auu,wv, um surplus of $100,000 and a business of million a month. X ; ( V " The only reason given for the dissolu tion is the desire of both Simon and Greg ory to retire from active business. ' j A CUMBER BREAK. , HANKEBAU Mo.. Aug. SL The Herrt- man-Curd Xumber Onnpany has failed. LiabiHties, $110,000: assets, ! nominal. The local banks are caught for large amounts. The assets may possibly pay 25 cents on theaoUar. ' i j CARRIAGE MEN GONE. , AMESBURY, Mass., ' Aug. SL Miller Brothers, the carriage manufacturers, have made an assignment. . No-statements are yet given out. - VIS 111 IIU THt oTUUbll I b. LI Rang " Chang Pays a 4 Visit Today- to West 1 .Xi Sx-wX X; point. ! . 1: -" i -fV-- ;'' 1 f,i':- "1 By Associated Press to The Tribune. NEW: YOStK, Aug. 31. Earty tKs morn lng IA Hung Chang boarded the dispatch boat Dolphin to go to West Point. The Ambassador will Inspect: the Military Academy." . The f proposed visit - to the squadron x off TompkinsviHe was post poned. ' v .- ' ; ' i AT THE ACADEMY. WEST POINT, N. Y., Aug. SL li Hung Chang arrived here this afternoon on the 1 dispatch boat Do'.phln to inspect the 3X11- tUry j Academy, but owing; to theheavy rain he did not land and the proposed In spection was abandoned. i " XVI-'K The Czar's Chargea By Associated Press to The Tribunal ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. SL Following the death of Prince Lobanoff-Rostov- sky, Russian Minister of 'Foreign Affairs, the Czar has summoned the Deputy of the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, bL Chichklne, to Kief. :- - . . i- ; Blorrlil Holmes. . Georre Albert Morria.' member of the i-. . afternoon to marry Ruby H. Holmes, also of San Francisco. The intending bride is Stand the groom 29 years of age. X ; SnedonNo. The Commonwealth Mutual Building and Loan Association of San Francisco I has commenced suit against John S. Mat thews et ai. to recover $2,000 loaned on a promissory note, secured by mortgage. a former resident ef Llvermore in thUjol ClllUUW S JtSCSl ZC3. I OR WAHERSOW. Gold Democrats y Assemble In! Convention at, J Indianapolis.' A - TICKET TO t BE CHOSEN. New ''York-I Republicans In Readiness for the -, i Campaign. . SOUND IMONEY MEN. BUSY.) The Political Issues Are Being i Stubbornly Contested. r. . By Associated Press to The Tribune. . . R tlNDIANAPaUIS, Aug. SL The dele gates, to the Gold etandardr Democratic National Convention began to arrive this morning,' and talk of candidates, became more general, but Nothing developed early a the day. to indicate which way the tide SgMturn.1'- A j..!r i U " Florida c&ased'cdmmeni by telegraphing to have a. banner painted witb the picture of Cleveland and the words ''Our, Choice" upon it. Xi . i.r 'JJL'i'ii vif;r.,-.V': The same delegates are opposed to mak ing a nomination, but the indications are that, they will be in a hopeless minority. . Perry IBelntontwas. among the arrivals today. 'He came, a a looker on, but will possiblyhold a proxy from New York. , Senator Vilas will not permit the use -of his fiame in connection with the Presidential nomination. That was the news brought here today by Bills B. Usher of Wisconsin. ! "Vilas does not want the nomination in the first plaice," said he. "In the second place, he is jfor General Bragg, for whom the State instructed. From what I gather of the situation, it would appear Henry Patterson will be Bragg's only formida ble rivaU". i Usher said he did not 1eUeve there was any warrant for the statement that Vilas was the. Administration candidate. ': HEW YORK! BEPUBUCAII& Organization Is Effeoted New Stats Board.; of i - the By Associated Press to The Tribune. NEW YORK. Aug. SL The new State Republican Committee met here today to organize.-" :. a ' . ; There was , no opposition to the re-elec tion of Charles Hackett chairman, John S. Kenyon, secretary, and B. B. Odell chairman of the ExeouUve Oomsnlttee. - Warner Miller was dropped from the Advisory Committee, which was chosen as follows: Thomas C Piatt. Chauncey M. Depew, Edward iLautetfcach,.. Frank Hiscock. Frank", S.'-.Wltheibee, . - , THE OTHER SIDE. So ind t - Money; Democrats XAro , in Convention, ..' " 7 " , ."'Syracuse'."; T "v-.- i By Assooiated Press to The Trlbaaav ,f SY1BAODSK.-N.- Y Aug; SL The State Odnventlon. of Gold Democrats met here I today.-.;- r " X x7:;" " I ' ' Daniel Griffin of Watertown was chosen temporary chairman. He made a speech denouncing the action of the Chicago Con vention as un-Democratic, opposing Mc- Ki nicy's protections Ideas' and lauding President Cleveland as the greatest of modern statesmen. A DRAVIIIC CARD. A. Large Crowd Assemble to i; Bid Adieu to : ' I V x .1 x Bryrn. - . By Associated Press to The Tribune. CHAUTAUQUA, N. YT, Aug. BL The Bryan party left tLakewood at 7:40 this morning on-the steam a launch Ceylon. At Bemis the people crowded the dock I and shook hands with the nominee. i Mrs. Bryan did not go among the crowa. . As the boat approached the landing here Silange crowd cheered. . A - TICKET TAHCLL 'Plans Bringing Much Discord is 4 Missouri. , ' I Fusion About By Associated Press to The Tribune. . ST. LOUIS.! Mcs Aug. SL The Even ing v Journal, the leading labor and Populist daily In the Southwest, says: "A new factor has appeared in the fight. The . proposition of a division of Electors between the Populists and Democrats of Missouri has been bang- tng fire because of , failure on the part of Cbnirman RoseUe and Cook to agree upon terms of a fusion on State candi- Chairman Dowd of the State Silver Committee, who is also National Com mitteeman . for Missouri, said last night: ri ami tired of waiting for the Democrats and PopuEdt to fix up an Do you vvant a sample I - .... . mm Ask your " grocer for it Every package is a sample ; your, money , back if you don't like it A SchiHine flfc Conoaav Sas Fraouscs BRAGG HactDcea Octet. The SUver Party of I this State via certify the full State I RevufaUoaa UckBt. In order that Silver Republicans may have every facility for voting: for Bryan The certificate must be presented wtthin forty days-1 wan the 42.009 PopuKats In Missouri to be given a chance to have their rotes counted . for Bryan. The Populists wan four Electors end the Sliver Par ity one- This tnattiter must be settled Wfchin a week or I shaU take It before the Ntatfoool Committees; after thai the Democrats and PopuBsts may do as they like about their State tickets,! but their . Electors must be placed right away.-; X ! . - , . ,, ' : Iowa's Combination. By Associated Press to The Tribune. CHICAGO.' Aus;. 51 A special from Des Moines. Iowa says: "The fusion aa-rctunent eoftiered Into by the Silver Democrats. Populists and Sliver i Republicans at the ptttumwta Convention I has been carried oat ftn the nine Con-1 Kressional ConventlonB thus far held and m the Conventions for the nomlna- tlOQ of county tickets. VETERAHS ARR1YL I Thirty-Three Special Trains and Fifteen Regulars at St. Paul. By Associated press to The Tribune. , ST. PAUU Aug. SL With fifteen or more regular trains from all points of the compass, and thirty-three special trains ditring the morning. Union Depot was ' the scene of the greatest activity the first day of the Grand Army Encampment. Commander in Chief L N. Walker and staff were met at noon by local posts and escorted i to the Ryan Hotel, where the National Headquarters were established. Margaret Crowley Dies x and Collins Is . Charged With Murder.': O'FarreU's Affairs Are Complicated Than : at ''. " First Thought. ' Mors A By Associated Press to The Tribune. SLAIN (FRiAtNCISOO, Aug. SL (Miargaret Crowley, who was beaten by John Collins at her house last Thursday,, died of her injuries this morning, and a charge j of murder was placed against CoSms, who has been kept lnthe city prison pending the result of bis attack on Mrs. Crowiey. yaam Crowiey was a witness of the a. I sault, and said CoIIlne beat her mother on the head with Chair because she would not bring un beer- . ;' CFARKEXii'S AFFAIRS; j bankrupt real .estate dealer, held ameet tag today at Which it mas discovered that his financial condition was worse than 1 at first reported. His fiaJbiMUea exceed $112. 000, and his assets amount to only about $2,000. Gome recent transfers of property to O'FarreU's relatives are to be attacked and his creditors have announced their in tention to force him into Insolvency. , ANOTHER TRAGEDY. Another fatal shooting occurred here this afternoon. Joseph KUkllne shoi his WLW ' 1 She wlH die. the shootmg. ' I icrtv invrnwiw miMiiNmt " r The Post will, say .this evening: Twol DIUro lU)BUifu. wuxvv-vt . w j . nounced their withdrawal tram this coast. They are the British American Assurance I Company and Western Assurance Com pany of Toronto, ootn uanaaian compaa- jes. Poor twMmess Is the reason given for their wOhdrawat::--!- 'W-i V ! A Contest Over the Selection - of the Four Directors. " Ten Candidates In the Field and the Struggle Is ,: Lively. . 'The annual election of officers for the I Acme Athletic Club is in progress to day.': .. -x -: . . x- X, X- -The pons opened at the dub rooms at 2 o'clock and win close at otciock tonight, x: The only contest is In the fight for di rectors. There are ten candidates to fill four places and considerable interest is manifested in their selection. . j In all there are eleven directors, each of the other .bffleials having the. honor coupled with their office. , . ' The ticket la: For President. Allen: Vice President.'. T.. F. Garrtty; Secretary. J." Cook; ; Treasurer, C. H. Hawtbaker: Leader. Clarence Staples; Field Captain. Henry . Tank; Cy cle Captain. R. E. Revalk; Directors. A. 1 Bedbury. J. U. Bird. J. W. Flnt gan. G.' A. Faulkner. H. R. French. JL Gallagher. C- 8. Hannan. F. R Hanv ilton. A. P. Swain and R E. Sherman. CAI1H0T BEPAID. No Funds Are on Hand to Meet the Union Pacific Bonds. NEW YORK, Aug. SL It was reported today that the Union Trust Company, not having received any funds for. the purpose of Interest on the Union Pacific the land grant sinking fund, I per cent bonds due tomorrow, amounting to $330,000, would not bS aid. y ' : : - X, No Union Pacific receivers are In town. The story was curreat that the difficulty arose partly from the fact that warrants for the transfer of the lands on which payment of Interest depended have not been signed for a long time. ? . - X , Sirs. Qnackenbnsh's FsneraL The remains of Mrs. Refoeaca Qusck- enbusb, who died Saturday night were laid to rest today, from her late reei- idence, 698 Twenty-fifth street. Dr. Kummer officiated and a large concourse of scrrorwlng friends follow I ed the txxly tx t2 grave. FRANCISCO HEWS acme FLTH AND CRIME. t A Shocking Tale of Depravity ' - Unearthed by Mrs. Prescott. --"i t " CHILDREN CRUELLY TREATED, The Tschlch . Family Taken Away From Their j-1 Parents. - -.4 IGNORANCE AND UTTER SIN. Judge Greene vActs Promptly or) the' Unholy i Matter. The work, which Mrs. Preaoott is do ing as representlve of the Society for the Prevention of Cruebty to Children, Is bringing t the surface facts which prove that the people of this community have no Idea of the many sad cases existing here. . r . '' 'j- Mrs. Prescott appeared before Judge Greene this morning for the purpose, of betasg appointed to the guardianship of two liatle girls Kmma. and Frida, ; iTsohichv whOk with their mother have been residing1 at 619 BroadSwuy. , One is about thirteen years oif age and the' other about! eaevenv x ' '' : ' ' ' J In securing i letters of guap?ianehip, ; ! which were, subsequently granted to her, Mrs. PrescoU experienced Bome-, Vb&as in the way of a contest in the opposakm of toe father of the ehUdrea as also a request for guardianship on I the part of Mrs. Rummell, who runs a, boarding house on Bramnan street in San FranciBCO. ' ! The testimony adduced In the case ; was prefaced by the statement of Mrs.' Presootlt as ,to the; condition in which I the children had been found.-- Neigh bors, she said,' had complained of the ! manner m wzuoh (the Tacnicn nouse- hold was managed and the witness had so filthy tlhat - she , was aompedled , to , leave it sumost tine mwrant she pene-i trated wtthin .the walls. , The floor ; oofvered-, sr 1th filth. . In which the children ' waltowed. Their playmates; were a grey 1 hound, an Irish setter and' Jitter of pups. : From contact wMh cae canunes.) one omiaren naa become . infested with the canine parasite hyda-; fits and ' sores had brodoen out over i them. . ! Mrs. Prescott made up- her mind fan-1 mediately to do something to relieve i f Vmo rwiR. win AAnrwl aji fkmwanf as uey were unciean- j. ma ojeaiermiina-1 KVUA IJUOli 1UV tWIICT UL UUM3 12IU1 i dren mentioned had deserted his wife j laloiur he wtarf. and duvk nvciAJlv. ' I from some of those on the shio L&ura . AfteP xim. PinvrM hu tnii ut l 10110, BH5VCTB4 OCfJTS Were Paoeu OQ VTLQ said regarding the girl's treaAment on This was followed by an insteht Into 1 m3 vxm.nj . vm. jut. aw. U0 - IBCIUCO. Thv httA me, in Kw 90 rm ... ago. 'inere was no contract . marriage law there. They did not want a mar-' ridlftt Ml jtl.U I ! I ! nil Ivd-WMn Ahwn Vw ..In. . X. uter or lusttce. Tnev afreed to taka , eacb other 'tor husband and wife re- ' speauveiy. xney came Co CsJircsrnJj thirteen years ago Seven years ago. ; the tiusband oeaeed o live wtth his wife. The result of their marriage was the thro, girls referred tow; There was' no divorce decreed between them. This morning, Mrs. Tsohich had a female infant, aged abouf'one year in her arms. She said the father of the child was Peter Otten. who formerlv resided at 833 Magnolia, street and who is now dead George W. Reed, who ' represents the heirs of Otten, whose ' estate Is now; In the hands of the Pub- ' lie Administrator, was present tooklng i after the interests of bis clients. The estate of Otten Is said to be, worth about $6,000, and It is said that, since uw uisuvrar wxus uuMj., xscuien nao. displayed more mitercst in behalf ' of I his own family and deserted wife than he did for years before. When Tschsch took the stand, he was subject to a dose examination by Judge ureene ana was rorcea -to aanjlt that daring several weeks past, he eafiei ' on his wife on Sundays and offered her some money,; but that he never called ' on her on week days. Tschlch -was -forced to admit that he has $700 in bank,- fhat'be has $1,000 loaned on var-" lous kinds of security. Tscbich ss a kcksrnith on Park street Alameda. - Tnefce races satisfied Judge Greene chat the Tsohlohs are no proper people to have charge of their chlidren- ; "What ao you propose to do with these- children V. the Judge asked of Mrs. FreecotJt.!- fx' .-:";;hx- "Put them in good homes' was tha gnawer. "Issue letters to Mrs-' Prescott'' was the order- ! Attorney .Mltcbell, who represented Mrs- Prescott. i had also asked for th guardianship ! of the child - of whlct Mrs- Tschlch says Peter Otten was tb4 fatljer, butt amended his petition be' cause the request will be contested and the patenuty of the little one de nied because the child. If its sfcernif can be traced to Otten will become en ' titled to something in the distribuiioi of OCten s estate, which, of course would . then be in tine hands of tii Tschichs. i ' . ;. ... , WE MOVE YOUR TRUNK 'The charge varies from 25 to M'eentf from one point to another in Oakland We charge from $2 to $3 on furniture from $0 to $4.00 per load. The ser vice is" prompt, equipment first claa and our men are expert furniture hand lers. The Whitney Transfer Cow 971 Broadway. Telephone Main 12. An Imported Scotch Suit ' 09 THTt XATSST SESIGir, rOx - 17-30 . 5S-60 WASHINGTON gr - Oakland

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